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Daily reminder that there is no one way to “look nonbinary.” Often, we are presented with only one method of presentation for nonbinary individuals, but that’s all that it is: one method. It doesn’t have to be your method. However you present or look is valid. You like to wear dresses? Great. Keep it up. You have long hair? Awesome. You’re gorgeous. You’ve got breasts? So cool! What makes a person nonbinary isn’t how they dress, nor is it how they wear their hair, or their weight, or their voice, or anything like that--it’s how they feel inside. Your body is a nonbinary body because you are nonbinary and you reside in it. It’s as simple as that. So keep presenting any way you want--nothing can make you less valid in your identity. 💛🖤💜
Yours most truly,
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When Gandalf and Frodo return to Valinor, their adventures and shit become the stuff of legend and then suddenly all the little elven kids are pretending to be ring bearers and dragon slayers bcuz let’s be real, it’s paradise which means nothing exciting ever happens there and kids eat that sort of shit up.
Of course kids being kids decide to make games out of it, and then the parents push for a safer version...y’know, one that doesn’t involve whacking each other with wooden or (sometimes real) swords. So Nerdanel gets together with her reborn sons Caranthir (who’s a numbers junkie) and Curufin who loves designing intricate things, and make that safe but still exciting game.
And that my friends is how DnD was invented
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someoneinthestars · 2 months ago
Mairon and Olórin friendship
I made a post almost five days ago, saying that I really think Mairon and Olórin were friends and I wanted to write more about it!
First I need to say that they were both wise. I already read people saying that, in comparison to Olórin, Mairon was not wise "enough". At first, in my vision, I thought Olórin was wiser than Mairon because I was only seeing his corruption, now I do believe these two were equally wise, the difference between them is that Mairon chose to use his knowledge for the bad, while Olórin decided to use for the good.
Now, back in Aman before Mairon's corruption. I think he and Olórin were great friends, I don't see Olórin scared of Mairon or seeing him as a more powerful Maia than he was. To Olórin, Mairon was his friend, that Maia that was very skilled in the forges and loved to share his ideas with him. And Olórin liked it. He enjoyed to see Mairon happy and I do believe he kind of (not exactly) blamed himself later for not seeing how Mairon was "unhappy" (would that be the word to describe it?). I believe that in the end of the first age, when Melkor was defeated, Olórin had to fight against Mairon and he didn't want to because he would never forget the memories they had before, but of course I think Mairon didn't exactly care for it and still he fought against Olórin and he hurt him. The only one who could actually stop Mairon at that time was Eonwë. I headcanon that later, when Manwë and Varda decided to send him to Middle-Earth, he was scared not only because of the battle where Mairon hurt him, but also because he could never see how Mairon was feeling back in those days in Aman, how Mairon was being slowly corrupted and no one noticed it and how much anger Mairon still had with him during the Third Age.
If you read this until here and you have something to add, please do it! I love talking about these two and I love reading other people's ideas about it.
Also ignore if there's something weird, it's late and I'm sleepy but I really wanted to write it now
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manwesbreath · 3 months ago
from my understanding, Gandalf doesn’t really age. Olórin was his Maiar name in Valinor, and I think he got sent to Middle Earth in the body of an old man/wizard? so technically he’s immortal like the elves, and I guess he would become Olórin again when he left Middle Earth.
Oh thanks! I guess it would make sense that he can change forms as a Maia, just like Sauron slapping on an elf costume and calling himself Annatar.
Also his line in An Unexpected Journey "Age may have changed me, but no so the Lady of Lórien" is so much more entertaining within this context, like buddy, you're immortal too, you chose to look like that
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hennethgalad · 3 months ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Characters: Manwë Súlimo, Estë (Tolkien), Radagast | Aiwendil, Gandalf | Mithrandir, Olwë (Tolkien) Additional Tags: Healing Summary:
Olwë witnesses Estë soothing an injured eagle.
Day 2: Valar.
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aearonnin · 3 months ago
Imagine Frodo's face when he first saw Gandalf as Olórin in Valinor and he just make that 'i thought you were just an old man who happen to be a wizard??' face
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mothdalf · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some more Mothdalf/ Mothrandir for you! This time with Lady Nienna 😊🦋
If she keeps crying she’s going to get his wings wet!
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unipork22 · 4 months ago
Hi there again! I’m not sure if you’re interested in writing it and pls reject it if it’s too difficult an ask (we don’t get much of Olorin) but I’d like to request a fic where the reader is Maiar associated with Este who meets Olorin when they learn from Nienna together? Thank you and wishing you all the best!
Olórin x reader - Destiny 
Hi Anon! Sorry this took some time but as I said before I don’t know much about Maiar so just imagine me searching on the wiki of Olórin 😂😂, well but now is finished, don’t be hard on me cause I tried my best 😆, hope you like it 💖
Summery: your master Este “The gentle”, a Valar from Lorien, sends you to learn from Nienna “The lady of Mercy”, but you never imagined what destiny had prepared for you...
“You’ll learn many things about her” said your master Este, “But I want to be with you, to serve you, to learn more things from you” you said almost begging, “You have learned everything from me, it’s time for you to have more experiences, besides my husband’s sister, Nienna, will recibe you with open arms” Este responded taking your hands in hers, “(y/n) you have such intelligence and power that must be developed, Nienna will teach you about patience, compassion and pity, maybe you will become one of her greatest pupils” she continued, “But I’ll miss Lorien, I’ll miss you...” you said to Este a bit sad.
