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#paige winchester
mrspaigeomega · a day ago
Thank you @shellibisshe for this beautiful art of my OCs Paige and Kate Winchester ❤❤
Their sins as well
Tumblr media
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mrspaigeomega · 3 days ago
*toddler Cristina dancing happily and carelessly to Mr. Blue Sky while peggies attack their home*
Paige (mom voice): Cri!, get outta the way you're gonna get hurt!!
Cristina: *waves at her adorably*
Paige (calm tone): Hi *goes back to killing peggies*
Cristina*puts something inedible in her mouth*
Kenneth (0.01 seconds later; pausing in the middle of a battle; military dad voice): No, no, Spit it out! Spit it out! Come on!
Cristina *spits out whatever it was*
Kenneth (look of disgust) : Disgusting *goes back to killing peggies*
Cristina *continues dancing*
*Judge eats her snacks*
Cristina *does a baby Groot like growl; jumps on Judge's back; attacking it*
Cristina *gets up, and continues dancing as if she didn't get taken for a ride on a wolf's back around the property, attacking it, and being thrown off of it; as explosions and gun fire goes off*
Random peggie: *gets thrown onto the Bluetooth speaker; stopping the music, and destroying it*
Cristina *baby Groot like growl; hits them with a stick*
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ofallthingsspn · 5 days ago
Life update
I haven’t been posting my rewrite for a few weeks, and I just wanted to apologize for it.
I’m planning on taking a hiatus from my rewrite for a few weeks. I have more parts up on my AO3 account, if you guys would like to check those out.
My eardrum has been ruptured, and it’s a huge hole to the point where I’m going to need surgery. I’ve been in a lot of pain, dizzy and nauseated due to my eardrum just.. being ruined. And it’s too much to the point where I can’t think straight. 
I’m hoping that after my surgery I can get back to writing this rewrite for you guys, I’m really, truly sorry for putting this on a pause. 
Thoughts and prayers would be great if you guys could send them my way, because this is a risky surgery and I’m terrified. 
I adore, and appreciate you all so much. 
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mrspaigeomega · 5 days ago
I forgot to post these. I created my OCs Paige and Kate Winchester in Cyberpunk awhile back.
I should've used a different background for Kate, cuz she looks bald
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mrspaigeomega · 6 days ago
I was originally gonna put Deputy, but I wanted to change it up (again), and also this seems like a conversation Jacob and Paige would have. In an AU where he's her godfather. But also feel free to insert Dep, or your own OC as you read.
Jacob Seed: Paige!
*Paige enters room*
Jacob: Listen I was trying to buy this hand crafted mahogany wood model of a b-52 mitchell Panchito aircraft
Paige: Aw for John?
Jacob: Don't sass me, and I went to this website and this ad popped up that said "Hey Jacob Seed check out this great offer".
Paige: Whats your question?
Jacob: My question is what the hell?!?.
Paige: Like how do they know who you are??
Jacob: Yeah
Paige: Okay, um, there are these things called cookies where like if you go to a site, and buy something it'll remember you and then create ads for other stuff you might want to buy.
Jacob: So it learns information about me. Seems like an invasion of privacy.
Paige: Dude if you think thats bad, go to Google Earth and type in your address.
Jacob: *types in home address*
A few moments later
*Jacob throws computer in a dumpster*
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mrspaigeomega · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
"Another time, Paige and I went into town, Falls End, not long before she was taken by the Cult, we went into the Spread Eagle bar 'cause Cri went number 2 in her diaper, and had to be changed. I waited outside the washroom, and guess who came in? John fuckin' Seed and some of his douchebag followers." - Kenneth Smith (dialog as a Gun For Hire; Falls End)
"I know Nick and Kim Rye deal with the pettiness of John Seed trying to ruin their marriage. I know it, within the first few months of Ken and I moving here. John tried to ruin our marriage, trying to get under Ken's skin and have him leave me or some shit. I don't know why he's so obsessed with us!." - Paige Winchester-Smith (dialog as a Gun For Hire; Falls End)
@redreart has done it again! With this amazing, beautiful art of my favorite OC family!! Paige Winchester and her husband Kenneth Smith along with their infant daughter Cristina. 🖤❤🖤❤
If you ever want to commission anyone for art. I recommend her!
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mrspaigeomega · 11 days ago
4 & 11 for Kate and 15 &19 for Paige?
4 - My favorite HC with Kate is her relationship with John Seed but its in an AU where the Cult isn't a thing, and they have a healthy relationship, they get married and have 3 kids.
11 - I haven't really shipped Kate with any of my other OCs, but I can see her being with my other OC and her best friend Morgan Costello. They're like a dynamic duo together.
15 - Random HC, when Paige got into a fight in school because a group of jocks were picking on Kate because of how small and nerdy she is.
19 - Paige's favorite foods are pizza, tacos, burgers, Japanese, Italian and Mexican. Favorite movies The Crow, Lost Boys, The Warriors, The Outsiders. Favorite books, anything that is Stephan King she'll read.
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mrspaigeomega · 13 days ago
New Dawn: New Horizons Chapter 2 - An Archangel’s Daughter
Warnings: Language
Word count: 2.6k
Summary: Gabriel confronts Lucifer to protect Daenerys from him. Cristina tells her parents about her encounter with Lucifer. 
Guest OCs: Thomas Winchester-Smith (FC: Colin Ford), Jeffrey Winchester-Smith (FC: Dylan Everett)
Guest characters: Carmina Rye, Gabriel [Supernatural], Lucifer [Supernatural]. Sam and Dean Winchester [mentioned]
Written by @athenalillystar and myself. Supernatural & Far Cry New Dawn crossover. Hope y'all enjoy! 💗💗
Taglist: @wargames94 @rabbitsoldier @mrsladydiana @vicki-the-sinner
Tumblr media
The Winchester kids, and Carmina Rye sitting at Roughneck’s Crag. Laughing, having a great time, and enjoying the Montana night around the bonfire. 
Not far from them, Lucifer appears, tracking down Daenerys. Just to see how special this human child is to his brother. He walks through the tall grass, the lights from the hut lightning up the dark mountain, wooded area with dead trees, dirt roads and the loud rock music playing.
Lucifer sees the kids, figuring out which one of them is Daenerys. Clearly it’s not either of the two boys, it's not the tall brunette with the blue streaks because he met, and spoke to her hours earlier. 
So it’s either pink, purple hair (Daenerys), glasses (Bianca), or beanie (Carmina).
He listens in on their conversations from 25 feet away, hiding in the darkness. Underneath the water tower. So far he’s able to get their names.
Jeffrey, Thomas, Bianca, Carmina and Daenerys, but still doesn’t know who is who. The small pink, purple haired girl steps away from the others.
“Dae, where you going?!” Cristina asks.
“I’m getting a drink!!” she responds. 
“Get me one too!” the elder sibling responds. 
“So you’re the one who’s holding my brother back” Lucifer says to himself. 
He follows her, while remaining hidden. “Who would’ve known the small pink, purple haired one would be “fathered” by my brother” he tells himself, “It makes sense. She looks like a unicorn threw up on her hair, she looks like she eats a lot of candy, sugar, and yet has a petite figure”. 
He watches her go through the cupboards inside the hut. He’s about to approach her, when the sound of wings fluttering stops him.
“What are you doing here?!?” an angry whisper asks. He turns around, and sees a furious Gabriel with his arms crossed.
