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heloise-marianne · a minute ago
I hate being in my early 20s. Got all the responsibilities of an adult but none of the financial stability. What is the upside????
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carnation-damnation · 3 minutes ago
What's better? Voluntary Transformation or Involuntary Transformation Werewolves? Do you like or dislike the notion that what made Werewolves scary is the fear of our own capacity for uncontrollable rage and violence towards our fellow person? And finally how do you like your Werewolves on a scale of this is just a man with patches of fur to this is just a big wolf?
Future Nathaniel Here; Under the cut because wrow........I sure Spoke, there's a lot in here
- What's better? Voluntary Transformation or Involuntary Transformation Werewolves?
I do a mix of this one!!!! My werewolves have the ability to shift outside of the full moon if they want to, but they cannot prevent transformations when the full moon comes. Whether or not that's a bad thing or a meaningless thing depends on the werewolf. Werewolves who were born werewolves, and therefor have more experience and are used to it aren't too bothered, it's just a thing they gotta work around. I imagine werewolves who were turned probably have a bit of anxiety related to it for a while, because I think the first couple times are probably pretty painful. Also that's kinda scary!! Being a human being and then suddenly your whole Self is pulled out from under you to be something Different is probably something a lot of new wolves have hanging over their heads!
- Do you like or dislike the notion that what made Werewolves scary is the fear of our own capacity for uncontrollable rage and violence towards our fellow person?
THIS IS SO COOL TO THINK ABOUT I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT THIS...ANON UR BRAIN... This is a super neat thing..For once I have to sit here and Think..
I really like your idea of what makes werewolves scary, rather than the way people view real wolves as beasts/monsters, and as a result werewolves are scary. I think the thought of werewolves being scary because human's ability to hurt and be violent is a very real thing, and I like this a lot anon!!!! I love this so much actually
- How do you like your Werewolves on a scale of "this is just a man with patches of fur" to "this is just a big wolf?"
Well for one, I am very biased against the Wolfman style of werewolves because..Yeah! That's just some guy with fur on them, and they're not very wolf-like. More like a beast or a generic monster. I am also partially biased against the werewolves on two legs with HUGE muscles and defined abs. You were a twink before!!! Why do you have those,,,
My personal favourite is definitely "this is just a big wolf" because I like separating the "man/wolf" part of "Werewolf" and also I think it'd just be cool to be a wolf. Gives them a certain kinda Incognito, and the idea of being out in the woods and seeing a large animal, not knowing that they were a person just like you is....I like to think of it,
They look cool and I like them a lot :) But I will also say that I love a mix of them and standy-uppy werewolves! Not all wolves that stand on two leggies suck to me (Take the werewolves from How To Be a Werewolf and BlackWater for example) and I particularly love those old pieces of art (Not sure if it's medieval or somethin' else I'm not educated in that) where werewolves are just some folks with wolf heads. That shit is so interesting to me.
Anyway thank you so so much anon!!! You are wonderful thanks for letting me ramble :))
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aleccante · 9 minutes ago
can ppl stop forgetting that eddie is half mexican it’s getting weird 🤨
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reallifepotato · 9 minutes ago
Don't get me wrong I understand the ART of drag makeup and the transformation and all, and I love makeup, but I really hate how some male MUAs talk about women, and how judgemental they are.
It's not the same for women, who are under a huge amount of pressure by society to wear makeup, and the way they mock them for not doing it "correctly" or for not having the right spirit about it really rubs me the wrong way.
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panharmonium · 10 minutes ago
the other thing that i keep thinking about, especially now that i’ve been knee-deep in conversation about kakashi’s father for the last couple days, is the amount of politically/socially-charged context kakashi must be constantly navigating as a leaf shinobi, even though we don’t get to see much of it.  
the transformation of the hidden leaf village is obviously still a work in progress, and society never changes overnight.  we’ve heard at various points in shippuden about the still-present divide between hardliners like danzo and the (somewhat) more moderate senju line, and it’s clear that there are still plenty of reactionary/conservative forces at work in the shinobi world, which means there are absolutely still segments of the population who would view the kind of challenge that kakashi and his students pose to traditional shinobi values as a threat.  and back when kakashi first chose to reaffirm his father’s principles, i’m sure it was much worse - the way minato tells it, the entire village and the land of fire turned on sakumo, and it’s not like all those people just disappeared when kakashi finally allowed himself to recognize that all of them were doing something wrong.  they were still there.  they were his neighbors.  they were his colleagues.  he had to live with them.  he had to work with them - he had to work FOR them, even.  to this day, he still does.
