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copperpieceharlot · 2 days ago
Bud I’m sorry to swing into your inbox uninvited like this but my soul is having an OOTS renaissance thanks to your content in the tag and did you say Leverage AU
haha holy SHIT this got Long. but yes. i’ve been. Thinking. (also literally Never feel like you have to apologize for sending me messages. i was Hoping someone would ask me about this. now i have an Excuse to share EVERYTHING ive written abt it :3)
Obviously, Roy is the leader/brains of the outfit. He grew up having some Strong Opinions abt what’s Legal versus what’s Right due to tragic backstory involving the death of his little brother which was definitely SOMEONE’S fault for negligence but since there technically wasn’t any illegal behavior, there were no consequences for it. Also he’s still angry at his dad bc he thinks his dad is also partly culpable (and also also just a dick). He’s the Moral Backbone of the team (alongside Durkon, more on that later) in basically the same way Nate was in og Leverage. He’s actually not the best at figuring out what people want (that’s Haley and, shockingly, occasionally Elan), but once he has that info, he is the absolute best at figuring out the ideal plan of attack to use in any given case.
Haley is still a thief. I mean she maps to Parker almost PERFECTLY. Her dad was a thief & a conman, her mom wasn’t but knew about it and mostly accepted it, but she died tragically in a mugging gone wrong or smth, which made Ian crank the paranoia WAY up and taught Haley to do the same in the name of “safety”. Let’s keep the “Ian is in Trouble and Haley needs money, Fast” which is why she signs on to the first job in the first place. She’s less acrobatic than Parker, tending towards finding (or making) weak spots in security, but she can still make a tumble check when she needs to.
Elan is the grifter who is somehow an Idiot but also not???? It baffles everyone. When he’s playing a part for a con, he’s FLAWLESS, but then the rest of the time he’s just. No Thoughts Head Empty. He probably gets lured in initially because he’s decided to try his hand at being part of a full team, rather than the two-man cons he’s been running that invariably end w his partner conning him as well and stealing half of his take. Also he likes the idea of being Crime Friends. He’s that tweet where it’s like, Roy: “after the heist is over, we split up and never communicate again” / Elan: [about to unveil his Crime Buddies Forever Friendship Quilt Puppets]: “never?”
Vaarsuvius is the hacker/gadget person. They have a Vaguely Snobby Yet Unidentifiable accent, dyed(?) purple hair (nobody has ever seen their roots) and nobody knows who they “really” are or where they came from, but they’re good at what they do so everyone just accepts the mystery. They probably got suckered into the team by their initial employer (who I’ll get to Eventually, lol) framing it as a challenge to their intellect, like, “oh, I see, you’re not smart enough to make this team work for you...” to which they were like Fucking Watch Me and also melted his computer. Anyways. They are joined (digitally) by their Intrepid Friend And Co-Conspirator (his words, not theirs), a fellow hacker known only as Blackwing, or, on certain forums, Blackwing_Bird. (In the first season, V only occasionally references him when saying they’re “calling in extra help” or smth for a particularly complex hack job. He starts showing up a little more in s2 and eventually by the start of s4 is a regular & established presence, but only appears as actions in a computer interface or output.) Elan is convinced he’s an AI, Belkar doesn’t think he actually exists, Haley pretends she doesn’t think he exists, and Durkon and Roy try not to think about it too hard, as long as B and V still get the job done.
Belkar is the hitter. He is on the team bc their initial employer got him out of jail for it. He doesn’t have a tragic backstory, he just likes doing violent crimes. As the series progresses, he grows some empathy & stuff, but really only for people who actually deserve it. Assholes still get decked. It’s all very touching. (Also he has dwarfism caused by achondroplasia. It doesn’t actually bother him and is useful in fights bc his opponents frequently have no fucking clue how to approach him, but he likes Pretending to take offense at stupid things just to see how far he can go with it.)
