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#ouran headcanons
krisquote · 10 hours ago
hi everyone im a new artist on Tumblr
ill start uploading some art later this week <3
(today is Monday, may 10, 2021)
send in some asks or requests!
I can also write fics for
Harry Potter, mlb, bnha, sk8 the infinity, ohshc, and pokemon
if you send in a fandom I don't know much about ill do my best to do research about it so it might not be very accurate :)
I hope you guys like my blog!
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ohshcscenerios · a day ago
Ok but imagine Haruhi playfully swatting at Takashi and Takashi blocks every single move and they're both smiling and laughing and Haruhi now takes it as a challenge to get one hit but he's too quick and meanwhile they're kids watch them from the couch rolling their eyes because gross their parents are flirting.
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fandomregressing · a day ago
Hihi!! Its so nice to see more fandom agere blogs!! If you're open for requests, could I maybe get some host club headcanons? Any that you have, or specifically regressor kyoya and/or carer tamaki would be awesome!! Tysssm!
Thank you so much for the warm welcome!! I actually have a little OHSHC post in my drafts right now, I'll post that right after I post this! For now, here's some regressor!Kyoya and cg!Tamaki!
Kyoya regresses to cope with stress, and he's very quiet about it. Nobody outside the Host Club knows, and he intends to keep it that way. When he accidentally regresses in public, he's very good at hiding it.
All the regressors of the Host Club have matching deco pacis with their rose colors on it, so Kyoya has a paci with a purple rose centerpiece. He also has other pacis, some plain and others deco. Overall he has about 6ish pacis.
He doesn't really have a favorite caregiver. He's the closest with Tamaki, but Tamaki's caregiving methods aren't always what Kyoya needs. The entire Host Club takes care of each other though, so whenever Tamaki isn't an appropriate caregiver one of the others can step up, usually Haruhi or Mori.
Kyoya likes reading or doing activity books when he's regressed! He doesn't really draw or color too much, but he'll do some drawing or coloring activities in books in between doing the other activities. He's really good at spot the difference activities since he's so attentive to details. He also likes reading children's book, let him read to you so he can show off how smart he is! Or read to him, since even smart babies shouldn't have to read a book by themselves.
He likes tea with lots of milk and honey when he's regressed, but he forgets how much caffeine he might be drinking so his caregivers have to pay attention to that.
He gets embarassed when he's called nicknames, but he does like it. But feeling like he's being made fun of pulls him out of his regression and makes him defensive, so overly sweet or cutesy nicknames should be kept to a once in a while thing.
Tamaki is a really enthusiastic caregiver! He's really energetic, and although he can tone it down a bit if his regressor needs him to it's difficult and he's still a bit high energy. He loves doimg activities with his regressors, and talking about the things they're doing and what they plan to do next!
He spoils his babies. You want that pretty deco paci you saw online? It's yours. New stuffie? It's already on it's way. Just need a hug? He'll cuddle you as close as possible until you can't dream of being anywhere else. Anything his baby wants, his baby gets, so long as it's nothing bad for them, and they're being good (and even if they're not, if the puppy eyes are convincing enough he'll break pretty easily. But shhh, don't take advantage of that, he gets sad if he feels like he isn't being stern enough).
He loves being called nicknames! Anything from daddy to Tama-chan gets him smiling brighter than the sun and squeezing the life out of you in a hug. A sweet nickname from a cute little baby is the way to his heart 🥺
He loves taking his regressors out! Parks, toy stores, anywhere! And he doesn't take it lightly when someone tries to make his babies feel bad for enjoying themselves. He's protective, that's for sure.
I really hope you enjoyed this! And again, thank you so much for the welcome and for the request! I hope you enjoyed!
