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latefrequencies · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
based on the rings i made for my boyfriend and me to celebrate being hamster dads (that is, two guys in a relationship who have a pet hamster, thus making us hamster dads).
the orange is for the hamster, the blue is for being dads, the mint is for love, both between the hamster and the dads and between the dads themselves (or the love of the dad for themself, if this is a single dad situation)
I made the orange version after I made the beige version. the beige is the color of my hamster but i changed it to orange for general use because that’s the classic hamster color. but if you want to use the beige one, you can.
this flag is intended for anybody who identifies as a hamster dad (i.e. a pet dad where the pet is a hamster) but is especially for mlm who are hamster dads, especially mlm in relationships with each other where they see the hamster as their child (as is the case with me and my boyfriend that led me to make this).
this flag is completely lighthearted but since pets do mean a lot to people, and hamsters are a popular pet...maybe someone who’s a hamster dad will see this flag and like it.
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portemonnom · 5 minutes ago
🚨Notre collectif relève des inégalités évidentes entre père et mère.
🚨Nous demandons au gouvernement d’agir sur la question discriminante des noms donnés à la naissance.
📣Notre collectif #portemonnom recommande:
𝕹𝖔𝖒 𝖊𝖓 𝖋𝖎𝖑𝖎𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓
📜 L’automatisation par défaut du double nom lors de la déclaration de naissance.
📜 La possibilité de rajouter le nom de la mère aux enfants en cas de séparation pour une filiation établie des deux parents.
📜 A partir de la majorité, qu’il soit possible de choisir son nom qu’il soit paternel, maternel ou les deux.
👉🏻 Seul le premier nom sera transmissible.
𝕹𝖔𝖒 𝖉’𝖚𝖘𝖆𝖌𝖊
📜 Le parent n’ayant pas le même nom que son enfant doit pouvoir lui rajouter son nom sans autorisation de l’autre parent.
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cephalopoliver · 10 minutes ago
it's time for:
F/O thoughts with Oliver~
Just thought about a retired Goro and I being foster parents and I am very soft 💕
He would be SUCH an amazing father (even a temporary one) and he'd spoil the shit outta those kids for as long as he could. He loves kids, and to be able to take care of some who have been through trauma would be very special for him I think.
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bloomingtalent · 10 minutes ago
((OOC: This is just to test something: Like this if you're ok with being thrown asks etc. regarding (a verse/thread where Hinata is sent to UA after being teleported from Konoha). This is in regards to my threads with @phantasmalcalamity and not her bnha verse.))
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amerrymystery · 11 minutes ago
A thing for father's day, I suppose
Tumblr media
Bob Donovan would forever be the most confusing man that Robbie knew. How exactly could a man just abandon his whole life, return for no more than a week once in a blue moon, and act as if nothing was wrong? How was it that that man could just chew the leftover Chirstmas dinner, stare at whatever festive movie happened to be on the television and not hate himself?
Robbie hadn't seen his father in four years before today. He had made an appearance at the Donovan's doorstep on December twentieth (the day after the youngest Donovan's birthday, he couldn't help but notice) and was gone by the end of the weekend. Now it was Chirstmas break of his sixth year and Bob was back from Alabama. What exactly he did there, Robbie didn't know, but he always seemed to be exhausted when he came back.
Yet another adaptation of A Christmas Carol was playing loudly on the telly. Disregarding Robbie and Bob, the living room was deserted. His mother and uncle were visiting his grandparents at the home they had forced them into, Sinéad was off with some friends, the Boners were outside trying to kill each other with snowballs and Tomás was down in county Mayo with his newest girlfriend.
Robbie couldn't help but feel uneasy, for he couldn't remember a time he was alone with his father. After all, the man left for the States when he was only five.
"Hey, how old are you now, Pádraig?" Bob asked, seemingly out of nowhere.
"I turned seventeen years old on the nineteenth." He explained, voice accidentally trembling. "And, uh, you can call me Pip if you want, the rest of the family does."
"Wait, seventeen?" Bob gaped. Robbie gulped as his father stared at him, blue eyes squinting. For a moment he began worrying what exactly his father was going to say, with each scenario worse than the last. "Weren't you ten the last time I was here?"
"It was the day after my thirteenth birthday."
"Thir- bless your heart!" When he was surprised Bob's southern drawl only got more strong, and it was already quite heavy to start with. "You're... You don't look seventeen, you know that, right?" He only shrugged awkwardly. "Jacob he, uh, he left when he was fifteen, right?" Robbie didn't like where this was going. It was Christmas day, he didn't want to talk about Jacob today of all times. "Has your mother given you the... The talk?"
