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wolphstarr23 minutes ago
You're never old enough to talk back to your mother 馃┐ 馃幆 馃幃 @anwar learned it the hard way. #mother #beatup #anwar #glitch #videogames #flipflops #bullseye #running #fail #talkback #runforlife #badidea #wolphstarr #network #marketing #comedy #comedyvideos #funny #parody #viral #viralvideo #viralpost #trending #exploremore #explorepage #networking #wshh #viralexposure
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lazyspeedster93an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tails sets up a D&D session with the other Sonic Heroes. That night, Knuckles hijacks the campaign to make it about his character, Amy gets over-dramatic and quotes a bunch of anime, and Sonic keeps singing at every chance he could because he was told how the bard is a music-themed class.
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theshirtlistdesigns2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ghostbusters T-Shirt is $14 today at RIPT! See MINI PUFTS T-Shirt on the Shirt List.
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zatanna-maximoff4 hours ago
Zagreus is just the little mermaid but in hell. Part of your world but hades style. B)
Look at my home isn鈥檛 it neat? Wouldn鈥檛 you think the underworld is so neat?
Looking around here you鈥檇 think. Sure, he鈥檚 got everything.
I鈥檝e got cerberus and furies a plenty, I鈥檝e got weapons and skeletons galore
Want ambrosia? I鈥檝e got 20
But who cares... no big deal.... I want moreeee
I want to be where the living are, I want to see, want to see my mother
Walkin鈥 around in those... what do you call 鈥榚m?
Oh, tress
Dashing in lava you could easily scar, Grass is perfect for jumping and dancing
Strolling along by the...
What鈥檚 that word again? Streammm
Up where they live, up where they breathe, up where they stay all day in the breeze
Wanderin鈥 free, wish i could leave, the underworld
What would i give? If i could live just like a mortal
What would i pay to spend a day with my mother
Bet you, on land, they understand, and they don鈥檛 try to kill their offspring.
Happy children, sick of murderin鈥 Ready to ascend
I鈥檓 ready to know what my mother knows, Ask her some questions and get some answers
What鈥檚 a snowfall and why does it... What鈥檚 the word?
When鈥檚 it my turn? wouldn鈥檛 i love, live to explore that earth up above
Out of hades, wish i could be
Free from the underworld
(Plus he and ariel are cousins just like with Hercules. Poseidon used to be ruler of the underworld, not hades. And he could be a lil triton. Thanatos could be a siren. Or equivalent to scuttle if you like. It all fits!)
The end lol
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supernightboy084 hours ago
Check Out This Power Rangers Parody!
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raunchygoblin4205 hours ago
"All Eyes on Me" from Bo Burnham's special really hits me in the gut over and over because the line about taking a break and working on himself to get better, only for the pandemic to's so relatable. I quit working my way up the management ladder and went part-time and moved back to the city I loved and was getting therapy and was doing so much better than when I was in St. Louis, where I'd have weekly panic attacks and weekly spirals where I was dizzy and nauseous and couldn't stop crying.....and then the pandemic happened and I probably hit the lowest spot I've been in forever. And I'm doing better. but that line. just makes me realize it was probably a pretty common experience for the 20 and 30 somethings out there.
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thesims2comics5 hours ago
Tumblr media
A movie poster parody (?) of Jaws, with Skip Broke and Grim Reaper about to meet at the swimming pool...
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justdie6 hours ago
go listen to this and look at pictures of cats (ot any other simple pleasure of the internet.) feel like youre like 9 and just have a good time <3
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pbluee7 hours ago
And so are yo0o0o0ouuuu 馃拑馃徎
The hype I want to wake up to every morning
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copiasass8 hours ago
the era of crying uwu bottom copia in fanfics is over.
he's an absolute whore and he likes it. if you make him cry during sex i'm hunting you down.
Tumblr media
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littleangelinheart8 hours ago
Golden Guard is a child
Credit: youtube tomatosauce
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