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#or good vibes
abusivelittlebunny · 16 hours ago
Am I gonna add my portrait studies i made for this blog to my uni portfolio and potentially reveal this blog to my teachers who will now know what a twisted perverted fuck i am just because I'm proud of a couple of my works?.........I guess so innit. If any of my profs is reading this yes it is I
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emcads · a day ago
ok i just want to clarify my point here because i’m not criticizing christianity or any faith,  and if you are uncomfortable calling it sinday in relationship to your own faith (or for any reason at all) i am not objecting in the least. it doesn’t matter at the end of the day what you call writing sexual content on tumblr on a certain day of the week. but here’s my gripe with that post and the point i was trying to make:  the western christian canon is not a universal moral code.  the post says, more or less, “stop calling sex a sin,  sex is good,  you aren’t bad for writing about sex.”  but christians calling something a sin does not make it universally evil. doing something christianity says is a sin does not automatically make you an irredeemable person. the association we need to unlearn is not that sex = sin,  but that sin = evil and not sin = good.
#✘; I HAVE SEVENTY TWO EXAMS AND I HAVE NOT STUDIED FOR ONE ( ooc )#i feel like im being so self-righteous here but like. i am a lesbian atheist. everything about me is a sin according to christianity.#i'm not a bad person just because christianity has labeled my actions as sins because i don't operate by that moral code#that post (even if their intentions are good) is perpetuating the same moral code imo#even by saying no no no it's not a sin - it's good so it can't be a sin !!#who cares if its a sin.#christianity says its a sin so what. its also human and fun. a day for sin does not mean a day for#being evil people or being bad. it just means a day for sin. like? that's it. no further moral judgements.#i don't know who invented calling it that but to me? calling it sinday says yes we acknowledge that this content has been labeled as a sin#and as wrong and censored in the past. fine it's a sin ! let's have a day to celebrate that content and how human and fun and good it can be#the word loses its power to strike fear if something can be good and a sin at the same time.#anyway.  i just.  needed to explain myself a bit here because i feel quite strongly about how christianity perpetuates everything#( and again.  i'm not making a personal judgement on you if you are a christian. i am saying culturally / systematically )#but that post just gives me such bad vibes. DONT call it a sin because sins are only EVIL AND HORRIBLE THINGS. that will make you go to HELL#you MUST call it this because it is a GOOD thing and therefore NOT a sin#it's just the same puritanical sin/virtue language but reframed as sex positive? idk. am i making any sense.#like. the reason sunday is even regarded as a Special Day at all is because of christianity. the reason weeks are 7 days is because of#christianity. to pick ANY day of the week you are referencing the christian creationist myth –– even distantly#you can't ever remove the context entirely so i would just rather say yeah that's a thing let's have a BLAST with those aesthetics#and not live in moral fear of sins one way or the other ?#again i feel like my religious followers are really gonna hate me for this one but like. HH many thoughts about religion.#not many of them coherent ones
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brokerterminal · a day ago
Dossier #3510: Sparatus, Ierian
retrieved for: @sparatus
oh boy, i love reading political figures, and ierian sparatus is no exception. love his work on workers' right legislation.
that probably sounds suspiciously complimentary for me. it is. but then again, as a cancer, he's a skeptical grudge hoarder anyway. sure, he's a family man; cancers love nothing more than digging their own cozy little hole in the ground and shoving all their loved ones into it before smothering them with blankets, snacks, and hugs that seem simultaneously fatherly and possibly attempted homicide. and never leave it. ever. he's never on time for anything, because his bed is simply too comfortable and everyone else is early. he'd rather have his groceries delivered, because he's always just gotten comfortable, put on his pajamas, and his favorite show is on. of course it's a blank screen, the tv isn't even on and he doesn't even care that it's the world's worst attempt at deception.
in fact, it's so bad, it almost seems like he's intentionally making himself look like a terrible liar so he can easily manipulate his way through life, the courtroom, and the nasty world of politics with a mix of passive aggression and deadly underestimation. he'll gladly keep all your secrets. in a rolodex. right next to every transgression you've ever committed, alphabetized, from that time you said you were on your way and hadn't even gotten out of bed yet to last wednesday when you squeezed your toothpaste tube from the middle and left it where he could see it. he neither forgives nor forgets. for all his impressive legal vocabulary and fancy college degrees, he seems to be utterly unfamiliar with the meaning of bygones, closure, and moving on. you don't even have to cross him directly; cancers possess an intuition so strong, they might very well be psychic -- if you ever lied to a parent about sneaking an extra cookie, he knows, and his steel-trap memory and impressive eye for detail (used to find even the slightest hint of an insult, lie, or guilt) will ensure that knowledge stays locked away until the precise moment it becomes the perfect silver bullet to strike you down.
this dual personality makes him sound like a gemini, but it's really just the moon being the moon. see, cancer gets to sit on the moon all by its lonesome, like it prefers. just like the moon has a light side and a dark side, and rules over the ever-changing tides, cancers will go from snapping at people who have crossed them in ways they don't care to specify at the moment (you know what you did) to cooking them a nine-course dinner complete with all the trimmings and halfway through remembering which ones didn't send a birthday card over the past fifty years (whether they were even in the picture or not is irrelevant, objection) and ensuring they get all the burned bits and possibly poison.
