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#over someone literally
stanrizzo5 hours ago
actually it wouldnt surprise me if someone read the scarlet letter and thought it was salem witch trial fanfic bc there are people out there thinking the divine comedy is bible fanfic. please i would encourage people to do anyyyyyy amount of research into literary history please god聽
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louislyrics9 hours ago
@ rant anon
#so basically鈥 i鈥檓 going to respond to one part more so than the others simply bc you brought it up and it bothers me#everyone acts like louis is some badass who is going to overthrow the industry singlehandedly and i just鈥 don鈥檛 see why?#because where i鈥檓 sitting he continues being fucked over and continues getting the shit end of the stick#like maybe he鈥檚 negotiated for some things i.e not having to be present for bg but like鈥︹︹ when literally every single other person involved#in that mess continues dragging him into it (including his family and i don鈥檛 believe they think they鈥檙e helping him when it always comes at#a time that seems to best serve them 鈥攍ottie is launching new projects or the twins have been called out for shitty behavior)#but like once promo time comes around he鈥檚 still going to be asked the same line of questioning that doesn鈥檛 involve his career at all??#i guess i could Wait and See what happens with his new deal he signed but as someone who has been around for years and years and has waited#and seen through every deal he鈥檚 made and signed like鈥. it continues to suck?#as for everything else you said i鈥檝e spoken on this before and much of this fandom thinks they鈥檙e one dimensional characters instead of#multifaceted human beings鈥 and they鈥檝e chosen the characters they want them to be and if you don鈥檛 agree with them they WILL bully you and#call you names and get their followers to do so as well and everyone else either agrees or doesn鈥檛 want to get bullied next so they don鈥檛#say anything at all. so i agree with you but also i鈥檓 tired of talking abt it when it鈥檚 done nothing but bring me grief lol#feel free to rant any time tho bc i agree with what you鈥檙e saying
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frecklydork2 days ago
God it feels really!!!! uncomfortable!!!!! when people reblog my art where I鈥檓 kissing Starscream and they tag it as聽鈥渢his is MY husband!! <33鈥陈犫淸insert F/O tag for Starscream]鈥澛犫渙h that person looks like ME and starscream!!鈥 like. no. no???? no??? My self insert is NOT an x reader experience for you and my art ESPECIALLY isn鈥檛 something for you to project onto!聽
He鈥檚 even one of the F/Os I鈥檓 not comfortable sharing and I wish other self shippers would take the time to be like聽鈥渉m maybe I should check op鈥檚 F/O list and see if, y鈥檏now, they鈥檙e okay if I鈥檇 reblog their shit and tag it as my F/O鈥 and even if I WAS okay w/ sharing stsc I would NEVER be okay with someone tagging MY ART as聽鈥渙h this is MY f/o and me鈥 like??? how fucking rude can you possibly be. my self insert is literally ME. she isn鈥檛 you, she isn鈥檛 anyone else, even if you remotely look like her -- even if YOUR name is Keri and you have brown hair and brown eyes and freckles and you wear a spongebob t-shirt every day that does NOT mean that you can tag my art with your s/i tags. I am not something to project onto and I鈥檓 so fucking tired of repeating this
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sunnydalebimbo2 days ago
genuinely cackling over the Killed By Death cold-open and how the Scoobies throw a fucking sack over Angelus鈥 head. aasfdfghjjklksj what is he? an angry cat?? then they just鈥 kick him a bit??? and point some crosses in his general direction. and Angelus is like 鈥渙h no, this is the worst threat i鈥檝e ever face, let me flee dramatically鈥. what? is he threatened by Xander鈥檚 hideous stripped jacket?? OH MY GOD, and Angelus tackling Cordy for literally no reason, and then him just kinda sitting over her. literally who wrote that scene? who? we need to have a chat and possible a fist fight.
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cawtbox2 days ago
people on tumblr dot com need to calm the fuck down someone pointing out someones response being like... fucking weird. is not the end of the world? move on with your life, the op of a post thinking your tag was weird literally doesnt affect your or the person being weird in the tags鈥 life at all
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cxnicalsweetheart2 days ago
Hey big daddy first off- we love you and hope you'll are having fun wreaking havoc!
Second- so like I feel like trying to find out the lore behind Cynic and friends is like trying to watch a show with 10 spin offs and picking it up half way through season 5 while also keeping up with the fandom and trying not to get anything applied because it still turns out there's a whole 2 seasons out and you're still behind- like don't mind me taking every bit of free time I have stalking everyone to connect the dots and find out how you all suddenly became this one big clusterfuck of sinful bliss---
oh we are having a blast!
