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#pepper x tony
storietellers · 2 hours ago
For the minifics - A with tony??
little post-IM2 thing, I hope you like. sorry for the mess, the rambling prose & grammar abuse, no beta bc who's got the time???
there's a brief reference to his captivity in IM, like, half a sentence, just forewarning.
A. Fire, Flames, or Excessive Heat The sunlight that slanted across the pool was too bright, a photo-flash smear over the still water that hurt to look at. Beyond the railing, the Pacific ran a straight shot to the horizon under a haze that blurred sea and sky, muting everything but the scorching rays.
Early June wasn't usually that hot, the kind that felt like standing beside a blast furnace, oppressive and inescapable. To make matters worse? The unseasonable heat of early morning had the audacity to ripen with a side order of grotesque humidity. By mid-afternoon, everything was sticky, damp, and generally unbearable within seconds of stepping outside.
Tony hadn't felt like swimming in forever.
Ten months ago it was over a bottle of wine, an eyebrow waggle and a lascivious suggestion to Christine. She rebuffed him, probably insulted him while she was at it, but he was happy trading barbs on the way to bed. It was foreplay, the snapping of sparks to kindle greater flames. Maybe she regretted it before she started, before she crowded him against the car door, or while she fought gamely with his belt and pushed him into the mattress, but he understood, in that way of his that was all ruthless pragmatism. He'd regret sleeping with himself back then, too.
Anyway, yes. Sun, sea, the sultry, windless day, the glassy pool, everything limned in hard angles, the sharp demarcation of shadow and light. Swimming, and thoughts (or lack) thereof. Tony knelt at the edge of the tile and dipped a hand under the water's surface with very scientific intent, the shock of cold just that: cold and clean, far removed from dark, stifling caves and unwanted, lung-burning dunks.
"Oh, yuck," Pepper declared of the heat behind him. She came outside in a glorious whirling breeze of cool air conditioning, swathed in crisp white linen against the scorching day. Her chic sunglasses were tipped up so she could squint at the ocean, though her gaze soon swept to Tony, watching as he straightened and flicked water from his fingers, a delicate shake of the wrist. Her eyes were bluer than the sky itself, clearer, brighter, crinkling at the edges with an open fondness he yearned for, yet still found himself getting acquainted with. At least now, he'd shaken the notion that he should look behind him, where she was surely gazing at some other, worthier version of himself.
Not prettier though. He felt he had that on lock.
"Going for a swim?" She nodded toward the pool, giving the wide spread of glinting turquoise water a dubious glance, and felt her skin already pinking in the heat. Tony rose to his feet and plucked at his shirt collar, making a little wafting motion that didn't do much for cooling, just peeled soft cotton from damp skin.
"Maybe. Hey," he began conversationally, closing the slim distance between them, "Do you have your phone?"
Pepper rolled a shoulder back toward the house and glanced with it, indicating its location just before she sensed his intentions. "Inside, why-"
Her alarm came too late, the wide O of her mouth delighting him. "Ohh don't you dare-"
Tony swept Pepper up before she could squirm away, and through her pitched shriek she was laughing when he tipped them both merrily into the pool.
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lowkeyerror · a day ago
Y/n: Do you guys think I'd be a good mom?
Sam: Absolutey
Bucky: A child would be lucky to have you
Y/n: How about a good wife?
Bucky: Absolutely
Sam: Anyone would be lucky to have you
Y/n: Thanks guys, I think I'm going to go talk to Pepper *walks away*
Sam and Bucky carry on with the conversation for a few seconds until...
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stuckyxlb · a day ago
Stucky and I / Part 15
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters.
Summary: Walking up, the reader is extremely cold and alone. A hot shower could do some good. Right?
Warnings: fever, swearing, fainting.
After a couple of hours, I woke up to find myself alone in the bed. Everything was freezing. The blankets did nothing to help the goose bumps that were covering every inch of my skin.
Bucky’s place on the mattress had long since gone cold. His warmth was gone like it was never there in the first place. I bit back a whine as I pulled myself out of the bed and made my way to the en-suite. I was determined to get into a hot shower and warm up.
Stripping and leaving my clothes on the floor, I stepped into the shower and cranked it up to a scolding temperature. Though my stomach didn’t seem all that settled, the chilly air in the room has most of my attention as I seek the warmth that seems to have completely left my body.
In my sleep and fever induced haze, I didn’t realize that I was cold to the bone because my fever had sky rocketed. After several minutes in the shower, I began to feel nauseous and lightheaded. I quickly switched off the shower and grabbed a random towel that hung on the bar.
Wrapped in the towel, I supported myself on the wall as I made my way toward the bathroom door. I was seeking comfort as I called out, “Mom? Dad? Help..” the cry for help was almost a whisper as I slid down the door frame.
“Y/N?!” Two voices yelled. Two voices I recognized, but I couldn’t piece it together. My fever affecting my thought process and sent me into a confused state.
Two men came running into the room. One blonde and the other brunette. Both gorgeous. I knew them, but my brain wouldn’t catch up. They both knelt beside me as I went limp.
“Doll, can you hear me?” The brunette asked, reaching up to hold my forehead. Upon touching my skin, he loudly cursed, “Fuck Steve. She’s burning.”
Steve. I know Steve.
“Baby, I’m gonna move you, okay?” Steve asked, not really expecting an answer as he lifted me and placed me on the bed.
“Jarvis. Get whoever is closest up to our floor. Have them bring ice packs.” The brunette said, running toward the bathroom.
“Right away Sargent Barnes.” The AI replied.
“What’s her temp?” Steve asked next, stroking my hair as I drifted in and out.
“104.5.” Jarvis responded. “Boss has entered your floor along with Miss Potts.”
“Hear that hunny? Help is coming.” Steve soothed.
Bucky, Tony, and Pepper all came back at the same time. Bucky placed a cold cloth on my head and set a medicine bottle on the night stand while Tony began placing ice packs around my neck and in the crevices of my arms and legs. Pepper climbed into the bed and set a glass down on the other table.
“What the hell happened?” Tony asked once he stepped back.
“I think she took a hot shower.” Bucky said, rubbing his temples. “I mean the mirrors are fogged and she obviously just got out of the shower. I don’t know why she didn’t call for help.”
“Cc-cccold.” I mumbled.
“What was the sweety?” Pepper asked, leaning closer to hear me.
“Colddd.” I mumbled again.
“I know hunny. I know.” Pepper murmured. “We gotta get that fever down though.”
I shook my head and pointed toward the bathroom in a vain attempt to explain myself. The cooling methods working my brain as it stopped attempting to fry itself.
“You took a hot shower cause you were cold?” Tony guessed.
You thanked God for the genius as you nodded.
“Ohhhh.” Steve and Bucky said. Now they understood. Your fever made you cold and you wanted to warm up.
“Next time call us for help, okay?” Steve asked, rubbing his thumb up and down over the center of the wash cloth on my forehead.
“Jarvis. Monitor Y/N and let the soldiers know if there are any significant changes and track her movements when she is alone. Alert anyone on the floor, or near by if the ice men are off floor, if she needs assistance.” Tony said, nipping the problem right in the bud.
“Yes Boss.” The AI replied.
“Sweets, why don’t you have some of this apple juice?” Pepper asked, leaning over to grab the cup with the bendy straw. Steve carefully tilted my head up as I drank a few sips. Bucky grabbed the medicine he put aside earlier and gave me two in between the last few swigs before the glass ran empty.
“J, what’s her temp now?” Tony asked.
“102.2. It has stabilized for the moment. The medicine should bring it down further.” The AI replied.
“Thank you both for running down here. Sorry to interrupt you guys.” Steve said to the couple.
“Pepper was about to make me sign some stuff in her home office.” Tony replied, grimacing. “Though I’m glad we were close by. Everyone else is a few floors down.”
“I really just wanted him to take a break.” Pepper giggled, smiling at Tony, clearly proud of herself.
“Well that’s enough action for me today.” Tony said, standing and rubbing his hands together before clapping Bucky on the back as he walked away. “Holler if you need me. I’m going back to the lab.”
“Oh no you don’t!” Pepper said, planting a quick kiss on my cheek before jumping off the bed to go after her lover, shouting a good bye from down the hall.
Bucky and Steve chuckled at the two as they turned their attention back toward me.
Bucky rubbed the back of his neck, just like Steve does when he’s worried, before approaching me. “How you doing doll?”
I gave a weak thumbs up as I grabbed for their hands. “Can we watch a movie?” I whispered out, wanting a distraction.
“How about some broth and a movie? Bucky and I were eating when we heard you. It’s really good.” Steve said, pushing my hair back again to lay on the pillow.
“Okay. Can we watch Beauty and the Beast?” I asked.
“Whatever you want doll.” Bucky hummed.
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stcrsout · a day ago
ok so there’s a tony stark x reader fic im thinking of in which tony married or gets engaged to pepper even though reader and him have a thing so the reader leaves and the sequel is them reunited in endgame does anyone know it?
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dani6279 · 2 days ago
Play dates and roller skates
Wanda x Reader
Description: Wanda and Y/N have been in a little big relationship for a week now, what happens when Y/N has her first playdate???
Notes: Hi! So I’m gonna post all my stories from AO3 onto here so I get a larger audience. This is my second fanfic that I ever wrote and it’s the second part to the series ’Loving a little’ I hope you enjoy if you haven’t already read it!!!
Having Wanda as your caregiver is the best thing you could ever ask for. She knows you so well and loves you beyond anything you could have ever imagined. Having Wanda as your mama is like a dream come true.
Currently you were big, just talking over stuff with Wanda while watching a sitcom in the living room. It was about 8:45 p.m. and you were tired.
“Okay so today Pepper, Bucky, and Laura asked me if you would like to play with Tony, Steve, and Clint tomorrow. Natasha and Thor will be there too,” Wanda said looking at you.
Two days after you had showed everyone about you, you had turned back to big. You haven’t been little in a week now and it was really starting to take its toll on you. You want to slip back into your little state, but you’ve been fighting it, wanting to spend girlfriend time with Wanda.
Wanda was worried about you, since everyone knew about you she thought you’d feel comfortable switching regularly. She also knows being big for too long isn’t good for littles.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” Wanda asks, reaching out for your hand to get your attention. It’s not that anything is wrong per say it’s just that you want to be little again and you're tired of trying to fight it.
“I-,” you stop not knowing how to say what you want to say.
“I want to spend time with you just as girlfriends, but it’s hard because I can feel myself slipping, but I just don’t want you to feel like you are taking care of me all the time,” you finally say after thinking about it.
“Baby that’s what I’m here for, not just as your mama but as your girlfriend too. I want you to feel comfortable switching between the two. You will never make me mad by switching, I promise. Now, baby girl, do you want to be little? I can go get Bunny for you.” Wanda suggests as she gets off the couch when she sees you nodding.
“Okay baby girl, mama will be right back” she kisses your forehead and makes her way to your bedroom where your stuffed animal koala named Bunny was.
When Wanda comes back she sees you switched when you make grabby hands at Bunny.
“Here you go baby girl” Wanda says as she hands you the koala and sits back down. You hold Bunny close to your chest and snuggle up against Wandas.
“So baby, do you want to play with Tony, Steve, and Clint tomorrow?” Wanda asks as she strokes your hair. You look up at your mama thoughtfully.
“Tasha be dare?” You ask with hope in your voice.
“Yes baby Nat will be there.”
“Otay. Do you fink dey know hows to woller skate?” You ask her. You had just recently turned 3 in your little state. Steve, Tony, and Clint were all 4 so they had a year on you, give or take. So you hoped someone would be able to teach you.
“Maybe baby, if not mama can help teach you” Wanda said assuringly.
“Mama know how to skate?!” You look at her with big doe eyes not being able to believe that your mama knows how to skate, and better yet can teach you how.
“If mama know how to skate and baby girl know how to skate, den mama an baby girl can skate togetder!!” You say happily with excitement. Wanda laughs at how adorable you are when you speak little talk.
“Yes baby, you and I can skate together,” Mama says to you. You look up at her happily ready to hang out with everyone and stake.
You yawn and snuggle closer into Wanda's chest ready to let the beating of her heart send you to sleep. Wanda sees you struggle to keep your eyes open.
“Close your eyes baby girl,” Mama says. That’s all the convincing that you need before your eyelids drop close.
When you wake up your head is still against mama's chest and she has her arms around you, but you see that you are no longer on the couch in the living room. Your in Wanda’s room- no your in your shared room with Wanda.
After you dropped, Wanda and you decided it was best to move in together. Even though you were just one door over. But you liked sharing a room with Wanda. You got to cuddle with her every night and wake up to her every morning.
You didn’t have a lot of stuff to move into Wanda's room so the move was easy. Most of your clothes were already in Wanda’s room since you spent nights with her so frequently, and the few things you do have are small.
You are still a bit tired and Wanda is still sleeping so you fall back asleep. When Wanda wakes up she is in the same position as when she went to sleep. You on top of her with your head on her chest, legs tangled together and her arms around you.
