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#other languages
minzapinza · 7 hours ago
kind of funny how German is one of the only language that capitalizes nouns lol
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raaindropps · 14 hours ago
Ok, so. In the japanese dialect, there are 3 vocabularies: Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. In summary, Hiragana is the default vocabulary, Kanji is those complicated letters with a lot of symbols that can have lots of meanings (fun fact: there are over 1000 kanjis, but you only need to know around 300 to read normally), and Katakana. Katakana, as I said earlier, is the one used for foreign languages! It's technically the same as Hiragana, the amount of letters is the same and the meaning remains, but the letters change. This is done to not confuse ourselves with the hiragana when we are writing and incorporate some words from other languages. For example, the word coffee: we change it to コーヒー (ko-hi-) Because it's easier for us to read, since our letters are syllables. It's sort of like an adaptation.
OH thats so interesting!! So you adapt the sound of the word into the closest sounds in katakana? I love that
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red--thedragon · 15 hours ago
“hey red you keep saying that closerverse is nearly indistinguishable from an early-industrialization second world fantasy, so why do they have soccer and have it be called football elsewhere in the world?” they don’t i just couldnt come up with anything
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nerdgirlnarrates · 19 hours ago
Medblr: what medical term is most difficult for you to pronounce?
for me it’s “branch bundle block.” I don’t know why but I always say “brunch bandle” or “bunch brandle,” even in my head.
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chicken-tempura · 19 hours ago
I love seeing tags in other languages i don't understand a single word they're saying. I think I would enjoy this website still if I were the only English speaking person here please do not communicate with me I am only here to spectate
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vydumaj · a day ago
I’m getting more disorganized and caring less again but I also know I’d annoy so many people who don’t give a damn about what my sideblogs are for if I started posting everything on main...
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zu-is-here · a day ago
Zu can I ask you something? So like you speak English really really well, how did you learn a second language? Like I've always found it near impossible, so how did you do it?
Sure thing <3 Do I? (//3//)
Guess it becomes harder as you grow up since it's easier to learn while you're a child! Here, English is a must as a second language and is taught in most of Russian schools since childhood. Not for love tho x)
In schools with intensive study of languages, a third language is also required (usually German/French/Spanish to choose, Chinese somewhere) so I passed both English and French exams. Not for love again yet that was cool (゚ω゚)
The same thing in universities (and colleges too ig), where many subjects are taught in English or with a bias in Chinese + a second language as a must as well (since not all schools are that intense xp), so I passed English and Spanish this time. For love ♡
Mb being taught by someone and with someone is easier than learning on your own, but it is possible either way at any age I believe!╰(*´︶`*)╯
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ratmonky · a day ago
do u outline what do ur outlines look like
i don’t know what i’m doing while writing tbh
i just write
but to be more specific, i usually write down a detailed prompt of my idea and then send it to my editor & friends to hear what they think of it. if it’s good enough i start writing.
i decide where the characters are, what year it is, what kind of environment & atmosphere do i wanna perceive etc
i usually spend most of my time looking up words i don’t know in english lmao i’m either like ‘vafan kallar man en växelspak på engelska? eller lagom? vad säger de andra för ordet ‘lagom’? asså-’ or ‘acaba zifos ingilizce nasıl söyleniyor? zifos atmakla alakalı örnek bakmam lazım. aa bi de zibidi ingilizce ne ki?’
so i do nothing special or have outlines, sorry for the disappointment lol
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thetreeturnedoff · a day ago
in 7th grade i started trying to learn korean, decided it was too hard, and gave it up in favor of spanish (for good reason, i'm hispanic and wanted to be able to communicate with my grandfather and his side of the family) but now here i am again trying to learn it
i'm saying this cause i forgot how frustrating 에 and 애, and 외, 의, and 위 are and it's pissing me off
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biiscione · a day ago
would it ruin yall’s day if i said vitt’s vc is joh.nny fl.ynn. at least, when vitt speaks in english.
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bookjotter6865 · 2 days ago
Winding Up the Week #170
Winding Up the Week #170
An end of week recap “War does not determine who is right – only who is left.” – Bertrand Russell This is a weekly post in which I summarise books read, reviewed and currently on my TBR shelf. In addition to a variety of literary titbits, I look ahead to forthcoming features, see what’s on the nightstand and keep readers abreast of various book-related happenings. CHATTERBOOKS >>  * Summer in…
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ebvllogique · 2 days ago
As long as it is a non-English song winning (or maybe Malta), i'm happy
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if you have siblings and english isn’t your first language/have an immigrant family/are part of a non english speaking diaspora pls rb and tell me ur culture and whether or not it’s disrespectful to refer to ur older sibling by name/have ur younger sibling refer to ur by name!!! and if so what honorific do u use? 👀👀 i am curious this is for science
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dootdootboopedsnoot · 3 days ago
Being a blind kid in a different country who can't speak the language there AND being accused of murder is fucking rough. Little dude can't even talk to his lawyer.
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anyone else think its funny that 4kids, cinelume, dubbing brothers, and nick were all united in their desire to give Sky the softest, most Non-Threatening Boy voice ever
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