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#or at least I'm assuming it was her
hopehufflepuff · 8 months ago
Ok I think I liked season 1 of Umbrella Academy better than season 2, but I definitely enjoyed the experience of watching it more since I only saw maybe 2 or 3 spoilers for season 2 unlike the full year’s worth of spoilers I saw for season 1.
Also, for the entire season I was like “This is messing up every single possible timeline. If it’s back to normal in the end, I won’t be onboard because that’s too easy. It is not possible, the Butterfly Effect’s going to change everything.” And sure enough, we got the other academy. I feel validated that I was right but still upset that it all went so wrong.
#the umbrella academy#tua spoilers#dave enlisting early was the moment that my feeling everything is messing up was now confirmed#because if he enlists earlier he might die earlier or maybe later or just not meet Klaus if he's in a different regiment shipping sooner#i forget which episode that was. but even the episodes before it I was like#' just their presence is already going to make everything at least slightly different no matter what'#and hey! i was right!#also. while i called that Lila had powers early on in her one-on-one fight with Five. i think it should have been hinted at more.#thinking back i think that's the only time it was hinted at. i can't think of anything else before the finale#besides of course when she said she was 4 in 1993 and therefore born in 89 so i was like 'oh ok she's definitely one of the 43'#but i didn't realize that hargreeves never told them they were 7 of 43. so that's interesting.#anyway. very enjoyable series. i want to see where they go from here#and honestly. shoutout to them for addressing period racism better within the first 3 minutes of season 2#than doctor who did with martha on her first adventure in the past. i nearly paused to make a post about it#but i was like nah. 3 minutes in is too early. and then i watched the whole season before making another post lol#oh one thought i didn't add. i'm assuming the sparrows are others of the 43. so then the rest of our kids are just out there living normal#that's my prediction. more paradoxes.
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bluewinnerangel · 2 hours ago
Oh god I feel like I need a masterpost or rant or sth re the shit with taylor why was it so shitt why was everyone so dramatic am I missing something
Oh god.... Okay this got WAY outta hand I just couldn't stop digging.
I'm assuming because you're in my inbox you came from the post about how Ever Since New York might be about Haylor in the context of it absolutely breaking Harry into pieces by linking to a bunch of songs including some of Taylor's. That kinda stands on its own tho as it's purely based on how their (Harry/Louis/Taylor) lyrics fit together. I expressed my thoughts on Haylor there a bit but these are not the thoughts of someone who lived through that stunt tho, and are mostly based on how I interpret their lyrics. But lucky for you I love digging so I unhinged once again:
I was part of the blissful general public in 2012 so I didn't pay much attention as it went on, so for real good rants about this let's listen to the people that did and saw it all go down on a day to day basis. Inchrestingly there were some haylor talks the past few days, so have some really fresh 2021 larriewarflashbacks to dec 2012:
this anon rant in @twopoppies inbox
>>this rant<< by @lornasaurusrex ,tag and all the links in that post
this about their recent interaction at the grammys
And from some digging:
GP - Haylor from the public's point of view or basically just a collection of pics of them together in choronogical order by someone who isn't questioning if it was real, showing very perfectly how they are perceived by the public and actually how succesfull this stunt was, while all they did was hang out and be seen, smile for cameras. This isn't really helping to get clarity on the subject but I always like to view things from other angles, and I think this post shows the stunt from a GP's point of view. Also there's a link at the end to a video of Harry just trying to PR stunt with Taylor's father instead of her it's hilarious.
Haylor was a stunt - MASSIVE debunk (this is really really long and I didn't read it so sorry if it's not great lol)
SWIFTGRON - debunk timeline from someone who believes Taylor was actually dating Dianna at the time
1D - daily timeline of what 1D was doing at the time of the stunt, basically highlighting how ridiculously busy they were, if you look at this and don't think they were under an insane amount of pressure (even without any closeting/stunting on top of it) I don't know what to tell you. It also puts a lof of things in perspective (also note how Harry&Louis are both sick around the same times, hmm)
LARRY - some cute nov 2012 still happy at this point moments - a collection of miserable faces in december, also that debunk and the 1D timeline serve as one.
Back to rants:
this tag rant:
Tumblr media
tag rant about "horrible fking told you" Taylor shading Harry during an award show
tag rant about Louis having to comment on Haylor, actually im just gonna paste that one in a pic here too because it's too important
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And now to go on a rant myself (still some links in there), I think that's a good time for a cut:
Since that NY kiss resurfaced from a "better angle" somewhat recently (here that is, which is... hard to watch.) let's just go there too. Looking into how a face is looking miserable or body language can all easily be misinterpreted, but I mean cmon, if that kiss doesnt trigger any fight or flight responses in you you're really not paying attention. Seriously Harry looks like he's fking praying (ever since new york, thinking almost over, had enough from you) just a shell of a person. (a post about this too)
Harry never (AFAIK) talked shit about her or crushed anyone's fantasies in any deliberate matter that he might not want much to do with her, that his songs might not be about her, or at least not in the way people would like to think, and Harry has done nothing but praise her (songwriting) whenever she was brought up (harry talking about her for 7 mins straight, he's good at these things but pay attention to what he doesn't say, how he's doing the bare minimum, how when asked about her he focuses on her songwriting instead, maybe because he doesn't have much positive to say about her as a person perhaps?), but back in the early days Louis being a subtle petty lil shit slipped through quite a lot, he was salty about it, (still sneaking in a shady comment as far as in 2015 and harry's reaction is pure gold too). Then from Taylor's side of things, I haven't paid enough attention to her, but judging from these rants she sure went places that weren't very nice a couple of times.
I think with all the songs we have now, and maybe you're not as much into trying to interpret their songs with lyrical deep dives as much as I am and think there isn't much to gain there, I think there is, and I think it all fits with this stunt happening back in 2012 absolutely destroying harry(&louis) and pushing them further into narnia, continuing to curse him for the longest time, and with that I'd say all the sad faces and little things that did slip through the cracks of the show they were all putting on back then that were picked up on by the ranters linked above, that these were indeed showing their true feelings. That they were crushed. They were miserable. They didn't want any of it. Then again from Taylor's side of things, there's a severe presense of some kind of he don't try at all tho-vendetta going on in Taylor's music, like she just can't stop just poking that ghost, just littering her 1989 album with things that can be linked to Harry, which I think more often than not are just stunt lines, just cover ups for whatever she was really dealing with, and still going at it in her latest albums, although less "look at us playing this game" and more "yeah ok that was really shit that stunt".
I'm really not sure if that answered anything. I mean if the part of "am I missing something here" was that you're missing why they were miserable, why people are pressed about this, and I need to go a little more meta and start linking why oh why why this stunt could possibly make them miserable, why closeting is horrible, maybe for that just plomp down this quote from Lance Bass who was closeted while in a boyband:
“Bottom line is what the record labels look at. They just wanna make money. And if this artist isn’t going to pull in this many fans because they are gay, they are not gonna support him this much. And I see that with so many people. It was very torturous because I didn’t want people to find out who I truly was. I thought especially in the 90s that if anyone knew I was gay that my life would be over. People would hate me, N’Sync would be over. It was a lot of pressure. You become very lonely.” - Lance Bass
as well as having to deal with how you're portrayed in the media and it not reflecting who you really are (while you're really young too) while being put under pressure not just just being busy doing promo, being away from home, but while that's all going on to be constantly on your toes not to slip up and hide not just who you really are yourself but also your relationship and seeing the one you love having to do the same added on top of it, and then getting whole new fresh layer of shit added to it when after months of that including the buildup media speculation of "haylor" actually having to go out to be seen with someone that's not the person you want to be spending your time with, even having to kiss them, while having to be physically away from the person you want to be with and they are out there doing the same, all while most likely being told and perhaps even believing that this is best for everyone, so you do it, but maybe just maybe that would make you just a tad bit unhappy.
/masterrant out
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ellenembee · 2 hours ago
Fandom: The Wayhaven Chronicles Series: In Between - a look at the moments not covered in the books Rating: G Relationship(s): Love Triangle - Female Detective/Adam du Mortain, Female Detective/Nate Sewell (This fic is Adam-centric, though) Summary: Ophelia calls Adam for help when the supernaturals from the carnival attack her in her home. As they work together to move Bobby to the warehouse, the comfort she feels in Adam's presence leads Ophelia to some realizations... which she promptly buries as deep as she can. Timing: After the maa-alused attack the detective in their apartment
"We have a problem."
Ophelia crumpled to her living room floor, half in a daze. Beside her, Bobby moaned softly into the carpet. The adrenaline rush from the attack had dissipated after hanging up with Adam, leaving behind weak limbs and trembling hands. She hadn't even realized she'd dialed his number until his voice was in her ear, assuring her he'd be right there, and she wondered why he'd been her first thought instead of...
She grit her teeth and shoved her hands into her hair, pushing back dark brown strands mussed from the brief altercation. She winced at the sharp tug of her fingers hitting a tangle, but at least the pain served to draw her more firmly into herself.
With a sigh, she let her hands fall into her lap. Dammit. She hadn't told Adam to bring a vehicle. Not that he'd given her a chance to speak before hanging up. Maybe he would bring one anyway.
Adam's voice – God, he was fast – rang out from the hallway. He appeared a moment later, dashing through the open door before pausing to examine the darkened room.
"Shush, du Mortain," she hissed, brushing aside the strange tingle in her chest at the way his lips formed around her name. "You'll wake the neighbors."
Adam zeroed in on her. A split second later, he was kneeling in front of her, hands gripping her shoulders and eyes scanning over her body.
"What happened? Are you alright?"
She frowned at the surge of heat suffusing her body at his inspection and nodded, as much to clear her foggy thoughts as to appease Adam's apparent... concern? She waved a hand toward Bobby, who chose that moment to groan in pain.
"I'm fine, but he's not. We need to get him to the Facility. I assume from the speed of your arrival you didn't bring a vehicle?"
Adam's gaze flicked to hers for a moment before he glanced at Bobby's prone form, his jaw tensing. "No. I was... I did not."
