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#okay boomer
incorrecthick · a day ago
Peter: *shatters a window and climbs through it*
Peter: *turns around and helps Izzy through it* remember Izzy, breaking and entering is wrong.
Kid!Izzy: Okay.
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blakescoven · 2 days ago
my coworker: what’s your star sign?
me: uh cancer
my coworker: beware
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apotatowithstandards · 2 days ago
My grandfather that's been sharing homophobic Facebook posts the past few weeks just shared a post with the Trans flag in the background... oh the irony
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locksnek · 3 days ago
Does anyone have the post with the screenshot of ppl on FB pretending to be boomers?
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kryscarter · 3 days ago
Okay Boomers,
Stop asking coworkers, "Are we having fun?" You're ganna ask a millennial and act surprised that we say, "No." Why did you ask?! You knew the answer, we're at work, if I wanna have fun I'd be home.
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leftperfectionmoon · 6 days ago
I may not have experienced falling in love with someone and kissing them like there's no tomorrow but that doesn't mean I don't know what love is. I know what love feels like everytime my best friend offers to eat greens off my food because she knows I really hate them.
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radixalhimbo · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
"People should set the record straight. I'm not cute. I'm hot. That is all."
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Harry Potter, except Harry exclusively answers Voldemort with "Okay boomer"
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pie-thinkings · 9 days ago
Baby Boomers really do think they’re above everyone younger than them, huh?
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amphibiasideblog · 11 days ago
You know what? It's a complete shame more people don't talk about how much better Marcy's been since coming to Amphibia! (not counting true colors, i mean daily life, this is an outlier for sure and should not be counted lmao)
I mean from the few flashbacks we've seen of her she: dissociated, self destructed, demonstrated a lack of attachment to the adults in her life, demonstrated intense overattachment to her few friends, demonstrated a lack of willingness and/or ability to form other friendships, had a complete breakdown, and ran away.
That was pre-Amphibia Marcy.
And then holy shit look at her now?
I mean, she isn't a completely different person in all senses? Marcy's still a dork with a love of fantasy- she even still partakes in some minor (healthy) escapism for fun sometimes, she can still have problems with being insecure and letting the other girls have too much control over her, and of course her social awkwardness still exists. But....I mean...
Just look at her? She's so happy and bubbly and energetic. She's engaged with the world around her for the first time in her life. Not only did Marcy seek out bonds with positive adult figures (or at least people who seemed to be positive adult figures), but she made actual friends other than Anne and Sasha too and took it upon herself to take classes and participate in her community!
I mean, heck, she was even able to let Anne go back during A Day At The Aquarium despite her attachment issues! She wasn't thrilled about it, I mean, it hurt, but she was able to do it! And she was able to live a fulfilling life without either Anne or Sasha for months save for maybe a few weeks near the end, not to mention the fact that even when she was near them (the newtopia arc, a lot of her time in wartwood) she frequently chose to make other friends or explore other hobbies separately from them. And the way she was able to set healthy boundaries with Anne during Marcy At The Gates despite it being pretty obvious she has a history of not doing that?
She's not magically cured, obviously, and some days are still worse than others. Some days she falls back into insecurity or dependency or anxiety. But overall she's done so much good for herself. Overall she's thrived and become a genuinely much healthier person since coming here.
Whatever you think of her and what she did with the music box, nobody can deny she's so much more mentally well than she was and that she really has been thriving.
And honestly i'd like to see more people recognize this because it's rather lovely.
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alexanderweird · 16 days ago
Not me explaining why minimum wage being $7-10 per hour is bad and my mother going "um actually..."
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infodumping-and-memes · 19 days ago
Things Tumblr taught me:
Taught me different sexualities
Taught me to understand other genders
Taught me to draw people of colour
Taught me it’s okay to like ‘weird’ things
Taught me that everyone has issues and that’s okay
Taught me to understand the world outside of white eyes
Taught me lifehacks. Tons of them.
Taught me that anfiction is okay
Taught me that no one can purely based on ‘good’ or ‘evil’
Taught me that mental health and suicide are real and there are people that can help with that
Taught me that religion and sexuality aren’t enemies and helped me to accept myself as a biromantic christian
Taught me real life issues
Taught me that every topic has thousands of different views
Taught me that my worth is not based on my follower account
Taught me the difference between promotion and stealing
Taught me more about religion and acceptance than my RE lessons ever did
Taught me to use
Taught me to not be shy in what I write
Taught me to love myself
I see a lot of older people saying that Tumblr is destroying teenage minds, when really I’ve learned and understood more than I ever have.
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cookiekraftwerk · 21 days ago
love how claudia has like. 20 sentences in electri_city and she manages to use the word transgender instead of cross dresser in there. iconic
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