“Sometimes (y/n) we need to take risks, go out of our comfort zone and see what happens next, I want you to learn that, I am sure you will do great without me, besides you know I will always be here waiting for you” Este said trying to cheer you up, “Alright I’ll go, but never forget how much I appreciate you” you said to Este “Come here let me give you a hug” Este said embracing you as you equally did with her, “It’s time for you to go” she whispered into your ear, “I guess you are right” you said parting away “Good bye (y/n)” Este said while she saw you walk away, and you waved good bye to your best teacher.
End of the flashback
“So you are related to Este?” asked Olórin who was sitting beside you leaning against a tree, “She sent me here to learn from Nienna” you explained “Well I am glad she did, otherwise I would have never met you” Olorin said making you smile “I guess you are right Olórin..., but I am not sure if I am doing good or if I am really learning something from our teacher” you said a bit sad “(y/n) really? Haven’t you heard what the other pupils say about you?, you are one of the best in class!” Said Olórin almost exclaiming, “Olórin, you are far more better than me” you said looking into his eyes. “But that doesn’t matters (y/n)...” Olórin said looking sweetly to you “Besides...” Olórin started moving his hand to grab your own, “I think you have far more qualities and talents than any other maia I have met before” he said to you giving you a sweet smile, “Thank you Olórin” you responded moved by his kind words.
“You have always been so kind towards me...” you continued, “You know... when I first arrived here I felt so sad and alone, I missed Lorien and my master Este..., but you were the one who kept by my side always reminding me why I was here and the many reasons I had to be happy, you helped and supported me when I needed the most, I don’t know what to do to return your favor” you said leaning your head to his shoulder, “Oh (y/n)... but you have already returned the favor” Olórin said moving one of his arms to wrap it around you, pulling you closer to him.
“Really? I have already?” You asked surprised, he chuckled a bit at your astonished expression and said “Yes you have... whenever I see you a smile appears on my face and I feel myself radiating happiness..., I love  listening to your voice and the sweet things that you say..., more than the other pupils you have taught me lots of new things..., and I most admit I have grew fond of you with the time we have spent together” he said this time looking at you directly searching for your reaction.
Surprised you raised your head to meet his gaze that was full of pure adoration towards you, “Olórin... I...” you were astonished by what he just said, you never taught he had those feelings for you, “I am sorry I have surpassed my boundaries...” he said nervously apologizing, “NO!” You almost shouted to him, “Olórin I didn’t knew how to express this but..., I had also developed the same feelings for you..., I was just to shy to admit them...” you explained more calmly, “So you feel the same for me?” He asked amazed with a smile on his face, now he was the one who was surprised, “Yes I do” you responded with a smile of your own, “So then... (y/n)...” Olórin started taking your hands in his “Would you allow me to court you?” He asked with hope in his voice, “Yes!” You exclaimed hugging him tightly and almost tackling him down, “I love you so much Olorin” you whispered to his ear making him hold you even closer, “I love you too my sweet (y/n)” Olórin said.
Probably your master Este was right, you needed to leave Lorien to find what you were truly destined for.
Tags: @allinwonderlands @eluriel-undomiel
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all-things-devours · 5 months ago
Even though Olórin's connection to Manwë is the one Tolkien kinda emphasizes the most, it's personally the least interesting to me out of the different Vala-associations he's given.... like his connections to Irmo & Nienna feel like they’re being used to say something relevant about his character; but the Manwë thing just feels like Tolkien going "well Manwë is Chief Good Guy so the most successful of the emissaries must have been sent by him". Like it's more about making Manwë look good than about any particular connection between them as characters (beyond "they're both chief good guys" I guess). Anyway that's why I kinda prefer to ignore the "he's definitely a Maia of Manwë" stuff (e.g. in Letter 200) and headcanon that he's worked with various Valar at different times but isn't permanently attached to any of them
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anghraine · 5 months ago
Still thinking of how Denethor and Faramir are explicitly compared with Gandalf  ... and even Gandalf describes himself and Denethor as ‘two ... terrible old men’ ... and in Faramir’s case, his wizardliness is by contrast to Frodo’s Elvishness ... 
I just. They.
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eeeergh · 5 months ago
Whats your favourite lord of the rings film and why
Two towers. Galdalf’s return💕
LOTR was the first set of films I saw in the cinema, my mind was blown and nothing has come close to beating it, 18 years later.
Tumblr media
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practicesurfnaked · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
So, just wanted to post some quick drawing I made here
I saw the news that Sir Ian McKellen, our beloved Gandalf, vaccinated himself against Covid 19. And it inspired me to draw something quick (and also a bit sloppy, I’ll admit) portraying him as Gandalf, the character he incarnated with so much love in The Lord of the Rings movies.
The full news can be seen here:
“Because you're having it not just for yourself but for people who you are close to – you're doing your bit for society,"
Also, the nurse who’s applying the vaccine is Estë, the Vala of healing and rest.
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mothdalf · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thinking about Olórin and his use of moths in LotR and my brain spat out trueform!Gandalf aka big mothman. That’s why his eyebrows are Like That.
Also he served Manwë, Varda, Nienna, And Irmo (iirc) and they all seem like they’d vibe with moths tbh.
Anyone else vibing with Mothdalf?
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acommonanomaly · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“But of Olórin that tale does not speak; for though he loved the Elves, he walked among them unseen, or in form as one of them, and they did not know whence came the fair visions or the promptings of wisdom that he put into their hearts.“
— J.R.R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion 
My favorite maiar, Olórin, for @thisonefrommagdalia, based on @nixiegenesis‘ design!
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