"Well, maybe you could just take him? Or... we might be able to get him into my back seat..."
She trailed off as she studied Bobby's lanky form. Adam shook his head... and then seemed to realize his fingers were still curled around her shoulders. He snatched his hands away, curling them into fists at his side, and leaned back to survey her relatively intact apartment before focusing on Bobby once again.
"What happened to him?"
"The supernatural from the carnival and some of his lackeys came to chat. Warned us to stay out of their business. He was collateral damage."
"So, we have proof they are the ones causing the disease."
"Definitely," Ophelia said, her hand rubbing over her arm at the memory of blisters and blue swirls infecting her skin.
"And... they were inside your apartment?"
She thought he might be able to crack concrete with the tension in his jaw alone. "Yes."
Bobby moaned again. Adam sprang from his crouch and pulled out his phone.
"I will call Agent Maven."
Ophelia zoned out as Adam talked with Rebecca. His voice soothed the raw edges left by the break-in, and she found herself slumping forward as exhaustion set in. She buried her face in her hands, her hair falling around her in a protective curtain, and closed her eyes.
A moment later, she jerked upright at the brush of fingers over her forearm. Adam knelt in front of her again, his hand hovering in the air before falling to his side. She blinked at him. He was objectively handsome in any light, but the moonlight slanting through the window lent his pale skin and icy eyes an aspect of the ethereal. As she gazed at him, his features softened. The sharpness of his jaw melted into a whisper of a smile.
"Agent Maven is bringing medics and meeting us at the warehouse. I will retrieve an Agency vehicle and return shortly."
"If you get him down to my car, I could drive."
He quirked his brow. She pressed her lips into a thin line before letting out a tense breath. She didn't have the energy for an argument, anyway. Scooting back to lean against the wall, she closed her eyes and waved him off.
"Fine. Go."
"You'll... be alright."
It wasn't spoken as a question, but she heard an unusual note of hesitation in his voice. She cracked an eye open to glare at him before closing it again.
"Of course."
And with the click of the door, she was alone. She tried to calm her mind in hopes of catching a nap, but unlike those brief moments with Adam's voice in the background, she couldn't relax. After less than a minute, her eyes snapped open again.
Bobby moaned, louder this time. Ophelia grimaced. She was terrible at comforting others. Add to that her general dislike of the man sprawled on her floor, and she had no desire to do anything but get him to the Facility for treatment. She ghosted a hand over the skin now clear of any sign of the disease and swallowed hard. Bobby was a creep, but even he didn't deserve to be in that kind of pain.
She pressed her head back against the wall and kept her eyes glued to the living room windows for the twenty or so minutes it took Adam to return with the Agency vehicle. As he reentered the apartment, she sighed and started to push herself from the floor. A hand in front of her face made her pause. She looked at it for a moment before flicking her gaze up to meet his.
"I'm fine," she said.
"You're tired," he responded in a strange tone she couldn't place.
For the second time that night, she gave in rather than fight him. Warmth infused her as his fingers curled around her hand and pulled. Normally, she had better reflexes, but weeks of poor sleep and the lateness of the hour made her clumsy. She stumbled forward. A thick arm curled around her waist to steady her, and she managed to catch herself with a palm against his chest.
"Oh," she breathed.
His muscles flexed under her fingers. Warmth filled her chest and flooded her cheeks. The heat intensified when she registered the pressure of his arm against her back and his hand still wrapped around hers. She flicked her gaze up to find him watching her with an intensity her mind didn't want to parse but her body understood all too well.
Beside them, Bobby whimpered. Ophelia jerked out of Adam's grasp just as he took a wide step back. They stared at one another, Adam's tense face reflecting her own trepidation, before he reached down to scoop Bobby off the floor.
That got her moving. She grabbed the bag and coat she'd dropped when Bobby tried to force his way into her apartment and then locked the door behind them while Adam carried Bobby downstairs to put him in the back of the massive Agency SUV.
She pulled herself into the passenger seat with a huff, and they started back to the warehouse. Adam focused all his attention on driving, of course, while Ophelia sank into the silence with a grateful sigh, happy to ignore the strange moment that had passed between them. Adam's overbearing attitude often irritated her, but with nothing but Bobby's wheezing between them, she could acknowledge she felt a strange comfort in his quiet presence. It eased her anxieties and made her feel...
A tiny gasp escaped her lips as the word popped into her head. She felt his gaze slide over her, but she turned her head to face the passenger window and leaned back into the plush bucket seat. Outside, the street lights blurred into periodic flashes of black and white details while the town of Wayhaven remained nothing more than vague outlines against a backdrop of stars.
As a police officer and now a detective, Ophelia had gone through weeks of training centered around the concept of safety, even though a typical crime spree in Wayhaven consisted of high schoolers toilet papering their teacher's houses at the end of the school year. For years, she'd taken safety – hers and the town's – for granted.
Now, she knew now how fragile that safety could be. She didn't fear supernaturals as a rule, but Murphy had shown her how weak she was in comparison. She'd been powerless to stop him as he'd turned her into a beacon for the supernatural and put the town in more danger than ever.
She clenched her teeth and shoved back against the intrusive thoughts as usual, but exhaustion had torn down her careful walls. A shudder escaped the iron grip she usually held on her emotions. Phantom pain shot up her arms and burned under her skin.
She hated that the asshole still affected her, that even now he could make her feel out of control and useless, that his voice still echoed in her nightmares –
A stripe of heat pressed against her arm where it rested on the center console, a slide of muscled forearm against her bare skin. She kept her face to the darkness, but her heart thudded in her chest at the sustained contact. She knew Adam could hear it, which only made it worse. As they approached the warehouse, his arm remained pressed to hers, though she knew he preferred to drive with both hands on the wheel.
To her utter horror, a burning sensation started up behind her eyes. She blinked furiously.
Somewhere along the way, Adam had become her anchor in an unfamiliar world, a life raft in a sea of unknowns. Even now, his presence brought her a sense of peace amid the churning depths of guilt and worry. And he managed it in a way that Morgan, Farah, and even Nate never had.
The realization turned her sideways. She swallowed hard. But she didn't move her arm.
Adam put down his window as they arrived and slid his card over the gate lock. It rolled open to allow the vehicle through. Still, his arm remained anchored to hers. She took several deep breaths to regain her composure, steeling herself against further emotional outbursts. Only when Adam pulled into the garage and put the car into park did he finally speak.
"Are you ready?"
Inhaling deeply, she turned to face him. Their eyes met, and words escaped her at the sympathy swimming in soft green. Bobby groaned.
"We should get him inside," she whispered.
Adam nodded, his body rigid with tension. His gaze turned down to where their arms rested side-by-side, and her heart gave another painful thump as the tension expanded to swirl around them in a now-familiar dance.
Turning away from him felt like wading through mud, but she forced herself to open the door, to let her arm slide away. Cold air against her heated skin provoked a sense of loss instead of relief.
Adam retrieved Bobby from the back seat while Ophelia used her card to open the door into the foyer. She led them through the warehouse, opening and closing doors for Adam as they went. Although the sense of comfort remained, that tension, that prickling awareness of his movements, filled the gap between them, growing thicker with each step.
When she reached the living room door, she paused. The weight of things unsaid pressed on her lungs. She sucked in a few short breaths, and her hand gripped the doorknob like a vise.
The warmth with which he spoke her name, so different from his usual clipped tone and formal address, washed over her and poured into empty spaces she hadn't known existed. Her chest tightened further, making it difficult to breathe, and a sudden glut of unspoken words filled a different set of spaces – ones she recognized but had long ago deemed unnecessary, like locked rooms in a too-big house. In this case, though, the words bubbled up, demanding to be let out. She rolled her shoulders back before half turning to look at him.
"I wanted to say thank you. For... for coming to help me. You could have called the Facility and left it to them but–" She bit at her lower lip, sorting through the flurry of words for the right ones. "Even if you only came because it's your job, I... I appreciate it."
Silence hung between them. Ophelia suddenly felt wrung out, emptied of words while the tension ratcheted higher. Adam's eyes bored into hers, but finally... finally, he nodded.
She let out a whisper of a breath, nodded in return, and faced forward to turn the knob. As the door cracked open, though, Adam's voice, low and soft and still so warm, caressed her ear.
"I will always come when you call."
Her chest constricted. The door swung open to reveal the other members of Unit Bravo waiting for them. Worried brown eyes met hers from across the room, and a sudden rush of guilt had her looking away as Adam, spine rigid and face made of stone, passed by her on his way to deposit Bobby on the couch.
Her feet felt rooted to the spot, but she forced herself to close the door, to turn around, to lift her chin and pull her shoulders back, to shove all the complicated, messy, unwanted emotions deep down where they couldn't touch her. She had a job to do. She couldn't afford unnecessary distractions.
It was time to work.
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ridiasfangirlings · 4 hours ago
(resent ask) Aya visiting Fushimi at s4 the same time Yata is there to give him lunch. The trio hung out outside and the s4 guys are surprised Fushimi is talking normally with anyone that isn't Yata while the passing by Homra guys are surprised Yata is calmly talking to a girl other than Anna. When Fushimi gets back to work the other two start arguing cause by now Yata had learned about what Aya did as a Jungle member and Aya had heard about Yata "leaving" Saruhiko for Homra.
I'm imagining this being like an unexpected coincidence and everything is going fine until Fushimi walks away, which is when Aya and Yata suddenly get to be possessive of Saruhiko together XD Like say Aya's found out where Fushimi works and she decides to stop by, maybe not even intending to visit him so much as to just see where he's ended up now. She's standing in front of the building just looking up at it and deciding what to do next when she hears someone say her name, Aya turns and there's Yata standing behind her. Aya wonders why he's here and Yata says he was bringing Saruhiko lunch and why's Aya here, Aya shrugs and says she was checking to see what Saruhiko's made of himself now. Say she's not using the affected speech pattern like she used to and Yata figures that's a good sign at least, like maybe Aya's gotten a little more honest with herself too.
