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#part of me wants them to get the bucks out of there bc i don't like them
akibf · 9 days ago
aha i had nothing funny to say after the nets game lol sad. i go through series-eses so slooowly so it’s not like… a great idea to keep adding to the to read/watch list but been hearing good things abt tokyo rev! (don’t add more things to your list don’t add more things to your list aaaand its added)
Tokyo rev is sooooo good you're gonna love it, if i haven't made it obvious yet (LOL) i highllyyyy recommend it omg. the character development is top tier and the characters themselves (boys AND girls) are so well written ):
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weebthirst · 7 days ago
ok so not genshin and not really a request more sharing but speaking of first times lately i have been OBSESSED with this one scenario where someone (sometimes an oc, sometimes myself lmaO) has been betrothed to someone else bc Family Dynamics Are Whack and they end up turning to sylvain for comfort after finding out and being like,, “sylvain will you spend the night with me? please? i want at least this first time to be with someone i care about, someone i chose” and it’s just so SOFT and GOOD bc u just KNOW sylvain would make it so good and be so attentive esp if he also has Some Feels for them too bc they CHOSE HIM and that’s it i’m out i just had to share SORRY LMAO
Omgg Anon what a blessed concept~
Sylvain understands the tragedy of noble marital politics better than most, and when news of your engagement gets out, he feels his heart drop into his stomach. It feels like a part of his own future has been gutted- a future that he had no right to even hope for. And yet, still you would come to him for a chance at real intimacy. It almost feels even more cruel than leaving you entirely to the arms of another.
But he knows he'll regret it for the rest of his life if he can't have you for his own just this once.
He's gentle with you- so tenderly, achingly gentle. He holds you close to him and kisses you deeply, as though you're truly his and his alone. And for tonight, you are.
The night can't possibly be long enough for him to pleasure you in every way he wishes he could- but damned if he's not going to try. His head dips between your thighs, his tongue thrums steadily against your most sensitive nerves- and you weave your fingers through his mop of red hair and pull him close like he always imagined you would. Like he knows he'll remember for the rest of his life.
After his tongue, his fingers spread you open, working you slowly and gently. There's not a hint of hesitation or misgiving when he asks if you're okay, of you're sure you want to continue- he means it- he wants you to love this. He's never been this caring with a lover before (all past flings were merely passing fancies after all), but it's so easy to be this way with you.
At long last, he kneels over you, and he can tell by the way you gaze back up at him that you're just waiting for him to claim you. He catches his breath, but steadies himself, and presses one last lingering kiss to your lips. Then, without another word, he very slowly enters you.
And even though it's your first time with a man, you know it will never feel like this again.
Your bodies easily fall into a natural rhythm. It starts slow- his hips push and pull like overlapping waves. You gasp out his name and his arms wrap around you more tightly, one hand snaking up your back to tangle his fingers through your hair. You moan aloud that you want more- you want him harder. He abides without question, thrusting more deeply into you.
And after a time spent in pleasured bliss together, you feel his entire body tense. He bucks into you to the hilt- once, twice, then he groans into your neck and barely pulls away, spilling his release across your inner thighs. It's hot, and there's so much of it- far more than you'd expected. Sylvain mutters an apology, but you touch a hand to his cheek and smile.
"don't apologize, Sylvain. It's you. I adore this feeling. If only..."
He gently hushes you as he lies at your side and draws you to his chest. His heart is still pounding, but he makes an admirable effort to level his voice.
"Don't think about 'if only.' I'm here now. I'm right here for you."
His tone wavers just a little, and just for a moment. He'll have all of his life to mull about his feelings from this night. For now, he puts his heart and body into tending to you, as it is a privilege that he'll never have again.
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hopefullystillliving · 18 days ago
When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy~! Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity~! 🌼
Aww I've never gotten one of these before! Ok so:
... My followers. It's a little silly, since I only have 30 (which is more than I ever thought I'd get!) but every time one of them pops up to like something it's a little spark of "Oh! I know you! You like my thing! :D" It's always validating when someone rbs something I did, especially if there's some commentary in the tags or in a reply. But yeah. You guys spark joy.
My bird-nephews (Mori & Nori). My brother is a teen father to a pair of the most adorable adolescent lovebirds (he got them as babies in Nov.) and I totally understand why people who own them jokingly call them hate-birds. They are tiny balls of feathers and beak- they will bite any and everything just for the heck of it and are absolute delights.
Our chinchilla (Fanya) & leopard gecko (Speckles). We got Fanya free from someone who couldn't take care of her anymore, and she is an absolute hellion. A despicable demon. I love her so much. I named her Fanya, which is Quenya for cloud (specifically white cloud, which she is not, but I couldn't find the normal word- Fana) because chinchillas look like little elven clouds or fairy creatures. That was before I got into Tolkien, actually! We got Speckles from a friend who was moving away and couldn't take him. He's a good boy. He mostly just vibes.
This necklace and my ring. I got the necklace at a ren faire in 3rd grade for 20 bucks and I still adore it. I asked for the ring for christmas specifically because I wanted a black fidget ring, and the only decent one we could find came with an engraving. "Lightbearer" is part of what my name means and what I aspire to, I wanted it to be a fidget ring bc they're great (and also ADHD), and black so that I could wear it as an ace ring. It's like a little secret code for who I am!
Tumblr media
At the risk of being unbearably tacky for Pride... my identity. After questioning myself for so long it's like a huge weight off my chest. I'm able to say- even just to myself- that I'm an aro-ace lesbian with ADHD. And it's me! That's what I am! And I'm valid! I didn't even suspect I had ADHD until last year and knowing more about myself and how my brain works has drastically improved my mental health. I had a multi-year period when I was trying to figure out what exactly was up w/ my sexuality, partially because I wasn't well informed, partially because moderate-conservative christian parents and a crisis of faith, partially because "I don't like anyone like that but girls are really pretty" is kinda hard to sort through. And I might change how I define myself in the future, and that's fine! But for now I know :)
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knullanon · 25 days ago
Can I get uhhh,, platonic yandere Omni man with a villain reader? Reader isn’t a terrifying super villain,, just an absolute gremlin?
now this is some good shit i tell you, good shit. new father figure???? sign me up
originally doesn't even fight you, finds out about you from cecil, who was bitching about how you were so stupid with things, and yet, you were able to whoop ass and escape things. when nolan asks for elaboration, cecil explains you really aren't a big time villain, but you more just work for the money... and the thrills.
from what nolan can gather, you really just do this shit for fun. you don't understand why people want you to do the things you do, you don't understand that they will give you up when needed, and you definitely don't understand the hazard that you are when you commit these acts.
first time he shows up, your superiors immediately tell you to back off, and while you were a dumbass, you weren't that dumb so you did. its just that he still found you.
however you are still able to get away, but not without pissing off your superiors for "letting omni-man find out about you"
to which you drop them and find someone else to work for. eventually you end up working under machine head, and playing his games. and then omni-man found you again.
this time you still stayed under machine head ("YOU KNOW TOO MUCH! besides, not to be a pretentious bitch, but you are pretty useful against literally everything, seriously, you're like a walking fire hazard")
he keeps on finding you though, so eventually you drop that too. which is where he gets you.
while running from battle beast, who was sent to hunt you down, omni-man punches battle beast in the chest, before picking you up and flying away.
you are brought to debbie, who is for the most part, pretty normal. you are introduced to the house, to your new room. to your new family. and then, mark comes home, and you're seated at the table
all of this shit is happening while you're confused as hell, and they act like you've been apart of their family for awhile.
also in this universe, lets just pretend that they live somewhere more open and not a suburban neighborhood bc I'm betting 5 bucks that some guy recorded nolan flying away from the house and put it on youtube under "my neighbor fucked omni man and her son is probably his son, is he paying child support?" and also for convince of this story
so at the end of dinner, mark is trying to get you to bed when you ask "hey uh what the fuck" and ask why they're acting like you're not some villain that definitely has a body count (murder wise)
and they will just look surprised and say, "sweetie? are you ok? you haven't been acting yourself since the fall, are you sure we don't need to go see the doctors?"
mark shows you the photos on the walls, but instead of three people, there's four, you being tiny in one of them, looking happy.
it confuses the hell out of you and debbie eventually just brings you to bed, shushing your confusion while mark and nolan discuss how they're gonna cover this one up from you. they planned out everything but the fact that you would really not want to be apart of the family.
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syds-room · 25 days ago
needy bunny bo // nsfw
this is the part where bo gets all smexy
warnings: breeding, hair pulling, heightened sensitivity, foot humping, praise kink, sub + dom + switch tendencies, oral (both receiving), and general nsfw themes, MDI (minors do not interact)
sfw version
Tumblr media
bokuto gets kind of.. skittish when he gets what he calls an urge
that bashfulness he gets when he follows you around isn't there
when you go into the living room he'll enter and flash you a smile, wide and as excited as bokuto usually is, but he'll sit down in front of you and set his chin on your knee and stare up at you
he'll lean into your palm when you ask him what's wrong and from there, he won't know how to answer
licking his lips and pressing them to inside of your palm before you notice how his face is flushed and his ears are drooped and his breathing would deepen as he noses down your palm to your wrist
but ahh the sweet sound of his whimper when your foot grazes his erection in the gym shorts he usually wears when he plays with his team
he'd find himself humping your leg and groaning before he realizes how desperate he must look
his firm humps come to a stop when he scrambles away and frantically apologizes but your voice calms him immediately
"tell me what you need, pretty boy"
he'll get teary eyed and ask for a kiss and of course that leads to him lapping at your mouth and whimpering
lucky for you, you get nearly all of his firsts
bokuto has had a blowjob before but he'd never enjoyed it so when you reach for his waistband he'd squeak and shudder and move away from you
so you opt for palming him, give his bulge a kiss and move on up to grind atop him he'd crumble
shaky hands roaming freely as he was never used to being able to feel his first caretaker up as he did with you
his ears would be half perked as he watched your face, afraid that you'd push him away for not being good enough
"that's a good boy"
just good boy, any mention of being good
being praised makes him shiver and his hands would become more restless and kisses would become much much needier
bokuto was excited for his first time with you, he definitely was, but then when he was sitting at the foot of the bed and he'd witnessed how your body pushed up so he'd have a great view of your ass he started rethinking his choice
baby was afraid that he might not be able to control himself
he'd curl himself over your body and wrap his arms around your tummy and set his forehead against your temple
"are you okay? this looks uncomfortable. you look so amazing, but i don't want you to strain your body"
big eyes staring down with worry and love is enough to make anyone stutter, but you kissed him, smiling against his lips and sitting up some before pulling back and seeing him burying his face into your shoulder
he'd get so shy despite being stark naked like he didn't have himself pressed up against you
"do what you're comfortable with, kou"
that would be enough for him
he'd lower himself down so his face was level with your intimates
bokuto would be very unsure whether or not he's supposed to be doing with, but he'd definitely want to know what he'd be stuffing his dick inside
so instead of touching or gently running a finger over you, he latched and took a long lick up where you'd stretched yourself out earlier and sighed when he'd pulled away
he was pleased to see you shaking against the sheets and of course checked in again, but being bokuto he wanted to do what he'd been imagining the last few weeks
setting his swollen tip at your entrance and curling his arms around your hips before slamming himself in
pretty boy came on the spot, shuddered at your shrill and eyes rolled back at how you clamped around him
then you get a taste of bokuto
him rutting carelessly for a minute, tip sloppily kissing your cervix a few times before his thrusts stop and he pulls himself out bc of the stimulation
he'd ask if that was sex and if it was supposed to be that short and if you did what he did
but from there the neediness would double especially when he sees his cum dribbling out of you
akaashi would inform him and go into depth about what bokuto did
and when bokuto learns about the end result of no protection, he really gets worked up
wants to stuff you full of kittens, sorry thats just bokuto but mans is a wreck
after the first, there's definitely times when bokuto will whine out around the house for you
is absolutely not shy about pinning your hips to his and giving a nice couple ruts against you before scampering off
he'd end up bending you over the arm of your couch, against the shower wall, or pulling you into his lap and nearly breaking one of your chairs at the dinner table from bringing you back down on his lap so hard
one of his all time favorites is being between your legs in the morning when you're both still sleepy but bokuto gets to have a little breakfast and you both get a nice start to your day
licks and sucks like he needs it to breathe and that usually ends with slick painting his cheeks and a satisfied dopey smile on his lips
his first bj tho???
take a seat *starts pouring you a drink* there is much to discuss
after so many teasing touches and so many days spent fucking you silly, i want you to remember the bashful bun who used to be so afraid to ask for attention
it's almost the same thing except he's so flustered he can barely bring himself to look at you🥰
picking at his finger and his face is beat red and your petting through his hair isn't making it go any better
wrote out a sticky note in front of you bc he was too embarassed to ask
can you please give me a blowjob in the tiniest letters
was so hesitant, was sitting there fresh from a shower all fluffy and curly little bi colored pubes reminding you of how rare bokuto was to be conceived with different colors to his hair
and how rare it was indeed to have him reduced to a shaky mess when all you did was touch him
your usually so flambouyant bunny shivered from your touching his thighs
the moment your lips wrapped around his cockhead made him fight between relaxing his muscles and his fingers on your head
golden eyes cloudy and hazed from lust and tears when eased down his shaft
but oh being the first time being stimulated this way in such a long time made him relax
shaking and afraid of your teeth skimming him should he do something wrong, but the anticipation of not receiving that discomfort made him go lax with each bob of your head and each passing moment
hushed apologies escaping your bunny when he accidentally bucked his hips
he absolutely loves the sound of you gagging on his cock and that just leads to him bucking occasionally
but eventually it got to the point where he'll let you take care of him like he's supposed to
but when you're sure he's got enough self control pulled together and you tell him to fuck your throat that's it
he's careful at first, uneasy eyes when he eases his tip into your mouth like its his first time
after the first couple of times he's nearly losing himself in the way your throat tightens around him
bokuto very much loves receiving a nice blow as a treat from you but his all time favorite is getting to sit behind you and separate your legs so he can pump a few thick loads into your waiting hole
you should see him afterward, whether he's the one who's treated or if he gets to be the one to take care of you, he's awfully chipper
kisses galore, cuddling you and massaging your thighs if that's what you need but absolutely loves bathing with you
the next day he'd feel so inclined to clean because he feels that happy and sated that he can do such intimate things with you
but yknow what can ya do besides bask in the affection of such a big bunny
might as well since he's such a cutie
Tumblr media
© all work belongs to syds room 2021. do not modify, change, or copy works for use.