Aaaand last but not least, Durkon is the least involved member of the team. He’s actually a career criminal and Roy’s mentor, and wasn’t a member of the initial team that [redacted, I’ll tell you later, PROMISE] put together for a couple of reasons, the main one being that he’s Officially retired in order to spend more time with his family, which consists of his mom, his friend (not girlfriend) Hilgya, baby Kudzu, and a truly stunning number of aunts, uncles, and cousins. Roy frequently calls or visits him for advice and he Occasionally shows up to help out on local jobs, but generally he avoids doing crime if he can (as part of a deal with Hilgya, who is also a career criminal; basically, they’ve both cut back on the crime in order to provide a more stable home environment for Kudzu. But sometimes, you gotta do a little crime, and in those cases, Sigdi enjoys spending time w her grandson.)
NOW. THE BIG REVEAL YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. Who got the team together in the first place?!
The answer: Lord Shojo (or whatever Normal Person Name you want to assign him). Now this is where it gets tricky: he had them do a thing that they thought was good, THEN they thought it was BAD, but then when they confronted him he revealed that it Appearing to be bad was actually a test of character and would they consider working as basically internal investigators for him? But then he had a heart attack, so, rip. But THEN it turned out that he’d left them a bunch of money anyway and they were all feeling kind of Inspired so they formed the Order of the Stick, LLC (which, no, i am not coming up with a new name, actually, because I just don’t care. someone else can come up w a justification for that name, tho, i’m sure it’s possible). Also Miko was there and was unhappy abt their actions, and also their general existence.
Moving on. Villains!
Redcloak is the Sterling replacement, because that DEEPLY amuses me.
Xykon is a season-long main villain, probably one that Redcloak finds himself working for but then “teams up with” (read: blackmails) the Order to bring him down bc even Redcloak finds Xykon distasteful. That’s season 3, let’s say.
Tarquin is another season villain, say season 2. Nale probably shows up pretty early in s1, actually, as another recurring antagonist like Sterling but uh. Less good at it. Anyways the s2 final 3 eps deal with them (accidentally) discovering that Tarquin runs some Evil Empire Company, then trying to outplay him and take him down. Idk if Nale still dies in this version tbh.
Tsukiko is a one-off s1 villain who returns briefly in s4 alongside Miko, who has gone well and truly off the rails.
Season 1 finale has to do w Roy finally getting Vengeance for his little brother.
The vampire squad is the s4 finale villain who do smth terrible to Durkon and then get the Mother Of All Revenge served up to them by the Order.
I envision the show as being 5 seasons (like og Leverage) but I’m not going to sketch out s5 because I think it should be based off whatever happens in the current story arc, possibly involving some legacy of the OotSquiggle.
Other stuff!
The Order of the Squiggle is a legendary criminal team from the 60s who stole a BUNCH of famous shit & then proceeded to legendarily implode. This has no bearing on the plot I’ve sketched out, I just think it’s fun.
The Sapphire Guard members should probably be reworked as FBI. I don’t care about most of them but I do think that Lien and O-Chul could be like, FBI agents who Choose to look the other way while the Order does their very-much-not-legal-but-still-fair Justice Crime, and maybe even help them out on occasion.
So, the Final season-by-season outline, based on everything I’ve written so far:
s1 e1: getting the team together, doing a con for Shojo, then at the end he dies and the gang is like “dang what now?" and intend to split up except then they Don’t.
mid-s1: Nale shows up and tries to trick the Order, but then gets beat like a drum.
late s1: Tsukiko is an underling of the Villain Of The Week, winds up in police custody. But She’ll Be Back.
s1 finale: Roy’s Vengeance: The Vengeaning. also we meet Redcloak as an antagonist.
s2 e1: the truth abt Haley’s father comes out
early s2: The Two Live Crews Job but it’s the Order vs the Linear Guild and the Linear Guild ARE all bad guys.
mid-s2: Redcloak returns. ugh.
late s2: the sapphire guard FBI makes its first appearance, hello O-Chul and Lien.
s2 pre-finale: once again they’re in conflict w Nale over smth, he spends the whole episodes making Cryptic Remarks, they basically beat him (like a drum!) but then the stinger at the end is that Tarquin reveals himself and Elan is like “Dad?!”, roll credits.
s2 finale, part 1: Elan is hanging out w Tarquin bc he’s DEEP in Denial, the Rest of the team tries to take Tarquin down, but it doesn’t work.
s2 finale, part 2: Elan finally gets a clue and they manage to beat Tarquin. still haven’t decided if Nale dies or not, but I’m leaning towards yes. also they rescue Haley’s dad.
