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#ok last ooc post for the night
liquorsoda · 11 days ago
i made a draft page if anyone is interested in seeing that !! it just shows if i have a reply for you / im responding to a starter of urs !!!
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wingslcst · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He’s everything I hoped he’d be and more
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queenofidealism · 2 months ago
Dangerous Woman (R18+)
Tumblr media
Rating: Mature (AO3)
Pairing: Reiner x Mikasa (ReiKasa) ft. tiny Armin x Annie (AruAni).
AU: Love Like This
Trope: One-night stand (?)
Summary: Something about him makes her feel like a dangerous woman. Making her do things she won’t normally do.
She’s a married woman and she sure as hell shouldn’t be out here at a bar, planning to wine and dance the night away all by herself. She isn’t supposed to be flirting with a random stranger whose name she’d never bothered to ask. She’s most absolutely not supposed to be grinding bodies with this handsome enigma and allowing him to take her dancing all the way back to his hotel room. ReinerxMikasa ft. ArminxAnnie. Modern AU.
A/N: Inspired by this post & this post.
Rhythmic Muse: Dangerous Woman (Cover) by Travis Garland.
Content Warning: Adult undertones. Dubcon (somewhat). Rough, unprotected sex. (I do not condone this. Please practice safe intercourse in real life, everyone and only with people you trust, please!). Expect some OOC-ness because this is a self-indulging Modern AU fic. Happy reading!
The smooth tunes of the Spanish guitar blasting from the seaside cafe’s stereo speakers and the sounds from the crushing waves of the ocean serenaded her weary senses, soothing her jaded body after a long day at work. She’s been busting her ass more than usual, covering more graveyard shifts than she could humanly manage in her years of field experience.  The salty seaside breeze wafted through her senses, mixed with the smell of grilled seafood and freshly-made martinis from the nearby bar, reminding her that her work vacation had been long overdue.
God, that trip to the Mediterraneans sounded much more tempting than before. Just lazing at the beach, soaking up the sun, reading a book or two and maybe toss in some kinky actions with a hot hunk somewhere along the way. But alas, they only managed to get away to a seaside resort just slightly out of town for the weekend.
A low, murmured whisper coming from her opposite direction turned into an uncontrollable cackle and she leered at her flaxen-haired companion, who’s now already tongue-deep inside her date’s mouth.
“Gross.” The raven-haired woman rolled her eyes, yet not without a small smile on her face.
“Don’t be jealous, Mikasa,” chided Annie as she broke her kiss with Armin, causing the latter to blush and stared back at his childhood friend sheepishly. “Just because your husband’s not here, doesn’t mean I can’t make out with mine.”
Armin sent a cautionary look at his wife and sighed. “Annie, we’re not supposed to remind her of him tonight. Sorry, Mikasa.”
The small smile turned into a tight frown as she continued to nurse the drink in her hand. She rolled mindlessly at the double olives on that tiny skewer inside her glass. “It’s fine, Armin. Annie’s right, you two are supposed to have fun. Don’t let me hold you both back. It’s your first night away from the girls after half a year, right? Go wild. But, not too wild ok?” She signaled to the other woman’s slightly protruding belly.
The upcoming fourth addition to the five member brood of the Arlert family.
Armin sent her a concerned look. He didn’t miss the way Mikasa had been restlessly fiddling with the wedding ring on her finger ever since she reached their planned venue of the evening from work. He and Mikasa have always been tighter than two halves of a whole since they were both in grade school. 
He’d know when she’s in distress. That doesn't require his professional skills in psychology to read the other woman's body language and facial expression.
“Did he wish you an anniversary greeting this morning?,” asked the blonde-haired academician.
She shook her head, her glazed eyes cast downwards as she took a sip from her dry martini. “Not yet, at least. I did slip something into his luggage before his flight out last week. Maybe he’s just busy.”
Annie slammed her own glass of fruit juice on the lounge table and declared out loud, “I’ll kick his ass for you tomorrow. If he ever gets here.”
“Thank you for the offer, Annie but I still got this under control and please don’t. You’re pregnant.”
Annie scoffed in return, expressing her distaste at said man’s nonchalant attitude. “Well, at the very least he should have given you a hall pass if he’s going to be ditching you here on your own. Give you the freedom to make up for his shortcomings. It’s your anniversary for crying out loud,” remarked the expecting mother before continuing to offer her unwarranted opinions. “I don’t know how you could go through all this for more than ten years? Sure, Armin and I have been married for fourteen years, together for sixteen and I can’t ever imagine being away from him for too long.”
Armin’s gaze hardened, he looked back at his wife’s rather harsh words in concealed disagreement, but he also knew that his long-time friend's married life was also none of their business. “I’m very sure he has a very good reason. Which has something to do with his work.”
Annie let out a long drawl of sigh. “Still doesn’t give him a reason to be a dick to her.”
Armin’s jaw dropped down in disbelief. “Annie!”
Mikasa waved away Armin’s chastising of his own wife. “It’s the hormones. This is not your first rodeo, Armin.”
He shrugged, “But this time, she’s much more brutal than usual, Mika.”
“After three girls, maybe this is finally a boy. Who knows?”
Armin beamed at the possibility, catching his wife’s eyes in a soft, appreciating gaze. “That would be nice, but even if this one’s another girl, it’s still not an issue to me. I love all my girls regardless.” Annie snuck a quick peck on the tip of her husband’s adorable button nose and nuzzled against his cheek softly, whispering, “I love you.”
Mikasa held the other couple in an admiring gaze. They are rock solid, there’s no doubt there. Also, by the way Annie’s hands had been slinking into the folds of the younger man’s casual dress shirt, rubbing slowly against her husband’s skin, Mikasa knew that Annie’s hormonal condition also came with other perks, which Armin clearly appreciates very, very much.
She shook her head and chided the pair teasingly, “Just head on back to your room, guys. Don’t remind me what I’m missing.”
Armin turned his head back at her, reluctance persisted against his own conscience. “We’re not going to leave you here on your own.”
“I’ll be fine. I just want to get another drink then I’ll be calling it a night.” She lifted the triangle-shaped glass in her hands and gestured for the couple to make their way back first.
It was Annie yet again, who made her concerns very vocal for the umpteenth time. “You know, if you’re gonna be dicking with one of these attractive men available around here tonight, we’re not gonna tell him. Scout’s honor.” She just had to end her sentence with a sly wink and a two finger salute.
Yep, someone’s super horny right now.
She raised an eyebrow with a mock disappointment on her face. “Just get the hell out of here. Armin, fill her mouth good.”
“Mikasa…” Armin shook his head in embarrassment at the crudeness of her sentence. He could still never get used to the savage side of his best friend, who’s more of a sister to him than anything else in this world. “Stay safe and just call me if you need anything at all.”
“Thanks. Now go on.” God bless Armin’s kind soul but it was bold of him to think that she’d be calling him when he’s already in way too deep inside his wife. Even IF she’d really ever needed someone’s assistance. Regardless, she waited patiently until the silhouette of the pair disappeared beyond the canopy walk heading towards the guest rooms’ direction. Only then she lifted herself off the lounge seat, clutch in one hand and fixed the hem of her skirt and her hair, already messed up from the strong breeze in the other. Eventually making her way towards the bar. With the manner she strode across the dining area, her heels clattered against the wooden floor, she willfully disregarded all the stares thrown her way - appreciating or lewd - from quite a number of the male patrons of the establishment. Deliberately, she dabbled lightly at the thin gold chain around her neck. Putting her wedding band on obvious display and on purpose.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mikasa sighed in relief, silently to herself the moment the message was duly received by the interested parties. The last thing she needed was to be in a complicated entanglement. She continued walking towards the bar, nodding at the chirpy bartender who bid her good evening and asked for her latest choice of poison for the night. She took her seat on the high bar stool, crossing her long legs comfortably and decided on another appletini. While waiting for her drink, she rested her face on her hand and tapped her fingers lightly against her cheek to the smooth R&B rhythm, staring fondly at the sight of a beautiful young couple slow-dancing not too far from the live DJ booth.
The moment a nostalgic tune she had once heard from an amazing night in Hizuru’s Havana Club years ago began to play - the intro to the Spanish dancehall genre blasted through the speakers - her body couldn’t help but move slightly to the sleek music.
This was their song. It was playing on one of the first few dates they had with each other. She’s even wearing the same red dress that she wore on that date eons ago. Back when they were younger. Back when promises were made to never be apart even for a day.
After eleven years of being married together….well, who’s counting anyway?
Unbeknownst to her, a set of dark amber eyes had been lingering appreciatively at the way she tapped her heels and the manner which her body grooved slightly to the playing tune.
The moment she’d walked across the distance between the patio lounge and the bar, she’d caught his attention from the get go.
Everything about this woman reminded him of Edwyn Collins’s crooning of his timeless serenade, A Girl Like You. She’s absolutely making him acknowledge the devil in him without an ounce of doubt.
His eyes glazed at the way her short dark tresses wavered in the evening draft and the way her off-shoulder red dress hugged her body tightly. The sheer fabric outlined the lithe curves of her waist, its edges danced around the long legs that seemed to be endless with every motion, beckoning his admiring gaze even further. She took her seat on the high bar stool, legs crossed and the edges of the dress hitched upwards, exposing the sight of her smooth thighs. Porcelain. Perfection.
It seems that he’s not the only person sending interested looks her way as he spotted several other men staring in awe at this breathtaking lady in red, without so much as a blink.
He exhaled a breath, much deeper than before.
He eyed the dark gold pumps on her feet that matched the delicate gold chain on her slender neck and the gold wedding ring on her finger. It also didn’t escape his observation on the beginnings of a rather intricate ink, emerging from the lace fringe on the back of her silky dress.
He wants to study the story behind it from the top down to where it might end if she’d be keen to share it.
He’s itching to know how much skin the ink covers.
He took in another long, deep breath, fixing the crisp collar of his suit. A hand smoothed his hair back in one fluid motion and finally, made his move towards the bar.
He’s going in for the kill. A wedding band had never stopped him before.
Several steps away from the bar and he’d already caught the fragrant scent of something succulent and delicious in the air coming from her direction.
Her perfume. 
Juicy. He found himself licking his dry lips in response towards the prospect of savoring the taste of figurative sweet cherries on luscious porcelain skin.
As it were, she could feel the prickle of piercing eyes on her back. She then turned her head around and their eyes met from across this crowded space.
Her eyes, a curious granite hue, reflected a hunger that has not been fulfilled for quite some time.
It’s a rather perfect coincidence that he’d been ravenous for the similar thing as well.
He wandered over to the empty seat next to her. “Good evening. Can I buy another drink for you?”
She pretended that she didn’t hear him at first, yet began to cave in after realizing that she was just too polite to turn down a stranger’s offer. “Thank you but I can buy my own.”
A knowing grin graced his lips. He knows an elegant woman with a refined taste when he sees one. “I can see that you’re waiting for someone. Can I, at least, keep you company for the time being?”
She gestured to the vacant bar stool next to hers with a short tilt of her head. “Help yourself.”
He asked for a serving of whiskey on the rocks from the gentleman on the other side of the tropical themed bar. Certainly didn’t miss the way her chest hiked the moment she took in the smell of his cologne and he also didn’t miss the way she ran a thumb against the small jewelry on her finger at the same time she took a sip of her martini. Like she was reminding herself of a line she’s not supposed to step over.
Instead of taking over the offered seat, however, he turned his body around and reclined against the side of the wooden bar’s curved edges. He’d caught her staring at the outline of his pecs between the already undone buttons of his shirt. “Can I take a guess?”, he eased his way into another opening for small talk, “A husband who’s running late or almost letting you know that he’s not going to make it?”
Bullseye. He could feel her glaring at him from the corners of her eyes. “Aren’t you the expert on lonely women?”
A deep chuckle escaped his lips shamelessly. “Well, if you were my wife, you’d never find yourself waiting all on your own or getting stood up for that matter.”
The large hoop earrings dangled against the side of her neck when she turned her head sharply towards the devilishly handsome but certainly up-to-no-good face. “Does that line work with all the married women you’re trying to seduce?”
His sturdy, well-trained shoulders shrugged incredulously. “Only those that match the very specific types: cold, mysterious, killer legs and silent ones that are forbidden to touch.”
“Hmmm….” She shook her head at his rather brave yet stupid audacity of assuming she’s just like the other women he had successfully added to the notch under his belt. She’d wished he’d just take a hike and let her finish her drink alone.
“How about this, one dance and I’ll leave you to your lonesome for the rest of the night?”
One dance. It wouldn’t hurt anyone, would it?
She should’ve said no. But she didn’t.
The second he pressed her snug against his own well-honed body on the dancefloor, she could feel her own conscience gradually diminishing through every grip of this man's fingers against her waist. His muscular arms ensnared her in a vice hold before he turned her around again and again to the fast tempo of the music. Their touch electric, their bodies coordinated flawlessly to the sensual rhythm and lips almost brushing dangerously against each other.
He twirled her around and let her back rest against his chest. His voice was a low, deep growl - reminiscent of a sly devil, whispering nefarious sins into her ear. "You are a very interesting woman.
"I know what you're trying to do."
"Let's not beat around the bush then."
She shook her head incredulously, lifting the hand with her wedding band right in this stranger's face. "I'm still married."
A dark chuckle escaped his lips,  the thrumming of his chest reverberated against her bare back. "I'm still interested."
She pushed herself forward ahead of him. "I need to go." Only to have her hand ensnared in his again.
The blonde enigmatic stranger lowered his head, his warm breath mixed with his sharp clean scent assaulted her senses. A contradiction to the sudden shift in his voice to a firm, authoritative tone instead. "Your husband is holding extremely confidential information that could jeopardize national security. I'd strongly suggest that you remain compliant until we can get to a more secure and private place to talk."
"You can't force me to go anywhere with you. I don't even know you!"
"I can assure you, making a scene is only going to make things more complicated, Ms. Ackerman."
Her eyes widened in shock. "How did you know my name?"
"You're a person of interest. I have all the intel on you." His dark, cryptic eyes held her gaze in a subtle warning. "We can do this the easy way or the hard way."
As soon as he closed the door to his room, the stranger pressed her body hard against the wooden surface, wasting no time in taking over her body’s will through the pull of his hands. He began to pat her body down with a force so strong she could feel the pervasive grip of his muscle against her skin.
She tried to push his hands away, almost gasping in shock upon his sudden action. "What are you doing?!"
He lifted a finger against his lips, demanding her absolute silence. "Searching for any hazardous items you might be hiding underneath your dress."
She scoffed. "As if."
An arm held her shoulder down while his other hand pressed at the curve of her hips, pushing her ass hard against the door of his room. He lifted one of her long legs and let it wrap around the side of his broad torso.
He palmed the lower front of her dress, caressing the shape of her hidden mound and his lips curved upwards in a wicked grin. "Found it." The same hand hitched her dress upwards and slipped through the layers of fabric until it reached its intended destination. "This, I believe requires a more thorough search."
He dropped down to the floor yet not without holding her leg in place so it now rested firmly on his toned shoulder.
The pointy end of her heels grated tantalizingly against his back as he marveled at the leverage he had taken from her, along with her resistance. Mikasa looked down in horror as the top of his blonde head disappeared underneath the wavy ends of her crimson dress, a gust of warm breath against her barely-covered mound. The only thing that she could register on her brain next was something wet and boiling hot brushing against the flimsy fabric of her lacy thong, just before the muscle of his tongue slid across her cunt in one long, torturous lick.
She could only moan involuntarily, her breath coming out in pants with every daring lick of this mysterious man's tongue against her already dripping core. Oh God, it’s been too long. “More….” She whimpered softly, yet her voice though, was a contradicting guttural sound, even foreign to her own self as she urged him to pay more attention to that little bundle of nerves hidden somewhere in between her folds. But that asshole wouldn’t give her the satisfaction. 
His powerful hands gripped her waist in an unyielding hold, pulling her with him before pushing her body back on all fours onto the springy mattress. She bit her lower lips in anticipation, her watchful gaze lingered on the way the stranger's lips savored the taste of her with his tongue.
He pulled on the edges of her dress downwards, leaving her in only her brassiere, her thong and her pumps. A tiny shiver tingled across her spine as the cold air from the air conditioned room hit her bare skin. He grabbed hard at the firm shape of her ass, only covered by a measly thin string and eventually tore the flimsy underwear away.
"Beautiful." His tone appreciative, followed by a low growl. "So much more beautiful in person. Your husband is a very lucky man indeed, Ms. Ackerman. Or should I call you Mrs. Braun instead?"
Her breath labored heavily in her arousal, induced by this man's words. "No-- we can't--" Her body heaved as she felt this man's long digits prodding through her drenched slit without warning. Her traitorous lips let out a slow whimper, grunting in regret at her own body's betrayal.
It wasn't supposed to enjoy another man's intrusive touch. But it's too late. The intense animal magnetism of this man was just too much for her body to resist. Certainly not when its needs haven't been satiated for quite some time now.
She heard the rustling of coat and dress shirt, followed by the unmistakable sound of a zipper coming undone from behind. "Wait--we can't--"
"You're my captive for tonight, Mrs. Braun. You won't be getting any rest until my questions have been answered and our bodies have been mutually satisfied."
She felt his hand undoing the clasp of her brassiere and she watched helplessly as the undergarment was ripped apart, landing against the carpeted floor of the luxury hotel room. "What answers?"
"For starters, tell me how hard do you like to be fucked?"
Her head turned sharply, her body struggling to wrestle control against the iron grip on her nape and her waist. "HOW ABOUT NO?"
"Are you sure?" She could feel his fingers toying with the sacred bundle of nerves within her folds and the blazing hot tip of his manhood already teasing at her slick entrance.
"God…." She moaned in agony. The sloshing sounds made by her own treacherous body couldn't make her sinful desires even more obvious than it already was. "Wait--we can't--" Don't do it, Mikasa. "Please…" Oh, heavens... Her voice cracked, her words turned into a series of low, incoherent grunts and mewls.
She muttered another low whimper, cursing when she felt the unwarranted sting on her skin following the sound of a loud smack from this smug asshole's palm hitting her ass.
Without yet another warning, the piercing tip of his member penetrated through her slit as he rammed into her viciously; she could truly taste him pervading her walls, its head hitting her crux with a painful yet thrilling contact. Her shock manifested in the way her lips trembled and her knees buckled against the soft egyptian cotton sheets. A long drawl of whimper escaped her scarlet sunrise-painted lips when he filled her so deliciously.
“Can your husband make you scream like I do?” He whispered those vile words into her ear when their hips pounded against each other once more upon impact. This sinful stranger imposed on her a choice she’d never make as a decent woman, wife and mother. The second he thrusted his whole length and girth raw into the tight passage deep inside her with no abandonment, she’d eventually admitted that her conscience had been long gone the moment they first laid their eyes on the other in the crowded bar.
She felt a hand seizing her chin from behind, tilting upwards and forcing her long neck to stretch further than she usually could. Their bodies fusing, this man rested his whole weight on her, pressing her flat against the mattress. It sprung from their combined weight. This man's mystifying gaze punctured through her conflicted soul - he was a metaphorical devil. Claiming not only her unjust body, but also her reluctant soul. Even more so when he brushed his thin full lips against her trembling ones. Their teeths chattered, their tongues wrestled for dominion of the other's will.
He snickered through the kiss, his chest vibrated against her back. She could even feel his member vibrating deep within her wet, hot canals. "What would Mr. Braun say if he sees you this way, hmm?"
Fucker. He stretched her thin and she cursed herself -- her body kept pulling him in. This man commandeered full authority over her body through every twist of his hips and every angle of his thrusting. Harder and faster. Faster and harder. Yet her mouth kept screaming a feigned resistance. As if the pure, innocent part of her was justifying the pleasure she was receiving along with her impending, forced shame.
Something about his recklessness and guts made the wicked person inside her want to break free. She was a good wife but this man is pushing her to the edge, tipping her scale from good to super bad really quickly. If these walls had eyes, they would patronize her for being so unabashedly wanton with another man’s dick deep inside her, filling her up, stretching herself tight using his substantial size with every thrust, wet glides and titillating tractions.
This man kept on thrusting mercilessly, his hips pounded hard against her ass again and again from behind until their inevitable gratification of merciful release, eventually setting her free.
He growled loudly for one last time when he unloaded his release deep inside her tight passage. Almost frozen, barely able to move as their bodies crashed flat against the springy bed, stacked on top of the other. 
"Break." She mumbled against the sheet, still gasping - almost choking- for the air that she had lost.
"Agreed." He nuzzled against the back of her nape, inhaling in her sweet fragrance and the unavoidable scent of their aftermath. "Fuck, I miss you so much, baby." He snuck a kiss on her cheek as he pulled himself out of her, staring at his already flaccid member, secretly commending it for an exceptional performance even when he's almost approaching the big 4 Oh.
Mikasa turned herself slightly and rested her hand against the sinewy hardness of his thigh, showering it with gentle and loving caress. "Welcome home." God, he still amazes her even after twelve years together.
"Come here." He pulled her body closer to his so they both rested against the headboard of the bed, with his arms around her. "I've never stopped thinking about you when I was away."
"I wasn't doing any better." She cupped his jaw, smiling at the thick growing beard she found there. "You haven't been shaving."
He wiggled his eyebrows cunningly. "I think it adds more character don't you think?"
A sudden realization caused her body to spring up and asked, "What time is it?"
He leered at the watch on his wrist. "Eleven. Why?"
"I was supposed to take the pill two hours ago, Reiner."
"It's fine. I forgot to pack a box too. Miraé found the one at home and she thought it was a really special balloon we've been hiding. Thanks to her, I think the one we have might have expired anyway."
A grin formed on her lips. "That girl. I told her so many times not to snoop around our dressing table." She looked back at him hesitantly before confiding, “Reiner, I’ve actually been forgetting to take the pill for a week now. What if we--”
“Then it’ll be a nice surprise don’t you think? I kind of missed seeing you pregnant again.” His large hand rested on the curves of her sculpted abdomen. He remembered very vividly how breathtaking she had been, even more beautiful when her body was swelling with not one but two babies from nine years ago. The pregnancy had been harder for him due to his Couvade Syndrome for two full trimesters but he’d do it all over again.
