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suispiria · 23 minutes ago
oh my godddd I’m watching the staircase doc and they’re rly showing the crime scene photos in full detail like even her face
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watchmelovemyself · 53 minutes ago
I’m really enjoying pissing off all the dumbasses who refuse to acknowledge that “truscum/transmed” is a horrific thing. If you are someone who tries portraying the words as “good” in any way, fuck you 🙂🖕 Fuck you if you fit the definition, AND fuck you if you keep trying to pretend that the words means something other than what they mean. You are pushing transphobic rhetoric, whether you know/like it or not. It’s like pretending that the word “transphobe” means “someone who loves trans people.” You say “hey I’m a transphobe 🙂❤️ Why are you upset? Omg why do you think I HATE you??? I said I’m transphobic!! Lol why do you think it means something bad, you’re dumb and I’m not gonna listen to you, I’m gonna keep saying I’m transphobic and I’m gonna tell everyone else that it’s a good thing to be transphobic lol”
You don’t want to Google the terms, you don’t want to acknowledge that truscum/transmed is transphobic and has been for YEARS, you don’t want to acknowledge you’re wrong, you don’t want to listen to the majority in the trans community tell you that what you’re doing is harmful. You’re fucked for promoting and defending the word. No matter how much you want to pretend it means something other than what EVERYONE ELSE defines it as, it’ll never be “transmed just means we want insurance to pay for our surgeries 🥺” Transmed means you “have to have dysphoria and need surgeries to be trans,” that’s literally it. By claiming that it means the former, you’re implicating everyone like me, who NEEDS surgeries ‘cause of my dysphoria, with transphobes who exclude the MAJORITY of the trans community. Fuck you for trying to speak for me 🙂 You’re fucked, and I’m glad I’m pissing you off when you give no fucks for promoting a severely enby-phobic, trans-exclusionary term REGARDLESS of your motive or how much it hurts the entire trans community. Either go pick a different word to call yourselves, or keep being pissy in your tiny Tumblr echo chamber about how mean I’m being for calling out your shit behavior 🙂
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space-ace13 · 56 minutes ago
Listen. Look. I'm asexual ok? I am. I've known this for years now. I'm aro/ace and I have no interest in having sex ever with anyone ever cause it's gross, and I have never wanted to be in a romantic relationship because I just don't feel those feelings.
Having clarified that, I would forget all of that for this man right here.
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moondaius · 59 minutes ago
if i were dating you we would be going food hunting in our shorts and slippers like sipping coconut water by the road side or watching the sunset on some random beach up in tanjung tokong or dressing up to explore expensive hidden bars or laughing/screaming our heads off at sunway lagoon since genting is still not done yet ♡
linnnnnnnn hnnnnnnnnnnnghhhhh 💖💖💖
this is the best things to do for dates, I guess we will be looking like ah lians but idc, we will eat cendol and ais kacang and laksa after coconut water, catching sunset with some beers in hands or have a lovely dinner at bora bora, I heard that having a picnic at straits quay there is quite a good idea too, we can take some aesthetic photos and yes we def need to check in those hidden bars and burn our money over some expensive liquor, or maybe pokok at the roadside, then we can also stroll down love lane and eat more street foods, but I'd love to go for a night drive around the city with you cause it's romantic and absolutely yes for a day in sunway lagoon cause it's been a long time I didn't step into a theme park, but I'm always down for a trip to genting once it's done <3
"if I were dating you" ask
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beforenothing · 2 hours ago
Sef Tag Dump
Tag Dump
Fandom: Assassin’s Creed.
Sef: (IC) Where other men blindly follow the truth.
Sef: (Open RP) Remember. Nothing is true.
Sef: (Ask) Everything is permitted.
Sef: (Anon) Hide in plain sight.
Sef: (Dash Commentary) Stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent.
Sef: (Queue) We are Assassins.
Sef: (Musing) Where other men are limited by morality or law.
