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#oh yeah it’s time to plot
I just read an actual physical book and it's the one I got for my birthday and? Gosh?? It's so good?? It's just a nice chill time with a princess that gets fed up with all the manners and court and etiquette stuff and runs away to volunteer to be a dragon's princess and she just has such a nice time cooking and organizing and doing magic, all while fending off so many princes that keep trying to 'rescue' her and just like.. she's so happy to finally get to do interesting things and make this dragon's home organized and I just feel so much for that ^-^ gosh I'm really happy I read that right now, that was a real nice time
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colourmeastonished · 21 days ago
#oooof I'm going through the backlog of my original songs and tryna record them into demos#and it's fun as hell and gr8 to be creating again#but Bruh I wrote a lot of bangers about my ex and can't decide if I miss her or if I miss having Big Feelings being reciprocated ✌️#bc to paraphrase the og fanatasy high guidance concellor: there's a lot of big feelings in the room#a lot of the time I'll take a feeling and wrap it up in a constructed narrative or like write about general themes rather than#specific people or incidents#but I sure did write a song that straight up evokes what it felt like to be deep in my feelings for this chick ooof#can't tell if I should be trying to move on more or if it's ok that there's still this lingering vibe of unfinished business#cos I'm not expecting to get back together but I'm also v aware that she's intentionally leaving ambiguous doors open#by like keeping open channels of communication and making a point of still signing messages w an x#which sounds like an Overthinking thing but it was like... a plot point in our relationship 😂#the presence or absence of an x is very intentional like we've had this discussion#but anyway... I think I just miss her and its weird to know that when life gets back to normal she'll be like a presence in my life again#bc of our shared social circle#and idk what that's going to mean and I don't know if it's going to mean anything but oh boy she sure was cool as hell you know??#and I miss talking to her & making her laugh and sure I'm being realistic idk if we're actually good for each other#but... 🥺🥺🥺... yeah...#gamer girl#my thoughts
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brattylikestoeat · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
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unproduciblesmackdown · a month ago
have always thought of all the various ways the Quant Dynamic could end up in an unfortunate / unhappy place b/c this is billions but it’s like......i would like to see them kiss
#breaking news i know#billions for 3 episodes in a row like Here's This / Take Note; Here's This / Take Note; Here's This / Take Note#like yes!!!! billions i am paying attention and taking note and waiting to see where this goes!!!!#but the answer could be ''off the rails / careening off its apparent path into disaster immediately'' b/c. that's true of any thread during#any episode billions billions moves at the speed of hell#even if this is taking a very weird counterproductive route if it's aiming for ''the joke is cringe winston and his fail unrequited crush''#then that's underwhelming....or they could be A Thing and yet then the relationship is only simply a plot device for a moment and/or#like overall a joke out of the both of them; cringe quants and their fail involvement....#suppose you could say ''uh actually they're getting along Worse than ever for mystery/no reasons but they're also fucking'' like...#idk it's billions they can jerk on the steering wheel of their own subplots at any time and you just have to accept it#could get caught up in Other Subplots' Conflicts / some external factor thwarts things for no reason like. yeah we introduced Feelings here#just to let you know this is another thing for a quant/s to be depressed about i guess? but could have a wrench in the gears come from some#internal element lol like. we don't know Everything about either character....anyways can't hope for the best but while also not supposing#this Can't eventually become an actual confirmed relationship of mutual interest; we haven't gotten there yet and it's billions#and i'm ''ready*'' to sigh over it being thwarted or whatever but they could still kiss first or something.....#(*in billions you always are bracing for disaster / things to go south but you can't Truly brace for anything the series does ever smh)#winston billions#oh it's past midnight it's march 21st. that's the winstanniversary! 2 years....#riawin