She traced the inks on the left side of her husband’s torso : the kanji of their twin’s names - Masaru and Miraé.  “I thought we’re done having babies?”
“I’ve held our home front with the double trouble and I love every single second of it. Another baby’s not gonna be a new challenge but it’s really up to you, dearheart. You know I’d carry the baby if I could.” He rested his palm over the hand on his torso. “Another ink would be nice. Or two? Rémy's been asking if he can have his own baby brother, I quote, and or sister since Armin and Annie's having another new cousin for them.”
Mikasa swallowed slowly, envisioning another pair of twins inside the house. Her eyes lit up at the potential new adventures or misdemeanours in tow - either way you can't have one without the other. "I think it would be really amazing. I couldn't do it without you."
"And I couldn't do it without you."
He ensnared her lips in another appreciative kiss.
“Happy Anniversary, Mrs. Braun. Thank you for an amazing eleven years of married life together.” He fumbled around his wrist for the luxury watch, engraved with their names and the most important date of his life: the day he made her his wife. “Thank you for the gift. I love it very much. And, here's mine for you.” He retrieved a custom-made dark blue box wrapped with a matching dark purple ribbon from the side table.
Her eyes widened as she saw the box and recognized the label. Only from the finest custom jeweller in South Marley. "Oh…."
"I know you don't wear jewellery because it's hazardous when you're performing surgeries but I really want you to have something more practical but still reminds you of me every second."
Great minds think alike it seems as he too had gotten her a custom fitness watch made from palladium only available in Marley. "I love it. Thank you so much, Reiner." She wasted no time in placing his gift around her wrist, absolutely revelling in its perfect weight and its snug fit. Just like every part of him to hers.
"Look, we match." He grinned as he moved their wrists closer.
They basked in their blissful aftermath before their lips found each other again.
“If you were my wife?", she laughed at the callback of their earlier rendezvous at the seaside bar. “Your roleplaying skills have gone rusty, Vice Commander Braun”
“Well, my dear Dr. Ackerman-Braun, it only means we need to do this more often. Hey, maybe next time we can do the hot teacher, bad student routine?”
“We’ve done that 2 years ago.”
“This time I’ll be the hot teacher.”
“Hah…depends though, will you wear your reading glasses?”
He wiggled his eyebrows hilariously. "How thick do you want it to be?"
"Oh god."
He pecked at the juncture of her neck. "Hey, do you think I can borrow one of Armin's work shirt vests?"
"Please stop." She was already laughing hard at the horrendous mental image yet didn't stop his fondling hands or the tiny bites of his teeth against her skin.
They were about to dive deep into another round of lovemaking when the room's phone rang, completely shattering the private haven they have built between the sea of sheets.
"Baby, leave it." Reiner growled into her ear, his hand pulling on her own that's already pressing at the device's speaker button.
"HAPPY ANNIVERSARY YOU SICK FREAKS!" A loud voice could be heard from the other end.
"Shut up, Annie." Reiner barked at the phone, but his tone was betrayed by the amused smirk on his face.
Mikasa shook her head at her husband. "Thanks, Annie. Armin too if he's still awake."
"Hey… welcome back, Reiner." Armin's voice could be heard coming from the background of the other couple's room.
"Thanks, bro. Sure good to be back."
"You know Reiner," quipped Annie. "If you really stood her up, I'll be the one who personally hooks Mikasa up with one of those handsome rando strangers we saw at the bar."
"Not today, Satan. I meant, sis."
The two couples broke into a mutual amused laughter.
"Now, Annie, can you please piss off so I can get back to banging my sexy missus?"
Their respective spouses' hollering their names echoed behind their backs before the call ended with a quick 'Make a baby!' phrase from his stepsister.
"Now, where were we, Mrs. Braun?"
The ends of her painted lips curved upwards and her lightly painted nails were already trailing down her husband's impressive body. She leered sensuously when she climbed on top of her husband's broad frame. "Making a baby."
A/N: This is inspired by my upcoming Love Like This AU, where Reiner’s stepsister, Annie is married to Armin, who’s also his wife’s childhood friend. Mikasa and Annie are competitive in-laws and the dysfunctional Braun-Leonhardt family are chaotic, eccentric and loving as they come. No children were harmed in the making of this fic. As a matter of fact, on that night, a child has been conceived haha Thank you for your reading! xoxo
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reri-reri · 2 months ago
Can i request a reiner x reader getting drunk after a victory, and as they drink they get flirty and you gets steamy?
YES! <3 Sorry for the waiting dear, I've been a bit busy;; I hope you will like it, it's a bit romantic, I just cannot write about Reiner without writing some angst. XD  
TW: minors do not interact, alcohol, I have no clue about who against they won so I've kept the thing pretty vague, English is not my native language, angst, drunk sex, probably a bit OOC, unedited work.
Tumblr media
When The Sun Goes Down
It was done. Your squad won again. Victory tasted of the bittersweet aroma of Liberio's beer, pleasant on your lips. It wasn't the best, probably. You never tried other beers, since you were confined in the internment zone, but you were pretty happy about how refreshing it was. It tasted of liberty and most important, it was meaning that you were still alive.
You were at your first pint, but you were already a bit buzzed, but you, honestly, deserved it, as your friends. You were laughing with the rest of your squad and life-time friends, once you noticed him.
Vice-Captain Reiner Braun, also knew as Marley's shield. The people that were sat next to him at the counter - you recognized Pieck Finger and Zeke Jaeger, who just left the bar, leaving the blonde guy alone, who had several shots of alcohol, reflected by the little, empty glasses in front of him.
You stared at him. His muscular body was wrapped in the beige coat, his posture yelling to leave him alone to his own thoughts. 
You sat next to him, lifting a hand to the barman. "Another two, please. It's on me" you said, a bitter smile on your tired face.
"Y/N...You didn't have to, but... thanks" he muttered. You were pretty shocked by the fact that he remembered you between the hundred of soldiers. Oh, well, you grew up in the same place, and you were about the same age, you see him almost daily since he's your vice commander...and well... you always had a crush on him, but he was not only perfect but also the armored titan. Finding out that he even knew your name makes your heart skip a beat. "N-no problem, Vice-Commander Braun" you replied. You immediately felt the regret of your choice hitting your stomach. 
"You can call me Reiner, I'm not your vice now. Just Reiner" he softly replied, a sad note in his voice. He drank the shot in a quick movement, licking his lips immediately after. 
"Have the time for a walk?" he suddenly asked, the alcohol giving him some self-confidence. You felt your heart freeze, your mind fogging. Secreting pinching the skin of your leg to check if you were dreaming or not, you giggled a bit. "Y-yes, I'd like to" you replied, blushing and taking your wallet to pay, but the barman stopped you. "You're the heroes tonight - it's on the house," he said, moving his gaze to Reiner and winking at him. The blonde man, you swear, blushed a bit. He waited for you, and you both left the pub. 
"Dear God, finally some silence" he commented. "I was getting crazy. Galliard is such a noisy man!"
You laughed. Seeing him smiling was a blessing that you didn't deserve and you couldn't stop your thoughts, thinking about how his skin could feel like under your digits. Soft? Warm? 
The problem was that you were, in fact, just a bit drunk. And, sometimes, thoughts and fact, especially if there's some alcohol involved... could be easily confused.
You realized only after a couple of seconds what happened. Your fingers were touching Reiner's face, mesmerized by the texture and the warmth that his skin was emanating. You resurfaced to the reality only when you felt his hand on yours and his eyes scanning your expression. His touch was soft, kind, and welcoming. 
"A bit drunk, aren't we?" he asked, his voice just a whisperer, a half-smile on the tired face.
What you didn't expect was to feel his lips on your knuckles, soft and plump. He blushed a bit, and you felt your heart skip a beat. The gesture of a kind man, a chaste kiss on your hand. 
"So, you live nearby?" he questioned. "You should go home, it's late."
"Yeah, it's just about... five minutes of walking, more or less" you replied, a bit confused by the fact that he kissed your hand then asking you to go home... unless...? Was he worried to stay around you because you were both a bit tipsy?
"Is everything ok, Reiner?" you asked in a whisper. "You seem... sad."
The blonde guy touched his face, narrowing his golden eyes, and again, that bittersweet smile. 
"It's just that, well... the last time I felt a warm hand on my face was my mother's one, more than ten years ago. I forgot how a gentle touch feels like" he admitted. 
You immediately felt the sadness, the melancholy, the loneliness of this man wrapping your heart. You understood that being the armored titan has its price. 
Another thing you felt was your heartbeat ringing in the back of your brain like an alarm. There was a rational side of you that really wanted to listen to Reiner and go home. The other side just wanted to hug him and tell him that he wasn't alone. 
Feeling a warm sensation tingling in your stomach, you clenched your jaw. You stopped to walk and hugged him. You were so, so short if compared to him, and far more minute. His body was emanating warmth even if covered by the military jacket - you heard about that staff that shifters had a high body temperature if compared to a normal human, plus things like steam from wounds, but you thought they were just legends. Even his heartbeat, which now was resonating with yours, was pretty elevated. 
You both know that you weren't supposed to do this. The military code was strict about that.
But Reiner's eyes were pure, liquid gold. His gaze intercepted yours, not speaking a single word. He knew that it was wrong - he was the vice commander, you both were intoxicated by the alcohol. You noticed that his face was red even under the moonlight.
"You suffered. I can feel that" you started. "And you're still suffering. I swear that's not the alcohol talking... well, maybe it's giving me a bit of courage, I can admit that" you laughed. "Please, let me take care of you tonight, Reiner."
You perceived a sparkle of... was it lust, desire, something else - you don't know - in his eyes. His body was stiff, his breathing quick. He looked around, searching - even wished, for a moment - if someone was near you. It was his last chance to stop himself, but it didn't happen.
You felt two big, warm hands pushing you against the trunk of a close oak. 
You almost lose the concept of time and space when he kissed you. His lips were so hot, wet and hungry that the winter's wind that was hitting your face dissolved on your skin. His fingers touched every inch of your soft hair while you two were making out. His tongue didn't ask for permission -  he explored your mouth, making you moan loudly when he bit your lower bit. "Please, please," he asked, groaning - you felt his voice vibrating in your body, which was one of the best experiences you ever had - "don't do that just because you're drunk, I could never do this if you're --" he tried to finish the sentence, but you quickly kissed him. "No, Reiner, I'm not that drunk, I told you. The alcohol..." you kissed him again "gave me some courage, but nothing more. Please let me love you, even if it's only for a night. I want to make you feel better..."
For the NSFW part, click here! If the links doesn’t work, open this post from my blog and not your dashboard, or remove the “” from the link)
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dirtyoatmeall · 2 months ago
All it takes is one moment (Atsumu x reader)
A/N: uhhh sorry for dropping off the face of the earth!! I have a million WIPs I’ll hopefully be posting here shortly! I was reading a bunch of cheesy hurt/comfort fics last night and decided to make my own hehe, tbh it got me thinking of doing another one but no comfort and it turning into a slow burn with another character :0 Please read the warnings, this is Post-Timeskip, so spoilers for occupations. Everyone is probably like 25ish here? Also I apologize in advance for their accents, I tried in a few spots, I’m still getting used to it. (also @spiritofthescarletwoods I know you wanted to be tagged in the midoriya angst I promised a million years ago, but here’s some tsumu angst for now!)
Genre: Hurt/comfort or Angst with a happy ending
Pairing: Miya Atsumu x reader (uhmm pronouns I believe are gn but I do not proof read as we all know)
Word Count: 4.?k
Warnings: Mentions of past abusive relationships, insinuation of cheating, slight misogynistic vibes for a moment, crude language, Atsumu is mean :( (Probably OOC Osamu and Atsumu), Post-time skip ((Let me know if I need to add something!)
You and Atsumu have been together for about 3 years now, and it was great. The two of you were very much in love, supported each other, and rarely fought, as you tried to be as open and communicate as much as possible. The last relationship you were in was toxic and abusive, it took a long time for you to be yourself again, and Atsumu had supported you along the way, he knew what had happened, and he swore to never make you feel like that again. And he stuck by that, until today.
Even though you rarely fought, when you did, it was resolved quickly, but this time was not the same. It had started off small. You had an important event coming up for work, you would be presenting on your year long research project, having made big findings in your field work. It was a huge deal for you, but when you brought it up at dinner, Atsumu did not have the same opinion.
“What do you mean you can’t make it? Everything I’ve been working on had led up to this, this is a career changing presentation, and you don’t want to go?” Hurt was clearly evident in your voice, as was frustration. Atsumu sighed, he’d had a horrible week, there was a big game coming up with the Adler’s and he needed to be prepared. “Like I said, I have practice that night, You can tell me all about it when you get home. I don’t see why you’re making a big fuss ‘bout it, ‘s just a presentation babe.” You furrowed your eyebrows looking at him incredulously.
“Did you not listen to anything I just said? It’s not just a presentation, this is my career Atsumu. I consistently put my own work aside to support you, why can’t you do the same for me? It’s not like I’m asking you to miss a game, it’s a practice.”  You could tell he was getting frustrated, but so were you, you made it a point to make every single game of his, missing out on work opportunities to come support him, him refusing to come to something so important was hurtful, and made you feel like you were less important than him, but before you could voice your feelings Atsumu spoke.
“This isn’t jus’ any practice. We have a big game comin’ up, it's important I’m there, ‘m the setter. Let's be real here, we both know which of us is the bread-maker in this household. This is basically a little hobby of yours, you can come back to it at any time. I’m a professional athlete hun, there’s only so much time I have before retirement.” He spoke in a condescending manner that baffled you. He’s never spoken to you like that before, is that how he really felt about your work? You scoffed, rising from the dinner table.
“Are you fucking kidding me, do you know condescending and frankly, misogynistic that was?” He sighed and rolled his eyes as he followed you with his plate, dinner half eaten and cold much like yours. “Here you go again” He muttered, though loud enough for you to hear. You dropped your plate in the sink and you looked at him, eyes wide, and furious.
“What did you just say to me? Here I go again? What the fuck does that mean Atsumu?” He set his plate on the counter, looking at you from across the island as he gripped the countertop. “What I mean is that yer always playing the victim, we get it, you last relationship was shitty, but that doesn’t mean you have to act like this all the time, I thought you got over it?”
You balked at him, was he serious right now? “Oh my god really? Are you seriously asking me if I got over an abusive relationship, after everything I’ve told you about it? After everything I had to do to get where I am now? We are supposed to support each other, I didn’t realize it was one sided.” Atsumu sighed, growing more frustrated, he tried to interrupt you, but you kept going, 
“All I wanted was for you to come to one dinner, after the years we’ve been together I haven’t asked you to miss any games or practices for my work, you know my coworkers have asked if I’m single? They didn’t believe me when I told them I was in a relationship, and you know what? I don’t blame them, I wouldn’t believe me either, since they’ve never seen you, and I take all this time off to travel and support you, all of your team know who I am, why is it so hard for you to do the same?”
As you kept going, his anger only grew, he tried interrupting you again, but it was like you weren’t paying attention to him, just spouting off whatever came to your head, and he was tired of it. 
He slammed his hand on the counter, the sound reverberating throughout the apartment. You flinched, hard, but Atsumu didn’t seem to notice. “Can you just shut up for one moment? God, all you do is go on and on nagging on how what I do isn’t enough, I pay the bills here, why isn’t that enough for you? I could care less about what’s going on at your job, I have absolutely no interest in it at all, when will you get that through your fucking skull? I. don’t. care.” By the time he was done his knuckles were white from how hard he was gripping the counter, and you had tears in your eyes. You sucked in a breath, steeling yourself.
“Ok, I’m going to remove myself from the situation, I’ll be at your brothers, you can come get me when you pull your head out of your ass.” He rolled his eyes as you strode past him, getting your purse from the hook and going to slip on your shoes. “Yeah go ahead, you gonna wet his dick for ‘im too? ‘m sure he’ll love that.” You stiffened for a moment, putting your shoes on before looking at him, tears making your vision blurry.
“Y’know I tell myself that this isn’t like last time, that you’re not him, but at times like this-“ Your voice cracked as a sob bubbled into your throat and you shook your head, turning and heading out the door. Atsumu flinched at your words and the soft click of the door latching, he would’ve preferred to hear it slam.
Your walk to the elevator was blurry but you knew the way by heart after living there for so long. You wiped at your eyes as you pulled out your phone, tapping on the contact before bringing the phone to your ear. It rang once before it picked up, a tired “hello?” coming from the other end. You let out a quiet sob as you loaded the elevator, trying to get the words to come out. Upon hearing you, Osamu spoke again, “(Y/N)? Are you crying? What’s wrong.” You cleared your throat and took a deep breath before speaking, your voice tight. “Hey ‘samu, can, can I come to your place? ‘tsumu and I- we-'' you broke out into another sob, and you could hear Osamu close a door.
“Where are you? I’ll pick you up, I’m just leaving the restaurant I’m close.” After telling him where you were, you stayed on the phone, walking in the direction of the restaurant. Not long you see Osamu’s car pull up, he quickly gets out and looks you over and sighed as he brings you in for a hug. You sob into his jacket for a moment while he rubbed your back gently. He knew about your past as well, and figured it must have been bad for you to leave in tears. He leads you to the car and makes sure you’re strapped in before heading to the drivers side and getting in, double checking your seatbelt before driving towards his apartment.
The drive was short, though to you it felt like it lasted hours. You tried to quiet your sobs, not wanting to bother him. He looked over at you every so often, worry evident in his gaze as he tried to figure out just what his stupid brother did.
After arriving at his apartment, he sat you down on the couch, wrapping a blanket around you and giving you a box of tissues before sitting next to you, gently asking what happened. You try not to cry as you retell the events of the evening, though it got harder and harder as you told him what Atsumu said to you. By the time you were finished you were crying again, and Osamu was furious.
“I-I just don’t understand ‘samu, the things he said, did he really m-mean them? And-and when he slammed his hand on the counter, the look on his face, it, it was like I was back there all over again, like I never left. I-I know he’d never hurt me,” You sobbed out, throat getting tighter as you go on, “But at that moment, all I could think was that he was gonna hit me, and I, I had to leave, and what he said before I left,” You hiccupped and cried into your hands, not able to finish.
Osamu rubbed your back as you cried before getting up to make some tea. While the water was boiling he went into the other room, trying to calm himself down before calling his brother. The line rang three times before it was picked up, a frustrated “what do you want?” coming from the other end. It was enough to dwindle Osamu’s patience into nothing. He tried to keep his voice down, not wanting to distress you further.
“What do I want? Do you know how badly you fucked up? (Y/N) is here crying on my couch right now, do you know what she told me ‘tsumu? She told me she thought you were going to hit her. Are you fucking kidding me? Did you even think before you spoke, because from what she told me, it sounds like you didn’t. How dumb are you, after everything she’s gone through, the first big fight you have you send her running? Over a dinner? Really Atsumu?”
Atsumu groaned on the other line, “Exactly ‘samu, it’s a dinner, I have practice for the game against the Adler’s you know how big that is. She’ll have plenty of dinners for me to go to in the future. I don’t see why she got so upset over it. And she knows I didn’t mean the things I said, I was just frustrated.”
Osamu scoffed into the phone, “Did you even hear what I said, are you hearing yourself? She is the best thing that has happened to you, the least you could do is support her, this is a big deal for her Atsumu, even I know that. Honestly I don’t know why she is still with you after the shit you just pulled, did you hear me? She was scared of you, y’know like that last relationship she had? Where she was sent to the hospital multiple times, she thought she was right back there, that you were just like him. Do you know how bad you have to fuck up for that to happen, after all the counseling she’s done? You know how much trust you just broke? I wouldn’t be surprised if she never wanted to hear from you again, and I’d agree with her. God I have half a mind to tell Ma what you did, You need to sit and stew on what you just lost. And I mean it, I don’t want to see you here tonight, she needs a safe space right now. I’ll let her stay for as long as she wants, but I’m not gonna stop her if she leaves so you better get your fucking head on straight and get on your knees begging for forgiveness you don’t deserve.”
With that Osamu hung up the phone, exhaling as he pinched the bridge of his nose, was his brother really that stupid? He shook his head and headed out of his room, only to open the door to see you standing there, eyes holding an emotion he couldn’t quite place. “Is he coming?” Osamu sighed and led you back to the couch before finishing the tea he forgot about. He placed your cup on the end table next to you and took a seat with his own. “No, I told him to stay at your guy’s tonight. You need a safe space right now to calm down and sort your thoughts. You can stay here as long as you’d like, but I don’t want you to feel trapped, you can leave whenever, if you want to go to your folk’s, hell even our Ma’s place, I’ll drive you there. You just need to focus on you right now ya hear me? And if you don’t ever wanna see my ugly brother again, I’ll help you get a new identity.” You giggled slightly at the last part before you took a sip of your tea, shoulders relaxing. You turned to Osamu and smiled.
“Thank you ‘samu, I really appreciate it. I’m a little more calm right now, I think I’ll go home tomorrow, apologize and get us back on track.” You did a little nod as you said it, but Osamu just furrowed his eyebrows. “Apologize? There is nothing you need to apologize for doll, You were completely justified in your frustration, Atsumu is the one who needs to apologize, not you. Don’t settle just so things will go back to normal, because they won’t.” You sighed sadly, he was right and you knew it. You were falling back to old coping tactics. Your therapist would not be happy with you right now.
“Sorry, you’re right. I’m still gonna go back, hopefully after we’ve both had some sleep we can work it out.” You smiled again, feeling more like yourself. Osamu nodded in agreement and helped you set up in the guest bedroom before turning in. You sighed as you laid in the bed, not used to sleeping by yourself, but the events from the night took its toll, and it didn’t take long for you to fall asleep.
