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#only reason i didnt put relationship goals is because. well. u know.
biluz · 9 days ago
Griddlehark for ship bingo
Tumblr media
griddlehark......... h
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murlinxmaverick · 5 months ago
Stage 2
stage two: moving past that second barrier. I can’t tell you why I go through so many lenghts to hold myself back. my day was successful. I woke up, brushed my teeth, ate food, helped Nani (kinda), showered, picked up your spare key and did your oil change on the accord. pretty successful in my opinion. yeah there were a couple of things that made it a bit challenging but I didnt let them stop me. I was angry with father because I couldnt find some of his tools but thats why I should have my own. So that I don’t need to rely on anyone else. Yesterday was a successful day. Now is stage two: where we move past this mental block and move forward. stop placing mental barriers on yourself. be crazy and remember only crazy can stop crazy. let your wildest thoughts run wild. like wild buffalo in the open plains. My horizon is filled with beautiul mountains and i want to explore them. i want to take shrooms and see and the beautiful colors that nature will show me. but i need to first take great care of myeyes and my entire body so that i can do this for as long as I can. be patient and understand that tihings take time. Think of the relationships you want to have with people you want in your life and think ways to make that happen. smoke with dad and explain this to his. maybe he will understand that he is the cause of his missfortine. and help mom feel sexy, tell her to tell dad that she will suck his dick if he cleans up both his act and body. i bet their sex would be great if they would do it for eachother.
The plan for today is to go thrifting for tv stand and two seater couch. maybe send my phone to go get fixed. order things online and maybe. think of ways to restore dads old steering wheel for the accord. maybe look at seats for the car. idk. something.
Kelly: I found the birthday letter/sign you made for me last year and I wanted to thankyou for your kind words. I dont think you will love me forever but I think I know what you meant. I had been thinking of reaching out and i was holding myself back because when id think of you, i would usually be horny. i first thought was that i simply wanted to just sleep with you again and thats the only reason why i wanted to see you. I held myself back because i thought i was only going to hurt you again simly because i wanted to have sex. I thought of you when i was eroused because i think you are hot. i thought of ways i wanted to pleasure you, some of which we have tried in the past, and I wanted to do them again. we would both really enjoy that. I still do. I felt like such an ass hole because i didnt want to simply use you for sex. thats how it felt at first. But I also thought of contacting you to thank you for the letter as soon as I finished rereading it. instantly after I held myself back from doing so beacuse I knew I’d want to ask if you would like the letter back just so I could see you again. I know I would want to sleep with you just like I did the last time we saw eachother But i realized that i am not ready either, I said I would let you know when I would be ready to start this relationship again and i am showing sign that i am still interested by thinking of you when i am horny but i as think of you when Think of this short film and animation goal i have for myself. the truth is im not ready to be in any relationship and im afraid that when i am ready, im not going to wantto be with you. Id want to be with someone like I want to be with this girl sooo bad. but fuck do i wanna fuck you again.
think of your steering wheel. you want it to look nice. and all you need to do is fix it yourself. that way its exactly how you want it. same concept of making your life a better life yourself bc no one else will. sew swade to shrink wrap and glue it to the padded area of the steeringwheel. grey maybe or black. i realy want this car to look dope sogo outh there and steal ideas if you have to but make this car looko dope. make it look like a spaceship or make it look like a NSX
Older brother slams the door open
“ bro im high as fuck.”
 “why were you choking yourself”
“I wasn’t but it felt good to scratch. i feel like i’m cracked. like i get why they scratch. BHut my thoughts feel clear this way. like i can slow them down and read them. being sober makes it feel like all the creative ideas i get in a day happen so fast that it gets hard to seen like a fuzz, staticy T.V. screen. I want this feeling to be perminant. I could do anything like this.”
“I didnt know you smoked”
“i dont, well i didnt. Its my first time”
while talking he checks his phone to look at the time and sees that apps are updating. he looks at the time.
the shot moves back to the brother and in the background you can see that the time says its 3:1d(this gets used for a future sceen.) the briother looks concerned  but also ready to laugh at his brother with releif and sadness.
