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#or- send me a character and I’ll send an outfit
oddverse · 9 days ago
I wanna post outfits I’d like to see la squadra in 😔
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I have an idea:
send me a character and a pride flag and I’ll draw them with an outfit inspired by that flag
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trialnerror · a day ago
Karate Kid/Cobra Kai survey
Tagged by @pohjanneito​​ and @cobraking​​ thank youuuuuuuu
It's the year 2021 and you're obsessed with The Karate Kid. How are you feeling?:  tbh it’s gotten to the point that everything that I do is based on this franchise. I can’t do anything except quote it, talk about it and obsess over it. But to be fair, I’ve always loved this franchise and the fact that in 2021 I still obsess over it, doesn't surprise me much.
Did you grow up with TKK or are you new to the series?:  I kinda grew up with TKK even though its about 15 years my prior, but its one of my all time favourite movies so I rewatch it at least once or twice every month. In regard to the series, I’m just glad they made a comeback because I missed my boys.
We gotta do the basics. Favourite character:  At first it was Daniel because I felt for the little new kid who was getting bullied, but as I got older it went straight to Johnny. That cocky blonde boy with his ocean blue eyes made me crazy and especially now that I watch him in Cobra Kai, all he needs is some love and a I would legitimately kill to have a drink with him because he knows where the party is at and I just love him with all my little heart.
Favourite ship: I don’t really have one, but the whole “Lawrusso” one is interesting from different perspectives.
Underrated character: the man, the myth, the silent legend - Jimmy..... but in all seriousness I love the dynamic that Johnny and Bobby have so in that case Bobby.
Underrated ship (don’t say therapy, lol): the friendship of Carmen and Amanda. I want their friendship to THRIVE!!! Those queens gotta deal with hormonal teenagers and unstable partners, so they might as well just become best friends and drink wine together. 
Wax On, Wax Off or Sweep the Leg?: .....Sweep the Leg (Get him a body bag Johnny!!)
Which of Daniel’s dumb little outfits is your favourite?:  It’s a tie between the black tank/burgundy shirt and jeans or the grey crewneck and red sweats because he looked hot in the first and comfy cozy in the other and I can’t pick between the two. 
Character from the films you most want to return, who’s not Terry Silver: Honestly it sounds bad but I'm so ready for Terry to come back....I want to see the chaos unfold especially considering the fact that Johnny has no idea who he is, so I’m ready to see how the two of them interact. I’m also ready for Mike because you know he and Johnny have similar personalities of the whole “I’m a macho man who's the hottest thing since sliced bread” and I kind of want to see them duke it out a little with Daniel in the back just being like “w-why must I attract these types of people...?” 
Scene that lives in your head rent-free: Got 4 of them that just run through my head like a hamster on a wheel....
1) the smirk. Johnny knew exactly what he was doing when he noticed Daniel and that little smirk just sent me
Tumblr media
2) when Daniel is describing Ali to his mom (and to himself) and he goes on his little schpeal of “Her smile. She's got an excellent smile. She's really smart. I don’t know- I think she’s beaut- I’d say she's beautiful. I think she's beautiful. I think she’s something else.” straight to “She’s hot. Definitely hot.” like way to get all cute and sappy to “yeah she's a fox” and that little chuckle at the end
Tumblr media
3) when Daniel goes up to the Cobras, post-Miyagi takedown and says “You guys be careful not to go stepping in front of any more busses now, alright?”
Tumblr media
4) Johnny Lawrence’s most iconic part in all of Cobra Kai (so far) is “ and put one of those hashbrowns at the end like Hashbrown Team Cobra Kai or something and then SEND IT TO THE INTERNET”
Tumblr media
Will Anthony LaRusso ever be relevant?:  will he....? honestly forget he was actually a character in the show, but I do hope he joins in the karate antics that go on, and if he doesn't I’ll happily take more Anthony/Johnny interacting scenes.
You live in The Valley and are forced into the karate gang war. Which dojo do you join?:  Cobra Kai 110%. The Way of the Fist. Strike First. Strike Hard. No Mercy.
What’s your training montage song?: I vibe with a lot of songs but probably Thnks Fr Th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy because it’s so hype.
It’s the crossover event of the century! Which TV show are you combining with Cobra Kai for an hour-long Saturday night special?: I don’t really have one but I could so see Johnny and Daniel as an unlikely pair of cops on Hawaii Five-O with Daniel being the brains (and the rational one of the two) while Johnny is the brawns (going in guns blazing - and by guns I mean both muscles and actual weapons) but yeah they'd be great as cops, especially in Hawaii...
Gonna tag @macchios​​ @sonnycorleone​​ @crimsonandclover27​​ @banzai-larusso​​ @likethegardensofbabylonn​​ @kingkarate​​ @strikelikeacobrakai​​ @hesjusttoocute​​
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spectralscathath · 2 days ago
Send me a RWBY character and I’ll tell you:
Oscar Pine
My top three ships for the character
Whitley/Oscar, Penny/Oscar, 
My three least favorite ships for the character
Ruby/Oscar, Ozpin/Oscar, Nora/Oscar
My biggest criticism for the character
What is that fucking awful outfit he’s been wearing since late vol6? It’s awful. I hate the jacket. Burn it. Terrible. 
My favorite thing about the character
I think Aaron Dismuke absolutely nails the voice acting, especially when he has to mimic Ozpin’s speech patterns as well.
A headcanon I have about them
The little patchwork rag he had in his original, better design is all he has left of his original parents, who knitted it for him out of a whole lot of different fabrics. He used to wear it as a scarf as a child, and now he wears it on his belt. 
What I would change about them if I was making a re-write
I’d probably not have all his devleopment happen offscreen. Oscar could be replaced by a talking lamp that had Ozpin’s pre-death recorded tapes attached, and nothing would really change. He’s nothing. Which is a shame, he’s a cute kid and it’s interesting to see the most experienced character forced into the same position in the story. 
What I I think of their character allusion and what (if anything) I would change about it
What even is his allusion. Well? What is it, crwby? They don’t know, Eddy fucking forgot what it was in an AMA, so what the hell?
I’ve seen people tie him to Princess Ozma, Dorothy, The Little Prince, and Alice in Wonderland. No one knows who he’s based on, literally no one. So... what then? 
For me, it depends on the role I want him to play. In an au I have where Mercury rescues him from Hazel in vol8 and they run off together, Oscar takes on a Dionysus allusion. Or, if you want to take his fight with Hazel a bit more personally, have him as a Jack figure, like Jack and the Beanstalk. There’s a lot of possible allusions you can work with, but unfortunately there’s very little to actually work off because not even crwby seems to know where they started with this character.
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spectralscathath · 3 days ago
RWBY character ask: Hazel please?
Send me a RWBY character and I’ll tell you:
Hazel Rainart
My top three ships for the character
Hazel/Qrow, Hazel/Ghira, Hazel/Adam (for you, Luke)
My three least favorite ships for the character
Hazel/Watts, Hazel/Tyrian, Hazel/Mercury
My biggest criticism for the character
What the actual fuck was his redemption via death. First of all, Hazel was halfway decent as the big guy who was so lost in pain and grief that he didn’t see beyond Salem’s deceptions (though his motive was fairly weak but it could be worked on), and then he became angry shouty man in vol5. Vol6 was somewhat on track to restoring his character as ‘a man who doesn’t want to hurt people, but he’s good at it and doesn’t see any other options’.
Then vol8 was a one-two punch of a terrible redesign (what did they do to his hair? why does he have bread-braided ribs? What is that stupid vest when his old outfit would have been fine for the cold? Either make him fucking shirtless or don’t you cowards) and bad writing. Having him beat down a young child is horrific and made me immediately want Hazel to get the shit kicked out of him. I knew his character would likely be a redemption-via-death, where he holds off Salem for Emerald, but the way it was written, where he was so hypocritical about ‘no more gretchens’ when he’s caused a million of them, where he was so stupid that seeing Jinn was like ‘lol cool I’m good now’, where there was no depth, or growth, and the burden of changing him was put on the child he was beating. 
It skipped over any of the potential work for the end product of some bit-lines about Gretchen, and also: I feel like the death of Hazel and Watts are too soon. Unless rwby is about to internally die and stop, killing two of your villains in the midgame is generally not the wisest choice. 
My favorite thing about the character
Definitely how he’s animated, just as this slow hulking presence of sheer unstoppable force, like a glaciar. Every step he’s animated with is slow and steady and it gives the feeling that he has a path in mind and he will not be deterred. 
A headcanon I have about them
The man loves lil soft things. He sees puppies and kittens and bunnies and just goes soft. He can hold like, two bunnies in his palm and they’re very cute. If he wanders off mid-mission it’s because he spotted a pet store and is absolutely going to pet the animals. 
