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#owen joyner imagines
charlies-gillespie · 8 days ago
i’m making a tag list!
a little late night announcement (i’m sorry i’ve been busy and this is my only free time) but i am making a tag list.
now, you might be wondering … what’s a tag list? a tag list is when i @ you in an imagine that i post (a tag list may include multiple people)
either reply to this announcement or send me an ask to be included
please specify if you want to be tagged in every imagine i post or only certain ones (for example, if you only want to be tagged in charlie imagines or only in luke imagines). you can request to be removed at any time! just let me know
and that’s it! i’m working on requests and they will be out within a few days!
xx - m <3
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mrsbrookegillespie · 11 days ago
+This Town+ Luke x Alive!Reader
Tumblr media
(Not My Gif)
Description: Just read it.
Warnings: ANGST, um... ANGST, and ANGST. Mentions of pregnancy, mentions of death, mild swearing. Probably a lot of typos, I’m editing it, but I wrote this right when I saw the request.
Use of JATP scenes go to the producers and such, and the song that is used in this story is “This Town” by Niall Horan (I changed some of the words, and rearranged the format of it)
S/N = Sons Name
BF/N = Boyfriends Name
I cried writing this... Enjoy.
Tumblr media
+This Town+
“Luke!” Y/N shrieks when he picks her up by her waist, twirling them around. “Put me down.” He chuckles, setting her down gently.
 “How did we do?” he asks. “More importantly--” he clicks his tongue, “--how did I do?” Taking her hands into his, he flashes her a big smile.
She tilts her head, giving him a pointed look. “You know what I’m going to say to that.” She leans forward a little with a small smirk on her face. “You were amazing, and everyone is going to see that tonight.” She presses her lips firmly on his, him returning the gesture by cupping the side of her face to deepen it. 
Though it didn’t last long, when they both pulled away the feeling still lingered. “Well, the guys and I are going to get some food, do you want to join us?” He takes a step closer to her, not being able to let her go.
“Are you guys going to that hot dog place again? The one with the car?” she questions, a look of disgust on her face. “I’ll pass.” 
He puts on a big pout. “Alright,” he mumbles, disappointed. “Your appetite has been really strange lately.”
Alex quickly comes over, throwing an arm around Y/N’s shoulder. “Are you coming, or what?” he asks Luke, no doubt overhearing Y/N’s answer. 
A small groan comes from Luke. “Are you sure you don’t want to come?” he repeats to Y/N. “I’m gonna miss you,” he claims.
“I’ll see you tonight, babe.” She lets out a giggle, glancing at Alex whose expression is most likely unidentifiable to Luke, but to Y/N, she knew exactly what he was thinking. “And I have something to tell you tonight.” 
Luke raises an eyebrow towards her. With a glimpse towards Alex he says, “Is it good or bad?” 
She purses her lips, taking a moment to come up with an answer. “Depends…” 
“Well, then I’ll be counting the minutes.” 
Alex moves away from the couple to give Luke space for him to kiss her left temple. “Be careful out there, alright?” She wraps her arms around him tightly. 
“I will,” he promises. “You worry too much.” 
She shakes her head. “Only for you.” 
“I heard that!” Alex calls out. 
“You know I love you too Alex,” she says. “Now go be boys, with your… Interesting food cravings.” Nudging Luke, he hesitantly walks away, holding her hand until he’s forced to let go.
“I’ll be back as soon as I can,” Luke assures. 
“I’ll hold you to it!” With one last wave, they leave with no knowledge of what’s to come.
Julie sighs walking into the studio. “We’re sorry,” Reggie sings, popping out from behind Luke.
“So sorry,” Alex joins, popping out on the other side. 
“We’re so super-duper, crazy, sorry,” the boys all harmonize at the end, Luke kneeling down on one knee.
“In case you missed it, we’re really sorry,” Reggie adds.
“Yeah. I… I got that part,” Julie replies, her tone short.
“We’ve been here for, like, three hours,” Alex mentions, Reggie high-fiving him.
Luke nods. “Yup.” He goes to stand up. “We almost sang to your little brother.” 
“He comes in here a lot,” Reggie observed. “Mainly to use the bathroom.” He gestures behind him.
“Yeah, it’s not our favorite part of the day,” Alex explains.
“But, Julie, it wasn’t okay that we flaked out on the dance last night,” Luke joins, going back to the real problem. “We know we let you down.” 
“Yeah, and none of us wanted to disappoint you,” Alex states. “You’re the best thing that’s happened to us, since we became ghosts.” 
“So, in hopes that you’ll rejoin the band.” A slow smile creeps up on Luke’s face, him taking a dramatic step towards her. He hands her a piece of paper that he’s been holding. “We booked a new gig.” 
“A mega important, life-changing gig,” Reggie remarks in the background.
Julie analyzes the flier. “Oh, okay, check it out. Tons of managers go here to listen to new bands,” Luke starts. “All we gotta do is blow them all away, and we’re living the dream.” 
“So, this means a lot to you, huh?” Julie asks, still holding her harsh tone. “Kind of how playing in front of my whole entire school meant a lot to me?” 
“Sounds like sarcasm,” Reggie says, confused. He gasps, turning to Alex. “I’m starting to think our plan isn’t working.”
“Look, we know we messed up,” Alex reassures. 
“But we need you in the band,” Luke affirms.
“Of course you do,” Julie begins. “Because without me no one can see you guys playing.” She looks up towards the ceiling. “You know I thought that the music that we were writing was special, but you’re too obsessed with your past to even care,” she accuses, pointing towards Luke.
“I do care,” he argues. “Our band has a real chance at greatness, I’m not gonna let that get away from us again.” 
“Uh-huh, right. So, then why did you bail on me to get back at Trevor?” she interrogates. “I’ll tell you why…” she pauses. “‘Cause there’s only one thing you care about, and that’s yourself.” She storms off, Luke following her by only a few steps. 
“Dude, she didn’t mean that,” Alex asserts. 
Luke looks back at him before poofing away. “Where’s he going?” Reggie asks. 
“Where do you think? Remember what today is?” Alex turns towards Reggie, realization taking over his features.
Alex and Reggie both poof into Julie’s house to see her reading on the couch. “Hey… Uh, do you got a second?” Alex stuffs his hands into his pockets.
Julie sighs, not giving them a verbal response. Re-situating herself on the couch. “Oh my gosh, she can’t see us anymore!” Reggie whisper-yells. Alex gives him a blank stare, lasting for a little longer than a second. “Oh, right.” Reggie shrugs.
Alex sits on the arm of the couch. “Julie, please,” he begs. 
Julie allowed herself to look up at him. “I already told you that I’m done with the band.” 
“Yeah, we know, all right?” He flips his hair out of his face. “But, before you decide that forever we just… We wanted you to know that Luke isn’t as selfish as you think.” 
“Yeah, you’ve got him all wrong,” Julie scoffs, shaking her head at Reggie’s statement. 
“Remember those two songs you found?” Alex asks. “‘Unsaid Emily’, and ‘This Town’.” Julie nods once slowly. “Can we at least show you who one of those songs is about?” 
She looks towards Reggie then back at Alex.
Soon all three of them find themselves behind a tree by a small house. They watch Luke sit on one of the counters, hugging his knees to his chest. And two older people. “So, Emily is his mom?” Julie asks. 
“Yeah,” Alex confirms. “Yeah, Luke comes here a lot… He thinks we don’t know but… We’ve been following him.” They all watch Luke from afar, his red eyes as he follows the two adults walking around.
“All he does is hang out like this, and watch them,” Reggie informs. “They never really do anything though.” 
The pair sets down a cake. “They’re having cake, that’s something.” Julie crosses her arms, trying to make sense of the situation.
“It’s a… It’s a birthday cake.” Reggie looks over at her. “For Luke.” 
“I never knew Luke was hurting this much,” Julie admits.
“Yeah, it’s even worse because when he died he… Left on bad terms,” Alex pauses. “You know, his parents didn’t want their 17-year old in a rock band so… He just left.” He sighs. “He never got the chance to make it up to them.” 
Just at that moment a silver car pulls in. Julie ducking down to hide herself. “Well, that’s new,” Reggie tries to peek over at the car to see who’s inside.
“Wait!” A woman who looked about early forties hops out from the passenger seat. “S/N get out of the car, we’re gonna miss your father’s birthday.” 
“Wait a minute…” Alex stands up taller, getting a good look at the girl’s face. “It can’t be,” he whispers. 
“Sorry!” S/N replies, holding his hands up in defense. “Not my fault dad gave me such good genes, they need to be taken care of.” 
Y/N laughs, guiding him away from the car. “Spoken like a true Patterson.” 
“Y/N?” Reggie questions.
“Y/N?” Julie repeats quietly, confused. 
“The other song that you found--” 
“That’s the girl from the photo.” Julie’s eyes widened, remembering.
“Who’s this?” Julie asks, showing a polaroid picture to Luke. It was him and a girl. “You look so happy in it.” She scans both of their faces, huge smiles covering them.
He looks at it, almost becoming frozen. “That’s--” he rips the photo out of her hands. “--that’s nobody,” he lies, tucking the photo back into the song book, in between two pages one of them reading what Julie caught ‘This Town’.
“Sorry, we’re late,” Y/N says, walking into the house. 
Luke perks up. “Y/N?” he whispers. 
Y/N’s movements falter, as she holds a hand up to her ear. “Did one of you say my name?” she asks, everyone giving her a confused glance.
“No, honey,” Emily says. Her and Mitch going over to Y/N and S/N “How are you doing today? Where’s Bf/N?” Emily asks the last part quietly.
Y/N shrugs. “Work,” she chokes out. “And…” She shrugs. “This day is always hard. Especially for S/N even if he shows it in a weird way.” 
“It really is you,” Luke whispers, walking up to get as close as he could, without phasing through her. He noticed just how much she’s grown, but she was still so beautiful to him. 
“Who’s the guy?” Julie asks Alex, and Reggie.
Alex’s once questionable expression drops. “I think I know.” They both look at him. He gulps slightly. “That night, we were going to play, Y/N… She was going to tell Luke that she was um…” The look on his face was enough to finish his sentence.
“Luke’s a father?!” Reggie exclaims.
“Shhh!” Julie and Alex shush him quickly before Luke could possibly hear.
“I knew, because she told me,” Alex explains. “I helped her plan out this whole thing, I went to every doctor’s appointment with her, she was so scared.” He looks at the young boy. “I almost forgot.” He furrowed his eyebrows. 
“S/N Patterson, don’t you dare start eating that cake, yet,” Y/N warns. “We need to blow out the candles first.” 
Luke slowly walks over to a wall of pictures, his nonexistent breath getting caught in his throat. He turns back to look at the young man who looked exactly like him. Same floppy hair, same colored eyes, it was like looking in a mirror. A tear fell down his face as he stared at the picture in front of him. The picture he dreaded to see at this time. 
