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#out of range
obstinaterixatrix · an hour ago
i'd say your tell is movement, in multiple senses. there's a lot of characters entering and exiting thoughts and scenes and personal spaces. characters grasp each other's wrists or move back to center, drawing in and moving out of the range where they're at risk of emotional intimacy. lots of flitting about. lots of momentum. conversation in staccato bursts and rhythm that swell and recede. a lot of attention paid to dynamism
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croissantcitysucks · a day ago
the rational part of my brain knows that having all three of the major villains bc queer vs a couple background characters on the protag’s side + 1 dead enby with zero lines would be bad rep but the other part is still So Incredibly Mad about what happened to nour that frankly i don’t think this book’s queer rep will ever be able to recover from that and therefore am just going to pick & viciously hold onto whatever character dynamics i want.
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blazithae · a day ago
What makes it worse is this is actually my second choice in the organisations I want to get into, a job position I actually want the most, and apparently not a lot of people get chosen/this is the first time they opened up for the second time during a year while normally it’s only annually the fall. Oh and don’t get me started on the budgets being cut out by the gov’t in the upcoming months/overall pandemic influenced instability
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chaoticpleiades · a day ago
the sexual tension between me and running away to the mountains and learning pottery and weaving >>>>>>>>
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the-sunflower-witch · 2 days ago
Hey. Hey. Make more young characters with canes. Make them use walkers. Make them use wheelchairs—make them ambulatory wheelchair users (“part time”), make them full-time. Make them put their hearing aids in or take them out. Make them use sign. Make them put on/take off their prosthetic. Have them reach for their crutches. Have your characters stim. Have your characters express vocal/physical tics.
These things also don’t have to be a source of angst or agony for your character. Make these occurrences casual. Make them normal. This is a part of their life. Just something they do.
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whistlersdaughter · 2 days ago
Activity Slow Down
Not that I've been real active anyway, but activity is going to be slowing down again. More mandatory overtime at works means 12 day stretches, six of those being ten hours and just two days off between stretches. It sucks, but it should only be a month or two.
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staticspxcelover · 2 days ago
if you could choose anyone to collab on a recoil song, who would you choose?
saph this is a VERY good question!! maybe Florence + The Machine? im pretty much basing my choice off of how her vocals would sound, and even tho they arent even close to the same genre, her voice def carries an intensity that i think could fit very well with the music he makes (based on the stuff ive heard bc i dont listen to recoil a lot tbh bfbfdgf)
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konmari-dogs · 3 days ago
anyway, personal loss of honor aside, yesterday had the most breed variety i’ve ever seen in a comp yet.
like there were your usual present breeds. the goldens, the border collies, the shelties, the german shepherds and malinois. 
but there was quite a showing of less common breeds. there was a great dane, a bernese mountain dog, russian black terriers, a newfoundland, multiple chihuahuas, a pug - who out performed majority of dogs to get third in obedience like that dog was on fire, yorkshire terriers, field spaniels and brittanies. a samoyed came away best in trial with a perfect 200/200.
and they all worked really well and under control in their respective disciplines within their own breed variational approach.
just nice to see.
#dog obedience#rally obedience#(it was a dual trial so both)#shout out to that pug though watching it out perform a range of gsds#a groendoel a black russian terrier#and none of those dogs performed poorly it's just that pug was that well performing#little legs powering away on the heeling set and just that RECALL was chefs kiss#and the SFE ngl quite funny because the judge had to bend down so far#and imagine how challenging that must be for little dog to have such a confrontational loom for SFE where the larger dogs#the judge basically stands next to them no need for looming#you go little pug#it was just a really good showing and generall the people who nq'd wasn't for lack of skill but#yknow u miss a step at a critical moment and immediately lose 40 points even though you were standing on an upcoming perfect score#it be how it be#brb im ordering canisnerdus NQ stickers#which were shared in the local obedience group so making the rounds lmao#i was still feeling shitty about it this morning so thyme and i did some drilling#and he was back on point#i think we were both just off yesterday#i was nervous and had a migraine and my bad leg was KILLING me#and i kept him out for way too long so his attention span was shot to hell#that tbh he worked well like to be very clear#we NQ'd twice because of me#thyme was functionally and technically correct the entire time even though i felt disconnected from him on the heeling#and he got a bit silly towards the end as he does when he's over tired#i really need to respect his mental stamina limitations and work within what he can do before i start poisioning trials for him#im just so CLENCH FIST impatient#he's so tired today he's basically an introvert of a spaniel so this stuff takes a LOT out of him mentally
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Tumblr media
I started a business called Rebookify, where for $8 dollars I will send you a random book, picked out by me, based on your interests. For $14, It will be a book and a bookmark. For $20, it will be a book, a bookmark, and something absolutely random. It could be another book, a toy, a cool rock I found, a recipe.. Just something absolutely random. 
I came up with this idea when I was talking to my mom about book subscription services for my kids, and since I live in the middle of nowhere, I am usually considered “Out of range”. So, why not start my own? Books for everyone, sent to everyone. 
Due to a kink in the website, however, I cannot accept payment through the website. Buuuuut, I do have many other payment options available. Just message me if you are interested. 
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teddy-laurie · 3 days ago
I was tagged by @andysambcrg my beloved <3 to do an A-Z song list.
A: arabella - arctic monkeys
B: boys don’t cry - the cure
C: c’est la vie - stereophonics
D: dance little liar - arctic monkeys
E: everybody loves me - onerepublic
F: from eden - hozier
G: girlie - alexandra savior
H: honey - blondes
I: i want to know what love is - foreigner
J: jaqueline - circa waves
K: knee socks - arctic monkeys
L: life on mars? - david bowie
M: music when the lights go out - the libertines
N: norgaard - the vaccines
O: oxford comma - vampire weekend
P: pleaser - wallows
Q: quarter past midnight - bastille
R: rollercoster - bleachers
S: should i stay or should i go - the clash
T: the love club - lorde
U: una sera - fulminacci
V: vienna - billy joel
W: we’re going to be friends - white stripes
X: /
Y: you know i’m no good - amy whinehouse
Z: ziggy stardust - david bowie
tagging: @cursedmybedroom @godbastian @bezzecchi @landorange @seblore @astonsvettel
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