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nonbinarybuckley · a month ago
24, 25, 26, 27 all for I don't want to get better. Yes, I know you're writing a sequel, I'm curious.
ehehhe i am indeed (self harm tw for this whole ask cuz i’m gonna talk abt the fic)
24. How did you come up with title for [x fic]?
it’s a song title!! i wanna get better by bleachers is kinda like....the exact vibe the fic has for me, so i used that for the title and it’s also what i listened to while writing it lol (it is, ofc, on the fic playlist too)
25. Which idea came to you first in [x fic]?
eddie finding buck’s blade, actually :)) that scene w them just chillin and then buck having an internal freakout when he realizes he left it out was the first one and i kinda built the rest around that
26. Which part of [x fic] was the hardest to write?
def the conversation at the end. i wanted to balance buck being kinda defensive with eddie not really knowing how to ask whether he’d been hurting himself so like...i got stuck on that for a little bit bc i wanted to make sure i got it right, but also have them actually have a conversation? and multiple ppl have told me i made them cry so i think i succeeded :)
27. If you were ever to do a sequel to [x fic], what do you think might happen in it?
ooh girl i have 15 pages of notes for a sequel already and u KNOW it’s gonna hurt ;) without spoiling too much of the details, the general vibe is like....Buck struggles w a pretty bad relapse and Eddie has to convince him to let him help bc Buck isn’t used to getting help w that
fic questions
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j0succ · a month ago
from my ever growing stash of poly GojoGeto AU thoughts- Gojo away on an assignment and Geto deciding to take a lil video of you to text to him and remind him of the fun he's missing out on~ if you wanted to turn it into a lil scenario I would not mind but I don't want to be too greedy since I know I already sent you a request for them!!
have a little drabble that i got to first before your other request bc this thought wouldnt leave me alone!
apology gift - geto x reader (x gojo) (1.1k)
warnings: afab reader, no pronouns, not sfw (minors dni!). poly relationship, recording of partner, cunnilingus. food mentioned.
my jjk masterlist 
You had gotten a text from Gojo earlier that day with a picture of a brown paper bag emblazoned with the name of a bakery. ‘Got us some treats to bring back!’, Gojo had written, his message filled with hearts and sparkling emoticons, as all messages from him always are. “Hopefully they’ll last until tomorrow!”
An hour later, he had sent a picture of the same bag, now conspicuously on its side and emptied of all contents. The only comment you had gotten with this one was “Oops.”
You’d sighed and crawled over the bed to show Geto, who had looked at the screen with interest. Upon seeing Gojo’s messages, he’d sighed and clicked his tongue.
“He knows that one’s my favourite,” Geto had said. “Typical.”
You’d curled up on his chest, soothed as he wrapped his arm about you – the bed can sometimes feel empty without Gojo’s lanky body taking up more space than he has any right to. The air can sometimes feel too quiet without Gojo filling it with mindless nonsense. It’s not that you mind being alone with Geto – it’s nice, sometimes, to have his calming presence instead of Gojo’s chaotic one – but . . . you’re feeling a little bit out of sorts without Gojo here – and to be honest, you’re mad about the treats.
“Well,” Geto murmurs, capturing your chin in his hand and pulling you to look at him. His eyes are dark and pretty, his hair pulled back from his face to reveal a sharp chin and sculpted jaw-line and a smile that always makes you squirm. “He hasn’t got the treat that I have.”
Geto is always effortlessly charming, and now is no exception – as he slides his face closer and nips at your lips, as you sigh and open your mouth for his tongue to gently drag over your teeth and make you instinctively press closer to him.
Gojo can be over-enthusiastic in the bedroom; all passion and heat and getting you out of your clothes as quickly as possible. Geto prefers to take his time – and without Gojo here to stop him, Geto is absolutely taking advantage of having you at his mercy.
His mouth is very slow as he kisses along your neck, nipping at the sensitive skin – his big hands running down your body, heat radiating off of him in waves. You’re sighing, bucking into his touch – and Geto is smirking, clearly pleased by your reactions to him.
He takes his time. Teeth nipping at bare skin, tongue following the ridges of your throat, your mouth occasionally brushed by Geto’s own as he makes soft noises of enjoyment at having you like this; utterly his. Your stomach is a crashing, rollicking wave of emotions - of heat and noise and want. 
“Ah,” he says, as you whine when his fingers push up the big shirt (his; he’s broader than Gojo) you’re wearing to bed. “Have a little patience, darling--” He chuckles when he runs a finger down the centre of your underwear, the seam where your plump lips press together, and he finds that the gusset is already damp. “I know it’s hard when you’re used to Satoru’s pace--”
You sigh again, blinking dark eyes at him, bucking your hips up in search of friction from his fingers. He’s leaning over you, too handsome to be allowed, all elegance with dark affection leaking into his tone. You don’t see this Geto often; with Gojo, he’s more likely to be egging him on, battling with the other man to see which one of them will win their little power games – he’s still polite, but there’s a smile on his face and not a smirk.
“Suguru—” you breathe out, all petulant – and that makes him pull his hand back entirely, giving you a little reprimanding tap on your thigh. He reaches for your phone and swipes across, and you feel your skin heat up as you hear the little ‘ding’ noise that signifies he’s recording you.
“Don’t you want Satoru to see what he’s missing out on?” Geto practically purrs, returning to gently massaging the slit of your underwear and not giving you enough. “Mm, I bet if he were here you’d be on your hands and knees with his cock inside you already--”
You make a little whine, feeling tears bead at the corner of your eyes. He’s being so mean! So slow, so careful, so teasing--
“Let’s take these off and show him what sweet treat I’ll be feasting on tonight, hmm?” His finger hooks into the flimsy underwear, dragging the cotton down. Gossamer strands of your arousal cling to the part where it’s been pressed tight and pushed hard against your cunt, breaking as the underwear is disposed of – and then, Geto is bringing the phone closer, opening the puffy lips with his fingers in a v-shape to lewdly display everything to the video. You know that you’re wet, that your clit is swollen with need, that your hole is pulsing around nothing-- “Pretty, yes?”
He shifts his fingers so that his index and pointer finger are spreading you open, so that he can use his middle finger to gently roll over your clit with the barest whisper of pressure. Even that sends a shock wave of electricity straight through you; heat curling in your stomach, Geto’s gentle pace making the beast inside of you rear its head and roar.
“Such cute noises,” he murmurs, not stopping rolling the bud with his fingertip for an instant. “I was just going to send pictures, but I’m glad you’ll get to hear them--”
You whine out his name again, useless under him – and he lifts his head to give you a dazzling smile.
“Alright,” he says to you, and he passes you the phone. “Focus it on me.”
Your hands are shaking, but you do as he asks; framing him on the screen.
“If you will insist on eating everything sweet that’s put in front of you,” he says to Gojo, through the medium of the video. “Than I think I’ll have a taste of the sweetest thing I have in front of me.”
He’s even more handsome through the camera, you think, which is patently unfair – and then, he dips his head and his tongue pokes out slightly from between his lips and you lose the ability to do anything but think as his tongue strokes flat across you, perineum to clit, firm and sure and certain.
At some point, your fingers become unable to do anything but tangle in bedsheets and the silky curtain of Geto’s hair, and you drop the phone, the recording becoming all blackness with Geto’s pleased, wet noises as he eats you out and your own breathy moans of pleasure.
And the next morning, you receive a text from Gojo again. A picture of a bigger paper bag this time, an array of cupcakes artfully arranged within.
“Tell Suguru I bought spares to share,” it says. “He’ll share too, right?! <3”
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ares-would-be-proud · 2 months ago
Anon said Is it alright to request some head cannons-nsfw preferably for Reiner being in love with his precious step-sister? Like he has to take care of her so no one hurts her, and who better to take care of her then himself?
Reiner thinking he's the only man good enough for you, his precious step-sister.
{ Reiner x fem!reader | tw:stepcest, tw:possessiveness, tw:overprotective, tw:overstimulation | smut, forbidden love | modern }
Tumblr media
{ "Mars and Venus, Allegory of Peace" 1770 by Louis-Jean-François Lagrenée 1724 - 1805 } (ha! Get it? Bc they're also siblings)
Sees it as his own job to protect and dot on you, not letting you go somewhere alone without him by your side, keeping an arm around you at all times.
Dotting in the way he never forgets your favourite snacks each time he goes to the store, takes over cooking duty when your dad and his mom go out, makes sure you're sleeping and eating well.
Being skeptical of your friends, and making his own friends get on edge if their eyes happen to stare at you for a bit too long for his liking.
Bertolt never meets your eyes because of that, even Annie just glues her eyes to her phone whenever you walk in the room.
Will literally intimidate people from even thinking of approaching you by his presence alone, you could safely walk anywhere anytime with him by your side.
And yet, with you he melts at every flutter of your eyelashes and twirl. Becoming putty in your hands with every soft touch and small peak you give his cheek.
His brain almost stops each time you smile.
And while to everyone else it seems like he's just an overprotective big brother, behind closed doors it's another story.
His hand trailing up your thighs under the dinner table while his mom tells you about her day.
His lips kissing down your neck whenever you wear that low-cut top, hands going under the fabric and tugging down your bra till your breasts spill over them.
Turning a deaf ear to your protest's about being late to your friend's house, his attention solely on sucking marks down your chest before taking a nipple between his lips and sucking while flickering the other.
By the end of it, you had to change into a long neck shirt from the amount of hickies and marks he took his sweet time leaving behind.
Is the type to take you with him places, his own personal cheerleader.
Loves making you call him big brother, even if you weren't younger he'd still demand it.
I say "demand" but in reality he's just pouting with puppy eyes.
Since your dad married his mom, he was smitten the day he saw you at the wedding.
Oh and he will literally buy you anything if you play your cards right, even if he goes broke.
Really easy to manipulate if you're willing to play the role of the cheering sweet little sister, his heart easily swaying with the sway of your short skirt, throat going dry at your honey filled voice calling him the best big brother.
Really really wants to take care of you.
Like really, will find excuses to let him take care of you and do stuff for you.
Although nothing comes without a price…
Let's just say what's normal sex for him is overstimulation for the normal person, he has insane stamina
And his cooing for you that you can give him another orgasm, just one more.
You both could be sitting on the couch, watching a movie you've been wanting to watch for a while, and he will pop a boner because the way you giggled at a scene was really adorable-
Even while knowing that his mom was just a room away—fixing both of you some dinner in the kitchen—it didn't stop your step brother from trailing his big hands up your legs, squeezing the plump of your thighs before pulling at the hem of your shorts, an intense stare in his eyes.
"Come here" he says while patting his thighs, "really missed you baby, wanna feel you against me." 
Coaxing you into giving in, not wait for a reply before letting his hands do all the work to sit you on his lap. Burying his face in your neck as his hot breath tickles your skin, almost whining about how tiring today was while his hands rub circles on your back.
You don't miss the curving of his lips when he asks if you could kiss it better for him, make your big brother feel better.
His hands start trailing up and down your back instead, feeling the softness of your shirt, the curve of your ass, circling around your waist before going up again, adding just enough pressure to loosen any tense muscle you might have.
