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#owen Joyner
latinposeidon · 26 minutes ago
this could be just me but i think charlie and owen were joking about l*lex being exes or being supportive of fans theories, madi said it in a live and told fans to not take it as canon because they will be disappointed and i remember sav also saying she thinks they are joking. i think it started a joke or charlie not wanting say no to fans and owen getting along with it and now they can;t say anything because it would hurt some fans, a lot of time they say it's true but then backtrack and say it's not confirmed
Oh yeah they're absolutely just joking when they talk about l*lex as exes. It's like how Owen's never serious when he says he's not gonna be acting during the willex kiss. I think they're just very comfortable joking about this sort of thing and they don't always make it completely clear that they're joking so people - understandably - think they're being serious
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latinposeidon · an hour ago
its just so funny to me how lalex shippers always talk about how owen (and charlie too) ships lalex as if owen didnt literally say hed prefer alex/reggie and that alex/luke was just in the past
Yeah like they've both said that Luke and Alex are exes, and they're both huge supporters of willex anyway. Like we literally trended because Owen said 'that's my boyfriend' and 'when we kiss' on a stream, and Charlie's straight up called himself the captain of the willex ship. The cast honestly could not make it more clear that they want Willie and Alex to be together
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authentic-gillespie · an hour ago
I MADE A TAG LIST + Requests open
Heyyyy, so a girl never promoted this. I did make a tag list so its easier for me to keep track of anyone who wants to be tagged in new fics! right now I only write for Charlie and Owen, im coming up for ideas for a other Jatp characters and im also thinking of starting to write for OUTERBANKS! if you want anything send me an ask and ill add it to my taglist! 
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li1-dess · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
oh my god
savannah lee may and owen joyner could literally legally date
this..this is wrong
no no n o n o
this is..icky.
im having a mental breakdown
im..just..i need to take a
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incorrect-jatp-cast · 3 hours ago
Charlie and Owen: *physically fighting each other*
Jeremy: This isn't what I meant by "express your feelings!"
Maddie, eating popcorn: No, let them continue. I wanna see who comes out on top.
Savannah, also eating popcorn: Owen always comes out the top.
Jeremy: You mean "on top," right?
Savannah: Sure.
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incorrect-jatp-cast · 7 hours ago
Owen: Can you keep a secret?
Booboo: Do you know anything about my life?
Owen: No, I do not. Good point.
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incorrect-jatp-cast · 11 hours ago
*Owen's bundled up under blankets, sick*
Charlie: *brings him another blanket*
Owen: Dude, I already have four blankets. I'm very hot.
Charlie: Yes. Yes, you are. But you shouldn't say that out loud.
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jonmercer · 16 hours ago
Owen Joyner via instagram stories
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jonmercer · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Owen Joyner via instagram stories
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dicebarnart · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Calling all #julieandthephantoms fanartists! I’ve got a drawing challenge for you!
I’ve had this drawing of Julie in my back pocket for a while and decided to turn it into a #drawthisinyourstyle challenge! It’s also happening on Instagram if you guys wanna check it out there @/dicebarn.
If you wanna participate
•hashtag it with #DBJATPDTIYS
•tag me so I can see it and reblog it 💜
•feel free to change the background and pose! It’s called “in your style” for a reason lol
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incorrect-jatp-cast · 19 hours ago
Maddie: Zombies eat brains...
Maddie: *looks Charlie up and down*
Maddie: You're safe.
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bexiii · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
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incorrect-jatp-cast · 23 hours ago
Jeremy: Hey, someone is screaming outside. Don't you think you should do something?
Owen: Yeah, I should.
Owen: *closes window*
Jeremy: Uh, thanks?
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incorrect-jatp-cast · a day ago
Owen: I hit a tree.
Charlie: WHAT?
Charlie: Are you okay?
Charlie: Or should I say oaky?
Charlie: Hahha. Sorry.
Charlie: But actually?
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longhandpencils · a day ago
Tumblr media
THE BAND IS BACK. In pencil form, that is.
The ✨new✨ Julie and the Phantoms pencil set is now available! (& the shop is back open!)
Find the set HERE
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incorrect-jatp-cast · a day ago
Charlie: Soooo, you know one of those marriage pacts?
Charlie: Like... "If we both turn 30 and aren't married, we should just marry each other!" Something like that?
Charlie, nervous: Yeah, we should... we should totally do that.
Owen: *stares at the 'Happy 30th Birthday, Owen' poster behind Charlie*
Owen: That was the worst marriage proposal, ever.
Charlie: Soooo, is that a 'yes' or 'no'?
Owen: Ugh, yes, I guess...
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toomanyfandomshelp · a day ago
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incorrect-jatp-cast · a day ago
Owen: What tea is this?
Sonny: Oh, I just boiled some Gatorade.
Owen: *spits*
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