s3 e1: fuck dude idk.
early s3: Redcloak shows up, AGAIN, everyone groans. he has blackmail on them, he wants them to take Xykon down.
mid s3: The Rashomon Job but it’s about stealing the Talisman of Dorukan and it turns out that Nale was there too (“oh!” Elan says. “I was wondering why I looked so weird in all those mirrors! But it wasn’t my reflection, it was Nale’s!” “Sweetie, that wasn’t Nale’s reflection,” says Haley. “Huh,” says Elan, “so the mirrors were broken?”, cue eye rolling from everyone else.), and the Successful thief was Hilgya, who’d nabbed it from the owner before it even went on display.
s3 finale: they beat Xykon, actually factually, because he deserves to get his ass Thoroughly kicked, even if only in AU form. Lien and O-Chul are there, so are some other less helpful FBI people. There’s a bit where O-Chul Exact Wordses his way out of telling his superiors about the Order’s less legal activities without technically lying. King shit.
s4 e1: doesn’t really matter. maybe smth to do w some legacy of Tarquin’s company to set up the drama w Malack & Durkon later.
early s4: Durkon gets SENT TO PRISON. Malack approaches the Order abt this because sure they have Different Ethics but they’re still Friends. (Roy is surprised and a little hurt that he’s never heard of Malack, but he ignores that in favor of Let’s Get Whatever Fuckers Did This To Our Friend.)
immediately after that: Miko and Tsukiko return as a Team, preventing the Order from working on the Durkon situation
mid s4: Redcloak makes another unexpected & unwelcome appearance but he’s maybe a little less of a dick? the Order collaborates with Malack & his Crime Buddies (hello, Vector Legion) to pull one over on him tho, because “less of a dick” does not mean “a pleasant or decent person”, and also he was mean abt Durkon being in jail, so he totally deserved it. he still gets whatever he wanted tho, just takes a blow to his pride. also prevents the Order from helping Durkon. they’re having a LOT of setbacks wonder why that could be, not to make sure the season fills its whole length or anything, no sirree
s4 finale: something something taking down the organization, headed by Hel (yes that’s her real name), which framed Durkon for their Big Crime. Durkon goes free and Extra Firmly retires, For Good, He Swears, but says he “met someone new” who might be an asset.
s5 e1: minrah joins the team! and the episode is set in like, somewhere really snowy. that’s all i got.
the rest of s5: don’t know, don’t care, it’s open-ended until the comic finishes up.
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famigsart · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
This is Valerio Loriano. I am a little excited for him.
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wehiddendesires · 4 days ago
Ever After High Oneshot Outline: The Scarlet Oath
Note: So I thought I’d write what West’s and Willow’s first meeting is like by just listing out what would happen! I could one day turn it into a oneshot, but for now just wanted to share what my ideas are. ENJOY!
-So the story for these two and their first meeting takes place way back in the past when West was just a young boy, who dreamt of being a hero like his father, Will Scarlet. For West, being a hero at that time meant protecting and taking care of his sick mother, who spent much of time in bed while Will went out to work and provide for them. 
-I pictured that one day, West is tasked with the job to get his mother, Gwen, her medicine at the local market. In this scene, there would be some other young boys, who bully West for being too “soft” and kind. This has much to do with the fact that his parents taught him to never respond to anger. In other words, being the bigger person in these situations, and to just remain calm. But, for young West this was still a challenging thing for him, and he really would need some time to just build that patience and emotional control as he grew up. West, however, tries a method of counting to stop himself from knocking out of one the young boys, but he snaps when they make fun of his dad for working a job they view as “embarrassing”. Though, for young West he’s very proud of his father, and does not see what is wrong with the work that Will does on a daily basis. 
-Meanwhile, the story cuts to Willow’s perspective and her living situation which is almost just as worse than West’s living conditions. For Willow, she is treated poorly by her biological parents, who spend most of their time doing luxurious activities. Like holding parties for other noble guests, flaunting their riches, and counting money. Despite Willow being their daughter, her parents treat her like she is another servant in the house, and has her sleeping in one of the servant rooms near a kitchen. The only time they ever show her “care” an “parental love” is when they do have guests, and Willow ends up coughing from the stress, which puts a burden on her body. So they will be the type to doll her up on those occasions while warning her to behave and to play nice with the other noble children while smiling between their teeth. Willow responds differently because she’s grown tired of her biological parents, their pointless fancy parties, the children who find her love for adventure weird, and of course, her sickness. 
