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#op i love u this is gorgeous
kitashinsvks · a month ago
heya i wanna request for the 3k match-up event, if thats okay!! btw congrats on 3k, your writing is legit gorgeous i love it so much <3 anyways here are some things abt me :
- my pronous are she/her
- my mbti is either an istp or intp (my results are always either of these two)
- my zodiac sign is a leo
- my ideal type is someone who understands boundaries, is fun to be around, willing to help, intelligent (smart ppl are hot), a bit chill and laid-back, they can match my energy 😩, and i guess thats it?
- my fav color is either blue or grey
- my fav trope is enemies to lovers esp with angst
- my aesthetic would prob be night luxe and i like playing the guitar and watching anime, i also have a thing for astrology
- im someone easy-going and is quite ope-minded, i hate being tied down or being told what to do, i am ambtious and determined, im a perfectionist and an over-achiever, i have mood swings, uhm i think thats it
sorry if this is too much, i hope you have a great day and stay safe!! :)
i hope u stay safe too !!! and thank u so much hngdhdhdh
i match you with...
kuroo tetsurou !!
Tumblr media
you're the smart couple that everyone is jealous of bc you're smart AND hot like... vv obvious god is playing favorites smh
kuroo would match your energy in no time ! please you've seen how he acts like this composed captain infront of his team but shares the same braincell with bokuto.
he'd be able to adapt to your personality in no time ! he's one of the smartest characters in hq so study dates are common for the both of you.
dates with him consists of you trying to teach him guitar, but he just FLIRTS TOO MUCH that you can't help but just . . .
Tumblr media
i'll let that picture speak for itself (i love woozi and mingyu sm)
in conclusion: the both of you are so attached to one another yet so lowkey and chill, please i said it at the start but everyone is jealous of your relationship
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miloscat · a month ago
[Review] Kirby’s Epic Yarn (Wii)
Tumblr media
I haven’t played many Kirby games, but that’s ok because this is secretly a Yoshi game! Also, it has co-op!
My spouse and I played Yoshi’s Woolly World a while back, and this is what directly lead to Good-Feel getting that gig. YWW seemed like the natural next step; this game oddly opens by immediately removing Kirby’s iconic sucking/inflating/copying abilities, replacing them with an inexplicable extendable tongue-like tether, which can turn enemies into projectiles. The interactivity of the game world feels vaguely Yoshi-esque, and there’s even a bunch of transformations and an end-of-stage spinning prize ring.
But anyway. In other respects it’s Kirby-like: overflowing with cuteness, a gentle and forgiving experience that gradually ramps up the difficulty, and of course Dedede gets brainwashed. The key feature here though is the art style. As the title implies, yarn is everywhere. I would call it more charming than “epic”, though...
The world and everything in it is made of wool, buttons, zippers, and various other craft materials. It’s unendingly endearing, and shows what a fully followed-through art direction can achieve even in standard def. The game is gorgeous, and is accompanied by an equally lovely soundtrack (and a narrator with a deep, soothing British accent). Even the animations of Kirby and his new friend Prince Fluff are adorable as they become little cars when dashing, or morph their woven forms into parachutes for a slowed descent. In this and other ways, the fact that everything is crafted also informs the gameplay (and the plot), so it feels nice and integrated.
Although things get hairy (or fluffy) at times, with intense sections that throw a lot at you, you never lose too much progress from a mistake. The worst that can happen is losing a bunch of beads (the common collectible), which only affects the colour of your medal at the end. Well, you do need to score well in a boss fight to unlock some bonus levels, and beads are also used in the hub plaza to buy furniture for a little decorating side-mode, which is tied to a neat little set of challenge missions.
Woolly World offered some extras to mitigate what challenge it had, but they hadn’t thought of that yet for KEY apparently. Playing in co-op is a boon though, especially if you’re hunting for secret collectibles, as players can grab and throw each other, or jump on each other’s heads. Sometimes this means you can get in each other’s way or cause fumbles, but more often it helps, especially when a lagging or less conifdent player can “bubble” themselves (a Rayman Origins-derived term for us) at any time to go to the other’s position.
This game is just so wholesome, and made for a perfect co-op experience. It’s even available digitally on Wii U, so there’s no excuse for all you GamePad enthusiasts out there. There’s a 3DS port too, but... well, the even lower-res screen seems to lose some of the joyous detail, and the extra modes apparently rather miss the point of the game’s original vision. You’re probably better off playing the original on a big screen with a friend if possible, but it’s just as enjoyable solo. Poyo!
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inthedusksynria · 2 months ago
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grishafroog · 3 months ago
yo, tysm!!! these are important words for me. really, thank you for such lovely and kind words, ily!💞💞💞
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riskeith · 3 months ago
hehe, hi!! hope you slept well even if you stayed up until 3-4 am (?) also what fic... what paring... 👀
genshin charas be like: *wavy beautiful flowy deep hair* tbh and we just gotta accept that. just keep practicing and i’m sure you’ll do them more than justice. your stuff is already great so far!! I JUST SAW HIS ISLE ANIMATION RAZOR IS LITERALLY BEST BOY? also his voice actor... ☹️🥺 razor is catboy we love it.
i’m gonna run around with him and just think about you always i promise!!!! [as if i don’t do that already hehe 😏] some day it will be i’m actually hopefully they’ll do it. too many people want cross server they cannot pass that up.. :(
thank u!! hehe, it’s a tododeku piece and it was one of my first bnha fics i started working on. basically it’s a radio au? i love those so much... midoriya’s a radio host and todoroki listens to him to help his insomnia and they start talking and it’s basically Yearning... jshdjdhdkd this one is actually one of those fics ive always wanted to do but felt stuck with multiple times shdjdsshdh but i don’t wanna let it die just yet so we’ll see what i’ll do with it. and yeah!!! long fics are super intimidating. i agree with everything you said lmao. the stuff i post is actually only one shots. multi-cap scares the fuck out of me bc what if you just lose motivation and then there are people that are waiting for updates and aaah. when i used to do longer fics i used to write it all out before posting the chapters that way i was Sure it was all done. most of my longer fics just end up never leaving my drive account because of that reason.. i literally have fics with over 20k words that have just died out... yikes. hahahah. and omg imagine a wip dump i’d read them all!! who knows what gold your big brain has hidden from us....
YOU HAVE A STUDY? now that’s just sexy of you. stop i feel like people that study at home in a specific office are studious. there’s something super fancy about having a work space at home... and a bookshelf my god what a dream... 😍 books are the most important!!!!! my makeup is hidden in a makeup bag so it doesn’t touch them. i’d literally cry if anything happened to any of them shsjdjk. your bookshelf said 2013 vibes and i adore it. all of those are such good vibes tbh i can’t believe you have them at home... awww <3 do you like the movie adaptions as well?
what happens after 12 yo? do you have secondary school?