You try not to give in despite his coaxing, mouth in a frown as you stare at the remote still clutched in your hand, the sound of the movie you were watching still playing in the background almost mocking you.
"Reiner can't this wa-" you try to brush him off but the rocking of his knee between your legs shuts you up, making your grind back against them to get more friction as you press your thighs together.
Eyes glossy as your brain gets clouded by the pleasure, your older brother bouncing you on his leg till your toes curl and mewls escape your lips. 
You hear him shushing you, murmuring how your step mom might hear you, only to grind against your dampening shorts faster.
The knot in your stomach gets tighter and tighter as you get closer to the edge, biting down on his shoulder to muffle your moans, your own hips pushing back against him.
His arms get a firm hold of your hips, stilling them as he stops his own leg too, mere seconds before you get that final push.
"Want your brother to make you feel really good? Want me to take care of you huh?"
You quickly nod without thinking, aching for any sort of relief. He rewards you with a kiss, slow and gentle as if you're some delicate soft thing he needs to pamper.
And to him, you are. That's why he took you to his room despite the growing urge to push you against the nearest surface and ram inside you,
No, your big brother would never. He sees it as his duty to protect you from everything and so it follows that he wouldn't settle for less than a soft bed and a pillow under your back.
That's why he tucks you against him the second you get on the bed, his back to the headboard with you sitting between his legs, back against his chest.
His hand slipping past the elastic band of your panties, fingers painfully slowly moving up and down your slit before parting your lips. 
Your back arching when they start toying with your puffy clit, rubbing circles around it and flickering it till your soaked panties start clinging to your wet pussy.
Brain turning into mush when his fingers shove into your sopping hole, the faster he goes the louder your whimpers get as his thick fingers thrust in and out.
His other hand put enough pressure against your stomach to keep you in place when your thighs began to quiver, the more you squirm in place when his thumb presses down your now swollen clit the more your back rubs against his hardening cock.
"Fuck- just like that." Groans slip past his lips with each roll of his hips against your ass, precum starting to seep through the fabric of his pants.
He's as desperate as you are.
It's not long before he has you creaming on his fingers, watching you unfold and shake before gushing against his hand. He slowly pulls his fingers out as sticky lines cling to them, looking at you panting with your legs still shaking, before shoving them back in and fucking your own mess back inside you.
You let out a strangled scream at the punishing pace, head lolling to the side from the overstimulation and mind going completely blank.
All sorts of compliments and soft words leave his lips, praising you as he forces a second orgasm out of you, having you turn into putty in his hand.
Too much- it's too much, you're too sensitive and barely able to form coherent sentences, a shaking quivering babbling mess, too high in pleasure to notice the tear stains down your cheeks. Attempting to finally catch your breath now that your brother is satisfied.
If only.
"You're ready for me sweetheart?" He says, voice laced with anticipation as he pats your messy cunt, making your knees buck. "Ready for your big brother's cock filling up this pretty pussy?"
One second he's tugging your soaked paintes to the side, cold sending shivers up your spine, the next he's tapping the head of his cock against your hole, pushing up your slippery folds till the tip rubs against your sensitive clit, making more tears collect clouding your vision.
Cock throbbing at just the idea of your gummy walls squeezing him inside, making his thrusts stutter and grip almost bruising against your skin. Filling his room with the sound of skin on skin slapping as his hips slam against your wet thighs
The image of your knees folded against your chest till the base of his cock disappears inside, reaching impossibly deep till he's kissing the entrance of your womb before slamming against the rough patch of skin that makes you drool.
It's driving him crazy with lust.
And despitet how much he wants nothing more than to fuck his cum inside you, fill you up and plug you with his cock, really make sure that you're tied to him for life and no other man will even think of looking your way with, he will still pull out.
Sprouts of cum rushing out his swollen cock as he pulls out with a wet pop, whie ropes painting your stomach and chest instead, going down your thighs and the curve of your ass before staining the sheets. 
Just have your brain swimming in milk and honey as you take in the afterglow, he'll run soothing circles up your thighs while you doze off to the rise and fall of his chest.
The scenes play out in perfect order in his mind. Yeah, just the thought alone is enough to make him want to go for three rounds at least till he's cumming dry. 
"Alright, spread your legs more for me, yeah just like that."
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mister friend of death
pairing— mobster!chris evans x zenita(afro-latina)!oc
word count— 5,216
summary— chris teaches a famous actor a lesson
warnings— stalking, mentions of dubcon, oral m and f recieving, cuckhold, voyeurism, cheating, tit fucking, finger sucking, ass fingering, first time anal, cock size shaming (not chris bc we all know...)
authors note— i wrote this for jasmeens 4k writing challenge but also made the oc afro-latina bc as a fellow afro-latina we deserve more love too, this is really just pure filth but i absolutely find it hot MINORS DNI AND DO NOT STEAL MY CONTENT @cloudystevie please reblog guys 🥺
𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭; @brattycherubwrites @danneelsmain @erinpetty23 @sebastianissastan @positionsfyou @pipsqueakkitten @vallerydevora @wakandabiitch2 @madbaddic7ed @lanadelswiftie @amelia-song-pond @evans-stan2452 @chamorritaluv @panaitbeatrice @jnkyrds @disaster-rose @fallinforevans @siriuslyslytherin @asthesunwentdown @iwanttobekilledtwice
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Tumblr media
El Amigo de la Muerte, The Friend of Death, Chris Evans.. A single man with an enormous... reputation. Employed by the Drug Cartel as an enforcer. When someone doesn't pay, they meet Chris. He has killed more men and fucked more women than he can count. Within the Cartel even those who give him orders, fear him. It is his reputation that strikes fear, his appearance is not very frightening, but rather, attractive. He is a man of average height, his build is lean and fit, not bulky or menacing. His hair is short and his face sports a constant five o' clock shadow. Almost always adorned with a pair of sun glasses, a plain t-shirt, jeans and black leather boots. Tucked in his belt on his back side is a high caliber six shooter. The right side of his belt holds a buck knife and the left holds his cell phone clip. He drives a large black Escalade, tinted windows and no plates. Most of the cops where he operates are under the same payroll as himself, so, he has little to fear.
This evening played out the same as any other. Chris, sitting in his car, joint in his left hand and phone pressed to his right ear, receiving his next job.
"Yes of course I know who he is."
"I know, I know he cannot die."
"Yes his movies are good but is that really relevant right now??"
"Yes I saw it."
"Yes I thought it was a masterpiece, what the fuck, do you want me to bring him to you? So you can suck his cock in person?"
"I'll call you when it's done." -click
Chris finishes his joint, flicks it out the window and drives off. He was on the phone with his boss. A famous actor by the name Estaban Ruiz is his target. The Cartel loaned Estaban a large amount of cocaine, knowing he was good for the money. But it appears as if he's not. Estaban has gone a month past his grace period without so much as a phone call. The Cartel doesn't want to risk killing someone as high profile or rich as Estaban, so Chris will only be teaching a lesson for this job, he is a creative man, he'll get the point across.
Chris stops at his home to pick up a pair of binoculars and by his favorite bar, so he won't be bored as he watches. He drives to a beautiful neighborhood. The houses are all three stories, they all have huge, perfect lawns. Large gates surround most of them. May be tougher than he thought, he doesn't worry much right now, in fact Chris rarely ever worries about much at all. Today is simply reconnaissance. Chris parks a block away so he can see between two houses right to the Ruiz home.
Over the next couple days, Chris has learned the Ruiz's routines. Yes plural, his favorite part about this job; Mrs. Ruiz. Famous model, and for good reason too. She has blood from all over the world in her, Italian, Native American, Black and Hispanic. Big curly brown hair with highlights that if straightened would possibly hang to her mid back, perfectly medium brown smooth skin, deep dark brown eyes and luscious, full plump lips. But Chris rarely stares at her face, he's more interested in her gorgeous body, an absolute work of art. Her legs, belly and arms all beautifully toned, which made her wide hips, large bubble butt and breast stand out even more. It was no wonder a superstar like Estaban could land such a beautiful woman.
During the day her schedule was unpredictable, coming and going at random hours, sometimes wearing loose shirts and pants, other times wearing beautiful dresses that accentuated her lovely curves. But one part of her day was routine, and it had become Chris' favorite part of the day. At 6:30 every evening Mrs. Ruiz would come out of the house with her hair pulled back out of her face, wearing nothing but a sports bra and very tight, very short work out shorts. And then she would jog. Although the sports bra made her tits appear slightly smaller, it did very little to stop them from jiggling. As she jogged she would go by where Chris was parked. First he would watch her come out of the house through his binoculars, then a few minutes later he would watch her tits bounce up and down in his review mirror as she approached his car, then after she passed, he would watch her ass jiggle as she ran down the road in front of him. And everyday she would arrive back at home at 7:30. During that hour Estaban was at home alone. And during that hour is when Chris would make his move.
Today is the day. Chris has his plan ready as he rounds up the necessary materials around his house; rag, chloroform and rope, good to go. He parks in his usual spot away from the Ruiz's house, lights a joint and watches through his binoculars. True to form the lovely Mrs. Ruiz leaves the house dressed in her jogging outfit at 6:30, five minutes later she runs past the black Escalade parked on the road. As soon as she is out of sight Chris pulls around and parks in the Ruiz's driveway. Pours the chloroform into the rag, places it in his left hand and hangs the rope around his right shoulder. He exits the car and walks right up to the front door and knocks. A moment passes and so he knocks again.
From inside, a man's voice, "I'm coming, I'm coming!"
The door opens and there stands Estaban Ruiz. A swift fist to the gut has the famous actor bent over, Chris’ left hand places the rag on his mouth while the right hand holds Estaban's head and pushes him into the house. His left foot kicks the door closed. As the door slams Estaban falls to the floor, unconscious. Chris walks around the house and finds a nice wooden chair set at the dining table. He carries it to a small living room set just to the right of the front door. The room contains two large couches set on either side, facing each other, a large entryway from the front hall and a large window facing the street. He closes the blinds. Even though the Cartel operates above the law, Chris prefers to conduct his business privately. He drags the unconscious actor into the living room, places him sitting upright in the chair and ties him to it. Chris walks to the kitchen where he gets a glass of water, he walks back to the living room, admires his handy work and splashes the water on the actors face.
"Huh, what?" The actor comes to and looks at Chris, "Who are you? What do you want?"
"The Friend of Death , and I want the money you owe us."
"Oh my god! Please don't kill me, look I'll have the money in a week! I'll do anything just please don't kill me!"
Chris takes a seat on the couch facing the window. "I am not here to kill you, I'm simply here to teach you a lesson, you cannot fuck the Cartel."
"I didn't mean to fuck you guys! Money has been tight okay, they payed me late from my last movie I didn't think this would happen!"
"I don't care about excuses Estaban. You have two options; One, I beat that pretty face of yours into a bloody pulp so that no one will even recognize you."
"You can't do that! I'd lose my career, I'd never work again!"
"Option two; I fuck that beautiful wife of yours right here in front of you."
"What?! No! You can't fuck my wife! She would never want to fuck you anyway! She loves me!"
"So you like to lose your face then?" As Chris speaks these words he stands from the couch and pops his knuckles menacingly.
"No! I cannot lose my face..." Estaban's head hangs in shame, he knows what he must do.
"Then I will have your wife," Chris steps up to Estaban and lifts his head, their faces mere inches apart, "and in one week, if we haven't gotten our money, I will be back for your face." He let's go of the actor and his face falls once again.
"Ok..." Is all he can utter.
Chris looks at the clock in the living room, 7:20, perfect. He sits back on the couch. After a moment of silence, "I really liked your latest movie, you were incredible!"
Without lifting his head to look at Chris, Estaban speaks softly and sadly, "Gracias."
"De nada amigo! And that twist ending! I never saw it coming."
"..." Estaban says nothing, continues to look down.
They both hear the front door open, Mrs. Ruiz walks in, closes the door and walks right past the entry to the living room. A second later she walks backwards and stares into the room. Chris sees her body up close for the first time, her smooth, brown skin glistens with sweat. A single drop of it slides down her gorgeous cleavage, Chris cannot help but lick his lips, knowing he will have her in just a few short moments.
As she looks into the room she sees a stranger sitting on her couch, eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses but definitely looking at her, his arms resting along the back, legs spread wide, he appears to be very comfortable. And her husband, tied to a chair in the middle of the room, staring at her with a look of sadness and defeat. "What in the fuck is going on here?!" Irritation being the most dominant emotion in her voice.
"Baby, calm down, remember all that coke?"
"Yes." Irritation still running loud and clear.
"Well you remember when I said that I had paid for it?"
"Get to the fucking point Estaban!" With this sentence she shifted her weight to her right leg and placed her hands on her hip, she looked like a mother about to scold a child. The movement of her body caused her breasts to bounce ever so slightly. Chris felt the excitement building within him.
"Well I haven't paid for it yet, this is El Amigo de la Muerte, from the Cartel."