Lucifer smirks, “I see you’ve been working on your dad face. Keep it up, it looks good” giving him a thumbs up.
His arms still crossed, and still angry, “What are you doing here?!?” he asks again.
“I just wanted to see what was so special about “wittle” Daenerys” he says mockingly.
“Get out of here!” he demands him.
He scoffs, and crosses his arms “No, and if I don’t, what are you gonna do about it?!. With very little powers you have”.
He takes a few steps closer to him. “I’m not gonna need much to take you down Lucifer” Gabriel threatens him. He gives him a mocking look, and chuckles. 
“Really? Because I can kill you right now, and little Dany won’t know what happened to her “father”. Does she even know you’re an Archangel?!. Well half Archangel, but more on the human side”.
Not wanting to give his brother the satisfaction on telling him the truth. He continues to stare at him, not saying a word. His lack of response makes Lucifer’s mouth drop open in a dramatic fashion.
His hand covering his mouth, “Oh my dad, she doesn’t know you’re, or were, an Archangel!?!”.
Gabriel looks away for a moment, and back at Lucifer, shaking his head “No. No she doesn’t know, and I don’t want her to know. She doesn’t know I’m not her real father, and Kate wants it that way”.
Lucifer clenches his teeth, squinting his eyes and says mockingly, “It’s never a good thing to lie to your child. Well she’s not your child, so I guess it's okay to lie to her”.
He stares at him once more, telling his older brother in frustration “Lucifer, just leave. I have enough on my plate already”.
He immediately responds back, “And what is that Gabe?!. Not having your powers?. Dad not answering your calls?. Being a human?. It sucks doesn’t it?!?”.
He raises his hand, snapping his fingers, freezing time, and approaches the group of kids. Standing behind Daenerys.
“Lucifer!” Gabriel mutters angrily, marching towards him “Lucifer, get away from them!!”.
He glares at Daenerys in disgust, “What is so special about this small human?!?. I mean this color. It's so bleh” he gags in disgust.
“Lucifer, stay away from them!” he threatens him again.
“But this one!” he points to Cristina, “This one, I like. I spoke to her earlier”.
Gabriel looks at him in confusion, “You spoke to Cristina?!?”.
He nods his head, “Yep. We had a nice little chat. About how dad farted on humanity, tried to wipe them all out. How he spoke to Joseph Seed about the Collapse, and how he played him”.
“She knows you’re!?!” he asks, motioning his hand up, and down “Lucifer?!”.
“Yeah, she freaked out!. I don’t think mommy Paige told her about, our kind” he whispers the last few words.
He follows up, “Which makes sense because your pink headed daughter doesn’t know you’re an Archangel, and pretty much lied to her, her whole life. How old is she? 12? 14? 15?”. 
“She’s 14” he mutters, rolling his eyes. 
“14!” he says “ethusasically”, placing his hands on his cheeks, “Wow, she should be in high school. Talking about boys, getting her nails done, or something like that. I don’t know”.
Still fed up with his brother's antics and already annoyed that he decided to show himself to his human niece, and is threatening his daughter. 
“What are you trying to do here?!?” he asks, irritated with his brother's antics. 
“Seriously. What is so special about her?” he motions to Daenerys, “What’s so special about Kate Winchester, or the Winchesters in general?!?”, trying to somehow convince his brother.
Gabriel groans in annoyance, rolling his eyes, “Okay, fine. When I cast out of Heaven, and landed here, the only humans I knew were the Winchesters. I didn’t know Kate, and Paige were pregnant. With very little strength, and powers I had, I went to them and their family. I knew they would take me in. Yeah they didn’t really trust me at first, but then I explained to them what was happening in the world. They believed me. Now with Dany, when Kate was pregnant I took care of her, and she gave birth, I took care of the baby. I helped Kate raise her, and that's why she's so important to me. I watched her grow up, and she saw me as her father.”
Lucifer acts touched to what his little brother had said. He says, pretending to be tearful. 
“That was just so touching” he wipes a fake tear from his eye. “I can feel my heart growing with happiness”. 
Gabriel knows he’s faking it. It’s his thing.
“Yeah sure. You really think I’m gonna believe that crap” he tells him.
Gabriel looks at his temporarily frozen daughter, “Believe me or not, I don’t care. Whether she came from me or not. She’s still my daughter. I helped raise her, and if I have to protect her from you, or any other bag of dicks, I will. My lack of powers won’t stop me from protecting her”.
Lucifer shrugs, lifting his arms up, “Have it your way, but also remember I’m still not done with you”.
He snaps his fingers, disappearing, and unfreezing time. Gabriel quickly teleports back to the compound. 
Daenerys looks in the direction where her dad was standing. Thinking she saw him, just merely seconds ago.
“You okay Dae?” Bianca asks her. 
She looks around confused, “Yeah, I thought I saw my dad. That was weird” she laughs it off. 
They all stay there for another 15 minutes before getting up, heading back to their car, and going home.
Back at the compound Gabriel walks through the front door, and a worried Kate approaches him.
“Gabe!! Where have you been?!?” she asks, now relievedly.
He stammers a bit, “I-I uh”. He lets out a sharp exhale, and tells her the truth, “When I went out earlier to contact my dad, Lucifer”.
“Lucifer?!?!” Kate exclaims. It catches Paige, Kenneth, Adrian, Mandy, Mark and Nate's attention, making all of them turn around.
“What about Lucifer?!?” Paige asks from the kitchen.
He continues “Lucifer appeared to me, and he wanted me to go with him”.
“Go with him? Where?” Kate asks.
“He didn’t say. He saw you Kate in one of the windows, and he was like “You live with the Losechesters now?!” and I told him that I am. I told him that I couldn’t go with him because of her”.
“Daenerys?!” she whispers.
Nodding his head, “Yeah, he went to where they were at tonight, and I was able to confront him before she could see him”.
“Oh no, no, no” Kate mutters, shaking her head. 
The others, Cody, Martin, Barbara and everyone else hear the commotion and enter the living room. 
“He didn’t say anything to her, or he didn’t do anything to them?!?” she asks, about to start panicking. 
“No, no he didn’t do anything to them, or to her. But he did mention that he. Talked to Cristina earlier” he hesitates on the last part.
“What?!?!” Paige shouts, getting up from her seat “What did that asshole say to her?!?”.
“He knew she was your kid, and he also wanted to know why Daenerys is so special to me. I told him why, but he didn’t believe me. Which is typical of him".
Exhaling in frustration, “I can’t believe him. I can’t believe he would show himself to her, and all those years. I tried shielding our kids from that life and all that demon crap”.
“Well it doesn’t really help when we have an actual Archangel living with us” Mark informs Paige.
“I know, I know, but none of the kids know he’s an Archangel” she tells them, stress in hervoice.
Gabe sighs “That’s another thing Lucifer mentioned”. 
“What?!” Kate asks.
“He asked if Daenerys knew I’m an Archangel, and I told him “that I don’t want her to ever find out about it", and he tried to make me feel guilty for lying to her”.
They all stare at him, he continues “He also asked if she knows that I’m not her real dad”.
Kate looks at the floor in anger, her hands trembling, “I can’t believe him. I expected this from him, but him putting our daughter into it, that's crossing a major fucking line”.
They see headlights, a car pulling into the property, they all turn back and see the kids. 
“Okay, let's not say anything to them until we get all of this figured out” Paige tells them. 