Sef: (Interests) Be one with the crowd.
Sef: (FC) We work from the shadows.
Sef: (Saved) To serve the light.
Sef: (Headcanon) Never compromise the Brotherhood.
Sef: (People) The Brotherhood.
Sef: (NSFW) You’ve forsaken the Creed.
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beforenothing · 2 hours ago
Darim Tag Dump
Tag Dump
Fandom: Assassin’s Creed.
Darim: (IC) Where other men blindly follow the truth.
Darim: (Open RP) Remember. Nothing is true.
Darim: (Ask) Everything is permitted.
Darim: (Anon) Hide in plain sight.
Darim: (Dash Commentary) Stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent.
Darim: (Queue) We are Assassins.
Darim: (Musing) Where other men are limited by morality or law.
Darim: (Interests) Be one with the crowd.
Darim: (FC) We work from the shadows.
Darim: (Saved) To serve the light.
Darim: (Headcanon) Never compromise the Brotherhood.
Darim: (People) The Brotherhood
Darim: (NSFW) You’ve forsaken the Creed.
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beyondthenightglass · 2 hours ago
“ You should have forgotten about me ..”
Garcello x Child reader
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🍀 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It was time. You weren’t ready . He would always remind you that sometimes in life…you can never save the one you love forever . You would always laugh and tell him .
“ But you saved me!!”
He would smile and exhale the smoke . He would always look up at the sky and say
“ You know kid…you were just like your mom..”
You would always grin at that . Laughing with him about careless things with no care in the world . You would both play tag or some other games. Some he would just make up . “Like hide by the box and don’t come out till I say so . “
Till now you would never understand why he would make it as a game . You were to young for the world your mother left for you . In the hands of your dad as you slept soundly . You would never understand how much pain that left him. Yet he never told you or hurt you
You were to little to understand . Why he would leave to go get more “ games “ . Only for him to come back tired without anything but a gun and a bloody face. You would always remember the look .
That guilty look . Like he was a child caught stealing candy at a little shop. Tears pouring from his face . Like he was mourning the lost of a loved one . Now that your mature you understood it . But it was too late .
All the memories washed away . The only thing left was just a lifeless body of you loved father . Garcello . The name on the pack of cigarettes he used to always take with him . And the ghost of him staring back at you fading . You tried…to run here as fast as you could . You didn’t care for the directions he gave you . To leave town . Like he wanted . You knew something was off
You wished you weren’t right. The moment flashed before your eyes so fast . But the words he said felt like it was in slow motion . Like the movies you both would watch .
You could almost hear it . The sounds of your child hood
“ you won’t leave me like that guy would you daddy???!?!?”
He would look at you and smile . Patting your head . You could almost feel it now .
“ I would never leave you “
The very first lie that you remembered
Cause now
“ You should have forgotten about me “
He smiled as he disappeared . You were left with his body . You were faced with the truth . That he was gone . Not in the way that you wanted . You didn’t want it to be now…. You were alone .
With the burden that your mother cased upon you .
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the-reasonable-rowan · 3 hours ago
There was this blog that I liked, but they were kinda mean towards Gina Carano. Not as bad as some of the blogs, but like, she's mean, and bigoted. I asked her, telling her that Gina is really nice, and that the beep/bop/boop thing was a joke. But she called me a hate anon, even though I said that I liked the blog, and was pretty nice.
it makes me so mad that she called it a hate anon, because hate anons will suicide bait you, wish death on your family and pets, wish destruction on your property, and want you raped and killed.
"hate" like so many other words has become so watered down it doesn't really mean anything anymore. Just another word for "someone who disagrees with my infallible opinion"; it's a pretty common definition on this website.