Fushimi comes out of the building right around this time, having been told by one of the other members that Yata's here. He's surprised to see Aya, clicking his tongue and wondering who invited her over. Aya crosses her arms and says she just wanted to see where he worked, Yata's like don't look so sour Saruhiko this is a reunion right. Things are fine while it's just the three of them talking, imagine their respective clans all like casually passing by and watching what's going on because what's privacy. The Blues are shocked that Fushimi might actually have a second friend and a girl at that, no one's ever seen him speak to a girl who isn't a member of the clans. Meanwhile a couple Homra guys are passing by and they're shocked that Yata of all people is talking to a girl like a normal person, like maybe she's related to him somehow it's the only explanation.
Eventually the discussion of old times leads to Fushimi mentioning the bit where Aya was in jungle and made him see hallucinations and all that. Yata's like wait what was that, Fushimi decides things are about to get awkward and promptly heads back inside. Yata wants to know more about this hallucination thing, Aya says it shouldn't matter to a guy who chose other people over Saruhiko. Yata insists that he didn't choose anyone over Saruhiko, in fact he would definitely choose Saruhiko if he had only one choice and anyway what did you do to him to make him see hallucinations. The two of them end up just squabbling outside Scepter 4's gate which definitely leads to a whole new set of rumors from passing clansmen, who assume that Aya and Yata are now fighting over who gets to win Fushimi's hand in marriage or something to that effect.
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disgruntledspacedad · 5 hours ago
Jayyy!! Sweet, slutty in the AM.
Without giving BL spoilers, or maybe you won't? Idk 👀👀 not *cough* fishing or anything *cough*
Can I please have 💖 for Javier??? I'm curious...
Angel out-
Tumblr media
Javiears pregnancy headcanons? You got it, babe!
Quick and obvious disclaimer to treat all of these as if they are a Better Love AU, at least until I tell you otherwise. 😘
Any baby that these two have would be a total surprise. Ears never wanted kids, and Javi has never thought long enough about it to decide how he feels about a family. He’s always assumed that was never in the cards for him.
Once the initial shock wears off - and that’s gonna take quite a while for both of them - Javi and Ears both jump feet first into the parenting thing. They each harbor some intense opinions about what a kid should and shouldn’t have to put up with, and there are lots of deep conversations that Last into the early morning hours. They nail down the important stuff pretty early, decide that they’ll figure out the rest with time, and discover a whole lot more about one another in the process.
Ears’ body hates being pregnant. She doesn’t realize it, but she’s got her Ashkenazi ancestry to thank for this. Ears is sick as dog snot clear through her first trimester and well into her second, exhausted and achy and throwing the fuck up. She gets awful migraines, too. There are days when Javi is convinced that carrying this baby is going to kill her, and he worries a lot.
Ears handles all of this as stoically as she can. She’s miserable, but she’s not about to complain and make Javi feel even worse.
Speaking of Javi, that protective streak he’s got goes into overdrive the instant Ears tells him about the baby. Ears has got to constantly remind him that she’s pregnant, not dying, and Javi good god, please just let me do things, okay??
That being said, it takes Javi a little while to connect the idea of Ears being pregnant to Ears carrying his baby. It’s all very abstract to him, to the point that on Ears’ worst days, Javi almost feels a little resentful.
That all changes at Ears’ sixteen week appointment. She’s just starting to feel like a human again, and this time, Javi is allowed to go back with her.
Oh my god, you guys, when Javier Peña sees that blurry, black and white, tiny little baby on the ultrasound screen... yall, his entire world shifts.
Ears notices instantly. It’s kind of hard not to, given how tightly Javi is suddenly gripping her hand. He glances over at him to find his eyes glued to the screen, silent tears rolling down his cheeks. It takes her aback a little. “You okay?” she asks quietly, and Javi nods, drags his eyes away from the ultrasound screen and gives her a soft, wet smile, and something slots into place for Ears, too.
Javi quits smoking cold turkey that day. Seeing his tiny little daughter for the first time put a lot of things into perspective, and Javi decides then and there that he wants to be there for her as long as possible.
The first three weeks are miserable. Javi does his best to get out of the house when he’s feeling tetchy (which is always), and Ears does her best to be understanding, but they get into more than a few little spats.
The makeup sex is 🔥🔥🔥, though.
Ears is not a big girl. When she starts to show, she shows fast, and Javi swears he can see her body change every day. Ears is pretty indifferent. She’s not self conscious - Ears finds pregnancy to be inconvenient, more than anything.
Javier Peña has never seen anything as beautiful as Hannah Aarons carrying his child.
Javi fucking loves it. There’s something primal about running his hand over the gentle swell of Ears’ belly and knowing that it’s his daughter that’s growing there. He’s not one to talk to the bump, but Javi can hardly stop himself from touching it. All the fucking time. Ears will sometimes playfully shoo him away. “Hands to yourself, you animal. I’m trying to nap!”
Seriously, their sex life doesn’t suffer at all. It doesn’t help that Ears refuses to buy maternity clothes. She’d much rather lounge around in Javi’s t-shirts and his old sweats, something that makes Javi’s cave man brain damn near implode every single time he sees it.
Ugh, and he’s sweet to her. Observant and affectionate and accommodating of absolutely everything. Cravings? Tell me what you want, babe, I’ll get three. Foot massage? Come here, mi reina, let me make it better. Yawning through dinner? Go get in bed, Ears, I’ve got dishes tonight.
Javi starts noticing Ears’ puffy feet somewhere around the 28th week or so. Ears swears they don’t hurt, exactly, so they both write it off as one of those weird pregnancy things.
It’s not. Ears has severe pre-eclampsia. Javi only finds this out after Ears gets a migraine so bad that she can’t see straight. Javi carries her to the car and forces her to go to the hospital. They’re there for all of five minutes when the doctor on call deems Ears’ blood pressure to be high enough to constitute a medical emergency, and Javi’s world is turned upside down again when he hears the word “c-section.”
Ears is only 33 weeks pregnant.
Less than an hour later, Javi is holding his baby girl. She’s tiny, the tiniest little human that Javi has ever seen, but she’s got a hell of a set of lungs on her, and Javi has never been so relieved, so stunned, so riveted, or so enraptured by anything in his entire life.
Oh, shit, he’s crying again.
She’s absolutely perfect. Off her oxygen within two days, taking feedings like a champ, and obliterating every goal her pediatrician sets for her.
Javi is so fucking proud when his girl is discharged a full week earlier than the doctors anticipated. She’s still a little small, but growing like a weed, and Javi just knows that between her and her mom, he’s gonna have his hands full.
Ears is fine, just a little sore. There are no long term complications from pre-eclampsia, so as soon as she’s up and sort of moving, Ears in full mom mode.
Ears loves being a mom, but she and Javi are in full agreement on this - one and done.
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tytangfei · 6 hours ago
Oh god I can't stand the people on MDL their opinions are trash lol I'm like are we watching the same drama? Imperial Coroner romance is the best I'm watching it like how are they so cute. I don't even think it's about first love or fluffy romance it doesn't matter what drama I look up whenever I read the comments I sit here scratching my head especially when the ML is so good yet they like the second lead I guess I'm in the minority that never has SLS
It takes her that long to turn away from him? too bad I was hoping it was sooner given it's only a 36 episode drama. Yeah, I assume ML protects her and she doesn't know but I hope she finds out asap otherwise she would never know what he does for her. Aw that's too bad I was hoping at least 100 chapters were translated I do have a feeling she only likes the ML at least I hope not a love triangle fan here if only it could be like imperial coroner where even though her "brother" likes her she only likes hot judge I guess I watched too many US tv shows where all the "romance" they had involved love triangles which turned me off on that trope I would rather have a power couple.
Haha I’ve only ever had SL feels for one drama and that was republican era cdrama Arsenal Military Academy. Probably because I prefer the actor Toby Li over Xu Kai lmao.
But yes! The romance between Chu Chu and Xiao Jinyu is very cute. ;A; It’s about the slow burn!! About doing things for each other even if they haven’t fully realized their feelings for each other yet. ;A; And how their actions are quite unique and different from other dramas.
Yeah, I want to say she turns away from him at eo19 and it does feel kind of long but I think when I was watching it, it didn’t feel that long since the FL also had good scenes with the ML too. 
I’m curious what US tv shows you’re talking about lol because I don’t recall seeing that trope often in American tv shows. I often see it in Asian dramas though and it can get very tiring. 
The way you lean towards power couples, that reminds me of Legend of the Phoenix! Have you seen it? I started it a while back but put it on hiatus so I actually don’t know how good it is, but it has the premise of them falling in love with each other early on and then I believe they’ll be together for the rest of the drama, overcoming obstacles together. This might be more your style! Or also Lost Love in Times. :)
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sunevial · 7 hours ago
I think I've requested this every time you've done these but I'd love to see more of Two Together Are Always Going Somewhere!!
"Sounds like you had an interesting weekend."
Sol glanced up from her lunch (rice with gyro meat, extra green onion, from the food truck on the corner of West Larch and Main), giving a light sigh. "Look, my options were help move furniture or let my dad disown me for being a bad neighbor. You know I'm obligated to do shit like that whether they or I like it."
The woman sitting across from Sol snorted, tapping her chopsticks against her own takeout lunch. If there was one perk of having to work at the downtown office today, it was getting to eat lunch in Wisteria's main plaza. City and province government buildings loomed around the perimeter, everything from the court houses and public offices to the state-supported research halls. If a longer subway ride was the price of that, Sol wasn't about to complain.
Well, she wasn't about to complain about being able to share lunch with Ginger. She was more than happy to complain about everything else.
"Sol? Wanting to help people she doesn't know?" Ginger said with a gasp and an eye roll. Or, at least, what Sol assumed was an eye roll given Ginger's lack of visible pupils. "Never would've gotten that impression. Absolutely never. I'm shocked."
"Uh huh, you're real helpful," she replied in deadpan. "Don't suppose you know how to get me out of this mess I'm in, Madam Lawyer?"
