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#or I’ll just make the post myself lol
oddverse · 9 days ago
I wanna post outfits I’d like to see la squadra in 😔
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wujuhour · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Rant 4
Whew that last one was a doozy. I think it’s good to have sorta watered down my thoughts enough to help them fade but, I might’ve done it too well that time. Probably good, means this blog is doing its job. Still though, I mention this because I knew I had a Rant 4 but I’d forgotten what it was about exactly. Hoping this little ranting itself will sorta, lead me to there. Guess I’ll just make this one a series of mini rants.
 I plan on having a nicer lunch today but I’ve been eating like shit lately. Not necessarily trashy foods just, not wanting to eat, and not feeling jazzed about doing so.
My internet’s been trashy and I feel isolated and frustrated not being able to do as much. I get so bratty with technology, so whiny. I want to throw my arms around and say “just WOOOOOOOORK damn you!” but obviously that brings me no luck. I dislike inconvenience much more often than actual hardship, and I’ve got little life or entertainment offline, so you can imagine no internet makes me a sad clown.
That said I’m getting pretty bored with my choices of entertainment. I’ve got backups, of course, and backup backups. But I’ve got that sort of refrigerator bias: I’m looking at my choices and nothing stands out, nothing says “pick me!” Maybe it *is* a depression thing; but also it’s just a lot of it isn’t new. I’m a little nauseous at the moment of fiddling with the same old shit, and even the different old shit. Not to say, while it’s still possible, going back to anything wouldn’t be fun. I’m just starving for the new at the moment, trapped in a loop. I’m sure In These Trying Times that a lot of people feel that way. 
Alright that’s probably all for now, for today even, unless I remember more. This post as mentioned was a little more impromptu due to a forgotten actual subject. But not everything here is going to be complaints nor sappiness, or at all emotional. I can just tell this blog anything, get the thoughts out of my head. I like being chatty and this will serve for when I’ve got no particular good target to talk to. Obviously I’m not gonna tell my whole life story or anything to this blog, both because of internet safety wisdom and because it’s not so much a full disclosure therapy thing. I’m also a little trickstery so even for a hidden little thing like this I’m gonna still keep SOME secrets ;)
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tanemiduchis · 8 months ago
ok. so I know that I didn’t like the starless sea. but for some reason, I feel like because everyone seems to love it, I have to as well. like I had legitimate issues with it; I didn’t just not enjoy it. I could probably write a pretty coherent review about it. but every time I see someone raving about it, I feel like my assessment has to be wrong, especially when an adult is the one reviewing it. which is definitely a problem lol
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haknew · 10 months ago
oh my goodness jess!!! I live in the same time zone as you Y WERE U UP AT NEARLY 4AM DROPPINING A KEVIN SET ASDGJKIK3O wack sleep schedule gang unite huh?😥 hope you're doing ok!!! rest well and stay healthy please [you don't have to post this publicly. just wanted to come anon and leave you this message. take care sweetie people care about you ]
me 🤝 you wack sleep schedules indeed 😭 hmm to be completely honest, my sleep schedule is just messed,,, and i figured i’d finish the kevin set before sleeping bc i had the motivation to ! ;;;; ah my motivation to make gifs or anything has been in the negatives lately so when i get a random spurt of it, i typically try to use it... otherwise i might have never finished it :(( anyway ! i’m... doing ok ! i doubt anyone really noticed but i’ve just been having some down days loool not that you asked but that has been the mood™ but i’m really grateful and touched you sent this ;;; i hope you rest well soon too and stay safe and healthy ! 🥺💗💗💗(we really need to fix our sleep schedules friend HAHA) and fksjfkdkfk ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
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ko-eko-ev-go-ms · 11 months ago
bro i hate desktop it didn’t tell me when i ran out of tags like it does on mobile so i lost a bunch of important ones. idk maybe it did and i just didn’t see bc not used to desktop, but even then usually on mobile it literally wont let me post another one if i went past the limit. am trolled. This is just like that time when I typed out an entire important post, only to forget to copy it before posting (Only having copied a portion), and then it didn’t post and i lost a majority of the post. Just less upsetti this time since tags aren’t as important compared to an entire post + tags + plus it being an important vent that i didn’t have the energy to redo