(in future sceen, character guessed an upload or update would happen at 3:14 am and when asked how he knew that he replys with “I guessed”)
“I got the munchies, and everytime i put different in my mouith, it feels like Iget a knew idea. like the properties in the food affect my thioughts. kinda like the concept of unheathy foods case unheathy thoughts which lead to unhealthy habits and actions. idk food for thought”
Mountains by Hans Zimmer playinmg in the background
”what a fucking great song
Make a bracelet out of those little strings that amelia uses for her $knot bracelets, use the magnets thats bounce off eacthother and make the noise as the ends. or maybe use those knots for the steering wheel
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nikrangdan · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing: classmate!sunghoon x female reader
genre: fluff, comedy
description: you felt like park sunghoon was way, WAY out of your league... what happens when the teacher tells him to move seats and sit next to you?
*didnt proofread
becoming friends with park sunghoon was not something you expected to happen this year
throughout high school you had a small group of friends and never really stuck out
so when your teacher told sunghoon to move seats..
the seat happened to be the empty one next to..
guess who *cue the evil laugh*
your first thought was
‘this entire year is just gonna be him completely ignoring my existence or awkward interactions’
now you’ve heard of park sunghoon.... its basically a guarantee at your high school
he has this group of friends and theyre labelled as the popular kids i guess you could say
and the only reason he had to move seats in your two hour long class was because he and his friend jake goof off in class too often and your teacher deemed them “too distracting”
so eventually sunghoon was forced to move all the way across the classroom
right next to you
you were shocked to say the least
obviously he was handsome
too handsome to the point where you questioned how someone as good looking as him went to your school
he sighed and got up from his chair next to jake
but he still had a small smile remaining on his face indicating he wasnt that upset about him having to leave his friend
your heart began to beat quicker automatically as he walked towards your desk
even if you didnt have a crush on him like alot of people did, you still felt nervous around popular students like him for some reason
he ran his hand through his hair and sat down next to you, setting his bookbag on the floor next to him
he didnt look at you, nor acknowledge you
but nonetheless the lecture began again and the class sat in silence
taking notes on their laptops or sleeping
there were around 30 people in your class and your seat was in the middle row next to the window so you often gazed outside from the 2nd floor during class
you glanced to your right and noticed sunghoon slouched back in his seat, twirling around a pencil in his hand while his laptop remained open on his desk
it was just a white screen so he didnt take any notes
you were surpised because you knew he had fairly decent grades
you ignored your thoughts and continued taking your own notes
soon enough the bell rang and sunghoon stood up immediately and walked over to jake
‘yup’ you thought. ‘we are definitely not going to be having a single conversation this year.’
fast forward a couple days!!!!
you were sitting in class next to the boy
as normal
and you still have yet to talk to him.. mainly because you never initiated conversations ESPECIALLY when its a really really cute boy
ur teacher is like
Ok class im assigning a project and ur partner is the person sitting next to u
yay!!!!!! (can u sense the sarcasm)
you sit in silence while everyone in the class starts discussing with their partners
the project is you have to make a presentation on a world issue of your choice
“um...” u start
sunghoon starts pulling out his laptop and binder
“what do you wanna do?”
he doesnt even look you
u didnt know sunghoon and his group of friends very well but u definitely thought they were more... friendly than this
its silent for like 5 seconds
“huh? oh sorry did you say something?”
“uh yeah.. i asked what you wanted to do for the project.”
God u tried so hard not to laugh
you think he noticed because his cheeks turned a really light shade of pink
he looked so innocent
“yeah we have to make a presentation” you lightly chuckled
he was very amusing without even trying
“oh sorry haha.. i zone out easily”
“its okay.. but its due in less than 2 weeks so”
so you two spent the next hour choosing a topic and working on the project
it was kind of awkward for the first 10 minutes but then you warmed up to eachother
u were lucky that he was an extrovert too
(sunghoon is an extrovert for the sake of this story OK)
u were also lucky that he was smart
it was easy for you to talk to him.. he just felt comfortable
contrary to ur prior belief.. sunghoon was actually a really really cool guy
u used to think he was just a guy
now u think hes a really really cool guy
“can you please stop putting penguin clip art on the slides” you giggle
then he puts parrot clip art instead
“do your work!!!!” he was supposed to keep researching but he was trying to balance his pen on his nose
“shhh y/n... im doing something important.”
