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#or snacks
flange5 · 7 hours ago
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Once again this dumbass gave me a scare on Saturday- I take these horse pill collagen supplements and for some reason he goes wild when he hears the bottle rattle.
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The Forbidden Snack
Anyway at 3:30 am I fumbled one and he unhinged his jaw and ate it like a boa constrictor while I tried to pry it out of his mouth. He’s apparently not the first cat to do this and the Internet Vets said there wasn’t anything toxic but... I think we’re on his third or fourth life already
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sunaswife · 20 hours ago
Mhm so the way my mom packs herself lunch and not for me says a lot. Especially when it’s food I made and bought with my money.
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blaiddsumu · a day ago
thinking about undertale skeletons in space.
papyrus would try to set up a lemonade stand on the moon and then be confused and disappointed that no one is buying anything. sans would be off somewhere fortnite dancing also on the moon in hopes that someone would be looking thru a telescope.
can you imagine. you're a scientist looking thru your big fancy telescope and you decide to look at the moon only to see sans fortnite dancing. almost as if he sensed you looking he looks up and winks directly at the telescope. can you imagine.
there's a deep space probe that they're eagerly awaiting the first photographs of this one astroid to show up. the moment they get the data, the images slowly pan over from one side of the astroid to show: papyrus, frozen stock-still in a pose reminiscent of bigfoot, standing on the asteroid. As the scientists are trying to puzzle this out, the skeleton himself appears and apologizes profusely for ruining their incredibly important and scientific documentation. nobody understands what is going on
sans is selling trips to the moon for the small price of 5,000 g. someone coughs up the money and sans disappears, and then appears back a moment later and says "thanks for paying for my trip to the moon"
papyrus shows up on mars one day and dusts off the opportunity rover, maybe makes a couple small repairs and then waits for her to recharge. The moment she starts working, he smiles his big bright smile (right in view of opportunity's camera) and leaves. NASA riots as suddenly they start getting signals from the opportunity rover again. and then riots again as they see that one skeleton again--
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thickncute · a day ago
Somebody come cozy up on my couch and watch the animated Scooby-Doo movies with me 🥺
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favoniuscodex · a day ago
hello i am the anon that confessed to nearly crying over the thought of smothering diluc in kisses and ur fic just tipped me over the edge i’m genuinely crying real tears (IT’S /POS DW I’M GENUINELY HAPPY MY DUMB OVERWHELMED BRAIN JUST DOESNT KNOW HOW TO PROCESS SHIT) i just. i love diluc cash money regisvine so much it makes me sob i want to give him all the love in the world bc he Deserves It !!!!!
;;; im glad it could... help(??!?!) sorry im so bad with words HAHAKJDJSJKDSJK but ;;; he deserves the world! all the genshin guys do (ch*lde is on thin ice... so are venti and zhongli... war criminals...) but hgskjfjksjdsmxm, i feel u,,, i understand exactly what ur saying,,, diluc,,,, sobs
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wildlifewatching · a day ago
we should really get a porch swing or a bench for a nice place to sit outside and watch the birds and befriend the squirrels but theyre all so expensive hhh
maybe that's a good idea for a birthday gift from dad
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kamusquish · 3 days ago
ok ok ok so like...i need u to imagine this
iz.uru under a blanket (very important) like hes all comfy on the couch and he doesnt have tk get up to get snacks or anything because hes got them all set out.
now i need u to imagjne him eating all of the snacks he had set out and attempting to get up but realizing just how much he put away and having to be slow about it and when he gets up he like. gives his tummy a little pat out of pride and goes to get more snacks
now hes like...eating nearly as much as he had before and hes definetely past overstuffed but hes ignoring it so he can finish his snacks. hes still under his blanket so he slips hid hands under and gently rub it
the blanket is important because now hes all warm and heavy and so full from all his snacks so he might jusg have to take himself a little nap. then he definetely wakes up and does jt again and no one is surprised that his shirts are tighter than they "should be" when he has to stop to do something
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styxdrawings · 3 days ago
I saw that you said you have to remind yourself that you don’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, and someone said to me once, “one moment does not define your life, and if one moment doesn’t define your life, you do not define everyone’s life.” Whenever I get really in my head, I think of that quote, and it helps take some of the pressure/stress/whatever else off, so I hope it helps you too. Okay, I’ll leave you alone now 😂 and hope you feel better. 💙
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People sending me cute animals because they know it can cheer me up, bless you. This is adorable.
That person sounds very wise, and their advice is taken. Not that it's easy, but I'll try to keep it in my when I feel down. It's a great one, thank you for sharing it with me :)
I feel tons of love and care from so many people, you cheer me up a lot and I hope if you ever feel down I could be there to show you how amazing you are because you are all gorgeous human beings 🥺
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directedbynoraephron · 3 days ago
in this weird little cocoon of time after exams but i can't move out until everyone else does because of my RA job and all my friends already left so i'm just hanging out in my room, drinking lots of coffee too late in the day, rereading little weirds, obsessively checking my email, not packing up my room, ordering flowers for my friends, and somehow still managing to not respond to texts
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jiminrings · 3 days ago
how u doing bestie?? hope u and chimmy are doing finee, here's a song for u; looking out for you by joy again !! hope u like ittt xx -✨
BESTIE I MISSED YOU!!!! i'm gonna go listen to this before i sleep omg forehead kiss rn
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lepainlapine · 4 days ago
I long for irl friends who share my weirdly specific impulses because i can't say "hey let's go and stay in a weird creepy little hotel where we can smell the pool from the corridor at night" or "hey let's go to a dead shopping centre and just hang out and take pictures" or "hey let's go to the ruins of this abandoned house in the middle of nowhere and have a picnic" to just anyone bc it genuinely sounds like a veiled threat
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canadasweepstakes · 5 days ago
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alpha-71 · 6 days ago
Why, have you figured out how to get paid for overtime?
I've found that wearily stating how many hours you've worked in a given week is an effective method of garnering sympathy.
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mandelene · 6 days ago
I was on my walk and saw a long line of healthcare workers standing outside of the hospital, so I thought there was a fire or something happened...
But they were just waiting for free ice cream.🍦 They got to go up to the truck and pick what they wanted, and they were so happy and excited. 🥺💕 So wholesome.
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