I HAVE NO CLUE... god albedo so gorgeous. we’ve just been praising him for days and i’m still not tired of him. he’s so perfect!!!!! if he comes back another time i’m definitely gonna go for it. also AHH? i cant wait for the razor pic aaah you made me so excited now... <3
i made a asia server acc earlier!! god it feels so weird to start anew sjdkdhdk all the tutorials.. not having wings... nothing. just paimon and me running around in the whispering woods. kind of tedious actually but gotta do it for the wifey.. 🥰 i’m thinking i’m gonna hustle hard this weekend to hopefully get up at least to level 10 or something. omg we are literally gonna be that meme where the short person stands in front of taller person and says “they asked for no pickles”... have you seen them? i suck at explaining shjdjdjd anyway. CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU PLAY... 😍 the homoerotic tension in the domains... 😍 also i was thinking,. we get a lot of primogems early in the game and i’m gonna try to spin for xingqiu so we can have that date after all... 😏
YOU HAVE 5 ACCS? my girl is booked and busy. can i ask what for help... also do you ever tweet the wrong things on the wrong accs? and idk what a moment is but i’d absolutely watch that. i wanna see ur cute screenshots... 🥺 YOUR THEME IS SOOOOOO FUCKING GOOD!!!!! ohdhsjshsjshsjsj it’s soooo fucking nice I LOVE IT the colors and the pose. THE MOON ABOVE HIS HEAD. mark me as in love... 🥺
it’s me who cannot wait to hear from YOU. i can’t stop thinking about how soon we’ll run around together aaaah... <3333
i finished responding to your ask at like 3am and slept then!! it was.... drarry 😳😳 they’re legitimately all i read these days even tho i have like one (1) knowledge about hp and its lore FHDKFHSDFJSDKKHSD just the enemies to lovers dynamic you know??? ugh 😩😘👌
fjksdfh thank!! HE’S THE BESTEST BOY!! lil pup 🥺🥺 AND HERE’S THE IMAGE: 
Tumblr media
LOOK AT HIM M.A. LOOK!!!!!!!!!!! dont you just want to give him everything <333 all the wolfhook he wants... all the good pats... 😭😭😭😭
hehe <33 and hopefully some day!!! i think realistically they wouldn’t, but one can hope hfsdkfhkdsjkh
:o concept! oooo does todoroki know it’s midoriya or is he just pining for the mystery radio show host 😩🤪 i hope you’re able to keep it alive! ahaha ganbatte plus ultra 💪💪💪 you 🤝 me sticking to one-shots. fjdslfkj damn writing it ALL before posting tho requires so much patience... that’s so admirable.... im legit so hungry for like attention and validation from my fics i can’t not post fhdsfsdhsdhk even if it’s still a wip... and the giving up on a multichap i’ve done that LOLLLLLLLLLL i was so in denial about it too even tho i knew i was never gonna go back to it i went from pretending it didnt exist to announcing a hiatus to then announcing its discontinuation fhdskfjsdkjfskdhfdsks
FHSKFHSDKJ ye!! ahah actually now that you say it like that ... makes me sound so profesh 😩 nice! that’s good protect the books first and foremost hfksdhkfs. 2013 was a vibe too i reckon.. that was when catching fire came out <333 which relates to your question, i do *mostly* like the movie adaptations! if i watch the movies before the books then it’s all good, but if i’ve already read the books and then i go into the adaptation..... yikes HSHAH but sometimes it’s been so long i forget the book plot so it’s alright. i do think the hunger games adaptations were really good though!!! hbu do you like the movies?
yup we call it high school!! and that goes from 13-18 yo. 
albedo... always on the mind 🥰🥰🥰 i think once i get xiao i might maybe roll of every banner after? just to try LOL idkk. 
!! im so sorry you have to go through all that tedious stuff again 😭😭😭 but im so thankful 😍😍😍😍 once you reach co-op levels dw we can do all the quests together so you won’t have to suffer through them with difficulty 🤪 and no i didn’t know that meme but i just looked it up and omg that energy... can’t wait for that to be us :p XINGQIU!!! im so excited omg.. that was one of the other reasons i was willing to start again so i could try roll him fshfksjd. channeling luck for you so you get him again!!! and then chongyun can be with the boyf <33 
5 but only 3 i use!!! my kpop twt, anime, and then my ‘main’ (for posting just fics and art etc). the other 2 are basically just there to save URLs hfskdfhskd. and no i don’t!! im super conscientious about that bc im so paranoid hfkshfsdfhsdfjksdhfks y’all won’t catch me slipping 🤪 and a moment is basically just a collection of tweets! but i realised you actually need to tweet them first for that to happen fshfhsdkfd but here are some thumbnails!
Tumblr media
THANK UUUU chongyun really is my muse.. who needs irl photography when i can do all this in game <33333 
ME NEITHER!! you got me smiling like a fool just thinking about it... hope you slept well! mwah :*
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thejonzone · 4 months ago
Jon Writes a Year-End List
My favorite songs of 2020, alphabetically by artist
Bedouine (Margo Guryan cover)- The Hum
The original Guryan version is good but Bedouine’s take is cleaner, all the better to emphasize Guryan’s blissful songwriting. I could listen to the chords in the chorus forever.
Bob Dylan- I’ve Made Up My Mind to Give My Heart to You
It’s nice to hear Bob sing a yearning and clear-eyed love song. And the way he stretches out his words gives the whole thing a confidence that’s easy to get lost in. 
Boldy James- Giant Slide
Boldy had a great year, and it’s The Price of Tea in China with Alchemist producing that stood out to me. 
Empty Country- Becca
I don’t go to music festivals anymore, but listening to this album makes me dream of hearing it live, while being dehydrated, sweaty, feet hurting, holding in a p*op, a late afternoon sunburn loading. I want the whole thing!!
fawning, Rui Gabriel ft. Jack Riley- God
Toss it on the cloudy day walking playlist!
Frances Quinlan- Went to LA 
Great cathartic yell in this one. Quinlan builds up a palpable tension here. It rocks.
Judy ft. Jack Dolan, jommis- Say What U Mean
You’ve got to imagine these fellas knew they had put a few catchy melodies down while trying to out-croon each other.
Kurt Vile ft. John Prine (John Prine cover)- How Lucky
A Prine acolyte with a feature from the man himself. RIP.
Lala Lala, Grapetooth- Valentine
Kind of like a slow-dance song at nightmare prom. I love the percussion and Frankel’s villainously-low voice.
Lil Durk- Street Affection
The range of emotions Durk can access and scroll through is impressive.  
Miranda Winters- Little Baby Dead Bird
Scuzzy guitar and violin create a hypnotic effect in this evocative dirge. Miranda Winters is such a good singer. Check out her main band, Melkbelly-- they put out a great album this year!
