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#one true love
Okay Smash Or Pass, let's start. Bowen to Ann.... 'respectfully'. UHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHU
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Tumblr media
In other words, put a ring on that finger & she's full smash, baby.
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froggy-1988 · 4 hours ago
My love is fierce
My love is strong
My love fights 
My love demands
My love is tender
My love is soft
My love tends 
My love comforts
My love is constant 
My love is endless
My love exhausts
My love pushes me past the possible
I am part of the endless 
Part of the circle of creation
We are the same 
We are unique
I am mother 
A poem dedicated to my son
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What if she saw what was underneath?
No, he doesn’t know this was even taken.
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Tumblr media
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Aside from how old this is. Can Ann look at him.. respectfully? XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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Tumblr media
Yes she can look at him respectfully.
Complete respect in this smile here.
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laissemoisavoir · 12 hours ago
my favorite authors are all czech and swedish... something something beauty in simplicity, in plain statements etc, old man and the sea defender, metaphorically a man in the 60s in a trench coat and hat lighting a cig and people-watching in the park...
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inkykeiji · 12 hours ago
babe, don't worry abt not posting the fic! don't be sorry if you don't feel like writing it now or tom or any other day! we can be patient. i love interacting with u, i'm not just here bcs of your fics but bcs i love talking to you. so no need to worry if you don't want to finish it! okay? spend time with your bf.
my god anon i love you so much. i love you so so so much <33333 i’m so incredibly lucky and grateful to have you here with me, please know i never, and will never, take that for granted <33 sometimes i think i need to hear this. i’m always so eager and so excited to share my work with you all, but i also know i’m a perfectionist and extremely hard on myself, and these things tend to slow me down sometimes! but thank you for understanding, it means the world to me <3
i love talking to you too, i love talking to all of you so much!!!!! you are all very special to me and i am privileged to get to know you <33333
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O, the hilarity; about five minutes after @natromanxoff​ replied to my post about the shared “I Helped Hollywood” tee (what the hell ever that’s supposed to be about)... Guess what? 
While searching my blog for something else. I put ‘jacket’ in the search, and found the same pics -- I’d reblogged from Nat in May. ;- )
And! Because I can’t help myself, I googled to see what I could find about it. No idea if there’s a deeper story, but I did find an old WorthPoint listing (they give eBay as the source):
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emile-hides · 15 hours ago
Had a dream last night I went on a nice date with a guy and we took pictures of butterflies and it was all nice and cute and romantic and I totally liked him and he liked me
Then some people I knew were in the park playing Baseball and I ditched my date to play left-outfielder and I was the best person on the team and basically what I’m saying is romance is dead and Baseball rains supreme.
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musette22 · 15 hours ago
Can we appreciate the fact that the two most heartfelt messages that Seb has left for people on their birthdays were to Chris and Mackie. And if I'm not mistaken he put the emoji that is ASL for I love you at the end.
Oh my frikking god, you're right. I thought he just meant like 'rock on' which is also still possible, but Seb does know ASL 🥺🥺🥺 That is so sweet
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lacheri · 16 hours ago
stay strong, girl. you can resist eren. i believe in you!!!
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acrobaticcatfeline · 17 hours ago
Shout out to my like 4 followers who interact, I would like to give you kith on the mouth but like no homo y'know?
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raspberrysflavour · 17 hours ago
Random Theory Time! UA Traitor + Experiments.
Disclaimer: this might be the absolutely most stupid thing I ever said on this site (and I said a lot of bs), so proceed with caution. Also tw for death, murder, experiments on animal AND humans, violence.
As the DfO theory reclaims more and more attention, and with each passing chapter it becomes more and more plausible - another thing which has somehow not being paid attention to, has been brought to life (always thanks to my enlightening conversations with @purplemys, that is). 
Nezu, as we know him, is the current Principal of UA; but how did he get there? We know that Nezu has been experimented on, and that thought birthed the possibility that maybe, since we know nearly nothing about him or his creature-like potential, might it have actually been AfO experimenting on him, through the doctor-like abilities of Ujiko?
