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#or have i just been behind lol
marvelxs-universe · 5 days ago
Okay but what if the Marvels adds Dylan O'Brien as Genis-Vell hence why it's called the Marvels (3 Captain Marvels and 1 Ms. Marvel) and Genis is an ex-Ravager turned Starforce soldier who has arrived on Earth trying to warn Carol about an incoming Skrull invasion which Monica doesn't believe while Carol is conflicted since the guy doesn't know how his mom died. Cue maybe it looks like Genis is wrong until it's revealed he's right and the main villain is Kl'rt aka Super-Skrull.
Tumblr media
no but the way you just wrote a script and did the casting
dylan in the MCU yas please 😫
this sounds so intriguing honestly. i’m not that well educated on Cap Marvel’s comic storyline that well tbh. i only know a few BUTTT
with the title. i am expecting more characters related to the story of when these 3 women team up. i’m seeing this as a way to introduce so much more characters and expanding on the Kree and Skrull story
it won’t be far fetched to believe that we could see something like this! i hope Marvel sticks to lose to the comic source because this sounds so cool! ✨
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unproduciblesmackdown · 12 days ago
thinking vaguely of ways it could throw a wrench into things if, instead of possibly only observing / feeling obligated to apologize for connor pushing evan over, zoe had Also noted the part of the altercation with jared and said anything similar to jared and he was like “ugh i know right” re: connor
#it could also change little to nothing: e.g. maybe jared helps with tcp but is even more behind the scenes#guess he could say he's just not involved for any Personal connection to connor#but could also worry that ups the odds he has to contradict / make shit up to provide some Alternate Motivation#just thinking about ''what if zoe remembers this guy she talked to a second ago who seemed to be on her wavelength re: connor#and what if she talks to him about that afterwards by way of like. looking for any validation on that perspective again really lol''#while evan is getting caught up in whatever he already has or hasn't and also it's just generally weird like#yeah this material has been written so connor's sister is coincidentally the longtime crush of Your crush. nbd#yet yknow despite all the complicating factors it's like. here's this strange little potential connection b/w these two lmfao#both particularly being like Ugh Jesus Christ about connor even if in v different situations re: that#i.e. zoe has obviously personally known / been around connor all her life; jared is Aware of how limited his personal knowledge re connor is#and then there's plenty of room for interpretation about to what extent jared is like ''ugh jesus christ'' about connor#that again it's not gonna be the same as zoe of course but it might also have some more substance behind it if you read b/w the lines a way#not like i think it's impossible for jared and connor to have had (in the past ig or. the future) a more Okay relationship; which also#entails having much of a relationship in the first place; which again jared is quite aware they did not have#but it's like and well of course it's Also Possible that they do Not / wouldn't manage to connect constructively or At All#b/c of various issues with that; including what plays out in that v unsuccessful misaligned interaction we Do see#and like. true with zoe as well. yeah you Can suppose it's possible she and connor could have in the past or future had a / better rltnship#but also of course you can suppose like; well; even if they probably did have okayer times in the past Sometimes naturally it's like#well of course there's no guarantee and it is not somehow required that she and connor Definitely would have that improved relationship#anyways just don't see much about this lmao which makes sense; it's speculation based on a particular interpretation but not actually#relevant in the canon material really but. possible weird little Handshake here for these characters lol#deh#and if they Did realize / address their handshakery on this it could prevent the whole plot of deh from unfolding really lmao#at least the particular tcp stuff.......unless it's Dear Alana Beck time and evan is only involved in things as the earnest believer#while alana is still also earnest and thinks the concept here is important and beneficial but also knows oops maybe this isn't all The Truth#but also you Know she would have a more organized approach to thing than evan spontaneously making up contradictory lies that would#eventually jenga tower collapse....not gonna have a words fail moment; might not even have a dramatic ywbf moment where it blows up#but also maybe that could happen too.....she might not drop cards everywhere and fall over but#could still see her you know. going off script a bit and getting emotional in a Moving Impactful Way here#start thinking about What Ifs about jared and zoe's plausibly similar perspex on connor and end up in Dear Alana Beck territory; naturally
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casimania · a month ago
I finished Professionals and if they don't get a second season I'm gonna die
Like yeaah the dialogues were cheesy and the plot a little packed but it was fun! And that's what's important for me. Also shame on me but I like some cheesy dialogues lol
I l o v e d Peter, he's the one I'm the most excited about seeing more about, like yeah Vincent was badass and I'm curious about the stuff that happened to him and Grace in the past but Peter was my favorite! And i want to see meow Grace too, after the Congo thing she understandably disappeared a bit but it's a shame, I want to see more Grace action. And Vincent still has to deal Danny, I don't believe one moment they're just done there and he probably still has to process it (but it does set a a good parallel with Peter and Zora and I think what they've been through together and the fact that Danny's so young is making it so hard for Vincent to distance himself from him, but even Peter trusted Zora until he was faced with the truth). Also the "was in a fugue state for basically 9 months" thing and traumatic flashbacks? Someone wrap Grace and Vincent in a blanket for me because apparently they don't do it themselves?