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Dating Kyoya Ootori Would Include
Tumblr media
- Reading stories together and discussing them
- Loves taking you out to fancy dinners
- He loves cuddling with you and watching movies
- He thinks it's cute when you steal his glasses
- Lazy mornings
- Staying up late at night
- Studying together
- You both helping each other with work
- He can get pretty jealous, but he's good at hiding it
- He loves to tease you just to see you get flustered
- Playing elaborate pranks on Tamaki
- Being best buds with Tamaki
- Kyoya's family loves you and accepts you
- He does everything he can to impress you, but you tell him that he's enough, just as he is
- Going to balls and parties together and being the most good-looking couple there
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genderfluidfrog · 2 days ago
My OC ships as characters in a sitcom!!!
Zaka (Shoka x Zan) Apartment 2A
2 dude bro, ex college students working minimum wage jobs at the mall down town.
Lumi (Yumi x Leon) Apartment 2B
These 2 are complete opposites, no one even knows how they get along, but hey good for them for making it work.
Hanru (Hana x Kaoru) Apartment 3B
Perfect married couple, thats all.
Sumin (Sayori x Tzumin) Apartment 3C
They just moved in and have no idea what they're in for.
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anime-fanfics-i-write · 2 days ago
Dating Kaoru Hitachiin Would Include
Tumblr media
- He loves watching movies with you
- Especially when you guys make a blanket fort and a small nest of pillows
- Hikaru and you are best friends
- Kaoru loves to go on spur-of-the-moment dates
- He does anything to see you smile
- He loves to read you poetry and have you read it as well
- His family loves you
- You helping him with his college studies
- Coffee shop dates
- He doesn't always get jealous, but when he does, he's calmer about it
- However, if he is pushed, he will get more and more jealous
- You guys travel a lot together
- He can sometimes get shy and flustered around you, and it's super cute
- You guys spoil each other
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literally-justrandom · 6 days ago
are you ready for it?
I don't know if anyone's touched on this yet BUT
Did y'all see in episode 17 of Ouran (Kyoya's Reluctant Day Out) what Tamaki did with his hair??
Like, you've heard of the Debby Ryan Hair Tuck
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anime-fanfics-i-write · 12 days ago
Dating Hikaru Hitachiin Would Include
Tumblr media
- He always plans the most fun dates
- You're best friends with the rest of the club (especially Kaoru and Haruhi)
- His family loves you
- Loves cuddles while watching a movie or playing a video game
- Has made you a mixtape
- Playing pranks on the other host members
- Going to an amusement park together
- Concert dates
- You model for him
- He can get pretty jealous
- Lazy mornings almost every day
- Acts like a tsundere sometimes
- He loves to see you laugh and smile
- Fancy dinner dates
- Loves to compliment you constantly
- FaceTime calls that last for hours
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moonlxqhtx · 12 days ago
imagine if death the kid met hikaru and kaoru from ouran high school host club. kid would probably be like, ”omg you guys are so symmetrical,” and the twins would be like huh. it would be so chaotic. anyways just a random thing I thought about lmao.
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butter-gun · 13 days ago
Could I have a ohshc matchup, please? I am she/her and my gender preference is male. My fav color is either brown or pink.
Im a taurus. Im lil quiet when I first meet someone but I open up once I get to know them better. Im a pretty playful, sweet, and down to earth kind of person. I’m always runnin around w a smile on my face, and I love to make my friends laugh (and I also tend to laugh at pretty much anything lol). Im definitely the most calm out my friend group but Im also the most playful and witty one. I can be a little bit of an airhead sometimes and forget stuff, and I can also be a little impatient sometimes. I can also be a lil blunt, especially when I’m upset.
I like trying new stuff and I tend to get obsessed with stuff for short periods of time. Like rn I’m obsessed with making the most perfect oatmeal, but before that it was baking, and before that it was Just Dance. I also love art and drawing,, and lastly I love the spooky stuff like the paranormal or true crime shows.
Anyway, thank you!!! 💗
time for your punishment!
your lover is...
Tumblr media
(ok but pink is such a lovely color)
You two are both Taurus!
