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#ouran tamaki
meireinna · 3 hours ago
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tedxxii3 · 5 hours ago
"You boys are the homosexual supporting cast." - Tamaki Suoh
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the-weeaboo-ma · 13 hours ago
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Tumblr media
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Can’t stop thinking bout mushroom Tamaki ✨🍄
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fandomregressing · a day ago
Hihi!! Its so nice to see more fandom agere blogs!! If you're open for requests, could I maybe get some host club headcanons? Any that you have, or specifically regressor kyoya and/or carer tamaki would be awesome!! Tysssm!
Thank you so much for the warm welcome!! I actually have a little OHSHC post in my drafts right now, I'll post that right after I post this! For now, here's some regressor!Kyoya and cg!Tamaki!
Kyoya regresses to cope with stress, and he's very quiet about it. Nobody outside the Host Club knows, and he intends to keep it that way. When he accidentally regresses in public, he's very good at hiding it.
All the regressors of the Host Club have matching deco pacis with their rose colors on it, so Kyoya has a paci with a purple rose centerpiece. He also has other pacis, some plain and others deco. Overall he has about 6ish pacis.
He doesn't really have a favorite caregiver. He's the closest with Tamaki, but Tamaki's caregiving methods aren't always what Kyoya needs. The entire Host Club takes care of each other though, so whenever Tamaki isn't an appropriate caregiver one of the others can step up, usually Haruhi or Mori.
Kyoya likes reading or doing activity books when he's regressed! He doesn't really draw or color too much, but he'll do some drawing or coloring activities in books in between doing the other activities. He's really good at spot the difference activities since he's so attentive to details. He also likes reading children's book, let him read to you so he can show off how smart he is! Or read to him, since even smart babies shouldn't have to read a book by themselves.
He likes tea with lots of milk and honey when he's regressed, but he forgets how much caffeine he might be drinking so his caregivers have to pay attention to that.
He gets embarassed when he's called nicknames, but he does like it. But feeling like he's being made fun of pulls him out of his regression and makes him defensive, so overly sweet or cutesy nicknames should be kept to a once in a while thing.
Tamaki is a really enthusiastic caregiver! He's really energetic, and although he can tone it down a bit if his regressor needs him to it's difficult and he's still a bit high energy. He loves doimg activities with his regressors, and talking about the things they're doing and what they plan to do next!
He spoils his babies. You want that pretty deco paci you saw online? It's yours. New stuffie? It's already on it's way. Just need a hug? He'll cuddle you as close as possible until you can't dream of being anywhere else. Anything his baby wants, his baby gets, so long as it's nothing bad for them, and they're being good (and even if they're not, if the puppy eyes are convincing enough he'll break pretty easily. But shhh, don't take advantage of that, he gets sad if he feels like he isn't being stern enough).
He loves being called nicknames! Anything from daddy to Tama-chan gets him smiling brighter than the sun and squeezing the life out of you in a hug. A sweet nickname from a cute little baby is the way to his heart 🥺
He loves taking his regressors out! Parks, toy stores, anywhere! And he doesn't take it lightly when someone tries to make his babies feel bad for enjoying themselves. He's protective, that's for sure.
I really hope you enjoyed this! And again, thank you so much for the welcome and for the request! I hope you enjoyed!
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purpleramrb · a day ago
shop some tamaki suoh stuff in here!
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athena1133 · 3 days ago
Hii loves, im looking for a longer term roleplay partner!💓 (Im not replacing anyone🎀) I only do doubles 2x2 (OC x character). I do have an OC for which ever fandom we do! I play in semi lit form.Also with that being said I write in medium paragraph length💓I’m okay with BXB or GXG! I’m okay with smut as well along with adult themes but the characters must be aged up. I use this & discord to roleplay🎀
Tumblr media
I don’t have many rules besides:
1)no suicide
2)no self harm
3)no killing off main characters in the roleplay
4)please do not stop playing the character for me because I won’t do the same for you.
If anything triggers you please let me know💓
Here are some of the fandoms I do:
Ouran high school host club
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looney-dani · 3 days ago
“tamaki himbo king” this, “tamaki dumbass king” that. this man’s second language is misogyny (with homophobia and classism being his third and fourth).
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ashleeritson · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I redrew one of my fave moments from the Ouran Manga. Got my craving to make a comic out of the way without actually making a comic.
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falling-pages · 4 days ago
Hosts' contact photos
based on my last post, headcanons on the hosts' contact photos
Tamaki: See last post. he would ABSOLUTELY force everyone to have that rose pose picture of him
Kyoya: Just his official school headshot.
Hikaru: A selfie that's actually Kaoru
Kaoru: A selfie that's actually Hikaru
Haruhi: A photo where the twins pushed a camera in her face without warning, so she has a weird angle up her nostril and it's blurry and half the photo is just her hand swatting it away
Honey: Usa-chan
Mori: Probably Piyo or just no picture at all
Feel free to add more!
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kaorushusband · 5 days ago
Tamaki: Haruhi... There's something I've been wanting to ask you...
Haruhi: Oh god finally you're proposing
Tamaki: What? How did you know?
Haruhi: You dropped the ring like five times during dinner
Haruhi: I even picked it up once
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kaorushusband · 5 days ago
Tamaki: Stop saying "I wish" and start saying "I will"
Kyoya: I will my father loved me
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