Also Neumann grew on me, he did go overboard but like, Vincent did kinda fuck him over at the start and put in danger not only Elias and himself but their families too. But he's on to a promising future and Elias is present too even if in a different role. And I didn't expect to like Tate and Kolo so much like wtf? Something like 4 episode and I hope they appear again they're so cool and their chemistry was off the charts (👀). I also sure hope in seeing more Romy, Trig, Hacksaw (and now Neumann) and Vincent dynamics, after saying the team can be like family and seeing them in a more high stakes situation in season 1 it would be nice to see more of them in their personal lives (like Trig w his job and family) and giving each other emotional support.
I'm just so curious about season 2, the stuff with Zora isn't done yet, she's as bullheaded as Peter and won't let go easily. With such an abrupt ending I MUST know what happens!!
It's a shame even Tom Welling is starting to be annoyed with the whole airing around the world issue cause it's kind of seeing them back, but maybe now that the dvd out they'll be getting a little more views.
#Talking Tag#Overall they could have gone with like 5 more episodes or less mini plots but I was overall happy#It had a season 1 feel but I love cheesy action comedy flicks so#👌😁#Also THE BOAT EXPLODED. A bit of Vincent's home also exploded#While they group up against Zora I wanna see him having to stay with someone#Like it makes no sense to go off on his own since the danger is still there#Trig st least has his kids to visit in his off time and Romy and Neumann are in a fresh relationship#I wanna see Peter and Grace hiding off somewhere and telling him he can just catch some sleep there#And he's trying to be 'nah I got people to see and stuff to do'#But ends up crashing on their couch anyway and they've left him blankets and a change of clothes and he's just '... I've been had'#Also I'm far enough down the tags I can start with the weird shipping stuff#Jane and Hacksaw start seeing each other and sneak inside cause they're just starting to know each other#(this is fast forward a couple of years maybe the team is not working for them anymore but they do know ewch other so lol)#He says goodbye and tries to sneak out in the morning but he takes a turn around a corner and there's just#Vincent. Standing there. In his boxers and a shirt. And they just stare at each other like o_o for a few seconds#Until Peter and Grace come out of the room behind Vincent also in their pjs and looking like o_o#And then he eas on the phone with Jane on his way out and they all loudly hear Jane go 'Hey Seesaw you there??'#They end up having a very awkward breakfast together#Jack and Vincent look like they want to bolt. Grace is just trying not to laugh. Jane tries not to make eye contact with her dad#And Peter keeps looking between Jack and Jane#Jack and Vincent do the walk of shame back together#They're working on something so they have to go to the same place#Different vehicles but they arrive at the same time and won't look at each other#Of course the others are immediately on it#Also bad joke but at some point Peter makes some joke about some people calling Vincent 'Cowboy'#He's like 'oh oh so I see'#Grace can't keep from laughing this time and Vincent is like 'Oh you thinks you're funn!!'#And Peter's just like 'Yep' 😁#Next time someone goes Vincent 'Cowboy' Corbo he cringes and Peter and Grace look at each other and snicker
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unproduciblesmackdown · a month ago
deluxe bonus extended edition post: the first version i made, which now works, i guess, and is approx 11 seconds long to the other version’s 5 seconds. a whole extra line of the song ft. winston being “rude” montage!