I believe that you and Mori are alike in the since of first impressions
He's quite, a stotic guy in contrast to the others, however, I can see him running around, playing with you
He loves your witty remarks, and how playful you can be
Once your not shy around him, he feels to some exitent special
It allows him to feel trusted, and although he is trusted with many things, knowing that you trust him enough gives him butterflies
Even though he can be a busy man, he will drop anything, at anytime, for you
Your down to earth nature pulls him in even more, somthing about it is just so attractive to him
Your company always uplifts him, he hopes that his company helps you the same it does for him
He doesnt mind if you get a lil air-head-ish, (oh dear that "word") he actually finds it endearing
You've probably never failed to make him laugh- even if he didn't exactly find it funny, somthing about it just being you makes it good enough, although, most if the time, your lucky to make this man laugh, and trust me, its a hard task to do
The entire club respects you so much for the fact you can make someone such as Mori laugh
They also may be somewhat scared- I mean, the power you hold
He. Will. Make. The. Most. Perfect. Oatmeal. You. Could. Have. Ever. Imagined. With. You.
Hes a rich boy, he will always fuel your obsessions, he will find the money and the time
He doesn't mind if you get blunt, he knows he's very- however, if your upset, he is too
Hes very emotionally mature, intact, and- wait why are you crying baby no :(
gajsjdjeijd he will always find a way for you too not be sad sad, even if its 10 straight hours of true crime
if u two do have a true crime marathon invite me though because thats yes
He loves looking through your sketchbooks, the doodles, and the well thought-out art
Tumblr media
Hope you enjoyed your punishment, dear!
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monty-the-twink · 19 days ago
Host club queer headcanons bc i had to do it besties <3
tamaki: so fuckin pan oml-
kyoya: tamaki-sexual. IM KIDDING uhhh he’s bi, with a preference for dudes, he’s also heavily demisexual and romantic. ya’ll already know this guy pines for tamaki so hard </3
haruhi: ok idc what anyone says haruhi is literally nonbinary icon, also questioning between bi and pan
hikaru: shy bisexual energy, also trans masc bc i literally make all of my kins trans masc
karou: pan and polyamorous cuz it just makes sense
honey: pan and demiboi energy
mori: just.....g a y
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yandereaffections · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Despite being the one who usually gives out solid relationship advice Kaoru isn't that good with speaking his feelings and making advances all that much until the final moment where he just goes for it
Which means you two probably acted like a couple before he even managed to ask you out, that and your first kiss was very sudden, took all of his confidence to kiss the person he adores the most passionately.. well if you could call your clashing of teeth romantic, the awkward 'ow's and laughter between the two of you won't be enough to stop him from kissing the light of his life properly the second time around
If you ever mention how clumsy Kaoru can be to his brother best believe he'll burst out laughing while your boyfriend huffs out, arms crossed and a bit of blush covering over his face. Weirdly enough Kaoru may be hesitant to express any normal romantic feelings despite being a member at the Host Club, he's not hesitant at all when it comes to telling you just how obsessed he is with you
It's been something on his mind for weeks and months now, he's waited so long and practiced telling you everything he thinks and admires about you, a love sick puppy is what he is. Hopefully you won't stare at him like he's a creep for obsessing this much over you and best believe you'll get the cutest smile from him if you end up getting flustered
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dinonuggetjunpei · 23 days ago
hey everyone! we’re a new imagines & headcanon account run by two admins! <3 we’ll try to get to as many requests as we can! as of right now, our main fandoms are:
- attack on titan
- demon slayer
- jujutsu kaisen
- haikyuu!!
- boku no hero academia
- ouran highschool host club
- free! iwatobi swim club
- hunter x hunter
- the disastrous life of saiki k.
- kakegurui
- fruits basket
thanks in advance! we hope you enjoy our blog!
<3 - the admins :)
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clanwarrior-tumbly · 24 days ago
What's up! Can you please make some headcanons for the host club finding out that the reader is Pan? 💖💛💙
Ayy pan rights!