You don’t weigh enough to crush Wanda when you sleep on top of her, just enough to create a comfortable weight. You are like Wanda's weighted blanket. Keeping her warm at night and adding weight on top of her.
Seeing that it was 10:30 a.m. Wanda decided to wake you up as your play date with everyone was around lunch time.
“Baby girl,” Wanda says as she shakes you awake. You fuss for a minute not wanting to be pulled from your slumber, but when you see Wanda looking at you with love you suddenly forget all about sleep.
“Mama!!” you chirp happily. Wanda chuckles and kisses your cheeks.
“Morning, baby. Are you ready for today?” Wanda asks.
“Yay, can’t waits” You say back.
Wanda starts to untangle herself from you to your displeasure. You whine and pull on her arm.
“Baby we have to get up and ready if we want to play with everyone and roller skate”
“Woller skate!!!” You say cheerfully as you jump out of bed.
Wanda helps you get ready and by 11:30 you guys are ready to go. You put your shoes on, proud that you didn’t need mama's help, that is until she stops you.
“Hey baby, you got your shoes on the wrong feet,” Mama says as she crouches down to help you put them on the right way.
“There you go,” she says as she slips on your left splatter print croc on. She holds out her hand for you to take as you both walk down the hall.
Everyone is waiting in the common room in the compound. Steve, Tony, and Clint are already little and are playing with various toys. Tony is playing with an Iron Man action figure, Steve is playing with hot wheels, and Clint is playing with lego’s. Pepper, Bucky, Laura, Natasha, and Thor were all on the couch talking.
You spot Bunny on the couch that you and Wanda were on yesterday night. You tug Wanda towards Bunny not wanting to let go of her hand. You pick up Bunny and hug her to your chest.
“Hey Y/N,” Clint says, “Do you want to play lego’s with me?”
“No play with me Y/N” Tony insists.
“She doesn't want to play with you Tony, she wants to play with me!” Clint says, raising his voice.
“Why would she want to play with you? She doesn’t even like you” Tony says matter of factly.
“Boys” Pepper warns them.
“Y/N can play with anyone she wants, just let her choose. You don’t need to fight about it.” Laura says. You look between the two.
Letting go of mama's hand you walk toward Tony and he sticks his tongue out at Clint.
“Haha told you she wanted to play with-” Tony stops mid sentence as you walk right past him and walk over to Steve.
Pepper and Wanda just laugh and Bucky smiles.
“Guess she didn’t want to play with you guys since you were too busy fighting,” Laura says to the boys. Tony and Clint pout and look at Steve and you.
“Hi, can I pway wit you?” You ask Steve.
“Yeah, you can pick your favorite car,” Steve says pointing at the various cars scattered around him.
You spot a 2009 green Honda CR-V and instantly choose it. It reminds you of your mama’s eyes.
“I wike dis one. Mama, mama wook! It wook wike your eyes,” you exclaim. Wanda over at you and smiles while nodding her head.
You and Steve play cars for a while racing them on the floor, until lunch time. There’s hot dogs, chips, fruits, and veggies.
After Wanda fixes your plate for you everyone sits at the table. Wanda places your plate next to hers and you look up at her with big eyes, wanting to sit on her lap.
“Mama,” you say quietly, looking down as you ask her “can I sit on your lap?”
“Of course baby,” Wanda says. When she sits down you climb up on her lap with a smile on your face. You eat your hot dog and chips in a comfortable silence.
“Mama?” You ask as you eat your last chip.
“Yes baby girl?”
“Can we woller skate now?” You ask as you look up at her.
“Yes, baby we can roller skate now,” Wamda says
“OOO mommy can I roller skate with Y/N too?” Tony asks Pepper.
“Yeah I want to too,” Clint says.
“How bout we all go out and roller skate?” Wanda suggests getting cheers and noises of approval. Bucky and Pepper get skates out of the training room. Why they have a bunch of roller skates just sitting around nobody knows.
Outside the avengers compound littles and their caregivers were putting on their skates. Learning from this morning you put your skates on the right feet, but you need help tying them up. Wanda ties up your laces and stands up.
You try to stand up but can’t by yourself. You frown and try again, but the back wheels on our heels keep turning.
Wanda sees you struggle and holds out her hands for you. You grab onto your mama's hands as she helps you stand.
When you finally get off the ground you start to slowly roll forward. Luckily Wanda is still holding your hands so you don’t get far.
“You ready, baby?” Wanda asks you. You nod your head still a little unsteady, but you know mama will catch you before you fall.
“Yes mama I’m red-ready” you say as you wobble back and forth. You start to move forward when Wanda starts to move.
Wanda moves forward with ease. And your eyes go wide.
“Wooooooow you can woller skate,” you say in awe.
“Every won wook! My mama can skate!” You say pointing to your mama. Your mama smiles at you as everyone looks at her. She lets go of your arms and skates around everyone. All the littles look at her with unbelieving expressions.
When Wanda skates back to you she sees that you had tried to follow her. While trying to follow her your front left wheel hits a rock you didn’t see. The sudden stop makes you lose your balance. About to fall face first into the cement you brace for impact.
You wait. Except it never comes. When you open your eyes you see that mama used her powers to stop you from eating some cement, and stopped a big meltdown in front of everyone.
Red wisps of magic gently bring you back to her. Only once her hand is safely collapsed around yours do her eyes stop glowing red.
“You okay baby?” She asks you worried that she didn’t stop you in time. You hug her tight thanking her for not letting you fall.
Wanda shows you how to move your feet to move forward. You struggle for a bit, but Wanda helps you until you finally move forward on your own.
“Wook mama!! I’m doin it!” You say as your mama smiles and cheers you on. You look back behind you and see Pepper helping Tony skate for the first time. Clint and Steve were racing against each other already knowing how to skate.You skate slowly back to mama and hug her.
“I love you mama,” you say, and everyone around you lets out ‘awws’. Wanda looks a little shocked. You've told her that when you were big, but never when you were little.
Wanda can feel the tears brimming at her eyes.
“I love you too baby girl.”
Here in this moment, surrounded by your family, by mama, you feel the most loved.
After roller skating for a while you went back inside where mama and Tasha cuddled you on the couch until you started feeling sleepy.
“You ready to go baby girl?” Wanda asks you.
“Go where?” You ask curiously.
“Back to our room so you can sleep baby.”
“Otay,” you say sleepily. Wanda stood up and held her hand out for you. But you were too tired to walk all the way down the hall to your bedroom.
“Mama, can you carry me, pwease?” Wanda picks you up and sets you on her hip. You wrap your arms and legs around her.
“You’re like a koala baby,” she says. Which reminds you of something.
“Wait, mama, Bunny,” you say pointing to the stuffed koala. Nat is sitting by the koala and hands it to you.
“Fanks Tasha,” you say.
“Can I get a hug before you go?” Nat asks smiling, and you shake your head yes. Wanda smiles as you hug Nat. She is glad that you have found comfort in being little around people.
Wanda carries you back to your shared room and sits you down on your bed. You close your eyes ready to fall asleep, until Wanda says something.
“Baby you need to take a bath before we can go to bed.” You whine because you’re tired and you just want to snuggle up with mama until you fall asleep.
“How about mama joins you baby?” She said hoping to convince you.
You had done a lot today, after roller skating you played outside for a while before you came back inside. Tony, Steve, Clint, and you made mud cakes for everyone so you really needed a bath.
You agree to take one when you realize you can cuddle with mama in the tub. Wanda goes into the bathroom to get the water running.
When she’s done she comes out to find you half asleep, sucking on your thumb while you hold Bunny. She sighs but picks you up and carries you to the bathroom. She helps you undress and into the tub.
When she undresses she gets in the tub behind you and pulls you to her chest. She washes the dirt off your body and whispers to you about how good you were today.
“You’re such a sweet little girl for mama,” you hear her say as she finishes washing you off. You snuggle closer to her and just listen to her heartbeat.
“You ready to get out baby?” She asks you after a while. You nod your head ready to go to bed with her. Wanda helps you get out of the tub and drys you off. She helps you put on your pajamas.
She tucks you into bed with Bunny and follows soon after. When she's under the covers she wraps her arms around you. You shift as close as you can to her.
“I love you,” you say to her before closing your eyes. Wanda’s heart swells with love at your words.
“I love you too,” she says as you two drift off into sleep.
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dreamy-clousds · 4 days ago
𝐏𝐫𝐢𝐝𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐉𝐨𝐲
𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐒𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐧
↳ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 | uh fighting? Lmk if anything.
↳ 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 | 2124
𝐚/𝐧 ~ sorry I haven't updated this story in a while. But I'm back now!
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Tumblr media
<- previous chapter
After a couple of days, Rory kinda got used to her new "home." Since Tony didn't know how long it would be before they went back to California, and with Pepper gone, they decided it was best if Rory just took a break from school.
Rory did eventually grow to like her new room. She was not allowed to leave the current floor, so she basically just spent all of her time there. Tony was gone all day and didn't get home until very late at night, meaning Rory had to have food delivered. She didn't mind, though. She figured that if they end up staying, she'll be able to tell Tony what all the good restaurants are.
Tony never told her anything about why they were here with the exception of, "Daddy has business."
So in order to pass the time, Rory would read or watch movies. She even took up drawing which turned out to be something she isn't too bad at.
This morning, Tony was already gone by the time Rory got up, so she got dressed and migrated to the living area. She sat on one of the couches near the large window and began sketching the tall buildings surrounding her.
As she finished the shading on one of the skyscrapers, she peered back up to see a tall man with long, black hair dressed in what looked like a Halloween costume standing on the terrace. Rory put down her sketchbook and looked closer. He was very tall and had large, golden horns that decorated the top of his head. She had no clue as to why this man was standing outside of her window on her father's building.
Rory looked to her right and noticed her father, in the Iron Man suit, land on the landing pad. The man just stood there, watching as machines swiftly removed the armor from Tony's body.
The strange man made his way into the room from the balcony. The room she was in. Rory didn't know what to do. She was frozen, scared. Instead of running away as any sane person would, Rory remained in her chair.
The large man entered the room. He studied his surroundings, his eyes eventually landing on Rory. "Who might you be?" He asked with disdain.
Rory could do nothing but blink at him, too afraid to speak. He opened his mouth to say more, only to be interrupted by the presence of Tony. "Rory, come here," Tony said blankly.
Rory immediately dropped her things and ran to her father's side. Tony wrapped his arm around her protectively, hoping to shield her with his body.
The man watched this all happen before finally speaking, "Please tell me you're going to appeal to my humanity." He spoke as if she weren't there.
"Actually I'm planning to threaten you," Tony responded. Rory couldn't sense any different emotions other than his natural sarcastic tone.
"You should have left your armor on for that," the man bantered, walking closer to Tony and Rory.
"Yeah," Tony pushed Rory behind the bar. "It's seen a bit of mileage, and you've got the glow stick of destiny." Rory crouched down below the bar and pulled her knees into her chest. She couldn't help but let tears stain her cheeks, afraid of what was happening. "Would you like a drink?" Tony asked the man as he walked behind the bar, actively trying to ignore you in hopes you wouldn't become a target.
Rory heard the other man laugh. "Stalling me won't change anything," he said. If Rory knew what it meant, she would describe their conversation as passive-aggressive.
"No, no. threatening." Tony began making himself a drink. "No drink? You sure? I'm having one.
"The Chitauri are coming. Nothing will change that." His words sounded like gibberish to Rory. "What have I to fear?"
Rory watched her father casually make a drink as if nothing was wrong. "The Avengers. That's what we call ourselves. We're sort of like a team." Rory had no idea what he was going on about. ""Earth's mightiest heroes"-type thing."
"Yes, I've met them."
"Yea," Tony's smile helped calm Rory down. He had to have the situation under control, right? "It takes us a while to get any traction, I'll give you that one. But let's do a headcount, here. Your brother, the demi-god," demi-god? "A super-soldier, a living legend who kind of lives up to the legend." He secretly slipped a metal-looking band on each wrist.
"A man with breathtaking anger-management issues, a couple of master assassins, and you, big fella," none of his words were making any sense. "You've managed to piss off every single one of them."
"That was the plan."
"Not a great plan," Tony walked past you and out from the bar. "When they come, and they will, they'll come for you."
"I have an army."
"We have a hulk."
Rory finally gathered enough courage and stood up carefully. She peeked her head over the bar to watch the men while also trying to stay out of the way. Tony was approaching the man as they spoke; the man keeping his ground.
"I thought the beast had wandered off," the man said.
"You're missing the point. There's no throne," Tony's voice rose slightly. "There is no version of this where you come out on top. Maybe your army comes and maybe it's too much for us, but it's all on you. Because if we can't protect the Earth, you can be damn well sure we'll avenge it."
Tony took a sip of his drink while the man took a few steps closer, a scowl spreading across his features. "How will your friends have time for me when they're so busy fighting you?"
For the first time since this scene began, Tony looked scared. The man brought his scepter-looking thing up and tapped it against Tony's chest with a clang noise. The man's face dropped for a second before he tried a second time, and then a third. "This usually works."