What I would change about them if I was making a re-write
So much, but his motivation’s especially is kinda weak. Gretchen is a non-entity. Maybe it would be more fun if Gretchen was just the first in a long line, and he kept losing more, and more, and more, and eventually snapped? His sister, his partner, his children went to a combat academy as preparation for a huntsman academy and died. Huntsmen die when training, Huntsmen fail to protect his family, Ozpin’s values are useless, Salem is unkillable no matter how much he tries, maybe it would be better to wipe clean the slate. Still, there’s room for improvement. 
What I I think of their character allusion and what (if anything) I would change about it
I like it! I like Hansel having turned to work with the witch, he lost his Gretel and didn’t know what else to do. Shame that Gretchen is a non-entity. 
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angelhummel · 5 days ago
blame it on the alcohol for the ask thing
My favorite song: all the music in this ep is perfect, its hard to piiick. I guess I’ll go with the Anderberry duet. Then Blame It. Then Tik Tok. But I even like Will and Beiste’s duet lmao it’s all great
My favorite quote: “It tastes like pink! IT TASTES LIKE PIIINK!!!” also “Ke$ha’s been a cultural icon for weeks and i really wanna do her music justice”
My favorite moment: the whole party! It’s so fucking fun. all the performances. everyone showing up hungover at school in their shades. blaine waking up in kurt’s bed and burt’s “wtf??” face. all the party outfits and performance costumes. brittany puking on rachel
My least favorite moment: because i CAN and do talk bad about my faves lmao obviously the worst part is the biphobiaaa. again, i know why kurt thought what he thought but nothing about what he said was okay lmao. but also i didnt like what blaine said, comparing kurt to karofsky like wtf no. alsooo finn being a dick to rachel and acting like a know it all with the types of drunks but just harping on the girls for some reason (: also when rachel says she’s never had any alcohol finn says “no wonder i never got past first base” gross
My favorite character: Rachel! She’s being bold and putting it all out there lmao. She’s feeling herself this ep and it’s so fun to watch
send me a glee ep!
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angelhummel · 6 days ago
for the ask!! theatricality and hello!
Ahh these are literally my favorite and least favorite season one episodes xD I’ll do my least fave first, get it out of the way
Hello - 
My favorite song: Hello, I Love You. Even I can admit Finn crushed it. Also the rest of the songs lowkey blow imo sooo :P
My favorite quote: No, she’s dead, this is her son
My favorite moment: The two seconds of Finntina flirting during Finn’s song. Also Tina’s outfit that scene. Red tutu queen. Also the look on Kurt’s face when Finn is singing. And the Brinntana threesome date is pretty funny
My least favorite moment: All the dumb men this episode. Will finally gets Emma then immediately cheats with Shelby. Finn finally gets Rachel then immediately tries to date Brittana. I know they didn’t plan for a season 1b but damn they didn’t have to reset the chessboard that hard. And Jesse is just gross and negging and only trying to get with Rachel for a weird VA plan like come on. Get in your fucking clown car and go but get out of my faceee this ep is exhausting
My favorite character: Kurt’s scarf and Tina’s goggles in that scene where they all warn Rachel to stay away from Jesse. Those are my favorite characters
Theatricality - 
My favorite song: RA RA AH AH AH RO MA RO MA MA GAGA OH LALA want your BaD rOmAnCe
My favorite quote: “I’m proud to be different. It’s the best thing about me” and “I refuse to dress like someone I’m not to be someone I’m not”
My favorite moment: Kurt standing up for Tina, then standing up for himself. Burt chewing out Finn’s homophobic ass and then his scene with Kurt. All the amazing performances and everyone’s amazing costumes. The fact that Will hardly had anything to do. It’s such a perfect episode
My least favorite moment: Finn’s nasty homophobic ass. I saw someone recently say “he instantly knew he messed up” like ma’am he was literally in the middle of a homophobic insult when he was interrupted by Burt - who knows how long he would’ve gone on if Burt didn’t come in - and then tried to defend himself by saying he was talking to the blanket 🤡🤡 Also Shelby is so fucking awful and treating Rachel like dirt and jerking her around and playing with her feelings. Poor Rachel doesn’t deserve it. Oh also Finn. Tells Kurt. That Kurt doesn’t know how hard it is to deal with Karofsky and Azimio. 🤡 Finn defenders, play in someone else’s face, don’t play in mine
My favorite character: Could it be anyone other than Kurt? No. 
send me a glee ep!
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darlingkitt · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
I’m honestly shocked ajdjdjdjjs but thank you guys so much??? it really means a lot and I appreciate you guys so much!!! you have no idea 🥺❤️
💡: send me a character and I’ll list a few headcanon’s I have for them! (feel free to be as specific as you’d like with what kind of hcs you’d like!)
🎨: send me a character and I’ll draw them for you! (I’m going to be attempting to digitalize everyone and such, also will draw them with you if you’d like!)
✏️: I’ll draw a character you choose in one of my favorite outfits!
📷: I’ll make a set of icons of any character of your choosing!
A thanks to a few mutuals who hold a very special place in my heart 🥺❤️ (please be careful w/ it 😩🤚) I appreciate you all so so much:
@tatesimper @tatestripedsweater @whiiiiplaaaaash @mossybank @mrs-march-ahs @mxlti-fand0m-imaginess @gh0stfacebaby @kitwalkerangel @kitwalker64 @therenlover @superwholockian309 and many more!!!
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nicedress · 8 days ago
I’m trying to get back into writing 100 word drabbles (which I haven’t done in like 10 years lol), so I of course I started with one about Klaus. I chose the prompt “notice” from a random prompt list, but I’m thinking I’ll do requests for these if anyone is interested?? You can send me a character/ship (tua only) and a one- or two-word prompt, and I’ll write a drabble that’s exactly 100 words.
Klaus + Notice
Klaus has always liked attention, no matter who it comes from—craves it like a drug.
Being noticed for his outfits and humor hardly seems different than the glares from strangers when he’s too drunk, too high, too loud. Attention is attention; it doesn’t matter as long as they see what he wants them to see.
Dad’s voice in his head tells him he’s weak, useless, and Klaus buries his shortcomings under a flamboyant camouflage. It’s a mask that Dad looked right through with a disappointed scowl, but it works on strangers.
Klaus likes being noticed. He hates being seen.
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quirky-and-kind · 9 days ago
Alrighhhhht, it's Monday, so you know what that means! Monday Madness ahdjsvah
Zen drives up on his motorcycle and parks infront of your house blasting, "Welcome to the Jungle". He is wearing his full motorcycle gang outfit too, and it almost feels like youve been soccer punted into his past.
What do you do???
This is the BEST ask. Seriously @jafndaegur you are a genius and I love you ♥️
I wish I could give some deep psychological reason that Zen is doing this but once my brain started working again after picturing him showing up at my house like this 😏 I know just why he would.
It would have started a week or two before I was over visiting Zen one evening. He’d been cleaning earlier in the day and a box of old photographs was sitting on his coffee table. I would immediately notice a couple of old photos of him and Haejung on top. I’d have visited Haejung’s lamb skewer place a few times with Zen now but I’d never seen them both in full gang regalia. I’d be fascinated because while I’ve heard about this time in Zen’s life I had never seen ruminants of it past his motorcycle. Even if I wasn’t being that obvious about checking the photos out or demonstrated finding that side of Zen ridiculously sexy he would know. Zen watches me closely he knows so many subtle things about my reactions. He wouldn’t say anything that day but he’d certainly make note of how long my stare lingers or that I can’t help but run a finger tip over him in the old photo curiously.
Present day. I’m waiting for Zen to arrive for a preplanned date. I know something is up because he also sent me texts with pictures of what dress he wants me to wear and how to do my hair. This signals to me we are playing. That’s all the hints he gives me. Sometimes he’ll send me a little description almost like a call sheet of who he wants me to play in our role playing game. Tonight was going to be improv. Loud music draws my attention as I’m finishing my make up. I wander to the window of my place to see what idiot is disturbing the peace of my neighborhood only to see it’s my idiot.
Zen is leaning back on his bike. Head to toe in black leather. Removing his helmet to shake our his ivory mane. He is stunning. Looking dangerous and feral. I realize it’s actually the same outfit he’d been wearing in the photo and it clicks for me what game he wants to play. He’d picked out a sweet white dress with a Peter Pan collar for me. He was the wolf and I was the little lamb ripe to be corrupted by him. Grinning, excited I’d hurry to get out to the street.
