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astronomxnov · 13 days ago
⚡️🔭 @ourlifestooshort​ inquired :
How do you feel about physical contact in general? Like holding hands and whatnot.
Tumblr media
𝐌𝐀𝐍𝐃𝐀𝐑𝐊 — ......                          feels nice?
Tumblr media
𝐌𝐀𝐍𝐃𝐀𝐑𝐊 — if I’m honest,                          I find this basic trait                          of our species as                          torturous as it is                          fulfilling.
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astronomxnov · 19 days ago
⚡️🔭 @ourlifestooshort​ inquired :
Have you ever had a crush on anyone other than Dee Dee? - 🔋🔬
Tumblr media
𝐌𝐀𝐍𝐃𝐀𝐑𝐊 — ... I’m [ Clears throat ]                          I have dated before, yes.
                         I once dated a surfer.                          It’s a long story, but                          it was a Summer thing.                          He wasn’t from around town.
                         I... also once dated an                          ex lab assistant.                          It ended, uhm... well. I guess.
                         ....                          Don’t tell anybody I said this.
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illusionlock · a month ago
Hello. I just wanted to drop by with a statement and a question. Ever since I joined the tumblr community, you have been a big inspiration for me. While I’ll admit I found you through Fnaf, I found all of your artwork interesting. I also loved your writing, your rework of the Into The Pit stories were very well written. I don’t know you personally, but I wanted to thank you for inspiring me to create as well (even if I don’t yet have the courage to put it on tumblr XD). As for the question, a while ago you drew two pieces of art with vanny and glitchtrap, one with vanny holding up a journal with glitchtrap, and the other with glitchtrap jumpscaring the viewer. Is that inspired by anything specific? It feels very familiar, in a 2000 Disney channel kind of way.
hi!! first of all, i wanted to say thank you so so so very much for your appreciation, it feels very touching to know i can inspire someone in this way!! i always see you lurking in my notes, so its good to finally talk! i hope youre having a wonderful day, and that life has been treating you kindly.
as for that one, not really anything in specific? i had many different inspirations, such as early 2000s aesthetic and nostalgia, some of my favorite horror artists, and i guess just a general sense of combining fun and horror. if youd like me to, however, i can point to one of my biggest inspirations in terms of horror art, the tumblr artist plastiboo. though now that i think about it, i may have also been inspired by the way some of my friends draw characters, like my boyfriend exoticennard or my good friend aftonroboticz, though, really, itd be impossible to list all the amazing artists and wonderful friends that have influenced me ^^’‘
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pespillo · a month ago
I love how general fnaf fan content outside S.M. is moderately scary, and then you got Martin walls banging two pots together as he summons horrors from hell. Say what you will, Susan Woodings and the pumpkin rabbit have given me nightmare beyond dreams.
yeah i think, his confidence in his own art style and not afraid of being rudimentary and wonky really do give an old familiar creepypasta vibe to things without being too tryhard and trite 
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f-yeah-fnafkin · a month ago
It’s good to see you back again! I’m glad you are feeling better.
Thank you, thank you! I’m glad to be back, I really did miss making these edits for everybody. 
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pespillo · 3 months ago
This is a bit out of the blue, but do you have any theory on why Jack Walton (as Bon) killed the technician, the two bunny smiles people, and his wife?
i have a feeling Bon´s programming is independent from Jack´s spirit, as we can see in the first TWF video , Jack tries to directly communicate with the viewer many times by showing his face and trying to speak , but it all gets so corrupted and jambled its unable to go through , we still dont know what it means for Bon (or Jack) to make things “beautiful” really, its literally cited as the only reason these things have happened, Bon as hes about to kill Rose says “we´ll fix you” which makes me believe its the programming on Bon dragging Jack around and corrupting his psyche as time goes by, Bon doesnt even have a clear goal, but maybe Jack had , and the animatronic is more of a prison than anything else
as for the technician , Brian does say “he thought i was her” , which makes me think Jack / Bon is trying to reach for someone, but keeps messing up and fucks ups faces severely .
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sharkmobster · 3 months ago
Do LOLbit, Yenndo, and Bonnet exist in your Funtimes escape AU?