Tony didn't look scared anymore. "Well, performance issues, it's not uncommon. One out of five--" his sentence was cut short when the man forcefully grabbed Tony's throat and threw him onto the floor. Rory squealed and then immediately covered her mouth.
The man turned his head in Rory's direction with a puzzled look. He turned away from her as soon as Tony stood up and went for his neck again. "You will all fall before me," he said.
"Deploy!" Tony called before the man threw him out the window, shattering the glass. Rory screamed with all her might. Did she just watch her Dad be murdered? What was he going to do to her?
Rory hid behind the bar once more, watching and listening closely to her surroundings. A loud sound rippled through the room causing Rory to throw her hands over her ears to block out the noise. She peeked over the bar and saw nothing but more shards of glass and broken furniture.
The man stared Rory down. "Who are you?"
Rory gulped, "who are you?"
He chuckled. "I am Loki, of Asgard. I'm surprised you have not yet heard of me." His tone was a lot softer with her than it was with her father. "What is your name, little one?"
"Rory," she nervously answered his question. "My name is Rory."
"Let me guess; Stark's child?" She didn't say anything. Rory simply nodded. "Ah I see," he gave you an almost heartwarming smile. "Come here, Rory."
Fearing she had no other choice, Rory walked over to Loki and he crouched down to meet her gaze. He smiled at her. Rory watched her father fly up behind him. She was more than thrilled to see her father alive and more tears fell from her eyes.
"And one more thing," Loki's face dropped and he spun around to face Tony. "Get away from my daughter!" Tony shot at Loki, sending him flying backward. Rory jumped out of the way, too stunned to do anything else. With Loki knocked out, Tony looked towards his daughter, "Rory go hide, now!" He flew away into the sky, and Rory wasted no time in running to her bedroom.
She slammed the door shut and locked it. She looked around her room for anything that she could put in front of the door to make it harder to reach her. Rory tried to move the couch, but it was no use. It was too heavy for a ten-year-old to manage. She tugged on her roots as she spotted her desk chair. Once it was securely tucked under the knob, Rory ran over to her window to watch what was unfolding.
Rory couldn't help herself as she began to sob. She was afraid and she was alone. There was nothing she could do to help. Tons of thousands of aliens flooded the skies and streets of New York as Rory sat up in her bedroom, watching. She was sobbing uncontrollably as she pressed her face and hands into the large window.
More loud noises were flowing from the living area into Rory's bedroom and Rory could do nothing to stop them. She hoped that the man who called himself Loki was gone and that her Dad was alright.
At this moment, Rory really felt like a child. She felt small and helpless. Lonely and afraid. There was nothing else she could do except watch. She had no clue as to what she was watching either, which was not making her feel any better.
At long last, the aliens seemed to dissipate and things seemed to calm down. It looked to Rory like the fight was over. But who won?
Rory was drawn away from her thoughts by the sound of her father's voice calling her name. She nearly sprinted out. She ran up to Tony and engulfed him in the tightest bear hug she could manage. He was still in his suit and covered in dirt, but neither seemed to mind.
"I was afraid," Rory murmured into his neck.
"I know, bubs." They pulled away from the hug and Rory got the chance to really see the other people in the room.
There was a giant-sized man with green skin, a man with a shield, a man with a bow and arrow, a man with a red cape and long hair, and what looked like Natalie, only with shorter hair. They looked odd. As if they were straight out of a movie. She noticed Loki in handcuffs. He looked angry and sad at the same time. Rory didn't really know what he did, but she knew he lost and her dad won.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Tony held a silver case in one hand and Rory's in the other as he walked alongside the other Avengers waiting to send Loki away. Tony had made it very clear that from now on, Rory would not be leaving his side.
Rory let go of her Dad's hand to let him deal with the case. Thor, as he had told Rory to call him, led Loki a few feet away from everyone else. He waited for Loki to grab hold of the glass container for the Tesseract. Before she knew it, the pair had disappeared in a storm of blue.
Once everything else was settled, Tony reached for Rory's hand again and walked her over to the rest of the Avengers. "Rory there's some people I'd like you to meet," he motioned to the team. "That's Capsicle, Legolas, Jolly Green, and the Triple Imposter. This is Rory." The others shook their heads at Tony's nicknames.
"Steve," the tall, blonde man smiled and Rory shook his hand.
"Bruce," the shorter man with grey hair politely smiled and waved.
"Yea," Nat showed you a friendly smile to which you returned. "Nice to finally meet you, officially."
"And I'm Clint," the last man with spiky hair and sunglasses introduced himself.
"Hi," you said, shyly and waved at them all.
"Bubs, you go wait in the car I'll be there in a sec," said Tony.
"Okay. It was nice meeting you all!" You said as you walked to the car.
"You ready to go, kiddo?" Tony asked as he got in the car and fastened his seatbelt.
"Are we going home? Like, back to Malibu?" you asked as he started the car and pulled out.
"Yea," he smiled. "I think we deserve a break."
"What about the tower?"
"We're working on it. It'll be fixed in no time."
"Good," you sighed
"I don't mind it anymore. I don't think it would be so bad if we moved here."
"Really?" He raised his eyebrows.
Next chapter ->
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Tony Stark:
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jen27ny · 6 days ago
Hey. I saw your headcanon post and I have one I've had since forever. Tony and MJ have a groupchat where they plan to go to art exhibits and mock the most expensive pieces that are obviously not worth the money. Then once in a while they'll find a good place for a spot of graffiti. Soon Pepper gets added. Peter doesn't know anything about it till they need to use him as a human ladder (affectionate)
If I remember correctly, Pepper is actually quite a art nerd, so I'm gonna change Tony for Pepper here
Pepper and MJ start talking about art the first time they meet because Peter has been mentioning all the time that MJ likes to draw people in distress and that she's so talented, like, she has at least ten sketches of me looking like I'm having an eighth-life crisis
so, using the art minor she did at college, they have quite a long conversation about their favourite artist and before they know it, they text each other regularly to keep talking about art and bitching about their least favourite artists
Eventually, they even start going to museums, Pepper wearing quite a nice wig to give them some privacy
"It must be nice having a partner that knows about art," MJ says after they had a long discussion about the painting they're staring at. "I mean, don't get me wrong, Peter is really enthusiastic, but the only artists he knows are cartoon or anime artists."
Pepper raises a judgy brow. "Are you talking about Tony? Because that man has no idea about art. I chose every single piece in his, well, our collection. Here, watch this."
She takes out her phone and snaps a picture of the painting, sending it to Tony and his response is instantaneous
That's nice, I guess
I mean there's a giant strawberry on it
it is a strawberry, right?
is this some kind of powerplay on death for you?
like buying a picture of the thing to kill you but taking away its power to kill you?
wait, you do want to buy it, right?
is the painter famous?
how much money do you need? Three million? Four? Five?
Pepper, answer me
Pepper, of course, doesn't answer him, and later she comes home to see him totally stressed out, the (quite hideous, actually) painting of the strawberry already delivered to their home
One day, MJ and Pepper walk through the city, taking a look at the best graffitis of the city, when the teenager stops and looks up to the building "that would be an excellent spot for one"
Pepper is quite surprised by that "you do graffiti?"
MJ shrugs. "Only a bit. I went to, like, an art camp one summer and there was this guy Miles who was super good at it and taught me some stuff."
the CEO hums, also looking up at the building. "That's quite high up there. It would be difficult to reach."
MJ just smirks. "I have a spider-boyfriend and you have a flying trophy husband. Getting up there should be no problem."
And that's how they change the name of their significant other's in their phones to human ladders (affectionate)
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weirdo-with-no-beardo · 9 days ago
Bugs and Chats
New fic! Can be found if you search for Bugs and Cats in my account! Yes I did edit it and change the Adrien salt to a heaping pile of sugar! Formerly Spots, Buzz and Webs! Yes the title is a pun!
"Not a fucking chance."
When billionaire Tony Stark had traveled to Paris, France to enlist the talents of Ladybug, Paris's beloved superhero, he had not been expecting this tiny bakers daughter to turn him down of all things.
He thought she'd jump at the opportunity to join the Avengers.
He wouldn't have been surprised if she fainted!
What he had not been expecting was for Marinette Dupain-Cheng to turn him away without a moment of hesitation.
"What? Say it again kid, I don't think I heard you properly. You really don't want to be an Avenger?"
Marinette scowled. She scowled! At him! Tony Stark!
"I don't want to join your superhero club, Stark. I'm happy here in Paris with my friends and family. And there's no way in hell I'd leave Chloé and Adrien behind."
Adrien must be the Agreste kid that moved in with the Dupain-Chengs after his dad was revealed to be Hawkmoth (yeesh, talk about daddy issues).  Tony also remembered the boy to be Chat Noir, Ladybug’s partner, but Chloé he didn’t know.
"Chloé? Pepper, do I know a Chloé?" Tony turned to his assistant.
"I believe she was Queen Bee, Mr. Stark.”
Tony snapped his fingers and grinned at a thoroughly unimpressed Marinette.
"What if I told you that you could bring this chick and the boy with you? All of you could join my team! It'll be a jam, Spots!"
Marinette seemed to think for a moment before opening the door wider, an invitation to come inside if Stark had ever seen one.
She directed them to a small sitting room and gestured her hand for them to sit down.
“Hey, kid? Where are your parents?”
Marinette shot Tony a sour look before responding. “They’re out of town. Now you two, sit down while I call Chloé.”
Even Tony couldn’t disagree with the ravenette’s authoritative tone.
“Chlo? yeah, get your ass over here, it’s weirdly important.” Marinette shoved her phone back into her pocket. She then proceeded to yell at the stairs they had passed on their way to the sitting room. “Adrien! Get down here!”
Adrien’s response was a thud that sounded suspiciously like a body hitting the ground. The boy popped his blond head down the stairs to glance at Stark curiously.
“What’s going on, bug?” Adrien asked before moving to sit down beside Marinette. The girl in question whispered something in his ear that caused the blonds expression to brighten excitedly.
“So, why exactly do you want us to join your team of teenagers?” Marinette asked suspiciously.
Tony folded his arms and attempted to give Marinette a charming smile. “I saw the videos of you and your team taking down Hawkmoth--terrible name by the way--and I like your finesse kid. You’re quick witted and crafty, a perfect contribution to the new team I’m training.”
Marinette just stared him down. And if Tony squirmed a little under her hard gaze then that’s his business.
After what seemed like hours but was really only a few seconds, Marinette leaned back in her seat, crossing her arms over her chest.
They sat like that for a moment, quietly contemplating one another. Adrien shifted uncomfortably but wisely stayed as quiet as Pepper while Tony and Marinette had a staring contest.
Then they could hear the door slammed open and the clicking of heels sounded through the halls into the sitting room.
Chloé Bourgeois sauntered through the doorway, an unmistakable air of confidence pouring off her. And also perfume.
“What is this about, Mari? I was kind of busy.” Chloé narrowed her sapphire eyes at the two adults that sat with her friends. “And who are you people? Mari you need to stop letting weirdos into your house. One of these days it’s going to be a murderer.”
“Name’s Tony Stark, Queenie. I’m here to see if--”
Marinette cut him off with a gesture of her hand. “He wants us to join his mini Avengers squad.”
Chloé narrowed her eyes at Tony before realization dawned on her face. “You’re Ironman.” She deadpanned. “And you want us to join the Avengers.” The way she said it made it sound more like a statement than a question.
“Wellllll, kind of. More like the junior Avengers.” Tony said, a cocky grin plastered on his face. He knew they would say yes, no one would turn down such an opportunity.
“What’s in it for us?”
What now? No one else Tony had recruited had asked about benefits, they all had just been excited for the chance to be a hero.
“What now?”
“You heard her,” Marinette grinned like the feline hero sitting next to her. “What do we get? Money, benefits, cool gadgets or something?”
Pepper looked like she was trying not to laugh. Adrien nodded, a small smile playing at his lips. Chloé raised a brow at Tony and glanced at Marinette before moving to sit on the armrest of the chair Marinette and Adrien were squished together on.
“Isn’t just the opportunity good enough for you two?”
“Look, Tony, I don’t know if you’re aware, but food costs money. And because us three graduated early and we’re already looking for apartments, we need money. We need food and electricity. So what’s in it for us to join your club?”
“Are you seriously bargaining with me?” Tony couldn’t help but admire the three teenagers, he had offered them the opportunity of a lifetime on a silver platter and they were trying to bargain with him.
The young heroes each gave him a look that told him they weren’t messing around.
“Jesus, alright. I’ll pay you twice whatever it is you make here at the bakery for a month every day. And you’ll each get glowing recommendations from me for whatever jobs you want to do later on. Free housing, food, whatever included. Is that good enough for you?”
The three exchanged a look, silently communicating in a way only those who had fought side by side could do.
“Fine.” It was Marinette, the leader he supposed, who spoke. “Pleasure doing business with you, Tony.”
Aaaaaand, that’s a wrap.
So obviously this is based off one of my past ideas that I’m sure you’d find deep within the pages of my account.