-Going back to West, he is sitting on his mother’s bed while she tends to his injuries. His father, Will, starts by scolding him for his actions, and doesn’t understand why West behaved the way he did. Mostly, I pictured this being a scene where Will is convinced that West knows how to control his temper because of his maturity, but comes to realize that West is still a kid. He wouldn’t say that West behaved like a child, but I envisioned that Will sometimes feels guilty at how fast West needed to grow up, and that he hasn’t really been given the time to enjoy his childhood. Hearing Gwen’s advice, Will lets West go out to play in the woods.
-Then we jump to Willow, who comes to learn one day that her parents have other plans in store for her which is to get rid of Willow completely. By doing so, they believe it will let them be able to gain money from her death, which is something they actually planned out for a while. To their dismay, Willow overhears this plan in secret while hiding, and makes a plan of her own to escape.
-Willow manages to escape, but it was not an easy task for her to do. Some of the guard dogs that walk around the castle grounds go chasing after her, which drives Willow to go into fight or flight mode. She chooses flight, and runs towards the forest in hopes the bushes, trees, etc, will help protect or at least hide her. There’s a scene where Willow trips and falls while the dogs slowly approach her, but then a slightly older boy steps in.
-It’s West! With Will’s sword in his hands and not one made out of wood.
-Willow is just in awe and stunned at how West manages to scare off the dogs, while brushing aside his wounds by saying, “it’s nothing” or “it’s just a scratch”. But, even Willow can see that West is in pain, and before she can say thank you or try to give him her handkerchief, Willow starts to cough again. West first thinks she’s playing, but once he see’s her collapse things get serious. Putting one hand over her forehead, West quickly realizes that Willow has a fever, and he tries to go get his father first. But, Willow grabs his shirt, and tells him not to leave because she’s scared of being alone. West picks her up, and takes her back to his home. We now get a very worried looking mom, who first wondered why West was taking so long to come back. But, she connects the dots after seeing an unconscious Willow on his back.
-While Gwen is helping to care for Willow to lower her fever, West and Will have a moment of their own. Will is tending to West’s arm, where one of the dog’s bit him, and even though Will isn’t saying anything West thinks he’s mad. Will says he’s not mad at West, but more mad at himself for not being there to protect him and Willow. That’s when West opens up about the truth of what happened earlier with the bullies, which touches Will’s heart as he can only smile and lets out a sigh of relief before pulling in West for a hug. West later ends up asking his father about what he’s going to do with Willow, but Will tells him that’s something he needs to talk with Gwen about. 
-At night, West is sleeping when he wakes up, and listens to Will and Gwen talking. They try to figure out who is Willow, who her parents are, what happened, and so forth. Then, there’s other questions that come up like where should Willow stay. Gwen says she doesn’t want Willow to stay at an orphanage because she feels like it would only be worse. Will agrees, and tells her that for now Willow stays with them until they figure everything out. So, Will thinks about meeting with Robin to see if he knows any information on Willow’s parents, but he also feels torn about it. The reason being that West, a former Merry Men, left Robin and the others to start a new life with Gwen. Instead, Will decides to go undercover and to just listen in on any conversations or rumors that he thinks will be helpful in finding out. 
-Relying on his own instincts, Will ends up hearing a rumor about a noble family that is looking for their missing daughter. At first, he’s not sure if that specific family is the one that Willow belonged to. Will is not sure what to do, but I pictured a scene where Willow’s parents are actually brought back to see her. The reason for this being that Will made an oath to Gwen to leave his Merry Men ways behind and to refrain from doing things that he did in the past. Like going undercover, fighting Prince John’s goons. But, Will soon realizes the mistake he made when both of Willow’s biological parents act all sweet and fake cry while Willow keeps looking to Will for help. What really makes him see that something is fishy is when the biological parents start tugging at Willow’s arms, and she lets out a scream for help. Will, in turn, manages to make them let go of Willow and shields her behind him. This leads to some commotion, and since this is a fairy tale world, I could see a court system that’s just filled with fairies dressed as judges. They end up basically making Willow stay with Will and Gwen as they see how frightened she is of her biological parents.
