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#ookido green
deadinsidestudio12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I keep forgetting to post on tumblr
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professor-blue-oak15 days ago
This is kinda random but with my 3rd wedding anniversary just around the bend, it kinda popped into my head and I鈥檓 sure you guys would get a kick out of it.
A lot of you already know that I see as a father figure. Well, he played the father role during my wedding. Walked down the aisle, 鈥渇ather-daughter鈥 dance thing.
But he was hella nervous before the wedding ha! I think I鈥檝e got it video too but he said something along the lines of like
Lance: I think the last time I was this nervous was when I barged into the Team Rocket Base
Naomi: You weren鈥檛 nervous during our wedding? (Said with an annoyed huff)
Lance: Why the hell would I be nervous to marry the love of my life?
Naomi: Hmm, fair enough
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crack-canona month ago
Blue Oak: Hey, so is like, I wanna introduce y鈥檃ll to our newest family member. Yeah so, Lance and his wife just gifted us this Gible. Look at him ain鈥檛 he adorable
[Blue leaning down and petting the Gible] [An 8yr old kid with brown hair is seen in the background]
Blue: Ah yeah, there鈥檚 also this kid that took us a whole year to get. He鈥檚 not that important
[puts his hand on Trace鈥檚 head and gently pushes him away with the kid protesting and giggling]
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professor-blue-oaka month ago
Hello professor blue sir, what inspired you to be a pokemon professor (also big fan of you)
You can leave the sir out. 鈥楽ides, I still haven鈥檛 quite gotten use to the title of Professor despite being one for 3 years now
Anyway, as much as I hate to say it, Gramps inspired me to become a professor but it was really Rowan, Sycamore and Lance that pushed to finally become a full Professor. I had full intentions of just sticking as a gym leader and doing researching as a side gig but my trip to Kalos for that abroad study thing really changed my mind
Also are ya a big fan of my studies or my Battle Legend status? I鈥檝e met people who want to battle my original team and people who want a signature/selfie for my papers
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professor-blue-oaka month ago
Day 5:
Wasted the day away because I just wasn鈥檛 feeling it. Sylveon and I just sat in the office all day but I don鈥檛 think I got any real work done. Or I don鈥檛 remember at least
About to have dinner
Tumblr media
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professor-blue-oaka month ago
Mod post:
I wanna give Blue a service eevee for depression and anxiety but I鈥檝e never owned a service pet
I have seen tiktoks, YouTube videos, read a bit but I鈥檓 scared I鈥檒l get It wrong. Of course this Pok茅mon where I鈥檓 allowed to take a few liberties but I don鈥檛 want to accidentally offend anyone
I know about:
that lap thing to help calm down
you can鈥檛 have restractable leashes
they don鈥檛 bark in public
they don鈥檛 get distracted by other dogs while on duty
I鈥檝e seen a training video where one would whistle at their dog if it got distracted
I鈥檝e heard if they get injured, all that expensive training is supposedly wasted
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professor-blue-oak2 months ago
Tumblr media
I just showed Red that photo of Centipede Pikachu. He doesn鈥檛 seem to fond of this variant of Pikachu compared to all the ones we鈥檝e got at our sanctuary
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professor-blue-oak2 months ago
Tumblr media
Highly doubt I need an introduction but just in case-
Names Gyarao 鈥淏lue鈥 Oak! But most just call me Blue. Or if you鈥檙e a Unovan trying to be too friendly it鈥檚 鈥淕ary鈥 cuz they misheard me.
I鈥檓 the new Regional Professor of Kanto after gramps retired. You may know me as the shortest reigning Champion of Kanto and ex-Viridian gym leader or even as a Battle Legend, your choice but the wrong one will lead you into a battle
I study Battle Tactics and different styles of fighting and just a hint of Pok茅mon-Human relationships.