there's another aspect of the moon to be looked at -- which sign's shoulder the moon is looming over, and in his case, it's virgo. i'll save myself the trouble of repeating the grudge rolodex joke and roll right into his unwavering penchant for justice at all costs. if rules were meant to be broken, this little justice boy comes running along behind us cool kids with glue and legal boo boo stickers. he's also cautious to a fault -- you'll go grey before he considers every possible outcome of whether to put jam or jelly on his toast, what statutes could be violated by this single decision, and filibusters breakfast until he's done so.
this is because deep down he is a ball of anxiety with insecurity to rival a bookcase balanced on twelve basketballs stacked on the wobbly leg of a chair some fourth grader made in woodshop without proper supervision.
anyway, his ascendant sign is aquarius, so instead of agreeing to disagree, you're just signing up to be wrong, here's your consolation ribbon, thank you for coming to the debate where he is both the only participant, the judge, and the referee. he'll pick apart your proposal like a crab on a dead fish at the bottom of the sea until there's nothing left but bones and then send you back to the drawing board with a smile on his face and a plate of cookies for your efforts.
as always, venus always appears in either one's own sign or two on either side, and for the humble councilor it's in cancer, which is utterly unsurprising because his wife is his literal world and he would simply die without her. his ideal date night is anything that doesn't require going out. dinner, movie, pillow fort, full-scale foam dart gun battle using the couch as a war bunker? whatever, man, as long as he doesn't have to put on real pants. moving on!
lastly, mars. often used to determine someone's boiling point and what they do about it but also is a good predictor of their romantic inclinations. with mars in taurus, this means two things: do not expect to settle a negotiation quickly, because he has plenty of food saved up and a stack of papers saying you're wrong; and do not expect calls to be answered, motions to be filed, emails to be replied to, or his scaly ass to leave his damn bed on his anniversary, amen.
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birdhapley · a day ago
yess the made-up movies meme is back!! alright, how about Amy Adams, Diego Luna, Chris Pine, Gina Rodriguez, Zendaya and hmmm, Mark Hamill?
SONG: “Band on the Run” by Paul McCartney & Wings
“Stuck inside these four walls / Sent inside forever/ Never seeing no one nice again / Like you / Mama, you / Mama, you...”
SUMMARY: In the not-so-distant future, an increasingly volatile climate on Earth has forced governments across the world to come together and seek out hospitable planets across the galaxy that might be able to support the mass exodus of humans looking to flee natural disasters that are making life on Earth unsustainable. Instrumental to this search has been technology that allows for an AI pilot to navigate the space ship while the human crew are kept in stasis for long stretches of time, allowing them to travel farther out into the galaxy than ever before.
On Earth, Dr. Ilsa Craine (Amy Adams), the inventor of this technology, awaits news from the first ship equipped with it, the Artemis, as it approaches the four year anniversary of its launch. While she waits, she reflects on her life, recalling the events that led to her working for NaxosTech and meeting her recently deceased mentor, the brilliant and eccentric scientist Dr. Gustav Mahler (Mark Hamill), with whom she created the AI technology currently piloting the Artemis. She is also forced to reflect on the reasons behind her failing marriage when her estranged husband Daniel (Diego Luna) returns home after months of working abroad on a mysterious project and wants to reconcile before it’s too late.
Aboard the Artemis, the skeleton crew, including Captain Lucia Gabel (Gina Rodriguez) and biologist Dr. Maxfield Lott (Chris Pine), are awoken from stasis by the ship’s pilot, Caro (Zendaya), per her orders. They are approaching the planet everyone hopes will be the answer to Earth’s prayers—able to sustain human life and close enough that, with current technology, human refugees can reach it before life on Earth becomes untenable. If this planet will not work, the Artemis will have to continue its search, stretching farther into the unknown parts of the galaxy and all but ensuring that humanity’s time on earth will end before a new home world can be found. As the crew runs tests and explores the planet, the wide-eyed Caro sends updates to her mother, Ilsa, and the world holds its breath as it waits for the crew of the Artemis to determine its fate.
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roseytones · 2 days ago
i never post personal stuff here anymore but hi im going to university for palaeontology in july hopefully 😬😬😬😬
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kvetcher · 3 days ago
pretty far into the interview process for a job in my field and I think my odds are good but I don’t want to get my hopes up… so nervous
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ravenwolfie97 · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
i know everyone lost their collective shit over this scene but i’m gonna use it to talk about something i’d meant to bring up since ep 1
i absolutely love that Reki’s outgoing nature and energy influences Langa and gets him to break out of his shell. Langa likes to mirror him and play along, and it’s just so wonderful and cute to see him act playful despite his icy exterior
also this a lil gay and it’s cute as hell
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megoeggoart · 3 days ago
guys I haven’t had time to draw recently b/c of exams but my last one was today and like,,, the serotonin that has hopped on over into my brain now that I’m Making Art again is unreal
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tinygirlyjuggernaut · 3 days ago
Episode 5? 6? - All Through the House
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wejusthangingouthere · 3 days ago
apropros of the vast amount of nhl rumors, if i had to choose having either johnny gaudreau or jack eichel on my team, i would take jack every time. i’ll accept no further questions. i’ll give no further explanations.
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stillbrights · 4 days ago
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