-Instead of Willow reuniting with her biological parents due to Will getting in contact with them, the rumors start changing in weird ways. At first it starts with the rumors mentioning of Willow’s disappearance, but then changes to random rumors that aren’t true. Like how Willow got taken by a dragon or something else. The reason being that her biological parents would go from wanting to find Willow, to quickly giving up on that and continuing with their lives by doing what they usually do. In this case, drinking wine and eating weird, fancy foods. It almost becomes this moment where her biological parents act as if they never had a daughter before. 
-What happens next is that Willow finally gets to live with Will, Gwen, and West, which is both a fun but also confusing time for her. It’s fun because she tends to follow West on their “adventures” which are really just trips to the local market that West makes when he’s getting medicine for Gwen or when they are walking back home through the forest. But, it’s also confusing because Willow at the beginning is not sure what to make of Will, Gwen, and West. Like Willow would first feel nervous around Will, and slightly intimidated just because he looks serious at times. But, she slowly warms up to him after he starts reading her bed time stories. With Gwen, Willow would keep her distance at first. Until Gwen asks her to come closer to her bed and there’s a sweet moment they share. Willow is laying her head on Gwen’s lap, while Gwen gives these slow and sweet head pats while humming a song. Feeling like she is about to fall asleep, Willow gets all teary eyed, and thinks to herself, “I thought moms were mean and cold. But, I feel so warm. Why?”. With West, he is bit jealous at first of Willow getting some attention from his parents, which leads him to being somewhat cold or distant towards her. In one scene, Willow is trying to catch up to him, and what West does is he takes a stick and drags it in the dirt to make a line between the two of them. 
-But, Willow is persistent and keeps tagging along with West. What really ends up changing West’s opinion of Willow is when she stands up to the bullies in the local market, and West gets so surprised by it because he’s been so mean to her. One of the bullies ends up pushing Willow, causing her to fall on the floor, and that’s when West gets so angry he’s ready to fight them. But, Willow ends up coughing, which makes West stop and runs to her side. The bullies run off because they are afraid someone might catch them in the act and get in trouble. 
-The sibling bond between West and Willow grows over time. It develops to the point where West will start caring for Willow just like he cares for their mother. Sometimes it would be doing things like tearing a piece of cookie in half and giving the bigger piece to Willow. Other times it would be letting her put flower crowns on his head or telling stories. Life in the Scarlet household is filled with love and laughter, but that does not stay for long.
-One day, West and Willow go out to play in the woods while Gwen is at home baking for the first time in a long time. Will, on the other hand, is busy doing his usual duties as a father by working and getting any bit of gold he can to provide for his family. But, none can see or predict the coming disaster. 
-A small group of bandits are traveling through the village, and come across the Scarlet house. Their plan was simply to steal any food they can find, as they thought it would be empty. But, they find a very shocked and frightened Gwen, who was wearing an old but gold necklace Will gave her as a gift. Seeing gold excites the bandits as they try to steal it. Tragedy soon follows by the time West and Willow get back home. They find the house door open, but everything inside is destroyed, and the two Scarlet siblings can only focus on one thing. Their father cradling Gwen, who was sadly killed by the bandits. The love and laughter they once experienced in their home was now gone.
-There are not enough words that can be used to explain how Will felt after those next passing days. He could not think or sleep or eat. The death of Gwen felt like the death of him as well. Without her, Will was lost, and he was falling. Deeper in this dark place that felt empty, and numbing. A endless cycle of anger and sadness that he could not control around his two children. If either of them cried, he would feel his blood boil at the memory of Gwen’s cold body, and the blood that seeped out from her skin. He was too late to protect her, and that was a price he felt he needed to pay on his own. To Will, her death felt like it was his fault. The only thing that remained was the gold necklace that Gwen had clutched and held onto in her hands during her final moments. 