The picture showed Y/N and Luke on his birthday many years ago, he believed it was his fifteenth birthday, Y/N was already sixteen, but they wore matching birthday hats as the story behind the picture was so much more than them holding a guitar. The one that laid beside him was what he’d call his lucky acoustic 6-string, and it was a guitar she bought him. While she held her own. 
“Teach me your ways,” Y/N jokes as she watches Luke’s riff. “How are you so good?” 
He shrugs. “C’mon, I’ll show you ‘my ways’,” he mocks her voice, retrieving a giggle from her. “So, put your pointer finger there.” She does so. “Then your middle finger there, and then your ring finger here.” She begins to struggle. “Hold on.” He sets down his guitar, making sure it doesn’t fall. Gently taking her hand into his, he guides her fingers to place correctly on the strings. “There you go…” He smiles at her, both realizing how close they were to each other.
“You two, say ‘cheese’! Emily holds up the camera, both of them snapping out of their daze.
A soft sound of a guitar fills his ears, as he recalls the lyrics he wrote not too long ago. “Waking up to kiss you and nobody's there, the smell of your perfume still stuck in the air… It's hard,” he begins to sing. It felt like time stopped moving for him, making sure to soak in every photo. “Yesterday I thought I saw your shadow running 'round, it's funny how things never change in this old town… So far… From the stars.” Going slower when a small boy starts to appear. “And I want to tell you everything, the words I never got to say the first time around… And I remember everything, from when we were the children playing in this fairground… Wish I was there with you now…” Coming to an abrupt halt when he sees a birth certificate S/N Lucas Patterson. 
He turns around to watch the girl he loved, dance with a boy he had never met, but felt like he knew forever. Music softly playing in the background. 
“If the whole world was watching I'd still dance with you, drive highways and byways to be there with you. Over and over the only truth… Everything comes back to you… Mmmmm.” He slowly walks back towards his family. It was clear Y/N and S/N found the light in the situation, Y/N telling stories from the past. 
“What about the story of how you two made me?” S/N suggests.
Y/N scoffs whacking S/N in the arm. “I swear--gets his mouth from his father.” This causes a chuckle from everyone. “Such a troublemaker,” she murmurs.
“So, when are you and BF/N getting married? I swear you two have been engaged forever,” Mitch says.
Y/N looks down at her engagement ring, biting her lip. “Um…” She slowly slides it off her finger. “Don’t know.” She sets it in her bag. 
“I wonder if you moved on with someone new, in the places that we kissed with his arms around you… It's so hard… So hard.” He kneels down next to where she is sitting, suddenly her smile slowly fading. “You still make me nervous when you walk in the room. Them butterflies—they come alive when I'm next to you… Over and over the only truth… Everything comes back to you.” 
Y/N sighs. “Are we going to light this candle or what?” She tries to joke to lighten the mood, but everyone can see something took over her. A sadness that clogged her light.
“You do the honors,” Emily says, handing her the lighter. 
Y/N forms her lips into a tight smile, taking it from her hands. It was obvious she was trying to hold back tears, gripping on S/N’s hand as she lit the simple orange candle that sits on top of the chocolate cake. Luke poofs to be in front of her. “And I know that it's wrong… That I can't move on, but there's something 'bout you.” He blows out the candle before anyone else does, everyone looks around, but Y/N, she looks straight up at him. His eyes widened a little when he met hers, she wasn’t staring through him, she was staring at him.
“Are you okay, sweetie?” Emily asks.
“Mom?” S/N calls out.
Y/N shakes her head, with a soft smile. “I’m okay.” She looks at Luke once again, lighting the candle. “S/N, how about you make a wish for your father,” she suggests.
With one nod, they all lean over to blow the candle out. “'Cause if the whole world was watching I'd still dance with you…. Drive highways and byways to be there with you… Over and over the only truth…. Everything comes back to you.” 
“What did you wish for, for him?” Y/N asks.
“Well, if I say it, then it won’t come true,” S/N and Luke say at the same time. It was what he would say at every birthday when Y/N would ask. 
She lets out a breathless chuckle. “Spoken like a true Patterson.” 
“You still make me nervous when you walk in the room… Them butterflies—they come alive when I'm next to you… Over and over the only truth… Everything comes back to you… Mmmm… Everything comes back to you… Mmmm.”
And with that he poofs away, Y/N looking at the spot he once was at. “Are you sure you’re okay, mom?” S/N asks, worried.
She turns to meet his eyes, flashbacks coming back to her.
“Where are the boys? They should be back by now.” Y/N paces back and forth. “Have you heard from them, Bobby?” 
He shrugs, shaking his head. “No, I haven’t, I haven’t gotten a call from them.” 
“Something is wrong--”
“Now, Y/N we can’t make any assumptions, yet.” Bobby grabs ahold of her shoulders to steady her. “They’ll be fine.”
“But, they would never be this late, they’re performing so soon, they’re going to be letting people in any moment…” She leans forward, making sure he was listening. “It’s not like them,” she says, seriously. 
“Have you tried calling them?” Bobby asks. 
“No answer,” she replies, when suddenly Luke’s name pops up on her flip phone. “Luke! I have been worried sick, where are you? The show is about to--”
“Is this Y/N L/N?” a deep male voice asks.
Taken aback by this Y/N let’s out a cautious ‘yes’. 
“This is the Los Angeles hospital, and it seems as though you were on the emergency contact list for Luke Patterson.” Her heart beats loudly out of her chest. “I’m sorry to inform you of this but…”
The phone slips out of her hand, having it fall to the floor. “Y/N? Y/N what’s wrong?” Bobby runs over to her, concerned. “You gotta talk to me here.” 
“They’re gone,” she whispers. Tears fell down viciously from her eyes. “They’re gone,” she sobs. “I should’ve gone with them!” she pauses. “I should’ve stopped them, I should’ve done something!” 
“Y/N you’re not making any sense.” 
“They’re dead, Bobby!” she screams, everyone looking over at her in fear.
“I have to go, I have to go to the hospital, I have to call Emily, I have to--” she began to feel sick, believing this was one sort of twisted nightmare.
“But, what about the show?” Y/N sends Bobby a glare. 
“That’s what you care about?!” she shouts. “That’s all you care about right now?! Who gives fuck about that?” She waves it off. “This--means nothing to me without the others,” she spits through her teeth.
“Mom?” S/N calls out. 
“Well.” She stands up, tugging at her clothes. “We should get going now…” Wiping away the tears she didn’t know were there, she gathers her stuff. “We’ll talk soon, okay?” She hugs Emily tightly, switching with S/N to hug Mitch. “Hang in there for us.” 
“We should be telling that to you,” Emily whispers, looking at the girl with sad eyes. “You grew up too fast.” 
“Time seems to have a way of getting ahead of you.” 
“Marching on proud, turn it up loud,” Julie sings, as she presses the keys on the piano. “‘Cause now we know what we’re worth--”
Luke poofs into the chair that sits across from where Julie is. “Whoa Julie!” Luke stands up immediately.
She looks at him, with her head slightly tilted. “Get your guitar, we got work to do,” she orders.
Luke glances at the guys, speechless. He chuckles, moving to grab his guitar. He strides over to Julie. “What made you come back?” 
“I realized how important music is to all of us,” she explains. “And we’ve lost so much already… We can’t lose this too.” 
He nods a little. “Thanks,” he says, sincerely. “Alright boss, where we at?” He moves backwards
She breathes out a laugh. “Oh, and by the way… Happy birthday.” He raises an eyebrow towards the boys, looking back at her. She smiles. “Let’s go from the pre-chorus.” 
“One, two, three, four!” Alex counts in. 
Julie glances behind Luke, a light blue box sitting up on the piano. The best thing about having ghosts as friends is that they can follow people without the whole ‘I’m gonna call the cops’ problem. 
So, as the days went by, it was bad enough to go behind his back and give ‘Unsaid Emily' to his mom, but then to find out about the boys having to cross over, she knew it needed to be done. “Hello,” Y/N answers, opening the door. 
“Hi.” Julie waves. “Um… You wouldn’t happen to be Y/N L/N, would you?” 
She laughs. “Depends on who’s asking,” she jokes. “Yes, I’m Y/N.” She holds out her hand for Julie to shake. “And who might you be?” 
“Oh Julie!” She accepts the handshake, holding the light blue box she found in her free hand. 
“Nice to meet you Julie, and what brings you here?” Y/N smiles towards the young girl.
Julie moves the box to show Y/N. “I think this belongs to you.” 
Y/N stares down at it, before looking around. “You live in that old house, don’t you?” she asks. Julie doesn’t respond, resorting to a warm smile. “Um…” Y/N looks back into her house. “Come in.” 
“Who’s this?” A man in a business suit walks out into the living room. “Why is there a young girl in the house?” 
“This is Julie,” Y/N introduces.
“And Luke would like to know what Julie is doing here.” Julie jumps, alarming Y/N beside her. 
His eyes held anger. “Look, I was okay with you giving the song to my mom, but this…” His voice fades off, when he looks at the man.
“Oh, a crazy young girl in the house. That’s safe,” the man mumbles.
Y/N rolls her eyes. “This is my boyfriend, BF/N.” 
“Fiance,” BF/N corrects. “And I have to get to work.” 
Y/N jolts a little. “Oh, alright, well I’ll see you--And he’s gone.” She throws her hands up with a laugh. “A grumpy one that is,” she jokes. “So, about this box…” She takes it from Julie’s hands. “You found this in a backpack, didn’t you?” 
“You remember what’s in there?” Julie asks. 
“How’s that studio doing? Has it fallen apart, yet? It’s not being destroyed, is it?” Worry fills her.
“No!” Julie abruptly exclaims. “No, no, it’s just I got curious and started looking, and I’ve been giving people back some of the stuff I found of theirs.” 
“Oh,” Y/N whispers. “Julie and the Phantoms,” she suddenly says.
“What?” Julie, and Luke’s heart drops.
“I knew I recognized you--yeah, my son, he's a music teacher at an elementary school, uses your music as an example a lot,” she explains. “Look, I’m not going to go questioning you about it, but I know.” 
“You do?” Julie asks, confused.
Y/N doesn’t answer, opening up the box. “I was going to give him this present at The Orpheum.” 
Luke narrows his eyes, walking up to her, to look inside. 
“It was how I was going to tell him I was pregnant, guess plans didn’t go the way I wanted it to.” She shrugs. “But, I know he knows, and that’s all I can ever ask for. S/N, who’s my son, took upon himself to follow his father’s footsteps--not including the hotdogs, which we banned in our house.” She could feel the tears building in her eyes. “It was hard, suing a company, Bobby--Or should I say Trevor Wilson becoming famous off of Luke’s songs, and having to go through raising a child mostly alone takes a toll on you. But, here I am.” 