They all agree, and go do their own thing. The kids enter the house, still talking and laughing.
Gabriel, who is still worried about his brother doing harm to Daenerys, stays quiet about the whole thing until he can figure out a way to get rid of him. Or somehow keep his ass quiet, and prevent him from showing himself to her, and the other kids.
Later that night, Cristina is unable to sleep, or prevent her mind from wandering because of Lucifer. She gets up out of bed, goes to her parents room. 
Paige and Kenneth look up at her.
“What’s wrong Cri?” Kenneth asks.
A look of worry and confusion on her face, “There’s something I need to tell you both” she says to them. 
“What is it?” Paige asks, already knowing what this is about. 
She sits at the edge of their bed, “Earlier today when Daenerys, Bianca and I went to scavenge for supplies. When I was alone in one of the houses looking for supplies. A man appeared, and he said his name was Lucifer”.
Paige and Kenneth look at each other, “What did he look like?!” she asks.
“He was tall, had blond hair, blue eyes. Had some facial hair. He was wearing a mustard color, beige jacket, white t-shirt, and dark blue jeans” she explains every detail of him, from what she can remember of the encounter.
Paige sighs, looks down at the floor. “That was indeed Lucifer.”
“He said he knew you, and aunt Kate” Cristina tells them. 
Paige nods her head, “Yeah, we have a long history with him. Kate killed Lilith all those years ago, and Kate happens to be Lilith’s true vessel. We thought killing her, for the 2nd time, would prevent Lucifer from rising, and getting out of his cage but it did the exact opposite. It freed Lucifer from his cage. She had me killed, and I died. I spent 20 years in Hell, which is 2 months Earth time. I was raised from perdition by the Archangel Michael. In total I’ve died 7 times”. 
Cristina looks at her mother with wide eyes and disbelief. Completely speechless. She looks over at her father Kenneth, and he nods his head. This better be all a dream. This can’t be real!.
“What? How? When? What?!!” she stammers, “Who else knows about this?!?”.
“I do, your grandmother, and your aunt” Kenneth answers, “No one else can know about this. Not your siblings, not Daenerys, not a soul can know about this sort of thing.”
Paige explains to her eldest, “I was 4 years old when my dad died. He died in a house fire that was started by a demon named Azazel. Your grandmother, aunt and I travel a lot, hunting down the demon that killed my father, and ruined our family. It’s a very long story, just to give you the short version. I never wanted you, and your siblings to live the life Kate and I lived growing up”. 
“We wanted a normal life for you guys” Kate jumps in, leaning against the doorframe, “I agree, no one else can know about this, and the man you saw today. Lucifer, the real Lucifer”.
“Okay so what about Sam and Dean Winchester?!?” she asks, "Who are they??".
Kate and Paige look at each other and nod their heads.
“They’re family. Were family. They were our 1st cousins, their dad John, and our dad Joel were cousins. Their dads Henry and Alfred were brothers” Paige tells her, holding back tears, "Your brothers are named after them. They were the best hunters we have ever known. They were very brave. They've saved the world so many times, and we've never forgotten about them. We always think about them." 
“We come from a long line of hunters. Not your typical hunters, but we hunted monsters. Ghosts, vampires, werewolves, demons, all that shit” Kate tells her. 
“I need to go lie down” Cristina says, getting up from the bed, going to her room. Feeling lightheaded.
“Don’t tell anyone. Please, we don't want anyone to freak out, or panic. So just don’t tell anyone” Paige pleads her. 
“Okay” Cristina mutters, nodding her head. Walking towards her bedroom. 
Going to her room, laying down on her bed, and trying to go to sleep. Only to wake up minutes later to the sound of rustling in the corner of her room. She sits up, turning on her light. Nothing. She lays back down, closing her eyes.
The rustling returns but she ignores it, turning on to her side, facing the wall. She hears very faint humming, thinking it's just her imagination. She ignores it. It grows slightly louder, and kind of obnoxious. 
She sits up, and turns on her light again. She sees the same man from that afternoon. Lucifer.
“Hello!” he greets with that same calm voice, and a slight smirk on his face.
She’s about to scream, but he covers her mouth immediately. Muffling her screams.
“Why do you humans always act this way to surprising visitors?!?!” he asks annoyed, shaking his head.  
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mrspaigeomega · 17 days ago
Facts about Paige and Kenneth (marriage and in general) 😊😊
Kenneth was in the Canadian Army for 8 years 2001-2009 as a Guardsman. Paige never knew of this information, until they got engaged.
They met in Manitoba, Canada, and he thought she was (still is) beautiful.
Paige tried to kill him when they first met. (She thought he attacked her; knocking her out), he did fight back, but not enough to actually hurt her.
When they got married, Paige was 2 and half months pregnant.
Hurk Drubman Sr doesn't like Kenneth because he's Canadian, and called him a "dirty hippie who needs a haircut".
They had an on and off relationship. Breaking up twice because of their work and traveling; being separated from each other for long periods of time.
John Seed tried provoking Kenneth, by spreading rumors around Hope County that Cristina is his child
Kenneth and Paige are close friends with Nick and Kim Rye because they all loathe John Seed.
Paige met Adrian, Cody, Mark, Nate, and Martin through Kenneth. They're all hunters.
Kenneth met Sam and Dean Winchester a few years prior to meeting Paige. (headcanon shit)
When Paige discovered she was pregnant, she didn't want the child cause she thought she would be unfit to be a mother.
Some say that Kenneth and Eli Palmer could pass for brothers. By some I mean Paige and Kate, maybe Wheaty, Tammy, Jess Black and every member of the Whitetail Militia
Just to annoy her, Kenneth calls Paige "baby girl", she hates it but lowkey likes it.
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mrspaigeomega · 18 days ago
New Dawn: New Horizons Chapter 1 - Prelude 
Warnings: Language
Word Count: 3.7k
Summary: It's been almost 20 years since the nuclear explosions that destroyed all of Hope County. A lot has changed, many new faces, old friends and new enemies are all head. 
Guest OCs: Cristina Winchester-Smith (FC: Brianna Hildebrand), Bianca Winchester-Smith (FC: Maisie Williams), Daenerys Winchester (FC: Xia Brookside)
Guest Characters: Nick Rye, Carmina Rye, Gabriel [Supernatural], Lucifer [Supernatural], Mickey and Lou [mentioned], God/Chuck [mentioned], Joseph Seed [mentioned], John Seed [mentioned].
Written by @athenalillystar and myself. Supernatural & Far Cry New Dawn crossover. Hope y'all enjoy! 💗💗
Taglist: @wargames94 @rabbitsoldier @mrsladydiana
"I was just an infant when all this happened. My name is Cristina Tatiana Winchester-Smith, and life has never been the same, to my parents at least. Half my life I spent living underground in a bunker. All this was just an experience for my siblings and I. My family had to rebuild everything they had established. Saving, helping out those in need, it's our family business. 
Tumblr media
The next generation of the Winchester family has grown over the last 15+ years. Ever since the bombs dropped, Joseph Seed was right about everything. Everyone in Hope County emerged from their bunkers after 7 long years. The Collapse happened, sending the world into a nuclear holcaust by the Man upstairs, but that still doesn’t mean he, God, didn't play Joseph Seed and his family. 