Yeah there were many mandalorian blogs that blacklisted Gina before she even got fired just because she was conservative without any regard to who she is as a person, and once Disney fired her some blogs were doing extra petty stuff like blurring her out of gifsets to celebrate. I definitely unfollowed those, and tbh the whole show and anything Disney makes now leaves a bad taste in my mouth; really was looking forward to all the new Marvel/Star Wars content like my fav Bucky Barnes and the Kenobi show and my boi Captain Rex, but I don't really have the heart for it anymore. Pedro didn't get touched for his problematic tweet that was objectively worse than hers, and Disney has the gall to virtue signal about "antisemitism" while filming near Uighur camps; I genuinely hope they crash and burn.
#the whole incident has deeply bothered me tbh; like the Loki show should be a dream come true for me#i was invested heart and soul into his story because of Alydia Rackham's stories about him since i was a young teenager#but i honestly and truly dont care or want to watch the new shows#just deeply angry that she gets fired but SHE was the one being harassed; SHE was the one targeted because of politics#she never voted before this election; you know why? Gina said she never paid attention to politics and felt like she shouldn't participate#because she didn't have an informed opinion; this was her first time voting after studying both politics sides and finding she agreed#with the conservative side; all the sketchy stuff during the election happened and she had the balls to say something on social#maybe that's whats bothering me so much; she has the balls and bravery to say what she thinks and believes#and its all these shriveled up nasty pedophilic celebrities - truly small individuals that have no basis for ANY moral authority#and twitter bullies that took her out; and people who can't be bothered to actually understand the situation celebrate#or even better; they celebrate just because someone that disagreed with them got taken out#idk just ranting in the tags i guess#i dont think im really discouraged because there was a huge backlash; it just deeply angers me to see such an unjust situation happening#right before my very eyes#gina carano#cara dune#cancel disney plus#this user doesn't support d*sney+#the mandalorian#anon ask
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gremlinhourz · 3 hours ago
ive come to the conclusion that im not an outsider or different im just me
#to expand on this more im gonna say#ive been feeling overwhelmed w how much ppl say they feel like they dont fit it#and the amount of media that shoves the its okay to not fit in (if ur white skinny and all that)#bc who am i to say i dont fit in when all these ppl dont fit in#how can we all be oitsiders#and now w what i see as the rise of punk/alt culture (or atleast fashion)#ive been feeling even more distressed bc the one thing that i feel makes me independent makes me myself has become popular#it feels suffocating#and i dont wanna gatekeep anything#if u wanna dress alternatively dress alternatively#but it just feels so bad bc how can the thing that strives for that represents independence and rebellion#become apart of what it was rebelling against#i cant say what true punk is#i wasnt alive when the movement was around#but from its influence and everything i look up to abt it#i just want to say that seeing an infinite amount of ppl who dont care abt the political beliefs of the punk movement play dressup#and only listen cus they like the sound and dont care abt the message#it just feels so bad#i cant tell u how to be punk or what qualifies as punk#bc that would remove the meaning of punk#its a rebellious form of self expression that cant be defined by one signle thing#so seeing it be mainstream and just a fashion statement just feels wrong#and to touch back on the outsider thing i feel like i cant be on outsider if everyone else is so im just me im not popular im not a loser#yes i have so many experiences where ive felt left out or made fun of or rlly just different but i feel the same way abt calling myself shy#some many ppl use it so i feel like if i use it im faking it so im not shy or an outsider im me#but anyways i dont think of me or anyone as an outsider we're all just ourselves and we r all different from each other not outsiders
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scarlett-hofferson · 4 hours ago
Finally got around to catching up on Amphibia and am losing it.
Like, logically, I know it's gonna be a fake-out (considering WHATEVER the heck that shot in the S3 trailer was) and it was delayed and they had a warning. BUT STILL. They aired this for children. Like, cartoons are getting intense dude. (I love it, but wow)
I need S3 Now.