“I also found these.” Julie hands her a photo, and a sheet of paper. 
Y/N laughs loudly. “This picture! I remember this photo.” Luke smiles a little when she does, and the fact she remembers the memory. “Sunset Curve had just booked their first gig, and this photo was taken after the performance. I remember him that day like it was yesterday, you could’ve sworn he had like fifty energy drinks, but that was just Luke.” 
Julie lets out a small laugh. “How did you do it?”
Y/N looks up in alarm. Luke stays as quiet as possible, his eyes checking out every area of this house she now calls home. “Do what?” 
“Move on?” 
Y/N was shocked to hear those words come out of Julie’s mouth. “Move on?” She raises an eyebrow. “I never moved on. How could I? I still think about him every morning, day, and night, with every song I listen to, with every move I make, with every breath I take, all I can remember is the time I spent with him,” she pauses. “There’s no such thing as moving on when it comes to him, I can only just take him with me.” She picks up the piece of paper. “I knew it,” she whispers, reading over the words. 
“What is it?” Julie asks.
“'Cause if the whole world was watching I'd still dance with you. Drive highways and byways to be there with you… Over and over the only truth...Everything comes back to you,” Y/N sings, Luke looking at her with awe. He always loved her singing voice despite her negative thoughts over it, but that wasn’t the reason he was so taken aback. “You still make me nervous when you walk in the room. Them butterflies—they come alive when I'm next to you… Over and over the only truth… Everything comes back to you… Mmmm… Everything comes back to you… Mmmm.”
“She really did hear me,” he whispers. Julie looks at him, making Y/N turn to look beside her. “But, she can’t see me.” He frowns.
Y/N laughs. “I was the believer,” she admits. “In ghosts and all of that. The boys made fun of me, besides Alex, Alex and I would make conspiracies about it, while Luke and Reggie would try to scare us, Bobby was the only one who’d scream.” She sits down on the couch, Luke sitting down beside her, Julie sitting across from her on a chair. “I remember this one time! When Luke accidentally hit me with his guitar, and he felt so bad, he got me at least a dozen daisies, and other flowers. And my family and I--we had separate cookie jars, because we have different opinions, and of course Luke always had to be eating out of mine. I would get so angry with him, and I would chase him around. Then I would feel bad when he’d fall. So, I would feed him cookies because he claimed his hands hurt.” She rolls her eyes. 
Luke wipes away the tears that he couldn’t hold back. Sniffles, and small sobs escaping.
Y/N allows her own tears to fall. “I miss him.” 
“I miss you too.” His voice barely audible, but Y/N heard it loud and clear.
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mrsbrookegillespie · 15 days ago
=Our Savior Julie Molina=* Alive!Luke x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Description/Prompt (Made by @love-me-a-good-prompt): Person A (Luke) And Person B (Y/N) Arguing Over Who Should Kill The Spider.
Warnings: Swearing, fluff mild angst, marked * because of some mild touching, and if the spider never came it could’ve gone a completely different path (Thank goodness it came). 
Tumblr media
=Our Savior Julie Molina=
“So, what did you think?” Luke asks, sitting down next to Y/N who’s currently reading on his couch that he’s been sleeping on for the past month. 
“About what?” she asks, uninterested. 
He scoffs, afterwards keeping his jaw slacked. “About practice?! Were you even paying attention?”
Y/N rolls her eyes, still continuing to read the words on the page she’s on. She was so close to done, and it was getting so good. “Sorry!” she asks, insincere. “But, to be fair I watch almost every session, and nothing ever changes. You’re still good.” 
He pouts, scooting closer to her. “It’s still nice to know you’re watching,” he mumbles. 
“Aw, babe, I’m always watching… Half of the time,” she adds. 
His eyes widen, clear annoyance on his face. “What are you even reading?” He plucks the book away from her hands.
“Luke!” She reaches for it, but he keeps it in a place she can’t quite reach. “I’m almost done,” she whines. “And then I’ll give you all the attention you want.” 
His jaw drops to the ground. “What is this rated?! Do you read this kind of stuff around your family?” 
“Oh my God!” Y/N shrills. “It’s not even that bad! And you went back like a hundred pages, you’re lucky I remembered my spot.” 
“Damn!” he chuckles. “No wonder you can’t ever stop reading, this is…” He raises a suggestive eyebrow towards her. “This is basically porn.” 
Y/N slaps his arm. “How dare you make such an accusation upon this book. Just for the record it is a great book, beautifully written and--” her words were swallowed up by Luke’s tongue in her mouth. She pushes him away, glancing at the garage door. “Luke,” she whispers. “The guys are literally in the house, they could come back any moment.” 
“So, then we’ll make it quick,” he counters.
“Are you serious?” she asks. 
The look on his face was a good enough answer for her. “Why wouldn’t I be?” 
“God, you’re such a boy,” she blurts before placing her lips back onto his, him happily accepting, trying to get a good rhythm going. 
His hands started to play with the bottom of her shirt. “Can I?”
She nods, kissing his cheek before helping him take off the piece of clothing. Acting quick she reaches forward to help him to be in the same position as her, but her movements come to an abrupt halt. “OH MY GOD!” she accidentally shrieks.
“What?!” He turns around seeing the huge brown spider on the wall, just inches by them. “Holy shit!” 
They both stand up, trying to escape the sight of the bug. “Wait, my shirt! I can’t walk out--AH!” She trips backwards on the coffee table. Though, it wasn’t an enormous amount of pain, a sting shot up her leg. “Luke! A little help!” she calls out. “Or better yet… Kill it!” 
He steps over her, glancing down. “I’m not getting anywhere close to that thing, you’re on your own.” He continues to pace towards the door. 
“Luke!” she calls out again, struggling to get up onto her feet. “Where’d it go?!” Her eyes scanned the walls, but there was no sign of the spider. “Oh hell no!” She runs towards the large door, crashing into Luke when she hits the warm air of California. 
“Y/N!” Her head snaps towards him. 
“What?” she asks, still shaken up by the situation.
“What’s going on over there? We heard screaming?” Julie shouts from the other side of the plants that blocks a bit of the view to the house. 
They both hear footsteps making their way towards them. Luke quickly rips off his sleeveless shirt, throwing it over Y/N’s head, and pulling it down to cover the upper half of her body in record time. “Are you guys, like, okay?” Alex asks. Him, Reggie, and Julie walk up to the couple. “And why aren’t you wearing a shirt?” He points towards Luke.
“There was a spider,” he answers.
“The spider took your shirt?!” Reggie asks, dumbly. No one believed that he was joking, they let out a sigh.
Alex and Julie narrow their eyes at Y/N who’s standing there awkwardly, covering the logo of the shirt that would immediately relate back to Luke. “I think it was Y/N’s shirt the spider took,” Alex mutters, still allowing the group to hear it.
Reggie narrows his eyes in confusion as he looks off into the distance. 
“Okay, just to be very clear the spider was huge,” Y/N explains. “Like massive.” 
“I’m sure it wasn’t even that bad,” Julie argues.
“You weren’t the one who saw it,” Y/N replies in a petty tone. “I’m not going back in there though until someone kills it.” She gives Luke a pointed look.
“Why me?” he asks, turning his body towards her. “What about you? You’re the one who claims some spiders are cute.”
“Because some are!” Her volume begins to rise. “You were the one who left me on the ground, my leg in pain.” She lets out a bitter laugh. “You’re a bad boyfriend.” 
He scoffs. “Oh really I’m a bad boyfriend?” 
She nods. “Mhm.” She turns her head away from him. “I’m not talking to you, and I’m keeping the shirt.” 
He gasps dramatically. “That is so unfair!” he whines. “That’s one of my favorite shirts, yeah no, you’re not keeping it.” He begins to tug at the fabric.
“Lucas Patterson, you are not about to take off this shirt. Not in front of Alex and Reggie.” She slaps his hands away.
“I’m gay, so it wouldn’t really affect me.” Alex purses his lips.
Reggie raises his hand up. “I wouldn’t mind it.” Luke shoots him a glare. “Right, sorry.” His face turns a bright red, looking away.
Y/N suddenly takes notice of an absent Julie. “Where’s Julie?” she asks.
“Right here,” Julie says, walking out of the garage with a small container. “And I think this little guy is the one you two were freaking out over.” She raises up the piece of plastic, the spider standing still inside of it. 
Y/N rolls her eyes. “It’s pretty big, you can’t lie.” 
Julie shrugs. “Maybe, maybe not.” 
“Awww…” Reggie bends his knees a little to be face to face with the spider. “It’s kinda cute, can we keep it?” 
“No!” Luke and Y/N shouts together, both giving each other an uncomfortable glance. 
“I’m just--I’m gonna get my shirt.” She points towards the big doors. “I’ll leave yours on the couch, Lucas.” 
“Not the full name again,” he complains in barely a whisper. 
She slowly walks off to retrieve her stuff. “What was that all about?” Alex asks. 
The gang stands together in a straight line, their arms crossed. “Yeah, that turned into like a full blown argument between you two,” Julie observes. “Is everything alright?” 
“Am I a bad boyfriend?” Luke abruptly asks, scratching the back of his head.
Julie chuckles. “Luke, I’m sure she didn’t mean anything by that, I’m sure she was just being sarcastic, or something like that. Don’t take it so personally, we’ve all had experiences with Y/N’s words. Most of the time it’s just her joking even when it sounds like she’s not,” she pauses. “Talk to her.” 
“And say what? ‘Do you really think I’m a bad boyfriend?’”
“Yes!” Julie and Alex exclaim. 
“She doesn’t like to beat around the bush,” Julie informs. “She likes it blunt, sometimes, just don’t say anything mean, that’s blunt, but if she--for example--has something in her teeth, then just straight out say it.” 
“What does that have to do with anything?” Luke asks, confused.
“And what are you still doing standing out here?” Julie asks back, changing the conversation. “Get in there, Tiger.” She cringes at her choice of words. He hesitantly walks off. “Convincing Luke to man up when he isn’t wearing a shirt was definitely not on my to-do list today,” Julie admits, only joking a little.
“Let’s just give them some space.” Alex nudges Julie, who’s already walking back to the house. “That means you as well.” He roughly grabs Reggie who’s staring through one of the squared windows to the garage. 
“Y/N?” Luke calls out. “Are you okay?” he asks, walking up to her.
“In what context? Physically or emotionally?” she quizzes, stuffing one of her books in her backpack. “Physically, my back and leg are a little sore, emotionally…” She tilts her head side to side. “I’ll live,” she simply answers. 
“I should’ve helped you up,” he scolds himself.
Y/N giggles. “Relax, Luke, I’m just messing with you.” She ruffles his hair. “I’ll be okay,” she assures.
“It doesn’t matter if you’ll be okay or not, I still should’ve helped you.” 
