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#on the flipside
woolandcoffeea day ago
When Derdriu is trapped with Conchobor after the murder of Noisiu, she recites a couple of poems detailing her grief. One of the things she says that jumped out to me was that, in her grief, she no longer had a reason to "redden her nails." Just, something about her no longer feeling the need to care for herself, and one of the ways she cared for herself was to tend to this aspect of her physical beauty, and beauty being one of the four virtues we know were honored by the ancient Gaels. Yeah, it just gets to me in a way I can't quite put into to words.
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lusus-automata3 days ago
I will be playing chapter 3 section b shortly
I won't be liveblogging it here but I will start to post chapter 3 content after I'm done.
I will be tagging those posts with "yttd spoilers" so filter that if you haven't already
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rubykgrant4 days ago
Tumblr media
@flipsidered鈥 happy birth times! Have a cruddy MS Paint scribble of Chainey as a munchkin and Owen as a lanky giant~
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fereldanwench5 days ago
so just got back from my trip, it was mostly awesome, i am very tired and need to sleep before i can get properly caught up
but i did want to share a brief anecdote:
we (me, my bro, and SIL, all of whomst are fully vaxxed) stopped in a starbucks this morning for provisions.
we were the only non-employees wearing masks when we went into the building, and we got to witness the power of social norms in action while we waited for our drinks: as the non-masked customers left and it was just us waiting, suddenly all the new customers who came in started to put their masks on, too.
we were all a little delighted to see that even in bumblefuck, georgia you can get people to play ball if you have enough people setting the right example.
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flipsidepoint6 days ago
Tumblr media
Stuffed with delicious butternut squash and served with your choice of classic browned butter and sage, or a rich and creamy mascarpone sauce.
Piccolo Stivale in Flipside Point Huntington Beach
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tributary7 days ago
if you hold a group that you belong to鈥攁ny group鈥攖o a higher standard of behavior, you鈥檙e always going to be disappointed
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urfaveisdisabled8 days ago
Trevon Cash from Jake Bible鈥檚 flipside saga uses knee braces!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Trevon Cash from The Flipside Saga uses knee braces
[ID: Two Images side by side of a flag with the pastel colours green, blue and purple. On the left flag is an image of the cover of The Flipside, a book. On the cover, a dinosaur鈥檚 head is on the left side, while on the right, is a man wearing armour and carrying a gun. On the right flag is the international symbol of access. End ID]
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beyonslayed8 days ago
I've decided it's time to get into a relationship cause I've gotten too comfortable with being single
Tumblr media
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just-a-cuphead-fan9 days ago
馃崄馃尰馃 Lucid
Tumblr media
Lucid would probably go back to the Dream World if he could, but most of the time he just climbs a tree and avoids everyone
Tumblr media
He notices the fact that everyone is alive in some way and he uses that as a source to keep himself happy
(and, of course, he enjoys seeing how innocent Flipside is)
Tumblr media
It'd most likely be left a blank black cover. The inside would be a mix of drawings of things he sees in the forest and writing about it. Plus the addition of writing about the Dream World
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just-a-cuphead-fan11 days ago
11, 25 and 38 for Flipside!
Tumblr media
A island in the middle of the ocean. it was abandoned by humans long ago ( medieval times) because it was too far from the rest of their world island and dragons came from the caves and took over the castle
Tumblr media
just a simple "thanks" or "awww", she's too innocent to understand flirting
Tumblr media
no, not really. she's tells the truth most of the time. Lucid lies for her
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angeloncewas13 days ago
Niki looks up at the sky, sun obscured by what鈥檚 just about to be pulled away. She wonders if she looks like a martyr or a heretic like this, knelt in a cage, human limbs and skin and presence. A girl barely older than most of them, a god who has seen eons pass like moonsets.
The anvil begins to fall, a rush of pressure, and her hand clenches tightly around emerald and gold.
(The Butcher Army except Niki is the blood god)
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