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motivationsuccesspb18 hours ago
Tumblr media
You are offended by the things I say Imagine the stuff I hold back. _______________________________ . . . Like鉂わ笍comment馃挰share . Daily Motvation馃挜 . Tag your family friends馃А . TURN ON POST NOTIFICATION馃敂 . Follow our account for more posts @motivation_successpb馃憫 @motivation_successpb馃憫 @motivation_successpb馃憫 . . #peakyblindersofficial #peakyblindersstyle #peakyblindersseason3 #peakyblindersquotes #peakyblindersseason5 #peakyblindersseason4 #peakyblinderstattoo #peakyblindersfan #peakyblindersart #peakyblinders #peakyblindersedit #peakyblindershaircut #peakyblindersedits #motivation #success #quotes #love #lover #explore #successaddict #hashtag #cillianmurphy #thomasshelby #arthurshelby #pollygray #graceburgess#netflex (at Peaky Blinders)
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tommyshelbysgirl4 days ago
Tumblr media
More imagines coming tomorrow I鈥檝e been through them today & removed the ones I鈥檓 not capable of doing I鈥檓 sorry 馃様馃様馃様
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tommyshelbysgirl5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Its a nice sunny day in small heath so you chose to take yours & Tommy's dog for a long walk because a lot of the time you normally take it on a short walk because of the area & how everyone knew you was with Tommy even his enemies so you had to be careful.
But today felt different to you & you needed to stick up for yourself & show people you could hold your own as Tommy has taught you a few things & what to do if someone tried grab you.
You called your dog then attaching his lead to his collar he wagged his tail at you so you gave him some loves before both of you walked the few steps you decided you would take him to visit the family at the betting shop.
You was soon outside you smiled as the sun hit your pale skin your dog clambered out of the house & you shut & locked the front door as you walked along the street the smell of coal smoke began to fill your nostrils every person which you passed smiled at you & your dog.
You always walked in heels even to walk the dog you liked to dress smart & you had a reputation to stick to, you was walking along & you saw the betting shop a few doors down from you, you knew they always kept the door open as they was allowed to now & not have to worry about the coppers ransacking the place.
You saw Tommy come out of the shop & lit a smoke as he lent against the wall you could tell it was him by his stature. You was not paying attention you was paying to more of watching Tommy as you was in awe from aware then before you knew it you hit the cobbled path & heard a bone crack.
Your dog stopped in his tracks & came towards you crying & whining, you looked up to see Tommy was about to head back into the shop. Go get your dad GO! you seethe in pain as you watch your dog belt down to Tommy.
You watch him as he jumps up at Tommy putting his paws onto Tommy's suit & barking at him to get his attention you see Tommy moving his lips no doubt he was asking your dog what was wrong.
Your dog then turns around & barks & whines in your direction Tommy looks at the dog then down the street then he sees you, he leans down patting the dog then the dog shoots running towards you & Tommy quickly follows as you still seethe in pain.
Tommy soon reaches you & your dog lies next you "Good boy Good Boy" you both say.
"You took your time to notice what he was telling you Tommy"
He kneels onto the warm cobbled path "Well its hard to understand a dog" you both laugh.
"That looks bad Y/N we best get you home & get a Dr"
"No Shit!"
He helps you up onto one foot then without hesitation he picks you up bridle style, you was slightly shocked at this as you was not even married you thought he would at least have you lean on him but no.
You lean into him & felt his chest move in & out, it smelt amazing to you was memorized but he did not distract the pain you was in.
You reached your house & he managed to use one hand to get the key from his jacket then unlock the front door, the dog ran in before you both he entered the house being careful he did not knock your leg on the way then he used his foot to shoot the door behind you.
You never realized how strong he was until now, he made his way to your sitting room then gently placing you onto the sofa & ripping your tight leg to see the damage.
"It's definitely broken I can see the bone coming from under your skin"
"I really wanted to know that thanks!"
"Ok take it easy on me will you, I will go & grab the Dr"
He left you a kiss on your cheek before he left the room & you heard your front door close.
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tommyshelbysgirl6 days ago
Tumblr media
Who鈥檚 with me 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶
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tommyshelbysgirl7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I still have 9 yes 9!!!!! Tommy Shelby Imagines still to type up & post, I honestly can't thank everyone enough!!!!
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tommyshelbysgirl7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You place your waistcoat onto your thin & petite figure as you get ready to head to work which was for The Shelby's of course you was known to be one of the hardest Peaky Blinders so Tommy & Arthur always had you with them.
After you buttoned your waistcoat up you put on your suit jacket looking in your mirror to make sure that the collar was sitting perfectly, the last item of clothing to go on would be your long jacket coat but most of the time you had no use for it.