explanation for the lore below bc it鈥檚 all kinda long alsdfkjasdf
aaaahhhh it鈥檚 kinda funny how we all came to be tbh. i鈥檓 a very, very shy and socially anxious person so i rarely, if ever, interact with people one on one. @natsuonii and i started talking after they sent me some incest asks on the og cxnicalsweetheart and then i followed her back after i read a few of her fics. after i had made my own server to help combat my crippling shyness, i asked her to be a mod for it and that鈥檚 where she and i got really close
as for @izuushi, i joined the bnharem after getting to know jo and mari pretty well in the sewer (annie鈥檚 sever) and lowkey being a fanboy for months. fern recognized me as the person who emotionally scarred them with the bakugou angst and began talking to me, and then i invited them in to my personal server. from there, fern introduced me to soapy (@angelamajiki) after asking me if she could join and we hit it off immediately
@dearestdynamight and i really started talking once fern had made a server for their close friends and we hit it off very well. she also knew me mostly from my bakugou angst and reminds me every time i bring up that fic that i have caused her psychological damage asafkjghasfl
so yeah! that鈥檚 the basic run down! we鈥檝e all known each other for a couple of months and have grown really tight :)
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lecliss3 days ago
I just love Xillia so much. Good or bad, parts that dont make sense, or that annoy me, or whatever dont matter. It means a lot to me and I love everyone in the cast and the journey throughout the entire game and it really is my fave in the Tales series but of course I love Xillia 2 so much that I cant separate them. They have to be grouped together, lol. Its just one of my fave games ever and it makes me really emotional to beat it again cuz that means its over 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶
#time to go to the sequel and cry over ludger next lol#but god just. i mean. this time around milla really grew on me and i learned to appreciate her and now i really like her#but the thing is. the romance between her and jude is SO noexistant despite the game trying to tell you otherwise#like i get jude having a crush on milla. and its clearly the game is trying to say at a certain point milla reciprocates#but at no point does it feel real. at no point does it feel like any romantic love they have for each other plays a part in anything#aside from blushy fanboy moments jude has#like if it was turned from an idolization crush to jude realizing later on that crushing on her was part of his childishness and naivete#and he grew out of it and learned to respect her as someone to look up to and follow#and milla never developed feelings for jude but instead came to rely on him as a trusted companion like HOW IT LOOKS#then it would be so much better#there doesnt need to be a disclaimer at the bottom of the screen saying 'remember: this is supposed to be romantic'#cuz thats what it feels like in the later half of the game#i think jude crushing makes senses but if it evolved and matured starting when milla 'died' it wouldnt be bungled#there shouldnt have been romance between jude and milla and it really makes me unable to appreciate good moments in their relationship#cuz i cant look at it in the platonic light it actually looks like it is#its like 'aw! look at their bond!'#*bamco whispering in my ear* 'this is romance and they are in love! dont forget!'#'oh... okay now thie just feels awkward'#like. ya know?#anyway. i feel like its one of the top two games that always feel like home to me. i can play it and literally feel like it is my home#i never get tired of playing it and the fact that the sequel exists brings me so much joy cuz i get to see everybody living their best lives#......until ludger's life starts to go to shit tho.....#oh ludger. you really shoulda stayed home.#personal
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littlemousejelly3 days ago
Lena peppering little kisses all over Kara's face: sorry if this looks gay to the audience
Kara sits on the couch warm and happy, full of good food and boundless, infinite love for her friends as she listens to them argue over whatever the hell Winn's just drawn on his whiteboard. She's warm and happy and at least five degrees past elated and veering into quiet ecstasy because Lena's laughing in her lap, hair tickling her chin, cheeks, and nose. Her body jostles with the force of her joy and Kara can't help but slide her arms around Lena's waist to squeeze her a little, affection overflowing.
She's not entirely sure when Lena wiggled her way into her lap, but she's definitely not in any rush to have her out of it any time soon. Especially not when she seems so small like this, tucked in the sling of her hips, hair gently tousled, oversized knit sweater hanging off her shoulders, thick glasses perched on the nose she's scrunching cutely as she turns to smile curiously at her.
"Karaaa," she says, drawing out the vowel in a half-buzzed, half-accented slur. "What's up?"
Kara watches her dimples wink, heart skip-skipping as she commits the way Lena looks and feels in her arms to memory.
"Kara?" Lena repeats, and Kara blinks, a big, dopey grin spreading across her face.
"Nothing," she says, pulling Lena the slightest bit closer. "Just happy."
Lena studies her for a moment, then huffs a laugh, straightening enough to press a soft kiss to her cheek. Unexpectedly. She pulls back enough to meet her eyes and murmurs, "I'm really happy too."
And she's just, so pretty. So pretty. That Kara simply has to return the favor and kiss the adorable pink of her cheek.
Lena lets out the tiniest of gasps and twists her hand into her shirt.
"Oh," she breathes, lips parted and pupils large.
"Sorry," Kara rushes out, nervous. "Sorry, was that not okay?"
Lena's hand tightens in the fabric of her shirt, then relaxes again. Her fingers brush over Kara's stomach and send a little shiver up her back.
"It's okay. It's very okay," Lena says quietly, scanning Kara's face for鈥 something, nibbling at her lip until she seems to find whatever it is she's looking for. She leans up and kisses Kara's other cheek, pulling back with her cheeks rosy.
For symmetry's sake and not at all because Kara wants to feel her peach fuzz against her lips again, she tilts Lena's chin with a finger and mirrors the action.