#i put ''rude'' in quotation marks b/c [deep inhale to imply the impending wynnstannery thoughts & nuance essay that Could follow]#winston billions#deh#will roland#deserves all the same tags babey......ended off on a similar Beat of [taylor is looking]'s always winnie n tay hours#these technical difficulties i swear......when i was editing this i couldn't even See the clips i was working w/that well#they wouldn't always display as i was playing the Project......augh#like i'm not getting super fancy out here but i Do like to have the option to try honing some things down a bit lol#like clip order / getting the timing as close as possible.....that the playback in the program can be laggy so like#there can and has been that issue of ''thought i Cut where the actual Cut was in the clips but there's a stray frame from the wrong shot at#the beginning or end of things''#exciting behind the scenes glimpse into things in that the first 5 sec of this is Very Similar to but not exactly the same as the other post#b/c i started from scratch like 3 times on this thing#really the crux of the original idea; besides applying the ''i'll take your advice / (i'll) try to be more nice'' line to winston in s3 is#that i wanted that like. sort of Performance Of Skepticism / lack of outright Enthusiasm in 3x09 as winston goes#''sure why not'' in that way he does to be what goes with that Beat in ''more....Nice'' lol#felt it would align quite well#and i liked how the other clips i'd chosen Worked so i just repeated those choices when i restarted things.........what a saga smh#for a Combined < 20 sec of video lol.......oh well. undeterred wynnstannery from yours truly....from. from Sincerely Me......#you've heard of ''i've got options; so; let me put this in your language [winston puts his feet up on the table] What's In It For Moi?''#get ready for: You've got options; what's in it for vous is two versions of a video goof at your disposal#oh wait b/c this is unclear: that first clip in the ''montage'' that overlaps more with ''i'll turn it around'' is more placed there to#Match Those Vocals somewhat; vs being a particularly ''maybe not being More...Nice(tm)'' moment lol#but guess it could possibly represent the apparent perceived Rudeness in that scene of guaranteeing his coding#which reminds me lmao. having come up with the word ''cockcertainty'' re: winston in Just That kind of context lol....#beyond Cocksure; is the idea there
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importantlesbian · a month ago
one of my favorite dreams was when I got called to a doctor's office to go over some test results and I was scared it was going to be about cancer, but when I got there a doctor mournfully told me that I'm infertile and I just started hysterically laughing and he was like oh it's ok I know it's a shocking news it takes time to adjust but I told him no, I am so happy right now and he got really mad and started yelling at me for being heartless and how babies are the light of life and how I'm being selfish because so many other ppl can't have children and I laughed some more, got up and left
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niuxita21 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ana, I want to apologize. I feel like I didn’t behave very well at Funboree. I just wanted to spend quality time with Valentina. I know. But maybe you don’t need to go to a Funboree for that. No? I haven’t managed to get a single smile out of her. Let me help you? Oh, right, because you’re the expert. Of course not! Neither of us is an expert or knows everything. But, look, maybe if... well, I don’t know, you stopped worrying about whether she laughs or not and instead played with her and had fun? Enjoy it! Go on, try it.
#madre solo hay dos#ana servín#mariana herrera#(we got last names for both of them woop woop!)#shitty screencap posts (TM)#THE HUG!!!!!!!!!!#ana's FACE lmao#it's mariana's slight hesitation before going in anyway for me :))))#I don't know if our takeaway from this was supposed to be that mariana's advice worked#or that the only reason valentina finally smiled was because mariana was making faces at her behind ana's back#but I kinda want to go with the latter because it means mariana cooked up a ruse to make ana feel better#and that's just :)))))))))#and the super charmed way she looks at ana when she's soooo happy valentina smiled MY HEART#like if she really was coaching valentina to smile behind ana's back then that's doubly adorable#it's one thing to stare lovingly at someone for finally managing to do something they've been trying to do for a while#and another to give them what they want and stare lovingly at them just to bask in how happy they look#it's subtle but there IS a distinction so just LET ME HAVE THIS OK#I really liked them in this ep being matter-of-factly supportive of each other again#(ana with pablo's ridiculous lawsuit and mariana with ana's problem bonding with valentina)#and I also like that despite the fact that they're becoming friendlier they can still bicker (mainly because ana is still... well ana lol)#it keeps the relationship spicy#lastly can we take a moment to appreciate mariana's SUPER GAY squatting lmao (if that's not a thing I'm making it one)#speaking of 'super gay' it took ONE episode for mariana to decide to give her idiot baby daddy a chance so welp I guess THAT'S happening#rip elena we hardly knew yeh lmao#fingers crossed for that whole thing to be more tolerable than it looks at the moment
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opens-up-4-nobody · 2 months ago
Hey, this is maybe a weird ask but to any "Women in Science" out there: What does it mean do you to be a Women in STEM?
Everytime I get labeled as, such my brain goes: "That's supposed to make you feel Something." but I'm unsure of what that Something is to the point that I can't even formulate a political answer to the question and have an existential crisis Haha
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dee--eer · 3 months ago
Okay so I'm currently running on 3 hours sleep and my brain's kinda tripping but there's something I need to ask
So Gosho has said that in the canon world, only 6 months or so has passed, right? Which means that the only canon case are the ones with plot-relevant stuff, right?
