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#paraphrased quotes
mania-mono · 5 days ago
Chapter 2, The Riders of Rohan. The Two Towers.
Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn's courageous flight to rescue Merry and Pippin from the Orcs. A conversation-
Aragorn: *has to make another decision* uh... So, guys we have to make a difficult choice. Shall we rest or pursue the Orcs at night? *looks at Gimli and Legolas hopefully*
Gimli: You are leader and the most skilled in this endeavor. You decide. *successfully puts Aragorn back in his position*
Legolas: Going would be the best idea but we gotta stay together. Hmm. You decide. *looks back at Aragorn earnestly*
Aragorn: *why did I bother asking!* I fear I am having difficulty in this. *thinks about what to do*
Aragorn: Let's just rest.
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gendermybeloved · 5 days ago
Hey hi as someone's who's been watching you and your friends talk about you dnd game from afar and is now invested, I'd just like to ask. What the FUCK happened???
okay kings watch me try to fit nearly thirty sessions of context into a readable post it’s midnight im tired and simultaneously hopped up on vibes lets go
so: it starts with eris and nyx. eris, player character, bard, low wisdom, seventeen. nyx, npc, eris’ twin sister. fighter to eris’ bard. conscience to her 7 wis. also seventeen. both here to cause problems on purpose. nyx is the co to eris’s dependent. they join the party.
the party, while on their Introductory Quest, all have prophetic dreams in a fey forest. eris dreams, and she is alone in her dream. nyx is not there. nyx, in all of their seventeen years together (and they have been, all of seventeen of them, together) is not there. eris is shaken. nyx does not have a dream.
eris clings tighter to nyx, having been shown a world without her. they stay with the party. nyx likes these people. (nyx didn’t have a dream. “you don’t like them better than me, though, right?” eris asks. “of course not,” nyx says)
the plot thickens. lian dies. lian had a prophetic dream, and she died. eris laughs. the dreams can’t mean anything. after all, what was the point of giving a soon to be dead woman a dream?
something messed with eris and nyx’s memory. but we don’t have time for that. the plot thickens.
lian comes back. as long as lian is dead, the dreams don’t mean anything. but if lian is back-
eris doesn’t like lian.
(we are in the feywild and being tested by a prophet and we have to say something true. “in another world, i wanted to become a painter,” nyx says. “but i’m scared that my hands shake too much.”
“i hate that lian’s alive,” eris says.)
the plot thickens. we level up. we level up. we come face to face with prynne castellane for the first time. we know who he used to be. eris steals the prince’s body from him and says prynne’s real name to his face. (and then we resurrect the prince. but we don’t have time to unpack all that. penance allsentry, you fucking bitch.)
moving on. eris has fifth level spells now. eris has greater restoration now. eris and nyx alone in a forest like the tiny island they raised themselves on. (context: eris and nyx grew up alone, in the wilderness, raising themselves. eris only ever had her sister and the spirits of the dead.)
eris casts greater restoration. memories come back.
(eris and nyx are five years old and their parents leave with prynne castellane. eris and nyx are semeira and dimira westhaven and they have two parents who love them. prynne castellane casts modify memory. the twins have only ever had themselves.
(context: back when prynne castellane was penance allsentry, the priest, he had a party. they went to temish the feywild prophet and penance lied and things went terribly wrong. we don’t have time to unpack all that. but the artificers, eva and theirin westhaven, disappeared. they hadn’t known what the research was for. as far as temish knows)
eris can’t. eris is eris darkwater. eris hates these people for leaving them behind. nyx needs answers, and also revenge. nyx takes levels in oath of vengeance paladin.
later. we are tracking someone known only as the wraith. someone castellane hates, and who seems to hate him in return. we burn down a building with a vampire den underneath it. sear a symbol in the ground. the wraith joins the party. masked, in all black.
we sneak around the city. bad luck roll. werewolf encounter. we’re level eleven. the con saves are twelve. bad luck.
eris is infected with lycanthropy (so is piper, but we don’t have time to unpack all that.) eris doesn’t know yet, because there’s a period of adjustment.