Cristina Winchester-Smith, the eldest daughter to Paige Winchester and Kenneth Smith along with her younger sister Bianca, and their cousin Daenerys, the only daughter to Kate Winchester, and unfortunately the daughter to John Seed, whom she doesn't know anything about because she doesn't know of his existence. 
Walking through the ruins of what was once Holland Valley. Everything's destroyed, gone, obsolete. 
Paige used to tell them how everything was, how everything was beautiful, the small town of Falls End, the church, the bar, the agriculture. How life was beautiful and simple, before the bombs fell, and now everything is obsolete. Never, not once telling them about the Cult that terrorized the whole town and how the leaders tortured their whole family.
They walk through the tall grass, rummaging through the prepper stashes in the abandoned destroyed houses looking for supplies.
"Did you find anything!?" Bianca calls out, from a nearby house.
"No, nothing!" Daenerys yells back, not far from her.
In another house 20 feet away from them, Cristina is digging, and pushing debris of a collapsed house out of the way. As she's searching for supplies, a gust of wind blows through the house, and a flutter like noise. She doesn't think anything of it. She hears footsteps from behind her, thinking it's her sister or cousin.
"Hey, did you find anything?!?" she asks, not looking back. Digging through the rubble.
After a few moments of no response, she speaks up again, still not looking back.
"Hey, did you find anything?!?!" she asks again. The voice of a man makes her snap her head back. 
"Ooh how this world has changed" he whispers. She turns around, and sees a tall blonde man with his back to her, slowly standing up, her hand ready on her pistol. 
"Umm who are you?!?" she asks him. 100% suspicious. 
He turns to face her. He's very attractive, he looks like he could pass for her dad. He’s so much older than her, and has beautiful piercing blue eyes.
"I go by many names" he tells her, stepping closer to the eldest Winchester.
She narrows her eyes at him and says, "I don't understand. Is that a reference to something?!".
"I'm Lucifer" he says in a calm voice that sends shivers up her spine.
Her eyes widened for a second, taking a few steps back, and let out a soft chuckle. 
“Okay!!” she laughs. When he doesn’t respond, and stares at her with a serious, dead look. She internally panics.
"Wha-?!!? No?! You serious??" she whispers, trying to play it off but the fear in her voice betrays her.
"Yes" he responds softly, standing still in front of her, blocking the doorway, the only way out.
"You better be joking” she tells him, after a few moments of no response from him “Are you gonna kill me?!?!". 
He steps closer to her, examining her face. He tilts his head to the side while examining her face. She slowly backs up. 
"You look familiar" he says softly. 
Cristina is a splitting image of her mother Paige. Lucifer thinks that this person is Paige Winchester, but appearing much younger, and with blue streaks in her hair. 
He reaches his hand out to touch her face. She backs up against the wall. 
She’s able to duck underneath him, avoiding his touch, only for him to appear in front of her again.
She lets out a slight gasp, and drops to the floor. Crawling away from him.
“I’m not gonna kill you” he tells her, with a hint of annoyance in his voice. 
She crawls back to where she was before, her back against the wall. He kneels in front of her, his hand reaches out to touch her face. Freaking out, she’s never seen, nor met this man before. His huge hand touches her forehead, and he closes his eyes. After a few seconds his eyes open, and are now glowing red. 
She panics, and crawls away from him. Her scream getting caught in her throat, unable to call for the other two.  
“Winchester” he mutters,”You’re a Winchester”.
“Yeah” she responds, softly, her voice breaking. 
“I’m guessing the other 2 are Winchesters as well?!” he asks.
She nods her head, “Yeah” muttering softly.
“Paige Winchester is your mother I’m guessing” he asks, standing up, and taking a few steps away from her. 
“Yeah?. Why?” she asks, beyond confused. 
He sighs, and with a hint of annoyance in his voice, “I know your mother, and her sister Kate Winchester. Pretty much your whole damn family”. 
He turns back around to face her, and says “Sam and Dean Winchester are, or were Paige and Kate’s 1st cousins. So that makes them your 2nd cousins? I’m guessing?!”.
Dumbfounded, and wondering if this is all some dream or hallucination. He’s telling her about relatives that she has never met before, she’s heard her mother talk about them to Kate and her father Kenneth. 
“I still don’t understand” she tells him, shrugging. Confusion written all over her face.
“The famous Winchester clan. My dad, God, he was bored of the human race. That he did all of this” he explains to her enthusiastically, with his arms out. Referring to the collapse, and the world being destroyed. 
“My mom said that some man named Joseph Seed said that all this would happen” she tells the Archangel.
“Yes, because he was picked by God, but what he didn’t know was that, God, Chuck was playing him, and would lead to the destruction of humanity. Hence The Collapse" he tells her. 
Her eyes widened, everything made sense. Everything that her mom, and aunt have said over the years makes sense. 
After emerging from the bunker after 7 years, they were able to rebuild their home. Making sure everything would be protected from the Highwaymen. A group of assholes who force people out of their homes, taking whatever they want from whoever they want. 
“I didn’t catch your name” he says, breaking her from her thoughts. Crossing his arms. 
“C-Cristina” she hesitates. 
He claps his hands, “Well Cristina, you won’t see the last of me. I might pay your folks a visit. Most Angels, and a few Archangels were all cast out of Heaven when my daddy farted on humanity. So I’m gonna go find my bros” he says, “But before I leave. One more thing. You look too much like your mother. It’s weird”. He tells her with a smug, disgusted look on his face, as if she were responsible for how she looks. His last words to her before he disappears, or are they?!. 
She looks around looking for him. Cannot believe that she met Lucifer. The Fallen Angel. The Devil, Satan himself!!. Her thoughts are interrupted by her little sister and cousin calling out for her. 
“Cristina!!” Daenerys calls out. Startling, and disturbing her thoughts. 
She steps out of the house, “Yeah!?!”. 
“Did you find anything?!” Bianca asks.
She shakes her head, “No I didn’t find anything”. Trying not to show any fear in her voice or in her eyes. 
“Well, I found 5 rolls of duct tape, 3 metal springs and some titanium pipes” Daenerys tells her.
“I found titanium pipes as well, and 3 rolls of copper wire” Bianca tells them. 
She nods her head, “Okay, well let’s head back to Prosperity then” she tells them. 
They jump into their motorcycles and ride back to Prosperity, their safe haven. Cris riding by herself, Bianca in hers with Daenerys in the side cart. 
They didn't find much supplies, but enough to fix a car or part of a motorcycle.
The eldest child, Cristina who is still disturbed, and discombobulated after encountering "Lucifer". She didn't say anything to the other 2 because she didn't want to freak out, or have them worry about it.
She would tell her parents but they might not believe her, telling her that it was some Highwayman trying to scare her, but that didn’t explain him disappearing out of nowhere, and his eyes glowing red. Thinking about everything he said. Him saying that he knew her mother, and aunt.
They make it back to Prosperity, walking through the front gate with their supplies. They hand all their supplies they found to Nick Rye, and they go inside the house.
"Hey, are you guys hungry?" Paige, the mother to Cristina and Bianca asks.
"Yeah, sure" Cristina replies. Trying not to look bothered
She hands them plates with different types of sandwiches and chips. They all sit outside on the steps. Paige notices her eldest daughter looks bothered.
“Cri, you okay?” she asks. Putting on her best concerned mother look.
She lifts her head up, and looks at her mother, “Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just a little tired” she replies.
Paige nods, and goes back to making lunch for everyone in the safehouse.