Nap Eyes- Mark Zuckerberg
Two guitars: one is pointy, the other is chugging. That is the correct way to do two guitars.
Noname- Song 33
This song is 70 seconds. 70! Noname casually negates J. Cole and the song isn’t even about him. She’s so great. 
Ratboys- I Go Out at Night
Julia Steiner is on her The Hours shit in this melancholic fantasy of leaving and not returning. 
Rio da Yung OG, Lil Yachty- 1v1
I like how Yachty comes in on his verse! It’s been fun to see him back in action with his new Michigan friends. Rio is the star here, though. And Enrgy too. 
Soccer Mommy- yellow is the color of her eyes 
Sophia Allison’s delivery of “The tiny lie I told to myself is making me hollow” might be my line of the year. 
Swamp Dogg- Memories
The whole of Sorry You Couldn’t Make It is great, but for Swamp Dogg, who has covered John Prine, to work with the man before he died is a special accomplishment, and we’re better off that it’s recorded. 
Tall Juan- Irene
One of my favorite 2020 releases. And I’ll be a bit vulnerable here folks….when I am walking outside and this song comes on, I push my butt out a little bit and walk like I have rhythm and purpose. 
Tierra Whack- Dora
I’m so excited to see what Tierra Whack does, from her beat selection to how she jumps between flow and cadence. She understands herself so well. 
Non-2020-specific Music I Enjoyed, in Superlative Form
Group Vocal Performance Most Likely to Pierce Your Heartless Facade
Yesu Ka Mkwebaze
Best Song to Listen to if You are an 1850’s-era whaler in Your Feels
Mary Ann
Favorite Duet (Not Blood-Related)
Emmylou Harris and Herb Pedersen (but mostly Emmylou) create such an intricate and gorgeous melody on “If I Could Only Win Your Love”. Pedal steel heads and mandolin freaks, eat up.
Favorite Duet (Blood-related)
The Louvin Brothers- When I Stop Dreaming
Any longtime friends of the show know I’m a big fan of the singing duo The Louvin Brothers. They’ve got that golden country tone but it’s the blood harmony that turns these guys into something else entirely.
And here’s the kicker, folks. Emmylou covered When I Stop Dreaming! How coincidental for all of us reading this End of Year list…. The Louvins are my preferred version, but Emmylou, that you could help me make this connection is enough, dayenu!
Most Surprising Use of a Song in a Network TV Show
"Yama Yama" by the Yamasuki Singers, Fargo Season 2
When I was a dishwasher at St. James Cheese Co., late 2016ish, this CD was in our back of house music rotation. It is a magical album-- a Japanese children's choir with French pop production (think a bunch of bells and shit). I never learned the name of the album while working there and it fell out of my mind until years later when, after remembering how much I loved it, realized I had no idea how to find it. The pain of typing different spellings of “japanese children’s choir” into google for days on end.....I literally yelled when Fargo used this in its Season 2 big boy shootout. *chef’s kiss*
Best Album by a Spiritually Hungry Musical Genius, Lapping Her Contemporaries in Arrangement, Theme, and Songwriting, Gone Before Her Time
Judee Sill’s self-titled debut. 
Best Use of a Second Keyboard in A Keyboard Solo
Fountains of Wayne’s Red Dragon Tattoo
Do I mean to say synthesizer? Not sure. RIP Adam Schlesinger and long live FoW. What a loss.
Best Vibes/ Song I’d Most Want to Show Ezra Koenig so That We’d Bond & Become Friends
Best Lyrics Written by a Jew in 1920’s NYC Being Sung by Willie Nelson
Lonely rivers flow to the sea, to the sea / to the open arms of the sea
Favorite TV Shows
-Second season shook its focus on the titular character and oh am I thankful. Not that Ramy himself isn’t great, he is, but the entire cast here deserves attention. The Uncle Naseem episode. The Uncle Naseem episode. Ahem. The Uncle Naseem episode.
Joe Pera Talks with You
Lovecraft Country
-Small gripes and complicated plotlines aside, this anthology connecting gothic horror, racism, and American history is phenomenal. 
Small Axe
-The second installment in this series, Lovers Rock, which takes place at a party, is the vicarious shot in the arm you deserve, you little extroverted thing you. 
I May Destroy You
The Last Dance
-The first Bulls game I ever went to was the first game *without* Michael Jordan, at the beginning of the ‘98-’99 season. Bad timing.
The Chi
Schitt’s Creek
-This show was never about the plot. Am I allowed to say that? I’ve never cared less for a plot and more for a cast. Catherine O’Hara is in her own league above us all.
Jon Writes a Year-End List
In 2019, my roommate June and I took a road trip through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I was out of a relationship, happily or unhappily I wasn’t sure yet, but along the way I downloaded Tinder hoping to meet a local who’d be excited to make out with me. There wasn’t much bite on my line, but by the time we reached Marquette, largely due to my good looks and charisma I’d orchestrated some type of group date with June, me, a girl from Tinder, and her friend. 
We met at a dingy karaoke bar and drank for cheap. Nobody wanted to hear me sing, but I got on stage anyway and gave “Willin” by Little Feat a go. Some guy at the bar in a maroon work shirt looked at me, scoffed, and left to smoke outside. The four of us weren’t hitting it off, even with alcohol. I and the friend made a plan to sing “Mommas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow up to Be Cowboys'', but she quickly abandoned the duet after we had begun, citing a lack of vibes.   
But we kept singing and drinking and hours later I was leaning against the bar, waiting to order, standing next to maroon-shirt guy who had so easily shrugged off my existence earlier. What caught my eye as I stood next to him was a Star of David tattoo on his forearm. And sure enough, the name tag stitched onto his shirt identified him as “Isaac”. Well I’ll goddamn be-- this guy was frickin Jewish! I was shocked-- I assumed he was goy in the same way I assumed everyone I ran into up there would be. 
For just one unconscious assumption (I’m the only Jewish person in this Marquette karaoke bar) to be wrong felt great. My assumptions are really awful. I assumed maroon-shirt hated my guts. I assumed these two girls we were drinking with thought I was a loser too. I assume people don’t like me or respect me or have any interest in getting to know me. I tell awful stories about myself to myself, and my assumptions about the world are limiting and boring! With patience, “guy at bar who kinda scowled at me” had all of a sudden turned into “my new friend Isaac” who, after a few minutes of conversation, I “asked to bum a cigarette from.”
One of my favorite shows of 2020 was Joe Pera Talks With You. I still remember watching Joe Pera’s stand-up for the first time, and then rewatching and rewatching, savoring his cadence. He dressed and spoke like a grandpa, replete with pitch-perfect, kinda-gross mouth sounds, stutters, and low-but-driving energy. It’s a good bit, and Joe has morphed it into probably the funniest, sweetest, and least-pandering show of 2020. What I love about this show is its foundational belief that anyone can surprise you, you just need to give yourself time to notice.