you roll your eyes
he was always doing something that was Not work
but you found it entertaining
and he’d make dumb little jokes that made you both hide your faces in your arms on top of the desk to hide your laughter
“hey y/n”
“what do you call an old snowman”
“i dunno.. snowgramps”
“no.. water”
you both made eye contact before bursting into laughter and then forcing yourselves to be quiet before u got in trouble
but that made everything funnier so you both were just covering your faces while trying so hard not to make a sound
this was so weird
u have never clicked with someone so fast before it honestly felt exciting
you were talking to sunghoon as if you’d been friends with him since birth
Very Very weird because you had only talked to him an hour ago and now u two are acting like besties ?!?!
jake noticed from across the room too
hes like ‘Why is sunghoon having fun without me🙄🙄’
the bell rings and so far you only have 2 slides
“we didnt get anything done” you note as you pack your bag
“yeah yeah i know. we can work on it more tomorrow”
“right.. see you tomorrow” you’re about to head out until jake walks up
“hey bro” he and sunghoon do some kind of made up handshake before he turns to look at you
now you know jake
everyone knows jake
you used to think he was the sweetest out of all their friend group
and he definitely lives up to that!!!
“hey y/n!” he gives u a smile
AWE hes so adorable
“hi” u reply
you were trying to speed up this conversation though so you could go eat lunch with your friend
“hows the project going?” he asks
“bad. sunghoon doesnt know how to do anything.” you deadpanned jokingly
sunghoon looks at you with an offended look that makes you wanna snort
“hey! you’re the one who doesn’t know how to add text to the slide!”
“what the hell sunghoon?! don’t tell him that, it’s embarrassing!” you give him a dirty look before walking out the classroom door with a smile on your face
days passed and you and sunghoon would only speak during that class but whenever you did it would be a mess
“sunghoon, y/n, quiet down! there is no reason for my classroom to be this loud!” your teacher scolds you two after sunghoon slapped his desk after you accidentally snorted
u two had such a weird relationship
u were almost strangers outside this one class but besties when u were in it
jake noticed too
one time he asked sunghoon during lunch why ur relationship was what it was
“i dont know.. thats just how we are” he answered
but jake kind of suspected sunghoon had a crush on u
*wiggles eyebrows*
it had only been a week but jake was determined to set u up together
“y/n you look cold, heres sunghoons jacket!”
“y/n sunghoon needs help with his homework, can you maybe do something about that..”
“sunghoon, y/n looks sad go give her a hug”
needless to say it worked!!!!
because a week after you presented your 2 weeks worth project
sunghoon asked u on a date
let me recite how it went
u were walking out of class together because jake wasnt there that day
sunghoons bookbag was slung over one shoulder and u were stood next to him with both hands on ur straps
“hey.. do u wanna maybe go grab something to eat with me for dinner..? or something” he quickly asked
“what, like a date?” you joke
“uh.. yeah” he replied looking down at u
u stop in your tracks
No way
“wait what? seriously?” you look up at him with wide eyes
“yes u little munchkin” he pinches your cheeks exaggeratedly and pulls them to make your face sway everywhere
u swat them off so fast
“um.. okay” u answer and ur face heats up
you cant even look him in the eye
like u cant say u DIDNT see this coming but it was still a shock
“awe is y/n blushing” he teases
“go away stupid”
yeah he doesnt go away
ANYWAYS u are the cutest couple ever
everyone wants to be u two so bad!
