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#percico memes
ravenwings11 · a day ago
Nico: I’m not pretty :((((
Percy, about to prove him wrong: You are not a clown. You are the entire circus.
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ravenwings11 · a day ago
Nico: *sends a text message at 2 am*
Percy: *responds*
Nico: woah woah there wtf are you doing up? Go to sleep this isn’t healthy for u
Percy: ????
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ravenwings11 · 5 days ago
Nico, realizing he’s got a crush on Percy: Why do I have butterflies in my stomach? Aphrodite, sarcastically: Have you been eating caterpillars?
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ravenwings11 · 8 days ago
Nico, frustrated: *starts hitting a pen on the table* Why isn’t the ink coming out?
Percy: Hey! That’s not nice, how would you like it if I banged you on the table?
Nico: I’d like that very much, actually
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ravenwings11 · 11 days ago
Percy, looking at Nico’s outfit: You know emos died back in 2010, right?
Nico: Well, I still look pretty good for a dead bitch
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ravenwings11 · 15 days ago
Jason: Nico isn’t answering his phone
Percy: I’ll call
Jason: Hazel and I have both tried six times each what makes you thi-
Nico: Hello?
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ravenwings11 · 15 days ago
Me trying to explain why Percico would have actually worked in canon: I’ve connected the dots
The rest of the fandom: You haven’t connected shit
Me: I’ve connected them
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ravenwings11 · 16 days ago
Percy, trying to get Nico to stay hydrated because he cares: Drink water you beautiful bitch
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ravenwings11 · 19 days ago
Khione: I have my phone in French
Piper: What the fuck is wrong with you
Khione: I’m French
Piper: Oh I’m sorry
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ravenwings11 · a month ago
Percy: You know, you’re actually supposed to shower in lukewarm water
Nico: Please be quiet and let me simmer in my hell water and converse with my demons in peace.
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ravenwings11 · a month ago
Percy: Gods, I really want to take you on a nice date but idk what to do
Nico: I have a cute date idea 
Percy: Oh cool! What is it?
Nico: Lie in a field and decompose together.
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punchable-panda · a month ago
Tumblr media
This scene in BoO never fails to make me laugh,
Like Nico, you Renya and coach Hedge are about to be gutted by this madlad but you stop to make a mental note that his eyes aren’t as pretty as Percys 😭
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