-Taking the necklace with him, Will comes to decide that he can no longer live in their house. There was still too much hurt, and too many memories that only made his heart break even more. Despite promising he would return back home for West and Willow, Will never keeps it. Instead, he spends the remainder of his story wandering wherever his feet take him, and with no destination clear in mind. His reasoning comes from an old memory he remembered of Gwen telling him how she wished she could escaped her Noble life, and to see what else exists in the fairy tale world. By taking the necklace with him, Will is convinced that in some way he is fulfilling that Gwen’s wish of wanting to see the rest of the fairy tale world despite never being able to in the past. Much of it due to her own illness. He does not come to learn, however, that Gwen was truly the happiest being by his side. Of course, he comes to find out once they reunite in the afterlife.
-Meanwhile, young West and Willow are left to depend on each other. These few coming years were filled with hardships for the both of them. Anger, sadness, fear, and resentment are all emotions that West and Willow felt. For West, the memory of his father leaving angered him to the point where he questioned if it could ever be forgiven. Willow, however, knows that West is hurting from their father’s abandonment, and fears that his return will never come. Seeing that fear of being left forgotten, and not having a family again is what causes Willow to go hiding one day in the forest. West goes looking for her, and after some time of searching, hears the sound of crying. Following it, West manages to find a sobbing Willow, who confesses that she is afraid of being alone again. This causes West to nearly cry, as he hides his own tears by pulling her in for a hug. He tells her that she will never be alone because he’s here, and that he is staying by her side. When Willow asks West how he can be so sure about it, he tells his younger sister to hold out her pinkie. The two make a Scarlet oath, to always be there for each other, and that they will never be alone or apart. 
-Their story continues when Robin Hood hears a rumor about Will, and ventures out to see if its true. He comes to find both West and Willow, slightly older, but different. West is much more serious, and still protective. While Willow timidly holds onto her brother’s hand, feeling uncertain about what lies ahead for the both of them. It is only when Robin tells them who he is and kneels down to pat their heads that they realize someone came back for them. It just was not Will Scarlet, the man whose story would come to nearly be forgotten, and written as a myth in the Storybook of Legends.
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enthronedhq · 4 days ago
king *npc stayed in korea
queen *npc stayed in korea
crown prince yi jin, 30 deceased
monarch heir mi-sun, 26 (park jimin)
open princess (can be also be nb)
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nerdyoatmealart · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Here’s a WIP of Echidna in my new sketchbook! This was originally just supposed to be a sketch, but she’s so cute and I want to color her! I based this drawing on one of her figures.
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tsukino0020 · 4 days ago
I know that there's some of you na nahihirapan sa outline, so this is my simple tips kung paano niyo siya magagawa. I hope that this can help you, writers!
First thing first, "what is a story outline?"
~A story outline is a way for writers to organize the events of their story before they actually write it. It’s possible to do both short story writing and novel writing without a story outline, but when you’re not sure where to begin or how to continue, outlining your ideas can help you put one word in front of another.
Story outlining isn’t something you master right away. Like fiction writing itself, writing an outline is a skill that you master over time. This article will suggest four different ways to outline your story, but these are just suggestions—the best outline will adapt to your writing style and methods.Over eight weeks, you'll develop a solid basis in the fictional elements—protagonist, setting, secondary characters, point of view, plot, and theme—while you develop the outline of your novel. You'll receive feedback at all stages from your fellow writers and your instructor.
Get a good start on a novel in just ten weeks, or revise a novel you’ve already written. Free your imagination, move steadily ahead and count the pages!The premise line is the only reliable tool that can tell you, BEFORE you start writing, whether or not your story will “work.” In this class participants will learn how to master the process of premise line development—the essential first step in any book or screenplay’s development process.
Kung paano, mag-outline, here's my simple way to do that:
1.) Notes first.
~ Why this is the first thing? Eto po talaga ang tamang pagsusulat. Instead na sa wattpad ninyo isulat, mag-notes muna kayo. There are a lot of ways to do that. If you don't have a pc, a laptop or a cellphone then you can just write it down first before even posting it on your flatform. And if you are looking for apps, eto yung pwede: Notepad in Google play, or MS Word. Mahalaga na dito niyo muna planuhin yung outline para sigurado kayo sa plot at walang pabago-bago. At least if you outline your story walang unsure na mangyayari sa inyo. You can at least do a paragraph by doing the outline or i-summarize niyo to determine each happenings that will happened on your drafts, o mismong sa flatform kayo? Depends, choice niyo naman.