#thoughts#oni talks#oni vents#idk how many tags i missed so idk how much i should rewrite#since a lot of the later ones were logging stuff#Okay checked and the main important ones that are missing are the logs#so i'll just quickly log them here since while they are important i don't want to make their own post for them lol#Its mainly about weird weight stuff#weight stuff#like how when i started in 2018 i was at my lowest at 236 which is still bad#technically i've weighed less when i was actively unhealthy but i'm counting this based on the stats for this specific program#Then my highest was 263 in sept 2019#which makes sense since september is historically a horrible month for me#Then the one before the most recent one was about 245ish or so#of note i'm not counting decimals in these bc math hard and i'm lazy and don't want to#And then the one from yesterday was 248#I haven't weighed myself today yet though so idk it might have changed#So I gained 27 from lowest to highest and then lost 15 from highest to now#at least if i'm doing my math right#so 12 until i'm back at my starting weight/lowest which wasn't even good in the first place#last i remember my lowest is technically somewhere around 180ish from when i was super unhealthy and had problems eating#Although i don't remember the exact number or date#also now i'm paranoid about desktop eating my tags#also the only other tags it missed from the last post was mainly just about me contemplating posting vent art#Still undecided but even if i do i probably will tomorrow since i hit post limit on my main blog so it would be really annoying
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thatwitchrevan · a year ago
If I were to post an Anakin-centric fic on here for feedback/concrit before posting it on ao3, would anybody be interested in providing that feedback, and if so would it be better if I posted it into a text post or shared a link to the google doc?
it’s a set of canon divergent scenes and most of them are actually pretty old so I’d be interested in a second or third opinion but typically when I post fic on tumblr I get very few comments which rarely include concrit or in-depth feedback. that’s all totally understandable as I’m just one fanwriter in the sea of sw fic and some people aren’t comfortable leaving concrit at least in some formats but I thought I’d ask. please reply to this post or dm me if you have any advice or questions, thanks!
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cordeliasgirlfriend · a year ago
i feel like i do nothing but repeat myself over here but  , ,, , i think i might be falling back into the fandom which worries me because ew boys but also , i,, i can’t tell if dl is dead or not, ??? ? akskas i miss!!!!!!the ocs!!! 
anyways here’s a little?ramble about maribel and karls first meeting kinda ? idk ily guys
ok so yeah i thiink i’ve said this before but basically young human maribel was basically just supposed to be karl’s snack?? dinner?? impulsive blood suck while on a ‘business trip’?? it was like perfect,, she looked young and naive, innocent, pure (believe it or not) and all alone, lost somewhere tucked away in the woods . it was perfect lol but he still regrets it to this day because ,,
she was supposed,, to die after it,, because yknow, humans,, weak, , karl, strong,, - it wasn’t like he checked for a pulse after he almost sucked her dry, he just vanished and at this point maribel was like ???!? wtf?? ??!i’m aroused like ?? dream?? ? idk 
she did pass out for like an hour and eventually returned home, still not really knowing what happened so just kinda just figured she was wayy too desperate for a boyfriend and had to stop reading those weird romance books that she had found lol
buuuut! because karl was on his ‘business trip’, he remained in the area (france, or somewhere not too far away) and just assumed she died, because surely he’s killed people that way before- if they don’t die instantly, they die in days, hours; something like that.
i imagined it to be almost like a damsel in distress situation, maybe around one of them times maribel ran away from home because she’s an emotional disaster,,, and she had to find somewhere to relax and then boom!??! all of a sudden there’s this hot mature looking man ,, godlike, even,, and he’s acting like a charming gentleman towards her?? how could she refuse that ?? ? lol she was havin a rough time anyway
yeah i keep getting off topic and i have a perfect idea of the scenario in my head  so if you want that,,, i can,, because iv’e already written like ?? ?10 paragraphs of something like this in my drafts and uhh heyah
so after all of his coaxing maribel felt so grown up to be like ?? seduced by this very handsome man and was impulsively ready to just throw her virginity at him but that didn’t happen,, only her blood ???suck?? virginity jksgdfjgdf
and then for karl,, he didn’t know until a long time after drinking from her that she actually didn’t die and she just kinda came back and was like !!! i,, its u!!! omg!!! please do that ?? thing to me again i love u,, so.. he did,, because her blood was pretty decent and once again expected her to die, but it didn’t matter because that time he was leaving the area and who the fuck ??!? would believe someone like her lol
needless to say, maribel just kept on acting like a roach, never dying and ending up in places you don’t want!!! being annoying!! lol all it was really,, was just a fuck up that karl made and yeah he could just get rid of her but it’s not like,, she isn’t entertaining sometimes,, ykno,w,,
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witchhazelbazel · 6 hours ago
Me: I'm gonna write something sad gonna break my and my friend's hearts, maybe kill my oc again and make Childe cry hehe
1 hour later, clutching my phone as I wrote stupid ocxcanon self-indulgent fluff: why is it everytime I said I'm writing something I do the exact opposite fml ajdkkd
Sometimes it's the opposite too, I am a fool who never goes through what I said, a contrarian to the very end.