With this she looked at the stranger sitting on her couch, a deadly killer was sitting in her front room. Her eyes widened, her jaw dropped and her hands fell from her hips. Looking back at her husband, "Is he going to kill us? Dios Mio we can come up with the money can't we?" It is now panic that became evident in her voice, panic and fear. She began to walk towards her husband.
"Do not go any closer." Chris spoke for the first time since Mrs. Ruiz had come home. She stopped dead in her tracks and looked at him with fear, wrapping her arms around herself as if it were a hug, unintentionally pressing against her breasts and pushing them upwards.
"He's not going to kill us baby," After this Estaban's head fell again in shame. "He's going to punish me fucking you.... in front of me."
"What?!" Her face turned towards her husband's once again as the irritation reentered her voice.
"It's true, I gave your husband two options; I fuck up that pretty face of his, or I fuck you."
Mrs. Ruiz's face contorted with anger and frustration, "You would let him fuck your own wife before taking a couple punches?!"
Estaban raised his head to look at his wife who stood with the same stance as she had earlier, as if Estaban was in trouble by his mother. "Baby without my face I have no career! No career and I have no money!"
"God! You're such a pussy Estaban!" Turning towards Marco, "Fine, let's get this over with."
Without moving off the couch Chris says, "Zenita, right? Zenita Ruiz?" She nods her head. "Okay Zenita, first, give me a show, take off those skimpy little clothes and show me what I've been missing."
Zenita moves so she is standing just a couple feet in front of Chris. Staring into his sunglasses with an expression of pure hatred. She places each hand under her sports bra in the front, under each breast, she steals a glance at her husband. His head hangs as he stares at the ground. She turns towards Chris and slowly lifts the bra up and over each breast, one at at time as if in slow motion. As they fall out of her bra they bounce around. She pulls the bra up over her head and drops it on the floor. Chris remains still but marvels the tits on display in front of him. They each hang just slightly to her sides and despite their size remain very perky without support. On the end of each breast sits a medium sized areola, just slightly lighter than the rest of her skin, adorned with a small nipple of similar color. Chris feels his cock begin to grow in his jeans.
"Turn around and take off your shorts."
Zenita does as she is bid, but grunts with displeasure at the situation. She places each hand within the waistband and slowly slides her shorts off of her butt and down to the floor. As her hands and shorts reach her ankles she is completely bent over, showing her ass and pussy to this stranger. The skin around her asshole is the same color as the rest of her skin. Her outer pussy lips are a light brown and become pink the closer they are to her entrance. Chris muses to himself, not a hair in sight, her pussy appears to be very tight, no flesh hanging below the rest. Her ass retains it's bubble shape even in her bent over position. He suddenly moves forward on the couch placing his hands upon her hips and pulls her to his mouth. His tongue immediately finds her clitoris and begins working. She lets out a moan of both surprise and pleasure but does not move from her position. Chris can feel her juices flowing onto his tongue and shoves it inside of her, another moan, louder this time. Estaban looks up from the floor to see this man pleasuring his wife, his tongue stuck deep inside of her dripping pussy. Chris ceases his tongue assault for a moment and leans back to look at the pussy he has made wet. He smiles at Estaban and dives back in, however this time his tongue licks her asshole, slowly moving around the rim.
Chris’ tongue then invades her, reaching past her rim and into her depths.
"Aahh!" Pleasure, not pain.
After removing his tongue he sets back to work on her clitoris. He moves his right hand and teases her asshole with one finger before inserting.
"Oh! Oh yes! Stick another one in! You're gonna make me cum!"
Chris does as requested. Fucking her ass with two fingers while licking her clit.
"Ooh! Ahhh! Yes!!!"
Her juices flow on to Chris’ tongue as she reaches her climax, her body goes limp and she collapses onto his lap. Her dripping wet pussy resting against his hard cock, separated only by the fabric of his jeans. Her head hangs on his right shoulder, he begins to lick her ear and move his hands slowly up from her hips. He slides over her perfectly toned stomach and up to her breasts. First he lightly runs his fingers around the curves of her tits and then takes each of them into his hands. Kneading them and moving them around, tweaking her small nipples which have become very erect.
"And what do I call you?" She says through her panting, "El Amigo de la Muerte?" After this she chuckles.
"Why is it necessary you know my name?"
Zenita sits up and twists her back to face Chris, keeping her pussy right above his cock. "Well I need to know who just gave me the best orgasm of my life."
"Baby why are you saying that?"
"Shut the fuck up Estaban, this man has just changed my life, gave me pleasure you can't even comprehend!" Turning back towards Chris, "So? What is it?"
He removes his sunglasses, places them on the arm of the couch and with a grin says, "Chris. Now get on your knees, on the floor." Zenita does as she is told as Chris stands up in front of her, his crotch just inches from her face. "Now you have to watch Estaban, your lovely wife is about to suck my cock!"
Chris undoes his buckle, button and zipper. His jeans fall to the ground. Estaban gasps and Zenita's jaw drops. Before her is a huge thick cock, so wide she doubts she'll be able to fit down around it. Before she can move or say a word Chris grabs his massive member and shoves it into her open mouth. Instinctively her head begins to bob, which causes both of her tits to jiggle, and both her hands begin to stroke him. She pulls him out of her mouth just long enough to spit at the base of his shaft. She continues to suck and stroke her spit along the entire length.
She places both hands at the base and squeezes. Opening her throat she moves the cock as deep as it will go, which isn’t much due to the girth. She stays there and begins to bob her head back and forth just an inch. Letting this enormous cock enter her throat over and over. In her hands she feels Chris grow harder, he is about to cum. After just a couple more bobs of her head his hand grabs her afro and pushes his cock even deeper into her throat and releases his load. She begins to stoke him hard and fast as she feels his load gush down her throat. To her, it felt like a whole minute of one powerful gush of cum after another, shooting straight into her belly.
Chris releases his grip upon her hair and falls backward onto the couch, his cock popping out of her mouth. Zenita remained kneeling in front of him. Licking her lips to taste any cum that she had missed and staring at this man with glazed eyes. This man had not only given her the best orgasm of her life but also the biggest load. She moved forward slightly and begin to touch, kiss and lick the balls that had provided her with such a load. As she did this she saw his cock begin to harden again.
"What are you doing?! He came! Now we're done here! I'll have your money in a week, now get out!"
"No, no, no amigo. You see our deal was that I got to fuck your wife. That was only a blowjob, I haven't had my fun yet."
Zenita sat up so that her breast were each resting around Chris’ now rigid cock. "Do you see this baby? Chris is a real man, none of that one and done shit I have to put up with from you!" As she says this she slaps Chris cock against her tits to prove her point. Chris grinned at this, his size and tongue had changed many a married mind. But this woman was practically begging for it. Apparently Estaban has not been giving her the pleasure she deserves.
"Wrap those beautiful tits around my cock Zenita." Chris removes his shirt and pushes on the base of his cock so it slaps right in between her tits.
Zenita admires his tone muscular body then spits on his cock and pushes her tits together, forming them around his massive cock. She moves her chest up and down, sliding over Chris’ entire length. His head falls back and a low groan escapes his lips. The two soft, smooth, wet breasts hold his cock in place perfectly, if he didn't know better he would think he was fucking a pussy. Zenita smiles, for some reason bringing pleasure to this man is pleasing her as well, she can feel her pussy dripping. She can feel the need to cum again, this time, on his cock. She pulls the jeans away from around his ankles and stands. As she does so Chris rolls his head back up and gives her a puzzled look, until he sees what she's doing. She places each knee on the outside of his thighs and straddles him on the couch. His cock pressed against her stomach, her pussy dripping on his balls, her tits pressed against his chest and their lips meet. His hands slide to grip her ass as she grinds her clit against the base of his cock. Their tongues dance within one another's mouths.
Chris pulls away from the kiss to turn towards Estaban, "Do not look away." He returns to kissing Zenita as he lifts her ass into the air. She moves his cock so the head touches her pussy lips. Chris slowly lowers her body onto his throbbing member, deeper and deeper until every inch is inside of her. As he pushes into her she pulls away from the kiss and rears her head back in ecstasy. As it hits depths within her no man has ever touched before, she feels her orgasm building. She grinds back and forth pivoting the cock to reach even further unknown regions within her. She only does this a few times when she feels the climax, she grinds harder and faster until it has passed. Though not as powerful as her first with Chris, still better than any other in her life. She returns to kissing him as he lifts her ass a few inches then drops it. Sliding her pussy up his cock then dropping her back so he is fully engulfed. As Zenita comes down from her orgasm she takes control. Sliding up until only his cock head is within her, then all way back down. As she picks up speed her ass jiggles and slaps against Marco's thighs and her tits bounce in his face. He grips them with both hands and takes her nipples into his mouth one at a time.
"Are you watching Estaban? Are you watching your wife fuck me?! Let me show you a better view!"
Chris lifts Zenita off of him and lays her down on her back on the couch. He gets up and moves Estaban's chair so that he is a foot away from his wife. Chris moves her hips so that her ass is almost hanging off the edge. Her legs bent upwards so her pussy is on display. Chris crouches slightly right next to Estaban and slaps his cock against Zenita's pussy.
"Watch Estaban. Watch as I fuck your wife."
Chris thrusts his entire length into Zenita and she lets out a scream of pleasure. He fucks her as hard and fast as he can. Her tits bounce around wildly and her screams fill the room.
"Look at your wife Estaban, look at the pleasure on her face."
Zenita's and Estaban's eyes meet for a short moment.
"Oh my god! Is that a boner? Are you getting hard watching another man fuck your wife?! Ahhhh! Yes! Would it make you harder if I came again? Ahhhh!! I think I'm going to Estaban! If he keeps this up I'm going to, ah! going to ahh! to cum!!!!!"
The walls of Zenita's pussy pulsate around Chris’ cock bringing him nearly to the brink himself, but he is not finished yet. He pulls his cock out of Zenita and grabs Estaban's chair again. This time he puts the chair up against the wall.
"Bend over, put your hands on his shoulders."
Zenita slowly rises from the couch and walks towards Estaban wiggling her ass around for Chris's pleasure. She places her hands on each of his shoulders and bends over, sticking her ass and pussy up in the air for the taking. Chris places his cock against her pussy lips and slides it up and down. Soaking the head in the juices coming from her. He pops the head in, placing his hands upon her hips. Slowly he slides in his entire length, until his balls touch her clit and her ass cheeks are pressed against his hips. He removes his cock until just the head remains inside and slowly reinserts it. He repeats this. Savoring every velvety inch of Zenita's wet, tight pussy walls. Savoring the small moan of pleasure she releases every time his entire length is within her. Savoring the look of defeat on Estaban's face.
Chris buries himself inside of her, reaches around with his right hand and places his pointer and middle finger into her mouth. She sucks on them as if they were a cock, all the while staring into her husband's eyes. Chris pulls his fingers from her mouth and presses them against her asshole.
"He's gonna put his fingers in my ass Estaban. Does that get your little dick hard too?"
After his fingers are inside her, he begins to fuck her harder and faster, mimicking the rhythm of his cock in her pussy with his fingers in her ass. Her moans grow louder and more frequent as Chris thrusts faster.
"Chris, ah! I need to, ah! Feel that cock, ahh! Cock in my, ah! In my ass!!"
"What? Baby no! You've never even let me have your ass! Now your going to let some....some stranger have it? He's twice my size! He'll tear you apart!"
"He's got me all ready for it though sweetie, and I'm just trying to help you out anyway." She sounded as if she were baby talking, as if she were innocent, as if she was not about to take a stranger's cock in her ass.
Chris removed his cock and his fingers. Spat on her asshole and placed his cock head up against it. With one hand on her hip and the other holding his cock he began to push. At first her tight little ring did not want to accept his girth, but with a little more pressure the head popped in. Zenita let out a yelp of pleasure and pain right into Estaban's face.
"Dios mio baby he is so big. You were right, he is going to tear me apart! And I'm going to love it! Give me more Chris!"
With the head inside Chris, placed both hand on her hips, slowly driving forward. Watching inch after inch disappear into this woman's virgin asshole. It may have been one of the tightest holes he had ever penetrated. Zenita's groans of pain and moans of pleasure grew louder with every inch she took into her bowels. Until finally his entire length had entered her.
"Give it to me hard Chris, baby! I can take it!"
"Zenita stop! You're only making this worse!"
Zenita was about to respond when she felt three quarters of the massive cock leave her ass and slam back inside hard and fast. The scream that left her mouth filled the entire room, an extreme mixture of pleasure and pain. Her jaw dropped and her body slammed up against Estaban's, banging the chair into the wall. Her face now pushed against his chest, her breasts pressed against his crotch and her hands holding his shoulders for support. Chris grabs her hair, pulling her head so her face is just an inch away from Estaban. Chris thrusts deep into her again. The chair banged against the wall but this time the scream was more pleasure than pain, right into Estaban's face. He thrusts again. The chair bangs the wall but no scream, this time Zenita let's out a low moan of pure pleasure. With this thrust the pain has vanished, with this thrust she feels the orgasm within her start to grow.