Chapter Two
@iglowinggemma28 @elizajae46 @american-fangirl-7
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thewidowsghost · 10 days ago
Shy (Wanda Maximoff x Stark!Fem!Reader)
Anon asked:
May I request you writing a fic where Wanda Maximoff trains a new shy avenger who doesn’t laugh a lot and Wanda accidentally finds out that the reader is EXTREMELY ticklish and she thinks it’s very funny and she pins him/her down and tickles the reader to get him/her to laugh and open up to her?
This was so much fun to write!
Thanks to all of you guys who've recently sent in requests!
(Y/n) Stark had to be the shiest person any of the Avengers had ever met, and that hadn't changed when the young woman had joined the Avengers.
Now, the youngest Stark is nothing like her father. Where Tony was loud and obnoxious, (Y/n) is shy and not once had anyone, not even her mother, Pepper, nor her father had once heard (Y/n) laugh.
The young Avenger had only smiled in the presence of someone that wasn't her parents added up to a grand total of three times, and they had all been directed by her godmother Natasha. Once was because Natasha had gotten (Y/n) the exact gift she'd wanted without telling the former assassin. The second has been when (Y/n) was five and she'd left her favorite bear at her parent's house, and Natasha had taken (Y/n) to Build-A-Bear to make a new bear. The third had been the time when (Y/n) was sick - Tony and Pepper were at work like always - and Natasha is tasked with caring for the youngest Stark; Natasha had snuggled with her goddaughter, bring forth the third and last smile Natasha had seen from the girl, a grateful, loving smile that had Natasha cuddling (Y/n) closer.
Then Wanda Maximoff had entered the picture.
At first, (Y/n) had treated the newest Avenger with the same attitude as the other, but after a month or so, (Y/n) had warmed up to the witch.
The two young women are having their twice-a-week movie night when Wanda brushes (Y/n)'s side with a hand as she reaches for the bowl of popcorn.
"I'm sorry!" Wanda says hastily but smiles slightly when she catches (Y/n)'s lips quirks into the slightest smile and she hears the soft giggle escape them. "Oh, the quietest Avenger is ticklish?" Wanda teases, wiggling her fingers playfully.
"No, no I'm not," (Y/n) protests, her slight smile still betraying her.
Wanda grins, tackles (Y/n), and digs her fingers into (Y/n)'s ribs.
"W-wan-nda-a!" (Y/n) laughs, unable to stop herself. "S-st-to-op!" she exclaims, still laughs hysterically.
The door to (Y/n)'s room slams open and five Avengers and a mother are framed in the doorway, staring dumbfounded at the scene in front of them: Wanda straddling (Y/n)'s waist, fingers still dug into (Y/n)'s ribs, and, possibly the strangest part of the situation is the fact that (Y/n) is still laughing.
"I thought someone had died," Pepper says softly.
"This might be stranger though," Tony continues, just as soft as his wife, the six backing out of the room, silently closing the door behind them.
Wanda, still grinning, settles back down on the bed beside (Y/n), and (Y/n) sits up, her cheeks still red.
"Do I win a prize?" Wanda asks teasingly.
"What would you like?" (Y/n) asks, a soft smile creeping onto her face.
"Why do you never smile or laugh?" Wanda asks, turning to study (Y/n) closely.
(Y/n) silently considers the question, a thoughtful expression crossing her face. Then she speaks, "I guess it's because my parents were always at work when I was younger, and I was always left with Nat. Don't get me wrong, I love Natasha, but sometimes I just want to spend time with them. They were just always gone."
Wanda replies curiously, "Why didn't you just tell them?"
"I'm shy, I guess that played a part in it," (Y/n) pauses. "But I guess it's also the fact that I didn't want to disappoint them."
"(Y/n), you're not disappointing anyone, not now, not ever," Wanda says fiercely. "They want what's best for you - making sure you have everything you could ever want."
"Wanda, I-I," (Y/n) falters, notice the emotion behind the witch's words. "Thank you," (Y/n) finally settles with, turning back towards the TV.
(Y/n) leans against Wanda slightly, the popcorn bowl resting in (Y/n)'s lap. The youngest Stark is feeling a lot better with all that she'd told Wanda off her chest.
The next morning, (Y/n) wakes up, determined to make today a good day.
(Y/n) is the first one downstairs, and she's the one who makes breakfast - waffles, pancakes, sausage, bacon, and sliced fruit.
(Y/n) greets Natasha with a warm hug and a stack of waffles with sliced strawberries on top, and the former assassin smiles, (Y/n) returns the smile shyly.
(Y/n) greets the remainder of the Avengers with shy, nervous smiles, and their choice of breakfast.
The atmosphere is a lot more relaxed this morning, (Y/n) thinks as she sits down beside Wanda, and when the witch smiles warmly, (Y/n) returns it.
Wanda is helping (Y/n) clean up the breakfast dishes, the other Avengers having moved into the training room when Wanda turns to ask (Y/n) a question. "(Y/n)?" (Y/n) turns to meet Wanda's gaze. "Would you want to, maybe, only if you want to," Wanda falters as if she's nervous, and (Y/n) smiles reassuringly at the witch. "Would you like to go out with me? It's okay if you don't want to," Wanda asks hastily. "It's up -"
"Wanda!" (Y/n) interupts. "Wanda, I'd love to go out with you."
"Wait, really?" Wanda asks, her eyes wide with disbelief.
"Wanda, you helped bring out a side of myself that even I've never seen before, that was all you," (Y/n) says. "Talking about the thing we talked out yesterday, or," (Y/n) cracks the slightest smiles, "what you forced out of me yesterday, made me realize that, despite what I thought, my parents to want me around."
"I'll pick you up in the lobby at 5'o'clock?" Wanda asks and (Y/n) nods.
"See you soon," (Y/n) says, placing a soft kiss on Wanda's cheek.
At 5'o'clock, (Y/n) and Wanda meet in the lobby of the Compound.
"You look really nice," Wanda tells (Y/n), and the young Stark flushes. (Y/n) is wearing a pair of dark jeans, a mint green t-shirt, a dark green leather jacket that must've belonged to Natasha, and a pair of black tennis shoes.
"I-I, wow," is (Y/n)'s response as she gazes at Wanda. The witch is wearing a black dress with a red leather jacket, and a pair of black, knee-high leather boots.
Wanda chuckles taking (Y/n)'s hand gently in her own before she leads the Stark out to a waiting car - a familiar black Corvette Stingray.
Wanda opens one of the back doors and (Y/n) slides into the car.
"Hello, Miss Stark, Miss Maximoff," says Natasha Romanoff, who Wanda had recruited - not that it took a lot of convincing - to be their chauffeur for the night.
"Oh, hi Nattie," (Y/n) greets her godmother.
Natasha smiles at the girl before she starts the car, driving to their destination.
"This is beautiful," (Y/n murmurs, gazing at all the light strung through the gazebo. "And how'd you figure out all my favorite foods - paprikash, roasted potatoes; beef stroganoff," albeit an interesting assortment of food. "Nattie used to make me a ton of eastern European and Russian dishes when I was younger. You use your powers?"
"I like to ask permission when I use them. I took a guess, and well, Nat helped me a little," Wanda admits. "I also went with a few of my own favorites."
(Y/n)'s phone dings partway through the dinner, and (Y/n) glances apologetically at Wanda before she glances down at the phone beside her plate at the table.
"It's Nattie," (Y/n) says.
Nattie: How's it going 😀 ❤️ Having fun?
Me: Haha ❤️ You've been in on this all day and you haven't told me 🥺 ❤️
(Y/n) glances over to the car and smiles at her godmother, who smiles lovingly in return.
A sleepy (Y/n) rests against Wanda on the quiet ride back to the Compound; Wanda smiles, her green eyes sparkling.
Wanda sends Natasha a grateful smile and walks (Y/n) up to her room.
"I had a really nice time," (Y/n) says with a sleepy smile. "Can we do something tomorrow? Maybe see a movie?"
"I'd love to," Wanda beams.
Word Count: 1323 words
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itsdrippingred · 10 days ago
Tony: Are you taken?
Pepper: ...Yes, for granted.
Tony: Who told you that?!
Natalie: I did.
Tony: YOU!
Pepper: She’s not wrong Tony.
*two weeks later*
Natasha: What on earth is that?
Pepper: A two story tall stuffed rabbit. It came with a note. Said “I appreciate you.”
Natasha: I’d hate to see the gifts he gets the people he doesn’t like.
Pepper: Oh, you’ll see soon enough. He sent you something too.
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riverdalegilmores · 10 days ago
Hey Guys some of you may know me on Wattpad under this same username. Since they took off my smut there I have decided to make smut here.
All my writing is mine do not post it anywhere! You may though reblog if you like.
I will not make stories that are personal or for different skin or body types because I make stories that everyone can enjoy. All colors and bodies can enjoy because what I write is very veg. I dont go into color or weight or anything like that.
Also all stories will be female readers only. I do not do any other types.
You can ONLY requests for the Characters below.
Steve Rogers
Tony Stark
Wanda Maximoff
Natasha Romanoff
Pepper Potts (she needs more love)
Carol Danvers
Bucky Barnes
Clint Barton
I will allow fluff and Smut stories as well as poly stories. I will add up to two girls and two boys with the reader. Or all over the girls or two of the boys, but no more then that.
I will be okay with Tony Stark x Reader x Steve Rogers (cause I love me some Stony x Reader). Natasha Romanoff x Reader x Pepper Potts. Even other poly relationships with the ones above.
No one else is allowed to be requested for.
However I will not allow Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes with a Reader. Alone or with another character above sure. Them together no. I just think Steve and Bucky are too much like brothers and cant add them in a story together it makes me uncomfortable.
(Rules may change over time. You are also allowed to ask me to write as many as you want) (but keep in mind I may or may not write things and I dont have a schedule to posting all will be at random.)
Request are Open!!
Tumblr media
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wandamaximoffswifey · 10 days ago
if any of you genuinely think bucky would apologize to morgan or pepper for the TrAuMa he caused them i’m gonna need you to log off for me.
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visionsofus · 11 days ago
For the ship bingo thing: Pepperony and Gamora x Star Lord
hey thanks for asking!!
Pepperony 🥰
Tumblr media
ahh gee I love Pepper and Tony 🥲 they're not perfect but wow is there story interesting. all the sweet moments wow I'm in my feelings. you can rest now = rip my heart out and tear it to pieces
Gamora x Star Lord
Tumblr media
I don't mind them but I just wasn't super invested in their romance!
send me an ask with a ship and I'll tell you what I think
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blueathens · 12 days ago
«𝙳𝚘𝚗'𝚝 𝚆𝚊𝚜𝚝𝚎 𝙸𝚝»
Tumblr media
                               𝗔𝗰𝘁 1, 𝗦𝗰𝗲𝗻𝗲 4
𝖲𝗈𝗇𝗀𝗌: 𝖬𝖺𝖽𝖾 𝖥𝗈𝗋 𝖳𝗁𝗂𝗌 𝖻𝗒 𝖳𝗁𝖾 𝖯𝗁𝖺𝗇𝗍𝗈𝗆𝗌 𝖰𝗎𝗈𝗍𝖾𝗌: "𝖻𝗎𝗍 𝖧𝗎𝗇𝗍𝖾𝗋 𝗁𝖾'𝗌 𝗅𝗂𝗄𝖾 𝗆𝗒 𝖻𝗋𝗈𝗍𝗁𝖾𝗋. 𝖨𝗍𝗌 𝖽𝗂𝖿𝖿𝖾𝗋𝖾𝗇𝗍." 𝖳𝖶: 𝖣𝖾𝖺𝗍𝗁, 𝖻𝗅𝗈𝗈𝖽?
𝖣𝗎𝗌𝗄 𝖳𝗂𝗅𝗅 𝖣𝖺𝗐𝗇 𝖬𝖺𝗌𝗍𝖾𝗋𝗅𝗂𝗌𝗍
𝑃𝑟𝑒𝑣𝑖𝑜𝑢𝑠 ◁ II ▷ 𝑁𝑒𝑥𝑡
                           »»-----  -----««
                                 𝗧𝗛𝗜𝗥𝗗 𝗣𝗢𝗩
"If this is going to be our workstation, we want it well-lit. I want these up." Tony ordered the men, who captured him and his daughter, where to place the materials. He instructed what and where the items should go so that he and Blue could use them for their worktable and create the weapons that they were ordered to create.
Blue was still not happy with the idea, but her dad convinced her to do it so here she was, creating a missile for the bad guys, in a cave, something she never wanted to do in a million years. Maybe create weapons to cause good in the world (if that was even possible). But she did not want to do anything like this.
"We need welding gear. I don't care if it's acetylene or propane. We need a soldering station. We need helmets. We're gonna need goggles. I would like a smelting cup." He continued ordering the men around and telling them what he and Blue needed for this creation. Blue stood near the side of the room as she pointed where things should go. It also wasn't just Tony talking, everyone in that cave was talking over one another as they prepared themselves for this project ahead of them.