Walking out the front door of my building I immediately fall into my character. Stopping to stare at the hard looking man watching me. Zen’s gaze intoxicating and predatory. Clutching my purse tighter like a shield in front of my body I avert my gaze shyly attempting to slip past. The music clicks off and is replaced with Zen calling me. “Hey pretty girl, can I ask you a question?” I look back up at him and desire twists wildly in my chest. He’s leaning forward on his bike now draped on the handle bars his lip curled up in the barest smirk. He’s posing like a model. Back arched to accent his torso. I fluster looking around like maybe I can find him someone else to help him but as luck would have it the street was empty except for him and I.
“What can I do for you sir?” I play timid. Hugging myself as I walk forward. Like a scared little mouse. Zen takes his time swinging his leg over his bike to stand. It has to be my imagination but I think he looks taller in his outfit. Glancing down it might be his boots.
“I need some directions Jagi. Do you think maybe you could hop on with me. You can show me some sights and I’ll give you ride.” The promise in the purr of his voice. Zen reaches between us to push a curl out of my face and tucks it behind my ear. I can smell the leather of his glove at his touch. I suddenly felt a flash of jealously. Wondering how many other girls Zen had charmed this smoothly before meeting me?
“I’m sorry Sir, that simple is not acceptable.” Bluster in my tone. A little of my possessiveness bleeding into my play. I watch Zen’s head tilt noticing my shift in mood but does not allow himself to be dissuaded. I turn swiftly on my heel to walk away wishing him to give chase needing him to fight for me suddenly. Zen reads my reaction as well as I thought he would. Not missing a mark his longer limbs carry him around me and he blocks me from advancing down the street. The sound of the leather on his body moving sending a shiver down my spine.
“Jagiya-“ Zen tuts as he holds out both of his hands in a sign of peace. “I’m helpless. Won’t you guide me? You’re like an angel. This devil here is blinded in your presence. I need you’re touch to save me.” I feel my lips twitch. Zen can sense I’m annoyed and he’s laying it on thick. He’s still keeping a respectable distance as we’re not suppose to know one another. Watching his fingers flex on his hands I know it’s killing him not to be touching me.
“Why should I trust a devil?” He’s drawing me into him just with his charisma. Moving closer my fingers running along the smooth well cared for leather of his jacket. Curiosity in my eyes as I study him. A short laugh leaving Zen’s chest his finger’s drifting to my waist.
“You shouldn’t angel, but I can guarantee you if you help me I’ll reward you richly.” He licks his lips provocatively. My mind immediately filling with lurid pictures of him still in outfit between my thighs.
“Let’s go.” I break character for now sick of standing in the middle of the street and really I just want to get back to his apartment. I want to know this side of Zen intimately The throaty laugh Zen let’s rip from his chest informs me he doesn’t mind the pause in play in order to change scenes in the least.
And the rest would be NSFW but I think that spelled out the idea pretty clear. Thank you again for this ask. I haven’t written a lot of role play between us yet and this was delightful! ♥️
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hopevalley · 11 days ago
"But sometimes an ongoing series ends up going where you...didn’t want it to, and it becomes something that’s no longer right for you. " Omg I felt that :| I've loved WCTH since 2016 but after a few eps of season 8 I realised that I just couldn't appreciate it anymore so now I've stopped watching but visit your blog every week to see what happened. Your writeups are detailed and fun to read, thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying this season better <3
Thanks for continuing to stop by and read my write-ups. I’m starting to burn out on them because they take literal hours to write (I mean, sometimes as long as 8 hours to put together), but I’ll continue through to the end of  the season because people like you seem to enjoy them. ♥
I’d love to talk sometime about why you stopped watching, and what about S8 didn’t feel right to you! It’s been interesting seeing different perspectives and reasonings from folks who stopped watching. Feel free to hit me up if you’d like! :)
I may be at that point after this season. It’s a shame, too, because I still have characters I care about, and things I want to see, but it’s been really hard over the last few seasons watching this series just...shift and change, and never in the same direction I would have chosen.
Sometimes I blame that on the fact that I’m a writer, a creative type; I’m the sort of person who can’t help but envision all the potential a series has right from the get-go, and imagine what I would do with the series if it was given over to my (capable, if I do say so) hands. WCtH started off SO strong! I bumped through Season 2, felt confident at Season 3, pretty good about Season 4, and then Season 5 took almost everything I loved about the show and beat it to death. Maybe I’ll talk more about that after this season ends (probably in an audio post), but the short version of it is: they took away characters I liked, they made Abigail into one of the most intolerable characters on the show, they committed character assassination with not only Bill, but brought AJ back only to do the same thing with her...and committed at least ten other crimes I can think of right off the top of my head. I’ve stuck around because Seasons 1, (parts of) 2, 3, and 4 were so engaging to me that I couldn’t erase the potential I still saw in the series because of them.
Sure, the show’s gone to hell with makeup everywhere, and weird hairstyles, and gravel all over the road, and convenient plumbing and perfect outfits, but...I could imagine that away if I really had to. It was...forgivable. I still enjoyed myself and still saw that potential.
Maybe all this time I’ve just needed to accept that the series beyond Season 4 just...wasn’t made for me. 
Anyway, there are things I like about this season a lot, and I can’t wait to talk about them in more detail after the season ends. But it might be time for me to consider what I want out of the show, and what I’m...most likely to get out of it in the long-term. 
Thanks for taking the time to send this message my way. Really appreciate it, and hope to hear from you again soon! 
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Fake it ‘til we date (1/?)
Young Sirius Black x reader
Not my gif (credits to owner)
Warnings: Nothing?? Other than fake dating?
Word Count:
A/N: Hii loves!! Okay so this is my very first time writing for my lovely Sirius, so he might be out of character! Overall, I really liked how this turn out & I hope you guys might too!!
Tumblr media
"So what do you say? Y/N please say yes, you've been my friend since the beginning of time!" I sigh rubbing my temple ,"Siri, you know how both of our families are. Us fake dating would be such a scandal. It won't end well." Sirius pouts and goes on his knees ,"This is humiliating but it's worth a try. . . Please, please. We'll pretend to date just until they get off my back. I can only trust you. You are the only girl that is perfect for me." I sigh, shaking my head going back to my book ,"Ask Remus?" Remus puts his book down  ,"Absolutely not, his family is terrifying." I laugh and grab my books,"I'll think about it, don't push it." I walk out of the library before I can hear Remus say to Sirius, "You're in love with her. Why don't you just ask her out?" To which Sirius replies ,"What would I do if I lose her? What would I do if she doesn't feel the same way?" 
After getting out of the library I sit by the black lake watching people pass by, I hear footsteps, "People watching again love?" I giggle and speak up ,"I'm not done thinking about it Siri." I look up at him and he has his hands up in defeat. He sits down next to me and I lay my head down on his lap. He looks down at me ,"You knowww. . . you could do more people watching this Saturday. . .at my house . . .at the dinner party. . .as my girlfriend. " I scoff and gently hit his arm ,"Merlin, you aren't going to give up are you?!" He shakes his head smiling wide and I sigh ,"I was going to say yes from the beginning but I just like teasing you." Sirius dramatically gasps and pretends to die, I laugh and look at him. Truth be told, I love Sirius Black. Always have, he just never reciprocates my feelings. Not that I ever told him, I'd be a fool to ruin that friendship. 
I keep staring at him as he talks, unaware of what he's actually saying. He boops my nose and I come back down from my thoughts ,"Sorry were you saying something? I must have zoned out." Sirius shakes his head, "Yeah no kidding, you looked like you were in heaven." I was, I was thinking of us. "As I was saying, do not worry about an outfit, I'll send you something before the end of this week." I shake my head ,"You know that's not necessary." He nods and sighs, "Isn't that what couples do? Send each other stuff?" I nod and fix the collar of his shirt ,"Yes, but like small gifts and such." Sirius rolls his eyes ,"You know there's nothing small that I could possibly give darling." I blush and quickly stand up, "You're insane Black, I'm heading to class. Goodbye." He laughs and takes my hand into his ,"Thank Merlin we have the same class schedule! Let's go!" I think about our schedule and sigh, he's correct we do have the same schedule.
We're in Potions class as I feel something hit my head, "Psssstt!! L/N!! Hey L/N!!." I look back and see James sitting with Sirius. James throws another piece of crumpled up parchment paper at me and whispers, "Is Sirius a good boyfriend? I hear he's rather dull." Sirius punches James, I roll my eyes and face the front. Remus who is by my side speaks up,"You know it's not a bad idea if you just tell him that you love him. It's a bad idea, if you don't tell him you love him. You love him, you love him very much. So much that you'd risk getting hurt?" I shrug going back to work ,"I love him so much I'd do anything for him. That includes sacrificing my own feelings." Remus sighs and lowers himself to me ,"He won't hurt you, I know he won't." I look at Remus and he gives me a shy smile, I nod and focus on the assignment in front of us. 