like.  i am FASCINATED by the complexities of this situation, even though we barely see any of it.  just...thinking about thirteen year-old kakashi being a member of the Jonin Assembly alongside all of these grown adults who persecuted his father until the “great man who everyone looked up to” couldn’t survive it any longer.  thinking about teenage kakashi lost and “waiting to die” in the anbu black ops, but still breaking every rule to rescue little tenzo from a hardline conservative who tried to have kakashi assassinated.  thinking about adult kakashi, still a member of that same Jonin Assembly, still working alongside people he can clearly remember harassing and attacking his father for saving their lives, being asked to serve as a clandestine hokage under danzo’s nose, because foreign nations trust kakashi where they don’t trust the actual nominee, and then being nominated for real when danzo turns up dead (and having his nomination approved, i might add, by the land of fire, whose government officially blamed kakashi’s father for the damage that resulted from that abandoned mission years before).
we only get hints about the lingering controversy surrounding kakashi and his family via danzo and, occasionally, the village elders, but like.  kakashi occupies such a complex place in the hidden leaf village, because he’s become incredibly respected and renowned by many (if not most) of its residents, but he also spends every day of his life moving within a community where many (if not most) of the older people around him participated in a campaign of vicious harassment against his father, one that ultimately led to his death.  some of them may have had changes of heart after sakumo’s suicide - that seems like the kind of thing that might have shocked some people into reevaluating their positions, particularly given how respected sakumo was prior to that time - and some of them probably died later in the war, but we know there’s still a conservative faction active in the hidden leaf village, and some of those people are always going to be who they are.  and even the people who aren’t - even the ones who regret how they acted - it’s still so complicated!  how do you continue to live and work in that environment?  how do you navigate a history of being harmed in that way, when you still have to collaborate with and/or serve the same people who did the harming, some of whom likely view you with the exact same disdain they had for your father?
kakashi manages it, somehow, though i’ll bet he has complicated feelings about it, even if he keeps them to himself.  and that’s yet another reason why (if i can just take these thoughts on a slight detour to the present) i think kakashi’s relationship with sasuke is so vitally important, especially moving forward.  sasuke’s family was wronged by the village too, in horrific, unforgivable ways - the shinobi system swallowed itachi whole and sacrificed the entire uchiha clan on the altar of a mission, in exactly the kind of evil, inhuman decision-making process that sakumo and obito and kakashi said could never be justified.  the uchiha were victims of the same shinobi system that drove kakashi’s father to his death - the one that said “everything is acceptable as long as the task at hand is accomplished.  people are disposable in service to a mission.”  both sasuke and kakashi’s families fell to a cultural context that refused to acknowledge that it is never okay to sacrifice your comrades for a mission, a cultural context that embraced this belief to the point where even literal genocide became excusable.
if sasuke is ever going to really and truly Come Home, he’s going to need to learn how to navigate this situation.  not to excuse the wrong that was done, and certainly not to give up on getting justice for himself and his clan, but also to figure out, in conjunction with these important tasks, how to continue existing in an environment where so much officially-sanctioned harm was done to his person, and where so many people around him have at least a little bit of history of being suspicious of or uncharitable towards the uchiha clan, even though they obviously didn’t know about the impending coup or danzo’s extermination order.  
it’s an incredibly complicated situation, and even if kakashi doesn’t have all the answers, he can at least understand what it feels like to be in that kind of position.  he’s been navigating something like this for many, many years.  he’s the precedent, someone who can help sasuke wrestle with the perhaps unanswerable questions of how am i supposed to dedicate myself to a place that wronged me like this?  why should i protect people who hurt me so badly?  is there even a way for me to move forward here, if i can’t forgive the ones who took my family away from me?  can this actually be my home again, when i know what it did to my people?
kakashi has obviously managed to come up with answers to these questions that enable him to stay integrated in his community and keep building a future he believes in, though I doubt any of his answers are simple, and i’m sure there are some things that he’s just had to accept will never be fully settled in his heart.  it’s like what he says to obito in an episode i watched recently: “i don’t know anything for sure, either...i’ve thought that this world is hell, too...but...”  it’s the but that matters.  even in the face of confusion and complexity, kakashi has found a way to keep moving.  he’s learned to co-exist with the uncertainty and discomfort surrounding him, and to make his own meaning out of this life, regardless of how complicated his internal relationship with the village might be.  he’s found a way to keep his eyes trained on the light, whatever that light might look like for him, and even if said light is only, as gaara says, “the faintest glimmer.”  he has so much to teach someone like sasuke, who up until recently was responding to that same plea of gaara’s with a fatalistic “i shut my eyes a long time ago.  the things i seek now lie only in the darkness.” 
anyway.  i am just having Many Thoughts currently about the intricacies of the political and social context that kakashi is always navigating, even though he never says a word about it.  and i’m curious whether this family history will ever come up again in the last fifth of this show.  if i were going on instinct alone, i’d suspect that we weren’t quite done with sakumo yet - i feel like we barely even started with him, to be honest (and also - whatever happened to kakashi’s mother???) - but i should know better at this point than to try and predict what this show is going to do, so i’ll just wait and see.