Regional Variants (Kantonian Farfetched VS Galarian Farfetched)
Contest Battles (Was thinking of trying it out)
The strength of a Z-Move vs G-Max Move
Battle rules and styles across the world (Galar region compared to home)
Interactions between Support Pok茅mon and their owners
If I鈥檓 not in the Lab or my office, I鈥檓 probably out on the field with Red battling Pok茅mon. If Red鈥檚 not with me, he鈥檚 probably doing Pok茅mon Ranger work, please don鈥檛 bother him during those times
Regarding my gym team, I do still have everyone. Every single one that had been on my Gym Leader Team. They all live in the Sanctuary
If you have questions about moves, Variants, or even just on being a gym leader or just a new trainer, drop by the inbox
Info for Kanto Trainers
Active Thread if you want to create a support mon but have no clue how IRL service/support animals work from the mouths of those who had experience with service/support animals
Compared to my alt account, this one will be just mainly text based
Account started: March 7, 2020
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crack-canon2 months ago
Pokemon: Sleep Pile
Ethan/Gold, Silver, Red, and Blue Oak all just have double dates at one of their houses where they create a huge nest in front of the TV and just binge movies or play video games and have a cheat day
Somedays they just end up falling asleep all together, tangled in a mess
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crack-canon2 months ago
PKMN Blue Oak: Professor
Nameless Shipping/Reguri/Original Shipping
I also go between Blue and Green cuz I know his English name but I always think of his vibrant green pants
Feel free to add on
We all know that Blue basically does research (he even went to Kalos to study abroad) so what if he became the next Kanto Regional Professor once Oak stepped down from the position
But what does Blue study?
I like to believe that he studies battle tactics and different styles (Like comparing wild battles or trained battles)
A Kantonian Fafetch鈥檇 vs Sirfetch鈥檇 and how they鈥檙e battle style differs from each other
A Kantonian Exeggutor vs an Alolan Exeggutor
How will a dynamax Poke虂mon fair against a Z-Move
Which move deals more damage? An attack from a mega-evolution or that same move from a normal form
Because of his past experience as a trainer, he鈥檚 capable of writing amazing papers with the help of a few other professors (He鈥檚 always nervous to publish them despite how many times he鈥檚 reread them)
Most days he can be found on the field with his husband Red or any other trainers who have the same Pok茅mon (but it was raised in a different region).
On those days he misses out at the office, he typically makes up for by staying up late to type up his research which Red absolutely hates because he just wants to cuddle with his husband after a tiring day of work. He鈥檒l typically carry Green back to bed after making sure he saved Green鈥檚 work
Date: 3-2-2021
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crack-canon2 months ago
So y鈥檃ll telling me Ethan and Silver WERENT Blue And Red鈥檚 best men at the wedding and Blue and Red werent Silver And Ethan鈥檚 best men??
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crack-canon3 months ago
Both Ethan/Gold and Silver totally see Blue Oak as a big brother. Fight me on this
Source: None aside from the fact that Blue supposedly lended Silver his Rhyperior
Date: 2-9-2021
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crack-canon3 months ago
PKMN: Asshole Oak
Grown Red and Blue Oak
Married Red and Blue
Blue has depression and anxiety
Red鈥檚 selectively mute
Really weird formatting (also long post)
Remember these are just little headcanons. You don鈥檛 have to take them to heart and you鈥檙e allowed to have your own opinions
I鈥檒l make a pro-Oak post later with happier headcanons later (I still HC him as redeemable)
Date: 2-7-2021
Professor Oak鈥檚 a huge ass who stuck in his old ways
He thinks somethings wrong with Red since he鈥檚 still mute despite being an adult
When Blue was younger, Oak often scolded him for the little things
Blue keeps apologising for things he doesn鈥檛 have to apologise for (鈥淪orry for saying sorry so much...sorry-鈥 type of situation)
He鈥檚 a tad homophobic