"I'm not your lawyer, so I can't give you legal advice anyways," Ginger replied, popping a sushi roll down and leaning back against the metal bench. She was wearing her 'casual' outfit today, sporting a nice blouse with a pencil skirt. The colors complimented her bright red hair, up in its usual bun.
"Humor me."
Ginger snorted. "Meeting your neighbor for a dinner date your best friend set up isn't a binding contract. I thought you were the smart one between us."
"But I'll feel like the bad guy if I cancel," Sol muttered, taking a swig out of her water bottle.
"Then go on the damn date, girl!" Ginger threw her hands up. "It's dumplings and beef and broccoli, not a marriage proposal."
She let out a groan, stuffing her face into her hands. "I just wanted to be nice. This is a bit too much nice."
"The way I see it, you're going on a platonic date with a cute girl, and you get red bean out of it. There are much worse ways to spend an evening."
"You want me. To talk to people," Sol said flatly. "In public."
Ginger shot back with a wry smile. "That's how you got to know me."
"And look where that led," she replied. "Me bitching to an overworked public defense lawyer."
"There's no one better to bitch to."
"I'll drink to that," Sol said, taking another swig of water.
"Mind getting me some pork buns while you're there?" Ginger asked, slipping a ten over the table.
"Well now I have to go."
Ginger tilted her head, eyes twinkling and a shit-eating grin plastered across her face. "See, was that so hard?"
"You had to bribe me."
"With pork buns."
"For you."
"And since you'll be there anyways, you can get your own pork buns."
"Fuck you."
"Not into you like that."
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20lotusflower · 9 hours ago
The hardest part of this is the feeling of it being over for good. How did we lose ourselves and each other? How did we let it get to this point? Why does it hurt so much?
There is no we, no us. And I'm hurting. It hurts to see the future I envisioned, come to a standstill. It hurts knowing that you have checked out and moved on, and I realized too late.
This is excruciating pain. My heart is broken. I go from being okay and feeling great about focusing on myself and then it feels like I get hit with a ton of bricks.
When will this end? These feelings of being broken, despair, regret, guilt, anger, sadness....
I wish things worked out differently. I wish I didn't have to ask for your attention or for you to text back when you so freely text your friends. You take hours to respond to me if at all but I see you reply in a second to your friends. We hung out for a "date" and you kept texting her, your friend. The entire time.
And then I realize, this isn't love. This isn't how I should be treated. This isn't how I want to treated. I tried talking to you about it and what did you say? "You're so focused on an us, when we need to be our own person. Stop trying to focus on making things work"
I tried telling you how it made me feel, but you kept brushing it off, saying how you feel like I'm trying to control you and how I don't trust you and that makes you not trust me.
And I'm sitting here thinking, well then why are you still here? And you did leave. But you came back and said that you wanted to take it day by day instead and that you couldn't sleep without me and that you missed me. And I held on to that, That tiny flame of hope that things would get better.
And I think, maybe I am too controlling and assuming. But then I think no, I shouldn't be your second choice if you really wanted to work things out.
Then you say, "We don't know what the universe has in store for us. If we don't work out then at least we can say we tried. We can go our separate ways in peace. But I don't want that, its been 6 years of being together, if I really wanted to I'd leave and Im here with you."
And I think okay, we at least have to try.... but the feeling of disrespect still lingers. And I don't know how to move forward. I don't want to be your backup choice, I don't want to control you either or make you feel like that.
Where does that leave me?
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3deoutubrode2013 · 23 hours ago
I can't even like your 20k post. Because, you know, once you told me that you are "que nem coco. Não mexe que fede." That was October, 2015. It's been more than five years, but I have to assume that the outcome of me liking something of yours would be the same. Of course the biggest possibility is that you don't care anymore (like I shouldn't care), but I worry so much about hurting you that I can't play by possibilities.
Nobody knows this, but once I served as a proxy for someone who wanted to talk to someone they shouldn't. They had broken up a while back and I thought it wouldn't be a good idea for him to talk to her (because both would get hurt - I knew that from our history - and because I was crawling up the walls in jealousy). So I offered myself to talk to someone she knew well, because I didn't think it would be a good idea to talk to her personally too. Because that too could hurt her. So I approached her cousin, explained the situation and asked how she was. She said the the girl was getting over the break up, but that it wouldn't be a good idea for them to talk. But that she was fine and etc. I don't know how much that helped him, but I know it was not enough for him to want to be with me wholeheartedly. That was a very difficult "relationship". I gave him everything and he gave me scraps. Funny thing is I was actually happy about it. Until the day I showed up at his door and he said a low "wow". I thought he was happy to see me or something, but no. He said it was because I looked like her on their first date. That was the drop that broke the spell. Kinda.
Anyway, I could write a novel about those five months, but that should be in another Tumblr hahahah this one's yours. The point I was trying to make at the beginning of this memory lane was that I almost want someone to talk to someone you know. Just to check in on you and to know if you think or talk about me at all.
Yeah, yeah, I just realized I'm him. I'm scum. Thing is, I don't want you the way he wanted her. And my boyfriend means to me much more than I ever meant to him.
Also! If you were paranoid enough, you'd realize that I'm the friend of the girl that talked to you on Instagram yesterday. But of course you don't google every person that sends you a message. That would be insane!
I wonder if there is any way I can send you a, let's say, "cryptographed" message. Something that would make you think "what if?" but not give you any certainty that it was me. Just enough to plant the idea in your brain, so you would go after me. Is that allowed?
Nah... I don't think so. That would be messing with your head anyway. And I don't want your head getting messy.
I just want to talk to the real you.
Yesterday, when you answered her on Instagram, we were talking on wpp. I had such a fit I had to take a chill pill, literally! Because I said, and I quote,
Tumblr media
So, yeah, I think I might have hit that point where I should really get some professional help hahaha
- Oh, honey, I'm thinking about going to a therapist
- Oh yeah? Why?
- Well, you know, I've been talking to a screen behind your back pretending it's my ex and waiting for it to answer.
That conversation would go well!
I'm sorry, this week's been pretty hard. My boyfriend is away at his parents and I'm literally alone for two weeks (it's only been three days, this will be great!). This is the first time I'll be alone-alone in four years! Also, I just noticed today that I must be PMSing. I can get *really* emotional.
Anyway, I should get some sleep. Tomorrow I'll be visiting an apartment that is closer to yours than this one. Just because I said we'd never get closer than we are right now. Don't worry, I'm not stalking you. Not like this anyway hahaha
Hope you're happy.
Ps. Should I make a Tumblr for him? I mean, writing this stuff in here kinda of only makes it worse. It's an instant relief, but it keeps you in my head. But I *much* rather have you in my head than him. At least I can feel good and nostalgic sometimes. With him it was only pain. I'm actually glad my brain decided to replace him with you on my random thoughts and dreams and lonely moments. Yeah, I won't give this too much thought. I'm afraid he'll come back...
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hopelesslyfallenninlove · 23 hours ago
Never Thought It Would Be You ~ A Cordelia Goode x Fem! Reader Part 2
Warnings: Mentions of self harm (doesn't actually say it but alludes to it) and cemeteries
Tumblr media
After Cordelia left to {what I assume was to the greenhouse} the back yard, I start at the door for a few seconds before giving Zoe her coffee. "Are you okay Y/N?" Zoe asks after a little bit. I look at her confused "What?"
"Y/N is everything alright?" Zoe asks more concerned then before. You think for a while Am I okay? What just happened? I must be dreaming? That didn't actually happen? You just want to get out of this confrontation so you say with all your might "oh yeah sorry just a bit tired, I think I'm gonna go for a walk to wake myself up." and with that you rush upstairs to change and head out side to explore the city.
For as long as you've been at the academy you've never explored the city. The farthest you've been was to the local grocery store a few blocks down the road. You officially made it to the center of New Orleans and found yourself wondering the St. Louis Cemetery No.1, you've been gone for hours and since you rushed out of the house you forgot to bring your phone. Not that you cared the only people you text/call are Mallory, Zoe and Cordelia. You can even think of Cordelia without wanting the world to swallow you up whole. At least you brought you wallet that way you can get some Beignets'. Honestly the most delicious thing you have ever had.
You found yourself back at the cemetery just feeling draw to it. You sit down at one of the benches and start to think about everything. Do I like Cordelia? Of course you do, you never stop thinking about the supreme. The way she talks gives you goose bumps and the way she gives your shoulder a little squeeze when she passes by or how she genuinely cares for you. I am in huge trouble, how could I let this happen? I can never be alone with her. I never thought it would be her. Is she my soulmate? No, she can't be. That's impossible, you know they say that once you find your soulmate, there's nothing you can do from stopping you both from being together also when you kiss, it's like a invisible force brakes through the universe. You can feel it ever so lightly when someone else finds their soulmate, you can feel the force breaking. By the time you come to reality you notice it's dark out, crap how long have I been out? You rush your way home getting lost a few times of course. You finally reach the academy and see all the lights off, must be bedtime so 10 o'clock. You slowly open the door and step inside ready to go to your room, when you hear a voice..... "Where have you been? We've been calling you all day Y/N?!" The voice is full of power and you know who it is instantly, although she's never spoke to you like this before. It's pretty scary to be honest. You turn to look towards the sitting room, and there stands the Supreme in all her glory.
"Miss. Goode, I'm sorry I lost track of time." you say looking down and full of regret.
"Y/N, when Zoe told me that you were gone for 5hrs I got worried that someone took you, you can't do that again. You also can't go anywhere without your phone, how else are we supposed to know you are safe." As Cordelia has been talking she's been slowly walking towards you and her voice breaks here and there as well as gets quieter. All you can do is look down and apologize, "I'm sorry Miss.Goode it won't happen again. It's late I should get to bed" with that you turn on your heals and walk to your room. Did she actually care or is that something she has to say so I'll feel bad? By the time you reach your room tears are falling from your eyes. I open the door and see someone sitting on my bed they turn to look who it is and it's Madison. "Madison? What are you doing here?" you ask confused as to why she's in your room.