Back in your apartment, Atsumu was having the opposite problem. He laid in your shared bed, staring at the ceiling, did you actually think he was going to hit you, that he meant the things he said? To him, it didn’t seem like a big deal, he was loud when he was angry, and sometimes said things he didn’t mean, which should be obvious, since you knew how much he loved you…right? He grabbed his phone from the nightstand, looking up the museum you worked at. Honestly he wasn’t really paying attention when you told him about the event, he knew it had something to do with your research, which he knew a little about from the nights you’d info dump your findings to him. His eyes widened when he looked at the upcoming events, when he clicked on the date it was scheduled for he winced.
It really was a big deal, curators from all over the country were coming to hear you give a presentation on your recent fieldwork findings, you’d been at this site for the majority, if not all, of your relationship only now having a big discovery others spent their entire lives chasing. There were going to be donors, curators, archaeologists and other anthropologists from all over Japan and other countries as well. You were right, this was a career changer, no, this was a life changing presentation.
Guilt started to seep into his bones as he thought again about what he had said, how he had brushed you off and then got mad at you for voicing your feelings, something that took months for you to be able to do with him. He thought back to when he slammed his hand on the table, the way you flinched, the look in your eyes right before you left. His stomach felt like it dropped out of his body, chest constricting as the guilt flooded him as he kept thinking back to every expression you made, how you were crying when you left, that you were scared of him. He pushed his palms against his eyes as he groaned, how could he be so horrible to you? Osamu was right, about everything. You were the best thing that’s happened to him, and he broke your trust, trust that took so long to build, over missing a practice. He rolled onto his side, pulling one of your pillows against his chest. He inhaled, the scent of your conditioner still lingering, as he tried to think of how he could possibly make it right.
The next morning, after a relaxing shower and breakfast, you were ready. Osamu grabbed his keys, ready to drive you back, when there was a knock at the door. You had a feeling on who it was, so you set down your purse and went to sit on the couch, taking a deep breath. After a few moments Osamu came to the doorway, followed by Atsumu, who stood awkwardly for a moment before Osamu spoke to you.
“I need to be at the restaurant, there’s a key on the counter, if you could lock up if you leave that’d be great. Call me if you need anything.” He turned and left, and when you heard the door close you finally met Atsumu’s gaze, smiling slightly in greeting. Neither of you were sure what to say, but after a minute of silence he comes over and sits on the other end of the couch, obviously trying to gauge your reaction to his proximity.
You sighed through your nose, gaze turned to the floor as you fiddled with your hands, trying to sort out your thoughts. You wanted to just apologize and move on, but you knew you had to talk it out, this wasn’t something you could just pretend didn’t happen. You needed to work through this if you wanted this to work. You bit your lip, thoughts running a mile a minute. You were so deep in thought you didn’t realize Atsumu had moved until you felt his hand rest on your forearm. You jumped slightly, startled at the sudden touch and when you looked at Atsumu, who had moved to the place next to you and hovered his hand over you before bringing it back to his lap, guilt evident in his features, eyes raw with emotion.
“(Y/N), I don’t even know where to begin, I fucked everything up and I am so sorry. Sorry for not listening, for brushing you and your achievements off, for making you feel lesser and unimportant, for scaring you, please, you have to know, I would never lay a hand on you, I never meant a single thing I said last night, I was frustrated and let the week get to me, which is no excuse for the way I treated you. I broke your trust, and I’ll spend forever and a month trying to earn it back. You are without a doubt the best thing that has happened to me, and the way I treated you after everything that’s happened, it- it makes me sick. I love you so much, and I’ll do whatever it takes to prove it to you. But I understand if you don’t want to see me anymore, I’ll leave you alone if that’s what you want, I-I just- I need you to know that I love you, and that I never meant it, I’d never mean it.” His voice cracked at the end,  and he wiped his eyes before looking up to meet your gaze. You were crying, biting your lip to keep it in but failing as you took a shuddering breath that turned into a half-sob. His heart broke even more seeing you like this, and he reached out to comfort you before stopping, hand curling back into his chest.
“Can, Can I touch you?” He asked shakily, scared of the answer, shoulders slumping with relief when you nodded and he quickly gathered you into his arms, pulling you into his lap and holding you tight, like if he let you go you’d disappear. You were crying louder now, hands fisted into his sweatshirt. He nuzzled his face into your hair, quietly apologizing over and over, tears starting to fall from his eyes as well, kissing the side of your head.
The two of you stayed like that for what seemed like hours, though in reality it was about 10 minutes. Your sobs had died down, you were just sniffing occasionally, and Atsumu’s eyes had cleared, no longer obstructed by the water wall of tears. He pulled you away from his chest slightly, cupping your cheeks, wiping at the tear tracks staining your face.
“’M sorry, ‘m so sorry. I’ll say it for the rest of my life darlin’, I love you so much and I am so proud of everything you do. I hope that one day you can forgive me, but I understand if you can’t, if you won’t. You mean th’ world t’ me angel, I want nothing more than for you to be happy, for you to feel safe and loved. I promise I will support you better from now on, no matter what. I’ll make good on my promises from all those years ago, I swear.” You nodded at his words, hands coming up to cup his own before one of his moved to the back of your neck, pulling you in for a kiss, stopping right before your lips met, breath mixing as he looked at you for signs of hesitance, of fear.
“Is this okay?” Instead of verbally confirming you closed the short distance, hands gripping his shoulders as your lips moved against his slowly, taking time to enjoy each other. He pulled away after a few moments before kissing your forehead, hugging you tightly once again. “Let’s go home.” You said quietly into his shirt, squeezing his shoulders before standing on shaky legs. He nodded, getting up after you, lacing your fingers together.
Weeks later~~
 You smiled nervously at Atsumu as you rose out of your chair, giving him a quick kiss before heading to the stage. You squinted briefly at the bright lights, exhaling and smoothing out your clothes before smiling at the audience as you introduced yourself. You tried to keep your gaze evenly over the crowd, but your eyes kept finding themselves locked with Atsumu, who grinned brightly and gave a thumbs up whenever you did. Your smile grew, nerves slowly dissipating as you lost yourself in your presentation.
Afterwards you answered a few questions from the crowd, thanking them again before heading back to your table. You shook hands with the host as they walked past to continue to the next topic and thanked your tablemates who congratulated you. You snorted at Tsukishima, who said it was a little boring, like he didn’t have a page of notes from the presentation in front of him.
You turned to your boyfriend, smiling as you laced your fingers together. “Wow babe that was amazing! I don’t know what half those words meant but you did great, I’m so proud of you.” You flushed at his praise, squeezing his hand while you kissed his cheek before turning back to the host, who was announcing the next speaker. You don’t know what would’ve happened if you didn’t work things out, and frankly you don’t want to think about it, the two of you are slowly building this back to where they were, but this time your relationship is stronger. You’re happier than you’ve ever been, and that’s what matters.
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that-random-one · 2 months ago
Vodka Makes You Sleepy
Shinsou Hitoshi x Reader
Warnings: Swearing, almost underaged drinking, mentions of drugs
Date Posted: 3/1/21
A/n: I have no idea why this took me so long to write. But I finally did it. I've never written for Shinsou before so if it's a bit OOC I'm sorry🥺 Also I think I might start writing for Haikyuu too. I'm not completely sure though so we'll see.
Tumblr media
You woke up to the sound of people screaming like they were about to be murdered. You instantly shot up and ran out of your dorm to see what was going on. You followed the screams down to the common room, only to see no one there. You ran into the kitchen to check if anyone was there. What you saw made you stop in your tracks.
On the counter screaming their heads off were Mina and Denki. You looked around the room and saw that the kitchen looked exactly the same, except for the bread, jelly, and peanut butter on the counter. That's when they noticed you.
"IT'S HUGE!!!"
They both pointed to the ground, still screaming and practically sobbing at this point. You furrowed your eyebrows and looked to where they were pointing. You then looked back up at them with the most disappointed expression. You're pretty sure you beat your mother's disappointed expression.
"You guys have been through multiple villain attacks and have held your own. You both have almost been murdered by Bakugou and you managed to survive. You both have had done dumbass things that require absolutely no fear and somehow made it through that. You both have seen things that civilians cannot even dream of. And you're scared of this." You pointed to the tiny spider on the floor. "You both are hundreds of times bigger than it, it should be scared of you."
You walk over the spider and crouch down near it. You then look at Denki and Mina who were still on the counter. They were sniffling, but at least they weren't screaming anymore. You stood up and ripped a paper towel from the roll on the counter. You walked back to the spider and said your sorry's in your mind as you killed it.
"You woke me up with your loud ass screams for a spider. You better be on the verge of death next time. If you aren't, you definitely will be." You threatened the two as they climbed down from the counter, not taking their eyes off the ground.
Denki sniffled and looked at you with watery eyes. "Sorry, Y/n. We didn't mean to wake you up."
"Yeah. It's just that when we saw it we started freaking out. Spiders are my worst fear." Mina muttered next to him, looking equally guilty.
Your motherly instincts kicked in. You walked up to the two and put a hand on their shoulders and smiled at them. "It's ok. I'm already up and it's hard for me to fall asleep so let's watch a movie, yeah?"
The two both relaxed and smiled.
"I'll make the popcorn!" Denki said, already getting it ready.
"No, I will. You make it funny." Mina tells him in disgust. That then leads them into an argument.
"Wow. So you really are the mother of the class."
You turned around and see Shinsou leaning against the doorframe. You huffed and glared at him. "So what? It's not like it's a bad thing."
"Never said it was." He lazily smiled and walked up to you. He glanced at Mina and Denki. "I think your children need help."
You turned around from Shinsou to see the two fighting over the package of popcorn. "Oi! Gimme it."
The two quickly ceased their arguing and looked at you. You held out your hand and Mina placed the package into your palm. You moved behind both of them and started the process of making the popcorn.
"Go choose a movie while I make this." Before the two could move you added, "No horror movies. I don't need you waking up everyone else."
The both of them whine like the overgrown children they were. They made their way out of the kitchen, leaving you alone with Shinsou.
"That's freaky. I don't think I've ever seen those two calmly do something before." Shinsou said as he analyzed Denki and Mina who was quietly picking out a movie that they both agreed on.
"Really? They're always more calm around me."
"You're like their mother. They'll get scolded if they're too chaotic when they're around you." Shinsou stated like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Everyone is calmer around you. It's a weird effect you have on people."
"It's not weird. Sometimes people need time to calm down. I guess people just associate calm and me together so they end up calmer than usual." You looked into Shinsou's eyes.
"Or you're that one mother that you need to be careful around so you don't end up pissing off her off." Shinsou joked, making you snort.
"Yeah, you gotta do whatever I tell you to do before I think it or you'll face my maternal wrath." You played along, making Shinsou huff out a laugh.
You then heard a loud zap and a yelp that was followed by something that sounded like a 'Wheyyy'. You felt your eye twitch and you looked at the time. It was currently 5:47 in the morning.
You woke up because of screaming, only getting a few hours of sleep, dealt with a crying, screaming mess of Denki and Mina because of a spider, an argument over how to cook popcorn, and now you have to deal with Dumbass Denki. Well… More Dumbass Denki.
"Yep, I'm done. I'm too sober to deal with this shit." You muttered.
You walked past Shinsou to a cabinet that was closest to the floor. You opened it up and there were rows of bottles of alcohol. Shinsou looked at you in complete shock and sputtered.
"You don't even drink! Also how the hell did you know where any alcohol is?!" He looked at you in disbelief.
"Maybe I should start. And on particularly hard days for Aizawa, he grabs a bottle from his stash. I just happened to come down for some water and saw him." You explained to Shinsou.
You were pulling out random bottles to see if any caught your attention. Eventually, you pulled out a bottle of vodka and decided that it was good enough. You stood up straight and set the bottle on the counter. You started looking for a cup before Shinsou spoke again.
Shinsou looked at the digital clock on the oven. "It's six o'clock in the morning you are not drinking vodka."
"Good thing I didn't ask for your opinion." You glanced at Shinsou over your shoulder before turning back to what you were doing.
"It's not exactly an opinion ya know."
He walked behind you and grabbed the cup that was in your hand. You glared and him and hissed.
"I- Did you just fucking hiss at me?" Shinsou looked at you with a mix of amusement and confusion.
"Yes. Now gimme." You motioned for him to give you the cup.
He gave you the cup, but he grabbed the bottle of vodka that was behind you with his other hand. You didn't notice until you turned around. You turned back around to see Shinsou holding a bottle of water.
How the hell did he get that so fast. I guess his training is still going well.
"Drink this instead." You glanced at the water bottle in his hand.
"Only cause it's a healthier choice. And Aizawa would beat my ass." You muttered out the last part, earning you a chuckle from Shinsou. You grabbed the water bottle and took a sip from it.
"Why are you the mother?" Shinsou suddenly asked, making you slightly choke.
"I dunno. It just kinda happened. It was around our first week at U.A. Bakugou was being rude to Midoriya and I grabbed Bakugou by his ear and started scolding him. Then I always make sure everyone was eating and drinking plenty of water. I was helping them study things that they didn't understand. I make sure they're feeling ok and if they aren't I try to help them solve their problem if they want my help. I was… am, taking care of them. Eventually, everyone saw me as a maternal figure. Even Tokoyami, Todoroki, and Bakugou." You shrugged after your explanation, taking another drink of water.
"So who takes care of you?" He looked into your eyes questioningly. There was an emotion swirling in his purple eyes that you couldn't pinpoint what it was.
"No one." You answered honestly.
"Y/n, how many hours of sleep do you get daily?"
"Um… two to four I think. I'm mostly trying to catch up on things I couldn't do earlier that day. Like studying or homework or chores. Why do you ask?" You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion.
"When did you go to sleep last night?" An almost unreadable expression on his face. Keyword: Almost. You could see a hint of concern in his eyes.
"It was more like this morning." You muttered and rubbed the back of your neck with your free hand, avoiding eye contact.
Shinsou grabbed the water bottle in your hand and set it on the counter behind you. He then took your hand in his and lead you up to the dorms. You let him gently tug you along. You weren't going in the direction of your dorm so you assumed that he was taking you to his.
"Where are you taking me?" You finally asked him.
"My dorm." He bluntly answered. He heard you choke on your spit and a light blush appeared on his cheeks as he realized how that sounded.
"L-look Shinsou. I admit you are attractive, but I'm not-"
"I-I didn't mean it like that!" Shinsou cut you off.
He looked at you and you saw a big blush on his face. You're sure you don't look any different with how hot your face feels.
"I was taking you to my room so you could sleep in there or I could give you something that will help you sleep."
"Shinsou, I don't do drugs."
"I didn't mean it like that!!"
His face became a darker shade of red. You couldn't help but giggle at how flustered he looked.
"I'm teasing you. Also, why don't you just use your quirk on me to make me sleep? Sounds like a simple solution."
"I prefer to not use my quirk if it's not necessary." He rubbed the back of his neck and gave you a look that said he was sorry.
"Ah right, it's okay. I'm sorry, I know you mentioned that before. I kind of forgot just now."
"It's fine. You don't need to look so guilty." He smiled back at you. His heart skipped a beat at how you respect his boundaries. Throughout his entire time knowing you, you never pushed him to do things he didn't want to do as other people would.
"I don't look guilty." You huffed out. You glared at him, but he knew there was no bite to it. Shinsou suddenly paused. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion.
"Wait… You think I'm attractive?" It was your turn for your face to become warmer at the sudden mention of your previous words you accidentally blurted out. It's not like you didn't mean it or anything, it's just embarrassing.
You chose the best thing in a situation like this. Answer his question with another question. "Didn't you say you were going to help me pass the fuck out?"
You passed him and continued walking towards his dorm, trying to change the subject. Shinsou quickly followed you, not wanting to get left behind. He couldn't help but have a small smile on his face. He felt his heartbeat just a tad faster at knowing you find him attractive.
You walked into his room together and you took in all of its features. "Your room feels so Shinsou."
"Kinda hope so. I am Shinsou after all." He joked and moved past you, towards a drawer in his desk. "I have trouble sleeping so I ended up trying a lot of things out. Most of them don't work for me, but they might work for you."
"I feel like you're indirectly calling me weak or something." Shinsou snorted, knowing you're anything but weak. The first day he met you, you were dragging Bakugou and Midoriya by their ears for doing something stupid. You briefly greeted him and continued to pull the two along.
"Or something." He looked back at you with a smirk on his face.
You walked farther into his room and took a seat on the chair at his desk. You observed what he was doing from your seat. After a little bit, he pulled something out of the drawer and turned to you.
You were honestly about to pass out. Shinsou's room has such a calming nature you couldn't help feeling sleepy. It's almost like you're relaxing for the first time in forever.
When Shinsou turned to you, he saw you nodding off. He smiled softly seeing you nod your head slowly only to jerk it back up to stay awake.
"Maybe you don't need the sleeping stuff. If you want you can crash here." He offered, hoping you would take it for a few reasons.
One, he wants to see how cute you look sleeping in a noncreepy way. Two, He did not want to try to keep you up just to kick you out of his room. Three, he wants to take care of you like you take care of everyone else, including him.
"No, it's fine. I don't wanna inconvenience you." You rubbed your eyes and yawned, standing up to get ready to leave.
"I wouldn't have offered if I wasn't okay with it." He said as he watched you stand up and slowly move to the door.
You looked over at Shinsou's bed and bit your lip in contemplation. You finally nodded and made your way to his bed. Your room felt so far away right now, and you didn't want to walk all the way there just to be wide awake by the time you got there.
You slid into his bed and pulled the blankets up to your face. You immediately had an annoyed look on your face.
How the fuck is his bed so comfortable. I don't why he can't sleep on this. I need to ask him where the fuck he got this. Or steal it. Either way works for me.
"You ok?" Shinsou raised an eyebrow at your expression.
"No. Your bed is too comfortable. I hate it and I'm jealous." You muttered out, feeling drowsy.
"Yeah, I tried all sorts of things to help me sleep. Getting a new mattress was one of them." He softly spoke, noticing that you were on the verge of unconsciousness.
"I'm gonna steal your bed." You slurred out while closing your eyes.
"I'll look forward to it." He snorted, definitely amused.
"You won't see me coming."
He watched as you shut your eyes and smiled at how cute you looked. Shinsou sighed and closed his eyes. He moved and took a seat in his chair and leaned back.
Shinsou heard you say his name and he jumped out of surprise thinking you were asleep already. He looked over at you and his heart jumped when he saw you reaching your hand out to him, looking like you would pass out at any moment.
"Can… Can we cuddle?" Your face showed mostly drowsiness, but your slightly flushed cheeks said that you were slightly embarrassed by your request.
Shinsou nodded and made his way over to his bed. You moved over to give him room to lay down. Once he was settled in the bed you moved over and buried your face into his chest. You felt his heart rate pick up slightly.
Shinsou on the other hand was freaking the fuck out. Were you comfortable? Could you feel how fast his heartbeat is? What the hell does he do? Before he could ask another question in his head he heard your tired voice speak.
"Thank you, Shinsou. Good night."
Your words made him unconsciously relax and his heart rate slow down. He held you closer to him and savored the moment of having you in his arms. "Good night, Y/n."
He felt your breathing even out and he knew you fell asleep. He couldn't hold back the big smile on his face no matter how hard he tried. His eyes fluttered shut and before he knew it he fell asleep with you.
Shinsou's eyebrows furrowed and a barely audible whine came out from the back of his throat. He was sleeping so well for the first time in forever. Who the hell woke him up?
"Shinsou, wake up."
He heard the voice again, and this time he opened his eyes. He opened his eyes to see you. Not just any you though. A bed-headed version of you laying in his arms, and he loved it.
He watched you look somewhere else in the room. A light blush dusted your face and you were nervously chewing on your lip. You finally looked into his eyes.
"I like you too."
He was sure he was going to have a heart attack right then and there. You like him? You like him back? You? How? Wait… 'too'?
You noticed the confusion and nervousness on his face and thought it would be best to explain a bit. "I'm guessing you don't know that you talk in your sleep. Well, you kind of confessed to me or I overheard you confess to me. I don't know what the right words are, but I like you too."
Shinsou choked on his spit and started a coughing fit. He talks in his sleep? He felt you rub his back, waiting for him to stop choking.
When he finally stopped coughing he looked into your eyes and swallowed. "I would say I like you too, but I guess I already did. Could I kiss you?"
You but your lip and his eye zeroed in on the movement. "No."
Shinsou looked at you confusion written all over his face.
"I've been living over your for months now. You get to suffer for not telling me that you like me sooner. Technically, you didn't even tell me yourself either."
"Seriously? You could've said something to me, you know?" He stared at you in disbelief.
"I'm petty like that." You stuck your tongue out at him and rolled over on the bed.
"You're not wrong, but I think you missed the 'r' in pretty." Shinsou smiled when he watched you bury your face in one of his pillows.
"Buttering me up won't get you that kiss." Your voice was muffed due to the pillow.
He smiled and pulled you closer to him and kissed the nape of your neck. He felt you slightly shiver because of the action.
"I'm fine waiting. I'll wait as long as it takes." He whispered, nuzzling his nose on the back of your neck and tightening his arms around you.
He felt you trace random patterns on his arm. "I'll only kiss you if you give me this mattress."
"No. I'm gonna keep it here so you come over more."
"Evil." You whispered. He could hear the smile in your voice. He hoped more moments like this will come along in your future as he wrapped his arms pulled you closer to him.
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Red Candles Pt 19 The End
OOC: How to vote: Send your choice in an ask to this blog. Comments, reblogs and dms will not count as I do not get notifications for them nor do I want to screenshot from several places. I’ve spotted a couple of older choices coming through, please make sure to check by the blog to be up to date with the latest post! Thank you!
Shake Your Head
It takes a second for Mark to realize what you’re choosing.  You shake your head again and take a step back putting your hands up to show him that no. No you won’t end it like this. The DA is innocent in all of this and if Dark wants to get rid of Mark so badly he can do it another way. 