Tumblr media
After all, we do not know a lot about the Noumus (or rather, the process they are formed through, save for the modification on their brain and the fact that the idea has been taken from Machia), but I think it is clear that the process which the corpses/former humans have been through, should have started been started by something (the idea of Noumus did not originate from a blank note of AfO saying 'let's experiment on corpses just for the sake of it', but as I mentioned before, Machia is the inspiration). However, It is common practice, or It was in human history, to experiment on animals before humans. So, in this sense, it would make sense that before starting their trial on human corpses, AfO and Ujiko might have messed with animals (which would also explain not only Nezu’s Quirk, but as well why it is not exactly possible to understand what type of animal Nezu is). Further than that, AfO always said that he likes predicting what other people will do, and as far as we know that’s exactly the Quirk that Nezu has (well, more or less).
Tumblr media
Now, if this hypothesis holds true, and Nezu IS the product of Ujiko and AfO’s experimentation trials, it might also make sense that AfO has conditioned and basically directed the play as we know it: he put Nezu in such a condition to become the trusted President of UA, then recruit AM, and once he is in dire need of a successor, strike (right when he is at his weakest)(ofc not taking into consideration the existences of the vestiges, or the particular circumstances which lead to Izuku being the last OfA holder). This matter would make it pretty clear that Nezu, behind the scenes, has always been the Traitor (he said it himself that he cannot prove that he IS NOT the one, and the fact that the UA dorms have been built, might have just been an excuse to monitor the people he needed to, more closely). An episode that might confirm this hypothesis, is the innocent interaction AM and Nezu have during the time the USJ attack is happening. AM has been doing hero work during the morning, so he cannot maintain his form for a long time anymore, but he knows that something might have happened, as he cannot contact both Aizawa and Thirteen. But guess who shows up to keep him there for longer? (It can be argued that he does not want AM to confront the Noumu, but in the other sense, he is also putting the students in danger and obstructing AM from saving them). 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
However, if you notice, there is a missing step in this theory, which might be the connecting bit - but also the one letting this theory fall into crumbs. (Yes, it is the Dad for One theory). As much as I personally do not enjoy it, and it would add just more chaos to the narrative as it is now, I think that it might make sense for AfO to have had a son, which he then let Ujiko diagnose as ‘Quirkless’, and whose path crossed AM when he was the more in need of it (or rather, their encounter was ‘lucky’ and needed for both - after all, AM has been already recruited to be a teacher at UA at that time, but he still had not met Mirio, so it was the only possible moment, a chance of sorts, for AM to meet Izuku and for him to inherit OfA). 
However, this would entail an absurdly high planning level (of which I am sure, AfO is more than capable). 
Considered from this perspective, the birth of Izuku was functional: another experiment made in order for him to take over his body, reformed and more apt to take on his Quirk than anyone else (especially if AfO’s goal was always to take ahold of OfA. Therefore, creating a situation in which he himself spawned a child, which not only was fit to receive his Quirk, but would also be able to contain OfA - reuniting it into its original power, and with Izuku’s ‘new and fresh’ body, would make the perfect basis for his perfect plan to become basically invincible)(an argument that can be made forward this hypo is that Izuku’s body has taken little to no damage from handling multiple quirks). 
Of course, in addition to this, we’d have to take into consideration Shigaraki. Much as I stated here (which was also one of the starting point for this absolutely digressing stream of thoughts), Shigaraki has been kidnapped right around the time of Izuku’s birth (in terms of age, Izuku and Tomura pass each other around 5 years, which is the age at which Tenko has been kidnapped) - and he himself, might have been since the beginning, a pin in the Grand Plan of AfO to take over not only OfA, but to realise his selfish dream to be the New Demon Lord (notice the wording of Greatest Demon Lord as opposed to Greatest Hero... which is Izuku's introduction)(and this has been, more or less confirmed by AfO himself).