#naruto#meta#pan watches naruto#i got lost on the path of life#this is something i've always kind of wondered about in the back of my mind#but i started really focusing on it recently because of the conversations i've been having with dreamersscape about shikamaru and kakashi#because the other thing i think about in conjunction with this topic is how the kids have absolutely zero clue about any of this#sakumo's story seems to be - at least from what i've seen so far -#something that the entire leaf village just decided to never discuss again immediately after it reached its horrifying conclusion#whether out of shame or whatever else#it's buried history#even in the immediate aftermath - obito only knows the white fang as 'that hero who died protecting the village'#the rest of the story seems to have become That Of Which We Do Not Speak#and naruto's generation is even further removed from the history than obito was; so they just have no idea#like - naruto once asked kakashi who lady chio meant by 'the white fang'; and when kakashi uncomfortably answered 'my father'#naruto was so shocked by the concept of kakashi having parents that he never even asked any follow-up questions XD XD XD#so anyway i'm just thinking about how much the younger kids are going to start learning after they come home and start climbing the ranks#eg shikamaru shadowing kakashi in jonin circles and starting to pick up on dynamics he hasn't been exposed to before#bc i'm sure kakashi's philosophy for preparing jonin aspirants will be just as stubbornly renegade as his process for genin#and i can imagine there are certain tasks he'll set or standards he'll outline that might stir up some muttering#at least among the old guard#anyway.  i think about this stuff a lot#the kids starting to learn all of the things that everybody else already knows about kakashi but nobody ever talks about#including kakashi himself#sasuke got the cliffsnotes version the day he left the leaf village; but there is still SO MUCH he and the other kids aren't aware of#they know nothing about kakashi's history with obito or rin or yamato or itachi; or what happened to his father; or how he got his sharingan#or that he was targeted for assassination by danzo as a teenager#they have no idea what his life was like AT ALL; and honestly i think kakashi wanted it to be that way#but that bubble has pop eventually; and i can only imagine the kids' faces when they start to discover just how much they never knew.
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villainapologist · 10 minutes ago
I swear you're always on tumblr
noooo i swear i'm not fcjakdgk
i don't really log in before 8-9 pm actually. but after that yeah i'm here until i go to bed which is veeeery very late lol
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nounselves · 11 minutes ago
So I somehow forgot to put this in my dni when I made it its own page, I've fixed it now but do not interact if you're a pr-sh-pp-r (o, e, e) at all ever
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worldofpokemonimagines · 11 minutes ago
may i please have your opinion on Skitty and purrloin because they deserve the world theyre too cute 4 me hmshh
Cat Pokemon always make my heart go 💞💕❤️💜💛💙💝💖
You have no idea; my first reaction to Skitty when I saw it as a kid was just, "Where can I find you?🥺"
I had the same reaction when I saw Purrloin and immediately caught it upon seeing it. I want to gently hold both of them, please.
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conhivemindcentral · 12 minutes ago
What was deal with Shadow Dragon in Warriors, they had less then half the characters of Awakening, no role in the story & 0 stage repesentation.
From the wiki: Though none of the stages are taken directly from Fire Emblem titles, the influences from AWAKENING and FATES are recognizable"
You'd think Camus, the guy with a uncovered lance moveset and more appearances in more Archanea games than Marth himself would be in the game somewhere, but noo.
Even the supports and DLC maps get more info on Shadow Dragon wrong like the infamous "only women have a heart pure enough to use Aura."
I’m gonna guess that SD had less content due to it being a more last-minute decision, plus it would explain why (to me at least) Tiki feeling the Divine Dragon’s power felt like a quick and easy solution to a question we didn’t really have before. That certainly felt kinda tacked on (again, to me at least).
With Camus, he did kinda have multiple aliases (Sirius and Zeke) so I guess there’s that justification, plus Marty is more recognisable. Even if Camus were included, he’d just be another stick generic villain, maybe shipped with Darios for being the only sympathetic villains (somewhat a stretch in both cases, especially Darios and Camus post FE1).
As for the Aura thing, yeah that’s kinda dumb. Linde literally had a dad, plus several male characters can use it through the series (like Kliff and Yuri).
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librius · 13 minutes ago
hmm i think my wrist might Actually be a little fucked up
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