"Fuck me." she growls right at Estaban, but meant for Chris
The thrusts come just as hard but Chris increases his speed. The room is filled with sounds. Zenita's screams of pleasure, Chris’ grunts as he plows the virgin asshole, the slap of his thighs against her large ass cheeks, the chair banging into the wall and the nearly silent whimpering of Estaban.
With each thrust Zenita can feel her ass shaking and wiggling for Chris. And with each thrust she feels her orgasm grow closer and closer.
As she rests on the brink of climax she feels Chris’ cock grow even harder. She knows he is going to cum.
"Yes Chris! Dump your load into my ass! I want it all!"
As his cock tenses it grows slightly wider, pushing Zenita over the edge. Just as her orgasm hits her she feels the first enormous jet of hot cum blast deep inside of her. For the next minute Chris pumps jet after jet of cum into her. They both let out loud moans of pleasure. The strongest orgasm Zenita has ever had, mixed with a huge load of cum inside her, causes her to feel complete euphoria. She hardly notices as Chris removes himself and she slumps to the floor.
Chris cock is covered with his own cum, so he crouches over Zenita's face. "Clean me off, taste my cum"
Zenita grabs his cock and slides her hands from the base to the tip where her mouth is waiting. Sliding all the cum and bodily fluids right to her tongue. She swallows it all and proceeds to suck on the tip of his cock, sucking any cum left over out into her mouth. She licks his cock from base to tip many times, making sure to not miss a single drop.
As she finishes Chris stands and dresses himself. He looks at the scene he was a part of. Estaban, still tied to the chair, head hung in shame. And his wife, laying on the floor with his cum leaking down one huge ass cheek.
Chris walks to Zenita and runs his hand along her body. Starting from her thigh, stopping to squeeze her ass, running along her side, dancing around her nipple, squeezing her breast and stopping at her face. He turns her face so she is looking at him and he plants one final kiss on her full lips. He stands and walks so he is in front of Estaban. Chris grabs his hair and lifts his head so they can look at each other eye to eye.
"One week Ruiz. Or else I'll be back. And judging by how much your wife enjoyed this, I'm sure she'd be game for round two, after I turn your face into road kill. Do we understand each other?"
"Si" was all that Estaban could utter after what he had just witnessed.
Chris released his grip and strolled to the entry, taking one last look at the beautiful woman he had just ass fucked into a near comatose state. A gorgeous sight.
He walked outside, stepped into his Escalade, lit a joint and began his drive home
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bi-demi-eddie · 3 months ago
yes, the show off scene is one of my favourites!! and I think just the firefam reaction in general is what I wanted to see more of, especially knowing the buck and bobby scene that was cut
god I really hope hen isn't leaving bc a) they haven't said anything and b) I cannot imagine the show without her so🤞fingers crossed that she stays, but I also don't want something to happen that means she CAN'T go to medical school, which is what I'm think the season finale is gonna be
I'd want them to be female, obviously. or maybe that new probie guy. but I can either imagine them being new and fresh and young, or someone who's been firefighting for a while and knows what they're doing, but struggles with the whole 118 environment (idk if you watch criminal minds but when rossi joined and he wasn't used to the team dynamic of working together and family). since they'd be getting rid of hen (and by extension, karen) I'd appreciate some lgbtq+ rep but I also don't want it to feel like they're replacing her. there'd be tension between them and chim, obviously, a bit like buck and eddie way back at the start, but less homoerotic, but they'd ultimately become friends.
it just feels weird to talk about the show without hen though, I hate it. anyway, what do you think?
~ teefie
y e s
isnt hen already in medical school? like the scenes we saw in 4x03 and 4x07 made me think she already is in med school and on her way to become a doctor 👀 and that means she cant be working with the firehouse for ever 😭 BUT I HOPE IT IS NOT SOON. and i dont think they would write her out completely? i cant if they write her out, she is such big part of them!! 😭 And just thinking about the firehouse without her feels so wrong?!!
i agree with you! they need more badass females there. and yeah, like i would love to have more lgbtq+ characters but it also might feel like they are here to replace hen?? what i loved about eddie coming in, he didnt replace anyone. he brought his own spirit and knowledge to the team, something they didnt have before. and also the homoeroticism he brought with him is immaculate
i would love to see a new female rookie character. chim would be their mentor. when eddie came along he wasnt a rookie because of his medic background but he was a probationary firefighter but he never really was like ”the probie”?? he was very well respected by his skills from the first day when he did the pleurapuncture to the guy who was full of air (wow im the worst at explaining anything). or if they dont bring a new character, then the probie guy from jinx would be fun to see as part of their team!!! and also it would be fun as hell to see someone new coming along and them subtly asking chim ”so...are those two married or something” after watching buck and eddie goof around for a half a shift
what if albert decides to join the department 😵
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ahloveisboo · 4 months ago
point of view (m)
Tumblr media
pairing: kwon soonyoung x fem!reader
genre: 18+, friends with benefits!au, smut (mentions of choking, mirrors, alcohol consumption, swearing, implicit condom use. always be safe, kids!)
wc: 1.6k
summary: you just can’t seem to quit soonyoung.
a/n: this soonyoung is system!soonyoung but you don’t need to read one to understand the other as these are just in the same timeline, happening simultaneously. (also, ALWAYS make sure you have discussed any kind of choking with your partner beforehand bc it needs to be consensual and not something to be taken lightly or done inexperienced)
Tumblr media
"She's going to fucking kill me."
Soonyoung giggles against your neck, his hand under your skirt as you try very hard not to think of the repercussions of ditching your best friend and focus on his teeth scraping over your sensitive skin. "All the more reason to make this one worth it," Soonyoung notes, tilting his head to capture your lips. 
You groan into his touch, as you have done many times before. It's not like you didn't try to fight it—you really did, because you're not the meaningless flirt type of person, but something about Kwon Soonyoung just keeps pulling you in, over and over and over again. The first time you blamed it on the alcohol, the second time on the way his hips swayed in time with yours, his breath fanning over the back of your neck, but there was no excuse for the third time (or fourth or fifth). 
Soonyoung has you in a figurative chokehold and a part of you relished it. To be in someone else's mercy and not have to think for a few blissful moments. The buttons of his jeans are already popped, his shirt loosely hanging over the front where you pulled it free. His tongue tastes like Redbull, the sickeningly sweet tinge of it mixed with vodka evident as he laps into your mouth. 
You suck on his bottom lip, gently letting your teeth graze along the skin until he hisses, licking his lips to ease the sting. 
"We really should get back to the party," you say, unbuttoning your blouse as Soonyoung casts his hooded gaze downwards, where his hand still lingers on your thigh. "I don't want people getting the wrong idea." 
"Oh, darling," Soonyoung's voice is low and sultry, his tongue thick in his mouth. "That ship has sailed a long time ago." He accentuates his words with another kiss. "I think people expect us to fuck at every party we go to by now." 
"You're gross," you say, unable to bite back a smile. You allow your blouse to fall from your shoulders. "Now take off your shirt." 
Soonyoung complies willingly, notably flinching when your cold palm comes up to rest against his chest. "You know I like it dirty, baby," he says in response to your first statement, and this time you laugh out loud. You swat at his chest, covering your mouth to hide your laughter as you dip your head back. There’s a goofy grin on his face as he watches you, your eyes squeezed shut and cheeks rising. 
“We’re literally in a bathroom, please don’t talk about dirty right now,” you plead before he moves to grab your ass and lifts you to sit on the sink, pushing up your skirt with his thumbs. 
“Still beats Mingyu’s bedroom closet,” he reminds you, hands roaming over your exposed skin as he re-attaches his lips to your throat. You move your hand to his neck, fingers playing with the hair at the nape. You hum at the memory, gently tugging at the locks to pull him away from you. “Yeah,” you muse, breath ghosting over Soonyoung’s lips as you move closer. “Why can’t everyone have a private beach house like Minghao?”
Your tongue flicks out to tease his upper lip, leaning back when he chases your mouth for more. He swallows, adam’s apple bobbing in this throat, and his fingers dig into the flesh of your thighs in frustration. His gaze finds yours, temporarily robbing you of your breath. He’s so beautiful, even without the visible flush now painting his cheeks, but in this state - eyes hooded and throat adorned with angry red marks - he looks to die for.
Soonyoung must’ve thought the same thing because he inhales sharply, as if he suddenly realises something. Brushing a lock of hair out of your face, he smirks. “Fuck, I wish you could see yourself right now. You’re so hot.” You can feel the heat rising to your cheeks, something stirring in the pit of your stomach at his words. He brings you in for a kiss, deepening it with a determination that leaves your head spinning. With his hands on your ass, he pulls you against him, letting you feel how needy he is for you. “Do you-” he breathes between kisses, “do you want to watch?”
You still at the question, unsure of what he’s asking. “Hm?”
But Soonyoung is not looking at you, you realise. His eyes are trained on the mirror behind you, his fingers nimbly working to push your skirt up enough to get a full view of your ass in the reflection. Jeonghan’s bathroom isn’t necessarily big, but it’s big enough to have a double sink with a big mirror that’s lined with tiny light spots, perfect for putting on make-up or your daily skincare routine. You bite your lip, mulling over the implications of his question in your head. “You look so pretty when you cum,” Soonyoung continues, his tongue trailing over your exposed collarbones. “I want you to see how pretty you are when I fuck you.”
With a jerk of his hips, the last of your hesitation crumbles, and he almost misses the way you nod before letting yourself slip off the vanity top, pressing your bodies together impossibly close. Soonyoung winds his fingers in the strands of your hair, gently tugging at them as he breathes you in. At last, his hands fall to your hips, turning you around in one swift motion. The action causes you to topple forward, your hands seeking support on the cold marble top. For a second you pause, feeling Soonyoung’s cock brush against your ass from behind, his hands still firm on your hips as he waits for you to make the next move. You slowly raise your eyes, locking with his in the reflection and he smirks. 
It’s exhilarating, the way Soonyoung never breaks eye contact—not when he moves to cup your breasts, playing with your hardening nipple as he sucks at the sweet spot behind your ear. Not when he finally pushes your skirt down and his jeans with it, a hand dipping into your panties to rub between your folds. Not when his fingers wrap around your throat, gently squeezing as he bucks into you, until you’re no longer able to indulge him; your eyes fluttering shut as you feel the muscles in your thighs tighten. A strangled moan forms in the back of his throat as you push your hips back to meet his and his knees almost buckle, making him collapse against your shoulder. The obnoxious sound of skin slapping against skin fills the room, mixing with Soonyoung’s heavy breathing and the rapid succession of his name spilling from your lips, increasing in pitch as you get closer to release.
"You're so fucking hot," he breathes, voice ragged when he speaks. "And so wet." He tilts your chin up with two fingers, using the ones holding onto your hip to give it a little pinch. Your eyes widen at the sudden pain and Soonyoung smiles as he soothingly rubs the skin. "Do you see?" 
Your eyes reconnect in the mirror, the look he's giving you shooting straight to your core. You tip your head forward to catch his fingers in your mouth, licking around the digits slowly. Soonyoung almost climaxes right there and then, but his pride doesn't allow him to cum until you do. 
You're close, though and it only takes a few extra flicks to your clit for you to come undone. Your jaw slacks in a final, drawn-out moan as you throw your head back, your back bumping into Soonyoung’s sweaty chest. He follows soon after, placing idle open-mouthed kisses against your shoulder to muffle his own sounds.
A moment passes, Soonyoung’s arm wrapped around your torso to keep you steady, both of you catching your breath. He lets out an airy laugh, his eyes locking with yours again over your shoulder. You reciprocate the sentiment, a chuckle escaping you before you allow his fingers to guide your head sideways enough for Soonyoung to plant a kiss to your mouth. This one is softer, laced with content and satisfaction. You curse Soonyoung for being so damn intoxicating and you know, no matter how hard you try, this will happen again next time and again the next time over.
Maybe you’re okay with it, though. You watch him with curiosity as he gets dressed, smoothing out the crinkles in your own blouse in the process. Something stirs inside your chest when he leans over to peck you on the lips. The corner of his mouth quirks into a smile before pushing the bathroom door open, glancing at you over his shoulder. The previously muffled music washes over you in loud waves, and you allow Soonyoung to take your hand.
“Let’s see what stage of murderous your bestie has reached by now and if she needs any rescuing.”
You laugh at his comment, internally hoping you didn’t fuck up too much by leaving her to herself in a house full of people she hardly ever spoke to. The thought gets put on hold as you’re met with the sight of her pressed against Joshua—the Joshua Hong, who she’s been crushing on for months in secret—his hand in her hair and lips locked. You hear Mingyu and Seungcheol hooting loudly, but she seems unbothered by the ruckus they’re causing.