I didn’t end up making out with anyone but I did wake up the next morning with the worst hangover of my life. Wake up, barf, whimper. As June drove us out of Marquette, I could barely keep my eyes open. I did notice, however, a massive, wooden structure jutting out into Lake Superior.
Tumblr media
It is this same Lake Superior structure that Joe Pera Talks With You fixates on for its first shot of Season 2. Yes, this is an Adult Swim show that takes place in none other than Marquette, Michigan! Which is weird. Think about other movies, shows, or books that take place in the U.P. You can’t! Even zooming out to include the larger Upper-Great Lakes region leaves us with an almost-empty net: The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot and titular Gatsby’s origin story on Lake Superior. These are stories of hard living and life and death on the dangerous Great Lakes. But neither of those are specific to the Upper Peninsula.   
Regions are an easy if reductive lens with which to attempt to view and understand people. In 2020, broad and sweeping generalizations about large swaths of people continued to gain power. There was the movie adaptation of JD Vance’s ahistorical Hillbilly Elegy. Woolly-eyed liberals trotted out fake maps of a preferred America that holds only the “good” blue states, not at all engaging in the history of racism and voter suppression that got us here. Besides the fact that Georgia went blue. And Democratic strongholds like California, New York, and Chicago betray any notion of a “better” America. The sins of this nation are not cordoned off into one section or time zone, no region is monolithic, and most importantly, no person can be explained away with a quick sentence.
There is no regional monolith more widely misunderstood than the Midwestern gestalt. Fargo (the show) does a great job of serializing this one type of Midwestern character-- they say “oh sure, happy to help” and they’re murderers. So for Joe Pera to settle his show in the U.P. is a fun choice. Most Americans are probably hard-pressed to conjure an accurate mental picture of who the U.P. is, so Pera creates his own flavor of a seemingly-recognizable small Midwestern town.
In the first episode, Joe walks us through the bean arch he’s growing. Why grow snap beans? “Beans are straightforward.” Straightforwardness, or the appearance of, is central to Pera’s charm. Pera’s shtick is walking the audience through a basic task that can serve as a metaphor for a larger existential question. This conceit isn’t new to Pera, but it has been en vogue recently, with shows like Andy Daly’s Review and the new HBO show How To with John Wilson. These shows present a simple stated goal that obfuscates a larger, more complex grapple. 
Joe Pera Talks With You is incredible and endearing because of the genuine tone Pera gives his tight-knit Marquette. We’re getting deranged lunatics like Conner O’Malley and Dan Licata to write jokes for 70-year old Michigan grandmas at a salon. The show trades in the perceived Midwestern folksiness for a punchline, yet doesn’t lose itself in irony or resentment. 
Every character in the Joe Pera universe has the opportunity to be profound. Pera gives every character the patience they deserve; even O’Malley’s berserk Joe Rogan listening-caricature Mike Melsky gets incredible moments of vulnerability. It’s a rare comedy: self-aware but not self-obsessed, sweet but not gross, and uniquely funny.  
Nowhere else on TV are you going to see such consistently great acting. Some of the best working comedians are in this season. Conner O’Malley has found a way to tap into his unsettling grotesque that is a pleasure to watch, playing characters at the ends of their ropes, shrieking. Jo Firestone is hilarious and essential as Joe’s doom-prepper girlfriend Sarah. We get guest stars like  genius Carmen Christopher. Even one-line role players like Joe’s teacher-coworker, who says Joe and Sarah go together “like desk and chair,” knock it out of the park. 
The questions at the heart of Talks With You feel more pronounced in a year of death and isolation. How do we connect with people? How can we really be there for our loved ones? How can we feel comfortable in our own skin? The show came out pre-pandemic but Pera’s touch and pacing is universal.
It’s difficult not to compare Talks With You to How to with John Wilson. The two shows have a lot in common. Both protagonists are soft-spoken, and speak at an arrhythmic clip. John Wilson’s voice is affected just like Pera’s; both vocal deliveries are meant to engender trust by signaling to us that they’re lacking some social confidence. But I don’t buy Wilson’s shtick as much as Pera’s.
John Wilson’s show is not straightforward in the same way Pera’s is, and the show suffers under the added weight of pretense. Wilson’s tangents lead us to places that barely fit under the established thematic umbrella and feel forced. On memory, Wilson’s adventure with the Mandela Effect turns from fascinating to boring as the truthers devolve into sketch characters, viewing simple spelling errors with magnifying glasses. “How to Cover Your Furniture” spends an upsettingly long amount of time with an anti-circumcision advocate as Wilson works through the question of how much we are allowed to change parts of other people. Meant to appear as if they effortlessly fell into place, these characters feel shoe-horned in.
Both characters and shows are performative authenticity, and Joe Pera and John Wilson’s whole deal is their status as observer. This year, many of us have become observers. I know I have: unemployed, unable to see people, watching death counts climb, sending money to various bail funds and rent relief to people and organizations near and far. There is a responsibility to being an observer. It is not some callous task. Being an effective observer means allowing your subject the space they need to be as they are and not foisting your own nonsense onto them.
In Joe Pera’s America, it’s understood that everyone is weird. By virtue of being human, we are all weird, off, we do confusing things, and say dumb stuff that doesn’t make sense. Even you’re a weird freak. John Wilson’s subjects seem like circus animals, squeezed in front of the camera for their fucked-up little flip. I can’t shake the feeling that John Wilson is making fun of the people he’s observing. Pera’s observations are rooted in the fairness that comes from seeing humanity in people-- every person has an equal chance of surprising you with how weird they are if you just make them comfortable and let them talk. We owe that to each other.
To be fair, these shows are also very different. Wilson’s found-footage, documentary style is ingenious, hilarious, and completely not the vibe that Pera and Co. are going for at all. And region here is everything. Wacky stuff happening in NYC? Eh, isn’t that par for the course over there? Wait, a show set in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula? that I’ve never seen. 
Obviously I was wrong about Isaac in Marquette, just as any broad assumption about a region and its people will be. I actually learned that Jews have a significant relationship to the U.P. And I found similarities between my own Jewish history, covering a similarly nebulous area of the Rust Belt/Midwest, and my U.P. cousins. Yes, home was closer than I thought, even across the length of Lake Michigan. Yes, people don’t just hate my guts. Yes, we can overcome lazy assumptions and we can even connect with people. We can make a better world. It just requires patience and listening.
Now, on to my thoughts regarding Fiona Apple’s landmark album Fetch the Bolt Cutters...
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ukome · 4 months ago
woah 😳 today is a 1 month anniversary on this blog.. and like...