couple goals literally
jake is so proud of himself honestly
whenever u get into a silly little argument his rebuttal is always
“remind me who got u the best boyfriend ever? thats right, me. dont try me y/n”
and ur like
“ooohhh jakey im so scareddd”
he cannot stand u
but Yeah sunghoon bestest bf ever
takes u on dates whenever u want to
makes u laugh very much
almost too much
and ur parents LOVE him
mhm sunghoon very awesome guy
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bigbrotherrevival · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
episode three: “i'm a literal crackhead who has an inability to lay low” - sarah g
hoh: sarah g evicted: autumn (9-5)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So like Sarah G-ood at comps won hoh again And idk how to feel about it. When she was round 1 hoh she offered to align with me because I’m alone but then never really talked about it to me again so I’m concerned about noms bc I’ve been really sick and Haven’t been around as much. I’ve been keeping steady conversation but it’s hard because of time zones too ugh
Tumblr media
Meh i'm a literal crackhead who has an inability to lay low because i am A LUNATIC ASDJLDSLDAS. I won hoh because i wanna backdoor anthony and also because zach sucked in that comp and he was the only other person who I was comfy with winning HOH. Djdjdj why do i feel so safe socially i think that's so stupid of me because i'm making myself such a threat but i also think that everyone is going to want to use my crackheadness down the line because yes i will win hohs and put people up and get blood my hands because again i'm a crackhead and it's fine ! I have like two final 3's one with zach/dom and one with shoib/bodhi and then my f2 with alyssa so this is all going to catch up to me eventually but as of right now it's working for me because i feel like a lot of information is throwing through me, partially because i'm HOH but also i think because i do have strong social connections with the people aforementioned but also with like roxy veronica elijah etc. The goal this week is to get 7 votes for anthony locked pre-veto nominations and as of right now I for sure have: Dom / Zach / Shoib / Bodhi / Lyssa and i will be able to secure Roxy/Veronica by the end of the day. I also think BC & yosef are down if it's with the majority which it will be. Hopefully final noms are autumn / anthony because autumn is v well liked despite morbid inactivity but like pregame connections what u gonna do. I don't know how to talk to Louise about me putting her up because HI I'M SCARED OF CONFRONTATION and idk if i can be like YOU ARE A PAWN BECAUSE I AM BACKDOORING ANTHONY because idk what she'll do with that information and LET'S TALK ABOUT THE FACT THAT I HAVE TO WIN THE VETO AGAIN WHICH WILL PUT MY COMP WIN RATE AT 80% AND I THREW THE ONE COMP I DIDN'T COMPETE IN ADKJDASLKAD IM SO STUPID. But "THERE IS A REASON WHY THE FROG WON BIGGEST CLOWN" :D
Tumblr media
I should’ve never made that 9 times comment about Kaleigh’s record hahaha. And now my smart ass is really going to spend the entire game on the block for being funny and likable. And I’m not even mad because I knew the kids would do this since she was talking shit that I hadn’t campaigned to her (which is because I’m old and I literally didn’t realize I hadn’t talked to Sarah in 5 days I’ve been too busy raising hell for her baby TJ haha). And then we talked, she won veto, and I knew she would try it and pretend to be nice about it. So y’all aren’t slick! But never fear kids I have a plan. Obviously I’m gonna snap in the veto comp but if I lose it’s all good. I am literally the most sympathetic character in the entire cast because everyone likes me and will be completely gagged that I got nominated yet again for no reason yet again. And voting me out would actually be ugly and anti-black so I’m leaning into my Vanessa Rousso brand. I will be publicly happy, sad about my future, continue to get in the kids’ heads, and let all these yt HOH’s think they’re doing something. Also I gotta go snap in FTC tonight so do I really care about this lil girl’s HOH?? absolutely not so do you boo I’ll see you in veto
Tumblr media