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nudibutch · 4 hours ago
Hiiiii 🥰 I’m a baby transmasc butch and I was wondering if you have any good packer/strap/harness recommendations? I’m a little lost with all the online options, and I’m just trying to see what some real life *butches* use instead of trying to balance between what’s used by the overwhelmingly femme lesbians depicted on websites, and what’s used by trans men
hello!! happy to help :) to be 100% honest with you:
gnc/transmasc butches 🤝🏼 trans men
(using the same reliable brands)
its really less about WHO is using it and more WHAT youre using it for. its a lot more about your own comfort level and preference. I prefer a boxer harness (like the kind rodeoh makes) because it eliminates a lot of bottom dysphoria by keeping me "covered" while integrating a dildo nicely with my body. others prefer an actual harness, for its adjustability or other reasons. its really up to you.
dont feel limited by the models used on websites. they may be feminine but theyre just demonstrating a product; choose whatever looks good to you in the dildo/harness etc department. i chose based off what i thought looked really cool while also being not too big for my frame (for me - 5'5" and 100lbs, 6" is my max length personally). main takeaway from dildos is: silicone, silicone, silicone. easiest to keep clean, sterilize (just boil in water for a few min), and always pair with NON SILICONE lube (water based is best)
packers: mr limpy is a classic, comes in a variety of sizes i think and also isnt too expensive if youre looking for a starter! this is used by a both butches and trans guys alike. i actually went with the archer (the petite size bc im small - but the regular one is bigger than mr limpy i think)
there are also some "pack and play" models im not as familiar with that are "soft" packers but can be converted to "hard" with a rod insert if youre looking for a 2 in 1 kind of deal.
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yamikawas · 4 hours ago
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archeracrosstime · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
So, one year ago today, was the creation of the Inherited Dreams AU with @conflictedhanyou , and it is a verse me and Laney have put our heart and souls into. To celebrate that anniversary, I created a mock-up map (using a helpful map generator!) of the story’s main setting: Kagome’s Dream World of Hanagasumi using my own imagination (to fill in the empty spaces as well) and what has been established in our interactions so far/plotting! And since this world is legit a canvas, this could all change! That’s the beauty of it!
Short Location Bios:
The Royal Palace: Queen Kagome Higurashi’s first creation and the cornerstone of the world, the royal palace sits imbedded and forged from the girls recreation of the Sacred Tree she had back in her world. It is the hugest structure in all of the land, having just about everything one would dream of inside. The most favorite spot is the castle’s rooftop garden, where the Queen and Lord Protector like to watch the sunrise each morning on their bench swings.
Cherry Blossom Woods: An area of strictly cherry blossom trees that surround part of the edge of the royal palace, the location where Lord Inuyasha had first taken the queen to do a creation run through of the land.
The Capital City: The place where the majority of Hanagasumi’s human/humanoid citizens reside. A bustling and thriving city with all sorts of activities. It is filled with everything from little shops to restaurants to recreation. 
Theme Park: Kagome’s recreation of her dream amusement park, mainly inspired by the Tokyo Disneyland resort and the memories she had going there as a child. It’s a perfect place for people to have some fun and embrace their inner child.
Wolf Demon Mountains: The home of the various wolf demon tribes in the northernmost part of the world, a location that is always cold but thriving with life. It is the birthplace of the Captain Of the Royal Guard Koga and his men.
Ski Resort: Center of winter time fun in the land, includes a huge ski lodge, plenty of winter time activates, and a ice skating stage. It also serves the best hot chocolate in all of Hanagasumi.
Hanagasumi Field: A vast field on the western area of Hanagasumi, filled with farms, grasslands, and plenty of flower fields. Where most of all the vegetation in the land grows and where a lot of the livestock can be found. Also is the queen’s favorite place to horseback ride.
Lake Gasumi/Lake House: The largest lake in the land, and a primary fishing and swimming spot. Boat rides through the large lake are an activity the queen surely likes, having her own private dock and lake house on the edge of the lake. 
Tropical Paradise/Beach House: The southern most region of Hanagasumi that also happens to be the warmest. The region is filled with palm trees, sand, clear blue beaches, and tons of aquatic life. Much like other regions, there is a beach home for the queen featuring a marshmallow fire pit and a comfortable hammock to sleep and watch the sunset. It is the region where the queen herself decided to officially become a queen for the land.