"Well, everyone's been worried Y/N, I went out to look for you and I saw you were at that Cemetery. Y/N are you okay? You aren't thinking of doing something are you?"
"Gosh no I'm not going to do anything, I was just thinking I needed to clear my head." as you say this you're changing into some PJ's.
"You know you can talk to me and it will stay between us. I know I pick on you but I actually do care about you." Madison stands up and comes over and gives you a long hug. Man I haven't been hugged in a long time. "Well thank you Madison, I'll keep that in mind. I truly appreciate that." I say as Madison releases.
"Well gets some sleep b**ch. See you tomorrow." and with that said Madison leaves to her room. You lay on you bed and stare out the window. You soon fall asleep, little did you know Cordelia was going to open your door and confess her true feelings.
"You had me scared Y/N. Please don't do that again. I don't know what I would do if I lost you. I really wished we had kissed earlier, I really like you. Anyways Goodnight sweetheart..." Cordelia whispers into the night air....
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imanes · a day ago
My googling has given me mixed, complex answers. So I'm curious if you can give me a personal one, specific to your family and cultural experience. How do you, your family, and/or your local Muslim community feel about white/european/American converts to Islam, who have no family or cultural ties to it? Hypothetically if they seem earnest, but also they have a vibe of just being lost and looking for a place to belong. Do you have any firsthand experiences with such individuals?
hi! sorry, i didn’t get the notif for your message and I see it’s been 5 days so my apologies for the late answer. i can’t speak for everyone and I don’t claim there is a universal experience of reverting to Islam and that i’d understand the situation fully as someone who was born and raised in a Muslim household (sunni if that is important for context) but as far as myself and my acquaintances are concerned, we are very welcoming to reverts and I assume so are most Moroccan Muslims since we’re just like that lol the more the merrier for us. familial or cultural ties to Islam are not particularly meaningful as far as my understanding goes, like if you believe in god, say your shahada and find solace in the faith of Islam then you’re more than welcome in my community. 
the fact that a revert is white or doesn’t belong to a culture tied to Islam doesn’t bear any weight as far as faith is concerned but there are obviously more complex aspects to understanding how religion and culture are intertwined for most Muslims and it’s a learning curve but it doesn’t have to be steeped in gatekeeping and ID politics, no offence to some people who think differently lmao. i think it’s normal that they’re looking for a place of belonging since reverting is a very big step that can be accompanied by being shunned from their former circles and ostracised by their acquaintances. i don’t have first hand experiences with people in that particular case but I have a very close friend who happens to be white and who is seriously thinking about reverting so me and her bf (we are the two Muslims she is close to and we’re both north african) have been very proactive with including her in important and religiously significant events and generally sharing information and having discussions on the topic. she’s been my friend since we were 14 so she doesn’t need me to school her on the ins and outs of being a Muslim and what it means in Europe but that’s gonna be her own journey and it’ll probably be different from someone’s who doesn’t have access to actual Muslim people around them and that’ll also be different from someone’s who is close to a muslim diasporic group different from mine and so on. idk if it makes any sense lmao what i’m saying is: it can be more or less difficult for some ppl depending on the context they evolve in and how much support they have and what kind of ppl are supporting them etc etc. i just know when I bring my white friend to morocco my family there will be super happy to include her in everything cuz that’s how we are. I personally think that as someone who was born and raised in Islam the least I can do is provide people who are lost with a sense of belonging and community bc I am not interested in putting ppl in neatly separated cases as far as interpersonal relationships go but I don’t claim to be speaking for most Muslims esp not the ones active on the interwebs. idk if this provides any kind of satisfactory answer for you lol i do tend to be long-winded oops but that’s the long and short of it i guess! 
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missgryffin · a day ago
Chapter twoooooooo
I love the Potter family teasing James. And the blushing. It's just.... 🥰
Is there a specific reason they didn't invite Lily to the HB celebration dinner? I say that fully loving how Euphie met Lily and excitedly anticipating her visiting James' house the first time. That being said, I expected it the first time I read, and was surprised that she didn't get a letter too.
Wait.... Adelaide is a PREFECT? I'm not sure how I missed that before, but it kind of makes me angry? Then again, Adelaide in general makes me angry.
Ugh. And my heart is breaking for Lily again over what she heard James say. I know they've talked about it now, but I feel like that's one of those moments that would sort of live in your memory forever to bug you when you're feeling least confident.
Ah! The Diary of Unforgotten Things! This is why I love that I didn't start rereading until now, because I genuinely forgot this brilliant thing existed. Oh, thought. Does James know about it? I feel like that might have been addressed in an ask I forgot about.
She came, because he had always made her come in his fantasies of her...
Oh, the foreshadowing. Or just always.
What does it say about the state of you and Lily that you BOTH have owled me the same day requesting advice for SURVIVAL of the other 's presence? You literally both used the word "surviving." I cannot make this up.
I loved this so much. I had glossed over the fact that both of them said surviving until I read this the first time, and it had me cackling. Brilliant. Also, generally love the letters. All around amazing.
I'm currently having a very hard time not just copying the entire letters here. I love them so much. But particularly I love the top 10 list. Does James (or Sirius, or anyone) know the contents of the top 10 list? Remus told him about it, but did he get bullied into sharing contents?
I really love the parallels of the way they think about each other. We don't just see him describing her (which I feel like some writing really focuses on) but we see her admiring him too. Plus the parallel of them both getting off to each other. Interesting, though, that he imagines her saying James and she imagines him saying Evans.
😭🥰 OMG YOU AMAZING PERSON! I am giddy. I feel like I am reliving it all with you and it’s so awesome. No specific reason, I just think there was a lot of fresh uneasiness since they’d just gotten back from the Cup, Lily was very much this obscure thing to Euphemia, and even if she had been invited, I don’t think Lily would have gone. I picture it being a more intimate celebratory with their closest family friends, and for Euphemia/James, the instinct to invite her for something that kind of vibe just wasn’t there. (Though, I think Flea and Sirius would have gotten a kick out of it.) 
Bahaha yes, Adelaide is a prefect! And Lily overhearing James - I know *cringes* And I agree, I think that comment really stuck with her. She had recognized James’s callous side when it was turned on other people (like Snape), but having it turned against her was jarring. 
James does not know about The Diary, but I think it’s safe to assume he will find out eventually 😉
Ahhh the letters!!! I had so much writing those. I find it’s really easy to find a character’s voice by trying to write a letter from them - like their personality just starts jumping out. No, I don’t think anyone else knows the specific contents of the Top 10 list, hehe. 
And writing parallels of them is one of my favorite things! 💗💗
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systemofthehorde · a day ago
Alright gang its Cletus Kasady not Cletus Cassidy.
Carnage is female or at least feminine enby/agender.
Carnage is also known as Red, but together they are Carnage.
Carnage/Red is Venom's offspring.
Symbiotes are asexual reproducers. They don't need another to have a baby.
Red eventually gets "pregnant" in the comics and isn't happy about it, nor is Cletus.
Red and Cletus love each other and they very much are well.. healthy as they can be. So I don't want any of this "B- BUT THEY ARE PROBLEMATIC TOGETHER. SHE WOULD BE HAPPY WITHOUT HIM"
No. I mean, you're more than welcome to like one but not the other, or not ship them, etc, AUs exist, sell canons exist. But like..
She loves him. She loves her hill billy murder man just as much as Shriek does. She went cross country just to get back to him and he was happy to see her, he was depressed without her as well. So it's not like he's using her for his advantages.
Cletus is presumably dating both Red and Shriek in a way.
NO symbiotes are not born as children, they are born as adults. So it's not pedophila. I shouldn't have to say this.
Red and Cletus have argued, he told her she can leave if she wanted to, but she stayed, despite being angry with him.
I know not a lot of people are going to like them, because it's a m/f ship/couple. Because they are murderers. I know they aren't going to like the idea of a Man being with two women (that's IF Shriek is his girlfriend, she may not be, she may just side with them, but in the comics she was).
And you know what? It's fine. I'm not Pro Cletus Kasdy but I'm very invested in his and Red's story.
Tumblr media
Edit: how can I forget? Carnage likes to call Venom/Eddie, Daddy sometimes. Although I assume it's from Cletus and it's meant more mockingly, but its also funny to think about emo Red actually calling them daddy/dad (don't be weird).
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allycryz · a day ago
Nsfw prompt: “Oh my god. Did we just break the bed?” for the ot6 :3
Alright, here it folks. Urianger gets spoiled, six people are very cute, a bed gets broken. Also pushed myself to write this in past tense since I haven’t done it in a while.
Rated E for Eggsplicit, is honestly pretty PWP but there’s feelings and fluff in there
“I beg thy forgiveness.” Urianger frowned at the piles of books crowding his room. His hands stroked light upon the spines, tracing letters, "I am certain thy book was here but it seems not."
“It’s alright.” Nerys said from her perch on his bed. The thin mattress creaked beneath her weight, swaying with each minute gesture. "I know you'll find it. Come sit with me."
He looked up with a hand caught in his silver locks and mouth curled into a frown. Twas not often he wore his consternation so openly and it was...quite charming. Not least of which because of the subtle pouting of his full lips. (She hoped he was not so upset as to halt her plans.)
“Nay, I shall keep searching.”
“Uri.” She patted the space beside her. “Please?”  
"I am unable to refuse such an invitation twice." Urianger moved like a dancer, once explaining that his poise and posture came from learning at the elbow of Louisoix Leveilleur. Nerys mostly believed it, seeing all the similarities in how he and the twins held themselves. And yet–she was convinced it was not the whole of the story.
He sank to his knees before her, rather than where she indicated. “It has been some time since I relaxed by thy side.”
Nerys stroked over his noble brow, nails scratching light into his scalp. “Far too long. Though this is not by my side.”
“But how else shall I do this?” He brought her hand up, leaving reverent kisses upon her fingertips. As always it made her breath catch, whether alone or in the company of their lovers.