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dennisisns · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
#*hehehem*#SO *claps hands together*#running scared takes place in 1961#and like segregation laws dint appear until 1965#and even then it took years to actually put them into effect#BUT ANYWAYS#there’s a notable lack of black people in the movie#SO my s/i would basically be Sally-Mae’s maid#but like (bc i totally hc Sally Mae to be bi w/ a female lean)#they’re kinda a Thing ™#however that’s like DOUBLE bad bc one gasp!!!! she’s with a black person and double gasp!!!! it’s a girl (biologically)!!!!!!!!!#so they keep it super on the DL n stuff#BUT ANYWAYS i’d be there in the car with her when it breaks down and stuff (establishing both our characters at the same time)#anywAYS when we all finally reach the still#i fall fuckin head over HEELS for leroy#and bla bla plot ANYWAYS when they leave Leroy in the swamp- i stay and look after him#BC FUCK YALL WHY TF YOU LEAVE HIM ALONE HES FUCKIN BLEEDING HES BEEN SHOT HES SCARED AND YOU FUCKING LEFT HIM FUCK YOU#anyways#so yee bla bla more plot ANYWAYS we all run away together and we’re all one big polycule and we’re HAPPY#OH RIGHT YEAH#so like i kinda want us to all end up at Sally Mae’s house#like she comes back with the maid and two dudes and her parents are like ???????#but she convinces them to let the boys stay and now we all live Happy and Together#we gotta keep the relationship on the dl but still!!#BUT WHAT I WAS THINKING WAS#chaz and Leroy can’t go back home and i- y’know- dont have rights- SO we all run away and ACTUALLY live together#idk just messy theorizing rn BUT YEAH THASSALL#si.txt
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paradigmsofbrittaperry · 2 months ago
I’m still watching New Girl, but I haven’t enjoyed season 3 as much as I enjoyed seasons 1 and 2. and not because it’s bad, just because I’m kind of bored? and it feels like something is missing, idk what though. all of this to say that I might watch the last four episodes of season 3 and then take a break from it to go finally catch up on Riverdale.
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wanderingbandurria · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
(Image from @ao3commentoftheday​)
Okay you know what? I just finished grading so I’m doing this to celebrate!!! I’m gonna show you guys what I was reading exactly a year ago! Let’s get into my history to get some recs!
1. Crash into me (by shadow_prince): This cute wolfstar fake/pretend relationship, modern AU starts with Sirius meeting Remus bc he thinks his SO is cheating with Sirius. From there, they develop a cute, cute friendship and FEELINGS. Very recommended for the fake/pretend trope!
2. Ambergris (by Cerberusia): Oh boy. I was in a BIG James/Remus phase last year. Before you just skip this one, hear me out, Wolfstar fandom! This is AMAZINGLY written, working SECOND PERSON like the gods, and it’s focused on James’ unrequited feelings - nothing *really* happens. So if you HC that *everyone* is a *bit* in love with Remus at some level, please give it a chance? CW for underage sexual content, mostly in the form of fantasies.
3. Marauders bay (by @shaggydogstail​): this is a different sort of wolfstar fic, one of the first ones with multi-media in them that I read. It mixes images, sort-of-texting, and it portrays mostly dynamics between different characters from the Marauders era, more than being heavy in the plot. Still, super cute and I can only imagine the amount of work that went into it!
That’s about it! it was a busy summer last year, and still, three fics in a day! wow. Hope if any of you read one of these, you remember to leave love! I was a tad bit too shy then and just lurked around, so I’m gonna go and leave some comments now!
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starbuck · 3 months ago
I don’t remember much from my first watch of Black Sails but I think it says something about my having just come off seven months of being obsessed with The Terror that I recall being SHOCKED by the lack of cannibalism.