Beach Resort: An area containing a large resort featuring villas on the ocean front itself, a large hotel with restaurants and spas, massive waterpark near the ocean, and all the water recreation one could want. Also is known to serve the best drinks in the entire land, the queen quiet enjoying the fruity non alcoholic varieties. 
Private Island: The Queen’s personal island south of the Cherry Blossom Woods. It’s a bare location where the queen can imagine and create as she sees fit, never ever being the same as when she visited it last. It is usually where she goes if she needs some alone time, having a barrier not even the Lord Protector and Captain of the Guard can breach without her say so.
The Well: The connection of Hanagasumi that leads to the outside world, having been relocated to a floating cloud out of reach of everyone in the land by Kaguya. It is the one location that is hidden and inaccessible by anyone, even the queen herself. It is the subject of the main mission of the Captain of the Guard Koga and his men, them being tasked by the queen to find it.
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aleximedicus · 5 hours ago
the dress historians getting mad abt all corsetry being painted as ‘evil torture device to restrict women’ 🤝 me getting mad abt all pre-contemporary medicine being painted as ‘haha they were all wacky idiots who knew nothing and just dumped cocaine in every medicine’
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impssible · 6 hours ago
send me a  ✿  and i’ll fill out the template below. bold for things i could definitely see or want, italics for things i could see or am unsure of and striked out for things i don’t want or cannot see.
FRIENDSHIP.     childhood friends  /  work buddies or coworkers  /  family friends  /  friends with benefits  /  smoking buddies  /  adventure buddies  /  fake friends  /  recently friends  /  party buddies  /  friendship of need  /  dying friendship  /  circumstantial friendship  /  partners in crime  /  old friendship  / [ your muse ] is the good influence  / [ your muse ] is the bad influence  / [ my muse ] is the good influence  / [ my muse ] is the bad influence  /  opposites attract  /  ride or die  /  frenemies  /  roommates or flatmates  /  penpals  /  exes to friends  /  enemies to friends  /  other .
ROMANCE.     childhood sweethearts  / [ your muse is mines ] childhood crush  / [ my muse is yours ] childhood crush  /  exes  /  exes to lovers  /  forbidden lovers  /  highschool sweethearts  /  secret relationship  /  opposites attract  /  long distance  /  unrequited [ from your muses side ] /  unrequited [ from my muses side ] /  unrequited [ from both sides ] /  skinny love  /  friends to lovers  /  enemies to lovers  /  spurious relationship  /  power couple  /  newly entered  /  soulmates [ metaphorical ] /  soulmates  [ literal ] /  awkward  /  turning toxic  /  toxic love  /  cheating [ on your muse ] /  cheating [ with your muse ] /  other .
FAMILIAL.     siblings [ half ] /  siblings [ step ] / [ my muse ] is an older sibling figure to your younger sibling figure  / [ my muse ] is a younger sibling figure to your older sibling figure muse  / [ my muse ] is a parental figure to yours  / [ my muse ] is a child figure to your muse  /  guardian figure  /  legal guardian  /  adoptive child  /  foster child  / [ your muse ] is taken under mines wing  / [ my muse ] is taken under yours wing  /  other .
ANTAGONISTIC.     dangerous to each other  /  dangerous to others  /  unpredictable  /  rivals  /  petty  /  developing into sexual or romantic tension  /  based off family matters  /  based of off circumstance  /  based of professional matters  /  based off misunderstanding or lies  /  conflict of ideology  /  betrayal  /  hero - villain dynamic  /  enemies  /  fight club  /  friends turned enemies  /  lovers turned enemies  /  exes turned enemies  /  other .
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grazygardener · 6 hours ago
Last line tag game, finally I have something to share for @hollow-dweller , prepare yourself because this will be a ride!
He fell asleep and slept 12 hours straight.
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