"I need two sets of precision tools."
                        »»-----  -----««
Tony stood at the head of the missile, twisting the top off with an Allen Key whilst Blue measured and cut materials at the bottom of the worktable.
"How many languages do you speak?" Asked Tony to the man with the glasses.
"A lot. But apparently not enough for this place."
"Blue can speak some languages as well. Can't you sweetheart?" Even though Tony was in a conversation his focus never left the missile.
"Yep, but I'm not fluent in anything yet." Blue responded but she too didn't take her focus of her job.
"They speak Arabic, Urdu, Dari, Pashto, Mongolian, Farsi, Russian." The taller man listed.
"Who are those people?" Tony asked as he carefully took a long trail of electronics that makes the missile go off.
"They are your loyal customers, Sir."
"Some loyalty," Blue mumbled sarcastically, "they kidnap us and hold us against our wills to build a missile...yeah this is great loyalty. I hope everybody treats me like this in the future."
"They call themselves the Ten Rings."
"Lame." Blue mumbled to herself again.
The man knelt next to Tony as he drilled into the missile whilst Blue went over to the fire and heated some metal up. "You know, we might be more productive if you include me in the planning process."
"Uh huh." Tony quickly responded back without no care in the world. He didn't need this person who was following him around distract him. He just wanted to get this over with.
                         »»-----  -----««
"Okay, we don't need this." Tony said as he chucked the strange cylindrical component with lots of spokes away.
"What is that?" The man asked quietly as he gestured towards the tiny strip Tony was holding.
"Palladium." Blue responded on the other side of Tony as she too watched what Tony did.
"You remembered me talking about it?" Tony asked proudly.
"Nope." His smile faltered. "I heard Hunter and you mention it once, I looked at it, remembered what it looks like, and then ignored everything else you two said about it."
"There's only 0.15 grammes here. We need at least 1.6, so why don't you go break down the other 11?"
Palladium is a metal used in catalytic converters and various electronics. It is used at high temperatures such as jet engines and missile parts.
                         »»-----  -----««
"Careful, careful, we only got one shot at this." Fretted Tony as the man in the suit carried the palladium mould across the room. Blue was doing it, but her hands got tired.
"Relax. I have steady hands. Why do you think you're still alive?"
"He's got a point dad; without his steady hands you be vamoosed." Blue teased.
When the man got to the table, Tony placed the box that was keeping him alive down and watched the man pour the liquid into the other mould.
"What do we call you?" Blue asked as she watched the liquid.
"My name is Yinsen." Answered the man in the glasses.
"Yinsen. Nice to meet you." Tony said.
"Nice to meet you Yinsen, I'm Blue."
"I know."
"I know you know but it's the only polite thing to say considering we never asked earlier."
"Well, nice to meet you too, Blue."
                          »»-----  -----««
"You mentioned a he a friend?"
"A friend?" Laughed Tony. "Those two are best friends. Never away from each-" he cut himself short as he just realised that Blue couldn't and may never see Hunter again.
"Do you have other friends?" Yinsen asked he saw Tony nervously stop talking. Yinsen wanted to make this place as calm as he could for Blue. He could guess what happened to her earlier and he just wanted to make her as safe as he could. He wanted her to remember some happy memories.
"Yeah, I have other friends, sure, but Hunter he's like my brother. It's different."
"You'll see your friends again Blue." He said with a small hopeful smile.
Blue could only respond with a small fake smile as well.
The longer they stayed the less hope she had of ever getting out.
                        »»-----  -----««
"My best friend is missing!" Hunter exclaimed sadly as he pointed to the TV with Blue's face on. "She went missing without me! But that isn't the worst part! We don't even know where she is, and we don't know if she-"
"Hunter, sweetheart she's going to be okay." Pepper told the young brunette as she bent down to look at him.
"And Tony-"
"Will be fine as well...they both will." Pepper brought Hunter into a hug and looked at Happy who was standing with his hands in front of him as he watched the exchange between the pair. "This is the longest time I have ever seen Blue and Hunter separated. You never saw one without the other...well I never did, until now." Pepper stoked Hunter's hair slightly and kissed the side of his face. "They're inseparable."
                        »»-----  -----««
"That doesn't look like a Jericho Missile."
"Thank god." Blue muttered.
"That's because it's a miniaturised arc reactor. I got a big one powering my factory at home."
"It should keep the shrapnel out of his heart." Blue said as she and the two men watched the arc reactor get brighter due to Tony increasing the power. "It was kind of clear that we weren't building a missile when we were taking it apart."
"But what could it generate?"
"If my math is right, and it always is, three gigajoules per second." Tony said in a matter-of-fact way.
Three gigajoules are equal to a billion joules. To get this onto a scale, one joule of energy is given off by your body in the form of heat every 0.017 seconds. Every two seconds of energy created by Stark's arc receptor is comparable to the chemical energy potential of a barrel of oil that combusts.
"That could run your heart for 50 lifetimes."
"Yeah. Or something big for 15 minutes. Blue show Yinsen the documents you and I have been working on."
Blue nodded and slide the documents that were next to her to Yinsen. "This, Sir, is our ticket out of here." Blue told him with a small smile as Yinsen looked the papers in shock.
"What is it?"
"Flatten them out and look." Tony told him as he pulled the paper tighter onto the table as to show Yinsen what they have designed.
On the documents were sketches of big, metal armour. It screamed business to get out. And it was enough for Yinsen to agree to work on it.
Maybe trapping three geniuses in a cave wasn't such a good idea for the bad guys.
But it was a good idea for the three who were trapped.
                         »»-----  -----««
"Good roll. Good roll." Yinsen mumbled after Tony rolled the dice onto the board.
"You still haven't told us where you're from." Tony said.
"I'm from a small town called Gulmira. It's actually a nice place."
"Got a family?" Blue asked as she leaned against Tony's arms tiredly.
"Yes, and I will see them when I leave here." He said without meeting Blue's eyes. He wasn't saying everything. She knew that. She and Tony knew that there was more to the answer. "And what? You and Blue only have each other, yes?" He asked as he changed the questions off from him.
"Yeah." Tony replied. "It's small," he patted Blue's head, "but it's all I need."
                         »»-----  -----««
The metal door opens and in walks many Afghan men with guns.
Once again, the trio raised they arms and put them behind their heads as the men got closer and raised their guns.
But instead of the rounded man walking towards them it was a more skinny and scarier looking one.
He walked slowly and menacing between the gap that the men created as he glared at the people he passed. Especially the youngest one.
He's the one Blue recognised and knew the most out of all the men.
She was with him when they arrived. He was the main reason why she's covered in these cuts and bruises. She even knows his names.
He was the face that was haunting her nightmares. His voice would haunt her thoughts.
"Relax." The man said in amusement at the Stark's raising their hands.
They slowly put their hands down and Tony looked at Yinsen with confusion at how casual and how good the English the man spoke was. But Blue wasn't confused, she just kept a fixed look at him as she watched his every movement.
The man pulls Tony's shirt down slightly to observe the palladium contraption. Blue gulps slightly out of nerves and her fingers rubbed together. It was a habit she picked up when she was younger. She would rub her fingers together, then stretch her hand out then repeat until she wasn't nervous anymore.
"The bow and arrow, once was the pinnacle of weapons technology." He said as he walked away from Tony and started to wonder around the cave's machinery and strewn materials.
Blue continued to keep her focus on the man.
"It allowed the great Genghis Khan to rule the Pacific to the Ukraine. An empire twice the size of Alexander the Great and four times the size of the Roman Empire." He picked up the plans that they were constructing. "But today, whoever holds the latest Stark weapons rules these lands. And soon, it will be my turn." The man sneered at the Starks.
This man wants the power that the Starks had, and he was willing to do anything to live up to the legacy of Genghis Kahn.
The man turns to Yinsen and says in Urdu, "Why have you failed me?"
"We're working. Diligently." He responded back in the language.
The man moves away from where the two Starks stood and starts making his way towards Yinsen with a calm menace.
"I let you live. This is how you repay me?"
The two Starks looked at Yinsen in wary due to how desperate and scared he looks.
He may have had the same experience Blue had with the leader and his men. But Blue would never know just like Yinsen would never really know what happened to her.
"It's very complex. They're trying very hard."
"On his knees." Ordered the man. The men roughly grab Yinsen from behind and thrusted him onto his knees. Tony immediately places his arm in front of Blue so she didn't do anything reckless, like he knew she would.
So, all Blue and Tony could do was watch; powerlessly.
"You think I'm a fool? I'll get the truth."
"We've been working." Yinsen answered helplessly.
"Open your mouth." Yinsen's head was forced down on an anvil and the man begins a deliberately slow advance towards him and-
"Wait!" Yelled Blue as she pushed forwards on Tony's arm to try and stop them but Tony didn't let her, he pushed her back gently but with enough strength to warn her that whatever she was planning isn't smart. "You want your missiles right? We're working on it, I swear, it just takes time and-"
"Time?!" The man raised his voice slightly, but he continued to speak in Urdu. Blue could only guess from the few words that Yinsen has taught her what he was asking Yinsen. She knew some of the words and time was one of them.
"What does he want?" Tony asked Yinsen whilst Blue and the other man continued to stare at one another. But Yinsen couldn't hear Tony as Blue spoke loudly over the top of both men who spoke in unison.
"Yes, time, you idiot." Tony quickly put his hand over Blue's mouth to shut her up, but she just pushed it down. "I thought you would know what that was considering you talk so much about missiles. You talk so much about them you act like you can make them yourself, but you can't. Because if you could you would be doing it right now and not questioning us!" Her voice got louder as she went on to get her point across.
"You think I'm a fool?" The man asked in Urdu to Yinsen and Blue.
"What's going on?" Tony asked Blue. But she ignored him as she continued to glare at the man as she tried to push Tony's arm away from to get closer, but she failed due to him being stronger than him.
"They're building your Jericho." Yinsen responded in Urdu.
"Tell me the truth!"
"He's building your Jericho!"
"What do you want? A delivery date?" Tony asked and Blue finally was able to step closer but got cut off by the rounded man and some of their men sprang some steps forwards and raised their guns at them, shouting at Tony and Blue to stop what they were doing.
This was the first time that Blue noticed that they were afraid of them. They had all the power and control they needed yet they were still afraid of two helpless people who had no way in harming the men with guns. The Starks stopped and looked at the man who was now staring at the two.
Tony also noticed their fear as he took charge of the situation, He knew that they needed them, that him and Blue had power over these people. And if they needed them, then Tony has leverage.
"We need him. Good assistant." Tony said lowly and subserviently. The man glares at him but drops the burning coal next to Yinsen worried face.
"You have 'til tomorrow to assemble the missile." The scary man said lowly before walking away. But not without giving Blue a smirk.
The same smirk he wore when they first met.
                       »»-----  -----««
The three had to work quickly knowing that they now had a deadline. A deadline for a missile they weren't even building.
Hammer banging. Sweat dripping. Sparks flying.
The metal item sizzles in the water as it cools down from the heat it was been held over, And then there it was, once it was taken out of the water and in front of Yinsen, was the metal helmet.
Tape wrapping around fists. Heat resistant clothes. Engineering gloves.
The suit was being placed on. The grey metal suit they have been working on was put on Tony with the help of Blue and Yinsen. The only colour of the suit was the blue glow of Tony's arc reactor.
"Okay? Can you move?" Yinsen asked as he and Blue tightens the suit on Tony. "Okay, say it again."
"41 steps straight ahead. Then 16 steps, that's from the door, fork right, then 33 steps, turn right."
"Yinsen! Stark! Stark!" A man yelled as he drew open the metal slip on the door.
"Say something." Blue whispered.
"Say something back to him." Tony whispered to Yinsen.
"He's speaking Hungarian. I don't..." Yinsen angrily growled at Tony.
"Then speak Hungarian." Hissed Tony.
"Okay. I know."
"What do you know?"
"One minute, one minute!" Yinsen yelled in Hungarian.
The men at the door didn't wait though.
They opened the door but was flown back by the fiery explosion from the bomb that was attached to the door.
"How'd that work?" Tony asked.
"Oh, my goodness." Yinsen said in amazement.
"Wicked." Blue said in awe as she looked at the destruction that was caused by the bomb.
Those men weren't innocent anyways.
"It worked all right." Yinsen and Blue finished the last bits of the suit.
"That's what we do." Tony responded back to Yinsen.
"Let us finish this."
"Initialise the power sequence."
"Tell me. Tell me." Yinsen said quickly.
"Function 11." Blue answered instead of Tony as she finished the last bits on the suit. "Tell me when you see a progress bar. It should be up right-"
"Talk to her. Tell her when you see it." Tony said quickly.
The three of them were all talking quickly over one another.
"I have it." Yinsen said.
"Press Control 'I'" Instructed Blue.
"'I.' Got it."
"'I.' Enter."
"'I.' and 'Enter.'" Yinsen repeated Blue.
"Come over here and help Blue button me up...Every other hex bolt."
"They're coming!" Yinsen anxiously said.