Bonnet is def in the au! I’ve drawn them hanging off of Michael before, i don’t talk about them a lot or have any plans for them in particular but i feel like they get into trouble with ft freddy quite often (kinda in contrast with bon bon who’s more responsible out of the two) 
and i’ve been toying around with the idea of LOLbit being able to hop around electronic devices whenever they want to. michael wasn’t even aware of them until he was carrying an old TV into their new place and LOLbit just popped onto the screen to say hello alsdjf 
and aaa I’m a lil confused about Yenndo as a character so I haven’t really figured out what to do with them in the AU. so for now they’re just in limbo aslkdfj
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illusionlock · 5 months ago
As much as I love Fnaf, and always will, we really need some kind of improvement with the trailers / teasers. I’m not saying Scott HAS to show us anything, but if you are going to hype things up for trailers and not even show us anything worthwhile, what’s the point?
if im going to be absolutely honest i think scott was doing better with his standalone trailers than these new ones u.u man knew how to throw in gameplay n suspenseful character model shots together
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randomwriteronline · 5 months ago
I AM SO SORRY IT TOOK THIS LONG TO RESPOND!!! I have been busy moving for like the past week. Thank you for the response, I am absolutely obsessed with Sammy and Wally sharing a body, and that idea now lives rent free in my head :) In regards to the OC question, I was referring to Niamh O'Flannel, Kim Grosso, and Eska. I read your fic on Eska and immediately started to like him, so I’m curious about him and your other ocs. They blend very well with the other characters.
Tumblr media
OOOOOOH boyyyyyyyyyyyy time to r a m b l e
Niam is the manager of the studios! she is large, soft, with skin the color of a corpse and lips that are Actually Pitch Black, No It Is Not Lipstick. and also there is a law in the geneva conventions that prohibits her deployment in battle because she can and WILL kill god with her pale bare hands. What she has in raw physical strength she lacks in Awareness (because she is as dense as a mine and oblivious to a grand variety of things, first and foremost crushes on herself) and in  the ability to control her emotions, which means that sometimes she falls into big ol depressive episodes that leave her in shambles
Kim is a toymaker in heavenly toys! hes nicknamed No Bones because he appears to have None Of Them (which is nice, because they use him for rotoscoping the cartoons, but also Slightly Concerning). he likes dancing and has a big ol crush on Niamh that he tries to hide but cant bc its A Lot Of Love and so everybody but her knows. hes very polite and quiet and cautious but thats bc hes terrified of ppl finding out secrets abt him (mainly that hes trans) so he forced all of his emotions into handy little jars, which is Unhealthy To Say The Least. if he gets mad enough he will go apeshit and kill you with a stool tho
AND FINALLY. ESKA. oh man. this guy. he can do Everything and hes horrendous to look at, and not because of his mask shaped like a skull. he looks like a long cryptid trying to look like a human while using only stick figures as reference. he looks like a weird stretched out skeleton somebody taped cheap fabric on. he sounds like hell through a drive-thru speaker. how old is he? where does he come from? who taught him so many languages? how can he learn to do jobs so fast? how does he domesticate every wild animal he meets? where does he even find them? how does he melt in the shadows like that? or appear whenever his name is spoken? nobody knows! least of all him! might be fact that for his entire life he is struggling with his psychosis, which is the cause of his particularly vivid hallucinations, scopophobia and persecutory delusions.
Niamh and Kim love him like hes their son and they will fight you for him anD SO WILL I
also he likes the moomins :) he thinks they are neat
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randomwriteronline · 5 months ago
Hello. I have recently discovered your batim five and I am positively Addicted. I have two questions when you have the time to answer. 1. Can you explain your OCs? (Eska and the others) and 2. In your everyone is saved AU, were Sammy and Wally fused together? Keep up the amazing work!
sir im cryING THnak yuo so much for ur kind words ;;
im a complete idiot so i dont really understand what you mean with explaining my ocs so would it be ok if i asked for clarifications?
for the second question!! in that au sammy and wally were actually two fronts of the same person! i tried to write them as having dissociative identity disorder (i dont think i did very well bc i had done No Research)
not to be confused with the OTHER completely unrelated fic where sammy and wally are actually two completely different people who get fused in an inky monster after wally-boris gets Fucking Got by alisusie
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adobe-outdesign · 6 months ago
I think it really says something about how revolting Book William is when even the canon William would probably take one look an Book Baby and go “what the fuck is wrong with you?” and immediately revoke book Williams life privileges.
