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deadlight-loser · 26 minutes ago
Pennywise tryna deadlight me: •0•
Me: *closes my eyes* what now bitch. What now.
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randomly-a-fan · an hour ago
Space Clown Baby Sitter (Interview) Pt. 1
Pennywise has round up a bunch of clowns that he have met during his hunts on the previous days through months. Now he has to find the perfect clown sitter for the job.
Tumblr media
With Aquarius by his side while holding Archie, it should make finding the right clown should be easy... Will IT?
यह (Yah) [Hindi for “IT”] or छिछोरा (chhichhora) [Hindi for “Pennywise”)
Tumblr media
Pennywise finds chhichhora very interesting, even though he’s short, but size doesn’t matter to him or his wife. It’s understanding his language is the problem. “So... how are you with kids?” Pennywise asked. 
[Indian writing]
“भारत में, मैं बच्चों के डर पर दावत देता हूं, लेकिन मैं आपके बच्चे को नुकसान नहीं पहुंचाऊंगा”
[English writing]
“bhaarat mein, main bachchon ke dar par daavat deta hoon, lekin main aapake bachche ko nukasaan nahin pahunchaoonga”
[English Translation]
“In India, I feast on children's fears, but I would not harm your baby”
Pennywise gave the clown a friendly awkward smile before he turns to his wife to whisper. “Honey, what exactly is he saying?” Pennywise asked. “I don’t know, I thought you knew.” Aquarius responded. “I can only understand English and Swedish, not... uh... whatever language he’s speaking...” Then Pennywise turns back to face chhichhora. “We’ll let you know if you got the job, thank you.” Pennywise said as he gave him the gesture of dismissal.
Captain Spaulding
Tumblr media
Both Aquarius and Pennywise find Captain Spaulding a very interesting guy, until Aquarius decided to look into his permanent record. Pennywise was listening to Captain Spaulding’s stories, but it didn’t have anything to do with child care experiences. “Penny, maybe you should ask him about his experiences with children? according to his documents; he has a high level of criminal records that involves murdering and car-jacking.” Aquarius suggested. “Look here lady, I was a family man and THEY don’t have a problem with ME, so mind you Godd**n business b**ch!” Captain Spaulding exclaimed in a threatening tone. 
Aquarius made a trigger and transformed herself into a vicious bobcat demon, wanting to attack him. But Pennywise put the stop to her and Spaulding’s violent rage. “Star baby, just relax...” Then he turned to Captain Spaulding. “Thank you for your time, now leave.” Pennywise ordered while holding his wife back.
Spawn the Clown
Tumblr media
When Spawn entered the living room, he accidentally break wind. “Whoops... I hope I didn’t stain my underwear... Already... hit me with the questions and I’ll hurl you with the ANSWERS” Spawn said excitedly. 
However, Pennywise and Aquarius were both gagging as they were disgusted by the smell. But Archie is the most sensitive, because when he first smelled it, he puked a hard blast, all over the couch and on his mom’s jumpsuit. “Spawn... get the hell out of here!” Pennywise coughed trying his hardest not to gag.
After Spawn left, Pennywise went to the bathroom to clean up the couch... and the chair that Spawn was sitting on, while Aquarius changed her outfit to a blue jumper that Pennywise found for her. Pennywise walked into their bedroom where his wife is, with Archie in his baby seat. “How’s Archie, is he alright? that barf blast was... well, a blast... Which kind of impresses me.” Pennywise said as he looked over at his sleepy son. “Anyway, I got the room cleaned up, and the smell is gone, so we can continue on with the rest of the possible sitters.” Pennywise informed. Aquarius nodded and agreed, “the sooner we find a baby sitter the better... I really missed our time together just you and me.” Aquarius admits. Pennywise smiled and hugged his wife for comfort. “We’ll find the right sitter my love... I promise...” Pennywise whispered as he looked over his wife shoulder, smiling at his sleeping son. “That goes for you too, son.” Pennywise whispered to himself, like as if he’s saying that to Archie. 
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modtime · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pennywise Random Sketchs
1) Based on his movie spider form, I did some variations, inspired from a spider called "clown spider" (yes, it exists xD)
2) Giant Pennywise spider, about to eat a prey alive.
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pixieturtle · 3 hours ago
Where’s my damn fanfic where some tired parent just fckin trolls Pennywise and screws him over. Sure, the parent has fears, but they’re so exhausted and done with life that nothing truly fazes them.
Pennywise appears as their kid. Knife in hand, ready to act like a psychopath? No, don’t think so; parent knows their kid’s a tired little gremlin, they’re not gonna wake up to terrorize anyone cause they hate waking up for any reason. Pennywise-demon, over the knee, spank spank, stay tf out of my room or you’re gonna get it again, you little shit.
Eventually Pennywise becomes desperate. Appears as a late bill, warning to shut off power, water, gas, whatever, parent just rips the bill apart and throws it away without looking at it, cause they pay their bills online and remember that better than they remember their own birthday.
Cause at times I’m all having dreams of little creeps like Pennywise, Freddy Krueger, them bitches and I keep just telling them that I’m fckin tired and to leave me alone.
And they listen.
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ghospice · 5 hours ago
I will always ignore canon if it is boring/doesn’t suit a fic whatever but I just gotta say:
In the IT novel the losers beat Pennywise because they’re special. They have not only higher beings like the turtle and the other helping them, but also the ritual and even hints of Shining like abilities (like how they use telepathy to talk to Mike in the hospital, you know, just Normal Friend Things lmao). I believe that’s why SK added the mythology to the story, so that their defeat of Pennywise wouldn’t seem easy, and so the story would have less plot holes (because without it you can say, why hasn’t any other group of adults/kids been able to defeat this creature whose millions of years old? They aren’t special because they’re brave...lots of humans are brave in danger, so what makes them special?)