"Nothing pretty, just get it done. Just get it done."
"They're coming!" Blue and Yinsen now said loudly.
"Make sure the checkpoints are clear before you follow me out, okay?" Tony told the two.
"Checkpoint clear, follow you...yeah got it." Blue mumbled back.
"We need more time." Yinsen said as he looked at the loading bar that was only half-way finished. "Hey, I'm gonna go buy you two some time."
"Stick to the plan!" The Starks yelled at Yinsen as he ran out of the area they were in with a rifle in his hand. "Stick to the plan! Yinsen!"
But Yinsen couldn't do that. The plan's caput and only a whiff of death will keep it from stalling completely.
"Blue I swear you better stick to the plan!" Tony said angrily.
"I will! I will!"
                          »»-----  -----««
Yinsen was yelling and firing the gun rapidly at anything as he chased after the Ten Rings soldiers. But when he rounded the corner, he was faced with a dozen of armed men, (who were led by the man who held coal in front of his face earlier), stood before Yinsen. He too knew who he was... just like Blue knew who he was.
His name was...
                          »»-----  -----««
Gun's firing was all that Blue could hear as she hid in the area she was told to hide.
Tony Stark in his metal suit walked out in the gunshots and knocked down all the men with a punch as he went pass them.
The men ran away from the huge machinery that hid Tony and as they ran Blue slowly walked and followed Tony whilst checking that everything was clear.
She was defenceless but she trusted that the plan would work.
She needed it to work, or they will all be dead.
Rumble from the walls that surrounded the door fell like snowflakes as Tony bashed down the door with his metal fist.
Tony Stark was like a predator hiding in the shadows just about to pounce.
And that was when the door fell completely, and the men ran out of fear.
Stupidly, one of Tony's metal arms got stuck in the stony walk next to him and it was only now that Blue walked through the door and saw a man holding a gun towards Tony's metal helmet.
She knew it wouldn't go through.
Well, it shouldn't.
She picked up the closest rock that was the biggest and held it up in the air. She bent her arm back and chucked it towards the man's head. He fell and the bullet of the gun flew and hit the wall next to Tony. The man landed on the hard ground with a thump and red blood started to flow out of the side of the soldier's head.
He wasn't dead so Blue felt great about throwing that rock.
If he died later on it wouldn't be her fault per say. It was his for not helping himself to stop the blood.
Tony shook his head at Blue's recklessness and knew he would have to talk to her about it later on.
Tony walks around the next corner first before Blue and he gestured her to stay behind the wall as he stared at Raza in front of him holding a gun.
Blue could hear the sound of coughing from behind the wall, but she didn't know who it was. But Tony did. He saw Yinsen laying on the floor in front of him, coughing up blood. He also saw the blood gushing out from the bullet wound in his chest.
He was dying.
"Yinsen!" Tony screamed.
Blue now knew who it was, but she still didn't know why. But she knew it couldn't be anything good.
"Watch out!" Yinsen cried back as he laid upon the sandbags.
Right next to Blue's head a grenade rocket hit it's way through the wall she was leaning against. She falls to the ground and holds her hands to her ears. The ringing wouldn't stop. She couldn't hear anything.
Tony loads up his rocket and sends it towards Raza but misses just like Raza did. But the explosion sent parts of the cave crumbling down on top of Raza causing him to scream.
Blue could still hear the ringing, but she was gaining her hearing back slowly as she steadily crawled away from the other side of the wall once she saw the rocks crumble on top of Raza.
Tony bends down to assist Yinsen and Blue arrived a few seconds later, her blue blood was dripping down her body from the different cuts she gained or from the ones that started to bleed again. Her body was littered in more cuts and bruises than she had earlier due to it not having time to heal. But now she just got more. And maybe a sprained wrist...but she won't bring that up just yet.
Instead, her focus was on Yinsen bloody body in front of her. She didn't know how to react apart from staying quiet and waiting for her dad to tell her to do something. So that's what she did. She sat there on her knees as water filled her green eyes.
She snuffled a few times whilst Tony and Yinsen spoke.
Tony raised up the front of his metal helmet. "Come in. We got to go. Move for me, come on. We got a plan. We're gonna stick to it."
"This was always the plan, Stark."
His words were tinged with sadness, but he nodded slightly with acceptance that this was how it was supposed to go. His face was pale, and his words were slurred.
He was dying.
"Come on, you're gonna go see your family. Get up."
"My family's dead. I'm going to see them now, Stark."
Blue closed her eyes to stop the tears. She sniffed and rubbed her fingers harshly together to focus on something else than the dying man in front of her.
She didn't want her last memories of him to be him dying.
"It's okay." He said as he saw Blue's face. "Blue it's okay."
She just nodded at the lie and the truth of those words.
"I want this. I want this." He smiled slightly through the pain. Tony gave Yinsen a small smile in return in resignation.
"Thank you for saving us."
Blue opens her eyes and spoke quietly to prevent her voice from cracking, "thank you for everything."
"Don't waste it. Don't waste your life, Starks."
And that was the last thing Tony and Blue heard from him expect from his few last shallow breaths and Tony beckons Blue to get up with him, so they don't watch his final painful moments.
He put the front of his helmet back on and walked first towards the cave with Blue behind him. She gave one last look at the man and nodded as she remembered his words.
'Don't waste your life.'
And see knew that as she grew older, she wouldn't live her life with regrets. She will do everything she wanted to do and live it to the best she could. She wasn't going to waste it.
Tony thought about his words too. And he knew from then on out he wasn't going to waste his life either. He nearly died once and he's getting out of this, and a friend sacrificed himself for the Starks. This was life telling him that he had a second chance; that he shouldn't go and waste it.
This was his chance to do something good.
                         »»-----  -----««
Once again shots fired at the man in metal and Tony waited until they stopped.
"My turn."
Flames on the end of his arms burst into life. The fire chased after the men as if it was a game of cat and mouse. The flames roared over the enemies as it swallowed it up and left them with severely burnt skin or left them with nothing. The fiery death unleashes screams from the men as they tried to run but many of the men failed and were eaten by the hungry flames.
Explosion of Tony's weapons lit up in flames expanding the power of the flames. Tony grabbed Blue quickly whilst the men were distracted and leaned over her, so his armour was covering her as people shot at them.
The flames increased and Tony knew they needed to escape, so he let out one last flamethrower and grabbed Blue tightly before he pressed the red button on his left arm and shot up towards the sky with Blue holding him on for dear life. The last thing she felt than the impact of the momentum of going up was the heat of the flames that tickled the bottom of her trainers. But the last thing she saw was the big explosion beneath them and that was quite an explosion to fly away from.
Unfortunately, the flames in Tony's feet didn't last for long. The two were making a beeline for the ground, at a fast enough velocity to produce a shrieking whistle.
They both screamed and Tony turned himself backwards so Blue could fall on top of him and he held his daughter tightly as he embraced for landing. The screams stopped when they brutally hit the sandy desert beneath them, sending up a cloud of decries along with the dull reverberating thud.
Scraps of the suit went everywhere, and Tony lied half submerged in the sand with some of the machine barley clinging onto him. Blue was lying next to Tony as she coughed up sand after the impact of the ground.
"Not bad." Both of the Starks said together once they got their selves together again and shared a grin with one another.
"You okay?" Tony asked Blue.
"Yeah, yeah...I'm okay...You?"
"I'm good." He responded slightly breathlessly as he tried to get air back into his lungs.
"How we survived be a mystery I'll never solve." Laughed Blue.
                          »»-----  -----««
The two stumbled across the desert with their jacket over their heads. The heat was getting to the both of them from the lack of energy, water and food.
They were tired and injured a desert was not the best place to be for them.
They walked up a hill and as if someone heard their prayers helicopters flew over their heads.
"Hey!" The two yelled as they waved their hands at the helicopters. They were cheering with happiness whilst the helicopters lowered. Tony fell to he knees as he held two fingers up in a 'V' for Victory. Blue bends down slightly as she rests her hands on her bloody knees and looked as the people emerging from the helicopters.
And if nothing else could get better, Rhodes emerged from the group of five soldiers showing that he was alive and was here to take them home.
"How was the 'funvee?'" He asked sarcastically. The two Starks just smiled, and Tony closed his eyes as he remembered this moment. Rhodes get down to look at both of the Starks. "Next time you ride with me, okay?" He told them before pulling both of them into an embrace.
                          »»-----  -----««
𝑻𝒂𝒈𝒍𝒊𝒔𝒕: @obsssedwithjustaboutanything
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agentphilcoolson · 12 days ago
Limited Time
Synopsis: Steve watches two loved ones take their last breath during the final battle.
Warnings: death, angst, Endgame spoilers? all of you have seen it, right?
This was the final fight. We couldn't lose it again and we didn't, but it doesn't mean we won completely.
5 years later, since half of the universe dusted away, Avengers, Guardians, Wakandans, Asgardians stand together fighting in protection of the universe.
Pain soared through your body as you were taken aback by the force of the hunk of metal that pierced your abdomen. Dark eyes watched the scene in amusement feeling accomplished. Your eyes shot back a pained glare while you pulled them towards you and into the hard, blooded spear that resided in you. Their eyes drooped as their body went limp and your hands shoved them back onto the ground creating a loud thud. You were tired, so tired that you just wanted to rest.
In the hazy background, you could hear the yell of a Mad Titan so you turned around in fear that he won again; that you failed again. A smile was brought to his face as he brought his gauntlet-covered hand up. "I am inevitable."
Your eyes were caught at the sight of Tony Stark and all 6 Infinity Stones being pulled into the crevices of the nano-gauntlet on his right hand. There was an obvious hot searing stinging going through him but the feeling of defeating the Mighty Thanos overpowered it. He mustered up all of his strength and put on a brave face. Taking one last look at every single person on the battlefield; his friends; his family.
"And I..."
"Iron Man."
Light enveloped the universe. The villians dusted away and so did Thanos with his last defeated look.
We won.
You stumbled over to a nearby wrecked piece of spaceship and fell to the ground leaning up against it. A short while later, Tony joined you. He shuffled his hand on top of yours and held it as tight as he could as you two sat in your final moments together. Not as enemies. Not as friends. As family.
Rhodey was the first one to find you two. A hand was brought to each of your shoulders as his final goodbye; a thank you for sticking with throughout the years. His best friends.
Next was Peter Parker who you had loved as a dorky little brother and seen him grow into the Avenger you and Tony had taught him to be. He rushed over to his mentors. "Mr. Stark, (Y/N) we won. You guys did it. We did it." He broke down into tears.
Wanda Maximoff crouched down in front of you with red, puffy eyes full of tears. She held onto your bloody hands. She looked at you and just remembered how you cared for her. After Pietro. After Lagos. After the Accords. You always made sure she was okay somehow when she was on the run and you always sent Vision to do so as well. He had even asked for your help to assist with a property deed for their future home in New Jersey. You just wanted her to be happy after she had lost so much. Her parents. Her brother. Vision. And now you. She's losing too much. How will she handle the grief?
Peter and Wanda were brought back by Pepper and Steve. The people who you and Tony loved dearly and planned to live forever with...but that wasn't possible for the lives all of you lived. There's always a risk. You sign up to lose each other, to get close to good people and have them taken away. That's the cost of being a hero.
"Steve," you whispered as his melancholy blue eyes looked into yours for the last time.
"No, don't speak. Save your breath. Everything's going to be ok," he reassured as he sobbed, but the reassurance was more for him than you. He rested his right hand on your cheek, numbing the agony, like he had done many times to show his love for you. An unbreakable kind of love. Even though it seemed like the universe didn't want you to be together, it never stopped the two of you from wanting to. Ultron couldn't stop you. Or the Accords. Or the loss of his first love. Or the chasm you had to live with while most of the Avengers were deemed as fugitives. You always felt complete with him; like you were made for each other...but forever wasn't an option. Star crossed lovers.
Your heartbeat was getting incredibly slow. Your eyelids only half-open. You knew the end was coming and so did Tony. You gave him one last squeeze of his hand.
The corners of your lips curved up to reveal the smile that Steve adored.
"I love you, Steve."
Your last breath; your last words.
You and Tony could rest now.
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mcu-fan-fics-blog · 13 days ago
The Helping Hand
Chapter 11: The Culmination and Going Our Separate Ways
Ch. 12
Word Count: 5200 approx  (Not My GIF)
A/n: Sorry for the wait... A lot happens in this chapter, but I hope you enjoy it! 
Tumblr media
Pepper was honestly a God send. She told you where she had last checked in with Tony, and his deal with Ross. You both knew that this was going to end badly, and she wanted you there. “Logan, can you let me borrow Peter for a couple of days?” You say into the speaker. “We’re taking an educational trip to Germany.” You tell him, making him nod in agreement. “He’ll be right up.” He says you turn to Pepper, giving her a small smile. Just as Peter walks in. “Pepper I’d like you to meet Spider Man… although bug boy works just as well.” Peter grumbles at the last part, a smile still plastered on his face. “Wait, you’re that vigilante down in queens?” Pepper asks, you fain offence. “He is no such thing, he is a Hero.” you chuckle and Peter's chest slightly broadens, feeling proud of what you said. “Okay, now that that's done Peter pack your bags, it's time to put your hero skills to work.”