Mark’s shoulders release their tension and he closes his eyes. Moving over to the mirror  “It’s ok... Can we pass through?” There’s a nod from the silhouette figure and Mark turns back to offer his hand to you.  You still don’t trust this bastard, so you elect to placing your hand on the glass instead, the DA’s hand touching back, before fingers seep through the shattered glass and grab your hand with a powerful yank. 
It’s like dying all over again, but with a gasp of breath you reenter into the cooler air, easier to breathe. You quickly stumble to your feet and check yourself over. Alive. Breathing. Vitals good. Alive.  you turn around to see the silhouette of the DA sink away and vanish again into the mirror world.  Mark carefully places the candelabra on the mantle underneath the mirror, taking the candles from each holder and putting them out with an odd twist of his hand, extinguishing them safely before tucking them into pocket for safety. 
Slowly Mark turns to you with a solemn expression.  “..... Thank you. They’re trapped in there because of THEM. I’ve been trying to get them out but.. I’ve had very little success...” He sighed heavily and moved to the entrance of the home, opening the door to show you out.  “..... Safe journey back home.” 
You stare Mark down for a moment before moving to place the knife you took on the mantle by the now empty candelabra.  Mark smirks a bit.  “Cheeky devil.” He shifts to pull a gun from the back of his belt, held aimed to the ceiling and away from you, finger off the trigger  “Rock beats scissors”  The gun is the one from the kitchen drawer you’d seen.  You can’t help but smirk a little. How that could have ended... Much worse. With a nod you head out the door, turning back to look one last time at the mirror in time to see a silhouetted hand wave you goodbye before the door closes behind you. 
A few steps away from the door you pause to think about what you just went through.  Mark is a bastard, that’s clear as day... but maybe there’s hope for the DA somewhere...  You take a breath, brace against the rain and take off at a sprint back to your car. What a night.. time to go home and sleep the day away.... and breakfast..  Breakfast sounds great right about now...  As you drive away from the manor you take one last look back at it in recollection. 
¿ǝɔᴉoɥɔ ʇɥƃᴉɹ ǝɥʇ ǝʞɐɯ noʎ pᴉᗡ
Tumblr media
OOC: AAAAAAAAAA There it is folks! The End!  thank you all SO SO SO SO MUCH for taking part in this little adventure!  I’m super pumped for writing more of these and for ANWM2.  I just brought a creative writing partner in to help out with it too and super psyched for you all to see what I got in store! 
I’ll definitely do another one of these in future but for now I’ll be returning to my usual asks for a while and taking a break!  Thank you all again! 
@shattered-da Your code cracking skills have always been spot on! Your theories about them have been fantastic too. I think you hit the nail on the head on all but one! lol  @tinywy-frost props for helping out with the codes! Always been fantastic at them! (Even when the code flipping makes things turn out misspelled oops!) To everyone else that has been sending in votes you are all fantastic! I wish I could hug y’all but alas! lol 
I hope everyone enjoyed this adventure as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it!
See you all in the next one
Tumblr media
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Red Candles Pt 12
OOC: How to vote: Send your choice in an ask to this blog. Comments, reblogs and dms will not count as I do not get notifications for them nor do I want to screenshot from several places. I’ve spotted a couple of older choices coming through, please make sure to check by the blog to be up to date with the latest post! Thank you!
Upsie Daisy!
Wth no time to lose you grab Mark by the shirt and shove him towards the vent. With a grunt of protest he quickly catches on and scrambles his way up to the vent and you hop up behind him.  Just in time too! The guards just rushed into the room, yelling and shouting trying to find where you went! 
After a little bit of crouching low and holding still every so often you both manage to get to a safe space in the vent. Its quiet but you can still hear the guards in the distance.  “that was close huh? We gotta be suuuper quiet and stealthy in here, and honestly, I’m glad you didnt pick the sewer this time. I didn’t wanna go down there again” Mark quickly shuts up at the sounds of guards racing by underneath you both, holding still.  ........ Heh.. at least the view aint bad? 
After what feels like forever and going in circles Mark eventually pauses  “Ah-shoot It’s really Dark I can’t see anything... uhh..” He awkwardly glances over his shoulder to you and you give him a shrug. He’s the one with the damn map of the place and the one up front.  “err.. ok ok er- So we can go left or right. There’s a tiny bit of light to the right there... ah- not sure what it is? I think I can hear water? Ah- the left is... really can’t see much of anything. Even with the flashlight.. It’s just Dark. “
Super helpful Mr. Iplier.  “uh.. Any thoughts? I mean.. The right looks like it might lead outside? I’m not sure... We’re so deep into these vents now we could be anywhere...  Then again we could just go deeper and see where it goes? Personally, I’d rather get out of here....” 
Your choices are as follows: 
Light Path Mark said there’s some light to the right. Maybe it’ll go outside? He also mentioned water so maybe you’ll end up in the sewer again? Or worse. A stupid desert island with a creepy cannibal thats gone insane with ridiculous theories about animtronic furries.  𝐴𝑑 𝑓ℎ𝑢 𝑎𝑑𝑤𝑠 𝑗𝑡𝑛
Tumblr media
Dark Path Even you can see how Dark it is down there, Mark wasn’t kidding, but anything’s better than being stuck in this confined space.  What’s so bad about a lil dimly lit vent? uʇɾ sʍpɐ nɥⅎ p∀
Tumblr media
Mark shuffles around in an awkward position sort of on his back with his knees bent so he can face you and waggle the flashlight in his face. “..... We gotta go somewhere... c’mon” He wobbles the flash light back and forth “blurhuhguhlur” so spooky good job Mark. Totally terrified now...
OOC: Sorry for the late post today! you ever have those days were youre like I had something to do today but i cant for the life of me remember. and then you go I REMEMBER! Yeaaah- it was visitation day for my Yancy blog today. Oops.  Big props to @tinywy-frost​ for cracking the code in 11.5 last night first and then @shattered-da​ for setting it up in color codes for you all!  Best of luck to the code crackers... they’re gonna get harder from now on >:)
Tumblr media
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Red Candles Pt 9
OOC: How to vote: Send your choice in an ask to this blog. Comments, reblogs and dms will not count as I do not get notifications for them nor do I want to screenshot from several places.  I’ve spotted a couple of older choices coming through, please make sure to check by the blog to be up to date with the latest post!  Thank you!
Go With Him
Carefully hiding the knife at your side out of Mark’s view you allow him to steer you along back to the living room. So much for hunting around the house but the place is so big extensive and confusing that you wouldn’t have a chance without some information first.
Mark seems pleased to have been able to maneuver you to the room and that you’d gone along with him and begins babbling about this that and the other to do with what he’s set up in the living room and- well it’s not a living room anymore...  ¿ƃɥⅎᴉƃ ⅎʅq ʅʍ ʅsᗡ
As you pass the threshold you’re led into a large open space, there’s display cases and cabinets and modern architecture. A huge contrast to the old manor you had just been in. Where the hell where you now? How had he done that? 
“What do you think? Pretty good huh?” Mark seemed overly proud of whatever it was he had just pulled off.  “You recognize this place right? - ah shh better keep our voices down” 
You glance back to him and notice Mark is now dressed head to toe in all black. Tactically vest, belt, a beanie, boots, a black duffel bag around his shoulder and the tactical shovel strapped to the side of it.  Glancing down at your own hands you see black gloves and sleeves, mother fuckers gone and dragged you on another heist. Same building. 
Tumblr media
“Ok so, last time things didn’t pan out so well, but that box wasn’t the only important thing in here. We didn’t really have enough time to grab both so we’re goin back in and striking twice! They’d never expect us!” 
Great... Another heist, another rabbit hole. You couldn’t be further away from those candles right now! You shake your head, hands up to try and interrupt Mark and try to get back, glancing behind you. There’s only trees and a street back there now. Where the hell was the house!? Mark’s already digging out his grappling hook  “alright, meet ya inside buddy!” -thoot.....sstttttk- “OOMF!” Annnd there he went... great. 
Well could be worse, you could be trying to run around the house avoiding this nut bag, now you’re off on some ridiculous adventure again. -sigh-
You take a moment to pause and check over what you have, low and behold, the knife you grabbed from the kitchen is still in your possession and as you bring it out of your duffel bag the sounds of the music box return... and hoo boy is it much louder here! Your vision starts to darken around the edges and you quickly stuff the knife back in the bag into its own pocket and zip it up tight. The music box remains present but its not as loud now. At least you now have a place to hide it.  Other contents of the bag included a grappling hook of your own, some scrap papers, a respirator and what appears to be night vision goggles and a stack of papers. you recognize them from Mark’s bedroom, the script. Don’t forget your lines!
With a sigh, you resign yourself to head inside the only way you can, Mark’s not going to give you any information out here. Just like before you take to the side of the wall, draw the grappling hook and shoot up onto the roof. Crawl through the duct and out into the glass walkway inside. 
Glancing around you spot Mark scuttling along on the lower floor and rappel yourself down with the hook to join him. Landing much more gracefully than anything Mark could have pulled off. 
Tumblr media
“How’d you- never mind. Alright pal, our prize is right overrrr-” he licked a finger, held it up, spun a circle then pointed in the direction of a very obvious and in sight door just behind him “There! All we have to do is get past that guard... looks pretty mean n vicious.” 
You glance over to the guard from behind your hiding spot. Cutest guard you ever did see. A beautiful lass in uniform, bright eyes, silky blonde locks and a healthy wet nose!  “any ideas buddy? I don’t have any steak on me this time, do you?” That’s a negative boss, no steak this time. But how mean and vicious could Chica be? She was already wagging her tail at you both... 
Your choices are as follows: 
Go pet Chica Look at her, soft fluffy bean, probably confused at what the hell Mark had put her in this time and why she’d been told to sit and stay right here, there were treats involved right? the key for the door was clearly right there on her uniform. Really Mark we don’t have time for this.
Tumblr media
Distraction! Maybe he’s right, pretty mean and vicious guard dog! Maybe there’s something around here you can use to throw and distract her? Then again how will you bust through the door? Maybe Mark has something in his bag? 
Tumblr media
“Well? c’mon... I think I hear guards comin’! We don’t wanna get caught! I dunno if you remember but the last time you got our asses tossed in prison, I DIED.... Well? Any ideas at all? Maybe if we-...nah that’d never work...hmmm... Oh I know how abou-. nah... Shoot I should have brought the explosives from the pirate exhibit again- ok what if-” 𝐵𝑟𝑥 𝑑𝑢ℎ 𝑓𝑜𝑟𝑣ℎ 𝑔𝑟𝑞𝑤 𝑗𝑙𝑦ℎ 𝑥𝑠 𝑘𝑟𝑠ℎ, 𝑖𝑢𝑙ℎ𝑞𝑔!
OOC: Ah yes, down the rabbit hole we go! Where it stops nobody knows! Maybe it’ll be fun?  Also side note the dialog after the choices there is how Mark behaves while the choices are on screen and he’s waiting for you to click one. 
Tumblr media
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Xicheng Fic Recommendations
Alrighty so being as this is my favourite ship, I thought I would take this chance to compile a list of the favs!!
Ok I will start this list off with a imo a great introduction to the the character dynamics and relationships to each other and it's an aspect of why I really love the Xicheng ship!
The Beginner's Guide to Moving On  - messenger18 (Teen and up) 189K - post canon: (thank you to @panmoo for sharing the link).
All Time Favourites (READDD IT PLS)
Upon Our Silver Bridges - TheWanderingHeart // Mature (443K)
Ok, now that I’m done gushing, this is a post-canon fic and it deals with a lot of Chinese mythology and is a slow burn (but it hurts so good). That’s all I’m going to say about it because I think finding out what’s happening is part of the fun (yes, it’s plot heavy but it’s good plot :))
Lan Xichen's sorrows have caught the attention of something. Unlike the adventures and foes they have faced before, there is no obvious enemy here to defeat. If this is the same thing they thought had taken Nie Mingjue's life, then he believes it is fated for him to die as well. Nothing can stop the black fire when it wants to burn.
Jiang Cheng is sure his part in this is over. Wei Wuxian is back, his grand adventure concluded, and he'd never been at the centre of it anyway. So what does it matter what happens to him in the end?
Slowly, he will come to realise that there will always be a battle to fight, a story to tell, a choice to make, and there is no such thing as an end to anything. 
A Small Measure of Peace - Sandstone112 // Mature (122K)
Canon-divergent au. This takes place in the period after Wei Wuxian died and Lan Wangji is in seclusion from the whippings (the in between years yanno). Anyways my heart is filled with love for this fic. It's wholesome family loving that my boys deserve and ARGH I JUST LOVE HEALING FAMILY FICS OK.
With his brother in seclusion, Lan Xichen finds himself in temporary custody of his nephew with little to no expertise in the child-raising department. Uncertain and alone, Zewu-Jun is willing to do everything to be the person Yuan needs—even if it means inviting Sandu Shengshou to a playdate.
Running Our Hands Through Embers - MarvelousMar // Explicit (136K)
Reincarnation au. This is a bit different from the rest. It’s more Jiang Cheng centric (more of a character study) and it’s not as Xicheng heavy in the beginning as the rest BUT I implore you to read this! I think it gives a great character and healing arc for JC and we all need some healing ok? (plus you get JC telling JFM like it is.)
If asked, Jiang Cheng would compare falling in love with Lan Xichen to a moth inevitably drawn to a flame. It burned.
*** In which Jiang Cheng discovers that even death can't help him escape from his trauma, so he embarks on a quest to save the people he loves, fix what he can, make the love of his life fall for him, and maybe, somewhere along the way, do a little bit of healing.
Audience of One - WinterDreams // Teen and Up (15/16 - 170K) **WIP
Modern au. OK I’LL ADMIT. THIS IS INCOMPLETE BUT THERE’S ONLY ONE CHAPTER LEFT. AND FINE I’LL ALSO ADMIT THAT I HAVEN’T READ CHAPTER 15 YET (bc ya girl tryna wait till it’s all out to read it). So I can only speak of this fic up till chapter 14. ButTTTTTT I LOVE IT OK? This deals with a celebrity LXC and a grumpy CEO JC and best of all: FAKE PRETEND RELATIONSHIP TROPE. Mhmmmmmm give me that fake to real shit. I love it.
“Then let an established star go first,” Lan Xichen interrupts again before Lan Wangji can give a stubborn reply. Both men twist toward Lan Xichen, and he smiles at Wei Wuxian’s tilted head. “If I publicly date a man for awhile first, your engagement shouldn’t receive as much backlash.”
Or, that AU where everyone is famous in some way or another, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji have been dating in private for years, and Lan Xichen and Jiang Cheng pretend to date publicly for their brothers' sake.
Modern Universe: Ok modern aus, expect at least a little bit of OOC and a lil bit of crack with it ok? bUT I enjoy reading them from time to time because they’re usually more lighthearted and everyone isn’t dead :)
Emergency Help Wanted - Piyo13 // Teens and Up (76K)
Lan Xichen lied about having a family to leave work early so now he needs to Craiglist his way for a fake one. This one was fun and fluff!
I lied when I got my job. I told them I had a kid so I could leave early from work to pick him up from daycare, take him to doctor's appointments, and occasionally miss a day when he's sick. Long story short, I'm in too deep. I didn't think it through. Looking to rent a kid for bring your child to work day. Must be a boy ages four to six, longish dark hair, likes soccer. Must also be artistic as the macaroni noodle paintings I made seem a little advanced for his age. Also, I will pay extra for someone willing to play the role of husband when dropping him off. He's a prosecuting attorney who often brings his work home. Message me for further details. Serious inquiries only. 
Just Two Lost Souls - rivlee // Teen and up (46K)
We have here CEO au! Just some good ‘ole fun.
Even if it is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife, husband, or companion, all Jiang Cheng really wants is to run his company, take care of his pets, and maybe get some sleep. Unfortunately the new job promotion to CEO comes with a loaded social calendar and a need for some sort of companion.
So clearly the most sensible answer is to start dating the man he's had a crush on since he was a teenager.
Because nothing could go wrong there.
Never Had I Ever - Kicchin // General (56K)
Ok ‘tis might be a lil crack but honestly, it’s kinda sweet so I enjoyed reading it! But basically you see the crew trying to set them up and some misunderstandings would obviously have to occur with a lil bit of tears.
Nie Mingjue is almost certain that Jin Guangyao has an ulterior motive for dating his best friend, Lan Xichen. However despite voicing his concerns, his best friend seems unconvinced and Lan Xichen continues to date the said man. Unable to give up just yet, Nie Mingjue tries a different tactic--convincing his best friend the man is not the right person for him by setting him up. Fortunately for him, Wei Wuxian's youngest brother is very much single and seems to be just the kind of person his best friend needs. Can Jiang Cheng truly change Lan Xichen's mind, or will Nie Mingjue's plan is a disaster from the beginning? 
One Shot
you're for me (and i for you) - RennieOnIceCream (Hitsugi_Zirkus) // General (2K)
It’s cute and fluffy!
One early morning, Lan Xichen does Jiang Cheng's hair.
green color corrector - yeasting_laozu // General (1K)
It’s implied xicheng so you only see lan xichen and wei wuxian but it’s cute.
To help his brother-in-law hide some lovebites, Wei Wuxian gives Lan Xichen a quick crash course on color theory in return for some juicy gossip. He gets more than he bargained for.  
I'll Always Find You - Arashii // Mature (9K)
(I really like this author so you’re probably gonna see more of them) This is reincarnation au and its floofly? Yea? Yea. 
Jiang Cheng spent his whole life thinking he was crazy. Dreams of flying swords, an electric whip and a handsome man in white clothes plagued him every night. Visions took him every day. Until the day he met a man with the same face of the stranger in his dreams.
Or, how Jiang Cheng and Lan Huan got together in the past, and how they found each other again in another life.
Let Me Show You My Sincerity - Bgtea // Teen and Up (5K)
Modern au. This is a floofly fluff. It’s some good ‘ole Twin Pride shenanigans (Wei Wuxian instigated of course).
Three gin and tonics, half a bottle of red wine, and four pints of beer in, Jiang Cheng comes to a couple of realizations in quick successions. They part the fuzziness of his mind like a beam of golden sunlight shining through a break between churning grey storm clouds. A veritable lightbulb going off in his foggy, groggy mind.
“You,” Jiang Cheng squints at his equally drunk brother sprawling upside down on the couch beside him, “are pining!”
Two Sides of the Same Coin - JiangChengLotus // Teen and Up (4K)
Post-canon. THis is just pure crack. Yup. It’s actually part of a multiwork fic that focuses on LWJ and JC being best bros (it’s really cute actually so you should keep reading them). But out of all of them, this was the one that I got the most kick out of (laughter and tears).
“Lan Zhan, you slept in! Did I wear you out last night?” Jiang Cheng’s hand stilled. Wei Wuxian- his brother, his very shirtless brother- smiled up at him and leaned in for a kiss. 
Jiang Cheng shrieked and flung himself from the bed. 
“Lan Zhan?!” Wei Wuxian rushed over, wearing a worried expression on his face.
(Basically, Jiang Cheng and Lan Wangji swap bodies on the same day as an important Discussion Conference. Chaos ensues.)
Injured/Illness/Curses List: (no deaths cuz I don’t fuk with unhappy ends).
Flight - Bloodcoral // General (11K)
Post-canon. You have LXC in seclusion and yet somehow JC just worms his way into his heart (like he did mine) and bAM. Love :)
In which Lan Xichen finds himself being coaxed from seclusion by Jiang Cheng of all people.
And Rain Will Make the Flowers Grow - brokenbutstillstanding // Mature (12K)
Hanahaki disease au. Ok so yup. It’s for Jiang Cheng obviously because him and pain might as well be a thing right? I will say though, if you can read while listening to music I recommend listening to the playlist that the author put there! Also!!!! Read the sequel as well Lotus Bloom, because it makes the whole work feel complete and it’s good! 
He coughed a bit harder, a bit of phlegm seeming to be caught as he beat at his chest to try to dislodge it. It took a moment but Jiang Cheng could feel it working its way up, coughing into his hand.
It wasn’t phlegm. It wasn’t a cold either. In his hand lay a single bright yellow winter jasmine petal.
Well, yellow had always been his favorite color.
It's easier to let go (let me hold you) - Iamthedarkoverlord // Mature (24K)
ARE YOU READY FOR SOME TEARS?! Ok but I will say *Trigger warning: suicidal thoughts/attempt* But it's a happy ending alright guys. I, too, do not like unhappy ends so we good there. This is a 5 times + 1 -esque fic and takes place post-canon.
Five times someone noticed something was wrong and the one time someone did something about it.
Don't let me go - 2009190801 // Teen and Up (8K)
A little bit of some misunderstandings that gets resolved yea? (canon universe)
Jiang Cheng wasn't suicidal.
He had an explanation for this madness, though, admittedly, it was a very, very stupid one.
Yeah okay, he fucked up.
I am cursed to love you (to the grave) - Iamthedarkoverlord // Mature (39K)
Post-canon. This is definitely an interesting fic that makes you continually ask yourself -- What the hell is going? But that’s what makes it fun though, right ;) This is also not sUPER Xicheng heavy (dw it’s still there), but it’s just really different from what I’ve read before.
Jiang Cheng can’t sleep.  
The Form of Boneless Ice - TheWanderingHeart // Teen and Up (76K)
Ok so I LOVE THE ART that’s part of the story in this! It’s I believe by @baiwuzhi on twitter, and the art style just makes this story better! But yup, alternate world where the Jiang fam are MERPEOPLES. It’s a different read and the heart makes your heart just go /uwu/
Mythical beasts have long ago been driven to extinction by the gentry — hunted for sport, but more importantly for their magical cores. Since then, there remains only one creature that has never been caught. The Jiang’s retreated a long time ago. Abandoning land altogether, they sought safety where the humans could not reach.
It all comes to a head though, purely by chance. (Or is it by fate that a spontaneous decision allows for them to meet? If fate were a rock!) Jiang Cheng suddenly finds his whole life balanced on the head of a pin — on the flimsy promise of a human boy. In his opinion, things cannot possibly get worse!
(But then they do when the Wens decide it’s finally time to search for the elusive merpeople, and suddenly nowhere is safe.)