Y/N sets down her bag with a huff. “I can’t take you seriously without a shirt on, so…” She tosses what she was previously wearing towards him. 
With a forced laugh, he puts it on. “Better?” 
She forms her lips into a tight line. “Much.” She carefully thinks about her next words. “Today was fun.” She doesn’t meet his questionable expression.
She laughs, now facing him. “Yes, is that so hard to believe? I mean--first of all, I found out that you, Patterson, are such a wimp.” She takes a step towards him. “A pretty rockstar, who wears the skinniest jeans, I’m surprised you can breathe, and who is afraid of spiders,” she pauses. “He’s so scared of them that he leaves his girlfriend behind to defend for herself, if I knew any better I’d say I’m manlier. We almost had the most awkward encounter with our friends, but there you were…” Her voice fades off as she laughs even louder. “And Julie Molina, our savior, came to the rescue.” 
“And how is any of this funny?” 
She gapes at him. “Luke!” She playfully hits him. “For someone so optimistic, you really have a way of taking things too seriously.” With a small smile. “We argued on who should kill the spider, that’s what we argued about. That statement is a joke in itself.” 
Finally starting to realize it, Luke let’s out a soft chuckle. “I guess so.” 
“See?!” Y/N pushes away some of his curls. “There’s the rockstar I know.” She shakes her head. “Bruises heal, don’t stress too much about it.” She leans forward. “You are the best boyfriend.” 
“You heard, didn’t you?” 
She shrugs, carelessly. “Just a little.” She scrunches up the right side of her face, grabbing her bag. “I gotta go…” 
He looks up at the ceiling, with a loud sigh. “I knew it was coming,” he says, disappointed.
“Hey, I’ll be back, and who knows? Maybe we’ll see a centipede or something.” He looks at her in horror. “As someone who’s dealt with them in the past, that’s definitely the right reaction.” She begins to move past him, patting his face lightly. “Bye, Patterson.” Before she steps foot out the door, she turns around. “Oh! And… In your verse, I loved the rasp, and the small growl, but on that last note you seemed a little shaky.” She turns on her heels, but stops herself again. “Oh! And I think you should add a C power chord in the chorus.” He stares at her in awe. “Just because I don’t watch, doesn’t mean I don’t listen.” And with that, she leaves.
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screwunsaidemily · 17 days ago
good night
inspired by the song linked below. it’s one of my favorites. this is set as more of high school aged characters btw.
owen joyner x reader
words: 862
you looked down at your shoes, not wanting to make eye contact with the boy in front of you and make things awkward.
“i should probably get home. my moms gonna start calling soon if i don’t.” you nodded.
“yeah if i’m not inside soon my parents will be joining us out here.” you laughed nervously and owen joined you for a moment. it was silent after and you didn’t like it.
“well, i’ll see you at school.” he started to turn to make his way off your porch and you nodded.
“yeah, see you at school.” you opened your front door and slowly shut it, careful not to wake anyone. you sighed and leaned your back against the door. after a moment of blanket staring out into your living room, you looked up at the ceiling and squeezed your eyes shut, wondering what exactly had happened. what had you done wrong? you had heard plenty of stories of the kiss after the first date, so where was yours? it upset you, not knowing why your story didn’t live up to the others. what had happened?
“here’s the drinks for you both,” the waiter said as he leaned down the set the glass of water in front of you. you thanked him and reached to pick it up, essentially punching it instead. water spilled all over the table and onto owen’s lap and the floor. you jumped up, grabbing the napkins that were wrapped around the silverware and trying to clean off the table as fast as possible.
“oh my god! i am so sorry.”
“don’t worry ma’am, we can grab a mop and be out in just a moment. and i’ll grab you a new water. one with a lid perhaps?” you smiled lightly at the waiter’s joke and turned to owen who’s hands were still in the air as he tried to process what to do about his wet pants.
“the bathroom has air dryers if you want to go dry off,” you offered and he nodded.
“right, i’ll be right back.”
you picked your head up and let it slam back against the door with a groan as you remembered what had happened. right off the bat you had messed everything up. you sighed again and reached over to flick the switch down and turn off the light on the porch. just as you did, something outside caught your eye. he was still here. his truck hadn’t moved from where he had parked when he pulled into your driveway. you wondered what he was doing out there. maybe he was plotting a way to get back at you for how horribly everything had gone. but it couldn’t have been that terrible right? you thought that when he returned with dry pants and a laugh over what had happened that things had started to go better.
“so, are you in any clubs at school?” you picked up your water and took a sip while waiting for owen’s answer. he shook his head.
“just drama, though i did think about joining marching band for a bit.”
“really? what do you play?”
“really?” he nodded, a smile working its way onto his face after seeing the one on yours. “i’ve always wanted to learn to play the drums. they’re so messy and unorthodox but can be the best part of your favorite song.”
“maybe i can teach you a song or two sometime.” you nodded.
“yes, please.”
at the time, you had taken his offer as a hint at him wanting to spend more time with you. but now you had a sinking feeling he was just trying to be nice and move the conversation along. you sighed again at yourself, looking at his truck through the window. you saw the headlights turn on and heard the sound of his engine starting up and felt the disappointment in your stomach. he didn’t move though, and you were confused when you saw the lights turn back off.
all of a sudden, his truck door was open wing and he was coming back toward the house. you flipped the outside light back on and opened the door, stepping out onto the porch to meet him. it was silent for a moment, both of you just staring at each other. just as you were about to speak, to ask him what he was doing, owen grabbed both of your cheeks and pulled your lips to his. you melted into his touch, letting him do what he should’ve done five minutes ago. your legs nearly gave out and you leaned back against the door to keep yourself standing upright.
“i was scared earlier. to do that,” owen confessed when he finally pulled away. it was just far enough to where he could speak. you felt his lips brush against yours as he did. a smile formed on your face, your eyes still closed as you took in what was happening. you shook your head softly, your nose bumping into his.
“you shouldn’t have been.”
“no.” you finally opened your eyes to look at him, smiling back at you. “do it again.”
so he did.
taglist: @lolychu @kcd15 @ritz-hell-hotel @aliandthephantoms @percico-heronstairs @g7aesthetic @amazinggracy @lukewearingbeanies @headheartbellarke @starjane312 @l3sko @im-not-fine @wanniiieeee @littlemissaddict @notsosmexy @shmaptainhotchner @katrina765 @writing-for-the-people @angryknightstatesmantrash @willowsbendtothewind-blog @teti-menchon0604 @httpnxtt @notkaymarie-17 @kaitieskidmore1
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mrsbrookegillespie · 18 days ago
=Not So Cool= Alive!Luke x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
(Not My Gif)
Description: Luke can proudly say he likes his bandmate's sister, Y/N. But, what happens when a messed up situation turns into him confessing?
Warnings: ANGST! Typos, bad writing, mentions of alcohol, mild swearing, mild suggestiveness.
Tumblr media
=Not So Cool=
“Hey Y/N!” I say when she slams her locker shut.
“Luke!” She exclaims. “You nearly gave me a heart attack,” she says.
“Yeah, I tend to have that effect on a lot of people,” I joke, staring at the way she rolls her eyes. “Here!” I perk up. “Let me take that for you,” I offer, gesturing to her textbooks.
“No, it’s okay I got it,” she protests.
But, ignoring them I grab her books, holding them tightly in my arms. “Let’s go.” I flash her a smile which she doesn’t react to. With the lack of affection, I couldn’t help but feel a small pain in my chest. 
“Sure,” she gives in, walking alongside me. If I didn’t have these books in my hands I could've gotten the chance to ‘accidentally’ brush my hand against hers. When we get to the door of the classroom I start handing the textbooks, and journals over to her. “Oh,” I let out when I looked down at her feet.
“What?” A worried look takes over her features.
“Oh, nothing! It’s just your shoe is untied,” I inform. I kneel, so I can tie it. “Don’t want you falling and getting hurt, do we?” I tease, playfully, sending a wink her way. 
I take note of the way a subtle rose tint finds their way to her cheeks. “No, we do not,” she remarks. “Well, you should be getting to class, unless you’re too cool for that.” She punches my shoulder, making me roll my eyes.
Our laughs combine loudly, other students sending us weird looks. “I’ll see you at rehearsal after school today, ‘Kay?” My heart plummets.
“What?” Did I hear that right? “But… But, you never come to rehearsal, why today? Today?” I make hand gestures as I grow more nervous than ever.
“Yeah, I um--Alex he--” she takes a deep breath, looking at the ceiling. “He’s been trying to convince me for a while, and I said I’ll go if he finds out one secret about me, and if I don’t go the day he said I had to go, he’ll reveal it. Blackmail,” she adds at the end which works for me because I couldn’t quite understand what she was saying.
“Oh,” I whisper. “But, why today?” I ask again.
“Luke! Why are you so…” Her mouth hangs open, and I have to resist the urge to shove my tongue into it. 
“I-I gotta go to class.” I point behind me. “Catcha later then?” 
She nods with a bright smile. “Of course.” 
I turn on my heels, walking away. Guys waved at me, girls swooned over me, but it hit me. 
I fucked up.
“What did you do?” Alex asks.
School was over and I wasted no time to get over to the studio, and fix what I did. “Okay, so I got a little drunk the other night, and I may have invited some girl, thinking it was…” I wave my hand around, struggling to tell Alex the certain feelings I’ve developed for his sister. Alex raises an eyebrow. 
“Thinking it was who?!” Reggie shouts, the suspicion killing him. “You can’t leave me hanging.” He grabs onto my shoulders, roughly.
“It’s Y/N, okay! I thought I was texting Y/N, but I guess I didn’t need to due to yours--” I point to Alex, “--and Y/N’s deal, and of course you had to make it today, the only time I could really prove myself to Y/N, and now I have to deal with some random girl who wouldn’t take no for an answer.”
“Dude,” Alex says, standing up. “It’ll be okay.” He pats me on the back. “If she really seems that upset about it, then just tell her the truth.”
I scoff. “Like she’d believe me…”
“What does this other girl look like?” Reggie asks, completely ignoring the point of this conversation.
“She should be here soon, so you’ll see for yourself,” I inform looking down at my phone, the worry, and concern evident in my voice.
“I can always reschedule Y/N to come on another day,” Alex suggests. “I just chose today randomly, obviously someone above, or below has a problem with you.”
I rolled my eyes, but before I could say anything we all noticed a familiar girl walk in. “You’re here!” I smile at Y/N, who’s giving me an amused smirk.
“I did say I’d be here, didn’t I?” She scrunches her face up, a habit I’ve noticed she does when she’s confused, or trying to remember something. She’s so cute.
“Yeah, no you did, I just--it’s weird seeing you here…” I find myself getting lost in her eyes, they always found a way to hypnotize me. They have this certain sparkle to them.