Soonyoung pushes through the crowd, grabbing a red cup with a mysterious content from the table as he passes his friends. He bumps into Joshua’s shoulder with a smug grin.  “Do you guys ever breathe?” he yells over the music.
Joshua visibly tenses, your best friend pulling away from him with a look he can’t quite read. Her fist raises threateningly in his direction, and Joshua laughs heartily before stopping her. 
“Soonyoung,” he says, patiently but a tone to his voice that implies he’s not joking around. “I’ll give you a headstart if you start running now.”
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myfshdlife · 9 months ago
I know, haven't posted much of an update on my FSHD but since this covid pandemic, there's really not a whole lot going on other than getting a new wheelchair and now starting to catch up on appointments before the cold weather sets in. I plan on starting up my physical therapy again soon but not until it's chilly out because that's when my FSHD starts bothering me.
I had my first pulmonologist checkup appointment today but as per their requirement, I had to get a covid test done since it's a respiratory illness.
Covid tested negative. Pulmonologist went good, just gotta do a chest CT and a sleep study. She wanted a x-ray but wants a better image due to the FSHD and the x-ray may not show everything. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is that contrast stuff to drink so I'm guessing practice drinking fast lol.
No asthma BUT bc of the curve in my hyperlordosis, it is beginning to constrict my breathing space. Caught it in time and wolf and I agreed wheelchair more often to hopefully slow down the hyperlordosis progression rate.
So... Check out my new wheels! I plan to take off the arm rests but my husband wants me to keep them on. I feel really closed in and inhibited from moving my upper body freely. I'll give it a week's worth of rolling around to see if I can get used to them, but I'm pretty sure they're coming off regardless. I don't even use the arm rest in the car. The problem is, the arm rests unlocks in the front and hinge backwards so to fully remove them, it's gotta get unscrewed off. I plan to have a backpack on the back of the chair but if the arm rests are hinged back, they would block my bag access. Same if the arm rests are down since I can't lift high at all so I wouldn't be able to lift my bag over the arm rests. Oh well, if I'm that determined, I'll just go to the wheelchair place and have them do it for me.
I've been looking into accessories for the chair and holy crap, they are not cheap. No wonder why wheelchair users resort to the bicycles for them. A wheelchair cup holder is like 50-60 bucks and they're not a permanent fixture, they clamp on. A bicycle cup holder is less than 20 bucks and do the same thing. The only accessory I'm probably going to get is a set of push rims cover for my hands if I can't do the gloves.
I am looking forward to the shoes part tho. Already got me a pair of flat sandals for the first time in like, 17 years.
Check out the new wheels!
Also pictured are screenshots of accessories I'm looking into to find cheaper alternatives.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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unwantedpublicopinions · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
I'm trying to be okay right now but I'm just not. & I don't feel right falling apart in my friends chat group bc there's nothing they can do but let me get it all out. I have been having a really fucking difficult time taking care of myself lately and I cant identify what part of me is holding me back and self sabotaging. I get they're trying to protect me from harm, but I'm different thanI was, and others actions dont have to hurt as much anymore. I'm proving that by confronting my mom.
that's the crux, my mom. I'm hurting so badly bc my mom cant be who I need her to be. and in fact, she will keep being here, triggering my needs and fear of abandonment forever, bc those rltriggers are there from her lack of attunement. I'm feeling really upset bc I dont feel like I have a parent at all. I cant expect her to respond nicely. bc if I expect that, when she throws daggers at me, it's a shock and so fucking hurtful. And she never gets it so she keeps internally spirally until its "all oir fault" for pushing her so badly.
I just.... want a fucking do over. None of thusbfucking fair. Why do we have to lose our family and everything fo to shit?? Why cant we still have our dad and playing at the park and christmases and family dinners and country music and our family unit??? I know it couldnt stay that way with what Dad was doing, but why??? WHY COULDNT EE JUST BE COMELPLETELY NORMAL?? FUCK YOU DAD. I FUCKING LOVE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH AND THISBHURTS MORE THAN I COULD EVER PUT INTO WORDS. It's like you stole my life right out from under me, and then told me to be happy with the abuse and neglect I was left with. I've been told over and over again that family matter and we love each other so we can get through anything. and I still believe that. but unfeel like I'm the only one trying to love here. We siblings. we kids. Mom is just running wild, dodging accountability.
and-- maybe shes not. maybe shes changed over the time we've not been talking. but scrolling down her fb page, it doesnt look like it. Trump shit about being in Wilpo. the fuck. saying shes proud of her hometown. That's so fucking sickening, knowing supporting him is blatant racism at this point. I genuinely dont want to be her friend, I think her views are toxic and cruel. And that its hypocritical of her to tote on about being so loving when shes dismissing the real and actual lives of her neighbors and people around her.
I wish I could drunkenly full on rant to someone who'd like to hear me go off. or could talk me through it supportively. I'm afraid to do that bc of narcissist monologing. the flip side is I know verbal ventilation is also super important. so...
Mom, I'm so sick of your shit. I'm trying to be your friend here but you've been a really fucking shitty friend to me, we're not gonna touch on the mom stuff rn. the best we get along is when we dont talk about things that we actually care about of believe in. I cant stay in the present moment with you bc theres years of blame you've shifted onto us and we cant meet in the middle until you take your god damn weight off of me. I get you dont think its personal, that you're just being you and it shouldnt matter to me. But you're being dense and selfish to not look at yourself closely to see how its affecting other. (I know I do this too and I'm becoming more aware of it). I dont feel like I can enjoy anything around you, bc everything is an anxious trigger to you. EVERYTHING signals rejection. I. CANT. CHANGE. THAT. FOR. YOU. If you want to mentally recover and feel better, YOU have to do the work. I would have fucking LOVED for you to already understand this, but I get that its complicated. Not because of Dad or cancer or Randy but bc you never dealt with your fucking issues of abandonment surrounding your own family. You expect us to show up and support you, but you're making NO lasting effort to break through your shit and see us. I know how hard these feels are to combat and know it's not easy to change. but I dont surround myself with people who wont try. bc ive been dragged down into thr pit by you, yo claiming its cause you love me and we're in this together. Except I wasnt in that. I wasnt. Until Charlie the dog, I was unsure I was sad I was left out but I wasn't broken. I know it would have felt like a small and passing moment to you with your stress elsewise so high, but that was the moment everything started falling apart for me. I got so angry that you literally didnt fucking care. That you told me flat out that you didnt have time to care about me too, you were busy with my other siblings.
So I took that as the answer to my need: You couldnt meet it. Or any of them from there. Whenever I had a need, I'd wouldnt take it to you, I'd solve it myself, hoping to take shift off your plate and maybe even please you with how well I'd met my own needs.
BUT LITERALLY NOTHING MATTERED TO YOU. NOTHING WOULD GET YOU TO SEE ME. ID SIT AT DINNER, TRYING TO EAT AS FAST AS I COULD, AND SAD I WAS GETTING PUNISHED FOR ENJOYING TALKING TO MY FAMILY. I didnt notice I was eating too slow. I didnt even know I could eat too slow or that itd incontinence anyone. Sitting at that table after everyoneleft, and the 10 minute timer going beside me, I felt so fucking ashamed. That inwas going to have my food taken away and I wasnt done eating. and on top of that, when everyone else could have a fun snack, you told me I'd have to go and finish my plate before I could have any treats. (!!) so i never wanted the treats anymore. bc i didnt want reheated food or cold food that didnt smell quite the same. Reheated leftovers were never as good, and I didn't want to eat that stuff alone again, so I shut that part of me down. Not consciously, but i just didnt want to feel bad about that stuff anymore, and wanted to move on and fit into the family picture nicely again.
I've kept feeling Less Than in our family. James was Dads favorite bc he was a boy. Danielle and you had this body weight/dieting bond (-- which was hella unhealthy to be real). And Jenna was the oldest, and while a girl of her own/rebellious teen, she still commandsd her own respect bc she wouldnt just accept the things you guys threw at her, both you and Dad.
Talking this all out, it seems incredible. It feels like there was so much less love going on in our family than I realized. It's hard for me to tell my place in the whole thing, bc I felt excluded and therefore always privileged just to be included. It meant I had thr oppertunity to finally show I belonged there, that I would like some of their love and attention and joy too, for the things I bring and add. But it was never enough. Nothing I'd come up with was the best, 1st. I'm thinking of the time we went to Toys r Us, and you told each of us we had $100 to spend on anything we wanted. We went all around the store, through the toys isles, for boys, & I'm sure for the girls too-- though I'm realizing I, in my mind, made the girls aisles out to be for Jenna and Danielle, and not so much for me. I have never thought about that before and I can see now that what I was feeling was male. That my interested completely aligned with what Dad and James wanted, but yet I was still consistently redirected back to girl things which I found less satisfying. I bucked against it bc the girl things truly did not spark joy, and I TRULY DID NOT UNDERSTAND WHY I COULDNT LIKE AND ENJOY THE SAME THINGS AS JAMES, just bc he was a boy and I was a girl. They got him large dinosaur and lizard toys that day, toys my mom absolutely delighted in. And even though Jimmy and I would both play with them together, they were always called Jimmy's toys, or Jimmy's taste in toys. It's like they never picked up that I cared the exact same amount about those things too. and in fact, desperately wanted someone to notice that I liked and cared about those things too.
As I grew up I came to the understanding that it was fine for me to like those things like i do, but i would never get recognition or praise for it. And in fact should expect scorn and hateful ridicule and rejection (remembering the time I cut my hair short and my mom told me to expect dyke and lesbian to be thrown at me at school the next say-- signaling that the move I was making that was expressing more of who I am and what I find joy in, was actually the best reason to reject me. that I was chosing hate by being myself-- and if no one loved me it was gonna going to be "different")
god theres just so much. And I'm so tired. I'm so tired of unraveling it. I'm so tired of finding more and more rejection from them. It's so hard realizing that they couldnt care for me and give me what I needed. That while I could feel the difference, they wouldnt.
I want to tell them I'm trans. I want to tell them, but ... I dont want to be seen, only to be ridiculed and belittle by them bc they dont see it or cant understand. I know they mean well in their hearts. but that doesnt stop how much it hurts to hear coming out of their mouths. They are people in deeply care about and I trust their love and opinions. When they tell me what they think, I take it to heart. bc that's their care, that's them looking out for me. They're afraid for me and expressing it. That's them expressing their love and worry.
but, I cant take that right now. I need support and love and guidance. I'm standing on my own but I'm wobbly. the people around me rn now know that and stand stable on their own. I dont need to meet their needs over this, and it's okay for me to tell them that.
I'm running out of steam. I do feel some better, even if not all the way. I'm being struck more and more by how much I really want to hug and hold my dad again. How much I want to be back in our old houses, doing our old things. Part of me wants a family life so I can get those things back, but I know that not the answer. bc repeating the cycle wont break it. I need to learn to meet my own needs and set appropriate emotional and physical boundaries. I want to learn to be loving and supportive, even in the moments where I am frustrated, tired, and feeling short. Until I can control myself in these moments, and can see people for who they are and not my fears and projections, i am not safe to be around or raise children. I will raise kittens or foster puppies but i will not harm and neglect children. They deserve love, I FUCKING DESERVED LOVE. I'm so angry over that bc now when people show me love and gratitude, I have no fucking clue what to do with it. What do I do when someone LIKES me??? I start feeling like if I cant keep their like and attention, if I cant show them how wonderful and helpful and amazing i am... theyll leave me in the dark again, and go happily off with someone else who gets it. LOL! AND WHATS CRAZY is that's actually what happens, so it feels retraumatizing bc you're being "abandoned" and left unloved again. When... that's not how adulthood works. In a family unit the caregiver IS in charge of meeting their dependents needs. Full stop. Children are DEPENDENT.!!!! If you so not meet children's needs, they go completely unmet. That's fucking important to recognize. As adults, it's our responsibility to find and fill those gaps in our needs, so we are better able to live and empathetically understand others. Adults CAN be dependent on each other. or COdependent or COUNTERdependent. but it's not our responsibility to meet other adults needs. we CAN, and if we want to we should. but we are in no way obligated to take someones hand and spoon feed them their own emotional recovery. if the person asks for help, and you are willing to help them, then by all means go ahead. but there is no guilt tripping if you're asking for an honest answer.
I am ready to hold myself accountable for my miscomings. My triggered responses. How I treat and deal with people. Everyone has their "fatal flaws" but I think we're much closer together than we are far apart. I accept myself as I am. I will communicate to the best of my ability. And be accountable for my misdeeds and actions, even if I didnt intend harm. Part of loving others is recognizing when they're hurt and how you played a part. Its taking responsibility for that and then working on it so you dont hurt others again. I'm anxious-avoidant and its certainly wound me up with others. I'm stressin atm about my anxious flare ups withing dating situations, and then my avoidance of said feelign/and unfortunately that person then too. I cant take back my mistakes or make them less hurtful than they were. But I can start where I'm starting and try my absolute fucking best to make it through all this shit.