so excited for someone else i'm working with to go home... they really said fuck ashvika's friends huh. already know it's going to be an autumn/anthony post-veto nom. i wish anthony hadn't gone so hard at the beginning of the game and gotten himself into this situation because now i feel like there is no way to save him. i want to keep him around because i think he trusts me the most, and it's beneficial to keep someone like that around who will go after bigger players alongside me. but i feel like he's sunk his own ship already and pushing to keep him will just backfire. it's so frustrating because i feel like they keep taking out people i like and i'm going to be left with no one to work with. autumn/anthony is honestly worst case scenario because both of them are strong allies, hopefully when autumn stays she somehow wins hoh and puts up some of those players and we can get them gone. it's annoying how target practice/w.e their new name is has something solidified within themselves whereas the "other side" doesn't because everyone from the "other side" trusts one or two people in target practice too much. they've set themselves up too well. but i am used to this, dominating players taking over the game in the first half and getting rid of all my allies...just have to be patient and wait until the time is right to make a move
Tumblr media
okay uh yay sarah g won teehe i hope she doesnt kill me!! but she told me she wants to backdoor Julia which is fine w me only thing is that i thought Sarah G told more people so LMAOSMAOMSOAMSOM i think i just accidentally exposed her plan to dom............i hope he keeps his mouth shut or the showmance is over yikes cant believe im dumb
Tumblr media
okay i know it is only day 9/week 3 but i feel rlly on the outs of everything happening and its kind of irritating but i did say i wanted to be renee and drink a martini by the pool :hirenee: but i didnt consider that i have a big target on my back from playing in pasio and i didnt camouflage that enough like renee did camouflaging her winner target by seeming "inactive" and its kind of costing me rn bc at this point i rlly just feel like shoib and ashvika's vote and i just wish i was more than that but i think like.... idk it's a not horrible position as long as i don't fall into the same traps i did in pasio with targeting who they want to target/prioritizing their games over mine they give me a lot of information in the house and shoib sent me his diary room he made today?? i cant tell if it was just made to make me feel good about him but like... whatever i dont have many options right now anyway KLFJASKLDJASKJ like i think that its smart for dom/zach to have me in as someone who wouldn't go after them when people eventually go for them b/c best believe these people are not gonna not go after them and sarah g after how they've been showing their comp strength so blatantly to ppl like w/ sarah g winning 3/3 comps. the thing is sarah has people like bodhi/shoib/alyssa/elijah (apparently this dude leaked something anthony said to him about an alliance to sarah g and that's fucked him over) and zach/dom have... roxy/chloe and i thought they had veronica but shoib said that veronica is with him and apparently they play ps2 or something everyday and she brought him back to the community im kind of irritated and im just hoping i get to form better connections with more people because i feel like the only ppl in this game who value me are like... ashvika/shoib/zach/roxy/louise. everyone else is questionable. sarah g said im her number 1.... i was like ok girl whatever U say lKFJASKLJDSA literally one day she was on call with shoib/dom leaking the jcs premade alliance and she asked to call me and i was like ok and i requested to call her and then she was liek omg give me 4 minutes im on the phone with my girlfriend! and then i went to shoib and i was like are u still calling with ehr and he says yes like ok girlie tell shoib i hope ur relationship is going well<3 anyway its possible shoib just told sarah g that he heard about it and so she leaked it after but like.... thats just my paranoia talking and i said i wouldnt let my paranoia get to me this game so LFJADKLJSKDLJS i said i wanted to be more confident and usually my reads are right at the beginning like with me wanting to nom lukas/monty in pasio and i was woke ab jakeys ts game... so im just gonna go w my gut. my gut tells me that all i can do right now is try to form connections with people and show them that im desperate/admit that yes im good at comps but i will not win comps and get them out with my wins so they can use me and they rlly can? the only ppl who seem to be interested in using that are shoib and ashvika . i talked to bodhi and i basically told him im desperate for allies and i rly wanna work w him NFLAKJSDAKJDSA i hope he feels the same way but i know that hes done research on me and is threatened by my live night comp wins and him/sarah g on call were talking about how i need to go eventually around right before jury/jury phase. shoib was like we need to worry about dom/zach/alyssa and they were both like WHAT ABOUT YOUSEF??? hes sociable and a comp threat! i feel like i could have made the wrong choice in not just blatantly showing my comp prowess and using that to get in with people like sarah g/dom/zach but theyre gonna die eventually at the beginning of jury i think. like, sarah g has won all the comps she's played in. dom and zach repeatedly show they're good at comps. i know ppl