Is a little confused until you explain pansexuality to him. After that, he's very supportive.
"So you see beauty in personality! That's just as important as everything else about a person!"
Others tend to say his ego can be a turnoff, but fortunately you see beyond that, and he's secretly relieved.
" do find my dashing looks attractive, too...right??????"
"You like pans? Like...baking pans?"
You'll have to explain it to him, but he's quick to understand and smiles, hugging you.
He was perfectly fine with it. As long as you're happy with being yourself, he's happy too.
Might order you a cake with the colors of the pan flag as a gift (though he lowkey wants a tiny piece..or two).
He already knew (and did some research on the subject), but he never judges you.
When you finally tell him, he reassures you that it doesn't change his perspective of you nor the relationship.
After that talk, he never brings it up again.
But it got him thinking of the lack of lgbtq+ representation in the club and wondered if that could be changed.
"I see, thank you for telling me."
That's the most he's ever said to you since starting the relationship.
But honestly? Those few words spoke volumes.
You're just happy he supports you, even if he doesn't say much. You know he cares.
Never judges anyone for their looks nor sexuality. As long as they're halfway decent people.
So when you tell her, she doesn't mind it at all.
In fact, she planned to come out to you as pan (she was questioning for a while but felt really comfortable with this label) so..
Both of your plans worked out in the end!
Very sweet and supportive.
He's just happy that you trust him enough to come out; he can understand it's not easy.
You're both on a journey to find yourselves, and he's glad you have been able to do that.
Of course, you'll always support him too regardless.
He a little confused, but he got the spirit.
It surprises him when you say you're mostly attracted to people's personalities--though he realizes that's how you were able to tell the difference between him and Kaoru almost instantly when you met them.
It's because you always liked people for their personalities, regardless of what they looked like (or in Hikaru's case, if they looked like someone else)
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clanwarrior-tumbly · 24 days ago
Hiya! Can I get some headcanons from the host club reacting to the reader being really funny? Or that like they make a lot of puns.
It might take him a moment to get the puns (or you'll have to explain them to him).
But he laughs once he does.
Your humor is one of your best assets tbh, and he'll always remind you of that.
If he's sulking™ you try comforting him with jokes, and he cheers up quickly.
His laughter is like music to your ears. So it's a win-win situation.
That's the most you'll get out of him.
But to know you can make the typically stoic man smile is more than enough.
He may not show it often, but your jokes genuinely cheer him up and make him happy inside.
He loves your puns! Especially if they're food-related.
"Jeez Tama-chan, no need to be so jelly-ous!"
In turn he makes you laugh and/or smile with his own unique array of puns.
You both compete over who can come up with the most puns during club hours (when he has no clients, of course).
"You're a witty one, dearest."
Might crack a smile or two at your puns, but he doesn't let himself get too distracted.
If he's stressed or uptight (which happens quite often given his job and background), you try to tell him some puns/jokes to help him loosen up.
He seems to be humored by jokes regarding Tamaki in particular, especially when he's in earshot.
Your puns either make her groan or laugh--it depends on the day.
But they never fail to make her smile, especially when she's had a rough time at school or is tired of the host club's shenanigans.
She might try to tell you some puns (though they usually sound lame to her and she feels like she embarrassed herself).
You reassure her it was a good attempt.
He hears one of your puns and can't help but snicker every time.
Would be the one who googles "puns to tell your s/o" in an attempt to flirt with you.
They're all cheesy as hell and his face turns red whenever he tries telling you one.
But you always react positively and kiss him to reassure him you loved it.
When you tell him a pun, he huffs like "wow so cheesy". But not even he can hold back the smile that appears on his face.
Probably does what Kaoru does and googles flirty puns to tell you.
But he usually backtracks, mentally going "nvm that's stupid-"
He does a better job when he's in his element (aka host club) if he and Kaoru have no clients waiting.