My smile drops. “God help me now,” I mutter under my breath.
A short girl with dark brown hair runs in, jumping onto me, so I’m forced to hold her. “I’m so happy to see you!” She pinches my cheeks. “You haven’t changed much since we last were together. I’m so happy you invited me!” She hugs my neck, nearly suffocating me.
“Okay, okay!” I laugh, setting her down. “Y/N this is Victoria--”
“Vanessa,” the girl corrects. (Sorry if that’s your name, you can always change it if you’d like)
“Right,” I reply, not really caring. 
“His girlfriend,” Vanessa adds.
My head looks at her in alarm. “No, not girlfriend, not even a friend, to be honest, you’re not even supposed to be here, I didn’t invite you.”
She just let’s a hum. “Your text message proves otherwise.” 
Never in my life have I wanted to scream so bad. “Let’s just get started,” I utter in anger and defeat, both Reggie and Alex giving me sympathetic glances. 
Y/N cautiously sits down on the other side of the couch, as far away as she can get from the crazy girl. She shifts around in her seat, uncomfortable with the whole situation, and I can’t blame her. “A one! Two! A one, two, three, four!” Alex shouts, tapping his drumsticks together.
“Take off, last stop!” I start to sing. “Countdown till we blast open the top. Face first, full charge! Electric hammer to the heart… Clocks move forward, but we don’t get older, no! Kept on climbing, till our stars collided. And all the times we fell behind were just the key to paradise!”
“Don’t look down, ‘cause we’re still rising up right now,” we all sing together. “And even if we hit the ground, we’ll still fly. Keep dreaming like we’ll live forever, but live it like it’s now or never.”
“Woah!” I cheer. “Hear the noise in my head. It’s calling out like a voice I can’t forget.” I close my eyes, getting into the song. “One life, no regrets, catch up, got no time to catch my breath.” When I open my eyes I see Y/N tapping her foot on the floor, and bobbing her head. “Clocks move forward, ‘cause it all we’re after now, oh! Won’t stop climbing, yeah. When all the days felt black and white, those were the best days of my life!”
“Don’t look down, ‘cause we’re still rising up right now.” Y/N stands up, dancing around the room. “And even if we hit the ground, we’ll still fly. Keep dreaming like we’ll live forever, but live it like it’s now or never.”
“We ain’t searching for tomorrow,” Alex sings, which I know makes Y/N happy. “‘Cause we got all we need today.” 
“Living on a feeling that’s been running through our veins,” I sing.
“We’re the revolution that’s been singing in the rain,” Reggie sings, pushing his hair to the side.
“Don’t look down, ‘cause we’re still rising up right now.” Y/N claps to the song with us. “And even if we hit the ground… We’ll still fly. Keep dreaming like we’ll live forever, but live it like it’s now or never.”
“It’s now or never!” I hit the high note, smiling to myself when it’s perfect.
The song stops, both Vanessa and Y/N clapping.”That was so, fucking, amazing!” Y/N compliments. “I’m serious!”
“Babe! I didn’t know how talented you were,” Vanessa says, and I cringe.
“I knew,” Y/N blurts. “I mean--” she lets out a nervous giggle. “Why wouldn’t he be?”
Suddenly I’m a mess. Those words make my heart beat a million miles per second, and her smile that she flashes me is enough to make me weak in my legs, and faint. 
“Are you okay?” Y/N asks, looking down concerned.
“Wh-what happened?” my voice comes out groggy. 
“You just passed out!” Alex reports. 
“Here.” Y/N walks off. “Drink some water.” She hands me her light, pastel pink water bottle. “It’ll help.” She kneels down beside me, helping me sit up. “Your little girlfriend ran out on you,” she teases.
“She’s not my girlfriend.” My tone comes out a little harsher than I intended it to be.
“I figured,” she comments, not being fazed by my last words. 
“Where’d the guys go?” She frowns realizing they all disappeared. 
“Don’t know,” she answers, but I had a feeling of what they’re trying to pull off. “What’s up?” she asks, when she notices me fidgeting. “You aren’t going to pass out on me again, are you?”
I try to laugh with her, but it comes out forced. “Y/N, can I… Tell you something?” 
“Luke, you can tell me anything.” She grabs my arm, her touch makes my whole body feel on fire. 
“I like you.” My voice shakes, looking directly into her eyes. “Like a lot.” 
It goes quiet, and it seems she’s become frozen. “Oh,” is all she says.
“Oh?” I repeat, furrowing my eyebrows. “That’s all you have to say is ‘oh’?” I couldn’t tell what was going through her mind.
“I don’t know what to say.” She slowly stands up, helping me. I sway on my feet, as she tries to steady me. “I’m just a little confused is all.”
“What is so confusing, I like you, do you like me?” I form my lips into a tight line. This was definitely not how I expected this conversation before.
“I liked you,” she claims.
“You liked me? As in past tense?” I scratch the back of my head.
“Yeah, I did, until I overheard you talking about me.” 
I’m taken aback by this. I talk about her a lot, so I’m not surprised she would hear something, but it’s all good things. Right? “What conversation?” I ask, urgently. 
“In school…” 
Y/N was looking around everywhere, high and low for Luke. Her brother, Alex, has been giving her hints that her crush may like her back, and if Alex thinks that it has to be true. He knows everything. She just needed confirmation from the Devil himself. When her eyes met the head of the brown haired boy her heart nearly jumped out of her chest. Her feet move before she can think, about to call his name. “I thought you and that girl were dating?” some red hair, that Y/N can sort of recognize, guesses.
“Who? Y/N?” Luke laughs. “No, no, we’re… She’s my best friend's sister, and he just wants me to look after her. You know, make sure she doesn’t get into any trouble, but no, we are definitely not dating. Ew.” He shivers in disgust.
The girl laughs. “Yeah, that’s what I thought too,” she jokes, making Luke laugh.
“For someone who’s the sister of an amazing drummer. She’s not so cool.” Y/N’s heart stung. Is that what he really thinks? That’s what she asked herself. 
“She’s a freak!” the girl responds. 
“Sometimes I would flirt, or do something to see how she reacts, and just send signals, because her facial expressions are hilarious, it almost makes me think she likes me.” 
“Gross,” the girl comments.
“I know!” Tears fill Y/N’s eyes, clutching her binder close to her chest. She turns on her heels, running off to the bathroom. She never did tell Alex or Reggie, she never brought it up, but the memory lingers in the back of her mind all the time. Leaving her heartbroken.
My heart drops. Tears fall down those beautiful eyes of hers, and I have to hold back the strong urge to wipe them away. “Y/N,” I whisper, finally reaching out to her.
“Stop.” She holds up her hand. “Am I just a joke to you?”
“No!” I exclaim. “No, c’mon you don’t understand, I didn’t mean any of that, I swear to you.” I reach out for her hand, but she moves farther away from me.
“Yeah right!” She lets out a cold bitter laugh. 
My world suddenly goes dull. I remember that day, it was the day I saw Y/N talking to some guy, she was touching his arm, and he was making her laugh. I wanted to just go up to her right there and say that she was mine. I was so angry, I was trying to forget about her and-- “No!” I shout.
“No, you have to hear me out, that’s all I’m asking for you to do, is to just hear me out.” She stares at me, unsure of what she should do, but as I’m silently begging her I see her give a slight nod, sitting down on the couch.
“You have five minutes,” she utters.
“That day, okay, I saw you talking to that one guy with the blonde hair.” My mouth hangs open as I struggle to talk. “I-I was-you were laughing! And touching him, and all of--I was jealous! Alex was giving me hints that you liked me, so I went looking for you, I was going to tell you everything and then I saw that. I only said that stuff because I wanted to believe you were all of those, but you’re not. You’re more than just my best friend's sister. I want you to be more than that.” 
A loud silence fills the room, hot tears streaming down my face as the thought of her not believing me roams in my mind. “I was trying to find you,” she whispers.
“What?” I cautiously move to sit down next to her, and to my surprise she allows it.
“I was trying to find you too, Alex was doing the same thing, after that I went to find you, because I couldn’t handle guys trying to make me see them the way I see you, and then I heard that conversation.” She takes a deep breath. “But, I don’t know how we’ll fix this.” 
“Y/N please--”
“I hear your words, but I can’t see them. And there’s always going to be that ‘what if?’ we’re tainted, Luke.” She grabs my hand. “Maybe one day, but for now, let’s just take it slow…” I didn’t know I could feel this way, I didn’t know that your whole body can shatter this way.
“One day.” 
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charlies-gillespie · 18 days ago
gentle reminder when sending in requests to let me know who you want me to write for (charlie, owen or luke). i won’t know who to write for if you dont tell me 🤍
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charlies-gillespie · 19 days ago
risqué | owen joyner (part two)
Tumblr media
paring: fem!reader x owen joyner
summary: even after everything that happened new year’s eve, Owen and reader don’t stop, especially since reader’s birthday is New Year’s day ... (34) “were you just touching yourself?” “maybe”
requested: yes
length: medium
rating: R
warnings: SMUT. birthday sex, touching, dirty talk
!! NOT MY GIF !!
authors note: and here’s part two. enjoy :)
Owen left the bed to go grab some snacks. It’s close to four in the morning and it’s now your birthday. You’re grateful to have ended the past year on a high note while also beginning your birthday on a high note.
All the sex you’ve had tonight has been the best you’ve ever had. Sex with Owen is always amazing, but tonight has been breathtaking. Every movement, every kiss, and every touch. It feels like it’s the first time over and over again.
The memory of Owen touching you is basically fresh in your mind, and you feel your core begin to throb a bit as you remember how his fingers felt on your skin. You remember how his fingers ran through your folds and occasionally flicked your stimulated clit. You rub your thighs together, needing some relief. Then you decide to do it yourself since you don’t know when Owen will be back.
You reach under the covers and begin to mimic Owen’s fingers and how they felt last night. A gasp passes your lips as your fingers run through your already slick folds. Your eyes flutter shut as you spread your legs apart to make it easier for yourself.
Soft sighs pass your lips as you play with your clit. You pant slightly and squirm under your own touch. Before you can stop it, you moan out, “Owen.”
Then you hear the floor creak and your eyes fly open, seeing a wide-eyed Owen standing in the doorway. “Shit,” you mumble under your breath. “Owen, I can explain-”
“Were you just touching yourself?” he asks, interrupting you.
You blink at him and say, “Maybe.”
Owen shuts the door, locking it. He drops the snacks on the bedside table and crawls back onto the bed. He hovers over you and says, “Let me help.”
His fingers replace yours and you gasp softly. You stare up at Owen as he gently begins to rub your already stimulated clit. You bite your lip softly, trying to stay quiet. Owen pulls your lip out from between your teeth, saying, “You know what that does to me so unless you want another round of birthday sex, then stop doing that.”
With a shaky voice, you ask, “What if I want another round of birthday sex?”