know i'm good at comps but i haven't shown it to give them a reason to be threatened by me and i know people are gonna be tired of their power trip eventually. i know its only week 3 and its not that deep of like a power trip but only sarah g/dom have won comps and when sarah g backdoors anthony i feel like its gonna make a lot of people uneasy and wondering whos next. its beneficial for ppl like zach/veronica bc both of them want him out but its not beneficial for me. i dont wanna be caleb in pasio where i just vote him out and end up being the biggest target outside of sarah/dom/zach but i also recognize that shoib is basically creating this side dynamic. my projected side seems to be in real deep trouble bc i think it would have me/ashvika/autumn/bc/anthony and then bodhi wants to maek an alliance with all of us bc he knows about target practice but odds are.... autumn and anthony are both gonna be the final nominees i just dont like it lKFJASLKDJALSKJ i know theyve kind of done it to themselves (autumn barely did i feel ilke shes just nice and not like aCTIVE ACTIVE so dom said pawn time?) autumn is gonna be reborn into brittnee blair btw so if she stays this week it wont be horrible but i just know anthony has killer comp ability and can win to ensure that those people who have been in power get a taste of their own medicine. i sound so annoyed by them but like i think its just bc like.... today i kidna snapped a little bit on zach and i felt rlly bad like 10-20 mins later LFKJALDKJSSAKJ in my mind he has a lot of alliances/is in power (at the MOMENT) and he was liek are u in any alliances? i was first off like interpreting as like he was wondering what alliances i was in/asking me for any information and i was kind of turned off bc i know hes in alliances w sarah g/dom/veronica (prob)/chloe (prob)/roxy (prob ig idk ab her but prob w like dom or something.) and like i know im not on the BOTTOM BOTTOM of this house but like... in my perspective it just feels like my only real alliance is the hijabis with ashvika and shoib and it just sucks like i dont wanna be my alliances goat i wanna play and be flexible with everyone but the only other things i have are a fake alliance made by roxy (its prob real to her), an alliance w chloe and louise where ive quickly realized that perhaps the rumors about chloe being with dom only is true bc me and louise were talking ab her being nomd today and all chloe had to say is go louise like i know shes dry in text but im just a lil bit like ? bc when i was talking to her about creating an alliance i said lets both say a name on the count of 3. i say louise, she says dom. i told her to be very weary of them bc they prolly have more alliances we dont know about and now im just thinking about how she probably very well could be in the loop with them and being used as a number which i rlly hope isnt the case. w/ louise, i think she might b w/ other ppl im not sure???? but i think shes loyal to me regardless. i know ashvika said she was getting a bit good with her so maybe theres something there. anyways i cant be picky LFKJAKDJSAKDJSA im just gonna be more open to dom/zach/sarah g about how theyre gonna be VERY big targets at jury and that they should keep me around bc of that. i think zach already knows all that and i am paranoid of him, like, i mentioned to him that anthony told me him and dom are in a showmance bc one big thing ppl said about me (in particular aria) is that im cagey with information. so funny bc it seems like zach is fucking in a bird cage not telling me shit KLFJAKLDJSA and that was before we clarified everything abt our relationship and how we were just gonna have e/o's backs but like... idk its easy to say that when youre in more groups than me, probably (?) have more information than me (idk ab this but i feel like theres prob stuff the hijabis dont know about.) and have more power than me. but like i dont have any information to tell him bc im not gonna tell him about the hijabis since theyre rlly the only reason im informed on anything in this game. im not trying to complain or be needy but it feels like im renee with a bigger target on my back kind of?? i know renee didnt have a core early on and i do but like i dont feel very safe in my position in the house and i think once anthony is gone its gonna get bigger bc who else are the white trio gonna target... theres like, bc/louise/autumn and maybe theyll go after autumn bc theyve nomd her twice but theres me, who won 5 comps in pasio, so like, i need to make sarah g dom and zach feel rlly good abt me or idk i think if they decide to cut me then rippy dippy. i hope zach is loyal to me bc im loyal to him and when talking to the hijabis i downplay my loyalty to him heavily, like, i think hes a total snake, but once again, i CANNOT be picky lfKJASLKDJASKDJSA and im not pulling another