WIP List: Ok so these are the ones that I started, greatly enjoyed so far, but they’re not completed YET.
Rewrite the Stars - Arashii // Mature (3/7 chapters - 26K)
Royalty au. Enemies to Lovers. What more is there to say? (But honestly though, the writing is really good so far and I love their dynamic and interactions with each other in this setting.)
Five great kingdoms have been fighting for years and when the kingdom of Yunmeng is destroyed, the Crown Prince Jiang Cheng vanishes.
In Gusu, Lan Xichen makes an offer impossible for Jiang Cheng to refuse. His life or revenge? There’s only one option and Jiang Cheng swears loyalty to the man he hated the most his whole life, the Crown Prince of Gusu, Lan Xichen himself.
The Fate of Us - Arashii // Explicit (1/3 chapters - 12K)
A/B/O au. Ok I’ll admit, this fic is perhaps more on the um… self-indulgent side alright?!  (*/ω\*). But basically the story is: Jiang Cheng is a beta… until he isn’t :)
Jiang Cheng grew up thinking he was a beta. He was fine being a beta, he even liked it despite his parents disappointment. No crazy hormones, no heats, no ruts, never smelling the air like some dog… But why, why now every smell and every alpha close to him was giving him an urge to fight or flight?
In a banquet to celebrate the end of the Sunshot Campaign, Lan Xichen scents a delicious alluring smell and it seems to be coming from the young Sect Leader – Jiang Wanyin – who everyone thought was a beta, even him.
[SIDE NOTE: You should check this author’s other works out! They actually have this other fic that I’ve been eyeing (No Paths are Bound), but I decided to wait until it’s completed before I touch it because I am a binge reader at heart]
A Kind Word and a Gun (Will Take You Far) - actually_its_lem // Mature (7/? - 56K)
Mafia au. I LOVE GOOD MAFIA AUS!! Ok so Lan family be the big bad here and JC and WWX had a secret past? ANyways I just remember the beginning chapters to be super fun to read! 
Jiang Cheng stared blearly at the unfamiliar smiling man across from him. His temples were throbbing much worse now than they had been before…before...
Before he had lost consciousness.
He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, disbelief dripping from every fiber of his being.
“You kidnapped me. You kidnapped me off the goddamn street.”
How to Escape Your Problems and Live Your Life in Denial – the Jiang Cheng Edition - Bgtea // Explicit (13/? - 88K)
Modern au. Cat. Barista. Cat Cafe. Yup, that’s the plot. (But ok for real I’m waiting for this to update so plsplspls. It’s cute and fun between JC and LXC and tbh I love modern fics where JC decides to branch off from his parents and learn to live his own life yano?).
So, this may not be the life Jiang Cheng's imagined for himself - he’s living in an apartment slightly bigger than a closet above a café filled with sassy, judgmental cats, penny-pinching and coupon-cutting his way to stave off starvation and scurvy.
And of course, just to make his life more complicated, there's the Lan Xichen Problem.
undeniably, you -  HamsterQinghua // Teen and Up (9/14 - 18K)
Post-canon. Ok I’ll admit that at the time there was only 5 chapters and I had read it and then subscribed to it to wait until it’s complete. But from what I saw in those 5 chapters was that this was going to be fun! So check it out!
Jiang Cheng can tell something is wrong when he sees Jin Ling's face ---or, Jiang Cheng gets cursed on a night-hunt, and turns into a 5-year-old
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alotofrandomfangirling · 5 months ago
My first attempt at a Christopher Velez imagine
Okay, so i’m not a writer, not at all. But this idea had been on my mind for so long and this new era has me so soft that inspiration kinda hit me and i decided to write it down akdnandabdh sorry for any mistakes, english is not my first language hahaha
Summary: you’re an actress and a huge CNCOwner. During an awards event, you get to meet the boys and Christopher, your favorite member, kinda gets a like on you.
Please note that I have no idea if Teen Choice Awards has an afterparty, it was for writing purposes only adjasjdahdh and sorry if Ali sounds a bit OOC, i just needed her for that part hahaha
To say you were a CNCOwner was an understatement. All of your fans knew you were crazyyy about these guys, because you were always posting song lyrics, all of your videos had their songs as soundtrack and much more. It was your dream to attend one of their concerts and, perhaps, meet them and tell them how much they mean to you. Specially him: the one and only Christopher Velez, your favorite member and secretly the love of your life. Could this event be the chance of your dreams coming true?
 "Y/N L/N from (your favorite TV show)"
You were on your phone checking the hosts for the Teen Choice Awards, excited because it was your first time at an awards event and as a host! You were the lead actress of (channel)’s new show, which was very popular, so, of course, they wanted you to host one of the awards and talk a bit about the new episodes.
You were scrolling and reading some names that had you really excited, because you wanted to meet all these famous actresses, singers and-
Oh my gosh. No way.
"Performance from: CNCO"
You couldn't believe it.
Maybe your time had finally come! Oh my gosh, what a thrill
 It was the day of the awards and you were a perfect mix of nervous and excited. I mean, who wouldn’t?!
How would walking the red carpet be like? How would your fans react to you hosting? Would you meet any of your favorite singers and actors? And, last but not least, was there a slight chance that you could meet these five guys you absolutely loved? You could only hope (and put on an extra gorgeous outfit! Who knows, right?)
You arrived at the red carpet and it was everything you were expecting: the flashes, the gorgeous celebrities and all the fans! You went straight to the backstage, because you needed to get ready for going on stage as a host. You were walking around hoping to find some celebrities and sneak some selfies that would make a perfect instagram post later. You had already met (your favorite actress) and were still beaming when you had to stop.
Down in the hallway were them. Yes, them. CNCO, in all their glory, looking handsome as ever and, of course, joking around as always (you could hear Christopher’s laugh from far away).
“Oh my gosh, this is it. I have to talk to them” you were suuuper nervous and shaking like a bamboo, but you knew you wouldn’t have a perfect chance like this.
You gathered all your courage and walked up to Ali, who was standing close to the boys (you thought she was your best shot at not looking like a complete fool in front of them aldjajdjasjd). You took a deep breath and said:
- um, hi! Excuse me. Could I have a picture with the boys, please? I’m a huge fan!
- hi! Oh my gosh, you’re (Y/N) (L/N), right? I love your show! Of course, I’m gonna talk to them – she then turned to the boys – hey guys, someone wants to meet you!
When they all turned around and faced you, it was like your heart stopped. “Am I in heaven?” You had to use all your acting skills to try and stay calm in front of them.
They all formed a line to greet you and you thought that it was, indeed, heaven.
You hugged all of them (Richard and Joel even recognized you from the show!) and tried to say some of the speech you had practiced: “hi” “i’m a huge fan” “i love your songs” “it’s so nice to meet you” but when it came to Christopher’s turn, your brain stopped functioning. He was sooooo gorgeous in person and he was super tall, you felt like all of your fanfiction dreams were coming true akdjjfjbfba you hugged him and were so overwhelmed that you accidentaly let slip an “i love you”, which he, unfortunately, heard, even thought you covered your mouth right after you said it. You blushed like hell and apologized but he just laughed and said:
- it’s ok, nena, thank you.
Your heart fluttered. OH MY GOSHHHHH WHAT IS LIFE
You all then gathered around for a picture, you between Christopher and Zabdiel, and you could feel Christopher’s hand on your back as you posed, but you managed to keep your calm this time.
After saying a million ‘thank you’s, you went back to talk to the staff, not knowing how you would be able to host one of the awards after what had just happened.
 The Teen Choice Awards had gone perfectly: you hosted the award flawlessly, the boys’ performance was spectacular and, most importantly, you had met them and took a picture with them, which you knew was going to be your lockscreen for the rest of your life.
You were now at the afterparty, looking for a familiar face that you could sit with, when you felt a hand on your shoulder.
You turned around and almost choked (okay, your acting skills were really failing you that night). It was THE Christopher Velez.
- (Y/N) (L/N), right?
Fortunately, you managed to form a logical sentence:
- oh, hi, yes, that’s me! Nice to meet you, um, again! – he chuckled.
- nice to meet you too. You want to, maybe, sit down and talk for a while?
Did you hear that right? Christopher Velez wanted to sit with you. No way.
- of course! – another logical sentence. Things were getting better, you know!
- we need to talk about you confessing your feelings for me earlier – he started saying this in a very serious way, but ended with a smirk and a joking tone, which made you swoon internally.
And there was that blush on your cheeks again. You covered your face with your hands and laughed:
- oh my gosh, i’m so sorry. It’s just that i’m such a huge fan, i guess I got a little bit carried away hahaha i’m sorry – he laughed too.
- please, no need to apologize, i thought it was super cute – he said, in a really sweet way and with that accent that you loved, which made your heart flutter again – so, tell me about this new show you’re in, Richard and Joel won’t stop talking about it!
You talked about the job and started to feel more relaxed. You both ended up talking during the whole party and Christopher proved to be as lovely as your fangirl self thought he would be. You had so many things in common and he made you laugh like no one did. In a few moments, you felt like you were no longer talking to your celebrity crush, but to and old friend (or something more *wink wink*).
After a couple hours of talking and laughing, Richard showed up and called Christopher:
- hey, bro, sorry to interrupt, but we gotta go now.
Christopher looked really disappointed to leave you there, but you reassured him:
- it’s ok, don’t worry! I understand.
- can we, um, talk a little more? I can give you my phone number.
You died a little bit inside again, but you kept a calm face and said:
- sure, i would love that!
You handed him your phone and he typed his number. He gave you your phone back when he finished typing.
- there you go – he said, with that gorgeous smile of his.
- i’ll make sure to text you as soon as i can. Thank you for tonight!
- no, thank you. It was a pleasure. See you, (Y/N)!
You waved and as soon as he left, you started to freak out.
Did you really just befriend your favorite singer? You couldn’t stop smiling to yourself.
Oh boy, that was sure an unforgettable night.
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dinosaurtsukki · 6 months ago
BSD x university au hc’s | pt. 1
hi i am an absolute slut for university au’s in case you couldn’t tell so i just had to write some for my first BSD post. also this is going to be slightly ooc because i am a crackhead
check out pt. 2 here
Atsushi Nakajima:
Tumblr media
he’s definitely the kind of guy who still had no idea what he’d take up in university even after he was accepted 
either wants to not major in anything at all or just major in everything because he’s also scared that he’ll eventually not like what he’s majoring in
so for his first two years you’d probably find him jumping around different classes 
also he still calls the professors ‘teacher ____’ like a high school student and everyone laughs but thinks its cute
eventually, because of his *cough cough* traumatic childhood he decided he wanted to help children by becoming a guidance counselor
he ends up taking Child Psychology and bOY does he love it so much
well he actually just loves all of his classes because Learning is Fun
although because of his *cough cough* traumatic childhood he’s the one in class that people are all like 👀👀
atsushi: *talking about children’s responses to fear and emotional abuse by talking about his own emotional abuse*
the professor, under their breath: wait, do you need help?? 
i can definitely see atsushi as a Roommate of the Year kind of guy. he’s just so polite and tidy with his room. also he’d definitely be the type to take care of plants inside the dorm room and put them on the windowsill
in terms of extracurricular activities, he’s definitely a sporty type of person so i can see him joining a varsity (something like Frisbee because he likes things that go whoooosh) but he’d probably join a student org that does stuff like community outreach
because of all this, he is a Very Busy Boy but his friends do manage to drag him out to parties once in a while
although atsushi would probably sit in a corner and drink only one beer for the entire night 
he’s notorious for helping drunk people though. most of the time he’ll be putting blankets on people and making them drink water
if he knew how to drive he’d definitely be the designated driver
Akiko Yosano:
Tumblr media
omg i’m so excited for this i love yosano so much 
she’s the friend who’s just effortlessly awesome all around and a fricking MED STUDENT to top it all off
she gets a bit too excited when it’s dissection time but it’s alright she has good intentions 
probably the only one in your class who doesn’t go and throw up whenever a cadaver is being used (actually do they still use cadavers i have absolutely no idea)
she also interns at the local hospital as part of her degree program but OMG yosano will not stop telling disgusting stories about the patients she’s had
everyone: *eating lunch peacefully in the dining hall*
yosano: so i pulled a guy’s toe out of a meat grinder this morning
everyone: sHUT UP
for some reason she still has a social life despite being a med student and it’s one of the mysteries of life i guess
yosano LOVES going out clubbing on friday nights. if you have the fortune of being her roommate, be prepared for make-overs and being dragged with her out to the city
she’s such a social butterfly like at every bar you go to, the bartender knows her name and her regular order. she’d probably end the night befriending a couple more people
also she’s amazing at karaoke i kid you not
as for extracurricular life, i don’t think yosano’s the type to join an org that’s related to her major cause like ‘what’s the point?’
instead, she’d probably go wherever her friends are because to her, she’ll enjoy any activity as long as she’s with people she loves
but when it comes to her own interests, i can definitely see yosano as someone who loves the outdoors, especially hiking after having to be cooped up inside clinics
it just makes her love and appreciate the value of life more
Kunikida Doppo:
Tumblr media
ok, i KNOW he was a math teacher before he joined the ADA bUT i can’t help but think of him as a political science major ??
i can definitely imagine kunikida as someone who’d want to become a lawyer someday and would take political science as a pre-law
he does like the idea of following in the footsteps of great men but omg kunikida would absolutely hate the exclusivity of white, male political theorists
he is such a good student except for when his professor has some sketchy values then kunikida will !! fight him !! every !! chance !! he gets !!
raises his hand constantly to contradict his professor if they even tRY to defend thomas hobbes and authoritarianism
but other than that he’s probably the most diligent student out there. kunikida genuinely enjoys doing the readings for class and writing essays
also has such a balanced schedule that he can make time for anything and everything
except for when his friends dazai drag him out to parties and get a social life
despite how rigid he is, kunikida has absolutely no problem helping out others with learning. he often holds study sessions in his dorm room or in the library before exams
he also likes to volunteer in tutorial centers because he’s just like that
OH OH some of his ‘students’ suggested that he make crash-course type videos for political science and it took some convincing but eventually kunikida decided to go for it
he’s not the most tech savvy or photogenic person so it took some time for him to get used to things but after seeing all the comments from people who benefited from it, he decided to continue with his crash course videos
whether or not he’s the best or worst roommate is completely up to you. if you like someone who’ll basically micromanage your life from your daily schedule to your study habits, you’ll absolutely love him
he doesn’t like to go out for parties that much but he will if his friends convince him enough (kunikida’s an utter lightweight when it comes to drinking though)
Osamu Dazai: 
Tumblr media
i genuinely have a hard time thinking about what this guy’s major would be and tbh even his friends have been wondering what dazai’s major was for TWO YEARS
that’s because he keeps taking the most random ass classes like Basic Pottery or Intro to Molecular Biology in the same semester
idk how he even plans to graduate at this point
although to be honest, i can definitely see him as a philosophy major despite the fact that i LOATHE every male classmate i’ve had who’s a philosophy major (idk they’re always so condescending)
i feel like dazai’s just taking that because it’s somewhat challenging for him but to him, university life is just more of crazy experiences rather than learning
and oh my god has he gotten up to the weirdest shit
the number of times he had to climb gates or sleep on benches at three a.m. is too many to count
dazai also loves volunteering for random things like people’s thesis projects (once, he offered to be a snake venom tester to a bio student and they told him that was illegal) or even being the school’s mascot in games
also he and kunikida probably met each other in freshman year at an intro to philosophy class and oh my god did dazai get on his nerves
what’s worse was that they had to work on a group project together and dazai was MIA most of the time and it drove kunikida crazy
that is until dazai showed up last minute to pull an all-nighter with him for their paper and kunikida just couldn’t help but be impressed by dazai’s ~~intellect~~
they don’t exactly get along but they do have some mutual respect for each other enough to work on projects well
omg if dazai ends up being your roommate I WISH YOU LUCK 
the first time you walked into your room dazai was microwaving a metal bowl and you had to run to stop it in time
also he has a tendency to wear his headphones and sing his favorite double suicide song out loud 
kunikida please come pick him up
Edogawa Ranpo:
Tumblr media
i love this one man so much i swear to god 
ranpo is definitely the kind of person who just didn’t like school so when college applications came around he was just like ‘why bother though ???’
his friends did convince him by saying that he wouldn’t have to do subjects he wouldn’t like and just focus on his major (this is a lie btw)
is it a surprise that ranpo would choose forensic science ?? NO
he thinks its cool that he can learn about something he’s already super good at and it just gets him really pumped up to show off how good he is
LOVES getting praised by his classmates and professors
ranpo probably thinks lectures are boring as hell so sometimes he just,,, doesn’t,,, come,,, to class
if attendance IS required you can bet he’s bringing snacks and game consoles with him and sitting WAAAAY in the back of the room
Mukbang at a Lecture Hall with Edogawa Ranpo
his classmates think its cute that he puts on glasses before doing exams or answering his prof’s questions as a way to hype himself up
everyone calls him ‘The Greatest Detective’ and ranpo LOVES IT
despite that, he’s not too overly social he just likes being with his close group of friends UwU
he’s also someone you can drag around to places like the fair or an aquarium, but he’s not into clubbing or drinking for that matter
he DOES enjoy seeing his friends get drunk and mess with them though
ranpo isn’t into joining student organizations BUT he gets scouted a lot by detective agencies and he likes interning for them
i’m saying detective agencies because police are gross
ranpo did end up joining a baking club with the assumption that he would just be EATING the cake and not BAKING the cake
yeah he was just there for less than half a semester
taglist (check out my post for details on being part of my taglist): @waitforitillwritemywayout @tpwkatsumu @laure-chan​
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kid-from-new-zealand · 6 months ago
Paper, Scissors, Rank  (Ch: 7)
CHARACTER/PAIRING: Modern!Carrillo x Army!OC (eventually) 
WARNINGS: maybe some swearing, military slang, more military talk,  spelling and grammatical errors. Flippy floppy points of view and tenses. Could be very OOC/AU for some. Carrillo may not be narcos accurate as this is an AU. Some OC x OC 
AUTHORS NOTE: ok so idk how good this is, kinda just word vomited onto the page, tryna generate some emotion in there but lets see how it goes, thanks for reading peeps. I know I said I wasn't gonna post but middle of the night inspiration stuck so imma keep writing this 
TAG LIST(OPEN): @girlpornparadise @1zashreena1 @xxidontwikeitxx @nicke0115 @allalngthewtchtower @lettherebrelight
The drive to the teams new base of operations was by no means short. While still being on defence land they were nearly three hours away from the main base, located in a flat valley in the hills and surrounded by greenery and training equipment. Ash had been here once before during a cadets course many years ago with her father, but it was vastly different now. The house had changed drastically from what used to be multiple cabins to what was now a single stand alone one story place. However while the accommodation had changed the grounds had stayed the same. There was an assault course set up that flowed into the trees to the south of the house and there was a pool to the west of the house, all in all, it was nothing to complain about. 
The house itself was relatively modern, having been rebuilt within the last few years or so. The entrance was sealed by heavy wooden doors that required a pin in order to access. Upon entry Ash took in the place, it was actually really nice. It was open plan living, the kitchen was directly to the right as you came in the doors, nice wooden benchtops and crisp new appliances. Directly in front of the breakfast bar sat the living room. Three nice couches surrounded a rather large square coffee table, laden with maps. The fireplace that the couches faced was made of a slate grey stone and sat underneath the rather large tv.  To the right of the fireplace was a door that she had been informed led to the only bathroom in the house that held a shower, while to the left of the fireplace was the door to Ash’s room.
Across the small hallway was the Colonels room, which was attached to his office that was on the far end of the house. At the end of the small hallway was an open archway that, from what she could see, led to a gym. Stepping further into the house and left from the kitchen Ash noticed another two sets of doors. One that led to the boys room, containing four single military style pits and separate draws for each of them, while the second door opened up onto the workspace for them all, which had a door in the back right corner that opened up onto Carrillo’s office. All in all, Ash couldn’t find a single fault to the house, okay perhaps one bathroom to share was gonna be a little tough.
She was startled from her thoughts and exploring when Carrillo called out to her while making his way to his office. “There's some food in the fridge and everything is pretty easy to find so make yourself at home, the boys should arrive in around about five weeks. You’ve got the single room closest to the bathroom”  Ash nodded in thanks and watched as he disappeared into the teams workroom, no doubt going to his office to work through the enlistment papers for the rest of the team. Ash didn’t waste much time going to her room, she could eat later when hunger eventually struck her, she was miles too tired from the drive here and sore from moving about so much. Her room was nice. A large double bed sat in the middle of the room encompassed by grey side tables, each sporting a small lamp. In front of the bed sat a tall set of drawers and a small bookcase. Very homely indeed, thankfully, cause god only knows how long the team would be confined to the house doing research and/or planning and training for future raids.
Ash barely gave herself any time to get changed, haphazardly pulling on an oversized shirt and a pair of comfortable gym shorts, before she all but launched herself onto her new bed, grunting in pain when her left side made contact with the bed a little too harshly . She moved onto her back sinking deep into the comfort of the mattress. The bed was like heaven for her after sleeping on either a creaky army pit or the ground for the last twenty some weeks. If this is what she had to look forward to everyday her enthusiasm for work was about to increase ten fold.  The moment her head touched the pillow she was out like a light. Thankful for her own space and a bed big enough to move around on and toss and turn how she used to.
As much as Carrillo enjoyed the rank he was and the respect that followed his name, the paperwork at this level was a nightmare. Especially due to the complaints Sinclair had lodged against him due to the incident  at the base hospital. Having to describe in detail the events that occurred between that despicable man and the young officer a mere few rooms over made his blood boil, yet again. He was starting to understand the warnings that came with being posted here, apparently work affairs between ranks wasn’t a condemnable act like it was back home in Columbia. An odd world indeed. Still, within his team he would not tolerate any kind of fraternization, hence his decision to cram the boys into one room together and give Greyson her own room, partly for her own privacy but also for his peace of mind.
