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re-stitch · 9 minutes ago
Fungal piece of shit I'm going to McDonalds
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madyson · 14 minutes ago
i think my friend. either blocked my number or changed theirs and did not tell me
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just-a-bored-reader · 36 minutes ago
I just had an idea for an AU that i will never write!!!
What if Prototype! Bakugou was reborn into cannon Kacchan!!!
The reason why he started to be rude and mean to Deku is cause he was trying to make Deku leave him.
Yamikumo died saving Bakugou. That guilt never left him. Suddenly he was reborn into a new familiar life. Sure! Somethings are similar. Like his looks...... But some things are different. Instead of Yamikumo, there is Izuku Midoriya. And at first Katsuki didn't know. He thought he would never see Yamikumo again. And while that hurt...... If it saved his life, Bakugou was okay with it.
Then in the bridge.......he realized. And he pushed Izuku away.
And he knew he was hurting Izu. But as long as he hated Katsuki........he wouldn't follow him,right?
So some things would change!!! First Bakugou would probably be more powerful. Since he knows more stuff now, he just has to train.
Prototype Mitsuki would have been more gentle but since she is different now.....well.....Bakugou became slightly different.
(I don't want to think of Mitsuki as bad but she just doesn't know how to parent. She will fucking burn down the world for her child)
Ngl I was thought of this and Bakugou being a little shit and acting like his old self to scare his classmates was funny
Bakugou:*gives a big smile* Wow! That was super funny dude! If only you put as much thought into your work, then you would be the smartest in the whole school!!!
Izuku:* praying for Kaminari*
Kaminari: Imma die.
Add more if you want! I wanna see people's opinion of this au!!
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nuka-nasty · 37 minutes ago
The moment I decided the Insitute needs to go was when my SON casually admitted that he not only KNEW I WAS ALIVE but that he kept me like that for years before having me defrosted! Then instead of reaching out to his terrified and lost parent thrown into post apocalyptic chaos, he watches "as a sort of experiment" to see if he will come find him!
That was the moment I decided fuck this. Shaun is not my child, blood be damned. Insitute be damned. Imma blow this place up and feel NOTHING.
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pinkalliums · 38 minutes ago
List of DSMP Characters That I Think Should be Able to Absolutely Deck Someone
For one, c!Tubbo. Man has gone through so much shit and has never had an outlet for it, and his trauma has always been undermined by the other characters (minus c!Ranboo in my eyes). It would be incredibly nice to see him absolutely go feral. 
Also c!Sapnap. I think he should just punch someone. He deserves it after what he’s gone through with c!Dream saying stuff like he never cared about him. that sucks. he also needs a hug while he’s at it.
Three, c!Jack. He deserves the world but gets none of it. How they have massacred my man. I think he should punch someone, but also not c!Tommy. Just like, anyone else. 
c!Nikki also because she’s been so repeatedly hurt by so many people and also has never had a healthy outlet until more recently(Not tooo sure about this due to not watching her recent dsmp streams if there have been any). Also should not be allowed to punch c!Tommy.
I would say c!Tommy but I’m sure he already decks people on a daily basis and y’know what? Good for him.
And lastly c!Ranboo. I just think it would be funny. He could honestly murder someone and I’d still be an apologist. 
Also just saying if none of this happens I am going to infiltrate the dsmp and make sure it does. /j
Feel free to add onto this list but this is all my brain is allowing me to write for now.
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yngai · 49 minutes ago
the heisenberg discourse on twitter is really funny just in general but one argument i’ve seen brought up is that his ww2 dogtags are romanian instead of german, which is, like, buddy, do i have some bad news about who romania allied itself with during ww2
#*  file   // :   OOC   —   (   𝐓𝐇𝐄  𝐏𝐎𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐑'𝐒  𝐂𝐑𝐔𝐒𝐀𝐃𝐄 .   )#i can't go without remembering that romania's history is such that they speedran the entire political spectrum in 7 years#horseshoe theory is real#had to ingrain this in my brain to get my high school diploma so now you have to suffer with me but#we became a fascist dictatorship in 1940 under the iron guard after a series of territorial disputes led to a coup#romania kept gaining and losing territories much in the way of sideshow bob#and the government allied itself w/ germany in hopes of invading the soviet union & regaining some land we lost in the process#obviously that didn't come to pass#& though we regained some territories back after ww2 we were also under soviet occupation so#we became one of many soviet satellite states that persisted in eastern europe#until we joined the 1989 revolutions & became a liberal-democracy#that's your short lesson for the day!#hope you had fun#the heisenberg discourse is kind of pointless he's a neat frankenstein/van helsing hybrid with magneto powers#whom you duel in a gundamn chris redfield builds#well heisenberg built out of an alloy he can't control which is strange why would he build the one thing you need to defeat him#maybe he really wanted a mech battle which i respect#i'd like to die in a mech battle#fascism mention /#nazi mention /#ask to tag /#been thinking about this all day since i heard about it from some friends#god
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lunetiics · an hour ago
¥ Challenge your mother to a rap battle. /watch?v=tXa3VSCI2NI
Send me a ¥ and a command and my muse has to obey.
Tumblr media
Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny.
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hoyoungsbae · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@flops Ina. . .💀 thx for tagging me tho these are always fun!
Tagging @vladilife @saerom @gyehyeonjos @hyojongsprout @yngseungs y @kiwipitupandstir if y'all would like!
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