They were not often alone, just the two of them. (And with what she planned, it would not be this way long.) There was so much she had yet to discover about him, the newest of her lovers. The sinuous sway of his hips was but one coin from a well-buried, well-protected treasure chest of knowledge. 
But there were facets of him that were extensions of the relationship they already had; as her comrade, her friend, partner of her partners. He was always kind and respectful, as willing to listen as to teach. That impish sense of humor he kept beneath it all–she had found that long before she took him as hers.
Here was one discovery that still made her tremble: the way he looked at her as if she was a treasure worth worshipping.
Another: the secretive smile upon his lips before he struck. Nerys was a moment forewarned by it before he rose to kiss her. 
Still another: how good a kisser he was. She was overwhelmed enough that one moment his lips were on hers, the next she was beneath him. The bed groaned and swayed with their movements, an anchor in the swirling sea of his presence.
Besides being noisy, the bed was on the small side. Not really what she expected. Urianger could live like a monk, subsisting on water and archon loaf with naught but a candle for luxury. But with the way he luxuriated in Haurche’s sumptuous bed or the raptures on his face when he shopped for fine clothes…
Nerys had assumed he was only a hermit when his studies called, not as a matter of course.
“We need to get you a new bed.” She murmured as he unfastened her already half-open shirt. His eyes had gone to the partly revealed breastband since her arrival. “You’ve barely any room for yourself.”
"No need, my lady. I seldom sleep here--indeed, I have moved most of my possessions to Haurchefant's and Thancred's rooms."
“Yes but-” Nerys unclasped the golden torque about his neck.  "You have been in the Sands for a week now. And I'm sure this won't be the last time you have to stay here."
"Would it comfort thee…" His words became a moan as her hands worked into his taut shoulders and nape. Were he able to, he might purr under her ministrations.
"I often avail myself...of the cot in the archives."
“Uri.” She clucked her tongue. As if he and their lovers didn’t admonish her for various bad habits ranging from overextending herself to less-than-prudent jumps down cliffsides. 
Today is not about me though.
“Once again, I must beg thy gracious pardon.” He lowered his cheek to her chest, nuzzling against the swell of breast even as his hands eased down the breastband. His long fingers kneaded the sides of her chest slow and gentle. “In penance, I shall serve thee faithfully all afternoon and into the evening.”
Desire coiled in her belly. One word from her and Urianger would worship her from the crown of her head to the tips of her toes. Even now, his practiced healer’s touch found her pains and soothed them away. But she came here with an agenda and she must not forget it, even-
Her mouth fell open with a moan as he took handfuls of her chest, squeezing with gentle strength. That impish gleam was in his eyes when he looked down. 
“Will you…” She swallowed. “Lie on your back for me?”
“If that is thy wish…” He flipped them easily, settling her atop him. Hands slid over her bottom and squeezed. “Dost thou wish for control today?”
“Just a shred.”
His lips caught hers as she slithered down, meeting the barest resistance before he let go with a chuckle. Nerys gave him a look and received only a smile in reply.
According to Haurche, the chiton was far easier to deal with than his scholar’s robes. She never had the pleasure of unwrapping him from his old mode of dress. Piece by piece, I took him apart like a present before taking him apart as a lover might do. There is nothing quite like a reveal, my heart.
That conversation ended with Haurche performing his own slow striptease. Nerys drifted from the fond memory to the present, to the bunch of fabric now at Urianger’s waist and the silken black smalls she unveiled beneath. His cock strained against the taut fabric, twitching at the glide of her hand.
"Wilt thou let me return whatever favors thou dispenses?" His voice dropped to low and rumbly and then to a groan as she rubbed her cheek upon his clothed cock. 
“I’ll think about it...You certainly proved your tongue’s prowess when we were last together.”
Urianger sighed, either from her touches or the memory of nine days ago–him and her and Y’shtola between them. “I-I didst not sup upon thy nectar then…”
She squeezed his thigh. “No but I saw you send ‘Shtola into the heavens.”
“Where she doth belong, crowned in stars and cloaked in moonlight.” His words then turned to garbles and gasps as she mouthed against the fabric. Traced her tongue over the solid outline of his shaft and inhaled his musk.
“And what shall be her throne?” Nerys hummed against him. His hand found purchase in her hair and tugged. Heat kindled between her legs at the touch, more when he did it again. Sitting up so she could see the intent in his eyes.
“Thy visage is the most glorious sight of all…” He groaned, digging filed-down nails into her scalp until she trembled. “What better seat for our beloved than that?”
“Oh,” she breathed. It had taken him no time to master her needs and wants. Had he not watched her plenty, with a lover or two or three between them? And you really are that easy. 
Nerys would not be the only one losing sense and control. Her thumbs hooked beneath his smalls to ease them down, freeing his erect length from their confines. She squeezed his thighs as her tongue dragged up his shaft, finding the sensitive ridge under his head. 
“N-nerys-” he gasps, reaching for the white cotton sheets and grabbing them by the fistful. “I-I should have better control, than to be driven so wild so quickly.”
She pulled off of him with a soft pop of sound. "You've been locked away in here for a week with only your hand to relieve you. No wonder you're sensitive."
“I shall...endeavor to satisfy thee. Thou need not worry-”
The door opening startled her, even though it was Phase Two of her plan coming to fruition. Urianger froze beneath her before he chuckled, the sound as much sigh as it was mirthful. “My lady, didst thou invite them and not tell me?”
“Surprise.” She grinned and turned her head. Y’shtola and Thancred watched them with twin expressions of pleasure. “I hope this is alright?”
Urianger groaned. "I wouldst never turn away those I love so dearly. And they look upon me as if I am a feast laid out for their sampling."
“Ha,” Thancred snorted. "Seems like Nerys has the feasting part well in hand."
Y’shtola smiled, turning her back towards Thancred while keeping her eyes upon them. He dutifully took care of the hooks at her nape, easing the scarlet and gray dress down her shoulders. She arched an eyebrow at the pair on the bed. “Well? Don’t stop on our account.”
Nerys gave the slightest hint of her intentions–a little secret smirk she’d learned at his feet–before swallowing him down. Breathing with purpose through her nose to take him deep, deeper, deeper still. Gods but Elezen were thick, and the reduced air goaded her as much as the eyes upon her. 
The gaze of the world was ever upon her in ways that made her anxious, embarrassed, fearful. But to simply put on a show for others, to stir their passion? That was something Nerys loved. No one expected too much of her besides the occasional fling, and those were more and more rare these days. There was no time to adventure in Eorzea’s bedrooms as she once had.
How lucky, that her lovers liked to watch as much as she liked to perform, while duty kept her from the dark corners of taverns and rolls in the hay.
Urianger laid back, forearm pressed against his brow. Lowered it so he might press his fist to his mouth. Nerys hummed around him, sinking further onto him until she could take no more. It was not enough, not yet, but he moaned all the same.
The heat of Thancred’s bare skin pressed against her back and his palms curled over her breasts. Toyed with them as his lips trailed over her spine. “You need a bigger bed, Uri.”
His response was a muffled groan about clenched knuckles. Y’shtola crawled onto the bed, over him with teasing touches, and stretched her small frame between him and the wall. She seized his wrist, dragging it to lips. “Ah ah. How will she know she’s doing a good job? Let her hear you.”
“Sh-shtola-” Urianger shuddered with the full force of his body as Thancred’s hand slipped down his stomach, fondling his sack. Nerys began to lift her head, found Thancred pressing her back down.
“Good,” said Y’shtola with an approving nod. “Keep her there a moment, Thancred. Urianger–there is no one to overhear you. So I had best hear your response.”
They watched as Urianger opened his mouth, his wordless cries filling the room with their sweet, penitent notes. His reward was another fondle, another suck; Y’shtola petting his hair.
“Nerys is far too overdressed for this.” Thancred said, drawing her up at last.
“And so is he,” Y’shtola agreed before she caught Urianger’s chin and kissed him. The man made a desperate noise before giving himself over to his passion. Nine days ago, Nerys watched him do the same as he filled Y’shtola, as Nerys held her close. Then he’d had the presence of mind to extol her virtues between breathless kisses. 
The same passion is clear in his half-lidded eyes and fervent mouth. Even if he is now in a place beyond poetry.
“You should have a taste too,” Nerys gasped, writhing against Thancred’s purposeful touch over her trousers. For his complaint about her state of dress, he was taking advantage of the friction of cloth against her skin. 
“Do you think so? I think that if we both suck him, he’s liable to pop.”
“What about all his rings?”
“They’re in my quarters,” Thancred laughed against her ear. “Besides, that’s not a guarantee he’ll be able to hold off-”
“I swear to thee.” Urianger licked his lips, eyes flickering from Nerys’ mouth to Y’shtola’s hands kneading his chest to whatever expression Thancred made. "If thou drives me to completion, I shall return the favor in kind. Thou...thou should not go unsatisfied because of my folly."
“Yes, definitely folly to show us how bad you want us.” Thancred snorted. “Uri, it’s okay to come. We’re not going anywhere.”
“True enough.” Y’shtola nipped at his jaw when he tried to rise. “I was going to make him hold off but that might be cruel…”
“I’m disappointed, darling.” The new voice sent shivers through Nerys. Thancred’s steady grip kept her from turning to greet him. “It’s ever so entertaining when you’re cruel to our lovers.”
He is not due quite yet… Not that she minded. Hopefully, in his impatience he remembered to bring-
“Surely,” Haurchefant said with a laugh. “You might magick up a way to help him hold back? As all his rings are in Mor Dhona, and not always reliable.”
“That will cost you, my Lord Emissary.”
“Tell me then, O Great and Powerful Sorcerer: how much for such a device, snapping away everyone’s clothes, and your cock in my mouth later?”
Hades’ laugh was a clear ringing sound that warmed Nerys’ already heated flesh. He was often playful, this ancient lover of theirs. Seldom was he so open as she heard in the notes of his mirth, playing in harmony with Haurchefant’s chuckles. Urianger met her gaze, his smile softening even more the warm mush her heart turned into. And then he gasped as Thancred ran a teasing hand up his length and Y’shtola bit down on his shoulder. 