Pushing the paperwork to the side of his desk, he sighed. That damn soldier might well be the best thing for the team but she sure came with some complications. He’d done extensive research into his team members upon his arrival to the base, most came from non-military backgrounds, a solid high school education or higher, and most but not all had been serving for at least four years and had seen some kind of fire fight. Then there was Greyson. Military background with files upon files that had been redacted and unable to be accessed by anyone in the force, no matter how hard he’d tried. Only the most basic of information could be found about the young soldier; graduated school with honors and received many scholarship proposals but turned them down, participated in many extracurricular activities before and after her education, applied to join the army as both a regular soldier and an enlisted officer as her father had served but yet again, any information surrounding him and his career or rank had been redacted. A Lot of mystery surrounded this soldier, a mystery the Colonel found himself wanting to solve, even if it did go against his own rule.
When Ash awoke the room was bathed in light from the full moon outside, the sounds of the bush were a welcome homely feeling for her, nature was her comfort. She went to sit but was struck with immense pain. Both her stab wound and head injuries were sending waves of pain throughout her body, making her vision temporarily blurry. The need to puke was high but Ash pushed it down as far as she could. She was hungry, in pain and now cranky, she just hoped her medication would be easy to find in the kitchen. Stumbling like a newborn deer she tried to shake the dizzy feeling from her head, this concussion was a pain in her ass, but the medics did say the symptoms should be gone within the next few weeks, until then Ash would have to put up with feeling sick and dizzy sometimes.  Celebrating when she finally made it to the kitchen without falling on her ass, she then struggled to find the lightswitch, now that was one thing she really should have paid attention too when scouting the house when they arrived.
Having located the switch and turning on the lights she winced, they were just that tad bit too bright for a tired concussed brain. It was when she turned to grab a glass of water to quench her thirst that she noticed a glass already laid out on the bench, with what looked like her meds already measured out beside it and a note beneath the glass. Either she was hallucinating or the stoic Colonel had laid this out for her. Gripping the bench as tight as she could as another wave of nausea overtook her sense she moved closer to the glass, there were her meds. Perfectly placed atop a piece of paper that was covered in a rather elegant script. Each pill had the name and the purpose written next to it and at the bottom of the note were the words “Dinner is in the fridge, eat first. That's an order”  
Ash scoffed a little at the note, of course he’d write that, seemed the man was more by the book than she thought. She was silently thankful for his detailed note explaining her meds, if she had to pick them from the bottle she wouldn’t have known what to take. Opening the fridge and grabbing out the only covered plate she was surprised to find that the meal looked home cooked, Did this man really cook dinner? . It was safe to say she was shocked by the thought but proceeded to microwave her dinner anyway, leaning against the bench to keep herself upright, lest the Colonel come into the kitchen later in the day and find her sprawled out on the floor.
Ash all but devoured the food when it was ready, not waiting for anything to cool down, she was far too hungry. She couldn’t remember the last time she ate, or the last time she ate this good. She never would have guessed that Carrillo was this good at cooking, like sure she’d guess he cooked, but this was some next level stuff. Finishing her meal and cleaning up any mess she’d made was an effort at best, the dizzy feeling was getting worse every time she moved. Quickly she gathered the pills from the bench and downed them in one gulp, chasing them down with water, she hoped at least one of them would help with the horrible dizziness and the nausea that accompanied it. The need to sleep was beginning to overtake her again, something she figured would be common while she was recovering, as much as that might annoy her she’d be thankful for the rest.
Like clockwork she yawned, stretching her arms above her head in an attempt to shake the sleep from her body, only to regret the motion a few seconds later. The stitches in her side had pulled impossibly tight at being stretched, her side felt like it was on fire. She reached down to grab her side in pain and pulled her hand away at the warm feeling. Glancing down she noted the rapidly growing red spot seeping into the gauze pad. Of course she had ripped her stitches, she'd been warned by not only the medics but also Carrillo to not move around too much due to her side. Seems she really hadn’t been listening to the warnings. Deciding that she was entirely too tired to deal with the result of her stretching Ash just walked as calmly as she could back to her room and clambered into bed. There was always tomorrow to fix this. And with that, Ash was quick to fall back to sleep, her medication no doubt aiding her plight.
It was the smell of freshly made coffee that had Ash climbing from her bed and shaking off sleep the next morning. Her medication had definitely kicked in, she could feel no pain from anywhere in her body and the nausea had disappeared finally. To her surprise, Carrillo was standing in the kitchen, dressed in a pair of grey sweatpants and simple white t-shirt that was entirely too tight, not the Ash was complaining cause the view from her vantage point was amazing. If Ash believed in a higher power she woulda thought that the gods had gifted her with the man standing in the kitchen. No man had the right to look so sinfully delicious in a simple white shirt like that. It was so tight that it clung to his sculpted upper body and left very little to the imagination The thin shirt was stretched thin across his chest, pecs struggling to stay contained. The fabric was stretched tight across his broad bulky shoulders, his biceps straining against the confines of the sleeves that were sure to tear if he were to flex just the right way. He reclined against the bench facing her but was wrapped up with whatever was on the tv. Ash was obvious in her gawking so it was only a matter of time before his eyes fell to her. When they did, his eyes widened comically in shock. Ash wasn’t sure why until his eyes travelled down her frame and landed on her side before a look of realisation overcame his face.  
He took a few quick paces towards her before turning to his right and disappearing into the bathroom with a look of determination on his face. Ash paid him no mind and made her way to the kitchen counter to pour herself a coffee before taking a long pleasant sip. It was a mere minute later that Carrillo was standing in front of her, a med kit laid out on the bench and an expectant look on his face. She looked at him long and hard before realising he was speaking, she gave him a questioning look, tilting her head to the side, before she heard him huff and repeat what he said.
“Greyson, I asked you to take of your shirt”  
It was Ash’s turn to gape at him, the audacity of this man, why would the most by the book man she’d ever met be so unprofessional. “Excuse me?” the disbelief in her words made him roll his eyes, if she wasn’t so confused right now she probably would’ve gone off at him for that.
“I don’t know what activities you got up too last night, but you’ve obviously torn through your stitches, despite the warning from both the medics and myself” He said with a small amount of annoyance while pointing at her side. Now that Ash looked down she realised he was right. Blood had well and truly soaked through her bandage and through the shirt she wore to bed, She was unsure how she didn’t notice this sooner because now that she was seeing it with her own two eyes, it was pretty obvious.
Begrudgingly she pulled the shirt over her head, unsure as to why she had to take it off completely before coming to the conclusion that the shirt probably should be washed. She had a second to drop her shirt before Carrillo was standing a mere few inches in front of her, slowly peeling the bandage from her skin before inspecting her wound, Since when was he a medic?, that thought had her laughing silently, or so she thought. Being this close meant that he heard her laugh so she was met with a raised eyebrow and a bored expression on his face, that surely ended her laughter. She was silent while he worked, wincing occasionally when he prodded a little too hard to see her reaction.
“You’ll be fine if you rest for the next few days, you tore the bottom few stitches. Don’t do anything stupid and the wound will be healed on time” His tone was definitive and the order was clear.
Ash groaned and rolled her eyes, a brave thing to do this close to the man.  He handed her a bandage then turned around to pack away the supplies from the kit. She quickly fixed the bandage and took off toward her room, coffee abandoned on the bench, she was well and truly awake now. New shirt now acquired and covering herself she returned to the main room, Carrillo now vacant from the space and probably in his office working. She snatched up the tv remote and flicked through the channels, settling on an old war movie before curling onto her side to relax.
She woke hours later, the movie long since ended and the daylight now darkness. A blanket had been draped over her in her sleep and her dinner was sitting on the coffee table with a glass of water and her medication beside it. She would forever be grateful for the subtle ways the Colonel looked after her, even if he would never admit to it. She at least knew he cared enough for his team that he’d go out of his way to make her feel comfortable and like she belonged, even if she was new to the force.
Aside from the incident in the kitchen the rest of the week went pretty smooth. They’d developed some semblance of a rhythm. Both woke early, whoever made it to the kitchen first put the pot of coffee on and poured a cup for the both of them, conveniently they preferred their coffee the same way. Black with no milk or sugar. Then they usually sat at the kitchen counter to eat breakfast, cereal for Ash and whatever Carrillo cooked himself for breakfast, Ash really wasn’t one for a big meal in the mornings. After breakfast the Colonel usually disappeared into his office to work and the younger officer would clean up their dishes and then hog the shower for as long as possible, soaking in the opportunity to have a warm shower all to herself without limits. Ash would spend most of the day watching tv or reading one of the many military inspired books that occupied the wall mounted shelves on either side of the tv.
Carrillo would emerge from his office around sixteen hundred hours each day, and proceed to cook dinner for the both of them. Ash had tried once but burnt the steak and been deemed too inexperienced and untrustworthy in the kitchen, something she was silently glad for cause the Colonel was a better cook than she ever could’ve hoped. Again Ash did the clean up, a fair trade off for not cooking, while Carrillo once again disappeared, this time to the gym or for a run around the perimeter of the property along the treeline, a sight Ash loved to enjoy. Only twice  he had stayed to converse or silently watch the news beside her. Then like clockwork they would bid each other goodnight and retire to their rooms.
Everything was going perfect, the routine now something established and easy to work through, even if Ash did complain about being on couch/bed rest until either the medics cleared her or the Colonel deemed her fit enough to begin easing her way into training. It wasn’t until the Wednesday of their second week together that something changed between them, something Ash looked back on with a smile on her face and made Carrillo have conflicted feelings and wish he had just stuck to their schedule they had so easily adapted to around each other.
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Chapters: 5/? Fandom: Penumbra (Video Games) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Clarence & Philip LaFresque, Original Character & Philip LaFresque Characters: Clarence, Philip LaFresque, OCs, Original Characters Additional Tags: Surreal, Mind Bending, agender characters, Mind alteration, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Philip Lives, im too tired rn to tag more the earlier post of this bugged out :(, slice of life kinda, bad therapy then good therapy, as a warning ive only had therapy once in my life and only for a short time, Slow Updates, Slow Pace, Dissociation, Depression, car crash, Graphic Description of Corpses, Paranoia, Anxiety, just general mental illness stuff, i was probably lying abt the good therapy., i have no idea where this is going. my outline from 2018/2019 didnt go far, Short Chapters, dreams (?), ok this was majorly inspired by mgmt’s little dark age, because of course it was, Bad Writing, OOC, again idk where this is gonna go so be Warned, this isnt nonlinear but time acts very weird, Rogue AI!Clarence, Yes you read that right, computer sci fic stuff, just a splash of sci fi, interrogations, btw oc names are just whatever pops into my head, ok i know where this is going now and trust me Its Gonna Get Weird, philip is really insecure and reacts with anger toward it, tagging as we go !, rambling writing style, Not Beta Read, are u ready for depressed philip because thats what ur gonna get :/ Summary:
In one dream, Philip lives mundanely as an almost shut in, in a nameless city. In another, he is trapped in a game, poked and prodded for answers he doesn’t have.
Philip lives, and he’s not sure why.
Fall fell over the city. 
Despite the lack of flora, dead leaves scatter over the sidewalks and roads, and after so many feet have passed over them, mud and decomposing plant matter join the burgeoning life that inhabits the small crevices, out of sight of the city’s denizens. Insects, worms, spiders, all humming together - living their small lives, heedless of the noise and bustle of the dreary towers that surround them. The cold will soon sink into the small spaces between the cement urban fixtures that they occupy. The cold will pull what little warmth remains, and those little lives will vanish without a trace, and without notice.
Philip keeps track of the transient lives that frequent his window sill. He doesn’t care for what he sees; it’s more of something to ease away the tense stretch of time before he goes back to sleep.
Rain falls even more frequently than it had before. Not that Philip minds, but it means he’s often inclined to stay inside out of the cold damp rather than indulge in his wandering habit. Most days, he spends staring out the window, watching the rain fall, sometimes thick and sometimes thin. He opens the window and he lets the water in, soaking his forehead and hair without much care; it’s only him, after all, no one else around to point out the mess he’s making. Of himself and his flat. The bugs come in from the chill, but they never linger long.
The agreed upon (ordered, be honest) appointments with the nameless shrink continue. Maybe others in the field of psychiatry and therapy are better at this, whatever this is, but the man calling himself a therapist blunders his way through the hour Philip occupies. Sometimes he changes the medication. Sometimes he insists Philip must not be taking them, since he’s “still acting like this." 
Philip always takes them. They don’t change his mood much - if anything, they make him grouchy for the physical aches and pains they cause him, the lethargy and nausea that leave him in bed for long, sleepless hours. He doesn’t know what the pills are, doesn’t care enough to ask, but he’s knowledgeable enough to know that at the very least he’s never been prescribed anything heavy duty. He doesn’t like the idea of addiction. (That’s not unusual; I doubt anyone does!)
Sometimes, though, the man shuts his mouth long enough that Philip does talk. He never really says much, and it’s not really something he wants to do. It’s just that it’s what he’s supposed to do. (Doing what you’re supposed to do - you’re kidding, right? You’re pulling my leg. If you ever did what you were supposed to do, you wouldn’t be here.)
Again, it’s rare, and it’s never anything serious. Sometimes, he just feels… dried out. A husk. Philip’s never been all that reflective or introspective; in the past, everything had too clear a path forward for him to ponder over himself. Do this, then do that; you’ll graduate, you’ll have young love, you’ll attend university, you’ll have a career. Then, the expectation: you’re a quiet one, aren’t you? No, don’t worry, that just means you’ll be some old fox rather than a husband and a father, teaching to a group of goggling twenty-somethings for the next fifty years.
Philip hadn’t minded that. Then - again, another expectation that comes too soon; one he still struggles to accept as real, even now. The passing of your parents. (Or, as we should say - parent, singular.) A long, trudging path through grief and mourning that he found himself barely processing.
Recounting it, alone in his head…
He received the most curious letter, mysteries and a long untouched, unanswered question, one everyone at least sometimes wants to know - where do I come from? Who were the people who made me? Philip knew his mother - he didn’t want to think of her. He never knew his father.
He never will. He still doesn’t understand why he was so damn surprised over that.
Doesn’t understand why he was so damn surprised over a lot of things, really. Hindsight is twenty-twenty, though, and he has a lot of time to reflect back on it. A lot of time to ruminate, and to shove far down into the recesses of his mind.
Philip’s just turned thirty-two. It’s been… a year, a year and a half, maybe, and since his rescue, since his resignation, since he left the city he’d settled in his youth for this new, cold, dark one - he feels like everything in his life has both concluded and seemingly vanished. Like everything in his life was nothing before the mines, before the Tuurngait and the Archaic, but everything after… is a fog. A haze. He’s attempting to find his way through it, but he has no destination. Why move forward when all he might do is trip? Why bother at all when there is nothing he finds himself seeking out, anyway?
(Moving forward is better than staying still, you know that.)
At least before he had the pretense of living an average life. He could dismiss what melancholy he did have as due to his lacklustre social life, and move on. There’s nothing now to veil his eyes from the directionless, infinitesimal life he has.
Sometimes Philip tires of the unending silence he now finds himself living within. This indefinite depression - because he can admit that, that he’s depressed, possibly anxious, possibly paranoid, possibly possibly possibly, because who in hell actually knows what’s going on in his head? - wears on him. He stares out the window and he watches the world go by, and sometimes he steps out of his little hole-in-the-wall and becomes as a stone in a river; standing still, as they all gently move past and around him. Staring at him, eyes glazing over him, forgetting him all in the span of a moment or two. He’s bitter, until he’s not.
So, yes, the words sometimes jumble about in his brain and creak out his mouth, dry and short. He talks about the strange grasshopper that visited his window sill recently. He talks about the book he picked up from the café he visited several months ago. He mentions the weather from last he went walking.
(Vulnerability in fragments; if I was your shrink, I’d be giddy with excitement! It’s more than you ever bother to give me.)
He doesn’t talk about the mines, the shelter, the virus, or the others who could’ve-should’ve survived with him. Neither does he mention his restless dreams, long sleepless nights, or the corpses he finds on his midnight wanderings. If the therapist cared, he’d ask. They got all the information he had when they’d first grabbed him, spoken through slurring, frozen lips, his eyes still swollen and bloodshot, the doctors convinced he’d lost more than just his fingers and toes to frostbite.
Philip still gets phantom fevers, sensory-memories from that awful sickness that they swore up and down was no longer in his system and could not be transmitted. He’d tried to research some amount of virology, but each time ended with cold shakes and a blank space in his memory, the library computer shut off and his fingers frozen against his eyes; as if to hide his face.
He’s just a little too exhausted and wrung out to care all that much whether he really is as childish and contrary as the therapist claims him to be. Let him be childish, he decides; once a guy’s had a once-in-a-lifetime traumatic event, he is allowed to act just a little bit inappropriately, isn’t he? (Hell yes, he is.)
The therapist develops the habit of letting him go after he’s muttered his way through a good half hour, as if incredibly pained by his awkward recounting of a leaf falling to the sidewalk from a maple tree outside his building. He says something about "good work,” mentions “homework” but they both know Philip isn’t going to do anything outside of this building. Not that he does anything within it, either. If it were up to him, he wouldn’t be doing this at all.
Other people, Philip decides, are altogether too enamored with ideas of release and relief. He finds no relief or ease in speaking to the therapist. He finds no catharsis in any of the practices he was pushed and cajoled into doing.
(See? Look what happens when you try to focus on what you’re “supposed” to do! Focus instead on where you’re putting your own two feet, eh?)
Philip just wishes that he was right about not being forced to go over what had happened. But today, it seems, all the therapist wants to do is try to beat what he is already well aware of into his skull. Philip’s not even listening.
He can’t listen. He sees the man’s mouth move, his eyes turn and drift, tracking rays of sunlight through the window - and even as his mind can relay exactly what he must be saying, his ears have gone deaf. There’s a sense of ringing in his head, but more than anything the world has become muffled, overbright; like being underwater, soundlessly and calmly drowning.
You received the letter in February of 2000, he knows he must be saying. This was shortly after your mother had passed, and you had not yet been working as a professor long enough to take any kind of time off, let alone a sabbatical like you must’ve believed you needed. So you waited another year, just so you could have that - as an excuse? Or just for that extra bit of time?
Philip had taken sabbatical for a trip to hell. What a joke.
So, in March of 2001, you made your way to Greenland, found your way into the facility - but that’s not what I think we need to talk about, Mr. Buchanan.
(You think we need to talk about a whole lot, sir. Betcha wondering if the straw hair is natural or just a bucket o’ bad luck. Trust me when I say we’ve got bad luck in spades.)
What do you recall, at the end of it? The rescue team said you were unresponsive at first…
No. He’d been awake. Aware. There was no way not to be, with all his senses on fire and everything turned into some kind of nightmarish, murky soup, the dread of what he’d done and the unmistakable consequence of it. He’d been waiting. He still doesn’t know for how long.
But your vitals indicated consciousness, despite your lack of reaction. Like you thought they weren’t even there.
He hadn’t. Philip presses his palms together,  averting his eyes from where he’d been counting the strands of flyaway hair curled around his interrogator’s ear.
(Hush, hush, he’s not even all that aggressive. Just a bit too loud. Everyone’s got flaws! You’re a bit too sensitive nowadays. See?)
Tell me, Philip, do you have those moments a lot? Do you think the things around you aren’t really there?
That pisses him off, but even as he grinds his teeth, he can’t yet leave. He snatches a glance at the clock, but the numbers jumble and shatter in his brain. He can’t make sense of how much longer he has to endure this nitwit’s attention.
Condescending. How fucking condescending. How old does this guy think he is? Philip struggles not to bare his teeth.
A sigh. I am trying to help you, I really am. We both know we don’t have a choice in this. No one else can take your case, now that I’ve already read your files. Why can’t you just make this easier for the both of us?
Philip just sits, and stares. His eyes burn. He thinks of going home, of walking through the rain, and all of it exhausts him.
(I betcha wondering why they even bother, what the goal of this whole charade is. Pessimistic and paranoid, is what you really are.)
Why can’t you just–
He doesn’t want to admit it, never wants to admit it, but if there’s one thing the therapist he’s forced to work with has impressed upon him, it’s being honest with himself. And if he is honest about it, Philip shrinks like a wilting flower, pressures growing too large for him to take without bowing his back under their collective forces.
He is not thinking of the whispers he’s hearing at the back of his head. He’s not thinking of the sneer he imagines the man across from him wears. Philip is thirty-two, a mature adult, but in his efforts to be honest with himself, he truly feels like nothing at all. Not old, not young, just nothing at all. And he bites his lip, and doesn’t say that his sense of loss is as much freeing as it is damning.
As much annoying, too, because if there is one thing he’s always, admittedly, been overaware of, it’s being treated like a child.
…Your hour is up, Mr. Buchanan. I expect to see you next week.
Philip rises, bones weary, and trudges out the door. The murky waters rise and fall, sloshing around his knees, fluttering about his ears - but only til the end of the hallway. From there, the sunlight pierces the fog; and the world doesn’t rush back in, but instead eases itself into the crevices of his ears. He shuts his eyes, and takes a deep breath.
“Hey! Sir!”
Philip turns, startled, and finds the receptionist giving him a bright, genuine smile, waving her hand to get his attention. He hesitantly approaches her, and before he knows it her hands are a whirlwind - she’s writing on a notepad, typing on her computer, and pulling something out from underneath the counter she resides behind. 
“I’ve been watching you come in and out of Dr. Beauchard’s office now for months, and I’m pretty sure it isn’t too presumptuous to notice that your sessions aren’t all that good,” she says cheerfully. At his surprised expression, she leans in - and thankfully seems to take no offense when he backs up in response. “I’ve been working here for years, sir. I know exactly what kinda doctor he is. Not a bad one, not a bad one by far… but maybe you should get a different therapist.”
She’s just… smiling at him. Motioning toward the therapist’s - Dr. Beauchard’s - office with her head, rolling her eyes - she’s ridiculously friendly, and he finds himself relaxing. Finds himself shrugging, replying, “It’s complicated, but you’re right. His methods leave something to be desired.”