You sat on the edge of your bed reaching down to pick up your heavy black combat boots which you always wore where as the others wore shoes or normal boots but you always stuck to combat boots as they was much more comfy & hard wearing.
There was a knock at your bedroom door as you fastened up your last lace "Come in" you turned around to see a smiling Tommy stood at your doorway you smiled back at him.
"Tommy you know we can't be seen leaving together or arriving together"
"I know I just wanted to come & give you a kiss before I headed out" he smirks at you then heads towards you, you stand up & meet him half way.
He leans in while placing one of his palms onto your cheek & kisses your lips softly, you go all shy on him.
"I guess I will see you in a little while Y/N" he legs go of you then leaves the room as soon as he has left you let out a smile.
You never wanted to find love this early on but you both fell for each other practically instantly & to keep it a secret from the family was hard but sometimes Tommy wanted to keep his love life private.
You finish up what you needed to do at home before heading to the family home, every time you walked down the street people would move out of you way as well as also stare but you was used to it.
You reach The Shelby's house & enter swiftly making sure that the door was secure before you made your way into the kitchen where most of the time the family was, you smiled as a vision of Tommy's soft lips on yours came into your head.
You reach the kitchen where Tommy instantly looks at you & smirks.
"About time you turned up Y/N!" Arthur turns & says to you.
"It takes a little while to look this good Arthur unlike you, which takes never & you can tell"
Sniggers of laughter fill the kitchen as Arthur turns back around & mumbles to himself.
Polly takes on look at you then Tommy, you take no notice & stand next to Tommy you feel Polly's eyes following you around the room as you stand right next to Tommy & you both move a little.
"So Tom when are we taking over the pub then?" Arthur asks.
"Today this is why I called this meeting"
"Got something to tell us Tommy?" you all look at Polly as she has a eyebrow raised & a cigarette gently resting between two of her fingers.
"I've told you the plan the other day to take the pub over Pol"
You smirk at his remark & giggle
Polly gives you a glare.
"Noooooo there is no way Pol" Arthur looks at you both as Polly is giving you that look you better come out with it & quick.
"Shes to hardcore for Tommy" Arthur smirks.
You smirk & change your posture a little & Tommy looks at you & gives you a sly wink.
"Nothing gets past me Tom & Y/N so how long have you both been dating?" Polly asks with a happier tone now.
Arthur spits out his whiskey & it ends up near your feet.
Both you & Tommy Smile "That's for us to know Pol & no one else"
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tommyshelbysgirl9 days ago
Tumblr media
New Tumblr Header by @boxycons
New Tumblr Icon by @shitedits
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tommyshelbysgirl10 days ago
Tumblr media
So today I took the time away from writing the imagines you have all requested because since doing them TOMMY has been in my dreams so that means 5 WHOLE NIGHTS!!!!
Writing shall resume tomorrow 鉂わ笍馃挄鉂わ笍
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motivationsuccesspb10 days ago
Tumblr media
Sometimes I look at people and think "Really. That's the sperm that won." _______________________________ . . . Like鉂わ笍comment馃挰share . Daily Motvation馃挜 . TURN ON POST NOTIFICATION馃敂 . Follow our account for more posts @motivation_successpb馃憟 @motivation_successpb馃憟 @motivation_successpb馃憟 . . #peakyblindersofficial #peakyblindersstyle #peakyblindersseason3 #peakyblindersquotes #peakyblindersseason5 #peakyblindersseason4 #peakyblinderstattoo #peakyblindersfan #peakyblindersart #peakyblinders #peakyblindersedit #peakyblindershaircut #peakyblindersedits #motivation #success #quotes #love #lover #explore #successaddict #hashtag #cillianmurphy #thomasshelby #arthurshelby #pollygray #graceburgess#netflex (at Peaky Blinders)
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tommyshelbysgirl12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You find yourself sitting on the floor in your darkroom the only sound which is being made is the raindrops hitting your window, it was a cold dark evening in small heath & you was waiting for Tommy to come home from doing some business & you kinda know what the business most likely was so you knew to let him clean up & change first before he came to you & you nuzzled into him.
Some days all you wanted him to do was stay with you as some days were worse than the others with your depression he gave you comfort even with you knowing what he did for work, but the thing is when Tommy was with you he was completely different he was a soft-hearted man.
When you sat alone it felt like days but in fact, it was just hours you just got lost in your own thoughts & seemed to lose time, a lot of the time Tommy would come home & you would still be sat in the same spot lost in your thoughts & he would go mad at you as it could be freezing some evenings.
You decided to stand up & walk towards the cold fire getting some paper & wood to light it as you thought you could sit in front of it in a blanket & you would feel a lot better.