A snap and her clothes disappeared, along with the bunched up chiton and the black smalls shoved about Urianger’s knees. Thancred’s warm skin pressed against hers–chest to her spine, thighs to the backs of her legs, his unclothed cock hard against her rear. Before them, a ring of black and purple aether pulsed at the base of Urianger’s cock.
She put a hand to it. It felt solid but as it shimmered, she saw flashes of the skin beneath. Hades had all manner of aether tricks to aid in the bedroom. This was one she hadn’t seen before.
He knelt on the floor beside the bed as bare as everyone else. His hand slid past her a moment, she caught the motion of him patting Thancred’s cheek. Then his fingers were on her chin, tilting it up for him to brush lips against lips. She moved to deepen the contact and he pulled back, clucking his tongue. “Ah ah, your mouth is destined elsewhere.”
“One kiss won’t hurt.” Nerys squirmed against Thancred’s hold but today, he was willing to cooperate with Hades. He held her fast and pressed light kisses down the line of her neck. 
“I wonder. Now, my dear–how long should we make our scholar squirm?”
“Oh not too long. Remember why we’re here after all.” Urianger looked up at that with raw curiosity in his gaze. 
“Please, the man loves when we deny him.” Hades rose then to perch on the edge of the bed with his torso turned towards Urianger’s face. His bare fingers ran over his chest till they found the gold hoops in his nipples. A small tug set Urianger’s face and neck red with pleasure. “Does that feel good then?”
"L-lovely,” groaned Urianger. "My lady Nerys...didst thou c-conspire against me?"
She laughed. Haurchefant made himself known then with his fingers guiding her limbs, positioning Thancred alongside her. He caressed them both while they obeyed onto their hands and knees, arms and shoulders against each other. "You've been holed up here for days. I thought you were due a respite."
"And I thought you deserved a little punishment as well." Hades added, thumb circling the stiffening nipple. "Depriving us for days."
"H-ha." Urianger quirked a brow. "Couldst thou not visit me whenever thou desires, Hades? I did not bar my door to thee."
"Impudent man." Hades leaned forward to kiss him as Y’shtola tugged at his silver locks.
A hand pressed against her nape as she saw another do the same to Thancred. Haurchefant must have removed his rings prior to his arrival. She could not feel the familiar press of metal or see his signet contrasted with Thancred’s white locks. Even with his fingers bare, with him standing behind them, she would have known his touch without ever having to see them.
It was that way with all of them now. Even Urianger. She had learned the feel of him that first night with Thancred between them and his touch reaching behind her for Haurchefant, caressing her arm lightly as she shook with the overwhelming pleasure of that moment. 
“Ladies first,” Thancred purred when their eyes were level with the ring. 
Nerys laughed, from the remark, from the surge of joy rushing through her. She licked a stripe up the thick shaft. Thancred did the same, meeting her with an open-mouth kiss that had the benefit of teasing against Urianger. They pushed each other–matching every swirl, lick, and suck; triumphant when one coaxed a loud moan or gasp. It was a heady competition, egged on by Haurchefant stroking her spine and praising them both. 
“You two are exquisite,” Haurchefant sighed as his hands drew away. Fingertips dragged over her skin until she felt them dip between her thighs, heard Thancred groan aloud. Nerys half-expected the mattress to dip with Haurchefant’s weight but instead he drew her back. She had to stretch her long torso to keep her mouth against Urianger.
He accommodated and leaned forward, bracing hands on either side of her. “Dearest Thancred, you will help her for this next part? She is radiant when she takes a cock completely.”
“Hmm…” A raised eyebrow. “Alright Haurche. Long as you promise to give me something nice later. No fair if only Hades gets your mouth tonight.”
“My darling boy…” Hades raised his head and Urianger whimpered at the loss. “Since when are you the arbiter of what is fair or not?”
“You hush.”
“If you want to stop my mouth, you need to be far more creative.”
“Both of you hush,” said Y’shtola. Her voice trembled as Urianger suckled at her chest but still resounded with the underlying core of iron. “You’ll get your turns later, if you’re good.”
“Yes ‘Shtola,” said Thancred with a laugh. He curled a hand over Nerys’ nape and helped her ease back onto Urianger. Behind them Haurchefant praised their obedience while the head of his cock notched against her folds. 
Urianger was a writhing mess beneath them and it was beautiful. The disheveled state of his hair; the blossom of red suffusing his upper body; the sighs they pulled from him; the pattern of bites on his neck from Y’shtola and on his torso from Hades. And him, impossibly hard and impossibly large in her mouth as Thancred dragged her up and down and Haurchefant sank into her. 
Their eyes met, his mouth worked. She reached forward though it could upset her balance. Brushed fingertips against his and then seized his hand. His hips canted upwards and it was almost too much with him so lost in sensation. Somehow, she managed to take him all the same. 
His trembling lips tried again before they managed a word in the babble of whimpers and sobs. “Please...please…”
Nerys answered with her eyes while her hand reached out again, brushing against Hades’ side. Haurchefant picked up her pace and she all but collapsed. It was then Hades turned his amused look at her and the hand desperately groping at his hip.
“May I help you?”
Her eyes swept downward. She could not see the ring just then–Thancred pressed her down so far that her eyes could see only golden skin and silver, curling hair. Haurchefant sighed behind her. “What a good girl, taking him all the way. You’re doing beautifully, my heart.”
“I wonder…” Hades voice floated above her. “What could she be trying to say? Have you any notion, ser?”
“I am not a betting man-” (Thancred’s derisive snort at that became a groan.) “But perhaps she would like to be dear Uri’s angel of mercy.”
“Certainly not. Our ferocious hero?”
“Our compassionate hero.” Haurchefant’s hand joined Thancred’s and brought her up. Hades met her pleading gaze with a sigh and an incongruously soft kiss to her forehead.
“If you insist, dear.” The ring disappeared and they were all lost.
Haurchefant and Thancred pushed her down, Urianger bucked upward. Hades leaned entirely on the bed, bare chest against their scholar as he kissed him with Y’shtola dragging her nails down his back. 
“That’s it,” Haurche panted in her ear. “Help him finish, beloved, dearest, our Nerys-”
Urianger cried out as his hand reached for her-
Haurchefant knelt on the bed and filled her-
And as Urianger spilled into her mouth, the chorus of their raptures was overwritten by an earsplitting crack! There was the sensation of falling, of balance going horribly wrong as she slid backwards into Haurchefant and Hades into both of them. A strange sound escaped her mouth when the momentum and impact both caused Haurchefant to fill her and not entirely pleasantly. 
She lifted her head and Urianger looked down at her. He had not sat up. His eyes were glazed with satisfaction even as realization pierced the fog of his climax.
“Oh my gods.” Nerys stared at the ramp they occupied. “Did we just break the bed?”
Shocked silence met her question. It was Urianger who broke it with low, barely concealed laughter. He slapped a hand over his mouth and his shoulders shook with the effort of not breaking. Behind her, Haurchefant chuckled into her ear as Hades scowled at them all.  Y’shtola stretched out where she was. Thancred roared with laughter behind them on the floor.
“Th-thou didst tell me…” Urianger said, fighting to control his mirth. “That I was in need of a bigger bed.”
“And I was right!” She watched Hades vacate the space between them before squeezing Urianger’s thigh. “Now what do you have to say for yourself?”
In answer, Urianger sat up with care and eased himself down. His warm hands cupped her cheeks, tilting her face up to receive the brush of his mouth against hers. “That I am glad we have a Sorcerer of Eld to set us to rights.”
“Hm.” Hades dusted off his arms with great exaggeration and wounded dignity. The gleam in his pale gold eyes was the only clue he was not so piqued as he pretended. “Give me a moment. As today we are demanding favors before we do anything, I needs must calculate the price.”
“Do make haste, lovely man.” Haurchefant adjusted Nerys in his lap and the friction sent her shivering. “I would like to finish what I started.”
“If I may offer a suggestion…” Y’shtola stretched herself upwards and Nerys could not help watching the curve and rise of her bosom, the marks of lips and teeth upon the teak skin. She wrapped her arms about Urianger from behind and propped her chin upon his shoulder. “You could ask to give Nerys proper thanks for arranging all this.”
That twitch at the corners of her mouth spelled Nerys’ salvation and destruction. “Now wait a minute-”
“Brilliant as always,” Hades smirked. “While the guest of honor recovers, I would like a sampling of our event planner in exchange for my great and powerful magicks.”
“Deal!” Haurchefant said, lifting her up while the bed repaired itself with a rush of aether. He had to withdraw from her to do so but from the looks around her...she would not be empty for long. “Have a care with her, lest we break it again.”
“I have ensured it won’t tonight.” Hades stepped over and gathered her into his arms. Laid her back upon the mattress, sprawled upon Urianger’s lap. “And tomorrow we purchase Urianger a bigger, sturdier bed.”
“There, my lady.” Urianger grinned above her. “Thou shalt get thy way after all.”
“I usually do,” she said before Hades moved to have his way with her.
Not that she was complaining.
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nharidy · a day ago
First of all, I am so so sorry for being late 😞
Secondly, Literature is such an amazing subject. It is my most favourite after chemistry
Thirdly, without any more wait, Ep 27 here I come :
They, with the help of Martín and Silene’s work on the intersection where they changed the car, he managed to rule out the unlikely locations.
Why do I think my guess is gonna prove true? 🤣🤣🤣
It’s Sergio’s entire family in there.
Oh, so it took 27 fucking episodes to this fucker to realize his family could be dead?! After he saw Silene is safe?! Sergio 🤦‍♀️
Martín, who looked like he was about to lose complete sanity any moment.
Not as much a decision as it is to shut Martín up who threatened over 18 times per hour that he will just go by himself.
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Martin's like one of those heros in telenova who's thinks they can single-handedly save their love AND take on those goons 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Also, I may love him, but hes an actual nutcase 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
He starts preparing everything; the car, the weapons, the vest and waits for Daniel to get there.