"Where is my queen, my dove, my everything?" I roll my eyes as James laughs and wraps his arms around me ,"Oh brother, here comes mopsy. Here watch this." James starts hugging me tighter and pinches my cheeks, Sirius sees this and runs up to us pulling me away first before pushing James ,"That's my girlfriend you jerk!!" My heart skips a beat when I hear those words come out of Sirius' mouth, his girlfriend, this is a bad idea,. Before I can realize, James and Sirius are being pulled away by Remus and Peter. I sigh and follow behind them as they walk. Sirius watches me walk behind him. I speak up ,"You know darling, we don't have to be here. I understand if you want attention brought upon us but jeez." Unbeknownst to me, Sirius swore he died at the nickname I gave him. He composes himself and then winks and raises his chin up ,"The more, the merrier my love." I laugh and say goodbye before heading to the (Y/H) common room. Before I can head up to my dorm, a few girls stop me ,"Is it true your dating Sirius?! Oh Merlin, you're so lucky!!" I nod blushing, they all squeal, "You two are perfect!! I'm surprised the two of you just started dating!!" I laugh a bit and shake my head ,"We've always been friends, so it just came naturally!" They grab my arm and sit me down with them ,"Oh please, we've all seen the way the two of you looked at each other even before the two of you started dating!" I blush and go up to my dorm. 
It was around midnight when I heard a knock on my window, I went to open it and see Sirius hanging upside down. I gasp and Sirius giggles ,"It's me love, don't worry I don't bite. Not yet, at least." He pushes himself inside my room and lands perfectly on his feet, I smile and shake my head. "Brought the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers for my queen." He hands me the bouquet and I smile wide ,"Thanks Siri, but you know I don't share this dorm with anyone right? Me being the headgirl. So you don't have to shower me with gifts." Sirius pouts and throws himself on the bed ,"Yes, yes, you and Moony are sooo smart. Always rubbing it in our faces!! However, I wanted to bring you flowers because . . . .I don't know you might have company? A handsome gentleman perhaps? He must know that you are mine and I don't plan on sharing." Sirius raises his eyebrow at the last part and I laugh ,"Right, cause I'd definitely want some handsome gent in my dorm." Sirius leans over to me ,"Do you? Cause if you're cheating on me, I will die!!!" Sirius laughs at the last part and stares at me ,"You're perfect you know that?" I blush playing with my hands ,"I'm far from that." Sirius shakes his head and sits in front of me ,"As my girlfriend I-" "Siri, fake girlfriend." Sirius scoffs, "We'll fake it 'till we start dating, watch." My eyes widen and I look at Sirius and we both blush. That's when we hear a loud knock ,"Lights off L/N!!" I look at Sirius and he's already on his way out my window. He looks back at me and smiles wide, "Goodnight my beloved, tomorrow's a new day." As he leaves I can't help but smile wide and stare at the bouquet he brought me. Maybe this whole fake dating situation isn't that bad? 
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gojocaninfinitymyass · 14 days ago
Episode One - Notes
The episode itself was pretty good. It did closely follow the manga epilogue, but there were two notable differences:
1) Inuyasha used the meido zangetsuha to take out Root Head with Kagome, but in the manga, it appears to be his staple wind scar move. I don’t necessarily know why they chose to do this, since the attack sends its victims to the netherworld, effectively killing them without harming them. By the end of the episode, we’re shown a piece of root head that survived and attached itself to the tree, but that just doesn’t make sense since it’s main body got destroyed with InuKag’s combo attack. I guess I’m supposed to assume that a piece of it could still bring back the whole, but you’d think InuKag’s assault would’ve been enough.
Tumblr media
(Note how his attack isn’t black or spherical)
2) In the anime, Miroku has a moment where he thinks about his weakness after losing the wind tunnel.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This scene didn’t exist in the manga, so I guess this plot point was established to explain the training he goes through later on in the series.
Other Notes:
The beginning half of the episode starts with Moroha and Setsuna running in the rain to save Towa, who’s currently being held captive in a palace. The camera changes and we’re shown a scene of her in the infant’s robe:
Commentary - Still never understood this design decision. If I’m not thinking about Kagura, I guess the idea here was to emphasize Towa as the “white” twin, since Hakudoshi is known as the “white child.” Idk. Still a weird choice, even if it’s a nostalgic one.
Tumblr media
(Time Stamp 00:22 seconds)
Then the lord and his tea master Sokyu appear. Sokyu removes this books from his belongings that appears to have info on the “Reiwa” period. Here, is when the dates for the modern era are established (2019-2020).
Tumblr media
Time stamp 1:10
I did think that it was interesting how Towa showed genuine concern about affecting time. Obviously, this plot point was ignored later, but there did seem to be some effort put into her character.
Tumblr media
Time stamp 1:15
Tumblr media
Time stamp 1:01
Sokyu has a bicycle seat brought in for Towa to look at, and she temporarily forgets her whole “I can’t say anything” plan. Since this is the first episode, I’m not going to use this as a jab to her character. She could’ve been shocked and forgot, but I am going to take note of every moment she goes back on her plan or does anything remotely daft.
Tumblr media
Sokyu then tells her about the priestess from Tokyo, which then leads to the animated epilogue chapter. By the end of the episode, Towa gets saved by Moroha and Setsuna. Moroha sniffs out Yotusme (aka Sokyu) and attacks him. He manages to escape and the episode wraps up.
More Notes:
1) Rin does wear her orange kimono in chapter 559. Originally, I thought that Sunrise had altered her outfit from TFA, but nope. She legit wears it in the manga.
Commentary - funny how they’re faithful about that, but not anything else.
Tumblr media
2) Hisui looks ridiculously small in this episode. I know he was born at the end of TFA, and that the epilogue takes place 6 months after, but Jesus Christ. Look at him!
Commentary - how can any think that he became 6 in 4 years is beyond me.
Tumblr media
3) Not much to say about Setsuna and Moroha. They didn’t really do much in the episode, but Moroha does take after her dad more in the “fight first, think later” department, while Setsuna seemed more reserved.
Commentary - very Sesshomaru of her
4) Towa does have some promise as a MC. I did like how she tried to stop Moroha from killing Yotsume. Unfortunately, I’ve hit my image limit, so I’ll just rewrite, verbatim what she says:
“He seems to know things. We should nab him and make him talk.”
Commentary - very Kagome of her. Here, is where I think the writers tried to establish that modern era mentality. Of course this isn’t to say that Towa is exactly like Kagome, but since she was raised by her family, it does explain some of the similarities.
5) This episode showed that the title cards can change, since we were introduced to Sokyu first as the tea master, but his card changed to Yotusme after he transformed into that owl.
6) The music choice was nice. Not a big fan of the opening, but the soundtrack within the episode itself felt very nostalgic, especially when we saw our OGs.
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kuroosweakness · 15 days ago
Lia, your Kuroo headcanon are literally the only thing keeping me sane right now. He’s such a comfort character of mine. Before I really got into Haikyuu and started it, I thought Kuroo was super cute. Then I saw his personality and he was the second character I fell in love with. Here’s some headcanons for your service :)
If you drink coffee or tea, he has the way you make it down to an art. He knows exactly how you like it, but somehow his is better. He’s doesn’t add or lessen anything, he claims it’s because it’s made with love (he’s so cheesy I swear)
I firmly believe he quotes pride and prejudice. He’ll recite the iconic love confession from the movie at the most random times. One time it was while you were in the bathroom, he has no shame
If he notices you’re listening to a certain song over and over, he’ll add it to his secret playlist named after you
I think he would coordinate outfits. Instead of matching, it’d be opposite. For example, you’re wearing green pants and a brown shirt, Kuroo has on brown pants and a green shirt (this also applies to attending parties post timeskip, he 100% subtly matches you)
He actually knows how to do laundry, and if you’re busy or out of your shared apartment he’ll clean, fold, and put away your clothes. It’s something simple that he enjoys doing, and he knows it’ll help
When you’re stressed over school/work, he always brings you hot tea (or your favorite drink, Kuroo prefers un-caffeinated drinks at night) and gives you a kiss on the temple. I’m talking, lips on your temple for a GOOD 5 seconds before he deems it good enough to step away. He’ll also drape a blanket across your shoulders, even if it isn’t cold
He steals your stuff, you steal his. It’s only fair.