He smirks and says, “Then you’ll get another around of birthday sex.” Then he pulls the blankets off of you and settles between your legs. Owen’s lips crash to yours and you gasp. You cup his face as you heavily makeout with Owen. His fingers slide into you and you moan softly against his lips.
You make soft noises as Owen fingers you. Your fingers are in Owen’s hair, gripping slightly. His tongue slips between your slightly parted lips. Owen groans softly as his tongue slides into your mouth.
“Owen,” you moan against his lips. “Please.”
Your boyfriend asks, “Please what?”
You pull back from the kiss and pant, “Fuck me, Owen. I need you to fuck me.”
Owen smiles and says, “I have fucked you, Y/N. Multiple times since yesterday.”
“And I’m asking you you to fuck me again,” you say. “I want you to fuck me like you haven’t fucked me multiple times since yesterday.”
He smirks and says, “Gladly.”
Quickly, Owen grabs yet another condom out of the box that sits on your bedside table next to the snacks Owen grabbed. He slides it on himself before settling back between your legs. His tip runs through your folds and you sigh softly.
Owen begins to kiss your neck and you tilt your head back, giving him full access to your neck. You feel him begin to slide into you. You sigh, a smile on your face as you’re overwhelmed with pleasure.
You feel Owen leave a mark on your neck and you say, “I have to explain all these marks and stuff to my mother when we go downstairs later.”
“You can tell her how good I fucked you,” Owen mumbles against the skin on your neck. “Because I’m about to fuck you so good, princess.” He used the nickname. You know what’s coming, and you can’t wait.
He begins thrusting hard into you. You gasp and moan as he moves thrusts his hips. Your back is arched off the bed. Owen kisses your chest as he moves.
You moan out, “Oh, God. Owen. Don’t stop. Fuck, please don’t stop.”
Owen asks, “Harder?” Then he pounds into you without holding back. Your bed creaks with every movement. Your nails are digging into the skin on Owen’s arms. Your mouth is open and moans pass your lips.
A knot forms in your stomach as Owen thrusts his hips hard into you. You stare up at Owen above you and pant, “I am so in love with you. You always make me feel so good.”
Your boyfriend leans down and presses a sweet kiss to your lips as he continues to fuck you. You groan against his lips as you’re pulled closer to an orgasm. You cup Owen’s face as his tip begins to slam into your g-spot again and again. You moan loudly against his lips.
The knot in your stomach begins to explode and you pull back from the kiss, moaning Owen’s name and a punch of profanities. “Fuck, Owen,” you cry out. “God.”
His movements get sloppy as he releases into the condom. You pant as Owen helps you both ride out your climaxes. Owen’s covered in a layer of sweat and collapses onto you with a sigh. You smile and look at Owen. He looks up at you and says, “No more birthday sex. I’m all sexed out. I don’t think I have another round in me after that.”
You smile and say, “We’ve been going since pretty much yesterday. I think it’s okay if we stop. The birthday sex has been amazing.”
Owen laughs and says, “I hope your birthday started out nice.”
“It started out with you fucking me. I think it’s the best start to a birthday I’ve had in a long time,” you say to Owen.
He kisses you softly before he pulls out of you and pulling off the condom, tying it off and throwing it out. You get back under the covers and cuddle up to Owen, intertwining your legs with his.
“We need to come up with an excuse to why I have marks all over my neck and chest,” you say as you get comfortable.
Owen smiles and says, “Wear a turtleneck. It’s cold enough.”
You laugh and shakes your head, burying your face in Owen’s neck and dozing off.
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charlies-gillespie · 21 days ago
i’m getting requests done, i promise. i’ve just been finishing up my wattpad story. requests will be coming out over the next few days as i write them
thank you for your patience with me. i appreciate y’all 🤍
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charlies-gillespie · 26 days ago
i’ve never been one to talk about followers but i just logged on after being busy all day and saw that we’ve reached 100 followers!
this truly means the world to me that so many of you have enjoyed my (probably terrible) fics that i’ve posted enough to follow. i love reading every reply and message i receive and i try to reply if i can. they make my day and give me motivation to write more and more. if i don’t reply, please know that i do appreciate your reply or message (i just get so busy sometimes i forget or i can’t reply / message back right away).
in celebration, i am going to be writing and posting so much new content tomorrow (including requests) for y’all to hopefully enjoy. just me giving back to y’all for all the support and love for what i write.
thank you and i’ll see y’all tomorrow 🤍
- m 🤍
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#Wired- Autocomplete Interview# (Charlie x Fem!Reader)
Tumblr media
(Not My Gif)
I’m really bad at making those word key things, so sorry in advance.
Y/N L/N = In this one it can also equal your stage name if you were to have one, I wrote the story as if you were. One of the questions won’t make sense if not following that, so just ignore it if you decide to use your real name.
Y/SM/C = Your social media crush (Youtuber, Influencer, TikToker, Etc...)
Y/C/C = Your celebrity crush apart from Charlie, of course! Or just a celebrity you really like.
F/M = Favorite movie
Description: Y/N and Charlie are both actors who were invited to do the wired-autocomplete interview. Things get a little crazy, and questions get a little personal, how will these two wacky celebs react?
Warnings: None, just a whole lotta fluff. Probably typos.
Credit for the idea, and some of the storyline goes to @issaxcharlie​ | “You’ll Always Be The Answer”. Thank you for inspiring me to write this story.
Tumblr media
“Hi, we are Charlie Gillespie and Y/N L/N and we will be doing the wired-autocomplete interview today!” 
“Alrighty! Let’s start with you,” Y/N says, gesturing to Charlie.
He smiles taking one of the boards while Y/N works on getting the first strip of  tape off. “Does Charlie Gillespie have siblings?” he reads as each word gets revealed. “I do,” he answers. “I have four, three brothers, and a sister.” 
“Which I have yet to meet.” Y/N gives him a pointed glare. “But, I’m sure they’re great.” They both go to rip off the tape. “Hey! That’s my job, you do it when it’s my turn.” She pouts.
“Oh right, sorry.” He smiles at her. “Does Charlie Gillespie have a wife?” 
Charlie and Y/N both look at each other. “Many,” she answers. “We have Maria, Clare, Lola, it just goes on,” she jokes. “Next question!” 
“Does Charlie Gillespie have a tattoo?” he pauses. “Yes, I do!” he affirms. “Next board!” He tosses the one that is already in his hand to the side. He grabs the next one, hitting Y/N lightly over the head with it. “Okay!” She rips off the tap. “Look at you with your long fingernails.” She stops her movements to laugh.
“Yes, my long fingernails.” She taps them on the board. “ASMR be like--” she cuts herself off as a joke. “Okay, anyways, sorry,” she mumbles to the people off camera.
“You’re getting the raw footage here folks,” Charlie teases. “What is Charlie Gillespie snapchat?” He smacks his lips thinking about it. “I-I don’t think I have a public snapchat.”
“You don’t sound too sure about that.” He nudges Y/N after she says that. “Next one.
“What is Charlie Gillespie birthday?” 
“Charlie Gillespie birthday,” Y/N starts to answer in the same grammar. “August 26th.”
“Thank you for answering that for me, I forgot the day I was born, so…” 
“My pleasure.” She giggles.
“What is Charlie Gillespie phone number?” He sighs. “It's!--” Y/N starts laughing hysterically when he starts naming off random numbers. He tosses the board to the side, grabbing the final one for him. “Is Charlie Gillespie single?” Once again Charlie and Y/N both look at each other.
“Single as a pringle,” Y/N answers. 
“Is Charlie Gillespie left handed?” He looks away in confusion. “Is that what people want to know?” Y/N shrugs, laughing. “No, I’m not, maybe it’s because I’m Canadian.” 
Y/N almost falls off her chair as she grabs onto his shoulder. “Because the majority of Canadians are left handed, it’s a common fact,” she adds.
“Is Charlie Gillespie French?” He looks directly into the camera. “Bonjour,” he says. “No, I am French Canadian, and I can speak fluent French,” he informs. “Last question for moi.” Y/N rips the last piece of tape off dramatically. “Is Charlie Gillespie in Cobra Kai?”
“Ah, yes because he got the karate moves of a ninja.” Y/N suppresses her smile when she sees Charlie looking at her playfully annoyed. “My turn!” she cheers, taking the board from Charlie’s hands and throwing it like a frisbee. 
She takes the new board, Charlie getting a go at ripping off the tape. “That’s satisfying,” he compliments. “Okay!” He pushes his hair back.
“Does Y/N L/N have siblings?” She scratches her face with her free hand. “I have a sister… She’s older than me,” she adds at the end. “You’ve met her a couple of times before.” She points to Charlie.
“I have,” he confirms.
“Does Y/N L/N have a boyfriend?” She thinks about it. “Not that I can think of no.” 
“I feel sorry for whoever has to date you.” 
She rolls her eyes. “Does Y/N L/N sing?” She looks at Charlie. “Do I sing? Yes. Do I sing well…?” She scrunches her face up, before opening her mouth to finish, but Charlie beats her to it.
“Yes, you do! Shut up.” He slaps her face lightly. 
“Does Y/N L/N have any tattoos?” She looks down at her body. “Yes, I do, I have a few little ones, like behind my ears.” Charlie leans back to look.
“I can confirm that she does,” he says, giving a thumbs up to the camera.
“Next board!” She throws it off, her being handed the next board. “Thanks.” She holds the board out to the side. “What is Y/N L/N real name?” She forms her lips into a ‘ooo’ shape. “Good question. Next!” Charlie chuckles, ripping the next piece of tape off. “What is Y/N L/N zodiac sign?” She laughs. “Do you see the difference between my fans and his fans' grammar?” she taunts. “I’m an Aries if you can’t tell.” (Who are my fellow Aries out there?)
“Are we compatible?” Charlie asks. “Like our signs?” 
She chokes out a laugh. “Ehhh… Virgo’s and Aries are not that compatible. Like they’re more of a fling, it says that they’re great together in bed, but there have been some successes.”  
“That’s the reason I believe in astrology.” 
Y/N scoffs, whacking his arm. “What is Y/N L/N famous for?” She purses her lips. “I’m famous?!” she asks, displaying a mock of shock. “I didn’t know.” She looks down, waiting to see the next question. “What is Y/N L/N Youtube channel?” She smiles. “Y/N L/N!” she answers. “Very creative, right?  Next board!” she announces. “And the last board.” She winks at the camera. “Is Y/N L/N… Canadian?” She snorts. 
“What?!” Charlie questions, laughing with her. “I can say that she’s not Canadian.” 
“Is Y/N L/N vegan? I am not,” she says. “But, I’m not against it.” She scratches the back of her head. “Is Y/N L/N dating… Oooo--” she cuts herself nearly dying of laughing.