He had told Agata that he can’t join her tonight. He expected a bullet to his head through the phone, but she only stayed silent for a moment then murmured ‘okay’ and hung up. Which is way more worrying than the bullet.
No shit, Sherlock
AGATHA?!?! 😱😱😱😱
DANIEL PROPOSING TO MONICA?!?! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Awwwwwww 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Daniel to Monica :
🎶Be my woman girl, Ima
Be your man
Be my woman girl, Ima
Be your man🎶
(Hey Mama! By David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj)
He be doing the wrong way, but my boy's got spirit
“No, you shouldn’t. You’re..You’re pregnant. You can’t do this.”
Tumblr media
Raquel had gotten Paula to scream at the top of her lungs until a man showed up, not the same one as before but will do. 
He started shouting at her child. 
“She’s in pain, she’s really sick, we don’t let her go that long without her medicine, it could kill her,” Raquel said quickly.
The man turned towards her, with narrowed eyes. “What medicine?” he asked, his back to Andrés, who nodded at her. As Raquel prolonged explaining her imaginary sickness, begging them to get the made-up medicine,
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I. Cant. Stop. Laughing
Andrés had broken free of his handcuffs and leaped on the man, wrapping his arm tightly around his throat. 
He tried to break free, but Andrés, surprisingly stronger than she imagined him to be, the same surprise she had with Sergio really, had him at death grip, until he took out the keys. He managed to break free then, but Andrés stabbed his eye with the kee, which hindered him greatly
Poor Paula, she did not deserve this 😖. She just wanted to be heard & now look what that poor kid has to go through 🙁 she needs therapy and I AM GONNA GIVE IT TO HER!!
While Andrés unlocked her cuffs, the man they thought hindered was apparently not that hindered, with his bleeding sight, he shot Andrés from where he was laying on the ground.
This should not be funny but the guy was like :
Tumblr media
PS : I have something as an apology gift that you might like, but I'll send that after my review of ep 28
Good morning (or at least I assume it's morning?)
You've nothing to be sorry for, but I'm happy to see you here as always!
It took them long enough, but they are finally here!
Lmfao, shit got into a more dangerous territory there. Also this time his literal brother and wife are involved agahsv that's literally his entire family. And now that you know the Frederico truth, it's literally literally his entire family afansus.
Exactly! Martín is especially a huge nutcase when it comes to Andrés, disables any common sense in him that was to be found previously (not much but still).
THEY ARE. You always guess where I'm going lmfao.
It's the wrong way, but it's sincere, which makes up for it. Glad you found it sweet.
The only true power team here is RaquelxPaula with their acting skills.
Afajsjhsjsbs He's good at fighting, I'll give him that.
Oh god, yes, Paula really shouldn't have witnessed all of that. She's gonna forget all about it for 10+ plus years, then one day someone will make an off-handed comment and she'll suddenly realize that this one month of her eighth year on earth is the source of all her trauma.
HAHAHAHA I'm dying at people reading Andrés getting the absolute worst physical and mental treatment in my fic and laughing.
@roccinan I think we broke the fandom.
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loquaciousquark · a day ago
Talks Machina Highlights - Critical Role C2E136 & 137 (May 11, 2021)
Good evening and good night, everyone! Tonight on Talks are Laura Bailey & Sam Riegel. I was seriously hoping for Travis after the oh-so-spooky ending to last week's episode, but we'll make do! Tonight, Sam joins us while exercising on his Peloton (apparently in a full workout program led by Peloton teacher Tunde(?)) in front of a green screen. Boy, this is gonna be a thing, huh?
We're not even to the first question and Sam has already been photoshopped into a carwash. Oh, brother.
How is everyone feeling diving into the Cognouza ward? Laura doesn't want to be there at all. She knew Liam desperately wanted to see it, but she didn't. Neither did Sam: it's like being in someone else's gross bathroom where you really don't want to touch anything. Isn't the whole city a body? Is there an earwax room, Sam wonders?
Dani called that Sprinkle was Artagan waaaay back when. She thought it was either a Hollowed One or the Traveler. Travis and Laura were joking about it at home a while back as well, but she didn't think it was real. Sam assumed Matt just didn't want to retcon Sprinkle dying after various adventures & never expected him to tie a plot point to it.
Sam thinks the campaign is winding down & he's trying to get Veth one-on-one time for everyone. Laura is his favorite due to Jester's & Nott's relationship. Laura very much wants to open a real detective agency in game if they both survive this fight.
Laura can't believe Sam is committing to the Peloton bit. "I just had no idea that you were going to do this the whole time. I genuinely thought you were choosing to wear a sleeveless shirt." Sam: "I like that we're at that part in our relationship where you're like, 'well, this is a mistake for him but I'm not even gonna bring it up.'"
If Jester wasn't in a relationship with Fjord, she'd have wink-wink'd at Charlie.
Veth on Devexian: she's very drawn to confidence and sexy voices. There are no men in the M9 who check those boxes. Jester: "Fjord is very tall, dark, and handsome!" Sam: "Yeah, but he's got those little stick arms!" Brian points out that Yasha is the most tall, dark, and handsome of the group, and Sam laments that he already tried that too. She's not going to sleep with the robot, but she can appreciate beauty.
Laura starts to tell us about the Shape of Water while talking about Devexian's functionality and makes THAT GESTURE, YOU KNOW. She then collapses with laughter at being shy about it. She tells Sam Jester isn't shy at all and draws all sorts of humanoid species dicks.
They both agree the powers Caleb & Beau have right now are awesome but will 100% come back to bite them. Sam thinks the 3/9 eyes means there's a 1/3 chance Molly can control them.
Once Molly takes them over, they both agree Beau must be killed first. "She could kill all of us in a heartbeat."
Cosplay of the Week: kairiceleste on Instagram with an amazing Caleb. Great fire photoshop as well! Brian pulls the digital CR gift card off a genuine Bafta. These kids, I tell you what.
Jester still wishes they had access to the Wild Magic chaos since it seemed perfectly harmless and only funny. Laura, on the other hand, knows it's a good thing they've left it behind since not all of them are so benign.
Both Sam & Laura are delightedly astonished to remember Veth is still like a foot tall. Sam says he would have been doing an even higher-pitched voice had he known.
Laura feels great about her Parent Trap success. She likes that it was grounded and not fanciful. It was very bittersweet to leave them behind, choosing not to say goodbye. It almost felt like Jester has accepted whatever fate has in store and if something happens to her, she knows that at least someone will take care of Marion.
Right now, Jester feels a stronger purpose than anything to stop the city. It's so hard to marry that serious & driven purpose to Caleb's desire, for example, to explore a room and pick up a piece of paper. She really thinks she did see that vision of the eye that Matt mentioned last episode, contrary to what Matt thinks.
It wasn't as satisfying as Sam had hoped to kill Otis. He wanted to face off in a fair duel and win via superior cunning & scrappiness. "Who knows, maybe Otis will come back to life!" Maybe they can Speak with Dead and Veth can rub it in.
Laura desperately wants to go back and explore the city. It felt like a video game level with a time limit; it killed her that she couldn't take as much time as she wanted to explore. "There was so much loot!"
Sam wasn't expecting the Somnovem to have distinct personalities. Dani has a theory about them being heightened emotions. Sam: "Like Inside Out??" Laura: "Inside Out in the flesh city." There has to be a way to sweet-talk them into helping. Laura never expected that they'd actually land in the city at all.
The only thing that is stopping them now is that Lucien hasn't placed his threshold crest yet. Laura thinks that if he does, the city will go back immediately and--she suspects--the nine Somnovem will rise again in power like gods, and drive the city to destroy Exandria.
Fanart of the Week: gazedraws with a lovely Devexian. Great gold work on the neck and face! Sam: "It would take a while to put a hickey on that, but I could do it."
Brian's entirely imagined neon sign dropping from the ceiling with the gift card is powered (apparently) by Sam's Peloton. Laura complains that the light isn't bright enough because he isn't pedaling fast enough. I can't believe how intricate this has become.
It makes perfect sense for Jester that there is power that comes from belief. She's coming to terms with the idea that the Traveler isn't a god.
All three of them forward-nostalgize about sitting on a couch together. Soon, friends!
They're dying to know about the weapon Veth found. They need time for Caleb to identify it.
Lucien's visible reaction to being called Circus Man has to be a clue from Matt that Molly's still in there. Both Sam & Laura are convinced that they can reach Molly somehow if they can just say the right thing. They are determined to try to get Molly back before Travis just kills Lucien. Laura wonders if they're going to encounter the consciousnesses of Yussa and Molly somewhere in the city.
Sam and Laura think they have good odds against Cree, even with legendary actions. Sam's sure there will be some wrinkle to either make the fight harder or delay them in the fight against Lucien. Laura suggests splitting the party. Brian: "You should be careful splitting the party; without Caduceus, there's no healing!" Laura: "...that's true." Sam thinks that Cree will be able to control Beau or Caleb (or other party members) with the blood vials she took so long ago.
Sam has gone 14.1 miles on the Peloton. What a nice workout!
And that is that is that! Is it Thursday yet?
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Assuming my idea is right you may get that bonding you were hoping for Cap. I'm thinking that if my idea on why Zoe gets akumatized in Sole Crusher is right and that Zoe reveal she dislikes Audrey to Chloe and wants to at least try bonding with Chloe. the two somewhat have a tensed relationship until the end of Queen banana were their issues with each other are results.
Like during Queen banana, Zoe is only trying to be helpful to her sibling but accidentally only makes matters worse (only wanted to be the stunt double for Chloe but accidentally replacing her as the star role) but by the end of the episode when Zoe is handing Chloe the anti Akuma charm thing(which we seen that in the old trailers) she gives some speech about not wanting to replace Chloe in both the movie or as a hero(my guess is that since Zoe was not transformed when handing Chloe the charm, she give Chloe the bee miraculous temporarily for Chloe to have one last moment as Queen Bee before hanging up the crown)-CT
Here’s hoping 
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