Kenma bought Kuroo a rooster plushie as a joke, but it was actually super cute so he kept it. Kuroo then buys an animal plushie that reminded him of you. You keep the rooster, and he keeps your animal when you’re away. Yes, even as full grown married adults he brings the plushie to business trips
I feel like Kuroo would want to wear an engagement ring too, everyone would assume he’s married because men don’t typically wear them; he likes that it’s unconventional, but a good kind
Always touching you when you sleep. Canonly he sleeps with two pillows smooshing his head, but he’ll keep an arm extended that’s loosely around you. Or he’ll have your butts touching, or his leg against your leg etc. (personally, I like my sleeping headcanon of Kuroo because it incorporates how he legitimately sleeps. But if you need it, he’ll 100% hold you or cuddle you however you want)
I feel like he’d want to shower with you. After dating for a long time, he’ll be a little stiff but eventually he loves it. He’ll come up behind you, wraps his arms around you and put his chin on your shoulder. Sometimes he’ll play music, he’ll serenade you with the periodic table song and other love classics like “can’t take my eyes off you”
He reads to you, he’s sitting against the headboard with you laying between his legs. Back against his chest, lowly speaking into your ear. He also LOVES when you read to him. Depending on your sitting situation, the cuddling positions will differ. But he’s always in front of you
“Everybody talks” reminds me of him. This song was playing when I was in the car with my friend, windows down, sunny gorgeous day. You guys would dance and sing to this together, it’d play at your wedding
His love for you NEVER falters. No matter what age you started dating, his eyes are always filled to the brim and exploding with love and admiration
OMG !! LOOK AT ALL THESE HEADCANONS 😭 (i just know i’ll come back and reread while being all giddy :’D thank you so so much for sending and typing these out, ur my savior <33 
ahhhh i thought kuroo was an okay side-character at first but now here i am, making my whole blog dedicated around him lmaoo 
“made with love” HE WOULD BE THE CHEESIEST GUY EVER (not that anyone’s complaining, of course) 
omgg him quoting pride and prejudice??? lemme collective my heart jdkslfkjdf “in the bathroom” he has zero shame lmaoo 
him making a whole playlist dedicated to you :(( and when he hasn’t heard you listen to a song in a while, he’ll be like “remember when you used to listen to...” 
him helping you out with chores :’ he’s so genuine and sweet i swear- 
make it more than 5 seconds pretty pls <33 (thanks for the scenario that’ll run in my head everytime i study now-) 
equality. sharing is caring. 
OMG THE PLUSHIE PART !!!!! 😫🥺 pls your headcanons are making me so happy yet sad at the same time- what are these strong emotions i’m feeling :’ 
him wearing his engagement ring >>>>>>>> (and so everytime he looks at his hand, it’s a small pleasant reminder of you) 
showers with him would be so light-hearted and intimate :’ IMAGINE HIM SHAMPOOING YOUR HAIR bye- 
yes, pls serenade us <3 
touching when asleep next to each other!!!!! pls he would lay his whole leg on you and not claim to be responsible when you wake up half numb- 
i love your headcanon too!!!! incorporating canon stuff into headcanons >>> you can link pinkies with him when sleeping <3 
him reading to you while cuddling D: words can’t describe how jealous i am of y/n 
OMG YES EVERYBODY TALKS DEFINITELY GIVES OFF KUROO VIBES pls he would dance and sing with you in front of the bathroom mirror for hours :’ 
and now my heart feels really warm and fuzzy :’ i want to hop straight to bed for these scenarios to pop up in my dream. again, thank you so much for sending all these in, I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM (and am jealous of every single one of them) if you have more, pls pls send them in at ANY TIME of the day !! 
i hope you have the best day >:( and make sure to take care of yourself! <3 
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crazy-purple-kitten · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
wow, that’s a lot of outfit drawings haha where’d you get em? oh, you made all those? okay then... let me just.. i’m just gonna go to the bathroom...
Tumblr media
[i’m  really sorry, i dont have a source for all of these! if you recognize any, tell me and i’ll be sure to add a link! for now, i only know what the cat ones are from: ]
[individuals of a few under the cut] [oh and i didn’t do the last two outfits because i was running low on motivation, some of these are very old]
Tumblr media
a tommy! i like the arm thing on this one and bandanas are always fun to draw!
Tumblr media
and here starts the: watch my tubbo design jump all over the place
Tumblr media
this outfit was really fun i liked the different colors n stuff :]]]]
Tumblr media
this one didn’t have shoes in the picture so i thought: fluffy boots
Tumblr media
i think this one is very cool looking
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
they match!
Tumblr media
catboy!!!!!!! >:3
Tumblr media
hes got a mullet because i say so
Tumblr media
karl! these were my first time drawing him(the outfits were not done in order but this was the first karl)
Tumblr media
another!!!!! he’s the funky purple man!!!!!!
Tumblr media
hmm hearts
Tumblr media
this one deserved the glasses
Tumblr media
eret!!!!!! technically not my first time drawing them, but they deserve so much better than i’d done
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hispipsqueak · 20 days ago
Sweet Little Sister
Tenya Iida x F!Reader x Tensei Iida NSFW
TW: STEPCEST. I cannot stress this enough. If you do not like stepcest, skip this fic my friend. Reader is the Iida brother’s new stepsister and things get wild. All characters are 18+.
Other TW: unprotected sex, threesome, a lot of little sister/big brother type stuff, slight yandere Iida brothers, oral F and M receiving.
WC: 4k
A/N: Y’all have no idea how long I have been putting off writing the ending because it was HARD and I have like one brain cell. This fic has been the bane of my existence and I’m exhausted. I really hope you guys enjoy this. Please send me love....and snacks. I’m gonna go to bed now.
Tumblr media
You fixed your skirt for the millionth time. You were going to finally meet your future stepbrothers for dinner tonight and you were a bundle of nerves.
Your mom had been dating a new man recently who she was head over heels for. They had been spending so much time together and he spoiled her, flying her abroad on weekend getaways all the time. Apparently, he had popped the question when they were in Greece last week and the two of them were flying in tonight to celebrate with both families. All you knew was he had two sons, both a little older than you. However, since the romance had been so quick, you hadn’t met them yet.
You were the last to arrive for dinner, and as you pulled up to the house, the house that you soon would all share, your jaw dropped. It was MASSIVE, nothing short of an estate. You knew your future stepdad was rich, but this was certainly a step up from your measly 2 bedroom apartment you shared with your mother.
You rang the doorbell, patting down your outfit one more time before the door swung open. A tall man opened the door and your eyes widened. His white button up stretched over his broad chest and you quickly pulled your eyes up to his face. He had navy hair, neatly combed back and a bright beaming smile.
“You must be Y/N! I’m Tensei!”. He pulled you into a tight hug and you were pressed into his chest. He smelled like pine and clean laundry and you felt your heart race. He let go of you and smiled, his blue eyes sparkling. 
“Sorry! I just figured, since we are going to be brother and sister, we better get close!” 
Right. Brother. This was your big brother and you could NOT think of him any other way. You forced a smile on your face, and nodded.
“You’re right! It’s great to finally meet you.”
“There you are – oh hello. I apologize for my interruption! I’m Tenya Iida.” Tensei’s brother, a literal carbon copy of him, just with square glasses perched in front of his blue eyes, walked into the room. You looked up at both of them, and felt very small.
“Tenya, no need to be so formal. Y/N is our new little sister, and we should be bonding!” Tensei teased, poking Tenya in the ribs. A bright blush crept on his cheeks and the two of them argued.
“I’m glad the three of you seem to be getting along well!” A man who resembled the two, only older with a grey streak in his hair smiled. Your mother stood next to him, the sparkly diamond standing out on her hand.
“Let’s get to dinner.”
Somehow you ended up sitting between Tensei and Tenya at the long table. Your parents were too busy being lovestruck teenagers to really pay the three of you any mind, and you ate your dinner in awkward silence until Tensei began speaking.
“Y/N, I hope you like your bedroom here! It’s on the top floor but it’s between both mine and Tenya’s so if you ever need your big brothers, we are right next door!”
You giggled, “Thank you. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.”
Tenya nodded solemnly, “It’s our duty as older brothers to protect you! We will take this responsibility seriously!” 
You bit back a laugh. “Thank you Tenya. I already feel very welcome and safe.”
The three of you continued talking and soon, dinner was over. Both of the brothers insisted you head up to your room as they cleaned up, and your parents headed to their room which was thankfully, in another wing of the house.
You made your way up the stairs and opened the door that Tensei had directed you to and it was There were pink lilies on the nightstand and a huge baby pink comforter on the bed surrounded by fluffy pastel pillows. A white vanity sat in the corner with a matching chair and white and pink dressers stood against the wall.