I just dont want to be fucked up anymore. I want to be happy. I want to love others, and I want to be loved. I want to be loved. I want to be loved.
I will grow and work on absorbing the love people give. its exhausting and terrifying rn, but new neural pathways will grow. And in will learn to feel safe in love. You do not get to rob me of that, just bc you couldnt overcome your hurdles.
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florenceandthemachine · 11 months ago
it took me a while to think of something but how about a dialogue prompt? "I don't know what you want from me." for buddie!! fluff or angst, you get to decide :)
July 10th   - Day 5: “It’s okay, you can cry.” + comfort
living that two birds one stone lyfestyle bc I am what? a lazy pos. 
anyway here's some fun Buckley siblings feat Buddie xoxoxo
There were several things that Eddie knew to be true about Buck.
One, was that he loved Buck, with every piece of his heart.
Two, that Buck loved him with his whole entire soul.
Three, that no matter what happened, no matter who came into their lives, long after Eddie was dead and gone, Buck had Maddie, and Maddie had Buck.
The Buckley siblings were both bound by trauma, so to speak—they had survived natural disasters, complete miracles, their parents, and they were more or less connected at the hip. It was good, a camaraderie that Eddie wished he had with his sisters; who were nice enough when they wanted to be, but who's teasing remarks cut a bit too deep when they weren’t careful. 
Buck and Maddie had a built in support system with one another, and that much was obvious. 
What was slightly less obvious was how fiercely, painfully competitive the Buckley siblings were with one another; a fact that was typically forgotten until it was too late.
It started out harmlessly enough. 
Hen had invited everyone and their kids to Dave and Busters for Denny’s birthday. It was a nice enough gesture in a fun, neutral location—a huge building filled with games, prizes, and that kind of greasy food that looks amazing in the moment and leaves you feeling sluggish for days. Buck and Chris were stuck together like glue—Eddie had learned long ago that simple acts of fun were as good for Buck as they were for Chris, and it was easy for Eddie to cheer them on in whatever shenanigans they took on; he wasn’t about to allow anyone to call it out and risk Buck feeling an ounce of unnecessary shame. 
Besides, he really couldn’t find anything in him but delight as he watched Buck scoop Christopher up in his arms and promptly launch them both into a ball pit, the bright peal of Chris’s laughter ringing above the low din in the building. 
Chim, as usual, was the one to ruin everything.
(Okay, not ‘as usual’, but still.)
He and Maddie had arrived a little later on in the evening, their arrival perfectly timed between the stampede of children and cake cutting, their gift bag nestled securely on the present table that Denny kept eyeing with growing excitement. 
Chim was the one who let out a whistle when he walked into the building, taking in everything around him. 
Chim was the one who bent down to greet Chris, letting Buck’s attention stray from Eddie’s kid, going over to hug his sister.
And it was Chim, who opened his fat mouth, when Maddie and Buck were less than an arms length from one another, as he ruffled Chris’ hair and looked over to the far wall of the building.
“Who the hell thought a Mario Party tournament would be a good idea?”
Eddie could feel a cold chill run down his spine, his stomach dropping in despair as he caught the matching glints in Buck and Maddie’s eyes.
“Mads, do you wanna…?”
No, no, no, Eddie could literally feel his sanity sliding away as Maddie pretended to think it over. 
“I mean, if you’re in the mood to lose…”
Eddie shot a nasty look at Chim, who was blissfully unaware of what hell he had just served up on what was supposed to be a child’s birthday. A fun night. A night where the kids got to be kids, and the adults were supposed to know how to act.
Correction—the adults knew how to act. The adults were just choosing to act like kids. 
Because that’s what they regressed to; Buck and Maddie were both two professional adults, who worked with high stake situations for a living. They were both mature adults. And when they got into it, they literally regressed into teenagers, shoving one another, bickering at a rapid fire pace, hell, Eddie was surprised Maddie hadn’t gone for a noogie or a wet willy yet, anything to assure her victory.
If Eddie had to be honest, he was pretty impressed with Buck’s focus, and Maddie’s state of mind (it didn’t feel right to say he was ‘proud’, so impressed would have to do). Most of the time, when the Buckley’s got into it, the rest of the world was a blur, but they were more than a half hour into a game and there was not a single fuck word dropped so far. 
That wasn’t to say that the tensions weren’t high—and somehow, the mini games made it so much worse for everyone involved. As amusing as it was to watch Maddie self-sabotage when she was paired up with Buck to ensure he wouldn’t get any points, Buck’s stress levels when he was paired up with one of the CPU’s were nearly apocalyptic. 
At the very least, Eddie seemed to be far from alone in thinking that the competition between the two was at least a little bit funny—by the time the Buckley’s had entered their final turn, they had a small crowd of children gathered around them. Eddie wasn’t sure if they were watching the game or just laughing at the antics of the two overgrown children, but honestly, he couldn’t blame them either way.
“Nooo! I don’t know what you want from me, Luigi!” Buck wailed—literally wailed—as he sunk down to his knees, looking more dejected than Eddie had ever seen him before, just moments after his CPU partner had pushed him into an oncoming bomb.
That moment seemed to be enough to turn the tide of the game—Maddie was able to pull ahead in coins to secure her spot in the lead, and when the last mini game started, Eddie couldn’t help it. He was actually holding his breath, secretly rooting for Buck to absolutely trash her. But in a supportive, future-sibling-in-law kind of way.
He felt himself groan as the game swung the other way—something about Maddie literally cackling when she got the final, tie-breaking bonus star sending a shiver down his spine. That woman was vicious, and part of him wanted to warn Chim to watch his back—but then again, Chim was the one who got them into all of this in the first place. The group that had gathered around them started to disperse as Maddie started her victory dance, and Eddie had to sigh as he waded through the sea of children.
For now, he had a man to attend to. A man who was literally laying down on the floor of a glorified Chuck-E-Cheese’s, but that was his man none the less, damn it.
“C’mere Buck, come on.”
“Eddie, it’s not fair.”
“I know, baby.”
“I was so close!”
“It’s okay, you can cry.” Eddie said, sighing as he easily scooped his overly-dramatic boyfriend into a bridal carry, kissing his temple. It was almost amusing—at the very least, Eddie was biting his lip, doing his best not to laugh as Buck made a sound that actually sounded like he was on the brink of tears as Eddie deposited his dead weight back into his side of the booth. He knew better than to suggest that it was just a game, because it was never just a game, not when the Buckley’s were concerned. 
Maddie was beaming as she slid into the booth across from Buck, her eyes lighting up with another win beneath her belt, and Eddie could appreciate that; hopefully, it meant that they would cut it out, and Eddie could actually enjoy some time off with Buck, and—
“Buck, they have an air hockey table open.”
“Oh, you’re on.”
—and nope, Buck was already on his feet, previous trauma forgotten as he bolted to the ATM to get another stack of quarters.
Eddie wanted to be annoyed, he really did—but he couldn’t seem to get the dopey smile off of his face as Buck started to cackle. All he could do was order another beer on Maddie’s tab, clinking bottles with Chim as he cracked it open.
“Damn, you got it bad.” He really did.
“Shut up, Chim.”
He really, really did.
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kidney9-9 · 11 months ago
Can i request one with Bucky where the reader was sent by hydra to get intel on the Avengers, she decided not to bc she loves Bucky, he finds out and stops talking to the reader so he can think about it, reader thinks he hates her so she hides in her room and stops talking, he gets worried. If you do choose to write this pls don't rush, you've been answering so many. 💗
Hi sweet anon! hope you enjoy this! and thank you for sending it in! 💗
Bucky Barnes x Reader (Angst with happy ending) No warnings :) Word Count: 1.6k
A year ago, you were sent on your first solo mission by HYDRA. You had been working with them for years now, as almost as a freelancer. You always managed to get along with different agencies but chose to always work with the highest pay offers. This was your lonest mission to date, infiltrating and gaining intel on the Avengers. For the first two months, you did the job perfectly. You would slip into rooms disguised or hidden, taking any information you could find off computers. You would also listen into conversations, recording them and uploading them into the protected communication service between you and a few agents of HYDRA.
And then you and James Barnes got extremely close. He trusted you with telling his story with HYDRA, and you instantly felt disgusted with yourself, ashamed and guilty. You couldn’t admit it to him then, choosing instead to stop sending in data to the agents. Instead you started sending fake information, or started claiming people were onto your true job, which they weren’t.
HYDRA still paid you handsomely, which was easily tracked right to one of the headquarters; but the money trail didn’t lead to you exactly, but random shell companies, in a fake identity you used back when you worked for other agencies. No paper trails led to you, and you made sure. With the money fed by HYDRA, you used to donate to the Avengers and other movements you supported, in secret. You still felt guilty though and haunted by Bucky’s stories.
The first kiss shared between you and Bucky, ended with you slipping a few tears. He was hurt, thinking you really didn’t like him, because of your tears. You quickly denied that, claiming you really did like him and wanted a relationship with him; blaming the tears on an injury from working out. His smile to you made your heart speed up to an impossible point, and you officially started falling in love with him.
Now, the agents connected to you through HYDRA have warned you of an impending attack on the Compound, after they found a way to destroy the Avengers and their purpose. HYDRA’s plan had been in the works for years. Building allies in the Compound with several workers that held janitorial jobs, meaning they had access to every room. Their highest known ally was you, being a member in the Avenger team. Their plan was a shock to you, they explained you would be the “face” of the new “Avengers” of the world, after the current ones died.
You could never accept that. You tried so hard for days, searching for the allies on the inside, but you never found anyone. They all seemed suspicious to you. Two weeks before the planned fall of the Avengers, you started your board, quickly printing out pages and pages of suspected workers of HYDRA, even posting ones you knew that worked outside of the Compound, with HYDRA. You didn’t think anything of it when posting information that even the Avengers didn’t know, since you were extremely stressed out.
The moment Bucky saw your board, he saw through your persona. Betrayal swiped through him as he stalked towards you in one of the mission rooms. You were alone, researching even more on the people you suspected. You heard Bucky walk into the room, and you turned around with a smile, “Hi honey!” You greeted your boyfriend and he clenched his fists.
“Bucky?” You questioned seeing his stance. He opened his mouth with a shaky breath, “You…you work for them. Don’t you? For HYDRA.” He whispered feeling the disloyalty and hurt by everything that’s happened between the two of you. The look on your face told him the truth.
“I- I don’t work for them anymore- Buck please listen-” He cut you off with a yell, punching the wall to the side of you. You screamed, flinching back in fear from his reaction, but you knew you deserved it. You deserved all the hurt and pain he would throw at you. But you still wanted to explain, “They’re planning an attack! You have to stop it!” You exclaimed back, trembling and slightly backing away.
He stopped and stared as you began to tremble even more but accepting the consequences. He couldn’t do it. He loved you, still even know after hearing you worked for the people who brought him pain and tortured him for so long. He needed to think, the betrayal and anger made him feel horrible, and he didn’t even notice himself walk away from you.
You felt like you couldn’t breathe. It finally hit you, the consequences of your horrifying actions as you watched as your boyfriend walk off. You sank to the floor, feeling almost gone, knowing how hard you hit Bucky with that, and knowing you still have to find a way to stop HYDRA’s attack on the Avengers, with or without the rest of their help.
You pulled yourself up after an unknown amount of time and drifted to your room, falling onto your bed with tears drifted down your face silently. You rolled into the blankets, laying awake for hours, just thinking of every wrong you’ve ever committed. You weren’t sure when you woke up from your daze, but you instantly went to work, going over the list you made of suspects, and completely shutting out your feelings. Your throat was dry as sand, from working hard for hours, finally finding one person you knew definitely was part of the plan. You didn’t want to leave your room though, knowing there was still work to do, and knowing you would have to face Bucky.
It took another day of research to find three more participants of HYDRA, in the Compound. You didn’t want to go outside at all, and you convinced yourself not to talk about it. You moved Bucky’s and yours photo away from you that was sitting on the desk, feeling heartbroken and guilty. He didn’t deserve that from anyone. You really didn’t want to hurt him.
Bucky spent hours thinking about the revelation. He didn’t dare tell anyone, because he still had a hard time wrapping it around his head. You were such a kind and loving person, and he would never expect you to be working for the enemy. And now, he feels guilty that he still loves you. Hurt and betrayal came first, but his love for you didn’t fade away like expected. It hurt him so much, when he finally fell asleep and the first dream he had that night, was about you. He knew he needed to talk to you. When he went out to grab breakfast, chatter was normal between the Avengers that lived there but Bucky instantly noticed your disappearance. “Where’s-” Bucky got cut off by Natasha as she tossed an apple in the air, catching it again. “She hasn’t come out of her room. Did you two fight?” She questioned, curious.