emily. anyways yeah its weird it feels like im in pasio but like im on the other side. i want to KEEP anthony in... emily/johnny/nathan shaking in their boots rn??? wheres my avengers LKFJASDLKASLKJ like hello. im just gonna try to get real close to bodhi and then i think ill be in a better position. maybe talk to elijah a bit more but apparently he's sarah g's goat so there's that. idk i hope alyssa doesn't want me out but she has a lot of connections. autumn/roxy/sarah g/prolly good w players like dom, zach, so like FLKJADSKJADKLSAJ looks around awkwardly i can try w her too like more. the thing is i try to not overplay in the beginning this game bc that was a big fear of mine but it looks like thats translated over to not being in the core/power alliances bc it seems like theyre... staying strong? like it seems like the targets in sarah g/dom/zach all used their comp prowess to their advantage to align and be the big shields while thats not what i did bc like... idk it seems very very messy to make alliances right off the bat and have the possibility of them blowing up bc ik this is an all returnee season but do we rlly know who we're getting into bed with days 1-4??? it seems to have worked out for them bc all i have are the hijabis so like word. i think i might be overreacting and paranoid b/c BC told me he doesnt think id be a big target, sarah g said she thinks im paranoid, but like, with what shoib's told me it sounds like once anthony is gone i am a target bc im not with that side of sarah g dom zach etc. i have a good connection w zach and thought i had one with sarah g and hopefully i do but like idk. i think shoib might just be concocting this all. hes wanting me to keep in anthony and telling me its bc if he stays me and ashvika have a better chance of safety bc hes a shield but also if i put my neck on the line to keep him then im basically putting myself in a sinking ship especially if hes on the block with autumn. but im voting in minority regardless to get a crystal bc i do NOT want bodhi or sarah g to get their hands on that shit. idk if anyone has more crystals than us 3 but best believe if they get their hands on it its over. maybe i win hoh next week to get a crystal over them but like dont know. kinda wanna go for hoh but if i nom big players then im immediately seen as the figurehead for a resistance and im out as soon as theyre in power. if i nom elijah/julia im not doing effectively much, just making sure the free agent numbers dwindle on their side, and we keep in players like louise who theyre not with? dunno tho maybe louise has more connections than i think. dont think so. but yeah KLJFASKJDLKAJSD anyways it seems ive typed up an essay but yeah im just rlly trying to make sure i dont disappoint yall and i hope that yall are not turned off by my gameplay and like... just overall actions. if i dont win (which i rlly want to... idt ive ever wanted to win a game more than i have here) i at least wanna make yall like proud and see ive been trying to correct my pasio mistakes and ... idk i think i could be like in pasio but on the other side now so maybe theres that but ik i seem like ... a player whos literally just like not in power at all but like its week 3 idk why im saying this shit LOL its final 17 i dont need power. if these white crackheads want the power then they can have it bc it might bite them in the ass. i just know i could very well be a person in mind for them to go or maybe this is just paranoia shoib has planted into my mind to ensure that hes safe and gets all the information in this crossfire of sides, and maybe hes playing me, but like again. i cannot be picky here. FLKAJDKJASKJSLKJA hes literally screenshotted his alliances to me so like... word girls maybe he lied abt one and said it had other ppl and not the real ppl actually in it but again girls cant b picky! he has veronica/ashvika/bodhi/sarah g/me all rlly close to him so i rlly think he is playing a GREAT game and has some power, but again, hopefully these ppl's power trips fuck them over. anyways hopefully i dont die this or next week and thats my ted talk
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Julia has won the POV! Not really sure what happens. Earlier today, Sarah suggested that we backdoor Anthony, but I wasn’t sure why. I found out from Bodhi that Anthony is apparently in a ton of alliances, which is really funny considering the end of last week, Bodhi was approached by Anthony with a potential 6-person alliance. Anthony potentially going up and going home is... not really good for my game. I like him on a personal level and I don’t think getting him out would be the best thing for my game, but we’ll have to see. Very nervous how this whole thing will go, but I’m just going to keep my mouth closed and observe.
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