Tumblr media
can’t believe you all 🙄🙄 time to tag all (not only from the genshin fandom) of my mutuals now bc ilysm (PLATONICALLY) and you better love me (PLATONICALLY) too..
warnings: me calling my friends bitches bc i love them. and me being an emotional wreck. but seriously, SUCH an emtional wreck that you can TASTE my TEARS.
made in no particular order 🙄 y’all are all special, KNOW that!! also if i don’t include u and we r mutuals like. i’m sorry, DO dm me plz.
@damedamedame HI ASH!! you’re my first friend i made on tumblr, and despite us not having spoken in so long, you still make me go uwu despite how i despise that reaction 🙄🙄 BUT i still read the tbhk manga and i STILL spoil shit 4 u and that’s!! so funny!!!!! anyways, ilysm and heidi!!
@astrxrism heidi!!! HI BITCH i talk to you more than i talk to ash now.. and even though that DO be kinda sad, ilyasm... you’re funny, i like to laugh at your miserable ass when you cry ab obey me and other gacha games that have SEXY AND HOT ASF MEN IN THEM... do keep showing <333 and i like to cry myself to sleep when i remember how much of a DUMBASS i acted when we co-opped for the first fucking time! DON’T REMIND ME BITCH, i’ll do the reminding.
@genshinimpactoneshots hi snowy ur a crackhead and ilysm.... ur funny and stuff ig... um ya 🙄🙄🙄 i alr told u how i felt ab u sweetie... and yes i got the mention ab u tagging me aand telling me you loved me as well, i just never reblogged... BCI FORGOT 😭😭😭 anyways love u!
@official-simp hi homosapien!!! ur alt account DO be kinda comfy 😏😏 thanks bae ilysm u helped me stalk people and that’s just SO funny omg!!!! luv you xoxo and now to make this as long as snowy’s: XOXOXOOXOXOXOXOX OXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX, mwah. 😻🥰😍
@llumberries okok brb i need to put on my professional cap.. ok back!! hi al! you’ve been with me through thick and THIN, and ilysm. you’re too kind for me and sometimes i cry myself to sleep wondering if tmr i’ll wake up and find out that this was all a dream... but tysm!! 💘💖💗💞💝💓 ly!!1!!111
@albedosimp lia... omg where do i start 🙄 sometimes you make me wanna go 🙇‍♀️🙏 “your wish is my command, my lord.” and other times i wanna BITCHSLAP YOU 😌🤩 i still do. ANYWAYS, hi mwah ily ur like my first genshin friend i made on tumblr and yeah. ahem, anyways. keep being (not) smart and such a simp, it’s funny, i like to lauf @ u!!! XDXD HAAHAHHA 
@kan-shin hi shin!! i c u having breakdowns over your shitty online HK friends, and i just wanna let u know im here 4 u. ilysm and like.. xoxo mwah 💋😘 also it’s been years since i last heard u talk. YOU BETTER TALK TODAY. OR ELSE I’M. gonna do nothing bc i need you alive in order to hear your cute asf laughs.
@diluclovemail HI SYL!! hello, fellow chinese asian. how’s life in.. WHERE YOU ARE?? i love us simping over chinese foods and me laughing at how you haven’t had jellyfish and all that for so long... it’s cute!! can’t wait for us to talk more and stuff. i miss youuu in my dmsssssss even though w hardly talk there and just in val’s server...... yah!
@sojumii hi doormat! we hardly talk, but we’re still friends, and i love that! your art skills are immaculate and i’m going to uppercut you if you don’t stop degrading yourself. YES, i know im being a hypocrite. still not gonna stop this crazy ass bitch from BONKING the LIFE out of you!!!!! 
@xmoonlight-serenadex​ HI! ACE! you care about being sneaky on my genshin blog too much 😾 but i’m not complaining!!! you’re super funny, plus you and taylor are like older brothers to me. MORE THAN MY ACTUAL BROTHER IS. but your art skills are so fucking gorgeous, i love it. i love you too!!!
@genshinsimp​ HI TAYLOR!! you’ve been failing to remind me to drink my water and bc of that i chugged 2 mugs of rive water just to spite you. is that how it works???? anyways, you and ace are like older brothers to me and that’s me being HONEST as HELL. 
@genshin-scenarios​ ESTELLE!! girl if i’m missing you, DON’T BE SHY 😭😭😭 but hi estelle!!! i.. ILY AND YOUR WORKS 😳😳😳 you’re super cool and.. and... i- 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️ can’t compare. you give that “everything is fine now that i’m here” vibes and i love it 😎😎 ilysm!!
ok listen i know i have 73 friends on discord but like less than half has tumblr and i have crap memory. if u feel we are mutuals and shit. like. don’t be afraid to dm me and interrogate me as to WHY the FUCK i don’t have you on here, bc i assure you, I WILL ASK THAT MYSELF!!! 
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daichischubbygf · 5 months ago
AHHH IM SO SORRY I DIDNT REALIZE OMG this is embarrassing im sorry😭 umm well could you do it for mad dog, akaashi and kenma then? thank youu and im sorry again!!! also congrats on 100!! u deserve every follower❤️❤️
pairing(s): kyoutani x chubby fem reader, akaashi x chubby fem reader, kenma x chubby fem reader
warnings: reader gets hit on but that’s it really!
a/n: DON”T WORRY!! AND I’M SO SORRY THIS TOOK LITERALLY FOREVER!! really, i’m so so so sorry!!! but here it is, thank you for waiting patiently <3
he forgot his knee pads at your place
so naturally you decided to stop by practice to drop em off
when you walk in
ofc everyone thinks you’re there for oikawa
so he comes up
“hey, cutie!! anything i can do for you?”
you kinda just....freeze
“shut it crappykawa! you’re scaring her!”
iwaizumi comes up to you to ask if you’re okay
you stutter and look down at your feet trying not to let your flustered state show
kindaichi and yahaba don’t say anything but they stare at you the. entire. time. you’re. there.
matsukawa and hanamakki are the worst out of the bunch
they’re just both so tall
so they’re like standing OVER you
and won’t stop flirting
mattsun is really trying
and makki has pulled out the big guns
issei is lightly touching your arm
takehiro is trying every stupid pick up line he knows
kunimi is defo checking you out like so much but really tries to keep up his cool composure
his eyes are glued to your chubby hips and thick squishy thighs
oikawa keeps trying to join in on the flattery
but iwa drags him away
although iwa’s no better, he keeps glancing back at your chubby form every now and then
anyway so you’re getting all flustered
pretty much just staring down at your feet
then kyoutani comes into the picture
he just grunts
but like.... really loudly ??
like loud enough to freak the first years out
“hey!! mad dog, quit that will you, you’re gonna freak out the poor girl”
kyoutani just pushes passed matsukawa and hanamaki and walks up to you, puts his hands on your ample hips
and gives you a big ol’ kiss right in front of everyone
and it’s just like.... fire. fire everywhere.
oikawa starts FREAKING out
iwa is just *shocked pikachu face*
makki and mattsun are wheezing
kindaichi is blushing
kunimi is bored
kyoutani just growls and drags you out fo the gym lmfao
you stopped by to give him some snacks you made for him
the plan was simple
go in
say hi
hand over the snacks
and leave
yeah that didn’t work out
the moment you enter
bokuto is in your face
it’s canon that bokuto likes plump girls
and he is mesmerized
“hey, hey!”