As they’re sitting outside eating, Kate along with Selene walk down the stairs with boxes of medical supplies. Daenerys sees them, and immediately gets up from the steps. 
“Hye mom!” she calls out. Kate turns to face her only child.
“Yes Dany!?” she asks.
“Would it be okay if Cristina, Bianca, Jeff, Tom, Carmina and I go to Roughneck’s Crag tonight?” she asks, trying to use her puppy dog eyes that she inherited from her. Kate furrows her eyebrows at her, scrunching her nose. Trying to be a good parent, but also wanting to keep her daughter away from danger, but also wanting her to have fun and be a kid.  
“I’m okay with it, but you have to ask your father. He has the final word” she tells her, and walks towards the infirmary.
Daenerys’ adopted Archangel father Gabriel, whom she doesn't know is an Archangel, nor her biological father walks by, going towards the garage. He was one of the several Angels that were all cast out of Heaven when the bombs fell. 
“Hey dad!” she calls out.
He stops, faces her and says with a smirk. “Yes Dany boy?”. She rolls her eyes in embarrassment at the nickname he gave her. 
“Would it be okay if Bianca, Cristina, Jeff, Tom, Carmina and I go to the Roughneck’s Crag tonight?” she asks, with her blue puppy dog eyes.
He crosses his arms, staring at her, trying to put on his best strict father face. “Did you ask your mother?”.
“Yes” she replies.
“And what did she say?” he asks, looking down at the small pink haired human that is his daughter. 
“To ask you. But she said she was okay with it” she replies, using the puppy dog eyes on him “Sooo is it okay!?!”.
He stays silent for a moment, anticipating to answer her question. “It’s okay with me. Just be careful” he tells her.
“Thanks dad” she says, and goes back to her cousins at the steps. He goes to the garage where Nick Rye, and Kenneth Smith are. “What did he say?” Bianca asks her. 
“He said it was okay” she answers. 
Later that night, at the Winchester-Smith compound, Bianca, Cristina, Jeffrey, Thomas and Daenerys leave for the Roughneck’s. Which is a hang out spot for those who survived the Collapse, and need to take a breather.
“Be safe!!” Paige shouts as they drive off the property. 
Kenneth taught Cristina how to drive when she turned 15, since there are no cops. Well there are a few cops but they don’t care. No law enforcement officers that survived the bombs cares about their jobs. So she can drive without a license.
All of the adults stay behind. Paige, Kate, Kenny, Gabriel, as well as their old friends Mark, Nate, Martin, Cody, Adrian and their families. Paige and Kate’s mother Mandy, and their godmother Barbara. 
They had to rebuild, and expand their house, once they came out from the bunker after 7 long years. Splitting the house into 3 houses once again.
Putting up a 25 foot wall, solid concrete with a 25 foot iron gate. Security cameras pointed at all corners of the property. Always heavily armed.
“I’m not very comfortable about them going out this late” Kenny says to Paige. 
She sighs, “I’m not either, but I want them to have fun. They know what to do when they encounter the Highwaymen”. 
Kate and Gabriel approach them from behind. 
“Daenerys has an ear to detect trouble, they’ll be fine” Kate explains, reassuring them.
“Yeah, I know. I just don’t want them to run into the twins” Kenny tells her. 
Kate scoffs, shaking her head “The twins. Mickey and Lou, a couple of little fucks, who need an ass whooping”. Paige chuckles, “Yeah, no shit”. 
“They’ll be fine. I know it” Gabriel tells them, sitting on the kitchen counter. They turn to face him, “Are your Archangel senses kicking in?!” Paige jokes. 
He nods his head side to side, “Whatever I have left, which isn’t much” he tells them.
“So you’re a human?!” Kenneth asks.
“Partially human” he says, before joking “I hate it. I know I’m fond of humanity, but how do you all live like this?!?”. 
They laugh, despite what this celestial has gone through, from being cast out of Heaven, losing his grace but he got to marry his soulmate, even if she doesn’t know it. The soulmate part. 
“You know you love it!!” Kate teases, wrapping her arms around his neck. Placing his hands on her waist, pulling her closer to him.
“If I have to deal with you, I’ll take it” he responds, kissing her. He gets off from the counter, and heads outside. 
“Where you going?!” she asks him. He turns to her, “I’m gonna try, and contact my old man for the 5,678th time”.
“Is Heaven radio even working?!” Paige asks, “Is anyone up there taking the calls?” 
He shrugs “It does work, nothing but static. They still should get my calls. Even if the line is busy”. He goes outside, standing far away from the house, so he can get his message through the line. 
He looks up at the sky, and prays “Hey dad, it's me, Gabriel. Answer me, or you won’t get rid of me until you answer all of my questions. You’ve been holding off for 17 years and you will reply back”. 
A moment a silence, then a gust of cold wind blows past him. Looking up at the night Montana sky with green, pink Northern lights illuminate all day and night. 
“Well, well, well” a familiar male voice says. He turns around, and sees his older brother.
“Lucifer?!” he exclaims, surprised to see his fallen brother.
“Gabriel?!” he mocks him, “You’re one of the Archangels that fell?!”.
He shrugs, “Yep. The old man won’t respond to my calls”.He takes a few steps closer to his older brother, “He owns me, and every other angel an explanation”. 
Lucifer steps closer to his little brother, he sighs, then his eyes wander up, and sees Kate at a window inside the house. 
“Are-are you living with the Losechesters?!?” he asks. Look of disgust on his face. 
He looks back at the house, then back at Lucifer, “Yeah, after I fell and landed on Earth. With the very little powers I had, I teleported to them” pointing back towards the Winchesters who don’t see them.
“So they took you in?!?” Lucifer asks, confused.
Gabriel sighs, “Yeah, and I uhh. I eventually had a relationship with Kate”. 
Shaking his head in confusion, nothing knowing what to say, “You had a relationship with Kate Losechester?!” he asks.
“Well, I'm still in a relationship with her” he says. Still beyond confused that his brother is in a relationship with a weak inferior human, “I’m practically a step father” he adds.
His eyes widened, “You? A father?. How the Hell did that happen?!” he asks, holding back laughter.
He sighs once again, “Well around the time daddy dropped a deuce on humanity. Kate was pregnant, and when I teleported to their bunker, she was 7,8 maybe 9 weeks, Paige was also pregnant, she had triplets. Kate had a daughter, and that's how I became a step father. Being underground for 7 years because of radiation. I would’ve nailed Kate, and impregnated her myself but you know the whole Nephilim thing, and she’ll die giving birth to it”.
Lucifer trying to take in everything Gabriel said, and trying to process it all at once.
“So. So you’re human?!?” he asks. 
“Partially human. I still have my powers, they're just very limited. I have no access to Heaven, Hell, Purgatory. I can still teleport, but I’m not as strong as I was before I fell”. He sighs loudly, crossing his arms, looking up at the night sky. He looks back at his brother, and asks “So why are you here?!”.
Lucifer shrugs, and says “Looking for my brothers, and I found one so far”.
“Hey Gabe!” Kate calls him from inside the house.
“Come on Gabe, I can take you away from here. Away from them” he says, trying to convince his brother to go with him to looking for the other Angels. 
He shakes his head, “I’m sorry Lucifer. I live here now, I’m glad you want me to help, but I can’t leave them. I can’t do this to her”.