“Y/C/C?!” Charlie finishes, surprised. “Are you dating Y/C/C?” he repeats the question to her.
“I wish!” Her voice comes out raspy. “No, no, we’re just good friends is all,” she finally answers. She takes a shaky breath, trying to calm her breathing. “Is Y/N L/N still dating… Ooo--What?!” This time she let’s the board fall out of her hands, as she stands up. “Oh my God!” Her face turns bright red from the lack of oxygen.
Charlie bends down and picks it up. “Y/SM/C?!” He sits back down in his chair with a wide smile on his face that Y/N can justify as fake. 
Y/N fans her face with her hands. “Oh my God!” she squeals, tears building up in her eyes. “That is just too funny.” 
Though she rarely talks about her past relationship, the question made Charlie feel slightly uncomfortable due to the fact that her fans believe she was happier with said social media star. “Next question,” Charlie decided. 
Y/N sits back down in her chair. “Oh no,” she utters when she begins to read it. “Is Y/N L/N seeing… Who’s it gonna be?” she asks, but Charlie doesn’t proceed.
“I swear to God if it’s not me, imma--” he inhales through his nose, pouting towards her. “--imma be very upset.” He crosses his arms.
Y/N takes over for him, ripping off the last part of the tape. “Charlie Gillespie?!” 
“Yes!” Charlie cheers, high fiving Y/N in relief. “The answer is no,” he states, bluntly.
Y/N shakes her head at the boy. “Well!” She claps her hands. “That’s it for the wired-autocomplete interview, so sorry you people have to deal with Charlie and I today, but don’t forget to watch season two of Julie and the Phantoms, and watch out for my upcoming movie F/M.” She smiles at Charlie who leans over to press a kiss on her cheek.
“Goodbye!” they say together.
The camera stops rolling. “Phew!” Y/N wipes her forehead. “That was something, wasn’t it?” she asks Charlie.
“Didn’t expect you to get paired with so many guys,” he admits.
“Yet, who am I with?” 
He smirks. “Me,” he murmurs, looking down at his hands. 
“This is right.” She boops his nose, a subtle blush paints over his cheeks. 
They both stand up, stretching. “Thank you guys so much for doing this today,” a person says, walking up to us. “It was really a lot of fun you guys.”
“Aw, thank you for having us, I used to watch these videos all the time when I was younger so it’s so surreal to be in one,” she explains. “It was so much fun.” 
Charlie stays quiet beside her, looking at his feet. Y/N can’t put her finger on why, but she’ll keep in mind to ask him about it later. “Well, I’ll let you guys get on with what I assume to be a busy day.”
“Alright then, well, I hope to see you again, have an amazing day,” Y/N says, guiding Charlie to follow her out the building. “What’s up with you?” she asks Charlie once alone.
He sighs. “Interviews.” 
This one was so fun to write, that I decided I’m going to make a series based off of interviews from the past, and make some up on my own. But, what I had for the celebrity crush was Tom Holland because my OC was in the Spider-Man movies, and youtuber was Colby Brock because he was the last big crush I had besides Adam Driver aka a married guy with a kid so... Also I guess this story is a good way to get to know me better, because all of the answers were my real answers. And not to mention I did my RESEARCH, these were all the actual questions on google.
But, anyways! Like I said credit goes to @issaxcharlie for the idea, and part of the storyline, I want to make that very clear.
Have a nice day, goodbye!
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My Mastlist
Started: 4/30/2021
Last Updated: 6/16/2021
This = Coming Soon (Already Written, Just Need to Publish)
* = PG - 13/TV - 14 (Because I’m 17, I’m going to respect them, and not do full on smut) 
🌼 = Personal Favorite
💔= Angst 
🥰 = Fluff
Tumblr media
Julie and the Phantoms
Luke Patterson: + - Dead Luke. = - Alive Luke
+Homework+ 🥰💔
=Line Without a Hook (P1)=🥰💔| =Line Without a Hook (P2)=🥰
+Luke Skywalker+ 🥰💔
=Not So Cool=💔
=Our Savior Julie Molina=* 🥰💔🌼 
+This Town+ 💔
=“Do You Like It?”= 🥰🌼
=Stuttering=| Part One| Part Two| Part Three| 
+Perfect Harmony+| Part One | Part Two| Part Three| Part Four|💔
Reggie Peters: 
Tumblr media
Charmed (I’m sorry this GIF tho... Don’t mind me)
Brian: (Warning I’ve Never Watched the Full Show, So Most Of This Is My Interpretation/Imagination, I Still Hope You Enjoy) (Also he doesn’t have a last name so I have officially named him Brian Sinclair)
Butterflies| Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four |
Tumblr media
Charlie Gillespie:
#Interviews# (P1)🌼🥰|
#Live Stream#🥰
*#Just A Dream#*💔
Tumblr media
Owen Joyner:
Her Voice
New Boy (Teenager!Owen)
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mrsbrookegillespie · a month ago
+Homework+ Luke x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
(Not My Gif)
Description:When Y/N’s progress report comes out it seems as though their mom isn’t happy with the letters that follow each subject. So when they have to cancel on her friends band rehearsal to do their assignments it leads to an interesting encounter with the brunette guitarist of Julie and the Phantoms.
Warning: Stress, school, bad grades, mild angst, mostly fluff. 
Tumblr media
Luke is not someone to judge another for having bad grades, considering what his report cards looked like, and the fact he dropped out of high school at seventeen. But, Y/N has two more years left in school, despite her age, and frankly… She’s struggling. “What’s this?” her mother asks, showing her an email.
“Those are… My grades?” Y/N shrugs, avoiding the small letters that labeled her as dumb, and lazy.
“Y/N! You need to start getting serious about this. You’re going to flunk out!” Y/N internally winces at her mother shouting at her. “I’m very disappointed about this…”
“Well,” Y/N starts. “I’ll do it!” She bites her lip, sliding away from her desk. “Tomorrow,” she adds, looking at the time. “I promised Julie I’d watch band practice today.” Her mom gives her a blank stare.
“Y/N! We’ve been very laid back with you, you’ve never been grounded or anything, but right now I want you to stay at home, and get your missing work done.” 
Her mom closes the door on the way out, leaving Y/N feeling the stress of school. She grabs her phone, clicking Julie’s contact. “Hey! Are you almost here?” Julie asks.
“I can’t make it…” Y/N breathes out.
“What?!” Julie exclaims. “But, you promised to be here today, we’re performing tomorrow, you know?” The disappointment radiates through the phone.
“I know! And I will be there for that, because that’s really important, but I just can’t make it today.” Y/N is too embarrassed to say the reason why. Julie has amazing grades, and is insanely talented, and she might be a little jealous of that, mostly because she gets to spend extra time with Luke who Y/N has heart eyes for. But, his eyes are for someone else. Julie.
“No, she’s not coming,” she answers the muffled voice in the background. “I don’t know!” she groans. “The boys wanted me to ask you if you’re okay, which are you?” 
“Yes! I’m fine, just go rehearse, even though you guys don’t really need it, I know you’ll rock tomorrow--” Y/N gets cut off by her door swinging open.
“Y/N! Homework! Now!” her mom orders.
“I’m just telling Julie I can’t make it,” Y/N argues. “I gotta go.” 
“Oh, okay, well, we all miss you over here,” she affirms.
“Yeah, I miss you all too, but we did see each other today, so… I miss the boys.” 
Julie laughs. “I’ll tell them that, especially you know who.” Y/N can sense Julie’s smirk when she speaks. 
Y/N chokes on a bit of her saliva. “Julie! I-I have to go.” She hangs up. “Why me?” she asks whatever higher power could possibly be listening to the teenage girl. 
She plops down on her desk chair.
“What to start with?” Her eyes scan her To-Do List she’s already made, it’s not as much as she thought, but it’s definitely time consuming and very boring. Some of her teachers have already reached out to her, but she chooses to ignore their offers of help. She’s scared she’ll say something they’ll find stupid, or won’t understand. 
And so she has to skip her favorite part of the day, to do Algebra, and History and Biology, and…
“So, why couldn’t she come today?” Luke asks, tuning his guitar on the couch.
“Eh, I didn’t ask her,” Julie admits. 
“Why not?” Luke gives her a pointed look, his movements faltering.
“She would’ve told me if it was that important,” she claims. She looks off, before seeing him go back to his previous state. “Luke, you've been tuning that guitar for half an hour, I think it’s good.” 
He rolls his eyes. 
“So, Y/N really can’t come today?” Reggie asks, saddened over the news. “But, she never misses a rehearsal unless it’s family, or school related.” 
Luke finally stops, setting down his guitar. “Wait,” he starts. “Didn’t progress reports come out today?” 
Everyone looks at him weirdly. “How do you know that?” Alex questions, spinning his drumstick.
“Oh--uh.” He scratches the back of his head. “When I visited Julie at school the other day, I heard something about it.” 
Julie turns his head towards him. “Are you talking about when Y/N said something about it to Flynn? A couple feet away from us? Yeah I heard her too, because I was facing her.” She crosses her arms. “I think someone has a crush,” she teases, smiling widely.
“What?!” A subtle blush paints over his cheeks. “I don’t like Y/N like that, she’s--she’s just a good friend.”
“Oh come on!” Alex joins. “It’s so obvious, don’t think I don’t notice when you stare at her.” He sends a wink to Luke.
“Or when you talk about her,” Reggie adds. “Which is all the time.” 
“Just tell her,” Julie advises. 
“Tell her?” Luke repeats, giving her a look of disbelief. “I don’t think you’ve guys noticed, but I’m dead, and she’s very much alive.” 
“So?! Everyone knows you two are completely in love with each other, so give it a shot,” Julie urges, also knowing her friend's infatuation with the guitarist.
Luke chuckles. “She doesn’t like me, she rarely talks to me, to be honest I think she hates me.” 
“You rarely talk to her,” Julie points out. “And ‘to be honest’ I think she thinks you hate her.” Luke’s posture caves hearing Julie’s words. “Are we going to get started now?” 
Everyone nods. 
Throughout practice Luke found his mind wandering back to the previous conversations the band had. A warm feeling would build in his stomach for a movement when he would think about the fact that Y/N likes him, or at least his friends think so. “Luke!” Alex shouts, snapping Luke out of his thoughts. “Practice is over,” he informs.
"It is?!” His eyes widened when an idea popped into his mind. “Well, won’t you look at that, it is over, and I completely forgot I made plans, bye!” Luke poofs out, landing in a girly room, but has a certain vibe to it.
“Luke!” Y/N shrieks, putting a hand over her heart. “What are you doing here?” she whisper-yells.
“T-the--” he snaps his fingers. “The guys wanted someone to check in on you, and Alex is hanging out with Willie, and Reggie is Reggie so… I volunteered.” He sways back and forth against his ankles. “Sooo… How are you doing?” He strolls up to her smoothly, placing an arm on the back of her chair.