You supposed they were really glad to have a little sister and you smiled at the card that your new older brothers signed. You pulled your overnight bag open and searched for clothes to sleep in. The rest of your stuff would be arriving tomorrow, so you were stuck wearing shorts a little too small and a tank top that left very little to the imagination. You looked in the mirror. Maybe you could ask Tensei for a shirt to cover up, As if reading your mind, a knock at the door interrupted your thoughts.
“I just came by to…say goodnight!” Tensei’s eyes trailed down, before he blinked and looked back at your face. You could see his ears reddening and crossed your arms in an attempt to hide your cleavage.
“Um, actually I was wondering if I could borrow a shirt, Tensei? I’m so sorry, it seems that I haven’t worn this in a lot longer than I thought.” You laughed nervously.
Tensei straightened up.
“Of course! I’ll uh, be right back!” He sped off and returned with a large grey t-shirt that you immediately threw on over yourself. As you pulled it over yourself, you didn’t see Tensei’s eyes roam down your exposed legs. You turned to him. “Thank you so much Tensei. Sweet dreams!” You said, giving him a tight hug. He nodded and headed back to his room, passing Tenya in the hallway. Tenya gave him a curious look and Tensei just returned a tight-lipped smile before locking his door and collapsing on his bed, his cock straining against his boxers. 
The next morning you woke up refreshed and wanting to thank your new brothers for their hospitality. You headed out to the hall to see if they were awake. You opened the door to see Tenya standing there.
"Hey! I was just looking for you! Good morning Tenya." You smiled at him. 
"Good morning." He said looking at you curiously. "Is that Tensei's shirt?" 
You looked down and gave a sheepish grin. 
"Oh! Yes, I had another shirt on but it was a little too small so he let me borrow this last night."  
Tenya had an unreadable look on his face. You cocked your head to the side.
" anyway, I was wondering if you wanted breakfast? I wanted to show my appreciation for the warm welcome to my new brothers and I love to cook so it's my pleasure." You smiled at him. He opened his mouth, as if to say something, then just nodded.
"Uh...thank you, Y/N that would be wonderful. I'll show you around the kitchen." He said, placing a hand on your shoulder. He pulled back. "Apologies!"
You laughed.
"Tenya, please. We live together. I want you to feel comfortable around me!" You pulled him into a hug, your face in his chest.
Tenya's heart raced and he prayed you couldn't feel his growing erection. You were so soft and smelled so good and fuck you looked incredible in those tiny shorts, though he felt a strange pang of jealousy over you wearing his brother's shirt.
She's your sister. Your little sister. That's disgusting and disgraceful.  
His head raced with thoughts and he felt so ashamed but the taboo aspect fueled the fire burning inside him. 
You pulled away, looking up at him with those beautiful bright eyes. His heart thumped in his ears.
"Oh, good morning!" 
Tensei's door swung open. He stood shirtless in a pair of red flannel pajama pants and neither of the brothers missed how your eyes were drawn to his muscular chest before you composed yourself.
Tenya glared at Tensei, who gave an easygoing smile in return.
"I hope you slept well, little sister." Tensei asked you. You nodded and thanked him again for the shirt.
"I hope you're hungry. I'm making breakfast." You grinned as the three of you headed to the kitchen. Tensei chuckled.
"That sounds wonderful Y/N. Do you need any help?" 
You shook your head. "Nope! Let me treat you both as a thank you. I've always wanted older brothers to make food for and dote on." You giggled. "Maybe I watch too much anime but I always loved that idea."
Both brothers sat at the island in the kitchen watching you as you flitted about grabbing ingredients and utensils to use. You reached for a box of flour on a high shelf and your shorts ran up even higher, giving them an eyeful of the curve of your ass. Tensei bit his lip, and Tenya cleared his throat. "Allow me!"
You spun around, "No way! I told you. I can handle making my brother's breakfast!" You turned back to the cabinet, jumping up to reach. 
Even though you had Tensei's shirt on, your breasts jiggled and bounced with each jump, and you made soft panting noises as you attempted to pull the box down. Both of them were grateful for the island that prevented you from seeing their cocks fully aroused now.
You, having finally gotten everything you needed, turned away from them again as you began to cook on the stovetop. Tensei had finally had enough. As you talked about whatever it was you were talking about, he slipped his cock over the waistband of his pants, palming it slowly. You just looked so fucking nice, and for a moment Tensei could see you as his cute little housewife and not his innocent little sister.
Or maybe it turned him on more to think of you as both...fuck what was the matter with him? He couldn’t think about it too long as he had more pressing matters at hand, literally.
Neither you nor Tenya seemed to notice he was preoccupied and you continued joking and laughing. Suddenly you whipped around to face him. His hand froze on his cock and he coughed to cover his discomfort. 
“Tensei, how do you like your eggs?”, You asked innocently, completely oblivious to the death grip he had on his cock underneath the island.
“Uh...erm, anyway is fine! I’m sure they’ll be delicious if you cooked them.” He stammered out, praying you didn’t continue the conversation. You smiled, and turned to ask Tenya his preferences. Once Tensei was sure you were distracted, he slowly pumped his hand up and down his cock again. Precum leaked from the tip and knowing you could catch him, knowing you were less than 5 feet from him, only fueled his arousal. What would you do if you caught him? Would you be disgusted and upset? Or would you offer to help, offer to take care of your big brother?
God he was so close, so close imagining your hands wrapped around him, your beautiful face looking up at him, so sweetly, so innocently –
“NHGG!” he groaned, shoving his cock in his pants as his cum spilled over his hand. He could feel the fabric spreading his seed all over his cock and he felt uncomfortably sticky.
“Are you okay, big brother?” Your eyes were wide with worry. He turned to face both you and Tenya. 
“Y-yes! Sorry, muscle cramp in my leg. Happens sometimes, Sorry!” He smiled reassuringly as the cold fabric stuck to his softening cock. You still looked worried and he flashed you a bright grin. “I promise, I’m fine.”
You nodded and turned back to the food. Tensei met Tenya’s stare, the younger man’s eyes narrowed to slits. 
Oblivious, you plated the food. 
“Let’s eat!”
The three of you navigated your new sibling relationship as well as possible. You loved your new older brothers and fussed over them daily, cooking for them and doting over them any time they were home. Your mom and stepdad, seeing how well the three of you got along, often left the three of you home while they jetted to far off countries on lavish vacations.
The boys loved the attention from you. Their packed lunches, your soft hands rubbing their shoulders or playing with their hair as they laid on the couch after a long day. You were so sweet and beautiful as you flitted around the house, cooking dinner or doing chores. And those days where they would come home to find you lounging by the pool outside? Your tiny swimsuit leaving little to the imagination? Well those were just bonuses.
Those nights, as you slept soundly in your bed, on the other side of the wall, Tenya gripped his cock tightly. Your curves ran through his mind and he spat on his throbbing cock as he thought about you. Your soft touches and giggles replayed in his head. Thoughts of when the two of you were alone and you’d curl up against him on the couch as you watched a movie, or fell asleep on his chest. You trusted him so much to protect you and love you like an older brother should and here he was, fantasizing about stretching your sweet little pussy on his cock, about making you cry out his name. 
Fuck, or when your cute little voice rang out each morning, “Good morning big brother!”. He wanted to hear you scream for him, beg your big brother to fuck you harder. He wanted to ruin you and make you his. He panted as he picked up speed, fucking his hand. His hips jerked and he was so close. 
A noise came from your room, a soft mewl. Tenya pressed his ear to the wall. He could hear movement and another soft sigh. Were you touching yourself too? Were you imagining his cock filling you up? He strained to hear and made out your cute little breaths and another low moan. His eyes rolled back and he groaned as his cum shot over his abs and chest. He listened to hear if you were awake and heard nothing more from your room. Sighing, he reached to his nightstand to clean himself.
Days passed and you had been in an exceptionally good mood. At first, Tensei and Tenya both thought you were just in a good mood. But they started to notice you looking at your phone more, giggling and blushing at the screen. When they would ask, you would mumble “nothing” as you typed a response. You also spent more days out of the house than usual, saying you were spending time with friends or running errands. Finally one night, as the three of you sat at the table, you spoke up.
“I met a guy.”
Tenya’s fork clattered to his plate and Tensei gritted his teeth.
“His name is Kaito. He’s really sweet and really cute. He wants to take me out to dinner this week but I wanted him to meet you two first.” You smiled, looking up at your older brothers who were glaring daggers at their food.
Tenya spoke first.
“Where did you meet this man?”, he asked, his eyes burning a whole into the tablecloth.
“At the store as I was getting some groceries. He helped carry my bags to the car.” Your eyes flickered to both your brothers, confused at the tension in the air.
“So this man just picks up women at the grocery store?”, Tensei asked, his tone cold.