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arminstherapist · 25 days ago
hello <3
recently i’ve been exposed and am now showing symptoms of COVID-19, which means i have tons of new time on my hands! send in requests for anything you want to see written out and i’ll try and get to it asap
i write..
-nsfw (on request)
please respect if i can’t write/don’t feel comfortable writing a request!
fandoms i write for..
-attack on titan
eren yeager
armin arlert
mikasa ackerman
jean kirstein
connie springer
sasha braus
historia reiss
ymir fritz (freckles)
marco bodt
levi ackerman
hange zoë
erwin smith
moblit berber
miche/mike zacharius
hitch dreyse
rico brzenska
reiner braun
pieck finger
porco galliard
colt grice
annie leonhart
zeke yeager
bertholdt hoover
nekoma team
karasuno team
any specific character on request <3
ouran high school host club
takashi morinozuka (mori)
tamaki suoh
kyoya ootori
hikaru hitachiin
kaoru hitachiin
haruhi fujioka
yasuchika haninozuka
satoshi morinozuka
any character on request (i don’t write for mitsukuni (honey) because it makes me uncomfortable writing for anyone who acts childish in any way so SORRY EIMEOWBW)
i’ve also watched many other anime’s so if you have a specific request let me know :) these are just the ones i know the most about
have a great day and stay safe everyone !
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midnightlee25 · 26 days ago
Yandere team ups: Tōru oikawa & tamaki suoh
Tumblr media
A very beautiful yet ugly mix
Tamaki is way more delusional than oikawa is so oikawa uses this to his advantage.
Both are very romantic, offering you flowers, candies and other sweet gifts.
For the most part oikawa (like with many other yanderes he’s paired with) will use tamaki not only with helping getting you but keeping you as well.
Turning them against each other can work depending on how you try it on. Oikawa really wouldn't care either way while tamaki will start to keep a closer eye on things.
they aren't that bad of a combo at least for you because if you don't act up then it's going to be a pretty sweet life. (two reasons 1. Two pretty boys love you to death and 2. One of them has money to burn.)
Both will tease you but will also smother you in sweet words drown you in kisses.
Remember money talks so it will make things easier…. At least for them so fighting wouldn't do much.
Along with money they are both very charming so they can not only manipulate with money but also with personality.
In the end it will be fairly easy for those two to do as they please but it wouldn't be so bad because what's better than sharing a mini mansion with your two lover boys?
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ohshcbabe · 26 days ago
Ohshc Headcannon
OHSHC - Y/n in a uncomfortable situation head-cannons
saw someone else do something similar and wanted to put my own spin on it :))
TW: creepy males making y/n uncomfy
gender neutral x host club members
Tumblr media
Haruhi 💗
Tumblr media
You’ve decided to go visit the girl while she’s working.
She’s busy talking to one of her guests so you decided to wait and sit at one of the couches
One of the men quickly walked over, he was here to drop off some shipments but thinks that now you’re a new host/hostess
He sits across from you, just staring for a moment before striking a conversation
“So, you seem like a cutie, are you new here?”
Your eyes widen a bit, taken aback by his presence and how blunt he was
“I’m not apart of this club,” You awkwardly chuckle, hoping that Haruhi is almost finished because now you are starting to feel uncomfortable
“Good, good, that just means I don’t have to share you with anyone,” They wink, standing up and now sitting besides you
Haruhi, stops her conversation with the girls, hearing that awkward chuckle of yours her head turns
At first, she just thinks your talking with one of the boys, one telling a inappropriate joke and you just trying to be kind
But soon realizes that’s not the case, and excuses herself
Haruhi doesn’t exactly feel jealous, just a bit confused, and frankly worried
She can tell by your apparent facial expressions that you’re also worried yourself
Finding a empty tea tray, she grabs it, and rushes over with it, then taking a seat besides you
“Y/n!” She smiles, handing you a tea cup, not even filled. “I’m glad you waited for me, sorry to waist your time,”
You’re overjoyed she’s here, the man sending you some interesting glares and you didn’t want to cause a scene
“I’ll do better at watching the time. Um, i’m sorry you don’t look familiar,” She looks at the man while taking one of your hands and intertwining it with hers
“Oh, you were waiting for someone?” He asks you. “You should have told me, it was like you were leading me on,” he scoffs, standing up and leaving
Haruhi looks at you with a small smile
“What a jerk, would you like me to make some actual tea now?”