She chuckles, and he glances at the name tag she wears, perhaps a bit unnecessarily. Anna Gillespie, it says. It suits her. 
“It’s none of my business, I know,” Anna continues, and turns whatever she’s retrieved from below the counter in her hands. She’s holding it so that he can’t see it, and his mouth goes dry. “But I looked around, just a little bit - got a list of names, narrowed it down. You don’t have to follow up, but–” here, she drops a small note bearing a phone number and name on the counter. “–you know, if you do manage to finagle all the, ah, complexities. He’s pretty decent, my sister went to him after her husband passed. He seemed to help her, and she’s one hard nut to crack! Even I don’t know her all that well!”
She nervously laughs, now, a contrast to before - and then there’s flowers in his face.
…A bouquet? Why?
“…You just look very lost,” she finally says, after a long silence in which Philip stares. The flowers sway in a nonexistent breeze; yellow daffodils, vibrant poppies, and a single popping purple iris. Such a strange combination, he thinks quietly. “I guess… me and my friends, we got into the habit of giving flowers. To people who… who maybe need it.”
He takes a shaky breath, and gently takes a poppy in hand. It is beautiful. Flowers in autumn are not as common as they were in the spring, and the flare of colour almost shocks him. He doesn’t know what to say, even as Anna fidgets, eyes darting.
At last, he manages a quiet thank you. She just shrugs, but looks relieved; he leaves with the flowers in tow, the slip of paper shoved into his jacket pocket to be forgotten.
He waves goodbye, and she returns the gesture, her previous cheer returned.
  The flowers occupy a small space on his window sill, providing him company on rainy days.
He keeps the water fresh in the lithe container Anna gave them to him in, and prunes them gently. Philip doesn’t have much of a green thumb, but he’s not a plant killer, either, and in the soft light that makes its way into his apartment the blooms are full and lively.
The receptionist greets him whenever she sees him, and sometimes gives him giftcards for groceries and the like. In the back of his mind, there’s a confused muttering, but despite the anxious twisting in his chest whenever he sees her, she never demands his attention or time. Eventually, that feeling fades away; and he smiles and greets her back.
Time passes all the same, however, and the flowers begin to wilt. Already long since dead, they dry and fall apart at the slightest touch. Philip wasn’t a lot of things, in the past, but maybe he shouldn’t be endlessly surprised at his numerous departures from that vanished personage. He’s given towards melancholy moods, morose, sometimes full of slow, cold thoughts and other times bereft of a single word. Sentimental, and struck stupid with it.
The flowers’ decay depresses him. It’s stupid, it’s ridiculous, he’s childish for finding the idea of removing them from his window sill saddening. But even as he stares at them, he notices something he knows he should’ve seen before–
There’s white roots, spreading out from the cut stems, twining together. Even as the blossoms fade away, there’s small green shoots of new life at the bases - and, he knows, they’ll fall away into nothing if he doesn’t do something.
He doesn’t know what that something is until he’s thrown on his jacket, grabbed a random cup, and exits the flat, just shy of a month after receiving the flowers in a strange act of kindness from a stranger. He makes his way down the orange lit halls, the soft sound of his shoes on ugly, ratty old carpeting the only companion he has. Exiting the building entirely, Philip walks straight up to the maple tree that rests directly across the street, crouches down, and shovels handfuls of cold dirt into the cup.
The flowers seem to do a little better, residing in soil. He warms it with hot water, mixes it with his bare hands until it forms a soft, loamy mixture. He doesn’t know anything about gardening and the like, only knows plants need sunlight and earth and water; knows that the flowers will die anyway, not just because of winter residing just over the horizon but because of the natural slide of time. But still, he feels better, doing this. He has to run to the convenience store just around the corner for a bigger container, of all things, but that still doesn’t take from the floating feeling he gets in his chest once the flora are rehomed and watered, stems and leaves already picking up slightly.
He hopes the flowers linger longer than the insects and spiders did. He’s done more over the past few hours than he has in months, and a brightness in his chest buoys him up.
It’s with that hope (and hope’s such a fragile, blind little thing; you sure you want to take your chances?) that Philip finally looks at the long forgotten note that Anna had written him. He can’t do anything to change what has already been decided for him, but seeing it wouldn’t do any harm.
Dr. Jacob Carrol, is all it says. Philip sighs, and shakes his head.
(Buncha names that don’t matter at all, eh? Just random titles that clustre about in your head.)
He settles into his chair, and watches as the constantly overcast sky finally breaks, water falling down as surely as the light feeling in his chest quietly tucks itself away.
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mrpenguinpants · 6 months ago
Ok like I know this is your third compliment but I'm so glad you're writing for this fandom. All your ideas are so creative and developed that none of it felt so OOC. If you can, what about angst HCs from Kaeya and Diluc. Since theyre so head to head against each other, imagine if they were in love with someone but was with their brother. Now they have to watch Kaeya/Diluc with their s/o while suffering from the sidelines ;w;
Ahh you’re all so lovely 💕 Don’t be shy to just say anything I promise I’m not scary. Your compliments makes me feel more confident ;u; I just finished diluc’s and kaeya’s hc of being jealous so I’m lowkey branching of my last hc point for both of those posts. Took a bit of a different style this time and I might have went a little too deep aha. 
Spoiler’s for Diluc’s and Kaeya’s character stories and past (but you should really read Kaeya’s story) 
Diluc and Kaeya: Falling for their brother’s s/o 
Tumblr media
You had told him when it was late at night in the tavern. For the better half of a couple months, you’ve been dropping by around late afternoon asking if you could keep him company and help out since he’s been so busy during the day, and Diluc would never say no to that. It was a passing comment you made as you said goodbye to him as you opened the door to head out.  
You wanted to keep your relationship a secret from the public? Felt it was wrong to not tell him since you were dating his brother? Had you not noticed that he was in love with you for months? 
He smiles and bares it, nodding goodbye as you leave, just until that door closes and he’s left alone. He slowly unclenches his fists from under the counter as the weight in his chest gets heavier. He hasn’t felt like this in a long time. The last time was when his father passed away. 
A part of him feels ashamed that he let himself get so close to you even though at the time, he had no idea you were actually in love with his brother. He hadn’t even seen you talk to Kaeya once since knowing you but to be fair, he doesn’t involve himself in Kaeya’s affairs unless it’s to protect Mondstadt. 
But as he reflects in the empty tavern, he doesn’t regret meeting you and becoming close friends. It’s not your fault, you were in love with someone else. He should be happy for you and Kaeya. 
He wants to protect the things that he treasures most. When his father passed away he lost the faith in both the gods and the knights of Favonius. He doesn’t want to push you away and lose what he still has because of his actions or behaviour. 
In the beginning, he becomes bitter to Kaeya. Before he might have humored Kaeya’s antics and random drop ins but now all he feels is rejection and this weight he can’t get rid of that start’s clawing at him whenever he sees his brother. The first time Kaeya made eye contact with him after you had told him about your relationship, he simply had a wry smile stating that he hadn’t seen Diluc’s eyes like that since he defected from being a knight. 
He doesn’t hate Kaeya or think Kaeya stole you away from him. Kaeya protects Mondstadt in the day while he does in the night. That’s how they’ve always been. When he sees you out with Kaeya in the morning he stares longingly before quickly disappearing out of sight. 
When his father passed away, Diluc's took a journey that lasted for three years. He had a lot of time to reflect on his past and the anger he had carried until he acknowledged his shortcomings. Those years away let him leave his childish immaturity and when he returned to Mondstadt, he was ready to take on his father’s will one more time. He’s been through this process once before and he’ll push himself to do it again. 
That doesn’t mean that his feelings for you will immediately leave him but he’ll learn to move on and treasure you as a friend, that you’re still in his life. There might be some days when he’s alone that he might think of the what if’s but he’ll take a deep breath, know that you’re happy, and the weight will settle down and become lighter. 
Tumblr media
You were friends with Kaeya before you officially met Diluc. You and Kaeya had bonded over drinks and soon became drinking buddies. At first you had been a bit wary of him since he was the Cavalry Captain and thought you had done something wrong, but he really was just interested in talking since he heard you also disliked grape juice. 
Naturally, that meant that he would drop by the tavern with you and one day, Diluc happened to be there and he thought he might officially introduce you two. Maybe poke some fun at Diluc and his distant personality.  
Overtime Kaeya finds that he looks forward to your outings. Hunters and bandits are often his drinking buddies but he’s there to smooth talk them until they end up telling him everything he wants to know. But you’re not a bandit or some spy, he can let his guard down around you and just have a normal conversation without ulterior motives. It feels...nice and he let’s himself slowly relax until he ends up tripping along the way and finds himself falling. 
That is until he makes an unprompted visit to see Diluc only to find that you’re there too. He takes one look at the scene and turns around. He remembers when they were younger and how people would say they were almost like twins, knowing each other’s thoughts and intentions without having to say a word to each other. 
He think’s its some cruel joke you’re playing or maybe the Gods are cursing him over his methods. As he walks down the streets of Mondstadt, he wants to rationalize that the only reason you were so kind to him was to get closer to Diluc. Or maybe you actually were a spy? He’ll laugh to himself for thinking of such a thing as he replays the same scene in his head over and over. 
Everyone's got a secret, but not everyone knows what to do with it, he had told you this with his usual arrogant smirk one night. You were confused at his implication before he shift’s his gaze to where Diluc is. Diluc quickly turns away when you turn your head in his direction. He watches amused as you sputter about how you do not need his help with setting you up with his brother. 
On the contrary, he actually enjoys putting people into the difficult position of making tough decisions. He won’t lie and say that he hasn’t given you false information just to see you come back embarrassed. In a way, these moments are a way for him to slowly let go of his feelings by helping you get yours across. 
Diluc is direct so he’s not surprised when his brother cut’s right to the point early in the morning and asking what he’s trying to do. As Diluc’s hard stare attempts to drill into him for answer’s he thinks back on that same scene. Diluc had looked calm and in a state of content. Peaceful happiness. It’s the same feeling he has when he’s with you. 
He thinks back to another scene. It was the first and only time Kaeya failed in his duty. By the time Kaeya finally reached Diluc, it was all already over. Their father was dead and killed by his own son. 
Kaeya’s own biological father had abandoned him and it was Diluc’s father and Mondstadt that had welcomed him with open arms when he had nowhere else to go. 
Kaeya just smiles at Diluc and remarks in his typical cryptic manner that there will be a time where he won’t know where to stand. He doesn’t know when that time will come but he’ll think of you and where he would want you to be. So until that day comes, he’ll do everything he can to guarantee your safety. He can tell Diluc wants to say something but he holds back. 
To be the first yet placed second, he thinks when you come running up to him to thank him for all his help. He can see Diluc off to the side silently watching and ready to step in and he thinks of the possibilities of what he could do in that moment. Maybe he could confess that he’s been secretly in love with you before you even met Diluc? 
Instead he holds back and repays the favour from earlier in the day. He congratulates you and invites you out to drink in celebration of your new relationship. 
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msuevents · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
— MOKSEONG UNIVERSITY OF WITCHCRAFT AND WIZARDRY event #2: mokseong mausoleum — the chilling adventures of...
something wicked this way comes... it’s halloween! to celebrate all hallows' eve, the mokseong castle and the grounds have been charmed to look extra spooky, with several different activities scattered around for your entertainment. even the dungeons have been transformed to look like a mausoleum for the costume party... beware of the mummies!  the halloween event takes place on saturday, the 31st of october, with a bunch of activities arranged for your enjoyment by the mokseong staff. it’ll end with a costume party, with permission from the staff to keep partying through out the night (as long as everyone’s in class on monday)! but professor aurora still doesn’t want any kind of funny business, alright? ooc information will be found under the cut. for this event, there will also be two interactive events (special tasks) in which you can score double points! in relation to this event being spooky themed, the npcs page has also been updated with a ghost for each house!
apple bobbing are you ready to snatch up something delicious… with your teeth? look no further and come bobbing for apples! the apples are dipped into a large basin with water, floating at the surface as they wait to be caught. but the rumor around campus is that the apples are charmed, and if you unpeel it and throw the peel into the water again it’ll make a shape and reveal the first letter of your soulmate’s name…
mirror maze the great hall’s been transformed into a house of mirrors. tall mirrors, wide mirrors, distorted mirrors, and, uh, charmed mirrors? yes, if being stuck in a maze on the ground wasn’t bad enough, students are also able to walk up against the walls and ceiling mirrors due to a sticky charm! will you be able to escape this puzzle without clues? if not, just ask our sir hendrick the brave for one! if you can catch him…
haunted house were you hoping for a workout this hallow’s eve? too bad! the school’s gym has for one day been transformed into a haunted house, engulfed in a darkness so deep you can barely make out your own silhouette. the haunted house has been filled with restless spirits, and if you’re lucky, you might run into a few familiar faces!
pumpkin carving it wouldn't be a halloween party without pumpkins! come join us for a leisurely time in our pumpkin patch where you can make jack o'lanterns to take back with you to your dorms! whether you decide to carve or paint their faces is completely up to you! want to give them a personality too? charm them to speak after you're finished! they'll make a fun companion to carry around or even to decorate the campus with. just don't throw any or caretaker smith is going to have a fit!
carriage ride want a little romantic, but spooky getaway from the rest of the campus? come take a ride on our enchanted carriages! well, enchanted for those who can't see them anyway. these carriages are pulled by threstals that are provided by our very own groundskeeper lee. this carriage ride will take you all around mokseong university from the castle grounds to past the pool of the universe and back. with the carriages charmed to make the ride seem like the dead of night,  the fog and chilling sound effects just brings more of the spooky... so if you're riding with a friend, huddle up close because its going to be a bumpy ride!
movie night parties not quite your thing? not to worry, if you prefer a quieter night, the castle grounds will have an outside movie theatre, that will be showing off various muggle horror movies throughout the night. all students are free to bring blankets and snacks, and settle in for a horrific night!
costume party to end off the evening, get your costumes ready and head on down to the dungeons for a raging costume party! a rarity here at mokseong, this party is unsupervised, but prefects and head students are ordered to keep an eye on the students. alcohol will not be served by the school, but students are free to bring any if they so desire. come on down and have some fun, and while professor aurora says no funny business, remember that what she doesn’t know, won’t hurt her!
trick or treat it's not halloween without a little treat! come to the dungeons to grab a mysterious party favor before all the fun begins! nobody knows what are in these suspicious little vials (aside from professor jung of course), but be warned that they are only to be used at the event and nowhere else! any misuse of these potions will automatically earn deductions off their house points! but other than that, have fun! how to participate: members ask a # from 1 to 10 in the msuevents inbox. remember to specify what you’re sending a number for! admins/mod will send back the corresponding potion that matches the number. the potion can either be a hit or a miss which is part of the fun! it is recommended that these potions are used in-event only and have been previously plotted before introduced in threads (so there won’t be any godmodding/awkwardness). the effects of the potions last for one (1) hour in msu time meaning they can only be referenced once in one (1) thread to obtain two (2) additional points so use it wisely!
double, double, toil and trouble ever wanted to utter a ridiculous movie phrase without judgment? now you can! or, well — there may be some judgment, but it’s ok. in this task for an extra two (2) points, you have to pick a number between 1 and 20 and we’ll send you a quote from a famous movie, which your character will have to say in one of your event threads — without letting your writing partner know about it! are you up for the challenge? how to participate: members ask a # from 1 to 20 in the msuevents inbox. remember to specify what you’re sending a number for! admins/mod will send back the corresponding quote that matches the number. you can use this quote in any event thread you want to, but please don’t tell your thread partner about it! we’d love to see some hilarity ensue because of this. the quote can only be used once in one (1) thread to obtain two (2) additional points.
welcome to our second event here at mokseong! while this event is set to the date of october 31st in game, members will have from october 17th to november 7th to participate in the event. you’re more than welcome to continue other threads as the event goes on, but they can be put on pause if you so desire. keep in mind that event threads will earn your house points, so we highly encourage participating! all posts pertaining to the event should be tagged with msu:mausoleum. if any of you have any event-specific questions, please message the events blog rather than the main, so we can keep everything event-related in once place.
as a reminder from the first event and for the newer members, we’ll go more in depth about the house point system. characters can earn points for the house they represent by participating in the event. if you portray multiple characters, you can’t earn points for both houses they represent by threading on only one of them — both must participate in the event if you wish to earn points for both houses. characters earn one point for each thread related to the event, and one bonus point if this thread is with someone you have not done a thread with before. for example:
dotty does a thread with levi where they go to the haunted house, which gives one point. dotty and levi have not threaded before, which means one additional point will be added. this gives them both a total of two bonus points, which will be added to their total for the event.
please note that full points are only earned if both characters participate in the thread. for starters with no reply, half a point will be awarded to the house of the person writing the starter. for this event, we also have two special tasks that can each award you an additional two bonus points each! at the end of the event, we ask that all members count their total amount of points, and submit this list with links to the threads you’re claiming the points for. we will need the links for proof of the points to be awarded! everyone is responsible for tracking their own points, as us admins do not have time to sit and count points for every single character. if anything is unclear about this system, send the main a message!
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emilycollins00 · 7 months ago
hello! i've recently stumbled across your works and i really love your characterization and writing uwu if it's not too much, is it okay for me to request for a scenario where some actors accidentally found out that their director is actually good dancer? like maybe somebody was watching tv and 'hey doesn't that backup dancer look familiar?' ((you can decide on whoever finds out about it and you can also choose to use izumi's name or just write mc)) AAAA thank you very much! ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ♡
Thank you, dear! 💕 I feel so happy when I read I you guys like it. Sometimes it gets difficult to not fall into OOC!
I opted to choose Izumi, mainly because I don’t think I’ve written anything with her even though I love her so much! As for the actors, well, couldn’t decided wich one so everyone is making an appearance.
 Hope you like it!  💕
The dorm discovering Izumi’s dancing skills
“Tenma, hurryyyyy”
“Yeah, yeah... Uh? Hey, who didn’t wash their dishes this morning, it stinks!” the summer leader complained outloud, leaving the kitchen with Misumi with the last chopsticks and glasses to place on the lounge. 
Tsuzuru entered and looked at the sink, frowning. Indeed, it smelled awful. He walked towards the couches to get the culprit.
“Itaru-san, don’t ask me why, but I know whatever that was in that plate was yours. Please clean it right now”
“Oh shit, my shield fell” 
The man in question was laying next to Kazunari and Banri, all of them most likely playing a battle game, judging by the way they were staring intensely at their phones.
“Yes, yes, one minute…”
“Dang, Itaroon! You can’t pull something like that to win, I don’t have any more resources!”
Omi put a hand on Tsuzuru’s shoulder when he saw the scriptwriter was about to start scolding them “It’s okay Tsuzuru, we have enough plates. Itaru-san can clean later so dinner doesn’t get cold”
At that moment Juza, Taichi, Muku and Sakuya arrived. 
“Ah, Omi-san! After Tenma-kun and Misumi-san finish the table will be set” the cheerily the spring leader informed approaching them.
“At least we get things done quickly, having so many people at Mankai” Tsuzuru smiled tired but gratefully at the four of them “…although it would be quicker if others offered to help from time to time” he looked at the gaming group and a certain pair watching TV.
“Tsuzuru, this program is too important to sip!”
“You mean to skip? Also, I truly don’t think so. That’s one old program you’re watching” he looked around resting his hands on his hips. No one had moved an inch “That indirect was also to the rest of you, you know”
“So you want me to set the table instead of trying to come up for ideas with customes? Fine by me”
Misumi and Tenma entered before an argument could take place “Table’s set. Someone should call Masumi, Sakyo-san and the winter troupe. They were in the practice room with director, right?” 
As if by pure summoning, the last spring member arrived, taking off his headphones “…I’m here”
“We are here too!” Tsumugi waved as the rest of the winter troupe entered talking to each other. Their play schedule had been decided and they had had a run through while Izumi and Sakyo discussed the final details for the performance.
“Okay then everyone, time to dig in!”
Everyone sat on their chairs and started moving plates around and refilling glasses with drinks. It wasn’t often, due to the difference in schedules, but some nights the whole dorm got together and opted to eat at the same time. It was a bit of a mess but in the end, everyone had fun.
Citron was still watching silently the TV when he paused it, concerned. Getting up, he headed to the dinner table as everyone ate and talked “Director?”
Izumi looked up, stopping  herself from grabbing the delicious tonkatsu in front of her “You called, Citron? Ah, leave the TV and sit, come on. Omi’s food will get cold!” she motioned the chair that was empty.
He did as told, but kept his eyes locked on her “Director I must ask you an important question”
“Uh… ok?”
He nodded as his chopsticks grabbed some rice “Are you maybe a twist?”
Everyone turned to him, confused, but not surprised. The young woman found herself blinking in confusion too “…Twist?”
Masumi nodded in agreement “You can twist my heart anytime you want”
No one even tried to contradict the young boy, still trying to decipher Citron’s meaning.
“I don’t think Citron means twist”
“Yeah Hyodo sure, Citron meant Twix. I swear your brain is a fucking sugar cube”
“You are sweet like a twix to me, director”
“Ugh, someone tell the Psycho Stalker off”
“Citron, I don’t think your phrasing is right” Tsumugi laughed as he saw everyone starting to debate. 
The foreigner crossed his arms, deep his thought “Mmm… this word is meant to be a clone… of another person! Is it close enough, Tsumugi?”
“C-clone?!” Taichi looked up from his seat, eyes wide open “Director has a clone?!”
“Guys, come on...”
“Mhm… I might be wrong, but maybe Citron meant if our dear director has a twin?”
Citron gasped “Twin, yes! Azuma’s wisdom is as always precise!”
The winter member received the compliment from the blond with a soft laugh as the rest frowned. Sakuya raised his hand from the other side of the table “U-Um! Why do you say that, Citron-san?”
“You have sisters?” Tasuku raised his eyebrows at Izumi.
“Of course not! I’m an only child”
“But that cannot be. I saw you with my two very eyes!”
He nodded seriously, getting up from the chair and turning on the TV again “I will demonstrate now, the director’s clone!”