Okay so my question is, Conan and KID first encounter happened on April 1st. According to the manga, Shinichi turned into Conan on January so this means that the encounter supposedly happen 3 months after that... and their meeting was on chapter 156/vol. 16
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
But then there's the valentine chapter, which happened at chapter 331/vol. 33, and I think we can consider this canon since there's a mention of it again on chapter 725/vol. 69, and I think this one's supposed to be canon too since y'know, it's about ShinRan's progress.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And since there's been no mention about it whatsoever the manga timeline should've only progressed forward (as in there's no jumping back or forward in time except for flashback, which will happen from a certain character's POV). But that'd means that they've only reached March at this point which means that Conan and KID haven't meet each other yet???? Does this mean that in the actual 6 months that has progressed Conan never met KID???
Yeah I know thinking about the timeline of this manga is just inviting headache but I can't sleep despite being sleep deprived and my brain don't listen to my command to stop thinking about it, as usual
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happyendingsong · 3 months ago
i think raya dragon is less disney sameface and more friendship is magic ponyfication
what i think is MUCH funnier is how the design has completely changed from the first design we got in 2019, barely a year and a half ago!!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
how much of this film have they completely overhauled since then!!!!! like the circumstances under which this film was developed, including but not limited to 1) the ousting of john lasseter 2) the resulting creative/corporate shakeup at disney appointing jennifer lee as chief creative officer and 3) having to switch to working remotely in 2020/21, are so so tasty and unfathomable. this film is gonna be such a fucking trainwreckkkkk <3333
#raya and the last dragon#disney#it's so so so funny looking into the development hell at disney nowadays#i think it's the case with all 3d animation studios now#like because you spend the first couple years building sets and models and you have different departments working on different sequences at#the same time#so if you completely overhaul the story like a year or two before it's meant to be in cinemas#you physically CAN rework the scenes you have and just abuse your workers with ridiculous crunch until it's finished#like at this point they just have a general jist of the look and shape of the film#so they can have the modellers and lighting department and layout artists and whoever else working on shit in the meantime before you even#have to touch animating#so they can leave the actual story in limbo til the last minute#it sounds so fucking exhausting and infuriating lol#like zootopia apparently had the fox as the main character until a YEAR before it's release!!!#when disney did a screening at pixar and i think it was pete docter who advised them to make the rabbit the main character#so that we're introduced to zootopia as a place to be redeemed as opposed to left behind#so that's a complete fucking reworking of the film they had to do in a YEAR it sounds so awful#and couldve been fixed if they just gave the writers and artists enough time to figure that basic storytelling choice out at the start!#anyway it's all very juicy and disney's development hell is the most interesting shit to come out of their animation studio in years#and now a word from our sponsor#media thots
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genshins1mpact · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
(text version below for those who need it!)
okay so like..... was anyone gonna tell me baizhu was THAT fine, or was i just supposed to wait and get laughed at for the whole cocogoat thing to find out???
#dendro heroes hype squad anyone? 🥺👉🏻👈🏻#still waiting to see if this week my charms will finally come in#I got dendro bc i love the design & cryo bc ive lowkey been a cryo main for a whiilee now lmao#Also i like some of the other elements but didnt like their symbol's design as much yfm?#I got dendro mondstadt bc of the colors & liyue cryo c: from an etsy shop that i ran into on insta that keeps selling out oof#It was so hard to even get one. Anemo sold out like day of the restock or smth. It was w i l d bruh#so yeah i was debating if to get anemo bc it was pretty but then life said nah not happening#I caved and got dendro on top of cryo bc the design is just#s o p r e t t y#And anyway i finally got to that part today bc i was a bit behind on story but im kinda glad tbh??#Bc i just got to ar34 today so that means I'll have to wait less for the next part @ ar35 than if I'd have run to do it sooner lol#Ive just been focusing a lot on getting stuff my characters need or saving up primos & catching up on quests and stuff#Really really need to get and get to liyue rank 3 so i can finally make condensed resin gdi#😭😭😭😭😭 i really need some alr#Anyway this has been brought to you by your local shitposter#Aerin.tagspeak#Aerin.txt#Genshins1mpact#So anyway yeah i had seen baizhu in pics and in someone's playthrough but.. EXPERIENCING him was whole different thing#yeah ima simp what else is new-#His snake was so cute too! (not in that way ykwim!) But then again ive always kinda liked snakes so 🐍#dendro hyyyypeeee#Iirc i got dendro and/or electro in that which vision would you have quiz so... funny how things have worked out hahaha