Seriously tho, I forgot how... nice it is to indulge myself in my tiny oc-canon ship like writing reader inserts are nice but........ the serotonin levels I got from just that drabble was way better than any caffeine boost hahah
fuwon!! i feeeeel this lololol  
I might make a few little fics for myself - you know indulge in the good feels - though idk if i’ll post any, might not be as fun for people (and I have so many WIPs while STILL adding to my list lol) 
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apollos-chariot01 · a day ago
A new introduction:
Hi all! 👋👋 I’m Theodore, or Theo, or Teddy, or Ted (whichever you prefer to call me!) I’m a 20 year old trans man and I’m also pansexual. My pronouns are he/him! I’m a hellenic polytheist and I worship Apollo, Zeus, Hades, Ares, and Dionysus! (And yes, I manage to keep it all *mostly* organized though it took awhile to get into that rhythm lol and it is still in need of minor adjustments I’m still learning!)
I have been a hellenic polytheist off and on since like 2017 but it has been solid since about January of 2020. I also do practice a bit of witchcraft but I’m not as into that as I am Hellenism. So, while I can answer most questions you may have or at least point you in the right direction I may not always have it or at least the one you may be looking for as I’m still learning (and tbh I feel like it’s a learning process for your entire life). But learning, adjusting, and even making mistakes are all part of this and are all going to happen to you at least once. So don’t feel discouraged if you mess up! That’s my most important lesson tbh. I struggled with that in the beginning hence why my worship was so on and off.
I am also autistic so I will be making some posts about that as well and it’s also just a slight warning in case you ever interact with me and are left wondering ‘why is he like this?’. That’s most definitely why. I’m just absurdly awkward. Not mean. I’ll never be mean without reason. Especially if you’re just like asking a question or something.
My blog is a safe place for: BIPOC, people of all faiths, people of all cultures and ethnicities, folks of any gender identity, folks of any sexuality (unless you think MAP is a valid sexuality in which case fuck off, or those weird like dracosexual and all those ‘joke’ ones like that that really just mock the actual LGBTQIA+ community and that bs ‘super straight’ or ‘super’ anything that’s not welcome here, transphobia isn’t cute). Basically you’re welcome here so long as you’re not a terf, bigot, trump supporter (at this rate Republicans just need to F off from this blog y’all have turned into something way more than just ‘conservative beliefs’). And before you complain this is my blog I make the rules here.
I will also post political, activist, and social justice stuff every once in a while but for the sake of my mental health I have been stepping back and taking a break from that for a bit just because I spent the past 5~ years completely immersing myself in it without any kind of a break or taking time to care for myself and my sanity. So I’m just taking a breather for a bit.
Anyways. Some more about me is: I’m planning on majoring in history and minoring in literature whenever I get around to going to college. I love drawing, painting, writing, reading, knitting, cooking, and baking. I live in the Midwest and things can be horrendously boring here, and yes we often got to Walmart or target for fun. Along with the whole going for a ride for fun happens to. My favorite genre of book is probably historical fiction. As to my favorite all time book, I don’t have a set answer for that though the Magic Treehouse books hold a special place in my heart. My favorite genre of music is a tossup between ska and punk.
That’s about it I think. If you have any further questions just let me know!
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peter-covinskys · a day ago
What’s the next Clustin fic? :)
hiii!! i’m working on a Jess/Justin fic that does have Clustin moments in it, but i’m also working a fic that alternates chapters of current day in Justin’s first year of adoption and flashbacks to his childhood (does this make sense? explaining this fic is a nightmare for my brain lol). that fic will definitely be more suited to your Clustin wishes :)
i’m going to take a week or two break before i post anything new just so i can give myself a chance to write ahead and post consistently, but i’ll be back soon with either one of those fics next! i can’t wait to share them. thank you for reading :)
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