He nods enthusiastically. “What is the threat?” He asks, trying not to sound too excited. “The Avengers… We’re going to save them from themselves.” Peter's face pales and nods, again muttering something along the lines of ‘this is crazy… I'm fighting the Avengers’  you see him off and tell him to meet you down in the lobby. Peter takes his leave not before singing Pepper his praises. “I’m going to need something else too.” Pepper nods. “Whatever you need.” You can't help the smile that grows on your face. “I need a suit…” Pepper’s smile shone through. It’s needless to say that she was happy to comply with your demand. Telling you to take your pick from the compound.
In no time you and Peter were gawking at Tony’s lab it was mesmerizing to say the least. You’d taken your pick. Some modifications were made to your taste. (Meaning you painted the suit black.) “With all due respect Miss Y/n… you look so bad ass right now.” You chuckle and nod. “One would think I should Peter.” You say mockingly and he laughs. “Alright now we need to take this puppy of the Stark servers, and on to a ghost server…” Peter nods, getting started. “We’ll use ward as the central intelligence for this suit, can't have Vision messing things up for us.” Peter's eyes meet yours knowingly. “It seems like you were awfully prepared for this Miss Y/n” You shift under his gaze and cave. “I may or may not have been planning this since Sokovia… I wanted a suit.” You confess making Peter giggle amusedly. “What we’re doing right now Peter Is something you will never do alright, Your suit is on my server in case you ever need help alright… The only circumstance in which you are allowed to do this is if I become bat shit crazy.” You chuckle at Peter's seriousness. “More than you already are or…” Peter jokes. 
“I knew I wasn’t wrong about you. You’re going to be great one day Peter, I know you are.” You say as you finally jailbreak the suit. “We’re home free” Peter basically shouts at the top of his lungs. You click your tongue “‘Friad we’re just getting started.” The flight to Germany was pleasing to say the least Peter was ecstatic. He told you many things, he was nervous and rambling, and you didn't have the heart to stop him so you just listened. When you get there It is just about to go down. You see Steve about to reach for his shield ready to throw it. Peter reacts quickly, webbing his hands together. "Who was that?" Steve asks, looking around as he spots you. "That's my intern… Spider Man." Steve nods apprehensively.
Tony on the other hand scoffs. "Do you know who we are? We are the Avengers." Peter takes offence towards Tony's attitude. "Not as of recently… In, miss Y/n’s own words. You're all a bunch of whiny bitc…" You try to stifle your laugh… nudging Peter's shoulder. Mustering 'not the time kid' he nods. "Look if we cross this line there will be no going back." You say looking at Steve and Tony. They both completely disregard your attempts at de-escalating the situation. Soon enough they are all fighting each other. You tell Peter to help out Sam and Bucky. He nods and swings away. Trying to get Tony off of Wanda's scent you grab His foot and you both pummel to the ground. “I see you were just using me… Pretending.” He spat out venomously. “Great minds think alike, I’m not stupid. You thought that if I stayed, the twins would stay. This goes both ways.” You say as you stand. “And I wasn't pretending” You hit him once more before making your way to Peter. Your anger grows when you see Steve Punch the kid. “Captain, I'm going to have to stop you right there, the kid is trying to help you.” He nods and runs towards the quinjet. You spot Natasha being thrown against a wall by Wanda, and make your way towards her.  
“We’re okay?” She asks again and you open your helmet. “Always, Looks like you took quite the hit back there.” You chuckle. “We haven’t even gotten started.” She states worriedly. “It’s never too late to join the pacifist party?” You say. “We’ve actually been looking for new members…” She chuckles, and you can't help but smile. “I’ll think about it” You nod, and turn when  you notice Wanda burying your father in a pile of cars. “I got to go… I’ll see you.” You say as you close the suit back up. “You need to get to the hangar… Pietro get your sister to the quinjet.” He nods and makes his way to Wanda carrying her away to where Steve and Bucky were. Fucking Antman came out of nowhere turning huge and stopping war machine and your father. After Vision destroyed a tower you made your way into the hangar and watched as Natasha aimed her weapon at Steve. “Don’t do this…” You say as you walk up behind her. She quickly turns and points it at you. “I’m going to regret this aren't I?” She says, and your heart drops at those words you say nothing, your stance just becomes rigid. “GO!” She yells at Steve before she shifts in her place hitting King T'Challa. Steve, Bucky, Wanda, and Pietro run. 
You watch as the Quinjet takes off. You fly away when you notice Rhoadey flying with your father after them. All you know is that one moment you're catching up with War Machine, Sam tailing behind you, and then you’re free falling. Tony watches, waiting for you to recover for your suit to recover. “F.R.I.D.A.Y what's happening?” He asks as he rushes towards your falling frame. “It appears the suit is plummeting, it has no control.” The voice answers calmly. “I can see that clearly, grant me remote control of the Suit.” The command falls short as the AI responds. “It appears that Miss Y/n has blocked all outside commands. It’s not on Stark serves anymore” Suddenly it dawned on him he tried to reach you he truly did, he even saw Sam try to break your fall, but it was too late. Natasha watched in horror from the hangar, your limb body crashing into the ground. 
Tony approaches the suit and pulls off the face revealing your unconscious face, bruised and bloody. “F.R.I.D.A.Y show me her vitals.” The AI voice falters giving him a feeling of dread. “There is no registering heartbeat sir.” That makes Tony tumble backwards, finally feeling the tears that had been streaming down his face. “This wasn’t supposed to happen… not like this.” The sadness soon turns to anger. “What happened Vision, What did you do?” He asks, looking at you his voice broken and full of anger. “I-I don't know I got distracted.” Vision musters looking down at his hands. “Mr. Stark something is wrong, step away from the body, it's unstable it's going to explode” again he looks at you and you’re smoking. “We’ve got to get her out of there.” He yells desperately clawing at the suit. Vision notices that it won't be possible before the explosion so he and Sam pry him off your limp body. “You-you can't leave her there, I CAN’T LEAVE HER THERE.” He yells. 
Soon after there is a white energy surrounding you. It lifts you off the ground and into the air. They all watch in awe as the suit is magically ripped from your body. The moment of awe is cut short by your deafening screams. Your eyes open and they are full of the same energy that surrounds you. It seems to surge through you causing your body to tense to an almost worrying degree. Suddenly you shoot up into the sky, ready to go after you Tony watches as you land safely as few feet from him. The same pose that he would tease Steve for, except this time you dropped on to your other knee. He saw your eyes, he saw your mothers eyes staring back at him. “HELP.” A screeching sound left your mouth soon after he watched as your eyes filled with that energy again. As if nothing had happened you collapse on the ground again. This time your chest rising and falling, giving him some sort of comfort knowing you’re still alive. 
Tony paces in his place… just then Natasha walks up to him. "How is she?" She asks looking out of the window. "She's fine… you know outside of whatever the hell that was." Natasha nods. "I know she'll be fine… Is she awake?" Tony shakes his head, his free hand turning into a fist. "You let them go… you were on my side and you let them go!" He states. "Now Y/n, I knew she wasn't working with me. You… You betrayed me, our friendship." Natasha only nods. "I imagine that I'm a fugitive now?" She states after a while of silence. Natasha turns about to walk away. "No… No you don't get to leave Y/n not like this." Natasha meets Tony's gaze. The sincerity in them it's new but genuine. "I am not doing this for you." He states as he walks away. "You don't have to worry about Ross or running away in case you didn't get the memo." Natasha smirks, nodding and following suit after Tony.  
“Hello?... Where am I now?” You ask out into the nothingness. Suddenly you feel like you're being dragged; you're not sure where but it takes a while. “Y/n?” The voice makes you tense, one you knew all too well. “Y/n, Is that you?” The voice repeats this time firmer, coaxing you to reply. “Howard?” You whisper silently, finally turning to meet his gaze. “Kiddo, It's you! You have no idea how long I have been waiting for you.” He walked forward, extending his arms and pulling you into himself. Warmth you were all too familiar with consuming your heart. “How are you here… I missed you so much.” You say. He doesn't answer, he just holds you tighter. “Why did you keep me from him?” You ask your voice breaking as you asked. “Because I was afraid, I was afraid that you’d hate me. Because I was arrogant and hard headed… Because if I was in your shoes I wouldn't forgive me.” He states honestly.  “Do you know what's happening to me?” He shakes his head. “I’m not sure kiddo. I’m sure you will figure it out.” He states again. Then again you feel like you’re being dragged away this time something is different you’re in Sokovia. 
“Well if it isn’t Miss Stark.” You hear David's voice tease you. “You- you’re okay!” You state as you run towards him. “Aren’t you forgetting about someone?” And your face says it all, the smile reserved only for them back on your face. “I could never.” You say as you hug Viv and David. “We’ve been watching you.” David states, and Viv slaps his shoulder. “Right, that sounds creepy. We don't see everything.” He clarifies. “Only what you let us see, when you need us.” Viv jumps back in. “That's weird…” You mumble to yourself. “Well, I’ll say one minute everything is dark and nothingness, the next we are here. Quite nice being here.”  David chuckles. “I bring you here.” You mumble. “I see you’re not getting any better at listening.” Your eyes dart back to David. The laughter engulfs the three of you. “Not really.” You muster out. “Do you guys know what happened to me? They both nod in agreement. “You’ll figure it out soon enough probably sooner than you think, especially with what's going on out there.” Viv says quietly almost as if she was thinking out loud. 
Her words snap you back into reality, to the situation in which you left your family. Falling apart and hurting each other in the process. “I-i need to get back… but you’ll be okay right?” You look at both of them and they nod quickly putting you at ease, before you could even think about saying goodbye you’re dragged back into reality. You quite literally crash land back into reality, falling to the floor. You hear muffled voices coming from the other side of the two sided mirror conveniently placed in the room. “You want to stop your chattering and help me up here.” You hear as someone opens the door and shuffles in carefully. “Y/n how are you feeling?” Nat asks as carefully as she could. “I’m okay… I think that I am okay.” You finally take the time to look at your body stopping for a moment to make sure you’re not in any pain. “Yeah I’m great… No need to worry!” You state cheerfully. The look Natasha gives you makes you doubt what you have just stated. “You-you don't remember what happened?” 
The look of concern in her eyes makes you stop and shake your head. “Remember plummeting to my death, yes Nat I do.” You state matter of factly. She shakes her head again. “No, just a little bit after that.” She stops for a while making you falter but she continues. “You um-ah actually we have no idea what happened to you, and by the looks of it you don't either so we're back at square one.” You sigh. “So you don't know, and I don't know.” She looks at you confused, her mouth opens slightly. “How’d you do that?” She asks, confused. “How’d I do what?” You shoot back almost immediately. In that moment you quite literally saw it click in her mind. She didn't say anything, at least not physically. “You can hear this?” You nod. “You’re in my head!” She states cautiously. “Get out of it.” An order you can tell. “I don’t know how!” You shoot back immediately. “Try.” And try you do, does not go as planned. You feel your presence leave Natasha's mind but after that it’s painful. “It’s- oh my It's so loud Tasha.” You crash back down grasping your ears.
“I-i can't make it stop, why can't I make it stop?” You ask between sobs. You hear the door open but you don't bother to even look up. You feel someone grab your arms. They say something, but you can't hear them. “Y/n go into  my mind, I give you my consent to do it.” You don't really know who it was that said it, but you don't think twice about it. Once you're in your eyes open to find your father in front of you. Before either of you could even process what was actually happening you lunge into his arm giving him what would be the first of many heartfelt and genuine hugs. “Thank you, dad. Thanks .” You say into his neck you hear him hum. “Anytime monkey, I love you.”  
Days later you and Tony had found out what actually happened back in Germany with Bucky. How this man just played us all, well played him. How he successfully dismantled the avengers with strife he himself created. He didn’t say it but you felt it, the guilt and the anger pent up in him. The sadness just makes brief appearances in the night. “I can’t… Tasha I can just go up to him and tell him he’s sad, and angry. He knows, and doesn't need me to tell him.” She sighs. “Well you keep telling me about it, Y/n. Me and Tony aren’t on good terms.” She mentions calmly. “Fine, subject dropped. New topic on the table, Sam, Scott, and Clint. We need to get them out of the raft.” Determination laced in your voice. “There’s not much I can do for them, you might be able to help Scott  and Clint, but I'm sure Sam would much rather rot in that cell than your ranks.” You sigh. “Right, well doesn't mean I can’t help him, the least I could do is try. He is in there because of me after all.” Natasha doesn’t say anything but you know that she agrees. 