The both of you laugh, you feeling much more comfortable with her being by your side
Tamaki 💞
Tumblr media
He was so excited to spend today with you!
You didn’t feel like doing much, just wanting to maybe go to a cafe with the man
He had tons of things planned, zoos, cafes, shopping, musicals, etc
If there was something fun, he had it planned for you two to do soon
After spending half a day planning the dates you’d have when you both had off, today the both of you would go to a pet shop
Tamaki always expressed how much he loved animals, ever since he was able to go to one, and it’s something he still enjoys indulging in
The both of you were outside the shop, he had some money almost spilling out of his wallet, prepared to buy some animals
Leaving you to make sure he doesn’t, or at least doesn’t go overboard...
Once inside the worker set up a room for you two to play with the puppy
Unfortunately, today was a busy day and many people were also coming, so you were paired up with another group of guys
They had a harsher look, not being so friendly, and smelled kind of gross
You weren’t one to judge, sometimes, but something about them gave off a weird feeling
“Gosh, aren’t these puppies adorable!” Tamaki beamed, picking up the little dog into his arms, then bringing it up to his face
“Tamaki, you have to share with the rest of us,” You reminded him, taking the puppy from him and placing it on the ground
The man sat on your other side, quickly went to grab the dog, his hand touching yours a bit
“But Y/n, I didn’t get enough time with him,” He whined, shaking your shoulders a bit while the other men stifled chuckles
“Y/n, that’s a nice name,” The man on your side commented, sending a smile
“Um, thanks,” You just messed with your fingers, not looking at him
“So,” The one man tried to start up a conversation with Tamaki, giving his friend the chance to talk to you
Tamaki knew they were trying to do something, so he made sure to keep a eye on you, making sure you felt okay
“You know, we don’t have plans after this, what if you came and hung out with us?” The man asked you, moving closer
“Sweetie! Don’t forget that you promised to go get ice cream with me after. It’s the perfect end to our date,” Tamaki smiled widely, grabbing your arm and standing up “Ah, I think i’ve seen enough puppies for today,” He put a hand on your cheek and kissed your lips. “Bye now!”
Kyoya 🤍
Tumblr media
His father was hosting a dinner party tonight
The Ootori group just opened a new high tech hospital, with the helps of your families business
It was great to see both families interacting well, and felt good to have his father like you, even if you didn’t really like him
Kyoya was thankful that his father was okay with you, worried it would affect his opportunity in being the heir eventually
You were all dressed up for the night, told to keep a smile and kind words the whole time
But you were mostly planning on spending it by Kyoya’s side..
Eventually he was moved away because his father wanted to introduce all his children to a potential business partner
Your family did the same, to a different man, one who kind of seemed to take a particular interest in you
“I love your hair,” The older, 40 year old man complimented you, your father just smiling lightly and soon walking away
“I should go find, uh, Kyoya!” You smiled oddly at the older man, about to walk away
“Wait up handsome/beautiful,” The man wrapped his chubby fingers around your wrist, tugging on it, and pulling you to stand right in front of him
You frantically looked around, your father talking to someone else, and the mans smile was fretting away from friendly
Kyoya had just finished talking to some painting company CEO, someone he could care less about
He wanted to use this time to do things with you, talk more, hear about your day maybe, just see your smile and hear your laughter
Luckily he turned around at the right moment, seeing the man yank you back and his facial feature turning to a wicked expression
He quickly, but respectfully, whisked over, titling his glasses down a bit and reaching a hand across your lower back to wrap around your waist, pulling you into his side
“Darling, who is this?” Kyoya asked, seeing your expression change to a grateful one
“Um, I never caught his name....?”