“uh...hi! how are you?”
you don’t really know why you asked that
it just felt like the nice thing to do
bokuto starts ranting about something that you can’t really understand
konoha ends up getting hit in the face by a ball
like really hard
because he was too distracted staring you
washio is having a mental battle trying to decide if he should talk to you or not
both yukie and kaori know you’re there for akaashi
but they don’t help you lmfao
they want to wait it out and see what happens
so much for the girl code
akaashi was on the sidelines talking to the coach about something so he didn’t notice your presence at first
but when he does
he just kinda stands there and waits
cause although he may be just a teeny little bit jealous
he trusts you and all the guys on the team entirely
so he’s there waiting for bo to be done talking
eventually he intervenes though cause he can tell you’re getting a little shy from all the eyes being on you
so he walks u behind you and wraps his strong arm around your large tummy
he squeezes your full hips as he does this
“hey darling, what’re you doing here?”
akaashi whispers in your ear
“i just came to give you some snacks”
he takes them thankfully
and then guides you out of the gym
no one makes too big of a deal honestly
like of course akaahi would have such a beautiful girl as his s/o
he was letting you play his gaming console awe
and then “forgot” to get it back from you
he let you keep playing it because he loves you 
you figure it wouldn’t hurt to drop it off for him at practice
so that’s how you got into this situation
yamamoto kneeling in front of you
like he’s ready to say a prayer or something
“uh....are you okay”
you say this while touching his shoulder
and poor dude literally combusts right before your eyes
yaku comes up and basically is just like
“yeah don’t mind him, sorry”
he flashes you a smile and a wink ope
and gives you one of those up and down looks
lev also gets hit in the face by a ball
also because he was staring at you
lev cannot take his eyes off of your big chubby figure
he finds you so cute and soft and squishy and just so lovable
kuroo wants to flirt with you
but we all know this man would malfunction if he actually tried
he tried to pull some smooth move
and ended up tripping and falling on his face
inuoka’s face is on FIRE
he let’s his eyes roam all over
has no shame
will make eye contact and just keeping checking you out
not in a creepy way
but more of a like
hype man way??
like how morgan acts with penelope on criminal minds
if you haven’t seen the show....oops ig?
once kenma looks up from the game on his phone
because he always has a back up game plan
he gets a little jealous
but it’s more of the hidden kind
he gets up and drags you away from everyone
because he wants to hug you but not in front of the team
so he does just that
when you’re outside he grabs your large waist and pulls your plump form right into his skinny one
and nuzzles his face unto your chubby collarbones
“sorry about them...i hope they did’t make you uncomfortable”
“oh no! it’s fine kenma! i just came by to drop this off, sorry if i caused any trouble!!”
he shakes his head and takes back the game
gives you a kiss and heads back into the gym
simple but very very sweet
“kenma! you have a gorgeous girlfriend and didn’t tell me?!”
“leave me alone, kuroo”
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crystu-cii · 5 months ago
I f e e l that pain in my soul-- my older sister uses cologne sometimes and it is sO STRONG AND WILL NOT STAY CONFINED TO HER ROOM-- AMD SOMETIMES SHED DO IT IN THE DOORWAY LIKE HELLO-- XDD
YES BABY JAIL, INTO THE UPSIDE DOWN LAUNDRY BASKET YOU KNIFE-WIELDING HEATHEN-- XDD oms XDD well I don't know them but I love them- YESSS THEYRE SO FLUFFY-- I'm actually curious what images pop up first imma check-- FLUFFY PUPPIES-- we've actually never owned ones that fluffy(those actually look more similar to shetland sheepdogs than the shelties we've had so far?? Very similar/similar enough where if someone doesn't know a sheltie we mention shetland sheepdogs), our current one is a purebred that we got for free(she was being given away bc her family never came back for her and the lady taking care of her couldn't afford the time to take care of a second dog long-term think) and she's got pretty short fur in comparison- still fluffy enough, but not quite so long of fur-- she's a blue merle(absolutely gorgeous fur, she's like 8 now with a lot of health problems but she's super loving still 💕💞) anyways about the fur, so long as you brush regularly you should mitigate most of that, and it mostly collects in corners- but like.. be prepared to eat and wear dog fur for the rest of your life-- (actually there's a thing called a fur zapper we bought recent that you put in with your clothes when you wash/dry them(I think it's dry but idk??) that's supposed to get a lot of hair off your clothes in that process? Also lint rollers are your best friend--) AND roombas are really helpful(we bought a knockoff one and rarely have to sweep ever so 👀) XDD WHEEZE I can't even imagine what you did-- but like you could ask for a budgie/parakeet /hj I mean, they aren't very expensive (actually they're pretty cheap) but they're very loud, need a lot of attention(especially if you want them to bond to you!) and you need to research into them a lot to make sure you're doing things right-- loads of vids online!! Loads of websites too!!! I'd know I have one- JUST A WARNING, FEATHERS AND SEED HULLS GET ALL OVER YOUR FLOOR XD p l u s like you have a friend who knows stuff about birbs :3 anyways ENOUGH RAMBLING FROM ME WOW THAT GOT LONG--
💕💕 I feel that XD OMS-- I WISH-- WHAT A D R E A M - s n a k - Awww but what a mood XD
H E A THEN-- XDD how cool of them to try tho :3 whEEZE Y 'A LL-- XDD
Right like wth???? I???? Okay but like December to February babies just fuckin DONT EXIST IN THIS GEN OR SOMETHIN-- CAUSE I FIND N O N E -- Maybe there are more December babies but there are definitely like NO January to February babies it is So Weird--
NEJFQOBGKW WOWW d an g like-p l e a se s t op over sp r aying-- xD and LEGITTTT LIKE- THAT WAS M Y ROLE TO STAY UP LATE- XDD
WHEHEHEZE- LAUNDRY BASKET TIME- G E T I N XDD anD YESS- any doggo is just such a cute doggo 😭💞💞 but for me- fLUFFY ONES ARE WHERE ITS A T- and ohhhh i see- FOR FREE?? W H A T A S T E A L XDD but awwww the poor doggg at least she's with you now ! ;0;; 💞💞😭 aaw such a lovable puppup 😭😭💞 and oHHH i see :00 but oh no- xD i also have a friend that has two dogs and whenever he would give me gifts- there would be dog hair on them no matter what- XDD and ooOhhh those sound really helpful! omg- i swear i dont have to have a pet for the need of a roomba- i already shed so much hair myself its so crazy-- xDD and oH MAN loud animals are really gon get my mom fired up- and OO birds just look so cuteee i always fantasize of having one- but then again- with the noise and all xD the more i think about it i dont think we are prepared to have a pet at all xD but i still dream of at least having one pet in my lifetime!