Your skin prickled.
“What? No, of course not. He saw I was struggling and offered to help me. Then we got to talking and…”
Tenya looked at you, his eyebrows furrowed.
“If you are having difficulty getting groceries, Tensei or I will join you so these men don’t prey on you. What if he had followed you home? Or attacked you in the car?”
You squeezed your eyes shut. How was this the conclusion they were reaching?
“Nothing happened! And clearly he is a nice man, as he wants to meet you and take me out.” Your voice wavered as 2 pairs of navy eyes stared you down.
“Is this who you’ve been texting?”, Tensei interrupted you.
You looked at him questioningly,
“Why does it matter who I’m–”
“ANSWER THE QUESTION.” Tenya’s hand slammed on the table.
Your lip trembled. Fighting back tears, you whispered. “Yes.”
Tensei looked exasperated. Closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose, he reached out to you and you flinched.
“We are just worried about you. You’re our sweet little sister and we want to make sure no one hurts you ever.”
Tenya reached out to your other arm.
“I apologize, dear sister. I just want you to be safe and unharmed.”
You stared blankly at the table, before turning from both of them and walking to your room, slamming the door.
As your phone buzzed on the couch that night, it wasn’t too difficult for your older brothers to figure out your password. And it was even easier to find this Kaito guy online and threaten him until he agreed to cut contact with you.
After all, your big brothers would always protect you.
The next day, as you read and re-read the messages from Kaito, your heart broke. You curled up against your older brothers on the couch. 
“You were right.” You sobbed into Tensei’s shoulder, Tenya’s chest pressed against your back. “I should have never argued with you two.”
The boys held you close between them. 
“Shh, it’s okay. We’ll take care of you. Your big brothers are here for you.” Tenya pressed his lips to your hair as Tensei pulled you into his chest. You could hear his heartbeat through his thin shirt. You felt Tenya rub soft soothing circles on your back and you sniffled, turning so you could face both of them.
“I’m..*hic* sorry for being *hic* so emotional.” You choked out, rubbing your eyes. You blinked and both boys looked at you. They both had such adoration in their eyes and looked at you like you hung the moon. You knew they would always be there for you.
You kissed Tensei on the cheek and turned, kissing Tenya on the cheek. Both boys blushed furiously and your breath caught in your throat as they each pressed a kiss to your cheeks, slightly closer to your lips. 
Maybe it was the overwhelming emotions that filled you right now, or maybe it was always there, lying dormant inside of you. But you felt a tingle in your core and pressed another soft kiss to Tenya’s face, this time ghosting the edge of his lips before placing an identical one to Tensei.
Your body stilled as you waited to see what they would do. Tensei looked in your eyes before pressing his lips to yours. Your hand clutched at his shirt as he licked your lip. You opened your mouth to him and he hungrily tasted you. You broke apart, and Tenya took this opportunity to pull you towards him.
He slammed his lips to yours as Tensei kissed down your neck and collarbone. Where Tensei was confident in his kisses, Tenya was desperate. You moaned into Tenya’s mouth as Tensei bit a particularly sensitive spot on your neck. Your bodies were so close and you could feel Tenya’s erection through his pants, pressing against your thigh.
You pulled back. 
“We shouldn’t...I’m so sorry, this is…” You stammered,
Tensei kissed your temple and Tenya pressed his hand to your cheek.
“Let us take care of you, little sister. Let your big brothers make it all better.” 
Flustered you gave in to your body and continued reaching down, palming Tenya through his slacks. You felt his body shiver as you ran your fingers up and down the shaft. Pulling away from both of them you pulled off your sweater, revealing your body to them. Their cocks ached so much for you, and seeing you like this, in a way they had only imagined, turned them feral.
Tensei tugged at your legs, pushing you onto your back. You looked up at your big brothers and your eyes widened.
“You’re so beautiful.” Tensei whispered, his fingers tracing your belly. Tenya nodded, his eyes trained on your breasts in the lacy white bra you wore. He slid the strap down your shoulder and when you didn’t protest, unhooked the clasp in the front. Your breasts spilled out and he ran his fingers over your hardening nipples.
Tensei tugged down your legging and panties and you were naked before them, looking like a sweet lamb between two hungry wolves. He pressed a kiss to your lower belly, and you whimpered. His cerulean eyes met yours and you gave a soft nod for him to keep going. His lips met your folds and he lapped at your slit hungrily. Your hips bucked involuntarily and you could feel his grin against you.
“Easy now sweetheart, your big brother is going to take care of you.” His hands pressed your hips down firmly as he continued to devour your cunt.
Your eyes rolled back and you met Tenya’s eager eyes. His erection was pressing painfully through his pants and you tugged at the fabric, silently begging for him. He threw off his slacks and you could see the wet mark on the front of his boxers. Running your fingers over it, you opened your mouth and looked at him expectantly.
That was all it took. Tenya slid his boxers off, pressing the head of his dick against your soft lips. You gave kitten licks, staring into his eyes as best you could as you were still being tantalized by Tensei’s tongue. Tenya let out a grunt as you continued to tease his cock, slowly taking it deeper into your mouth. Tensei plunged his tongue deep inside you and you let out a loud moan around Tenya.
“ good, princess.” Tenya choked out, pulling you closer onto his cock. You felt yourself getting closer to climax as Tensei flicked his tongue over your clit. You gasped around Tenya’s thick member and he used this opportunity to push himself deeper down your throat. Stars danced in your eyes and your thighs strained under Tensei’s grip.
“That’s it baby girl, cum all over your big brother’s face.”
His lewd words, the taboo nature of it all, and the helplessness you felt as you choked on Tenya’s cock and were being held down by cried out as you gushed all over Tensei’s face. 
“Mmm….that’s it sweetheart.” Tensei murmured as he guzzled down your arousal. Your eyes fluttered and you whimpered as you Tenya lazily fucked your face.
Tensei looked at Tenya and wordlessly, the brothers switched places and you were flipped onto your knees. Tenya’s thick cock was pressed against your entrance and you gulped at how big it felt. He ran his hands over your hips.
“ a sweet little sister for your brothers.” 
Tensei’s cock was in front of your mouth and he tapped it on your mouth. You parted your lips and both brothers slid inside you. You gasped at the stretch and tried to turn your head towards Tenya, but Tensei gripped your face, and you swirled your tongue around his cock. 
“So tight...god...such a perfect little girl.” Tenya groaned, his fingertips digging into your skin. Tensei tugged your hair as he plunged deeper into your mouth. You bounced between the brother’s cocks as they worshipped your body, praising you for being their good girl.
“So beautiful, Y/N. You’re so good to us.” Tensei whispered.
You could feel Tenya’s thrusts getting sloppier as he pounded into you faster and faster. He pulled your arms behind your back, so you were at their mercy. Tensei’s cock was slamming the back of your throat, and Tenya was fucking you so deep you felt like you were going to pass out. Your limbs felt like jelly and the only thing holding you upright was the sheer force of them fucking you from each end.
“Fuck fuck fuck fuck...gonna cum.” Tenya breathed out, his grip on you was almost painful and your arms were sore from how hard he tugged on them. Tensei seemed to be reaching his peak too, as his breaths were becoming ragged. You swallowed around his cock and he let out a deep groan, spilling his seed down your throat. You clenched around Tenya and he swore as he shot ropes of hot cum deep inside you. The twitching of his cock set you off and your muscles clenched as you whimpered out. You felt like sparks were fluttering from your nerves and the boys held you as you came down from your high. 
Your eyes closed and you could only faintly feel them cleaning you up and someone carrying you to your bed. Your hands reached out and you felt the bed shift as each man climbed into your pink bed on either side of you.
Content, you fell asleep between your big brothers.
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forbiddenwestern · 23 days ago
Hello to all first-time Horizon Zero Dawn players!
Since Horizon Zero Dawn is free on the Playstation store right now, I thought I’d offer some gameplay tips for everyone playing HZD for the first time!
Spoiler-free, of course.
-This may be a no-brainer, but try to loot every machine you destroy! That way you’ll rarely be low on resources. (And believe me, you’ll likely tear through resources faster than you think.)
-‘Metal shards’ are both the game’s main currency AND a crafting resource, so make sure to get as many as you can (can collect shards mainly from downed machines, but also from downed human enemies and supply crates)
-IMO the skills to get first are: Silent Strike, Hunter Reflexes, Silent Drop (+its whole branch), Concentration, Double&Triple Shot, Healer+Herbalist, and Tinker
-Buy the maps for the collectables as soon as you can (under ‘special items’ at any merchant outside the Embrace). Definitely seek out the Vantage Points collectables (their icons on the map look like an eye); they not only take you up to scenic vistas, but they contain a lovely 12-part story within. 