Izumi sighed. Why couldn’t they have a normal night? Just for once. It was weekday for christ’s sake. The sudden gasps and exclamations brought her back to reality.
“It really looks like Izumi-san!”
“She looks younger though, is it really her?”
“Waaah, director you are moving so beautifully!”
“Wait, seriously?”
Izumi got up and approached the TV screen, concerned for the amount of attention it was getting “Come on, how can I-“
“That is you, isn’t it?” Sakyo pointed the TV with his head.
As everyone came to the realization that it was indeed Izumi. the woman in question stood there, watching her younger self.
“Oh, you meant that!” she sat on the arm of the couch, forgetting dinner and the fact that everybody was still trying to make sense of it. Their director? In TV? “It’s not been that long but... ” she laughed “Might be the one and only time I made it for a play in a performance, come to think of it!”
Kazunari, who was at that point recording the whole situation, turned his phone towards her in awe “I am beyond SHOCK, director! What play? How come we didn’t know you danced so well? Any declarations?”
She pushed the phone away from her, laughing “I did my studies and entered in the dancing club from my university for a change of peace”
“But this amazing choreography? The moves? Not to mention you are totes on TV!”
She looked  back at the TV and a smiled appeared. Competing in friendly dancing competitions had been nice at the time “That program shows musicals, right? My university dancing club just happened to want to enter the competition and we decided to do a mute dancing play trying to tell a story without speaking. Forgot it had been recorded then”
Everyone stopped talking and looked at each other.
“That’s right”
“Director had another life before Mankai…”
“Feels weird to think about it”
Izumi blinked confused. Of course, she had tried to make a life outside of acting! It had been rough, but she had had to come to terms with herself that she had to move on, at the time.
“Ey, ey, director let’s dance too!” Misumi grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to the courtyard. She found herself stumbling to keep up.
“W-whoah, Misumi-kun, we haven’t finished eating!”
He laughed releasing her as he tried to copy what they all had watched “That looked fun! What other dances did you do?”
Izumi laughed at his excitment.
“Well, there was nothing specific…?” she listed a few songs on the top of her head. The rest of the dorm gathered around the frames of the courtyard, watching curiously. 
“I also want to see director’s dancing!”
“Anyone has a phone?”
“On it~”
“Enough! Why are you…” Sakyo came out too, ready to start scolding when one of the songs mentioned before started playing and saw Izumi’s bright face.
It was as if some kind of adrenaline had been injected into her, enough to make her body start moving along the music, not a single movement being wasted.
It had been a while.
“Oh my, such a stunning view… the turning of grand jetes! If this moment was to be engraved…”
Hisoka frowned next to him “Arisu… you’re too loud. Can’t enjoy it” 
“Director… is really good!” Sakuya was practically beaming as he watched Izumi moving around “She looks like a fairy!”
No one there disagreed. Her movements flowed, taking away the breath of every person in that familiar audience. Izumi had never been able to act well, but somehow her dancing expressed more than she could in a play.
Omi smiled at the view and crossed his arms “A pity I left the camera in my room” he looked at his left and saw how Sakyo looked at her.
The blond’s eyes followed her figure entranced, not moving an inch.
A few minutes later, Izumi stopped, breathing heavily after song. She looked up, greeted by a big amount of applause. Were those claps for her? Her cheeks grew hot. She didn’t remember last time she got an applause and smiled bashfully.
“Fufu that was wonderful, Izumi-san”
“Epic. I think I just fell in love all over again, director! Gonna need to post the clip on my instablam!”
“Not bad. I guess currian has another thing she’s good at, uh”
“Well, if we ever have a dancing play, now we know who to ask for notes, isn’t that right, Tsuzuru?” 
Taichi gasped in excitement looking at the scriptwriter “Oh man, I definitely want to do a dancing play now, girls would love it!”
Of course, as theatre fanatics as they were, the conversation headed into their future performances.
“Maybe like a musical?”
“But dancing as you act is…”
“I want to do a triangle dance in our play!”
Izumi laughed, gaining everyone’s attention “Okay, okay, this is enough. Let’s go back and finish dinner. Can’t believe you all tricked me to dance in front of you, geez” she still felt her breath uneven from the workout.
“But you did look beautiful out there, director” Tsumugi smiled as he pushed a complaining Taichi and entranced Masumi inside.
Tasuku sighed as he watched everyone returning to their normal behaviors “Well, I guess we must thank you are more an acting addict than a dancer” he sent a small smile to Izumi, placing a hand on her shoulder and going inside to help the adults tame the youngest.
Izumi was about to follow when she heard Sakyo’s voice from behind “You danced well”
“Ah, Sakyo-san, thanks”
He dropped his eyes momentarily before looking at everyone going back to finish dinner inside “…Think you will miss it? Dancing like that”
Izumi lifted her head up and closed her eyes, enjoying the night’s breeze. She had set it aside for so long she hadn’t really been able to think about it.
Dancing to her was like turning back the clock, returning to a previous life that might have been good. However, she had always felt something was missing. 
She smiled tenderly. Just thinking about everyone at the dorm made her heart go warm. 
“It’s become a good memory to keep”
She tore her gaze away from the night sky to smile at him, assuring him that she was being honest to those words just said.
True. She had loved dancing, but theatre? Ah.
That was her life.
I enjoyed it a lot, hopefully, you guys did too. Have a wonderful day!  💕
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sparklingpax · 7 months ago
Tales From Iacon - Part 3: Understanding
-Part 1, Part 2
-I also have a wattpad where I’m posting updates as well as other stories! (user is @/kunixjiro)
-Lol so after an actual eternity I finally resolved this,,,sorta,,,,sorry for the wait ^^’’
-Sorry if this is badly written (and for any typos, mistakes, weird phrasings, etc)
-This one’s long too O//O’’ oops....^^’’
-Please forgive me for constantly making up bots to fill roles I need in stories lolo I,,,I promise I’ll figure out a better way to do that,,,,, :’D
-Oh, and apologies if anyone was ooc >//< 
-And yes I cut it off before the encounter because I’m mean >:D and because it’s not done being edited but I really really really wanted to post the next part of this story tonight so anyway, here we are ^^’’
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Weeks had passed since Orion and Megatronus had parted.
           Megatronus had fought more battles at the rink. Since then, a familiar ache had set into his bones, making him wonder why every fight seemed duller than the last. Yet, for the crowds that surrounded him most nights, he put on his best show. Judging by the sounds of their cheers, he had done a good job at that.
           Though, at his spark, their cheers felt distant and faded.
           Why was it such a big deal, that the archivist did not wish to see you fight?
           When he was alone, the thought came to bother him, to almost taunt him for being so…dramatic. For a moment, he’d justify himself, but Megatronus quickly came to see that Orion had come with only good intentions.
           What I lacked was understanding, a grand flaw I have yet to fix, it seems.
           Parts of him wished he could forget about Orion…but most of him wished only to see his friend again—to say to him it was all ok. The last thing he’d wanted was to scare his friend away…and he’d done just that.
           All of him wondered…could Orion ever forgive him for being so childish?
Orion Pax had continued his work and studies. He spent his days working around the building, organizing, and filing one thing after another. At night, the young archivist studied until he couldn’t keep his optics open any longer. He worked tirelessly at his projects, writing papers with much fervor.
           Yet deep down, he felt an emptiness. Sadness and guilt continued to weigh on his spark.
           Orion wished more and more with each passing day, that he had kept silent. Had Megatronus been angry at him, he wouldn’t have minded…but the rejection that shone so clearly in his gaze…
             Orion could scarcely bear the thought as it came to distract him every now and then. Still, the young bot kept a small hope alive in his spark.
             Primus willing—he thought, setting down a box of old files—I’ll see him soon. Maybe then, I can fix things…I only hope that time has done its work.
             Almost without thinking, Orion moved towards a window, to gaze absent-mindedly at the stars dotting the sky—sparkling from afar, mildly, elegantly.  He had realized only in these past weeks that Megatronus was someone special to him…
             A friend I…do not wish to lose if I can help it.
             “Orion, are you in here?”
             The young bot looked up from his holopad, hearing a voice from outside the door, abruptly torn from a riveting story about—
             “Yes, Alpha Trion,” he left his desk and made his way to the door. It was quite odd that his teacher should come by at such an hour, but all the same, Orion offered no argument.
             He stepped outside to find his mentor already slowly walking down the hall. Before he could inquire about anything, Alpha Trion lifted an arm to silence him, not even turning to do so.
             “Walk with me, my student.”
             Without a word, Orion followed the master archivist, quickening his pace until he had come up beside him.
             In silence, they walked for a few minutes. Then, as if sensing Orion’s curiosity, Alpha Trion chuckled softly. His optics sparkled with gentleness, serenity, and boundless wisdom.
           Orion had always thought that—even from the first moment he’d laid eyes on his mentor, when he arrived at the door to Iacon.              
           “Orion, my student,” he began, “I am sorry to have interrupted your recreational free time.” To that, Orion gave a polite smile.
           “It was no trouble at all, master.”
           Alpha Trion hummed to himself and nodded. “I just wanted to let you know that I notice you have been working hard. Therefore, I wish to allow you a break.”
           The surge of excitement was quickly deflated once Orion quickly remembered that such free time was not of much use to him…as he no longer had anyone to meet…and nowhere to go, really.
           Sure, it was nice to read—which was usually what Orion enjoyed doing when he had the time. But since he’d met Megatronus, the prospect of hanging out with him was far more exciting than any of the tales spun in his books.
           His friend was much like a tale unto himself….
           “However, you cannot really use that time for much, right?”
           Orion’s spark skipped a beat at his mentor’s words. He halted, staring at the floor. His teacher continued on a few steps before he, too, stopped.  
           That’s right…and I have only…myself to thank for that…
           As if hearing his thoughts, Alpha Trion turned to him and drew close, placing one servo on the young scholar’s shoulder. His eyes shone with something wistful…something Orion couldn’t really put into words.
           “Young spark, listen to me.”
           “I am.”
           “The details of the situation are beyond my knowledge, but I only wish to say one thing. I sense that you know this, but you must fix whatever has happened between you and your friend. I know not his name, nor what caused the evident rift in your relationship. However, I do understand…”
           A pure sadness—some kind of deep regret—passed over his gaze, shimmering faintly.
           “I understand what it means to lose a friend, to wish only that you’d done or not done one thing or another. To wish you’d not let it all happen…that you could go back in time and do it all over.”
           He stared to his right. Following his gaze, Orion set his optics on the gorgeous mural hanging on the wall. In silence, he studied the painting—an artist’s depiction of the Thirteen Primes, all in harmonious glory and power. Not moving his eyes either, Alpha Trion spoke once more.
           “Eventually, time comes and takes from us. So, cherish what is meant to last for the moment, and replenish whatever you can. I believe you know in your spark…how to make things right. You have given it time, Orion. Do not let such a precious thing as friends slip through your servos like sand.…for no matter who they are, if they bring you joy…”
           “Such a bot is…a true friend….”
           “And now, there is understanding. Trust that he…has gained his.”
           Leaving Orion to stare ahead, speechless, Alpha Trion gave his student one last pat on the shoulder, then turned and continued down the halls, disappearing round the bend.
            Tap, tap, tap, tap!!
           Light footfalls sounded on the dirty, metal floors, quickly drawing closer to Megatronus’s quarters. He only barely heard them as he sat alone in his room.
            His eyes were closed, head against the wall and tilted towards the ceiling.
            No real thoughts swam around in his mind.  
           “Megatronus, sir!”
           The shrill voice reached his audio receptors, jolting him out of this blank state. He growled to himself, wishing he had not been disturbed. Then, with a sigh, he rose from the berth and unlocked the door to peek out into the halls.
          “There you are! I—I have a message from—uh, from…” the young, thin-framed, brightly colored bot shuffled around his brown bag for a moment. At last, he pulled out a thin screen—a message tablet. As the bot entered something into his delivery log, Megatronus folded his arms, interested.
           Who would be trying to contact me…who would use a message tablet…?
           “It doesn’t say who it’s from, but the order here says it’s urgent—so here you go, sir.”
           The bot carefully handed the gladiator the thin, glowing object. Megatronus nodded his thanks and took a step back into his room.
          “Uh—uhm, sir…”
          The delivery bot stammered quietly, causing Megatronus to stop look up.
          Now what?
          “Do you need something?” He asked as politely as he could.
          The thin-framed mech gripped the strap of his delivery bag and looked away for a moment before nodding.
           “I, uh…I just thought—well, I wanted to let you know th-that—um…”
           He shook his head harshly, worrying that Megatronus was starting to become annoyed.
           “I’ve…listened to a lot of your discussions—your speeches—and, um….” He took a deep breath, then looked up to Megatronus, admiration sparkling brightly in the depths of his optics.       “You’re a hero to me, sir. I—I want to let you know that…wherever you take your fight for freedom…I, for one, am right behind you…” he bowed his head a little. “As a delivery bot, with my weak, thin frame, I’m—I’m no good in any of the professions I wish I could enter, anyway…but your speeches about—y’know, equality and all…I just get so inspired!”
           Megatronus was taken completely aback by this, yet pleased to know he had one more ally in his campaign. Feeling pride in himself and joy knowing he could help this bot, he reached out and placed a firm servo on the smaller mech’s shoulder.
           “You are worth as much as you wish yourself to be, young bot. And your capability is also, only defined by you.” He smiled warmly. “What is your name?”
           The delivery bot looked so happy it seemed as if he’d burst.
           “Mikro, sir!”
           Megatronus laughed softly. “Thank you for your kind words, support, and,” he held up the message tablet with a grin, “This.” They shared a quiet laugh. After a moment, the gladiator continued. “Always remember this, Mikro. All bots have a spark in them, and that is the only deciding factor of their worth.”
            With that, he nodded a goodbye and stepped back into his room, closing the door.
           What a nice, young soul.
           He set the tablet down on a table and touched it, hoping to see who had sent the—
           “Megatronus, hello.”
           Orion’s face appeared on the screen, accompanied by his soft, level voice.
           Megatronus was greatly surprised. He felt a twinge of anger, but it was outweighed by a strange joy at seeing and hearing his friend after these long, empty weeks…
           “I am recording this from my room, and I will send it by an acquaintance of mine as soon as possible. I hope this reaches you well,” On the screen, Orion looked away, seeming nervous. “I will be at the entrance to Kaon city tomorrow. If…you are willing to meet with me…I have something to tell you—to show you—something that would not mean as much were I to share it over this screen. I apologize if I have inconvenienced you. May Primus be with you in all you do, Megatronus.”
           Megatronus stared at the blank screen, seeing his own face reflected in the black glass. He sighed, gently setting the tablet face down. He laid on his berth, staring at the ceiling, thinking.
           Finally, he reached a decision.
           “See you tomorrow, then, Orion.”
I wanna just apologize again if there was any weird wording, spacing, typos, etc because I’m falling asleep/my head hurts/my stomach also hurts as I’m editing this :P ,,,,it’s 2 am,,,,,but for the sake of finally posting it because I’ve wanted to for so long, I’m trying my best! I’ll read through it tomorrow and probably fix some stuff lol
Oh an dw I’m not abandoning the other fic I’m writing, just updating this one cuz it’s been a while....^^’’
ANyway, thanks so much for reading!!! <3 
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reservethesun · 7 months ago
I just saw your post about the prompts and can I pretty please get earnpear with boss finding out about them. No angst just support and happiness because the girls deserve the best
SO, I’ve still not caught up on Still 2gether, but I’ve seen enough of stuff on Tumblr for the gist of what happened (disappointed but not surprised). BUT. I love this req so much because that is how it should be ok T_T (Maybe a little bit of angst cause disappointment but mostly just happiness and support cause yes). Might be a bit OOC? But this is my first time really writing for these characters. Anyway! Here we go! And I hope you enjoy this <3
WC: 1462
Boss had noticed her for a while - Pear. She was beautiful and wicked smart and talented. However, with all the Sarawat and Tine drama he’d never really had a chance to bring up his crush. At least not until those two finally got their shit sorted and were happy. Even Man managed to get a boyfriend. Boss was happy for them all. Really, he was. He would just like a chance to be happy, too, and someone like Pear would be perfect. They weren’t close, but that was part of the fun of dating - getting to know someone more. And he knew she didn’t hate him. They talked a little more than people realized, bumping into one another here and there around and off campus. 
And she was so damn pretty, did he mention that? It made it hard for him to tell her how he felt. But he’d decided that he was going to. He was going to face that anxiousness head on and tell her. Every time he tried, it didn’t go his way and something happened to make it so that he didn’t get his point across. Boss had just about given up when he finally - finally - managed to get her alone and tell her how he felt. It was probably the most he’d ever said at one time and it had all come tumbling out before he could stop himself.
There were many scenarios that Boss imagined. Pear looking at him sadly like she was was not one of those. “Oh,” she said quietly as she reached up to tuck a strand of hair behind an ear. “Boss, that’s… you’re really sweet but I’m already seeing somebody.”
“Oh. That’s… I mean, brilliant. Great,” he replied as he reached up to rub the back of his neck. With her saying it, Boss found that he honestly wasn’t surprised. There were things, nothing blatant but he noticed in the times that she would catch his attention, that he’d noticed. But because nothing was ever said or made obvious, Boss had believed that he’d still had a chance. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know. I wouldn’t have…”
“I know.” Pear smiled softly and nodded her head. She had no doubts that if he had known she was seeing someone, he wouldn’t have approached her like that.
“Can I ask…?”
Pear opened her mouth, hesitating to answer. It was a bit complicated simply because she wasn’t planning on advertising her relationship or making a big thing about it. She wasn’t purposely being secretive or hiding anything, but her relationship was her own and she didn’t feel the need to have everyone know. At the same time, she felt like if she told him that he wouldn’t go around telling the world if she asked. Pear was interrupted from her internal debate by Earn rushing over to her side and bumping shoulders with her. “There you are! I thought we were meeting out- Oh. Hello, Boss,” she said, smiling with a small wave of her fingers when she realized that Boss was standing there.
“Oh,” was all that Boss said. Suddenly it all made a lot of sense to him and he felt very foolish for having not realized what was right there in front of him. “That’s… You two? Huh. I’m…” Boss laughed softly as he reached up to rub the back of his neck again. “That’s great. No, really.” Boss insisted when Pear started to try to say something. He smiled softly at the two of them. “I’m glad you’ve got each other. I’ll uh… leave you to your date, then.”
As Boss left the two of them there, Earn and Pear shared a look while Earn asked Pear what she’d missed.
The following morning, Pear found herself awake earlier than most everyone else. She got dressed and went out to the beach. It was still a bit grey out, the sun only starting to really make its rise into the sky behind some clouds that would dissipate the later it got. She stood out on the sand, watching the waves hit the shore as a gentle breeze cooled the air. “Pretty isn’t it?” came a voice from next to her, making her jump a little before she turned to see Boss standing there with a cup of juice that he took a drink out of. “You’re up early.”
“Mn. I’m a morning person,” replied Pear with a soft laugh. The two of them fell into silence as they stood there, watching the ocean while Boss sipped his drink. “Boss, I-”
“Pear, I meant what I said last night. I think it’s great. You and Earn.” His voice was kind and almost gentle in a way that she didn’t think she’d heard from him before as he cut off whatever it was that she tried to say. It felt to him like she was going to apologize, but he really didn’t need or want her to. She shouldn’t have to apologize for already caring about someone. “Does it suck for me? Sure. But I’ll get over it. You’ve got someone who makes you happy. What could ever be wrong about that?”
Pear reached over and grabbed Boss’s free hand, squeezing it gently in her own. Boss really was a good guy and he was someone that Pear was finding could be a great friend to have. “Thank you.” She gently squeezed his hand again before letting go. “We haven’t really told anyone, don’t really want to. It’s ours, for us. We don’t need something like… Well, you’ve seen what Tine and Sarawat put up with.”
Boss snorted out a laugh at that comment. She had a point. Their relationship had been pushed into the public eye from the very start. There was no guarantee that it would happen for Earn and Pear, but he could appreciate the fact that they didn’t want to risk it. “That’s cool. You don’t have to worry. I won’t tell anyone.”
“I think Tine knows.” Pear couldn’t say for sure, but sometimes he had this look on his face that made her feel like he knew what was going on between her and Earn. Which she could not help but find a bit amusing since he’d been so blind to Sarawat’s feelings toward him at the start. 
“Probably. When it’s not his love life, he seems to be pretty on top of things, yeah?” The two of them laughed and smiled as Pear nodded in agreement with his comment.
A calm silence fell between the two of them as the watched the waves for a few more minutes before Earn’s voice behind her caused Pear to look back and see Earn standing there dressed and ready to grab breakfast. Pear nodded at her to show that she heard and then she looked over at Boss. “Do you want to join us?” she asked him.
“What kind of fool would I be to turn down an offer like that?” he replied, a little dramatically before he offered her his arm in a very dramatic fashion. It made Pear laugh and shake her head but she linked her arm together with Boss’s before they walked over to where Earn was standing watching the two of them with an amused smile on her face.
Earn grabbed the empty plastic cup in Boss’s hand and tossed it into the trash bin near her before she looped her arm together with his other arm after he offered it to her in a similar dramatic fashion to the one he had with Pear moments before. The three of them then made their way to the restaurant, where Boss - in a true gentlemanly manner - pulled out a chair for each of the girls on one side of the table before he sat across from them and they talked about the groups’ plans for the day. Their conversation was easy and light, full of laughter and smiles despite it still being on the early side.
When Boss first realized that he had feelings for Pear, he hadn’t had a clue what to do about it. He hadn’t even been sure he would do anything about it. Then, he had come up with the decision that he would do something about it. He hadn’t really been sure what the outcome of that would be. There had been several potential scenarios that he’d imagined - either being laughed out of the room or ending up on a date that could go poorly or amazingly in equal measure. However, as he sat there talking with Pear and Earn, watching the two of them share small gentle smiles that were just meant for one another, he decided that gaining two friends was a better outcome than he could have anticipated.
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