and OO that sounds awesome!! i have no clue if i even tried casserole before- man- sometimes i just eat food without even knowing wth it is XDDD but THAT SOUNDS so gooodddd :O
and LEGITT LIKE- TF IS HAPPENING WITH MY SCHOOL LIFE- XDD and oh my god- IT GETS WORSE- that year there was a FREAKINGG FIREEEEEEE- it wasnt that dangerous thank god- but it had to get a whole ass room renovated because of it- and guess what room it was- THE ORCHESTRA ROOM- AND GUESS WHAT M A D E I T W OR SE- that year- it was the first time the school replaced those 10+ year old instruments with new ones- NOW THEYRE B U R N T- and mind you that the school's budget isnt so- gr e a t- like oh my god i am still so bewildered over HOW MUCH chaos HAPPENED that year- and i thought that year was gon be the year- yknow? like UGH
and OHH MANN playing portal sounds awesome! but i just dont think the game would be worth my money cause i know the plot- and even with the mods and all my brain would be broken as i would possibly have no clue what to do- xDDD
and HOOOO MANNN game fan songs are just so AWESOMEEE- and those sound pretty cool! :OO and HOLY SHIT FUCK YEAH- GLADOS SAYS TRANS AND ENBY RIGHTS Y A LL- now im gonna look that up and let my ears be blessed by such words- XDDD and DONT WORRY BOUT SCREAMING ALOT- i scream a whole dam lot too XDD
and LEGITTT- finding someone's b-day in january and feb is so rare all of a sudden like wh a t - XDD
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selfkinsert · 6 months ago
op i stumbled upon your blog and decided to read about your f/o fanclub au and lemmes tell ya I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT OH MY HONKING HECK IT’S SO GOOOD!!! the questions at the end are killing me tho,,,,,, i can sense where this is going and i’m really excited for when we get there. but in the mean time, REMEMBER THAT YOU’RE DOING AMAZING THINGS FOR FELLOW SELF SHIPPER AND WE LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH 💘❤️💗🧡💖💗🧡💖🧡💗💚💕🧡💘🧡💗💙💞💛💘💛💚💘🧡💗💙💖❤️💓
okay so as an apology for taking so long i booted up microsoft word so it can autocorrect my not-perfect grammar and made you this nearly 900 word fic, thank u for ur support i love u and owe u my life
Your life is rarely boring, whether you’re going on fantastical adventures or being chased by monsters or just having a wacky time with your best friends. There are few things that surprise you nowadays, seeing as you have seen it all; the world has little left behind that you have yet to be introduced to. Maybe that is what makes every day so fun and interesting to live, searching for the one thing you have yet to find and then continuing to look around for a way to fix whatever issues it causes. Some would say that this routine becomes monotonous or boring, but you?
You love puzzles.
Maybe that is why [F/O] loves you so much, as they too adore the chase of finding hints and clues until the climactic ending and reward that they had been building up to. They were reminded of themself every time they watched you in action, realizing that their own little quirks are beautiful as soon as they see them on you. One may say that that is unhealthy, what with how they only saw worth in faults if someone they loved shared it, but they did not treat it as reasons to hate themself; they went from being slightly downtrodden to having brand new reasons to love those features.
Tiny dark dots became gorgeous freckles, every scar told a different story, the curves and corners of their body were now designs in a beautiful glass figurine. They took one look at your faults and realized that they, too, are worth loving. They would use you to confront their fears often, reminding themself about how strong you are and how they should fight to be that strong, too; they would love to get through another day if only to see you smile one more time. Sure, they have many other reasons to continue in day-to-day life, but sometimes you were there just in time when they were slipping.
There were no other words for it: they loved you. They loved you as much as their tiny heart could, always smiling upon seeing you and having thoughts flooding with cute timelines and tales for them to imagine further.
Their two roommates were not concerned, though they did poke fun. [P/F/O] was the main one to nudge and wink, making quips about you that were sometimes not entirely sweet, but never became harsh and always had a big dose of humor in it; they see you as their best friend and would never want to hurt you if they could help it. They love imagining you two going on adventures, be it running from a monster, saving a princess, or trying to do some stupid prank war that is bound to get out of hand.
They came up with many laughs when their mind wandered whilst doing chores, imagining you two tossing water while doing the dishes or leaving flour everywhere when cooking… it was a subtle way to spice up an otherwise boring evening.
[F/F/O], on the other hand, could not understand what [F/O] saw in you; [F/F/O] clocked you as a familial figure immediately, be you older or younger, and enjoys poking fun at [F/O] by making grossed out sounds when they talk about how much they love you.
[F/F/O] knew every word of your source and adored it, but always watched your shenanigans with the same fondness that a sibling or parent would have, sometimes even sitting up straighter when you get into a bind. They really enjoyed the idea of comforting you, finding that it in turn comforts them. Running a hand through your hair, tucking you in, reading stories, making a nice meal… those homely tasks always helped their heart slow down its panicked pace, as strange as it may seem, and they relied on it when things got too far out of hand in some cases.
All three loved you, in their own, special little ways, and that love brought them closer together. They would talk about the latest episode, discuss fandom topics, so on and so forth…
Sometimes they pondered what it would be like if they met you in their world, rather than them existing in yours. Would things be different, or the same? How would you cope with a new plane of existence? Would you like their house more than your old one? Do you act differently than you do in the show, or the same? It was a topic that they all got to enjoy imagining in their own silent ways, minds hurrying along a plotline that they were unaware their roommates shared.
[F/F/O] was always a light sleeper, waking up whenever someone tried to sneak through the hall, and the entire group made jokes about how they would be the first to react to a robbery. None of them took it as reality; it seemed as likely as their favorite character coming to life.
Their [E/C] eyes shot wide open at the sound of metal clattering, making them realize that one of those things is true. They were quick to rush down to the kitchen, ready to fight whoever dared to intrude upon their home [despite not being that strong/with ease thanks to their physique].
The second thing they realized, upon a head of [H/C] and gaze of [E/C] turning to face them, was that both of those unlikely happenings were true.
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hope-kaleidoscope · 6 months ago
Hello!I'm hoping match ups are open still as I do this and might need a second part cause I over explain I'm sorry in advance My preferred game is V3 cause the characters are great My hobbies are drawing, baking, listening to musicals, cosplaying, video games and just love psychology and paranormal Personality Im normally shy and easily embarrassed with a sprinkle of anxiety, depression, and a short fuse to match though some how can have a lot of patience with people as well 1/2 sry plz 4give
2/2 I am 5'1 and have below the shoulder dark brown near black hair though half way down I dye it random colors when I have the money, Hazel eyes with black glasses with a chubby body(I get nervous swimming cuz of that) I am female though I don't care if other call me male or female and I am pansexual strength and weakness? Um extremely loyal, too concerned for my own good, fear of mascots (like those old Chuckie cheese ones u climb into) and just love showing my affection to others who let me
Hi hi, anon! I hope all is well with you! Thanks for sending in this match up request! I had fun while making these head canons in my journal. (everyone who requests a matchup gets a page in a notebook I have for brainstorming hehe.) Please enjoy!