“Luke… You are a terrible liar,” she asserts. “But, if you really want to know. I’m not doing too well.”
He frowns. “Why?”
“School,” she sighs. “We got our progress reports, and I’m not doing too well.” She tries to hide the paper from Luke.
“Y/N, don’t be embarrassed, I’m sure it’s not that bad.” He plucks the paper from under her arm. His reassuring smile slowly faded. “There’s… Room for improvement?” He shrugs.
“Get out,” Y/N mutters. 
Luke’s heart plummeted. “What?” 
“I said get out,” she repeats, harshly. “I get it, I’m dumb, and I’m lazy, and I don’t do my work. I get it. So, just leave.” Tears threatened to fall from her eyes. “I’m serious Luke.” Her voice cracks a little.
Guilt washed over him when he saw the effect his words take on her. “I’m sorry,” he whispers. He reaches out to hug her, but he instead goes straight through her.
Y/N doesn’t notice his attempt of this action, instead boring her eyes at the paper in front of her. “Luke, I said just go.” She rubs her forehead.
He didn’t move though, he instead started looking over the paper she hadn't touched. “Twenty-three,” he answers.
“What?” she chokes out.
“The answer, it’s twenty-three.” He looks at her, a little self-conscious. “Look, just because I didn’t have the best grades, or didn’t do work, didn’t mean I was dumb, so stop telling yourself that. We’re not so different you know.” 
She scrunches her face. “How’d you get that?” she asks. “The answer to the question.”
His eyes light up when she accepts his explanation, not asking him to leave again. “So… I just did…” 
He talks through the problem, asking Y/N if she understands when her eyes widen. He noticed she does that when she’s getting confused, or is not fully processing the words. As they go through each subject, him helping her, or giving his opinion on things. She started to find herself smiling, and having fun? “Wow,” he whispers, reading a poem. “You just wrote this?” 
She nods. “Yeah, I know, it’s not that great.” 
“No! It’s really good for something you wrote in five minutes,” he compliments, rereading the poem in his head. “Who knew you were such a romantic?” he teases.
Y/N feels her cheeks warm up. “That’s actually the first time I’ve heard that.”
“So, who’d you write it about?” he asks. He partially dreaded asking the questions. He didn’t want to picture her ever describing someone that wasn’t him in such a beautiful context. “C’mon, you can tell me, what am I going to do? Tell my ghost friends.” 
Y/N giggles. “I--uh… Someone?” It comes out more as a question.
“Why you want to know so bad, huh?” she blurts, with a smirk. “Why? You jealous?” She knew he wasn’t, but the thought made her whole body catch on fire.
Luke, surprised by her sudden cockiness, sends her a smirk right back. “Well, what if I am?” 
She scoffs. “Yeah, right,” she murmurs.
He tilts his head. “What is that supposed to mean?”
She gives him a ‘really’ look. “Luke, c’mon…” She waits for him to say something like ‘you’re right, I’m joking’, or anything along those lines, but he just stares back with the same intensity she has.
“What do you want me to say?”
The question lingers in Y/N’s mind. I want you to say you like me. That’s what she wanted to tell him, that’s what she wanted to hear. “Nothing,” she mumbles. “Absolutely nothing.” 
He cracks a smile. “Just tell me!” After that he keeps repeating it over and over again.
“I want you to say you like me!” she shouts. 
His eyes widened, but he didn’t seem uncomfortable, he seemed in awe of the situation. “Why are you shouting?” Y/N’s mom asks, rushing in.
“Because I’ve gotten ten assignments turned in!” Y/N cheers trying to ignore Luke giving her a big smile, seriously, it’s scary how wide it is. 
“I like you too,” he whispers, her heart dropping. It’s like he couldn’t contain his little secret for any longer, but now it leaves Y/N impatient as her mom stares down at her on the bed. 
“That’s good! she assures. “Though it would’ve been better if you turned them in on time, but at least they’re in.” Y/N nods at her mom's backhanded compliment. “Anyways, dinners ready.” 
“Ah, yes.” Y/N shuts her laptop. “I forgot humans have to eat.” 
“Can I stay?” Luke asks.
“In my room,” she answers.
“You’re going to eat in your room?” her mom asks.
“Can you?” Luke perks up, hearing it. “Just say you want to finish your work, because you’re already in the groove, or something!” His eyes are pleading Y/N to stay with him, leaving her almost speechless.
“Y-yeah,” she stutters. “There’s a few more things I want to do before I call it a night, and I’m kind of in… ‘The Groove’,” she discreetly ridicules the boy next to her that’s invisible to her mom's eyes.
“Okay, just come down when you’re ready.” 
Y/N sighs of relief when she hears the door shut quietly. “So, you like me?” She was slightly breathless from the beautiful boy so close to her.
“Yeah,” he responds. His eyes didn’t meet hers though.
“You don’t seem sure,” she judges. 
His gaze locks with her. “I’m just nervous,” he reveals. “You make me really nervous. I thought you hated me just an hour ago, and now…”
She gapes at him. “I thought you hated me!” 
“That’s what Julie said,” he adds, pointing towards her.
Y/N jolts her body away from him. “You spoke about me with Julie?” As if she summoned her, Julie’s contact lights up her phone. “Hello,” she answers.
“Is Luke over there?” she asks. “Sorry! Hi, it’s just the boys were worried.” Y/N sneaks a glimpse towards Luke who can’t seem to take his eyes off of her, it’s like he’s trying to memorize every single part of her body. 
“He’s not, but I had a question for you.” Luke looks at Y/N confused as to why she lied. “Did you guys talk about anything earlier? He was acting weird, and you know with you being good friends with him, and us being the best of friends, I wanted to know.” 
“Oh my God!” she exclaims. “He was out of it the entire rehearsal after we told him you weren’t going to be there, and he was all worried, and concerned, it was adorable. Dude is so in love with you it’s insane. I mean even Reggie and Alex were talking about how he talks about you, and how he stares at you, and how he’s so invested in you. I’d say he’s obsessed.” 
Y/N lets out a victorious hum. “Good to know, well, I’ll let you know if I see him--oh wait, he’s right next to me, thanks for the info.” Y/N hangs up.
“She told you about rehearsal didn’t she?” He plays with the rings on his fingers, a nervous habit he picked up.
“Yep.” Y/N pops the ‘p’. “She said you’re obsessed with me.”
“Not true!” he argues. “Sort of…” He pouts. “Not in a creepy way though!” He tries to grab her hand, but it goes straight through. “This will be interesting.” 
“Yeah,” Y/N agrees. “But, we’ll get through it…” 
Luke then learned one thing about himself that night. He was touched-starved.
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charlies-gillespie · a month ago
i will get this owen request out if it’s the last thing i do. i’ve been writing away with it all day today and it’s (finally) almost done. y’all may be getting two imagines tonight (or maybe i’ll just wait until tomorrow?)
y’all tell me though. y’all want this fic out tonight or just wait until tomorrow?
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charlies-gillespie · a month ago
i’m working on a request (and it’s taking me longer than i thought it would take to write it), but i wanna get something small out tonight since it’s been a few days.
is there anything that y’all would like to see me write? or maybe a prompt that you’d like to see written? let me know and i’ll get it out tonight!
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owensgoathat · a month ago
New Girl
pairing: charlie gillespie x reader
summary: you are the new girl in your apartment complex and bump into a super cute boy who offers to help you move in.
word count: 580
Tumblr media
Your new apartment was quiet, but that's what you wanted; no distractions in order to focus on school and your job. The apartment building was of average size and your one bedroom, one bath apartment sat on the sixth floor of the building. New to the city, you didn't know anyone but your coworkers that you previously met a week before you moved. You definitely didn't know how to navigate the town, so you vowed to drive around that weekend to learn it.
The room had two windows beside the front door, was furnished with a couch and a murphy bed; as well as a kitchen and bathroom big enough for a couple people.
Boxes containing your belonging were stacked up beside each side of the door. As you were bringing the last box up the stairs, you noticed the door to the stairs you had left opened had been closed. The elevator was being repaired for the doors not opening.
You turned your back to the door and used your backside to push the bar that enables the door to open, but it doesn't open very far.
"Ow," a voice said.
Quickly turning your head and body you see a guy rubbing his forehead with his eyes squinted. Realizing you hit him with the door, you quickly run through the open door and drop the boxes.
"I am so sorry," you say. "I didn't see you at all. My back was to you and I was pushing the door with my butt and-"
You were cut off. "Dude, it's okay, calm down. It's just a little bump on the head; it'll heal." He reaches his arm out to you. "I'm Charlie."
Before shaking his outstretched hand, you look at the brown haired guy for a second. His hair was shoulder length, wavy and gave off the appearance of being soft. He was skinny, but built, and not much taller than you. Those hazel eyes were not only beautiful, but calm and welcoming.
"Y/n. Again, I'm very sorry for whacking you with the door."
"No worries, seriously."
The both of you smiled and stood in silence for a moment before Charlie broke the silence.
"I, uh, could help you move in if you'd like."
"I've only got these two boxes left to take to my apartment,
You bend over to grab said boxes.
"and as much as I appreciate your offer to help, I'm not good at being okay with other people putting stuff in places I don't want them to be."
The hazel-eyed human chuckled. "Then what are you good at?"
"Wouldn't you like to know," you playfully said.
"Actually, I would."
"Oh," your breath hitched in your throat, "well you can't find those things out unless we spend time together."
Charlie smiled. "Then meet me here tomorrow. We're going to go have lunch."
"Are you sure, Charlie? I don't want to take up any of your time-"
"You're not taking up my time, y/n." Charlie stepped closer to you, locking eyes until he pulled the fallen eyelash from your cheek. "Make a wish."
The lash was daintily sitting on his thumb and as you gently blow it away with closed eyes, you make a wish. When you open your eyes, the boy has vanished; almost like it was a dream. A smile danced on your lips as you made your way up the stairs with the last of your things.
master list:
tag list:
@issaxcharlie @ghostlybailey
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charlies-gillespie · a month ago
hey besties. my account got terminated by tumblr (i don’t know why) and i worked hard for the past few days trying to get it back. it worked and i’m back so i’ll post a lil something later tonight for y’all <3
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theluketomypatterson · a month ago
Possible blurb night?!
Soo sorry I didn’t post at all last week. I had a really busy week, along with the weekend.
This week i’m also pretty busy.
The only days I have off are Thursday (still have work though from 7am-4:30pm) and Saturday.
I wanted to do a blurb night because i’m honestly still figuring out something to write, sooo if you guys want you can start sending them in.
I will try to get to them this week on the days i have free, but it might not happen.
I really want to start posting soon though, soo if have any concept ideas you want me to write, go ahead and send them my way!
Thank you all so much for waiting patiently and I promise soon I will write something!💕
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