#as if Black Sails had literally Any time to address the morality of cannibalism... 🤦🏼#but idk!! i was just very used to it as a plot/thematic element#you can tell they wanted to include it tho#like... the ridiculous amount of sacrificial symbolism throughout the show culminating in a story about not only cannibalism but sparagmos#like. they could have just had the story be that the people on the ship ate each other in a survival cannibalism sense#but No. they had to tear each other limb-for-limb while still alive bc that’s SEXIER#the Black Sails writers Get It#they just couldn’t get into it so they had to stick it into a fourthhand account of a story that might or might not be true#and then of course the unfounded allegations against Vane by that girl in Philadelphia#which is also fascinating bc it’s using the rumor of Improper Consumption to dehumanize him and this justify his being sacrificed#and by ‘fascinating’ I mean terrible - obviously#god idek if I can rewatch seasons 3 and 4.... I’m already losing my shit over s2 rn#there was a break in the Symbolism (that I was picking up on anyway - could have missed it)#and then in 2.10 it broke through the wall like the fucking kool-aid man like ‘HEY DID YOU MISS ME?????’#and obviously it was in the most Cursed way possible#I still think it’s funny that I didn’t previously Know that axes are Sacrificial Symbolism#and I had to reverse-engineer that understanding after being massively confused by what was going on in s4#and so now I’m just watching the whole show with that in mind going ‘oh.... oh NO....’#but yeah anyway back to my original point#I’m glad there isn’t Actual Cannibalism bc that wouldn’t make any sense#but the symbolism is sexy and I love it#Black Sails Good
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herondalelucies · 5 months ago
as i get more and more serious about my writing, especially as i draft tpm 2, i get to tell more of my friends who are interested in my writing life what i’m writing about, and i get reminded more and more that i’m literally marketing to them my oldest wip idea but not the one i want to be my debut out of fear i’ll get cheated/won’t get sold a series deal and have to bank on tpm doing well enough to get sequels
and idk, that makes me sad that i have to keep putting off tpm just to make sure i can sell this series as an entirety, bc the kids deserve their full story told <3
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8a8e · 10 months ago
i go through cycles of trying to write comics and never succeeding
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haha-broke · a year ago
admit it.
fate apocrypha was good but some of you people don’t know how to properly appreciate a plot that isn’t entirely character driven
but you were also the one who decided to watch it in the english dub rather than the french dub
which is far superior
Tumblr media
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neptunebeetle · a year ago
Okay i havent talked about HM in a bit but i would often talk abt a specific character i didnt wanna say the name of or show art of but i think i might post her at some point X_X
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unproduciblesmackdown · a year ago
wow me catching up on [actually watching the stream] just now and will roland mentioning the owl city wtaw cover like.....placing my hand on the screen That’s How I Got Here
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winchester461 · 2 hours ago
Hey guys, so as I said on my last post I'm really behind on 9-1-1 Lone Star because aI've been so busy with work and moving house. I've just posted my thoughts on 2x10 so if you'd like, you can go read that first. I'e only just watched 2x11, and unfortunatly I have to say I have some mixed feelings about this episode, but this still has to be one of my favourites. If you are like me and your are behind on the show, this will contain !!!spoilers!!!
My thoughts on this episode:
-I'm glad Owen actually decided to go through with the surgery, I really wouldn't have been surprised if something happened to stop it, like Owen changing his mind again.
-Owen, seriously it's 3-4 weeks, just take your time and rest. This obsession with work will get you killed or in serious trouble *foreshadowing*
-Carlos and TK are now a couple who give joint gifts and I love that. And that was a very nice box for a jigsaw, It seems like something Carlos would pick out more that TK. But it was an adorable jigsaw.
-So much for resting Owen, for the love of god. But that was a very nice montage. Love how they're showing how bored he is by taping up thing to the point of unnecessary. But there was a suspicious lack of my favourite bernese mountain dog.
-As soon as I saw Billy, I knew everything was going to go downhill. I was right.
-I can understand Owen running into the burning building, he is a firefighter after all, it's his instincts. But Owen sweetie, Judd is acting captain, let him be acting captain.
-Owen speaking to the arson investigator and giving a profile that describes himself was just a facepalm moment.
-Loved the truck rescue with the young couple, but I was so heartbroken for Marjan.
-Oh my god. The Tarlos cow eyes scene absolutly killed me, I had to rewind it like 5 times to rewatch it. Carlos turning from confused to smug and sexy in 2 seconds and TK blushing and being unable to look at him in the eyes was heart stopping.
-"Absolutly wrecks people" Yeah we know who those eyes wreck TK. But seriously I have never seen a more accurate description of Carlos' eyes that this. And this show that TK thinks about Carlos' eyes so much he's given his looks names.
-I'm so glad to see Nancy at the gathering this time, even if we didn't get to see much of her,
-loved that they used Tarlos in the actual episode. And Tarlos being a great team and wrecking everyone at Catan was incredible.