“It’s Toling, from America,” He smiled at you, his ‘smile’ changing when looking at Kyoya. “You have a boyfriend?”
“And your from America?” Kyoya questioned back, not letting you answer his. “What exactly is your position, my father, Ootori, he also told me no one from out of country would be here. Why are you here? I don’t think you were invited, this seems like a appropriate moment to call security, do you agree, dear?” He looked at you
“Yeah, I think so,” You grinned at him, pecking his cheek while the older man ran off towards the front door.
Hikaru 💓
Tumblr media
The two of you heard about this new performance group in the area
They weren’t anything professional but still interested you both, maybe being so bad you could make a couple jokes about it
It started off... well interesting to say the least...
You both couldn’t figure out where it was going, what the overall theme of it was, I mean someone spilt their ‘prop’ on the stage floor
It was a disaster in the beginning, the both of you already having jokes in mind, but being respectful to wait till the end to say them
During the performance a hand intertwined with yours, that being Hikaru’s of course
When it was finished, the both of you had no words, just tears?
You didn’t know when they got there, or how the performance all of a sudden changed sad, but it was there
You got up to walk by a concession area, hoping to purchase a pack of tissues
Someone was behind you in line, and you could just feel their gaze on your behind
“Do you have a pack of tissues on hand?” You asked, pulling out some money and the women handing it to you
“Tissues, I could have given you those for free,” The man behind you smiled. “Now, what’s a attractive kid like you doing here?”
“Watching a show, like everyone else,” You motioned with your hand, taking a tissue and wiping your eyes
“You’re a funny one, sparky. How about I treat you to a meal?”
“No, thanks,” You scratched the back of your head, trying to step away, but him just blocking you
“Come on now,” He chuckled, reaching for your arm before you pulled back.
“Y/n, hey, you got them,” Hikaru pushed past him, planting a longer kiss on your lips and swinging his arm to rest over your shoulders. “Do you mind? We’re on a date,” He told the older man, guiding you away from him. “You okay, that man sure was a idiot trying to take you away from me,”
Kaoru 💝
Tumblr media
He was honestly super pumped about getting to spend time with just you
He saw how much his stubborn twin could fall in love with Haruhi and become a better person, to mature, he wanted that with someone and that was you
To say he was nervous, was a understatement, this was your guys’s first date and he wanted it to be great
Sure you had been dating for a while, but still
You both decided on just going to a carnival thing in town
Sounded fun and would let you both get loose a bit, chat about life, truly have a break from everything and everyone
(not everyone, the club was secretly there making sure it went great)
After a long day, and many rides, Kaoru went to go order some food for the both of you while you waited on the bench
“Is this seat taken?” A man around your age questioned, you nodded you head no, and moved over on the bench to give him some space
“Go ahead,”
“Thanks, wow, uh your eyes are really pretty,” He complimented, taking a sip of his drink
“Oh, thanks?” You shyly smiled, tapping you finger on the bench to a beat, waiting for Kaoru to come back
The man kept asking random questions about yourself though, like ‘how old are you’ ‘what do you think of the weather today’ ‘did you like that ride over there?’ it was awkward for you to answer
Kaoru had just bought the food, starting to walk over, but quickly noticing you chatting with the man
He felt, jealous?
This perfect day he was having, and you’re talking to another guy?!
But wait, he remembered his brother talking about really looking at someone’s actions to truly understand, things they say, really paying attention
He soon realized that you weren’t really liking the conversation, your eyes widening after he spoke, slowly returning the comment to him
He whisked over there, honestly just plopping himself in between the two of you, in the (little) empty space
“I, uh, got the food,” He waved it in the air a bit, not spilling it. “You still hungry, babe?”
“Thank you Kaoru, you’re so kind,” You grinned, kissing him on the lips, his cheeks beating up.
“Mhm, let’s go eat somewhere else, just the two of us!”