You watched as you lit it with a match & the flames began to arise then you placed some coal in there before you headed to get a blanket to wrap around yourself you sat on the couch putting the blanket softly around yourself then staring at the flames getting lost in them
You looked at the mantlepiece which was attracted to the fireplace to see it on the clock which sat on it that it was 4pm in the afternoon you thought Tommy would be home in a few hours as he said he would be home to you by 6pm.
An hour later you find yourself asleep on the sofa but it felt good to feel relaxed you opened your eyes briefly to see the time on the clock which now read 5:30pm you chose to wake as you know Tommy would be home soon & you needed to tend to the fire you felt a little bit better.
The clock soon struck 6pm & on the dot, you hear a key in the lock & the door open then it shut again & the use of the key again then you heard the sound of his shoes on the wooden floor.
"Y/N Are you home?"
"Yes I'm in here" you hear his footsteps coming towards the room then you watch as he walks in putting his cap onto the small table which you had behind the couch.
You watch him as he stands in front of the fire warming his hands you look at his muscular & strong physique how his waistcoat wraps around his back & shoulders & how his shirt fits as well as his trousers.
"You know it's rude to stare right?"
"I've been waiting for you to come home all day I'm allowed to stare"
He stops warming his hands by the fire & sits next to you on the couch he moves his arm so you can nuzzle up to him, he felt so warm from standing in front of the fire, you feel him relax his entire body after a short period.
"How was your day Y/N?" he asks
"I really struggled with my mind & thoughts today"
"Why I chose to lit the fire & get a blanket" you smile up at him as he looks down at you with so much love in his eyes.
"Well how about we just sit in front of the fire for the rest of the evening & you can talk to me?"
"That would be perfect!"
You say to him then you plant a soft kiss on his soft lips.
"I love you Y/N"
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motivationsuccesspb13 days ago
Tumblr media
People say smoking kills but, what about feelings bro ____________________________ . . . Like鉂わ笍comment馃挰share . Daily Motvation馃挜 . Tag your family friends馃А . TURN ON POST NOTIFICATION馃敂 . Follow our account for more posts @motivation_successpb馃憫 @motivation_successpb馃憫 @motivation_successpb馃憫 . . #peakyblindersofficial #peakyblindersstyle #peakyblindersseason3 #peakyblindersquotes #peakyblindersseason5 #peakyblindersseason4 #peakyblinderstattoo #peakyblindersfan #peakyblindersart #peakyblinders #peakyblindersedit #peakyblindershaircut #peakyblindersedits #motivation #success #quotes #love #lover #explore #successaddict #hashtag #cillianmurphy #thomasshelby #arthurshelby #pollygray #graceburgess#netflex (at Peaky Blinders)
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tommyshelbysgirl13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I Woke Up To All Of This !!!!
Tumblr media
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tommyshelbysgirl15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I just want to give a MAHOOSIVE THANK YOU!!!! to every single one of you has request Tommy Shelby Imagines the past few days more is getting posted today, I am so overwhelmed by all the love on the one I posted yesterday
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tommyshelbysgirl15 days ago
Tumblr media
Requested by @thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch
Tumblr media
You are sat in the packed Garrison on a weekday as you know The Garrison is always busy most of the busy days are at the weekend though, being the only pub in Small Heath is it bound to happen but you don't mind it. Although most of the time you are in the private room for The Shelby's as you are dating Tommy.
But tonight you are not with Tommy or The Shelby's you are out with your older brother as he is visiting from out of town & you hardly see him anymore as he works a lot.
As the night goes on you find yourself & your older brother tipsy on Whiskey & you're having a laugh & a good catch up The Garrison is slightly quieter now as it was getting late but Tommy knew you were out & your brother promised him that you would arrive back home safe.
You start to mess around with your brother, Laughing & being the women you always have been when you watch a guy walk in with a flat cap on, everyone turns to him then they continue on with that they are doing & so do you no doubt it was just one of Tommy's guys coming to get a drink before doing something bad.
You both watch as he stands at the bar & for a few times you both catch him looking at you both with a wow emotion which lay upon his chiselled face, he turned away for the rest of the night until you both had had enough to drink & decided it was time for you to both heads back to your place.
The guy with the flat cap watched you both as you exited The Garrison but you both took no notice as your brother took hold of your hand then placing his arm into his so you could hold each other up as the cold air hit your drunken feeling.
You both stumbled a little as you made the short but long walk back to your home, where you know Tommy would be waiting for you no doubt to make sure you got home safe.
You reached the short distance away from your home now when you heard footsteps running towards you from the back of you, you both turned around to see the guy who was in The Garrison running towards you.