Bucky frowned at Natasha, and she instantly could tell something happened between the two of you. He shook his head, stopping anyone from questioning him even further.
The rest of the day was kind of a blur to Bucky as he quietly thought about you, HYDRA, and the plan you spoke about. He spent hours in the gym, punching out his stress and almost meditating, trying to understand what to do. He knew he had to stop whatever HYDRA was planning, with or without you. But he preferred your help, and support.
When he realized you hadn’t come out of your room in over a day, he grew worried again. He quickly walked to your room, trying to think of things to say, what to do, when you answered the door. He hesitantly knocked on the door, listening to you shuffle around in your room.
You opened the door slowly, frowning slightly seeing your boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend (you weren’t entirely sure now) now standing there. You breathed in slightly, opening the door even more for him, to come in. “Hey,” Bucky paused, gazing at your features. He noticed how tired you looked, and how chapped your lips were, and frowned when he saw your shaky hands.
“Are you alright?” He whispered to you, stepping into the room, and looking at all the evidence you gathered, pining it to the walls. You bit your lip, “Yeah, Bucky I’m really sorry, I should hav-” He cut you off by taking a hold of your hands. You tried to fight the oncoming tears, believing you were going to be dumped and arrested.
“Doll, listen… I’m beyond angry, but we need to work this out, the attack.” Bucky spoke up, squeezing your hands lightly. You furrowed your eyebrows back to him in surprise and confusion, “Doll? Wait Bucky aren’t you…” You trailed off not knowing what to say.
He shook his head at your words, “We need to stop the attack. I love you still, and we’ll talk about it all after we stop HYDRA from continuing. Is this everything you know so far?”
You breathed out shakily at him, finding it unbelievable, “You still love me? And uh, yeah, their attack is going to be on the Thursday after the annual meeting. But I wanted to stop it before.” Bucky nodded along to your words, feeling his heart skip a few beats at your unsteady voice. He felt the pain in your voice as well, making him feel your remorse.
“Of course, I still love you. Let’s work this out together.” Bucky whispered back, pulling you into a hug and making you sob out suddenly from his forgiving nature.
- tagging: @lozzypoz321 taglist is open!
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toomanyfandoms02 · a year ago
Birthday // Spencer Reid x Reader
So I got this idea from @darnittumbleweed 's recent post about how grateful Spence must be when he gets gifts and people remember birthdays bc of his mom sadly forgetting them when he was a kid.
Summary - Reader accidentally finds out it's Spencer's birthday and she decides to surprise him with some gifts.
Word count - 2.3k
Tumblr media
I adjusted my light purple blazer, tucking it farther into my pencil skirt as I walked through the doors of the bullpen. I was a bit earlier than usual, but I was not surprised to see Spencer already parked at his desk with a book in hand. His feet were propped up on his desk, making his legs look even longer.
The I saw a wallet laying open on the ground, a few feet from his desk.
I kneeled, grabbing the older looking leather wallet from the carpet. I immediately saw Spencer's ID picture sitting in the front clear pocket.
*Sex: M --- Eyes: BRO --- Hgt.: 6' -01'' --- Wgt.: 175 --- DOB: 10/28/1981*
I furrowed my eyebrows at this, that was today's date. Spencer turns 29 today.
I had heard from JJ how private Spencer was about events like this. They just became like any other day to him as he grew up. His mom had not remembered holidays and birthdays from a pretty young age, so he treated them like another regular day too. JJ, and I'm sure Hotch, were the only ones who knew of his birthday. He must have told them to not make a big deal of it, he wasn't much of a partier. Fine then, I wouldn't throw him a party.
"I think you dropped this." I set his wallet on his desk, folded closed. He peeked over his book, eyes widening a bit.
"Oh thanks! Where did you find it?" He say up straighter, laying his book on his desk. I pointed to the ground a few feet away. "Well, thanks again y/l/n." I nodded, heading to my desk.
I shamelessly spent the whole day looking for things to buy for Reid. I was aiming for things from Doctor Who, so I looked up the stock from geek stores in our mall. I had decided on two gifts, and I was going to buy them after work.
My heels clicked loudly on the tile floor of the mall. I was getting frequent stares from passersby as I walked through the crowded halls. I *did* look a little overdressed to be in the mall, but to be completely honest, I was on a mission. And I wasn't going to waste time changing because that would just postpone the time that I would get to see Spencer's smiling face.
I walked into 'ThinkGeek', peering to the back where I saw a Doctor Who section.
"Hiya! Is there something I can help you with." Though the worker didn't show it *clearly* on her face, but I could see the slight confusion in her eyes. Again, I did look a *little* out of place.
"I'm looking for a few specific things that I checked your guys' stock for with the help of a friend."
"Only workers can check our in store stock here. Are you Sarah's friend?" She gestured to a lady at the counter with bright pink hair.
"Uh, no." I slowly pulled out my FBI credentials and discreetly showed them to her. "I had our tech analyst check for me because I need these gifts for a friend." She nodded in understanding, looking just a bit frightened. I explained to her what I needed and she took me to the items. It wasn't long until I was being rung up.
"That'll be $31.82." I slid her the money. "This is a gift right? Do you want it wrapped? We wrap for an extra 2 bucks."
"That would be awesome!" I put two more dollars on the counter.
"So," she tied the bow on the first present, "is this for a boyfriend?" I blushed and narrowed my eyes a bit. She put her hands up in surrender, "Or girlfriend?" I sighed a bit with a laugh.
"No no, he's a coworker."
"Some coworker he must be if you're spending," she peered at my receipt, "nearly 34 dollars on him. A birthday I'm guessing?"
"Are you trying to profile me?" I asked, quirking my eyebrow.
"Are you trying to profile *me*?"
"Fair enough." I laughed. She slid me the boxes and handed me my receipt. "Thank you for wrapping these."
"Get that man boo!" She shouted as I left the store. I gave her a firm thumbs up and started heading to my car so I could give these to the man in question.
That was until I forgot about a card.
I turned back into the mall and went into Barnes and Noble. I quickly had a worker direct me towards the cards and I found a perfect one with a Tardis that said 'All the time-travel in the world won't make you any younger.'
I giggled and brought it up to the register.
"Is it this special someone's birthday *today*?" I nodded. "Well I have a coupon for a free cupcake from our cafe." She slid me the thin piece of paper.
"Thank you so much!" I grabbed the card and headed to the cafe and getting him a vanilla cupcake. After all of that, I was finally, *actually*, heading to Spencer's.
I pulled into his apartments parking lot, unbuckling and gathering the gifts. I took the stairs up to apartment 23 and knocked on the door. I heard slow footsteps approach the door and stop for a moment. I assumed he was looking through the peep hole so I hid the presents behind me, skillfully stacked onto one hand and waved. He opened the door immediately.
"Hey y/n! What are you doing here? And what's behind your back?" He tried to look over my shoulders, which wasn't hard to do with his towering frame. I backed up into the stairs railing so he couldn't see.
"You promise you won't be mad if I tell you?" I could see worry cross his features.
"That depends. But it's hard to stay mad at you." His face softened.
"Ok well," I pulled the small boxes and card from behind me, "happy birthday."
His eyes widened, and then, unexpectedly, a giant grin spread across his lips.
"How did you know?"
"When I picked your wallet up, I saw your ID. So, I decided to get you a couple things." He ushered me in the house as I handed him the card. He smiled even bigger, reading the card.
"You remembered that I like Doctor Who?"
"Okay, first of all, who doesn't know you like Doctor Who? And two, I remember a lot of things about you, nerd." I elbowed his side lightly. He gestured for me to sit on his couch with him as I handed him the boxes wrapped in white wrapping and blue bows, along with the clear box with the cupcake in it.
"Thank you for the cupcake." He chuckled.
"Yeah! The chick at the counter gave me a coupon for it." I smiled.
He opened the thinner, longer box first. I revealed a Tardis tie.
"I didn't think you had a tie like that so as soon as I saw it I knew I had to get it. I'm sorry if you already have one."
"Y/n, this is so cool! Where did you get it?" He pulled it from the box and looked at it closer. He was already loosening his current tie to try it on.
"It's a store in the mall, ThinkGeek. They've got a lot of nerdy stuff there. It's where I get my Harry Potter stuff." I blushed a bit, having just revealed a nerdy part of me that I didn't tell many people about.
"I love it!" He was now standing in front of a mirror, tightening it around his neck and smiling like a little kid who just got a puppy. He came back to the couch, leaving it on and tearing the wrapping on the second one. It was a Tardis mug.
"And you were talking about how we didn't have enough mugs at the office, so I thought you could have your own. Plus, everyone will know it's yours."
He stared into the mug with a look that I couldn't exactly read.
*Did I trigger a bad memory?*
Right as I thought that, he looked up at me with the same expression. All I could tell was, whatever he was trying to express, it was behind those honey brown eyes. ~~the ones I was always getting lost in~~ He set the mug on the coffee table and leaned towards me.
He hugged me.
He hugged me tighter than I have ever been hugged.
I wrapped my arms around him, squeezing him back. I could have sat like that forever, but we sat for probably half a minute.
"I thought you didn't like hugs."
"I don't usually, but, I don't know." He looked down at his hands, quite literally twiddling his thumbs. "This just, means a lot to me. I didn't think someone paid enough attention to me to not only get me things from my favorite show, but things that I have mentioned randomly in a conversation." He looked up in realization, and now my heart was pumping *way* too fast. "You *like* me, don't you?" My eyes widened to, I'm sure, the size of the mug I had gotten him.
"What? Uh, no. I just thought, you just never, no."
"Yes! Yes you do!" He stood up smiling at me, like he just had a *massive* breakthrough. "Look, you're blushing, that's involuntary sign of attraction. And you haven't broken eye contact with me this whole time! Even though you want to. And you're talking in a lower pitch than usual. A person will change the tone and pitch of their voice when speaking to someone they’re attracted to. Specifically, women tend to lower their vocal tone when around an attractive person. You have been fidgeting this whole time."
I could feel my face get hotter and hotter with everything he pointed out. I felt extremely vulnerable. My face was not only involuntarily blushing, it was involuntarily making quite the frightened face. I realized this when he put his hands up in surrender and his face softened from the smug grin that was previously plastered to it.
"Oh! Are you okay?" He leaned over his coffee table at me and I leaned farther into his couch. He smiled again, "Do you not understand what I'm getting at?" He looked at me slightly dumbfounded.
"That I like you? Yeah I got it!" I snapped a bit. He closed his eyes and shook his head slightly.
"I do the exact some things." I squinted my eyes at him. "Do you not notice how *neither* of us ever break eye contact? I was just sitting next to you, fidgeting with my hands. You probably think my cheeks are naturally flushed, but that's just when I'm around you. I constantly catch myself lowering my voice when I'm having conversations with you. Some profilers we are, huh?" I smiled and leaned towards him, grabbing his face.
"Yeah, well, we aren't suppose to profile eachother anyway, cheater." I giggled, pulling him into a kiss. He grabbed the back of my neck deepening it.
"Giggling a lot from a woman is also a sign of attraction." He mumbled between kisses. I pulled apart from him with another giggle. He raised his eyebrows as I confirmed his theory.
"Whatever nerd." I pushed his chest.
"Seriously, thank you so much." He hugged me again. At this point we were both just standing in front of his coffee table. "I'm glad you found out it was my birthday today, because I'm not sure when I would have the courage for any of that again." He pushed a piece of hair behind my ear.
"Well you don't have to worry about that anymore. You have me now." His eyes lit up at that, kissing me again. We both smiled into the kiss, pulling eachother impossibly close. "I've gotta get home and feed my cat." I backed out from the kiss, watching him slightly follow, in hopes of another kiss.
"Are you free after work tomorrow?" He asked hopefully.
"What do you have in mind?"
"Dinner? Or we can watch a movie here?"
"How about both?" I winked.
"Perfect!" He pecked my lips one more time as I walked out the door. Just as it shut behind me I heard a not so quiet.
"Yes! Finally dumbass!" From him.
I giggled again as I walked down the stairs.
*What a convenient day for him to drop his wallett*
The next day I walked in to see Spencer drinking from his new mug and wearing his tie, paired with a regular white button up. I walked by his desk, tapping on the mugs rim.
"Nice mug." I winked and kept walking to my desk. He looked down at the coffee with a giddy smile.
"**I knew it! I knew it! Give me the money JJ you *loser**!" I heard Derek screech from the other side of the room. JJ rolled her eyes and handed him a ten. "My man's has got game!" He slapped a hand on Spencer's back.
"You guys couldn't have waited one more month?" JJ asked with a very annoyed expression.
"It's your guys fault for betting on us." I held my hands in surrender. Penelope then emerged from her office.
"Yay! Finally! Did you get him the tie and mug?! I adore it!" She hugged me from behind and placed a kiss on my cheek.
*This is my family*
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