Mori 💜
Tumblr media
Mori and you weren’t big on doing a bunch of stuff for dates
You both mostly ended up at one another’s house, lounging there, maybe a cafe, who knew
But today he kind of wanted you to watch his practice, he was a bit awkward which you noticed quickly
“Takashi, you okay?” You asked him, tapping his shoulder. “What do you want to do today?”
He wanted to straight out say ‘come watch me practice’ but also didn’t want to be inconsiderate of what you wanted to do
He shrugged his shoulders, cracking his knuckles a bit, hoping you got the sign...?
“You know, I haven’t seen you practiced yet, that could be fun!”
He was beaming inside
So it was set, the two of you planning to meet up at the place he practiced at
It was something nice to do, he worked on his moves for a while, you starting some homework but still watching
One of his partners he worked on some of the skills with sat near you
“Hey, what are you working on?” You two chatted a little, trying to be kind, but you knew he was just trying to speed up the small talk into something more fun, for him
“Anyways, I need to focus,” You told him, standing up and getting prepared to move to a different space
“I think you should take a break, what do you say?”
“I can’t, I have a test tomorrow, need to get this done,”
“Don’t be like that, i’ll help you study after our break,” He was slowly/quickly closing the distance between you two
Mori just finished throwing a man, going to have a drink of water and see how you’re doing, but seeing that ‘opponent’ of his flirting with you?
“Y/n,” He walked up, leaning down to kiss your forehead. “I’m done here, let’s go,”
You nodded, the man across from you shaken up a bit at the stare Mori sent afterwards
Honey 💛
Tumblr media
Honey was babbling about a new cafe that popped up, very VERY excited about it
Apparently it was cute, had a nice seating area, and the BEST cake in town
So, of course, he had to decide that himself
(I think he secretly has a blog online dedicated to trying and critiquing cakes)
He thought this would be a perfect time to catch up and share the lovely moment with
You agreed, wanting to spend time with the boy you liked so much, always enjoying sharing treats with him
After school you both headed right there
The place was nice, and a little packed, since it did just open
You both found a little booth in the back, away from the crowd a bit
Honey ordered, almost, one of every cake they sold
“I’ll just try one of his,” You told the waitress, who looked like her eyes were going to pop out of her head due to Honey’s order
“If you want Y/n-chan!” He smiled at you, soon going into a ramble about one place he bought a bad cake at
Usa-chan also wasn’t pleased with the taste of it
Once a few of the pieces came, he gave you Usa-chan to hold, to make sure he didn’t get dirty
You spent the time, watching him eat cake, feeding him cake, eating some yourself, and chatting about the Host Club
He eventually had to go to the bathroom, telling you he would be right back and to watch Usa-chan
While he left another man came up, figuring you were by yourself
“Aren’t these a lot of treats for you?” He asked, secretly judging you
“I’m sure it’s not your place to decide what’s enough for me,” You scoffed, looking the other way
“And you have a stuffed bear? So cute. Let me buy you something else, for a little kid like you,” He placed some money on the table, trying to reach for Usa-chan
major pedo vibes ....
You moved away from him, not letting his dirty hands touch your boyfriends precious bunny
“Aw come on now,”
“Y/n-chan, let’s go now!” Honey walked over, you climbing out the empty way of the booth, standing near Honey
“Aw you’re here with your brother,” The man cooed, standing up himself.
You grabbed Honey’s hand, not wanting to interact any longer with the man, and leaving the cafe
“Sorry Honey, I- I just really don’t-”
There the man was, he followed the both of you out
He was moving to touch/grab you from behind, Honey quickly noticing and pushing you out of the way a bit
Pulling a classic move, the older man was on the ground
The surrounding crowds were in awe, you were still a bit surprised from his strength sometimes
“That’s not nice, please don’t touch Y/n-chan or I’ll have to call the cops!” He smiled at him, soon grabbing your hand and the two of you walking away like nothing happened
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