He stops in front of you quickly look at you both & not looking happy.
"Does Tommy know your cheating on him Y/N?"
"And who are you? one of his men?" you ask as you cross your arms looking angry.
"He recently employed me, yes but you have not answered my question?"
"He's my older brother!, I would never cheat on Tommy!"
"I don't believe you that is what they all say!"
You watched as he suddenly grabbed onto your brother & they began to fight you knew with him being one of Tommy's men that he would not be done until he was put into the hospital.
"Stop fighting Tommy knows!!!!!! you yell but he continues to throw punches at your brother & you watch as they both get cut up from their knuckles.
You rush towards them getting in-between then both you feel a fist head towards your face, as it hits you feel the pain of the punch & blood trickling down from it. His worker looks at you then moves back then races down the street.
"You Better ffing run because once I tell Tommy what you have done, you will be done for!".
You look at your brother who is looking in a bad way but not as bad as it could have turned out.
"Y/N!!!" you hear Tommys voice yelling from a short distance from the street.
He quickly joins your side & looks at you both.
"Who did this to you both!?"
"It was one of your men! Tommy!" you push him with all your force & he steps back.
"He thought I was cheating on you! & this is what he did to us both!"
He places his fingers gently onto your cheek & sees the cut on your cheek.
"Don't touch me Tommy!" you push him out of the way & walk towards your home.
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motivationsuccesspb21 days ago
Tumblr media
People talk about me behind my back and I just sit here like "DAMN. I got myself a fan club." ________________________________ . . . Like鉂わ笍comment馃挰share And SAVE . Daily Motvation馃挜 . Tag your family friends馃А . TURN ON POST NOTIFICATION馃敂 . Follow our account for more posts @motivation_successpb馃憫 @motivation_successpb馃憫 @motivation_successpb馃憫 . . #peakyblindersofficial #peakyblindersstyle #peakyblindersseason3 #peakyblindersquotes #peakyblindersseason5 #peakyblindersseason4 #peakyblinderstattoo #peakyblindersfan #peakyblindersart #peakyblinders #peakyblindersedit #peakyblindershaircut #peakyblindersedits #motivation #success #quotes #love #lover #explore #successaddict #hashtag #cillianmurphy #thomasshelby #arthurshelby #pollygray #graceburgess #netflex#nevergiveup (at Peaky Blinders)
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motivationsuccesspba month ago
Tumblr media
The devil whispered to me, "Iam coming for you." I whispered back, "Bring pizza." __________________________ . . . Like鉂わ笍comment馃挰share And SAVE . Daily Motvation馃挜 . Tag your family friends馃А . TURN ON POST NOTIFICATION馃敂 Follow our account for more posts @motivation_successpb馃憫 @motivation_successpb馃憫 @motivation_successpb馃憫 . . #peakyblindersofficial #peakyblindersstyle #peakyblindersseason3 #peakyblindersquotes #peakyblindersseason5 #peakyblindersseason4 #peakyblinderstattoo #peakyblindersfan #peakyblindersart #peakyblinders #peakyblindersedit #peakyblindershaircut #peakyblindersedits #motivation #success #quotes #love #lover #explore #successaddict #hashtag #cillianmurphy #thomasshelby #arthurshelby #pollygray #graceburgess #netflex #nevergiveup #quotelife (at Peaky Blinders)
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motivationsuccesspba month ago
Tumblr media
"Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." . . . Like鉂わ笍comment馃挰share And SAVE . Get motivated馃挭 . Daily posts馃挜 . Tag your family,friends馃А . TURN ON POST NOTIFICATION馃敂 . . #peakyblindersofficial #peakyblindersstyle #peakyblindersseason3 #peakyblindersquotes #peakyblindersseason5 #peakyblindersseason4 #peakyblinderstattoo #peakyblindersfan #peakyblindersart #peakyblinders #peakyblindersedit #peakyblindershaircut #peakyblindersedits #motivation #success #quotes #love #lover #explore #successaddict #hashtag #cillianmurphy #thomasshelby #arthurshelby #pollygray #graceburgess #netflex #nevergiveup #quotelife (at Peaky Blinders)
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peakyblinderseventsa year ago
Hold on a minute. Are those the weapons of choice for the Peaky Blinders? . . . . . . . . #peakyblinders #peakyblinderslookalike #peakyblindersedit #peakyblindersfan #tommyshelbylookalike #thomasshelbylookalike #arthurshelbylookalike #pollygray #finnshelby #alfoesolomons #alfiesolomonslookalike #acting #cheakyblinders #lookalikes #performance #gangs #gangsters #streetwear #suits (at Chesterfield Town Hall)
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