I Match You With . . .
Tsumugi Shirogane
Tumblr media
Even though I don't typically write for Tsumugi, I consider match ups to be the exception. I decided to match you up with Tsumugi because I think you both have similar qualities, but you also have enough different qualitues from each other to balance.
You and Tsumugi could spend hours talking and fantasizing about couples cosplay you can do together. She will insist she makes them, she wants to show off her talents to you. You find the costumes to be absolutely beautiful, they fit you so well. She is able to help enhance qualities you like about your body and help hide some you might not like. Since she makes so many cosplays, I bet she has excellent seamstress abilities.
She may not be the best at drawing, but she loves to watch you draw and sketch. If you ever need a muse or model, don't be afraid to ask her.
You guys can bake together! You can make your favorite desserts together and eat them to your hearts content. However, I wouldn't put it past her to say something like "S/O, these desserts you made are super sweet! But you are sweeter." ♡
Tsumugi definitely listens to musicals. So that is also something you two can do together, in the car, while baking, doing cosplays, etc. She may not know the same ones you do, but if anything that just gives you both a chance to expand your knowledge in musicals.
Same goes for video games, you two spend nights together playing on whatever consoles you have. Fuzzy blankets are wrapped around you, and maybe there is a platter of aforementioned desserts nearby. Whether you guys are playing co-op or solo games, you both are snuggled on the couch or bed together.
Tsumugi is also a bit quiet, she prefers to stay on the sidelines. I think she really likes to be out there though when she is cosplaying. So she understands how you feel when when you're feeling shy with friends or in public. If needed, you two can go elsewhere by yourselves.
However, she really likes to stay in character when cosplaying, but if she see her lover uncomfortable, she will do whatever she can to make you feel better.
One thing I thought when you said you were insecure of being chubby, is that tsumugi can probably relate. Especially when you two are dressing up to go on a convention date, if either of you are having insecurities, the other will do their best to uplift the other. She thinks you're absolutely GORGEOUS while she is so plain. Make sure to uplift her sometimes too.
Speaking of, you guys should totally go to convention dates. Dress up in your favorite cosplays and tour the venue all day long! I can imagine you both running around the isles looking at merch from your favorite games/anime/movies/comics with smiles on your faces.
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transcendencism · 6 months ago
top 5 of your cosmetic armors & saber crystals? :^)
oh my god korn an IMPOSSIBLE question /half joke
top 5 armors, except not really my “top five” because there’s no way i could pick five favorites out of all of those sets. also in no particular order because i’m bad at rankings.
5. the sinister warrior’s set
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
what i like: the tassels on the back coming off the shoulder pads, mega sexy 🙏. the whole chestpiece is godly. the long cloth piece on the belt is really good too. this set has a lot of bits, like the pants, boots, and aforementioned belt, that can work really well with other sets to make a unique outfit. once i get this set unlocked you best believe im using that fuckin belt on everything /j
what i dont like: there’s no hoodless version of the chestpiece. normally this wouldnt be too big of a deal if i was using it for a twi’lek, nautolan, or togruta OR if it was for a pub character, since i have a nice looking circlet that hides hoods, but that circlet is for pub characters only and azerith, unfortunately, is not one of the species that auto-hides hoods 😭. also im not a big fan of the gloves.
4. the resilient warden’s set
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
what i like: like the last set, a lot of these pieces can be used with other sets to make unique outfits. the rebreather in particular is one of my favorite in the game. these are also my favorite boots. also any armor with a kama is a good set.
what i don’t like: the original color scheme.. isn’t HORRENDOUS but it isnt good. if they’d just made the gray darker, maybe black, i could probably use this set w/o dying it. but as it is, i can’t use the chestpiece without slapping a dye on it.
3. the impulsive adventurer’s set
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
what i like: THE ROLLED UP SLEEVES!!!! thank u bioware 💖. the belt and the pants are really nice too. also yay for an original color scheme that i like! i swear bioware keeps putting ugly colors on otherwise gorgeous armors so that you’ll buy dye modules.
what i don’t like: hate the gloves, should’ve been fingerless. hate the boots, they’re ugly.
2. the wasteland crusader’s set
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
what i like: SO MUCH!!! the exposed arms, the tall boots and armored legs, just the raw POWER in this set. even tho it’s a zakuul set, it could work just fine for like a sith or smth, since the zakuul motifs are pretty minor.
what i don’t like: depending on the character, it can look kind of stupid without the helmet. also the light on the back ... ok cool that it lights up when you enter combat but also it kinda disrupts the otherwise Intimidating and Powerful vibe it’s got going on. also the belt is... so boring. wtf is that. it looks like they just wanted to be done with the set and slapped on a generic belt.
1. the bionic raider’s set
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
overall very solid set.
what i don’t like: while you could totally use the chestpiece with other pieces, that doesn’t apply to the rest of the pieces. i mean you COULD, but the other pieces, the boots, helmet, and gloves in particular, don’t fit as well with other pieces and are mainly suited for this one only. speaking of the helmet oh my god it’s ugly.
color crystals, again in no particular order. also remember that the colors look different in the preview screen than they do in the overworld & cutscenes bc of the bloom effect.
5. almond blue
Tumblr media
i really like the warm core color and the bluey-purple on the outside! really unique without being tacky!
4. silver-blue
Tumblr media
doesnt look it in the preview screen, but it’s a bluey off-white color and i consider it a bootleg white crystal. it’s still half a million on a good day (and no one sells the ones with the crit stats so hyroh cant use these in ops) but i really like it.
3. blood red
Tumblr media
gOD i love this one. love it love it love it. i love the classic red but i give this one to my sith warriors a lot to make them stand out just a Little.
2. derelict purple
Tumblr media
a real somft purple. used this for my old Guardian and it was such a good combo.
1. uhh sovereign smth i forget what this one’s called
Tumblr media
this is the only one in the crystals ranking that i dont actually own, which SUCKS because it’s SO COOL LOOKING.
[put “top five _____” in my inbox and i’ll answer]
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m-e-w-666 · 7 months ago
hey not to be a bother but u reblogged my art which was super nice! i probably shouldve specified its a sona of mine and i use they/them pronouns! u were super sweet tho ajkdkd
Ajsgsjsjddkdkfj no don’t worry,,, Btw your art is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love it so much 💜
the question is the same tho op are they single?? Asking for asking
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