He rolls his eyes, sighing in annoyance. “Come on Gabe, this is the same Kate Winchester that killed Lilith, and freed me from my cage, which I am thankful for. The same Kate Winchester that watched her own sister get turned into a vampire, and didn’t do shit. The same Kate Winchester that lost her soul, and was a demon. The same Kate Winchester that-”.
“Stop!!. Just stop!” Gabriel cuts him off. “I’m not staying just because of Kate. Yeah I married her-”
Lucifer cuts him off by groaning in disgust, “You married a human?!?. Even worse you married a Winchester!!”. 
He ignores his interruption, and continues, “I married her, but I’m not staying just because of her, I’m staying because of Daenerys. Her daughter. My daughter!”. Lucifer crosses his arms, rolling his eyes in annoyance. 
“She is not your daughter!. She’s John Seed’s daughter. She’s not a damn Nephilim, nor does she have any angelic grace".
He glares at him, “John Seed is dead. I was there throughout Kate’s pregnancy. Since the beginning before Daenerys was even a damn embryo. It’s dad’s fault, he’s responsible, he kept me away from her because of his stupid little game”.
He raises his hands in defeat, “Okay. That's fine. If you wanna live amongst the humans, that's fine with me. But I’m not done with you little brother.” 
Gabriel rolls his eyes, turns around, and walks back towards the house.
“Maybe. I’ll pay little Dany a visit” Lucifer speaks out, making Gabriel stop in his tracks.
He turns to face his brother, “If you touch her, or go anywhere near her. I will kill you” he threatens him.
Lucifer smirks at him, “How?. You ain’t gotten any powers”. He goes to grab him but he disappears before he could get to him.
“Gabriel!!” Kate calls out for him again.
Bianca, Cristina, Daenerys, Thomas, Jeffrey and Carmina Rye are hanging out at what was once Steele Farm. Laughing, having a fun time, enjoying the Montana night. The radiation caused the sky to have their own Northern Lights. This was always a great hang out for them because you can see pretty everything from this view. 
Especially from the second floor of the hut. They spent 7 years living underground in their bunkers, and when it was time to come back out. 
Their families rebuilt everything, upgrading everything, their security, their weapons.
The Winchester kids come from a long line of hunters, their parents, their grandparents, their great grandparents, and so on were all hunters, but they don’t know this information because their parents didn’t want them to know of the evil that is out there in the world.
Cristina was always told that “God doesn’t care about anyone. That’s why everything was destroyed. He wanted all of us dead, to wipe us all out of existence because of one man. His name was Joseph Seed”.
She always thought that was a metaphor, or something like that. Yeah everything was destroyed by the bombs, and everything looks depressing. Mainly for their parents because everything was once beautiful, and normal. Life was enjoyed. They lived through it.
To them, to the kids, this was beautiful, and it was just the beginning for them.
Cristina keeps thinking about what “Lucifer” said to her. She feels like she should tell someone maybe not her siblings, or Daenerys or Carmina. Maybe she can tell her parents, her aunt, or her grandmother about that. Maybe this Joseph Seed man, maybe he’s still alive.
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John’s reaction to Felix and Paige causing mayhem in his region?
These two aren't clean!
Tumblr media
Felix belongs to @the-chaos-siblings
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OC Tag
Tagged by @chazz-anova and @hoesephseed (thanks!!! 😊😊)
Tagging: @queenofhollandvalley @oorah22 @athenalillystar @gamer-purgatory @johnseedfanclub and whoever wants to join in 😁
Tumblr media
Name: Paige Hannah Winchester-Smith
Alias/nicknames: Pay, Hannah, Paigey, Rampaige
Gender: Female
Age: 26 (in 2021)
Zodiac: Capricorn
Abilities/Talents: Loves to bake/cook, knows how to sing, can play guitar
Alignment: lawful / neutral / chaotic / good / neutral / evil / true 
Religion: Roman Catholic
Sins: envy / greed / gluttony / lust / pride / sloth / wrath
Virtues: charity / chastity / diligence / humility / justice / kindness / patience
Languages: English, speak and knows some Latin
Family: Kate Winchester (sister), Mandy Winchester (mother), Kenneth Smith (husband), Cristina & Bianca Winchester-Smith (daughters) Jeffrey & Thomas Winchester-Smith (sons)
Friends: Jess Black, Eli Palmer, Nick Rye, Kim Rye, Mary May Fairgrave
Sexuality: heterosexual / bisexual / pansexual / homosexual / demisexual / asexual / unsure / other
Relationship status: single / partnered / married / widowed / open relationship / divorced / not ready for dating / it’s complicated
Libido: sex god / very high / high / average / low / very low / non-existent
Build: slender / average / athletic / muscular / curvy
hair: white / blonde / brunette / red / black / other
Eyes: brown / blue / gray / green / black / other
Skin: pale / fair / olive / light brown / brown / dark / other
Height: 5′8
Scars: She has a c-section scar from when she had her triplets, has a faded joker smile that Jacob Seed gave her. Two scars when she got hit with two Bliss bullets.
Features: She has an anti-possession tattoo on her right shoulder blade, she has her daughters initials C.T (Cristina Tatiana) 11/17/19 tattooed on her left wrist
dogs or cats || birds or bugs || snakes or spiders || coffee or tea || ice cream or cake || fruits or vegetables || sandwich or soup || magic or melee || sword or bow || summer or winter || spring or autumn || past or future
Five songs that remind you of them:
1. I Am The Fire - Halestorm
2. Up From The Ashes - The Letter Black
3. Remedy - Seether
4. New Way To Bleed - Evanescence
5. Monster - STARSET
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I created my OCs Paige and Kate Winchester along with their demons using Picrew.
Demon Paige (Abbadon)
Demon Kate (Lilith)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Far Cry 5 OC Skills
Tagged by @johnseedfanclub and @redreart 😊😊 (thank you!)
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For Paige Winchester
swim || scuba dive (a bit scared of going underwater) || drive || read and write || ride a bike || do math (to some certain extent) || sew || draw || tattoo || do piercings || make a shelter || first aid || cpr || throw a punch || swing a weapon || shoot a gun || reload a gun || Heimlich maneuver || use a lmg  || put someone in a choke hold || use a lighter || use matches || make weapons  || make dynamite || make c4 || break limbs || bake  || cook || make a store bought pizza || make a craft mac and cheese || be annoying || use a zipline || fly a plane (she hates flying!!) || drive a boat (“it’s just like drivin’ a car!”) || control temper || drop kick a peggie to hell (yeah) ||
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Eden’s Gate: Aftermath Chapter 7 - Now That The World Is Ending
Warnings: Cuteness, Gabriel holding baby/toddler Daenerys
Word count: 2.4k
Summary: In the final chapter of Aftermath, as the bombs drop down to Earth above their heads. The Winchesters have a surprise guest living with them. 
Guest OCs: Just the usuals. 
Guest Characters: Archangel Gabriel [Supernatural], John Seed [mentioned]
Note: Next is NEW DAWN: NEW HORIZONS. Taking place 15-17 years later in the year 2035. THANK YOU FOR READING MY CRAP!!!!
Far Cry New Dawn x Supernatural [crossover with OCs]
“Gabriel?!?” Kate mutters in confusion, and also in surprise. He looks up at the two sisters, with a soft smile on his face and weakly mutters “Surprise to see me?”. That question was directed towards Kate, and she smiles back in return. 
Surprised and also happy to see her Archangel. 