Lena giggles then, and it's light and lovely and perfect, quite possibly the only laugh Kara ever wants to hear again. Quite possibly the only laugh Kara ever wants to be the reason for again. But before she can think of a way to make her giggle again, Lena starts peppering kisses all over her face. Her forehead, her nose, her jaw, her cheeks, again and again, each time inching closer to her lips鈥攏ot that Kara notices鈥攁nd each time Kara finds she has no choice but to kiss her back, grinning harder and harder into every one until she's just pressing her smile to her face.
"Hi," she sighs out, nuzzling at a warm cheek.
"Hi," Lena whispers, hand somehow under her shirt now, fingers stroking directly over her belly.
"I like it when you kiss me," Kara admits, flexing her abs just in case.
Lena's fingers falter briefly before she continues exploring. Slower.
"I like kissing you," she says, brushing their noses together, mouth dangerously close to Kara's. Dangerously kissable.
"...Can I kiss you some more?" Kara ventures, and the question is barely out of her mouth before she's already beginning to tilt her head in, aching for a taste.
"Yes, please," comes Lena's reply, breath tickling her lips.
Right before a chorus of groans interrupts them.
"Aww, come on!" Winn whines, and Kara stifles a disappointed sound before reluctantly lifting her forehead away from Lena's to see what's going on.
Everyone is looking at them with varying levels of amusement on their faces.
"Seriously?" Alex asks, an incredibly pained look on her face and absolutely the least amused. "We take five minutes to tell Winn how that"鈥攕he gestures at the misshapen blob on his whiteboard鈥"is not a muffin and you're all over each other?"
Lena buries her flushed face into the neck of her shirt, letting out a quiet Ow when it pushes her glasses into her cheeks. Kara slips a hand under her sweater to rub soothingly at her back.
"This is obviously a muffin," Winn grumbles, and James ruffles his hair affectionately. "But they're totally all over each other."
Kelly wraps an arm around Alex's waist and plants an exaggeratedly loud kiss to her cheek before catching Kara's eye and winking. Kara has no idea why.
"I think it's sweet," she says. "They're cute together."
"Wait, you're finally together?" Nia asks, eyes lighting up. "Does this mean we can go on real double dates now?"
Kara blinks, still thinking about kissing Lena and more than a little annoyed that everyone interrupted them.
"Uh, together?" she says slowly, trying to tamp down her irritation. She draws aimless patterns on Lena's back and feels her heart do a funny dance when it makes her squirm. "What makes you say that?"
Alex looks like she wants to throw something at her head, Kelly's jaw drops, and Nia rolls her eyes so hard Kara's almost worried they'll get stuck.
"You're joking," Kelly says, voice flat.
"She's not joking," Alex says.
"Not even a little," Nia adds, shaking her head. "Fellas, is it gay to want to kiss your best friend?"
Kara opens her mouth to respond with No, of course not, but then Kelly says, "Super gay," just as Alex answers with, "Totally gay," and her mouth shuts with a click.
"It's鈥 pretty gay," Lena mumbles into her shirt and Kara pauses where she's dragging her thumb up and down her spine.
"It is?" she asks.
Kara continues stroking over her back as she considers, deeply enjoying the way Lena seems to be trying to burrow closer with every brush of her fingers. And when one particular brush has Lena arching into her with a pretty whimper, something inside her snaps.
"Okay," she announces, swallowing hard, limbs suddenly shaking as she thinks about making Lena do that again, and more. "So I think it might be gay?"
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lois-lanes-malewife3 days ago
Outdoor band concerts: do not recommend
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morimyth4 days ago
Oh so its only okay to lie, villify others with passive aggression, and be manipulative when you do it.
I see.
#be fucking mindful#i will not tolerate this forever#you can ignore all the shit you've pulled here but i won't#straight up telling folks that you dont know why your friends haven't contacted you and you're waiting to hear from them#when they say you basically told them to fuck off#is lying#playing dumb when you said you wanted to play dnd and say 'i dont know' for six hours until someone hands you a character sheet#and then complaining you cant identify with your character and ghost everyone#try and control the situation by pulling us all along on a podcast idea you lied about wanting to monetize#despite the fact thats what hinged us on participating with you#you cant expect to go unnoticed pulling obvious manipulation like this#you cant expect me to trust a single goddamn thing from you when you act like this#but every time i try to say 'hey this shit bothers me' you go crying to My Fucking Partner over the consequences of your own actions#twist his words into shit that isnt true#misunderstanding literally everything so a goodbye sounds like an invitation to weasel yourself into something thats 'definitely not a date'#and act dumb as fuck about it when anyone tries to address it with you#like you're literally blanking the manipulative bullshit to scapegoat yourself when youre not slick or clever about it at all#no one is buying it#not even the person you're confiding in#and all you're doing is snowballing this behavior by continuing to try and play divide and conquer#without even knowing Everyone is just tallying up the lies and stories and twists and bullshit you're trying to pull#youre not slick#youre aa dumb as the gossip bitches were in high school#and when they fucked with me they got cut#so fucking watch yourself and who you try and spin to be your enemy#because you cannot fathom the wrath i possess
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