Canon William: What the fuck are you doing
Book William, getting his organs removed by Baby: I. honestly have no idea
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adobe-outdesign · 6 months ago
Do you think Bon Bon is his own sentient being, or just an extension of Funtime Freddy?
I think he’s separate. Even if you wanted to chalk him moving around on his own up to AI, he also has a separate power button than FT Freddy, which wouldn’t make sense if he was just an extension of him.
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fandom-babbeys · 6 months ago
One more question, then I will leave you be. Did you ever think about designing the Bidybabs, Minireenas, or Mediocre Melodies? (I’m sorry, I’ve rediscovered your blog and I’m really excited :p)
it, unfortunately, never crossed my mind :,)
if i did do them though, the minireenas would definetly just be itty bitty ballora children and not nightmare fuel mannequins and the bidybabs would be a variety of small clowns.
-mun horror
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fandom-babbeys · 6 months ago
I know you’ve probably answered this question before, but are you still interested in Fnaf? I’m just curious.
only mildly so! i’m excited for fnaf: security breach and glamrock freddy dadbear, but right now i’m much too into megaman lol.
i’m mostly keeping this blog up so people can still enjoy my art.
-mun horror
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adobe-outdesign · 7 months ago
Imagine if they released phone guy for Fnaf AR on like, April fools day. The character is just shown off as a phone, and everyone plays it off like it’s just a joke character, but then when they actually get to meet him and get jumpscared by him, he’s a horrific, shambling, rotting corpse with a Freddy head shoved on his head, and his eyes popped out of the sockets.
that would honestly slap tbh
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pespillo · 7 months ago
Do you have a favorite part of the Fnaf series? Like a favorite game or moment?
sorry i didnt get to responding this till now ^^;; i was busy and uneasy
if i had to list down a fave part of each gameee.. 
for fnaf 1 i would say for some reason the easter egg of the first instance of a crying child always stuck out to me...... like oh gd we really are in it o_o !!!!!!!!!!
Tumblr media
for fnaf 2 i particularly love that exasperated phone guy call in night 6 where he tells you that you shouldnt be there in the first place... idk i love when he gets a bit mean <3 we needed more of that 
fnaf 3 well gd i love the shadow bonnie minigame, you know, with the swan lake song playing and all, like, the symbolism of all that, just those lil things i miss it dearly i love implications in the narrative rather than following a whole plot n having to “understand” every character or something or figuring out who is who, i love themes... i think fnaf 3 is severely underappreciated in that context.
fnaf 4 ... i dont know what to choose.. the narrative is just, good, conclusive, tragic , mysterious, CC is just an effective character to get quickly attached to, and also its just felt so... shocking, to finally Witness an incident in Fredbear´s instead of implied things like in the fnaf 2 minigames. Also i just love the nightmare animatronics.
im gonna leave it at the main 4 games cuz if i go on for too long it gets hard and also its late lol
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lgbt-aesthetics · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ace + Cactus Aesthetic [ID:  the first image is an aesthetic board with nine pictures in a 3 x 3 grid. The first row within the board are all dark gray-scale images. The first image is of small cactus in tiny pots sitting on a table in front of larger cacti. Next is a photograph of the top of a tall cactus with flat, circular arms. Third is cluttered shelves of many potted cacti lined up. The second row has: A white close-up image of a cactus with a neat, orderly texture. The Ace Flag. And another white close-up of a cactus, but the texture is more wavy and curved. The final row of the board has: A photo of medium-sized cacti in pots, stacked on rustic crates. An image of the top of a tall cactus, with straight, clustered arms. And five small potted cacti, some sitting on the ground, some on vertical logs. the second image is a banner colored to look like the Ace flag  that says: “do not interact with if you’re a: aphobe/biphobe/enbyphobe  terf/truscum/transmed/etc. End ID]
x x x x - x x x x
~Requested by @ourlifestooshort~
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lgbt-aesthetics · 7 months ago
Is it possible to request an Asexual + Cactus aesthetic? Thank you for not excluding Asexuals
Sure!! And of  course, only jerks would do something like that.
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funkybunnykins · 7 months ago
Happy early birthday, and a pleasant Halloween 🎃
Thank you!!!! You have a nice Halloween too!!!🎃🎃🎃
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dashintrash · 8 months ago
Are you still doing the requests for trinitys character?
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