“How did you g-” Paige asks, before stopping herself when she realizes it was a stupid question, “That was a stupid question”.
They help him up, and take him to the main room. Sitting him down on the living room couch.
“Gabriel?!?” Mandy mutters as she walks into the room. In shock and surprised to see the wounded celestial, bleeding a little through his shirt. 
Paige leaves her mom, sister and the Archangel by themselves to go get Kenny and the others. Mandy then stands up, and goes to grab a first aid kit, or something that can heal an Archangel. Leaving Kate and Gabriel alone. She takes a seat in front of him. They look at each other for a few seconds. 
“What happened?!” she asks, opening his shirt, and cleaning his wound on his stomach. 
He shrugs, and softly groans in pain “I’ve sorta lost my powers”.
She furrows her eyebrows at him, “Sorta?!?”. 
He sighs, “I’ve lost some of my powers when I was cast out”.
She looks at him, confused, “Cast out?. What do you mean cast out?”
He looks at her, “I’m sure you saw the giant mushroom cloud in the sky”. She nods, “Yeah, we all saw it”.
He shifts in his spot on the couch, “Did you see what else appeared in the sky shortly after?".
Shaking her head, “No, we all ran down here. What else happened?”.
He looks her in the eyes, and says in the most dramatic way possible, “All Angels were cast out of Heaven”. 
Her eyes widened, “What?!?. All of them? Everyone?". He nods his head slowly, she stands up from her spot, and paces. Worried about her boyfriend, her friends and everyone she got to know in Hope County. Playing with the bracelet Wheaty gave her. Her thoughts are interrupted by the wounded Archangel on the couch in front of her. 
“A boyfriend huh?” he asks, chuckling and looking up at her.
She looks at him confused, “What?!?”.
“You got a boyfriend?" he asks, "Or had one".
She tries to hold back her tears, biting her lip “Not helpful Gabe” she mutters softly. Standing there in front of him, her hands resting on her cheeks, looking at the floor. Her anxiety builds up, and her hands become shaky. 
Gabriel stares at her stomach, just something about it looks different to him. It looks slightly bigger, like she put on some weight. He can’t seem to put his finger on it, but whatever it is he can feel some strange essence, or some sort of energy coming from it, coming from her body. She has a slight glow on her face, but it could be sweat. 
Kate notices him staring at her stomach. “Why are you staring at my stomach?!?” she asks, glaring over at him. Breaking his focus on her slightly bigger stomach. 
He looks up at her, anticipating for her to slap him for asking the question, “Don't hit me for asking this but, did you gain weight??”.
She scoffs at him, rolling her eyes, and crosses her arms. Taking a few steps away from him, “You never ask those types of questions to a human Gabe”. 
He tilts his head, curiosity getting the best of him, and motions her to come towards him, “Come towards me”. She heeds, and walks towards him, standing in arms reach. He places his hand on her 7 and a half week baby bump, and feels why his curiosity is concerned about her belly. 
His eyes widened, he looks up at her with his eyebrows raised “You’re pregnant?!”. 
Feeling somewhat hurt that his special human is pregnant with another man's child. 
For a moment she forgets that she’s carrying another tiny human being inside her, she nods her head, “Yeah. I am”.
"And it's not mine?!" he jokes, totally not hurt that his human is pregnant. Moving his hand away. 
She scoffs again, "We both know the outcome for that". Taking a seat next to him.
"You were there, you knew I'm pregnant" she tells him. He looks at her confused. 
"I was where??" he asks, very confused. She looks at him in disbelief,  thinking this Trickster is messing with her. "In my hallucination trip. A few months ago" she tells him. 
He looks at her like he has no idea what she's talking about. Shrugging, "What are you talking about??". 
She shakes her head, "It's nothing. Forget it". She drops the hold thing, she knows what she saw in her bliss hallucination a few months ago. 
A few moments later, Paige walks back into the living room with Kenny, Cody, Martin, Mark, Nate and Adrian. 
"Gabriel?!?" the 6 men say in unison. 
The Archangel chuckles, "Did you all rehearse that?!". 
He catches them all up on what was happening in the world. Angels, all of them were all cast out of Heaven, God tried to wipe out all of humanity with a nuclear explosion. The Collapse. The Reckoning. The Apocalypse. The End. The whole world is up in flames. Literally. Heaven is shut down with no one but God up in cloud city. 
May 2021. 7 months later
It’s been 7 months since the bombs were dropped. After several hours the bombs stopped falling, and you'd think everything would be safe to go back out. Nope, knowing that you're gonna have to live underground in a bunker with 20 other people for the next 6 and a half years. After 2 and a half months the world has now ended but it's only just begun. 
No other bombs, or explosions have been dropped by The Man upstairs. The World was going through the route of regrowing, and being reborned. Starting over again.
On May 2nd, Kate gave birth to a healthy baby girl. A few weeks earlier on April 16th, Paige had a C-section giving birth to triplets, 2 boys and 1 girl with the help of Cody, his wife and Adrian’s wife Amanda delivered all 4 of them. Having all the right equipment in the bunker infirmary, stored away.
Jeffrey Dean Winchester-Smith named after her cousin, Dean. Weighing 7 pounds, and 5 ounces.
Thomas Sam Winchester-Smith also named after her cousin, Sam. Weighing 7 pounds, and 5 ounces. 
Bianca Rhea Winchester-Smith because she's always liked the name Bianca. Weighing 7 pounds, and 4 ounces. 
Daenerys Arya Brienne Winchester named after Daenerys Targaryen, Arya Stark and Brienne of Tarth all female characters from Game of Thrones. Being the smallest of the 4 infants, weighing 6 pounds, and 5 ounces. 
Cristina is over a year old. 1 year, and 6 months old. She is now walking, she has almost all of her teeth, and can say 7 to 10 words. She is able to comprehend language, and know from right from wrong. From good from bad. 
The triplets are a little over a month old now, Daenerys is 2 in a half weeks old. 
During her pregnancy, Gabriel was very protective of Kate, even though they were all living underground in a huge bunker, and couldn't leave for another 6 in a half years. 
Cradling her 20 day old daughter in her arms, Kate feeds her a bottle of formula. Gabriel was very cautious around her, afraid that he'll somehow hurt the tiny infant. Even though he has very little to no powers left in him. 
He tried to keep a safe distance from her, Kate constantly reminded him that he didn’t need to worry about hurting the infant. That he and Daenerys will be fine. He is very fond of humans, of course, unlike most celestial beings. That was his one fear, hurting her. 
"You wanna hold her?!" she asks him. He looks up at her, stammering. "Uhh, do-do you want me to?". 
She smiles at him, "It's fine with me" she responds. She hands him the tiny infant. He holds her, cradling her and she starts to fuss in his arms. Making her typical baby sounds. 
He groans uncomfortably, holding her away from him, stammering “Uhhh w-what is happening?!?”.
“She’s fine” she reassures him, fixing her baby blanket, “It’s a normal infant reaction”. 
She starts to calm down, yawning and falling asleep in Gabriel’s arms with her finger in her mouth. 
“What’s happening?!?” he nervously asks, “Is she dead?!?”. 
She looks at him, chuckling, “She’s not dead. She’s asleep”. She takes the infant from his arms and puts her in her old bassinet. 
Paige comes in holding one of her triplets. “Hey” she says, looking down at the one month old infant in her arms. 
“Hey” Kate responds, “Which triplet is that?”. 