(context: so i forgot to mention it before, but there is a Being. they are ever-shifting and a walking magical rift that is-was a woman killed and loved by penance allsentry and also maybe something else. it’s complicated. the Being is bad/good it nearly killed us/we saved it from a horrific death and killed a fey queen for it. the Being hates castellane. eris knows/knew/thought the Being would kill her sister. eris was the one nearly killed by the Being)
we’re stealing a ship to escape the city but we have to fight a mage first. the mage has a magical tracker. nat 20 insight. castellane is coming.
castellane is here.
xarus attempts intimidation to make castellane focus on him. (xarus is a barbarian and has a self sacrificial streak) (xarus rolls a nat 20)
castellane rolls two nat 20s (one to resist the intimidation (i think) one to grapple nyx (i think) gonna be honest im not great at focusing during combat numbers melt my gay little brain)
castellane grabs nyx, casts power word kill, nyx is perma dead, nyx is thrown into the cloudsea
(context: the wandering isles is a setting made up of an archipelago (sorta) of islands floating in the sky. there’s the cloudsea, through which the islands float and airships fly, and the abyss, below, that no one has explored. the descent is a formal way of killing someone by throwing them into it. chucking them, if you will. it’s a horrible way to die. there are lore reasons for why the setting is what it is, but we don’t have time to unpack all that.)
(context: castellane has wings made up of branches now, that he didn’t have before.he’s fucking with magic. he’s a fucking bitch. fuck castellane, honestly.)
nyx is falling and eris is physically on the ship but also in a room. eris is suddenly in a room with the Being she thought would kill her sister and the Being says, let me help i can help i just need-
what do you need. take it! do it!
take my hand
eris takes the Being’s hand. obviously. something shifts. something feels permanent. nyx is with vesper, now.
(context: vesper is thalia’s captain (homoreotic) who through a series of events was accidentally sent into a weird pocket dimension and is trapped there, very much not dead. there are other people trapped in the pocket dimension. the pocket dimension is the mountains)
eris is currently processing: being a werewolf. her sister is dead, not-dead, still gone, trapped in a place castellane is also interested in accessing. that whole reveal that memories of five years of her life were tampered with.
we talk to the wraith the day after.
(note: the rest of us think nyx is dead. eris has not said anything about her deal with the Being. eris is not having a good time.)
the wraith woke up in an inn on molstova (island) with a watch and a burning hatred of castellane. the wraith is a revanent. the wraith has flashes and pictures of memory, but doesn’t know, truly, who she is.
the wraith wears all black, and a plague doctor mask. she takes off the mask (we insist)
the wraith is a tiefling woman with pink skin covered in burn scars
(context: eris and nyx are pink tieflings)
ari (cleric) has greater restoration. “you should lie down.” the wraith lies down. dc 30 arcana check. ari gets a 31. it succeeds. barely.
the wraith remembers. eva westhaven remembers. not everything. even with that 31. but enough. “you don’t think undead are supposed to be able to cry, but--”
(the wraith just watched one of her daughters die and didn’t even realize--)
someone needs to tell eris.
(context: it is the day directly after nyx fell. eris is not here. eris is sitting in the crow’s nest, where eris and nyx had their first real fight.)
thalia tells her. xarus casts hold person.
(context: eris is not known for her healthy responses to emotional revelations)
the wraith says, cold as the grave, let her go. xarus lets her go.
but her stride is broken. eris just yells instead. and then-- “i leave because i know i'm going to do something nyx would not want me to do”
and then (arlowe:) “[eva] wanted [eris] to hurt her”
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shakespearefreak · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Close-up views of my IMVU Reapers
The 3D images were made with IMVU Client. I do not own or work for IMVU. Visit IMVU here
I did not create any of the products shown. If you want to know anything about my outfits, feel free to message me.
Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler © Yana Toboso, Square Enix, A-1 Pictures, and FUNimation Entertainment Kuroshitsuji Musical II: The Most Beautiful DEATH in The World - A Thousand Souls and The Fallen Grim Reaper was written by Mari Okada & directed by Sakurako Fukuyama
Background found on Google
Edited with Photos and Preview on Mac
My IMVU Avatar Page (If you want to add me on IMVU, please message me instead of just sending me a friend request.)
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lesbi-aang · 12 days ago
like i saw this tiktok video about the definition for lesbian as “non-men attracted to non-men” and this girl was like “it’s not centering men, that’s just the way that the english language is structured” and one of her examples was that “in order to spell impossible you have to write i’m possible” like??? she was trying to say like that’s just how english prefixes work, so the definition doesnt center men at all, despite the fact that man is the only noun in it. she also said like “it’s like nonbinary, the prefix non negates the binary so it doesnt validate the binary” which... lol
it made no sense and people in the comments were agreeing and i just... how do they not realize how stupid this all is. 
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monotonous-minutia · 14 days ago
*in S5E9 after Mordred rescues Arthur and Merlin from the ravine*
Arthur: It's a good thing you showed up when you did Mordred. I thought I was going to have to 127 hours this sitch.
Mordred: You were going to cut off your own arm?
Arthur: Is that how it ends?!? Oh man, I got busy and my rental period expired. I thought he just wiggled out.
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Leon: I can solve math equations fast
Carl: oh yeah? What’s 13 x 17?
Leon, after a split second: 39.
Carl: wrong.
Leon: but it was fast wasn’t it
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funnywings · 28 days ago
More Parker and Cas similarities: fucking with your love interest by pretending not to understand what they like about the film/film franchise they're obsessed with
For example:
Hardison: It's an insult, like CGI yoda was to the original puppet
Parker: you know, i actually like CGI yoda
Hardison: You what?!
Dean: Remember I made you watch that movie.
Cas (unimpressed): Oh yeah, with the cowboys and tuberculosis. I'm your huckleberry.
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greekschist · a month ago
Hermes: You think I filled your shampoo with glitter?
Athena: Who else? You're the god of thieves and trickery.
Apollo: I believe him. He always admits when he does stuff. He's proud of it.
Athena: Well, I'm pretty proud of my right hook.
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ace-bookworm · a month ago
I’m just gonna say it
*John mulaney voice* I love Charlotte Richie on taskmaster more than certain relatives of mine
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sea-collects-rivers · a month ago
here, black sails tag... overwhelm me again with your Wisdom. what's the thoughts & prayers interpretations of that one scene between Flint & Miranda. when she's like "you're ashamed of having loved him" and he's like "what no im not".
is she right? is she IN the right? is he denying just because he's angry at her and he wants to hurt her ("I'm ashamed I listened to you"), is he angry at himself (he always is.... love me sum good self hate. but you know)
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lucinferno · a month ago
simeon: hello lucifer. how have things been?
lucifer: is there something you need?
simeon: oh come on. no i dont need anything. just wanted to see how things are down there
lucifer: well things are the same. in fact, i have somewhere to be so if you dont mind-
simeon: hah- no time to chat, truly the same as ever. well i suppose ill catch you later.
lucifer: im sure you will.
mc, reading their private messages because i guess thats just a thing in the game: 👁👁 
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thatoneaonelover · a month ago
We’re playing a game of chess. You think you’ve captured my pawn but ive already eaten your king.
-Nishinoya, during the Shiratorizawa match
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guiltywisdom · a month ago
The Chalcedonian understanding of how the divine and human relate in Jesus Christ is that His humanity and divinity are perfect examples of these (exemplified) two natures and that the one being or essence (hypostasis) of the Word (or Logos) perfectly exists (subsists) in these two natures.
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mc-pumpkin · a month ago
c!Dream: "[c!]Wilbur is the smartest person on the server!!"
cc!Wilbur: "I got my fidget cube stuck up my nose"
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neckocase · 2 months ago
Tanjiro: “If Zenitsu was drowning at the beach and he told you not to save him, would you do nothing?”