"No, no, that was Rowan's job." Bob's brow furrowed and Robbie started fearing for his life. "Rowan Khanna, he's my best friend at Hogwarts. He's a good lad, you'd like him."
"Hmm." Bob looked unsure. He shifted in his seat and gave the television a passing glance, but he quickly went back to his son. "What did you say his name was? Rowan... It sounded weird. Is he German, or some shit?"
"Pa, please, he's English. You can't ask if everyone with a surname you don't know is German." Robbie ranted. His father sighed before relaxing in his seat and going right back to Scrooge's antics.
"You know, when you were little you couldn't make a friend for the life of you. You used to cry every bloody day before your mother made you go to school since some boy called you a... Oh, I can't remember, but it was stupid." A son of a bitch. Right now Robbie wasn't sure which parent the lad had been referring to. "I don't know, Pádraig, it's nice to think that you have a buddy. You look after that Rowan, alright?"
"Yeah, I will, pa, I will." He grumbled. Bob nodded before going right back to the movie. In less than a month, Robbie would regret forgetting his father's order. Maybe Bob Donovan wasn't quite as much as an idiot as Robbie's maternal grandmother would rant about him being for hours on end.
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dcloss · 12 minutes ago
Tumblr media
@heirceleste​  sent :  hi can u tell me more about logan and his bpd pls and if he discloses to others
Tumblr media
so logan was diagnosed in his early twenties but it is literally kept like a deep dark secret. james didn’t want it getting out - and because of this , logan hasn’t been able to get the help he so desperately needs in getting better. he’s not allowed to talk about it for fear of the media or business partners finding out. so no it’s not something he discloses to friends or romantic partners ( this can be plotted ) because he’s afraid doing so would lead to abandonment because that’s what he’s been convinced of.
logan is well aware by westworld events that he’s ill - but as he cannot publically do anything about it and being seen in a therapists office is out of the question , he turns to alcohol and drugs to cope. it feels like his only way out most of the time - the quickest way to get relief despite the fact its actually destroying him on the inside and the outside.
he’s never learned how to handle his emotions - and due to lack of emotional regulation , he can be quite impulsive , acting on his reactions to things. since starting to get sober he’s made a little progress and once he’s free of james entirely , he does begin to start looking into getting some kind of help because he doesn’t want to continue living in a drug induced haze anymore.
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bubby-djarin · 18 minutes ago
happy father’s day to those who
-have two mothers
-have lost their father
-are no longer in communication with their father
-have been shunned by their father
-father has been deployed
-raised their siblings because of their helpless dad
-survived a fathers abuse
-arent close with their dad
-are close with their dad
-have become a dad
you are all amazing and i hope you have a wonderful day 💓 if you don’t have anyone to give you a hug, im sending you one right now 💞
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petrosapian · 18 minutes ago
Will admit booktok... rancid vibes but they look happy wish that were me. Could have been but shame and guilt are integral part of my personality I blame my ancestors for being catholic
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curse-of-men · 19 minutes ago
thinking about ahsoka scraping her knee and about anakin kissing it better before putting a little bandaid on it and then they’d the whole weird ahsoka slinging her arm over his shoulder so he can help her work but it’s working particularly well because she is so small to him so she just carries her on his back and ahsoka rests her chin on his shoulder and now i’m sick to my stomach, anakin only ever wanted to take care of her until he didn’t anymore
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fictitiouslysane · 21 minutes ago
SAM [...] Aren't you worried, man? Aren't you worried I could turn into Max or something?
DEAN Nope. No way. You know why?
SAM No. Why?
DEAN Cause you got one advantage Max didn't have.
SAM Dad? Because Dad's not here, Dean.
DEAN No. Me. (smirking) As long as I'm around, nothing bad is gonna happen to you.
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alliebomb · 24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sending so much love to everyone in a similar situation today. 💕
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freedominsidethebox · 27 minutes ago
What does your relationship with your partner look like as you work on making room for a new human? Find tips for keeping your relationship alive in my blog here.
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depressedhatakekakashi · 27 minutes ago
In the team Minato splits au Yua and Kakashi spend father's day together while Yua tells Kakashi stories about Sakumo and Izuna
Kakashi didn’t ask for the stories. His mom just started telling them to him. Gushing about all the things Sakumo used to do when they first started dating, and how sweet and thoughtful Izuna was.
At first Kakashi doesn’t pay much attention, but as she continues talking about it he can’t help but listen.
He doesn’t remmember much about his father, so hearing stories about him and remembering that dorky smile his father always gave him makes him feel warm
Like he’s loved, which he hasn’t felt in years
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