Tumblr media
Shigaraki might indeed represent a potential patient 0, or even a plan B in case AfO’s end goal to overtake Izuku’s body fails, as well as trial run. We see AfO convincing Shigaraki so hard to rage and hate, in order to develop feelings which are strong enough to overtake OfA, and then force him into submitting his own body to him - but it has not been working well, whether it is because his level of completion of the experiment has been suspended, or whether Shigaraki’s will is just that strong. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So, is Shigaraki not only a way for AfO to get back at Nana and OfA (which has been the main assumption of why exactly he has been kidnapped and groomed), but is it also because he had to serve as an experiment (much like everyone else) in order to gain his ultimate access to power? After the birth of Izuku, if that is the case, AfO might have had all the time to predict what was going to happen, hidden, and formulate a plan which would kill two birds with a stone: generate a potential threat from a moral point of view for OfA, because AfO still probably did not know that AM would surrender his power - and also to have a body to fall onto in case the worst case scenario happened. 
Tumblr media
Further than that, the ‘You’re Next’ that AfO says to Izuku in chapter 316, could very well be interpreted as him being the next one to be taken over (after Shigaraki, that is).
Tumblr media
In conclusion, if we take as a fact that Nezu is after all, the creation of an experiment by Ujiko and AfO, that became the President of UA and made it so that AM and a successor could meet, before the creation of Noumus, and that in order to create the perfect person in which body AfO could possibly become the New Demon Lord, he first had a hand in creating his own flesh and blood, which then he diagnosed as Quirkless in order to put away any suspect, kidnapped a kid which would pull at AM’s strings and which would also be an experiment and a plan B to which fall to in case plan A (overtaking Izuku’s body) failed, this would all make sense. A Grand Plan, starting with experimenting on an animal, and ending up influencing the potential to inherit in one body, both OfA and AfO together - jumping from one experiment to the other, and basically influencing and directing every single piece of fact that we know of the narrative so far. 
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itspileofgoodthings · 21 hours ago
I read an amazing Twitter thread the other day about creativity that gave the oft-repeated and not new advice that the more you do a creative activity like writing or drawing the better you get. But the thing that felt different about this iteration of it was that the op compared creativity to a pipe that only has one faucet and that is backed up so in order to really let things flow you have to get all the blocked up stuff out; in other words; you have to let all your bad ideas out first. and then once you do you start developing the ability to see what makes your bad ideas bad and you learn how to make them better and it’s fairly easy to learn what makes them bad simply through the sheer numbers of bad ideas you’re being exposed to. The speed of it, the continual producing, starts to make patterns really clear. And it just really hit me as so true and helpful. Because of course I’ve heard people say that the only way to get better at something is to do it and of course I’ve heard that the only way to produce something good is first to produce something that, at least by comparison, is bad but I’d never really put the two thoughts together?? Not really. It’s as obvious as DAYLIGHT but I’d never actually connected it. And. It just makes so much sense. Continual doing without (over)worry about what is being produced creates a real flow and rush and of so of course the first stuff won’t be as good or have as much weight? Because any kind of flow has to start somewhere, has to pick up speed, has to carve out a path and that beginning work doesn’t and tbh can’t yield something that is that beautiful to look at because bigger stuff is happening in terms of shaping the space/path to work in! And it’s just as much a part of the work as the stuff that comes later that is the finished product!
#I think for some people creativity is really simple because they simply do this from the start#I am thinking of Taylor and tbh I am thinking of Emma#they write because they’ve always written! always wanted to. always had to#and the continual doing was the training! was the start of it all without their noticing!#but for people who haven’t done it their whole lives (me) the starting is more complicated because it’s easy for me to complicate it#because I’m coming to it older and with much more complex feelings#but I mean I guess this is true of me for other kinds of writing#I wrote essays/meta …. all the time. because I wanted to because I had to#and I didn’t think of it as practice but it WAS#with fiction writing I am aware that it’s practice and aware that I’m bad at it#and I want to do it but in a different less totally instinctive way than I wanted to write to express my thoughts on it’s just about me realizing I need to be less self-conscious#and that can be tricky#ANYWAY THIS IS SUPER OBVIOUS BUT LIKE. I LOVED IT AND I KEEP THINKING ABOUT IT#I think that’s what I want to do with Emilia#like: sit down and just write out all the bad ideas as fast as I can and then start putting together the good ones! that’s what I want to do#this summer. even before I get back to my book drafting!#anyway I hope this is helpful to anyone reading this and I hope it makes sense!!!!! sometimes I write these things and I have no idea#If they DO make sense!!!
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