Inosuke: “Depends, what if there’s women there? Maybe he wants one of them to save him.”
Tanjiro: “Say there’s no women.”
Inosuke: “There’s always women at the beach!”
Tanjiro: “Fine, then he’s in a pond.”
Zenitsu: “I would never swim in a pond! They’re infamous for serpents!”
Tanjiro: “Fine, then Inosuke is the one drowning!”
Inosuke: “Hey, I can swim just fine!”
Tanjiro: “Oh my god! I would rather become a demon than try to explain this to you two idiots!”
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minhoinator · 3 months ago
Minho: It's like I'm already married. It's shocking.
Kibum: We're like a couple that got counseling.
Also Minho: Marry me, I want to be yours.
Also Kibum: Yes, I do.
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spasticbookworm · 3 months ago
Daniel: I've been trying to get a hold of you but you don't have a phone
Johnny: No I dont have phone but you could have sent an electric letter. It's called an email.
Daniel: Yeah do you have a computer?
Johnny: No why?
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majormeilani · 3 months ago
bruh. that squi//ggly//digg situation someone literally said that "they did nothing wrong cancel culture is bad" and like..... i don't agree with 'cancel culture' bc i think a lot of it is toxic and not good (like the dogpiling, doxxing, harrassment, ect. that shit is gross and doesn't help anyone) I DO believe in holding people accountable for their actions and by saying that someone "did nothing wrong" you are not holding someone accountable for their actions and by that not allowing them to grow as a person.
i do not think someone should be cancelled for the rest of their life over past mistakes and but making excuses for their behavior and everyone who supports them proceeding to say "they did nothing wrong" when they very clearly did is not good. it doesn't give them room to really think about what they have done nor a chance to show their maturity by apologizing properly and making amends to do better in the future. as i've said before, being able to be vulnerable in apologizing for your mistakes is very important despite how painful it may be. you can make excuses all you want or think people are overreacting or you could genuinely own up to your faults and people will appreciate you more as a person than you getting overly defensive and shutting ppl out bc they criticize you. esp bc some people who are criticizing you are doing so in order for you to do better. yeah, it will be painful and won't pass overnight but taking the first steps to be the bigger person will help in working things out.
and by squi//ggly not owning up to her faults where they lie, it doesn't look good at all. esp bc she's victimizing herself to the point that she thinks she was cancelled solely over her, albiet, bad) criticism of lilo and stitch as well as her "having a parler" account which if you really look at why people are upset, is not the sole reasons at all. and for her to further tack on that the m/s/a crew cut ties with her just "because she was cancelled" just further proves that she doesn't find fault in her actions at all and wants to pull a "pity me" card bc she's, unfortunately, facing the consequences for her behavior. and i feel like people's love for her work is really clouding their judgment of her behavior because even though you may love someone dearly, it is important for you to let them know when they have made a mistake and for you to hold them accountable for their actions when they royally fuck up. you can support them so they can improve, but don't just sweep their actions under the rug so easily just because they are a talented creator or you feel bad that people seem to be against them.
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incorrectbugsnaxquotes · 3 months ago
Chandlo: I don’t have an anniversary gift for Snorpy,we were supposed to make our own gifts.
Floofty: Why don’t you give Snorpy this model of a spaceship i made?
Chandlo: Hang on, i can’t give him this
Floofty: why not?
Chandlo: Because it says “Captain Floofty” on the side. and “I hate Snorpington” on the bottom.
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alliluyevas · 3 months ago
my fourth period ninth grade class is really energetic and enthusiastic which is often very endearing but also makes me suspect they’d be bouncing off the walls if we weren’t remote...they were on an absolute TEAR today asking non sequitor questions at the end of class, it was like:
Student A: Whats your favorite fruit? Mine is mango. I’m eating an orange right now though *slurps*
Student B: do we get to take World History next year?
Student C: tomorrow can we watch a movie because it’s Friday?
Student B: do you know who colonized Somalia?
Student A: Is a coconut a fruit?
Student D: are we your favorite class?
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