Basically King was tryna to add legitimacy to the supernatural elements of the plot/Pennywise, otherwise without it, the story is a very simple “face your inner demons” scenario that doesn’t require an epic long story to tell. It doesn’t require Pennywise to have any history in Derry, or world building. Pennywise has to be his own character and not just a walking theme for this to work, which is why part 2 kinda fails.
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deadlight-loser · 12 hours ago
If Pennywise makes kids float in order to keep them for hibernation (a theory but I’m pretty sure that’s why) like a lot of other creatures who store food for winter, how in the hell did he survive his last cycle?
Because at the beginning of Chapter 2 you see a flashback to Chapter 1 where Henry Bowers flushes out of the sewer with the other dead kids after Pennywises lair was destroyed by the flood, so he lost all his food? And how was he planning to stock up for his next cycle given the fact when the adult losers came to fight him again, there were no floating kids?
How didn’t he starve during hibernation? I know damn well he doesn’t just sleep through a whole 27 years. The fact he keeps dead kids is a sign he must wake up to eat in between the months, otherwise why not just eat what you want and chuck the rest?
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deadlight-loser · 13 hours ago
See, I feel like Pennywise and I have a lot in common.
We are both always hungry, both lazy as fuck, both don’t particularly like or trust human men and both have the American Girl Doll teeth
Maybe I’m secretly Pennywise
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agftheorist · 14 hours ago
Pennywise and Bill Cipher parallels
Someone had probably done this before, but since I've seen none, here it goes...
Includes major spoilers from the movies "It", "It Chapter 2", and the book "It" by Stephen King.
Dream manipulation
Bill Cipher is literally a dream demon and manipulating dreams are like his biggest weapon. Even though it doesn't do that that much, it is known that it is capable of giving someone nightmares etc.
Let alone dreams, those two characters are also great at understanding human psychology in general, and manipulating people to get what they want. While our dimension is what Bill wants, Pennywise wants our flesh in general.
Shapeshifting is probably Pennywise's most used ability, since it 'has to' be in the form which the human nearby fears the most. And it has to 'obey' the rules of the thing it shapeshifts to, as it says. We don't really see Bill shifting his form to anything that different from his current one, (other than possessing ones body) after Weirdmageddon he can change his form to some scarier version of him, but that's probably because he doesn't want to leave his triangular form, since it is the most stabile shape in our dimension. However, we also see Bill had shapeshifted to Soos' body in Stan's mind.
Being older than our universe
If Bill is not lying (he probably isn't, though) he is, like, millions of years older than our universe. On the other hand, Pennywise had either born/existed at the same time with our universe, or older than it.
Their real forms
I may make another post about it, but according to some codes and what he says with his own mouth, Bill is actually 'pure energy'. In the book there are some parts that mentions Pennywise's true form is 'pure light'. Since light is a form of energy, we can as well say they are quite similar on this one.
Where they are from
Bill Cipher is from outside of our dimension, everyone knows that. In the book, it is said that Pennywise had come from 'space'. But it is known that it has some kind of a connection with another dimension, so they are kinda similar with this one too.
This is not something about Pennywise and Bill but The Axolotl and The Turtle are also very similar. They both pose as some kind of a guardian, are more powerful or equal to the villain (it doesn't seem right to call them villain but I couldn't find another word), and they both are known as normal animals in our world.
Now, here is a theory. There is another similar thing about those two 'fandoms'. The way the villain can be destroyed.
In the book there is a specific ritual to kill Pennywise, but I'll go with the movie. In the movie, they hold their hands around something about the villain, the drawing of Bill in Gravity Falls and the 'death lights' of Pennywise. Another parallel is that those rituals are both written by ancient people, who used to live in the town the villain 'rules'. By the shaman in Gravity Falls and the native people of Derry in IT. In the movie, if their ritual could work, the losers club was also going to die with Pennywise. We never get to see what was going to happen in Gravity Falls, but Ford says that 'it is a mystical human energy circle'. We know that Bill is pure energy, so maybe this means their energy was going to neutralize Bill's, with everyone dying? They would never show such a thing in the show, so it will always remain a mystery...
Okay, this turned out to be a darker theory than I thought... If you have anything to add, please feel free.
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lineargreen5 · 15 hours ago
yeah, i made this meme last year...🎈
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randomly-a-fan · a day ago
Brain and Francine from "Arthur: Love Notes for Muffy" were trying to get the love note out of the locker of Pennywise's but ended up accidentally grabbed the wrong piece of paper. [Which is my OC character that Pennywise has the thing for ;)].
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alstanfordart · a day ago
Tumblr media
What do ageless ancient entities do in their free time anyway? Maybe play with some of those toys he's acquired over the decades. Once again using the whole portal idea with the wagon, and a nod to the Crimson King in the background.
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quinnrosiebogs122 · a day ago
Pennywise edit
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angelkitty6 · a day ago
who wants to write the reddie It chapter 2 Yoga AU where pennywise is the yoga instructor and richie is eyeing eddie all sEduCTivELy the entire lesson and pennywise is like hey you hooligans pay attention or i'm gonna eat you like i did the rest of derry, and then we have some ✨spicy✨ yoga poses between richie and eddie and at one point bev distracts pennywise so richie and eddie can run into the storage closet to make out
no one ok it'll just linger in the depths of my brain forever
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