“Y/n, Widow you two decent in there?” Tony asks through the closed door, and you both laugh. “Yeah come on in.” You yell back at him. “Did you have a nightmare? Did you want to sleep here?” You tease and Nat chuckles while Tony rolls his eyes. Then you see the light in his eyes. He throws himself and wedges himself in between you and Nat. “Since you were so kind to offer, I hope you don't mind.” He says as he makes himself comfortable. He sighs as he finally relaxes his body. “I need to go talk to them, I need to know where Our Capsicle and our dearest Winter Soldier went.” You nod taking in the information. “And you want me to go with you?” You ask cautiously knowing that this whole taking sides thing is still fresh. “Yes, they won't talk to me. Especially not after what we just found out. By the way I already informed King T’Challa”  You sigh. “How’d that go, I wouldn’t be too happy about it.” He sighs and nods in agreement. “Yeah, but at least he’s willing to help.” 
“How about we switch gears and watch some shit Tv.” You say taking the remote and surfing through the channels until you find some of the old sitcoms you watched with Pietro and Wanda. “This should do.” You state settling back down. You watched a couple of episodes before dozing off. When you woke up it was dead of dawn still dark outside. Natasha was gone no longer there, your father taking her spot. You'd be lying if you said you weren't a little disappointed that she wasn’t there. She’s been distant ever science you woke up. “You know you could hide your disappointment a little better.” Tony states. “It’s not like that. She’s pushing me away.” You say quietly. “Natasha has her secrets, Y/n you quite literally access her mind now.” You nod. “Well, I wouldn’t do that, I would never go digging into anyone's mind, I'm not pushing any of her boundaries or mines for that matter.” He nods. “Well, give her some time, Romanoff's complicated, but I’m quite sure that she’s worth waiting for.” He says with a small smile playing on his lips and you can feel the warm, happy feeling in his head. “Like with Pepper.” He hums in agreement. “She was the first woman that I ever actually loved, after you mom.” You nod. “Have you heard from her, or anyone else?” You nod. “Well, I saw Howard… David and Vivian.” You finish off making him turn to you. “They’re okay, they seem happy.” You purposefully give him that last response. You both know that there is a lot to unpack still, things that could break you both. Things that neither of you are willing to get into now, that's been the norm.
 Avoiding having the difficult conversation, to at least have a chance at walking away with someone. “Well, when are we leaving?” You ask, changing the subject. “Tomorrow, the sooner the better.” Talking like this is how you spend the time walking to the kitchen to make breakfast and getting ready.  "Hey Nat, how'd you sleep?" You ask, kissing her cheek. She hums. "Well I would've slept better with you next to me." You chuckle. “We’re leaving today if you want to tag along…” You state making sure no one as around to listen to you. “Or you could help our old pal out, see if they need anything.” You propose raising your brow. She smirks. “And what do I get out of this?” She asks teasingly. “You mean outside of the satisfaction you'll feel knowing you helped out a dear friend.” She rolls her eyes. “Oh… I don't know all the cuddles you could ever ask for…” And even though she’ll never admit to it she’s a ‘cuddle-er’. You saw as her eyes lit up, and it made you smile. “What do you say?” She sighs but nods. “You drive a hard bargain Y/n.” 
 “Y/n, you ready?” Tony asks as he sits down at the table. “Yeah, We can go whenever you’re ready.” He steals a piece of toast from your plate. “Meet me on the Quinjet in 30 minutes.” He says, walking away. “I’ll see you soon. I’m really going to miss you, I hope you know that.” You say giving Nat a hug, burying your face in the crook of her neck. She chuckles lightly. “I’m going to miss you too.” She pulls away slightly to meet your eyes. “Just come back in one piece alright… And I know that's going to be hard, you're a little accident prone.” She breaks out into full out laughter. You gasp feigning offense, pull her closer to you and kiss her goodbye. “I promise you I’ll try my hardest.” You say walking away, grinning  from ear to ear. "See I told you… just give her time." Tony says smiling. You nod. 
The view from the helicopter made your stomach turn. Your friends, allies are locked up in a cell constantly monitored. Away from their loved ones. You can't help but close your fists. "Y/n I'll buy you as much time as I can, you'll have about 2 minutes… If not, you'll have to find it." He states cautiously. You nod understanding the weight of his words. Standing there you felt so small walking behind your father and some government official. "Well, you can make your way in." They say finally looking at you. As the door opens you see them all look up at you. Clint smiles slightly and Sam just looks relieved to see you standing. You heard a small beep and you knew it was safe to talk. "Sam, I need to know where they went." He sighs and shakes his head. "I can't do that, I won't betray them." You shake your head trying to say to him. "You're not, we're trying to help." He looks at you, his eyes hardening. "We're..." He repeats venomously. 
"Let me show you something." He slowly nods. You make your way into his mind showing him what you'd found out. "We want to help." This time he nods. He basically screams out in his mind 'SOME HYDRA BASE IN SYBERIA.' You chuckle. 'No need to yell' You turn to walk out. You make eye contact with Clint. 'I will help you get outta there and back where you belong Barton.' He jumps at the intrusion and you giggle. You give Scott a reassuring smile sending him a similar message and take your leave. “Did you get to clear things up with Sam? I would really hate it if you didn’t.” Tony says as he approaches you with secretary Ross following close behind. “No, He can barely look at me.” You can practically hear Ross’s thoughts not believing a word from either of your mouths. “They’re angry, they’ll break sooner or later. If not I’ll personally make sure they break.” You say surprising both Your father and Secretary Ross. You almost grimace at the thoughts, the smugness running through his mind. “We’ll be back here, I hope that you will be as welcoming as you have been. Thank you Secretary Ross.” The words leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Stroking his ego was the only way out of this situation. 
He chuckles and nods a little too eagerly but you go with it. “Of course, I hope this is the beginning of a budding friendship between the two of us.” You nod, taking your leave after firmly shaking his hand. Once you’re both on the helicopter you fill your father in on the new information. “So, an abandoned Hydra base in Siberia.” He states nodding having found the evidence of one. “That wasn’t too hard… Alright, suit up.” You were actually dreading the idea of getting back into that suit. You sigh and nod while taking in the suit, It looks a little different. Stepping foot in that base a scene of familiarity came rushing in, taking you by surprise. “Alright this might take a minute to run the sensors and find our friends.” You shake your head, dismissing the idea immediately. “Just follow me, trust me on this.” He nods following your lead. After a couple of unpredictable turns you somehow managed to find them both, now currently pointing their weapons at you. “We come in peace Cap, look I’m sorry. I… I was wrong.” He states. You look at Steve nodding in approval. 
Your gaze fixed on him. Suddenly you realize that there's someone else staring daggers at you. You’d seen him before, but never from this proximity you met his gaze and he held it. You felt like you’d looked into his eyes before, almost like you knew him. You practically had to force yourself to look away, after which you were greeted by Steve’s worried look. This wasn’t pity, it wasn't a look you’d seen his face wear, It was a guilty knowing look. You were concerned, but your thoughts were cut short by your father clearing his throat. “Right let’s move on we still have to find this Zemo guy.” You’re all knocked out of the daze you were in, nodding at your fathers words. “Right…” You muster out in a dazed state. You all follow your father having seemingly known the way now. You made fast of your visit to the base and found the other super soldiers. When suddenly you hear whirring noises… “Don't worry they’re all dead.” You hear a voice be projected through the speakers. Both Steve and your father try to break through the door, but something in you told you that their attempts would be futile.
Left to your own devices you finally take time to admire The Winter Soldier up close and in the flesh. “Are you remembering?” You hear the voice break through your thoughts. You look at him confused. “Maybe this will make you remember avtonomnyy, unchenyy, tort na den’ rozhdeniya, mashina, zabytyy rebenok, chitael.” You sense when Bucky moved closer to you, he tried to prevent you from hearing the words, but it was too late. You were already gone by then. You felt like you were plummeting face first into a brick wall. Everything came rushing in, every single detail, every scar on your body made a scene now. You were back there sitting in that chair where they experimented on you. Where he experimented on you. He was there and there were others. “Are you ready to comply?” You hear his voice shine through the darkness you feel surrounding you. You’re begging pleading with anyone and anything to make it stop, but they all just stood there. Then the Gordons, the atrocities that they put them through just to get to you. Again you’re dragged out of your trance tears running down your face. 
“You knew… You knew all this time didn’t you?” It was the only thing that you could say looking at Steve. “That’s not all… you shall experience the wrath of both father and daughter.” He plays a video of you, a mere child five or six at the most, tortured deafening screams sounding through the space. “He’s my friend…” You scoff looking at him. “I was your friend… Do you have any idea what It feels like…” You say walking towards him. Tony notices Bucky aims his weapon at you, and he blasts him. “You’ve done enough damage… you hurt her over my dead body.” You shake your head. “I was going to kill them… I thought that they did this to me. That they were the ones that broke me.” Steve stands his ground. “I couldn’t tell you” Is all he says. “You say that because you didn't live through it… maybe if you did you’d understand?” You tilt your head, your eyes now shining white, you show him. “Stop… y/n. Stop” You make your way towards Bucky. “Does this hurt to watch, did it hurt when I asked, WHEN I BEGGED YOU TO STOP!” The fight that ensued made sure that you were all broken by the time it neared its end. Steve was over you, his shield rising and falling on your suit, until it powered down. The tears that ran down your respective faces did no justice to the pain either of you were experiencing. 
You watch as he takes Bucky in his arms, he’s missing his metal arm. “That shield doesn't belong to you… You don't deserve it. My grandfather made it!” He drops the shield and doesn’t look back. Seconds after he leaves you Tony comes limping in. “Are you okay?” He kneels down as he asks in a soft voice. You merely shake your head before your eyes are watering. “It was horrible…” You say as sobs start wracking through your body. Tony only pulls you close and hugs you, silent tears falling down his face. The compound feels empty, they are gone and there was nothing that you could do about it. Tony walks in with you sound asleep in his arms, Nat greets him on the Helipad. “What happened?” She asks worriedly, noticing the disheveled state that you were both in. He shakes his head. “It’s best if she tells you…” Is all he says before he follows Nat back to her room and lays you down. He pulls her out of the room quietly. “Don't hurt her…” He says quickly. Natasha is amused, but the look on Tony’s eyes makes her features settle. “She won't survive it.” It’s all he says before walking away. 
As Nat walks back in she takes you in, small and the defeated look on your face makes her heart ache. She settled in bed behind you wrapping her arms around you. You stir a little, you hum and hold her arms in place. “I’m sorry…” You mutter out half asleep. “For what moya lyubov?” She asks quietly. “I’m broken…” You hum quietly before dosing back to sleep. 
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'tis the damn season
Tumblr media
10 years later. 11:00pm
As the night came over New York City, every was in there homes sleeping. Except for those who weren't. Even at night the city was still alive. Half of the city's residents were fast asleep, half of them were roaming the streets but there was one girl in her home wide awake sitting in front of a computer screen, dangerously close.
Cracking her knuckles her fingers started dancing over the keys, you know that little dance your fingers do when you have no idea what to write. She had done this many times and every time she did the world got a best selling novel. But tonight she was truly, desperately stuck.
Getting up from her chair she started pacing around, and mumbling things under her breath. Just as she thought she was about to make a breakthrough, the sound of her laptop ringing broke her from her trance. Looking at the screen the name Tony flashed. She went and answered the call.
"You better have a darn good reason to call me this late or I will kill you." She said frustrated and still pacing.
"Y/N you have to come home" Says Tony sounding tiered.
"What? I have to what?" She asked making her way towards the laptop once again.
"You have to come home. Actually, you need to come home" He said pleading her.
"Why? She asked.
"Why!" Tony exclaimed. "Well because 'tis the damn season."
"'tis the damn what now?"
""tis the damn season. Now get your ass in that plane or there are going to be consequences" He said.
What consequences?" She countered.
"Just come home please. You have to come home. Hell, you need to come home"
"I'm not going to" Y/N stood firmly on her ground.
"Come home" Said Tony frustrated by her little act.
"No" she protested.
"Why not" He asked
"Because I don't want to and neither am I obliged to." She says standing her ground.
"Please, Y/N, pleas come home. It's been six years. I miss you, Pepper misses you, hell even Peter misses you and he's only seen you on a computer screen. Come home please." Seeing the look in his eyes she melted like putty.
The only two times she had seen her brother so venerable was when they had lost their parents and when he was getting married to Pepper.
"Fine" she mumbled not being able to say no to him.
"What?" Tony asked not believing his ears.
"I'm coming home."
"Yeahhh!" Tony said excitedly getting up, picking up the laptop and running around the house. "See Pepper I knew she would listen to me. She's coming home."
"What really?" Asked Pepper in her sweet voice.
"Yeah, I am. He finally convinced me to" replied Y/N.
"Well this is great. Peter is finally going to meet his aunt Y/N for the first time. Yeah he his." Both Tony and Pepper started talking in baby voices.
"Okay, you know have fun with your baby. I'll be home a day before Christmas and back to New York on the 26th. Deal" she said.
"Deal." Tony and Pepper replied at the same time. Even Peter cooed
"And you're paying" added Y/N quickly.
"Fine whatever. I would give anything in the whole world just so I can spend two days with you" said Tony.
"Aww, when did you become a sap" said Y/N in a teasing voice.
"Shut up"
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