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vanityloves · 5 months ago
jude is as clean as he can be considering he grew up in a shitty environment + going into the modeling/fashion industry at an early age 🥴
#brainworm ivy#s/i: jude#id write what im rly talking ab but its touchy im sure#jude would be super open during interviews but cant open up one on one so thats funny. it makes everyone go 'awh.....oh...alright'#like ok au if they grew up together theyd probably both get screwed over big time#but i guess in normal shit. they just had to deal w/ shit alone#born in the uhhh late 80s. early 90s idk 🥴#childhood friends au provides me serotonin but only until a certain age. they basically go downhill physically and mentally ajdjdj#murdoc already being a terrible influence but gets worst n jude desperately trying to keep their one friend close lol#so tbh its not fun or sweet Jqhsjd its couldve been but realistically? no ❤#esp jude coming back in later years it probably disturbs both of them more than comforts them ahshdh#a bitter reminder that they cant escape their past ☺#unless i wanted to make jude an actual nightmare for murdoc i dont think ill go that route 🥴❤#jude said sorry im gonna haunt your ass. im not dead. im just everything you left behind (both good and bad)#its not like they hate each other though. but the association to Baby Days sucks qjdjd#ANYWAYS I COULD MAKE THAT AU HAPPY BUT ITS SO MUCH EASIER TO BE SAD N HAVE CHARAS 'UNNECESSARILY' UPSET#Alternatively. they could be like ' :) the one good thing from my childhood'#but to combat that 🥴 'you miss something that i no longer am'#so actually no. im ivy and i cant be happy in my ships.#jude said leave me alone im being a skinny legend (****** ****)#n e ways im gonna bury this in bs now#gorillaz rambles
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beacon-lamp · 5 months ago
4, 15, 13 (i miss u nether star how are u we need to catch up)
4. Favorite Creator?
technoblade on youtube (dream is a close second but the rewatchability factor of techno’s videos edges him ahead).  wilbur soot on twitch.
15. Favorite/comfort stream?
anyone who makes me laugh, so normally quackity (or sometimes karl) when they’re vibing with friends.  comfort youtube is literally any hermitcraft or technoblade video.  i’ve watched his skyblock videos so many times.  or tommy’s vlog.  i love that video.
13. Favorite smp?
hermitcraft.  i love dreamSMP but i am loyal till the very end.
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oflgtfol · 5 months ago
right when i think me and my mom are back to normal in terms of Not Arguing About Covid anymore, i find out i am Required to be tested by TOMORROW and i just never saw the fuckin email for it bc im an idiot so im freaking out trying to figure out how to schedule it and so i need Parental Guidance so i couldnt hide it from my mom and so i had to tell her and now she refuses to speak to me <3
#like im worried that im gonna get in trouble with the school somehow for not doing required testing on time#and shes just like 'no. you're not getting tested.'#and im like 'YES I AM I DONT WANT THIS COMING BACK TO BITE ME'#like functionally it doesnt matter if i get tested anymore bc today was the last day i had at school#so now im gonna be home for months on end lol...?#like its not like i was living on campus . getting tested as a commuter wouldve been better if i had done it at a timely manner#aka when they first sent the email....... LOL#bUT LIKE. I DONT WANNA NOT DO IT#AND THEN FIND SOME HOLD ON MY ACCOUNT IN A FEW MONTHS OR SOMETHING?? LIKE I DONT KNOW#they said that residents who dont get tested will losing their housing for next semester#idk what they'd do to a commuter?? like i already wasnt housing?? and u cant rlly like . whats the word#EXPEL me for not doing it especially bc i wasnt MALICIOUSLY not getting tested i was just an idiot who didnt check my emails yjthgfdsfg#so like idk WHAT theyd do to me but IM NOT ABOUT TO FUCK AROUND AND FIND OUT LOL DX#so im gonna get a test tuesday . i scheduled the appointment#have no idea when i'll get the results. hopefully not long after#so im hoping that like yeah the results will be like about a week late from the deadline they set for commuters but like#BETTER LATE THAN NEVER......!??!?!#like idk i just do not wanna get in trouble all bc i was an idiot who didnt check their fuckin emails!!!#IM NORMALLY SO GOOD WITH MY EMAILS#the ONE time i fall behind...!!#brot posts
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