2.) Title.
~ By outlining a story, you've gotta think of a unique title of your story. Lahat dito nagsisimula. Oo mahirap na mag isip ng title but as a writer, alam mo po sa sarili mo on how will you be productive in your story so you have to do the right steps in outline at eto talaga ang pinakaunang gagawin.
3.) Characters.
~ Important to. Kasi in here, you will determine each roles, kung sino yung main character, your villain, your mc's love interest, side characters. Importante na madetermine ninyo kung ano ang roles nila sa isa't-isa. Bilang isang writer dapat niyo malaman kung anong roles ng bawat characters kaya mahalaga din na i-notes niyo siya para hindi niyo makalimutan.
4.) Summary/ Description of the story.
~ Yes, very important. Dapat bilang writer alam niyo kung hanggang saan yung dami ng i-summarize ninyo. So it was very important na konti lang siya at andun yung important details of the story, dahil eto yung titignan ng reader whether it was catchy for them or not. Kaya dapat description pa lang planuhin niyo na mabuti kung ano yung ilalagay ninyo.
5.) Plot. The story, the beggining - to the end.
~ The most important thing. Kadalasan, mas madali satin na simulan pero ang hirap tapusin. So para hindi talaga tayo mahirapan to finish the story always outline on your notes or in MS Word so in that way mas madadalian tayo sa plot na sinusulat natin sa story. Konti lang talaga yung tips ko kasi ganito yung usual steps ko to write an outline in the story. I hope this helps you to write an outline.
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thecelestialartist · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
WIP drawing
It's an Ena Crossover AU. It's still an outline
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nerdyoatmealart · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Maractus with maracas! I got the urge to draw a Maractus yesterday, and I found some really cute screenshots of them from the anime playing maracas. This turned out so cute, that I want to color it later. It’s on the last page on my sketchbook, so I need to get a new one out soon.
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bek-sc · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
I’ve been terribly quiet cause it’s that time where I spend 3 days on a wip and delete it because I’m an indecisive sack of crap.   I don’t know how to wrap my brain around soft female faces.  They just keep coming out like they want to fucking stab someone.  >:(
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sevensins-stuff · 7 days ago
Wild Young Hearts (outline)
Mammon x Mc ~1 year after the exchange program
Mc has never used their pacts since they got it
Which means they haven't really communicated since the DDD's don't really work in the human realm (like vice versa with human phones) (just let me have this😔)
Mc picks up a part time job to get their life back on track and has almost completely forgotten about the Devildom/ thinks it was more like a dream
Mammon's heart is absolutely broken that mc doesn't talk to them anymore (specifically him)
Mammon is in the human real for the first time since the exchange program ended and is on a date a witch summoned him for
They walk past the store mc works at (cafe, restaurant, boutique, idk)
Mammon stops dead in his tracks and watches mc dumbfounded through the window
His heart breaks when he sees how happy they look (don't be fooled! It's just a customer service smile!)
He ditches the witch he was with to run into the store to see them.
Long ass line and he can't skip cause people were there way before he was!😡
He waits in line and his heart beats faster the clearer their voice becomes
And then they finally meet again and mc's fake smile falls from the shock of seeing Mammon again after so long
Cue the sappy reunion hand holding
Mc does have to go back to work tho
So he stays behind until their shift is over and then they catch up
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GOAL: survive MOTIVATION: inherent will to live STAKES: not dying in agony OPPOSITION: everything is weird is fuck STRATEGY: ???
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dollydeez · 8 days ago
Oh, I really love this program. I have my scenes listed out with where I am in writing them, and that little colour in the corner of each notecard is the time of day. It’s really satisfying to have it laid out visually
Tumblr media
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doug-lewars · 9 days ago
An outline isn’t necessary but I find it helps. Sometimes it’s best to start at a high level and work down. So for example.
1 Planning the heist.
2 Execution
3 Complications
4 Flight
5 Conclusion
Then under each category drop to the next level
1.1 Assembling the gang
1.2 Outlining the objective
1.3 Researching the feasibility.
1.4 Figuring out ways to bypass security
1.5 Dry run
And just keep going
1.1.1 Meeting in New York with top notch lock picker.
1.1.2 Choosing a getaway driver.
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