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pussyfairyxoxo · 31 minutes ago
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carrot-cat17 · an hour ago
And today on "My 80+-year-old Grandma has undiagnosed Anxiety and OCD," apparently she insisted on putting my sister's laptop power supply on a plate while she was working on the floor the other day, because she was 'worried it would be too hot' for the carpet and tile.
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ohbaby-obeyme · 2 hours ago
Don’t mind me, I’m just gonna be thinking about how fuckin cute you are curled up in your bed with your collar on. And I want you to keep edging for me. If you’re already in the bed, you might as well complete the picture and hump a pillow like a bitch in heat, right? We can start with that today and tomorrow morning, yeah? I also want you to know that I will always want to know when you’re keeping your collar on or fingering your mouth for me. So if you feel comfortable sharing that, by all means, tell me.
I’m not sure if you’re seeing this before you fall asleep, but don’t feel like you need to reply right away if you are! I can wait until tomorrow, okay? Feel free to just get comfy and don’t worry about trying to form words for now. Sleep well, love.
mmmnn good morning, babe ♥️♥️ i slept so well in my new bed. i’m.. still in it, actually. haven’t quite gotten up to start the day yet. cozy.....
i did see this message before i slept, and i did hump a pillow like a bitch in heat 🥵♥️ i was just gonna go right to sleep, but your words kept replaying in my head and making me so restless while i was trying to doze off, so i had to find some kind of relief for the ache. embarrassingly, i drooled quite a bit onto my hand while i was panting around my fingers, then used that spit-slicked hand to bring myself to the edge a few times. a pillow alone isn’t enough to get me close enough for a proper edge (i’ve only been able to get off with just a pillow one (1) time. it took over three hours and i cried a Lot during, just from how frustrated and exhausted i was. couldn’t move afterwards. loved every second of it.)
the first thing i did when i woke up was to edge again, but 👉🏻👈🏻 i was too lazy to get a pillow beneath me, so i just used my hand. and no fingers in the mouth, bc i didn’t want morning breath fingers 💀💀 just a very sleepy, lazy, vocal edging session ♥️♥️ wish someone had been here to see how i writhed and begged myself to stop before going too far. the miserable keening when i finally pulled back, and how fiercely i gripped the sides of the bed to keep my hands away while i slowly came down from the edge. a pity, really. such a show, and for no one 😔😔
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fallowishdoe · 2 hours ago
if one of y’all would please read my very emotional fanfiction i wrote for a ship i do not even ship but cannot deny that it happened, i would appreciate it.
Peter Parker finds Steve (and Team Cap) on OnlyFans. He tells Tony. Tony has a look.
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procyon-lotor · 2 hours ago
I don’t think my brain can physically process what a dressed obelisk would look like
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ghostpocket · 2 hours ago
You know those ice berg things? Ive seen a few for different duos and such but i usually only know a few at the top. But for the crime boys one i knew all of them??? What does this say about me lmao
ur an only child
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vivaciousvteasers · 3 hours ago
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