All the other professors and even Agatha and Lance got invited to Red and Blue鈥檚 wedding but Oak didn鈥檛 even receive an invite
He almost never has anything good to say about Blue鈥檚 papers. He鈥檚 only ever criticizing him despite the fact that they鈥檙e well resarched
Add to the fact that Blue even worked alongside other Professors
He caused a lot of issues for Blue that stuck with him as grew up
Blue often downplays his depression and anxiety because Oak often told him he鈥檚 faking it for attention
鈥淐ount yourself lucky. You have a whole team of Pok茅mon who love you for some reason. You could have it worse鈥
Ratticate鈥檚 dead in this
Young Blue鈥檚 depression got worse when Red left without a word and the unrelenting press didn鈥檛 help his anxiety
Champion Lance suggested a support Pok茅mon for Blue
Oak only agreed to it because reporters kept bugging him about his grandson鈥檚 status. He found it rather dumb that he had to spend a lot of money to train a Pok茅mon to help Blue with his supposed anxiety and depression
Blue always voices his hate for being compared to that 鈥淥ld man鈥 and often follows it with 鈥淚鈥檓 nothing like him. If I ever plan on becoming a father, I know damn well I wouldn鈥檛 belittle the child I chose to raise鈥
Date: 2-7-2021
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swsh-shorts3 months ago
Lance adopts Blue Oak/Ookido Green and Daisy because Professor Oak is an asshole. The poor baby ended up getting depression when Red left and severe anxiety due to the unrelenting press
You know I was gonna say I only accept swsh headcannons but I realise I never specified
So congrats on being the only non-swsh ask before I fix that
Okay so yes!! I agree!! But
poor bb this is sad ;;-;
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crack-canon3 months ago
Champion Lance Adopts Strays
Professor Oak鈥檚 an a asshole of a grandfather and Champion Lance adopts Blue Oak/Ookido Green after the kid falls into a deep depression and develops anxiety because of the unrelenting press
When Red returns from Mount Silver after around 4 years, he immediately adopts Red faster than his blood vessels could carry oxygen to the lungs (Despite the fact that Red already has a loving mother)
Lance then basically adopts a depressed Silver when Blue brought him over. He then goes on to adopt Silver鈥檚 feral hyperactive friend Ethan/Gold
He鈥檚 got too many kids. Someone stop him
Date: 2-3-2021
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crack-canon3 months ago
Reguri and Raileon
Red(25)/Blue(25): Married
Red and Blue actually got engaged in Alola
Red鈥檚 a Pok茅mon ranger/field researcher
Blue鈥檚 the regional professor of Kanto
Blue gets a call from nervous Sonia since she needed a bit more professional help for her studies and she鈥檚 a little nervous to ask the other older professors. Since Blue is a little closer to her age, she calls him up, inviting him to Galar
Blue accepts and invites his husband along after chatting with the Ranger HQ of Galar so his husband can have some work to do while he works
They had full intentions to go undercover (via wearing sunglasses and cute face masks to cover their faces and having to NOT wear brightly coloured 馃憖) but that went immediately down the drain
Sonia excitedly invited them to an exhibition match between Raihan and Leon and after the match, Raihan tells the Rotom-Camera to zoom in on Sonia. The camera zooms in Sonia and notices two other people in the VIP Booth
It鈥檚 Red and Blue, Blue鈥檚 all cuddled up against his husband since he hates the cold
Raihan lets out inhuman Fangirl noises when he recognizes who the two are despite their 鈥渄isguises鈥 and tells Leon to catch him and that 鈥淚 think I just might faint!~~鈥
[someone remind this man he鈥檚 famous too]
Feel free to add on
Date: 1-31-2021
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crack-canon3 months ago
Pok茅mon: Man Tits
Red/Blue & Leon/Raihan
Adult Red/Blue
Selectively Mute Red
Japanese (Kanto, Sinnoh, Johto, and Hoenn) are typically raised to be reseverved so Green doesn鈥檛 often talk about his personal life with Red to the reporters (and out of respect for him)
Raihan rants to a reporter about Leon鈥檚 tits and how comfortable they are
Inspiration Below Cut
Tumblr media
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