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#owen Wilson
confusedhalfofthetime · an hour ago
Also you guys...Loki and Mobius clearly have that father-son dynamic that Loki so desperately needed and I say that's what he deserves
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mischievous-thunder · an hour ago
Mobius: Why did you flex your pecs right after your Asgardian outfit was destroyed on day 1?
Loki: What? I didn't-
Mobius: You know very well that you did.
Loki: *Smiles innocently*
Mobius: So, my question is why and I need an answer immediately. I M M E D I A T E L Y!
Loki, grinning: So you were observing!
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corikane · 2 hours ago
Well, that was interesting. I spent a couple of hours yesterday nursing a perfectly good theory about what that second episode means only to have it almost completely fall apart on a rewatch – tv will do you like that sometimes. But, yes, Loki does have my attention now. Episode 2 The Variant Loki (Tom Hiddleston) has agreed to help Mobius (Owen Wilson) find the other Variant Loki but, of…
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mischievous-thunder · 2 hours ago
Loki: I've decided to ride what you offered me yesterday. It'll be worth it.
Casey: What are you going to ride, Loki?
Ravonna: Yeah, what's he going to ride, Mobius?
Mobius: At this point, even if I say that he's talking about a bicycle, you won't believe me.
Casey: So, it's a bicycle.
Ravonna: Or is it...
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sarrrdoodles · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"do you want the tea or not?"
i'm having to much fun with this show, i love mobius and loki's dynamic (twitter @ sarrrdoodles)
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randomswedishgirl03 · 3 hours ago
No cause when Loki returns to Owen Wilson i swear Owen is gonna be like ”why didnt you Wait for me?” And Loki is gonna be like ”cause you didnt trust me” aND OWEN IS GONNA BE LIKE ”I do trust you and im sorry i didnt show that before” AND IM GONNA CRY AAAAAAA
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lokiscepter · 4 hours ago
alright so i was browsing in my notes and i found this oldie
collar--loki x mobius (kinda.)
".. all you have to do, is to take off the collar." he swooned.
mobius was staring into the trickster's eyes. it was really easy to get hypnotised by them. he almost fell into this trap, but he snapped awake, shaking his head to regain conciousness.
"what?" mobius asked. at the moment, he was pinned against the wall by the trickster god loki. the raven haired inmate was slightly taller so he towered over him. mobius didn't like this sense of vulnerability that was handed over to him. he wanted to regain authority over this mere prisoner. he was supposed to be monitoring this time offender, yet he was clearly failing this job.
"is not this simpler? if you take the collar off i will comply. i will stop opposing against you and follow your every command." his silky voice came and once again, mobius was hypnotised.
although the logical part of his brain was telling him not to, he had a strange urge to comply. fishing the remote out from his pocket, he pushed a button and the collar fell off. loki sighed at the sound of metal on the concrete ground.
"that's better," he drawled. "now-" mobius didn't catch anything he said. he was staring intently into loki's eyes as if there was no tomorrow. the green, narrow slit in his irises were mysterious, as if there was something swirling underneath. the key to unlock loki's heart. he just had to grasp it. but how?
suddenly, he felt something close around his neck. the collar. mobius' eyes widened when he realised what was going on. a smirk appeared on loki's face. "that's how it feels," his sly voice came. mobius' hands flew to the collar on his neck. he tried to pull it off, but to no avail. his hand shot to his pocket for the remote, but it wasn't there.
"looking for this?" loki asked from the corner of the room. he held the remote carelessly in his hand. mobius grunted and tried to go over to him, but unconciously, he felt a zap of energy travel from the collar through his spine. he was instantly paralyzed and he slumped to the ground, his eyes the only body part that he was still able to move. mobius tried with all his might to move at least one muscle, but they just wouldn't budge.
loki chuckled. "that was fun," he said. he tossed the remote over to the far corner of the room. he made his way to where mobius was, immobilised on the ground. mobius' eyes were full of rage as he looked up at him.
"thanks a lot," he said, kneeling in front of mobius, lifting a hand to ruffle his hair. "they'll find you within a week. do not fret, i bet you've encountered worse than this." with one last look at mobius, loki got up, flicked a switch and left. once again, the room was drenched in darkness.
mobius' eyes on the remote lying a couple metres away from him, he attempted to move again. the shock from the collar was too strong and he could not do anything but give up. helpless on the ground, he could only lay there in silence. this is going to be a long day, he thought exasperatedly.
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Hi, is the new loki show good? also is it possible to watch it without knowing anything about marvel?
i'm always gonna be biased when it comes to rating loki-related content, bc you could give me a 6-hour movie of loki organizing his sock drawer and i'd be like "10/10 would watch again: BUT yeah it's fantastic and i think it has really good critic reviews too
tbh i think if you're just watching it for fun, then yeah i don't think you need extensive knowledge of marvel movies...maybe just read the wikipedia pages for the avengers and thor films if u want to get the basic gist of how things work in the mcu? but yeah by and large if you just like seeing owen wilson and a depressed green bean with self-worth issues go on adventures, then look no further
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mischievous-thunder · 4 hours ago
Tom: Do you think we're doing a good job?
Owen: Are you kidding me? My research says that our Lokius chemistry is on point. We're killing it.
Tom: Your research being going on social media, sneakily tracking down and reading every single thing the fandom posts?
Owen: Wow! You're doing it too. Admit it. Right now!
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uhlikzsuzsanna · 4 hours ago
Owen Wilson isn't quite as into jet skis as his Loki character, Mobius • 2021.06.18.
U.S. maritime law is a weird thing. You need classes, a test, and a license to drive a car, but in a lot of states, any old 12 year old can operate a jet ski without any license, training, or, really, supervision. Considering jet skis are 750 pound death rockets that are most likely capable of decapitating anyone who’s floating in the water, that’s not the best idea, but, hey, they sure are fun to ride.
Loki’s Mobius likes them, at least. He’s never been on one—that would be too unseemly given his status in the TVA—but he likes the idea of them. He likes the concept that the TVA is keeping life moving along for regular people who might want to coast across open bodies of water at dangerous rates of speed. If the TVA can’t protect the fun freedoms, what are they even doing?
Owen Wilson, who plays Mobius, doesn’t entirely agree. As he tells us in the video above, “I can’t say I’m a huge fan of jet skis. I put them sort of, but not quite in the category of leaf blowers. It isn’t a sound that I love. You know, when you think about Walden Pond, you don’t think about a jet ski screaming along.” He continues, “When I was like a kid, of course, I loved them. They seemed like the greatest thing. Now, I think I prefer the peace and quiet of just seeing a lake or looking out at the ocean rather than hearing [jet skis], although they are pretty fun when you get on them.” Amen, brother.
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buckysbackpack · 4 hours ago
The Loki cast: Who the fuck wrote this shit.
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powertotheweirdos · 4 hours ago
Wanting to make fanarts of something you like
but you ain't got time to draw
and so you throw your fast food art crap at people just hoping someonewill like it
R-reblogs are super appreciated
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lokiondisneyplus · 4 hours ago
Owen Wilson isn't quite as into jet skis as his Loki character, Mobius
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