She groans unsurely, and checks the diaper, “Thomas, and/or Jeffrey”.
“It’s Thomas!” Kenneth calls out from the next room over, “You’re holding Thomas!”. 
She points in the direction where her husband's voice came from “The 2nd one. Thomas Sam”. 
“How’s the scar?” she asks, referring to her C-section scar. 
She groans uncomfortably, “It’s healing. Slowly, but it’s healing”. 
Later that night, Everyone is in their own bunker rooms. Kate is in hers, changing Daenerys into her night onesie. 
Talking to the infant in a soft voice. Gabriel, who is a few rooms over, can hear Kate and the tiny human with the very little powers he has. Leaning against the headboard of his bed, listening to her conversation.
He knows he’s Kate’s Guardian Angel, he saved her several times, he gripped her tight, and raised her from perdition when she was a somewhat innocent teenager. He’s her soulmate as well. He has had these feelings for her since forever. He knows she would be better off with her boyfriend before God dropped the bombs on humanity, but he’s most likely dead. John? He’s dead as well, and he knows damn well that Daenerys is his kid. He knows Kate is ashamed that she’s his kid, regardless she loves her. 
He couldn't possibly imagine how Daenerys would've turned out if John Seed had lived. How he would've treated Kate, how that demented, psycho family would've treated a pregnant Kate. A premarital baby. How that sadist psychopath would somehow ruin Kate and their baby.
He gets up, and goes to her room. Walks down the hall and knocks on the door. 
“Yeah?” she responds her voice muffled from behind the closed door. He opens the door and steps inside her bedroom. 
“Hey” he sighs, “How she doin’?”. 
“She’s doing great” she answers, taking a seat on her bed. Gabriel takes the leap of faith, not holding back.
“I just wanted to get us over with” he tells her. Kate looks at him confused, “What are you talking about?!?”. 
He lays down on her bed, laying on his side with his hand prompt up against his cheek. Looking up at her. 
He lifts up his free hand from behind him, and holds a diamond ring between his index and middle fingers. Her eyes light up, and gasps softly. 
“You already know where I’m going with this” he chuckles, “Will you marry me? Blah, blah, blah. I love you. Blah, blah, blah. You could do so much more better than that idiot Yes man John Seed”.
She laughs softly at his comments, “So. In all seriousness” he continues, “Will you marry me?”. 
She looks at him, “You already know the answer” she whispers to him before passionately kissing him on the lips.
Katella Evyanna Winchester is set to marry an Archangel. Archangel Gabriel. She always thought of herself as the human he had to protect. That’s all she thought she was to him. His human.
A few years later, November 2024, the children are all 3 years old, Cristina turned 5 years old that same month. 
Daenerys, the youngest of all the children, wakes up at 6:00am, which is unusual for a child at her age to get up at, and feel energetic.
Her and the other 4 Winchester children share the same bedroom, across the hall from their parents rooms. She stumbles to Kate and Gabriel’s room, pushes the door open and climbs onto their bed. 
“Mommy! Daddy!” she says loudly, waking them up. 
Kate groans, as her daughter steps on her with her tiny feet. She sits on Gabriel’s chest and playfully slaps his cheeks. Waking him up.
“What?” he asks, half asleep. She giggles softly, “Wakey wakey”. He chuckles softly, slowly sitting up. 
He looks over at the clock, “It’s 6 in the morning, how are you so energetic?!” he asks the 3 year old child. 
She lets out a playful giggle, and jumps up and down on their bed. 
She looks up at the child bouncing on the bed, having the same exact eyes as John. Those baby blue eyes that she got from him, a reminder that this little bundle of joy and happiness is also John Seed's daughter. 
He gets up out of bed and carries the 3 year old child down the bunker hallway towards the kitchen. 
Despite him being an Archangel with very little of his powers. He manages to get 3-6 hours of sleep, and eat solid foods. Not wanting to use his very little powers in fear that he’ll hurt any of the children living in the bunker, he manages to get by without using them, he knows the world above them is going through some change, a huge massive change that'll change everyone's lives. 
But finally being able to marry the human he fell in love with, and fathering her child, he was more than happy to be a part of their lives.  
Paige and Kenneth walk into the kitchen shortly after, her holding Jeffrey and Thomas in each of her arms. Kenneth holding Bianca, and Cristina following behind him. 
"Here you go" Paige mutters, sitting the two toddlers in their seats at the kitchdn table. Everyone else wakes up half an hour later. Adrian, and his wife Amanda. Mark, his wife Dana and 2 kids. Nate, his wife Ellen and 3 kids, Martin and his fiancée Megan, Cody and his wife Brandy. Mandy, Barbara, Kenneth, Gabriel, Paige, Kate and their kids. 
One bunker with 20+ people, and 1 Archangel living in it. 16 adults, and 10 kids. Having to spend another 2-4 years underground while the Earth regrows, and the radiation goes away. Its only a matter of time, and they can go back to their normal lives, or at least they think its their normal lives. 
Hopefully, a new hope. A New Dawn. New Horizons will come their way.
Tumblr media
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athenalillystar · a month ago
Here are some of my sketches.
I work closely with @mrspaigeomega. I am planning on doing commissions, probably within the next several months when I get my shit together 😂😂😂
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mrspaigeomega · a month ago
Paige and jess or Kate and wheaty for if they had a kid meme?
Send me a pair name and I'll tell you what I think it would like if they had a child
For my favorite lesbian/bisexual/pansexual/other couple!!!.
Paige Winchester and Jess Black their child (or children) would be!!!! 👇👇 They would have two kids btw.
Name: Cristina Tatiana Winchester-Black
Gender: Female
General Appearance: 5'9, Black hair and brown eyes
Personality: Sarcastic, Bold and Blunt
Special Talents: Knows how to make smoke bombs and other explosives
Who They Like Better: Both parents
Who They Take After More: Paige definitely
Personal Head Canon: Can't think of one at the moment
Face Claim: Brianna Hildebrand (regardless of what parents she has)
Name: Ariel Grace Winchester-Black (she prefers Jess' last name)
Gender: Female
General Appearance: 5'7, dark brown hair and blue eyes
Personality: Troublemaker, sarcastic and blunt
Special Talents: can craft her own bow and arrows
Who They Like Better: Both but relates more to Jess
Who They Take After More: Combination of both but more like Jess
Personal Head Canon: Can't think of any at the moment
Face Claim: Liz Gillies (might be a Cyberpunk 2077 OC)
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mrspaigeomega · a month ago
Why is Kate the type that'll learn and actually speak the Dothraki language from Game of Thrones???
Because she is the type that'll learn and actually speak the Dothraki language from GOT 😂😂😂 in any giving situation of the day.
Example 1:
John: Hello Katie
Kate (from the top of her lungs): M'athchomaroon John!
John: Umm okay? Sorry?
Example 2:
Paige: Hey Kate do you know where my gun is?? .
Kate (from the top of her lungs): No anha vos!
Paige (glares at her)
Kate (soft tone): No I don't
Example 3:
Literally anyone: Good morning
Kate (from the top of her lungs): Aena shekhikhi!
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mrspaigeomega · a month ago
Paige: *drinking coffee and sees someone doing some stupid shit*: (scoffs) What a fucking dumbass!
*realizes its her husband Kenneth*
Paige: *spits out coffee dramatically* WAIT THATS MY DUMBASS!!!!
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