-Check every new merchant for more powerful weapons and armor!
-If you feel underleveled at any point, check and make sure your weapons and outfits are equipped with the best upgrades (go for blue and purple ones, esp ones that say ‘resist ranged/melee attacks’). The Tinker skill lets you switch out upgrades as you get more powerful ones. If you still don’t feel powerful enough for what you’re facing in the main story or open world, go out and do some sidequests to gain more XP.
-The sidequests are all awesome, and they’re everywhere! The ‘errands’, by contrast, are more fetch quests than anything, but I enjoy them too. They take you to beautiful areas of the map that you probably wouldn’t explore otherwise, and the stories they tell really help with both world-building and character-building for Aloy.
-Climb every Tallneck you see! Not only are they all unique, but it def helps to reveal the map
-Take on the bandit camps! Every cleared camp has its own massive pile of loot, and clearing a camp gives a ton of XP.
-Explore the cauldrons! They’re easily missable, but they offer rewards in the form of new overrides (allowing the player to take control of different types of machines so they can fight alongside Aloy) and lots of loot within.
-Do at least one Hunting Grounds (I recommend Nora hunting grounds or Valleymeet hunting grounds) to activate the Hunter’s Lodge sidequest. It’s a lot of fun with an interesting story, and you can get 3 unique weapons out of it. Just as a lil warning, though: it’s pretty long and has some fetch-quest-y elements. All that considered, I also think it’s a vital part of the game, and it introduces my favorite character (besides Aloy herself oc).
-When you arrive at the quest “Deep Secrets of the Earth”, a sidequest called “Traitor’s Bounty” opens up. This sidequest, I think, should be a part of the main story, but since it’s officially not, it’s easily missable. FOLLOW THE QUESTLINE REGARDLESS. You won’t regret it.
-Hold off on the Frozen Wilds DLC until you’re most of the way through the main story. It’s a formidable challenge if you’re not well-equipped or comfortable with the game’s mechanics, BUT once you’re ready, it’s possibly the coolest part of HZD.
-Finally, consult an online guide on the locations of Power Cells strewn throughout the game. Collecting all of them unlocks a powerful item that lowkey breaks the game gives Aloy a significant combat advantage!
I’m probably in the double-digits when it comes to playthroughs, so I’m more than willing to give further advice to any new players :) Just send me an ask and I’ll respond as soon as I can.
Happy gaming, everyone!
Tumblr media
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fabricated-misslieness · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Send me a word or word phrase and a character, and I'll come up with a drabble.
Ex: kuroo sweater
Optionally, you can also include:
reader’s gender (automatically gender neutral)
a more specific scenario
a genre (angst, fluff, etc.)
→ Hinata Shōyō, knew you were a liar
→ Terushima Yūji, your promises never last coward
→ Bokuto Kōtarō, baking gone wrong
→ Xiao, falling asleep in his hoodie
→ Corpse Husband, hoodie
→ Tsukishima Kei, summer days
→ Zhongli, late night talks
→ Kozume Kenma, see how you deal with yourself without me
→ Akaashi Keiji, I’m sorry
→ Sykkuno, matching cat ears
→ Todoroki Shōto, our forever ends tonight
→ Iwaizumi Hajime, your hair’s as big as my feelings for you
→ Tsukishima Kei, maid outfit
→ Bennett, affection
→ Corpse Husband, music
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thedevillionaire · 27 days ago
hey so i’m new here and i’m ADDICTED to your stuff so I was wondering, if you could talk a little bit about your characters? :)
🖤🖤 Hello, and thank you so much for taking the time to read my fics and send a lovely message about them! I’ve known these characters and this world for a loooong time and it’s hard to know where to start/stop, but I’ll go with a quick general intro for Cerberus and Kia for the moment, and if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to either expand on, clarify or answer specifics, please do ask. 🙂 Cerberus DeVille: Fire media Demon, 6’4”, well-kept straight, heavy black hair to just below his shoulders, vivid and famously intense green eyes, classically angular and strikingly handsome face. He is very well built - broad shouldered, toned physique, dresses beautifully in dark tailored Victorian style and is nearly invariably well groomed (it should be noted that despite this, he is not ‘pretty’ in a fey sense; his beauty is distinctly and unmistakeably masculine); deep, warm-toned and educated voice – he speaks particularly well. He’s quite well aware others find him attractive, he just usually doesn’t care.  (His relationship with Kia is, of course, an exception to that. Just about everything regarding his relationship with Kia is exceptional, heh. They’re a ridiculously stable and mutually devoted couple.)  He is confident, driven, determined, and quick-witted, with a very dry sense of humour that isn’t necessarily recognised as such. He is uncontested Leader of the Demonics Caste and by far the most powerful resident of the Underworld, responsible for instigating, contributing to or somehow directing a great deal of the Underworld’s significant events. He’s of pretty much legendary status. And the snzfucker particulars, because, well, of course: Cerberus is not prone to catching cold - not that you’d know it from what I post here - but does have a tendency to (a) manage to do so at particularly inopportune times, and (b) get hit particularly hard by it when he does. Hates losing control so is a notoriously bad patient. (Again, though, not so much with Kia.) Also sensitive to dust and cold temperatures, and allergic to silver birch, and particularly birchbark. Kia Carreau - Vampire, 5’6, semi-wavy, semi-straight mass of dark brown hair to well below her shoulders, which she styles in a variety of ways and can look very sleek or very wild, enchanting elfin face with large blue eyes and full lips, slim but curvaceous figure – she is buxom and quite hourglass in physique. Her wardrobe is mostly fairly simple and figure-flattering outfits with a light goth-ish/medieval-ish style. She is tactile and sensual, affectionate, approachable and forthright. She’s a comparatively recent arrival but made her mark very quickly - she is someone who gets things done. (And not just Cerberus, heh.) She is intelligent, willing to go after what she wants and to make things happen rather than hope things change or merely complain about the way things are. Kia is kink-adjacent in that she doesn’t have the fetish per se, but she certainly appreciates aspects of sneezing, the loss of control being the primary one. She’s very open-minded in several ways; this is just the one that’s most likely to feature here. For some reason. 😉 Anyway! I’ll shut up because it’s really far too easy for me to go on about it, but again - any questions, feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to explain myself. Cheers!
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Ship It
1) What made you ship it?
I’ve been here since Gonzo, and that’s what made me ship it. That is also my favorite dynamic for them. Integra is so fucking mean to Alucard, it’s really really funny.
Definitely the main interaction that got me was when she hurts his feelings by comparing him to the artificial vampires they’ve been fighting. And he just gets very sulky about it.
And then a later scene when he asks her if she’s considered turning into a vampire, and she deflects, and he’s like “I want you to say it.” In that, she’s the one being thrown off her game and flustered, you know?
They just had this push and pull, snippy dynamic, that wasn’t operating on usual gender roles that also had multiple layers to it, which I found really fun back then, and still do!
2) What are your favorite things about the ship?
It’s hard to find new things to talk about re: alutegra because I’ve rambled on about it so much. But generally it just hits on a lot of tropes I enjoy a lot.
I mentioned that there’re a lot of layers to their relationship just above, and that’s a big factor in why I find it interesting. It’s fairly fraught, vampire/vampire hunter ships always will be. And there’re an ostensibly insurmountable amount of baggage between them besides that (on that list: everything about his history with her family, and the fact that he’s a fairly unscrupulous murderer). But despite that they obviously like each other, romance and shippiness aside. Like they get along really well, despite very different demeanors, opposing world views, and very personal baggage with each other. It shouldn’t make sense! But it works.
It’s just fun to sit down and try to analyze all the different elements at play in all their interactions. Or to try to capture all that messiness when writing for them. Also they’re like the OG girlboss and malewife power couple and we love to see it.
3) Is there an unpopular opinion you have on your ship?
I complain about fanon a lot lolll but generally:
Playing them off as super romantic, epic love, all the chivalry and roses and unicorns is...boring. And a misreading of the characters imo. Their canon interactions just do not support that :shrug:
The epilogue was bad. I know it was shippy, and I like the more quiet relationship focus of it, but it was bad. Why does Alucard choose to announce himself after thirty years by going for her fucking throat? Why is she just magically ready, shoots him without breaking a sweat, and the entire thing is just played for comedy??
I’ve seen spins on it in like fic and such that try to give Alucard the complete upper hand in the relationship and it’s like... I get it you get to do what you want. But also you’re wrong :P
ALSO, if there’s not some power play element, what is the point? Look at Alucard’s fucking bondage outfit and tell me these two are vanilla.
Send me a ship and I’ll answer three questions based on if I ship it or not!
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