-I felt so sorry for Marjan, that she did eveything she could to save the womans husband and she goes and posts that video. Then for Marjan to get so much hate to the point she starts to doubt herself. My poor queen.
-I absolutly adored seeing Paul and Marjan together and Paul being agood friend for her. Its great to see the other characters get more screen time.
-OWEN!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING MAN!!??! This guy really thought, 'I know the best way to prove there is an arsonist going around, I'm going to buy lots of different accelerants and wiring and preform experiments in my back garden in full view of my neighbours. This won't at all look suspicious' The man has really lost the plot.
-When Owen started showing Billy what he's been doing, I started to get a really bad feeling. We all know Billy is the one who shows the arson investigator the photo of Owen at a scene of a fire, and now I don't know whether Billy is the one setting the fires or he genuinely believes its Owen after seeing his experiments. I hope it's the latter as I feel the former is just lazy writing.
-Carlos and TK having dinner with Carlos' parents is something I've been waiting for, for ages.
-Marjan and Paul visiting the widow and Marjan's speach was incredible, it showed so much emotion and really got me tearing up. Then finding her in her bath tub made me tear up more. I like that Marjan also made sure the paramedics and police wouldn't post anything about her attempt on her life.
-I really loved the different interactions Carlos has with his parents, like his mother he seems much more open with, hugging her and fully smiling at her. But with his father, you can tell he's much more nervous with him, not fully hugging him amd giving him more nervous and wary smiles. After all this is someone who has been questioning his choices and putting him down for years,
-Andrea calling TK handsome was great. And I like her appologising for calling him TJ at the market. I loved that 'had a talk about that' between Carlos and TK for him not correcting his mother and the fact that it can be joked about between them. Andrea and Gabriel's look towards them though was adorable and just showed that the approved of TK.
-Carlos' panic at forgetting the limes was adorable, and I was not prepared for his wink towards TK after he called his dad to pick up the limes.
-I've said it before and I'll say it again. OWEN!!! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING MAN!!!! Way to make youself look more guilty. Breaking and entering, tampering with a crime scene, and trespassing, is a surfire way to get yourself arrested or hurt. And look you achived both. I swear this man has no brain cells left.
-Of course the man gets knocked out. Now he's gonna miss the dinner. I also really hope we continue the dinner scene in 2x12 otherwise this will be another Tarlos moment we've missed.
All in all, I greatly enjoyed this episode except for a few Owen Strand bumps. And I am counting down the days until I can see 2x12.
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Micky Catt
Warning(s): None, it's pure fluff 🖤
Plot: Stephen finds a little scraggly kitten on the street and brings it back to the Ratt Mansion™
Tag list: @doctapuella @electric--love @savage-sunshine
What the- I think as I feel something silky rub up against my leg, I look down and see this scraggly little black kitten looking on death's door. I should just walk away, I don't have the time or money for the little bastard, but I just can't. As annoying as it is, I can't just leave it to die. I mean not that the thing has much of a better chance with me, I can barely keep myself alive but I can't leave it here.
I pick the squirming creature up, it's so fucking tiny, I feel like I might break it, at least it's not trying to bite me or something. I should probably check its gender so I can stop calling it, well it.
I hold him gently by the neck and start searching for little tiny balls through its fluffy fur, down there. I can't believe I'm standing on the street looking for cat nuts, what had this night become? Sure enough, there are two fluff-covered balls, right there, so this kitten is a boy. Good. He'll be the fourth bachelor of the Ratt mansion.
Wait maybe I should get some food? Nah. I mean cats eat pretty much anything right? I don't know, but I bet Warren does, he seems to like that kind of person.
"Come, on buddy, let's go home," I tell the kitten as if he can understand what I'm saying. I can't believe I'm fucking walking down the street holding a little black fluff ball, about to take it home. I was supposed to be walking down the street with some sweet trim, not a fucking male cat, but here I am. Damn being a decent human.
I walk into our one-bedroom shit whole, by our I mean, me, Robbin and Warren's "Ratt Mansion".
"Hey, Stephen-" Warren greets, stopping mid-sentence and doing a double-take before asking, "Is that a kitten?"
"Yes, it's a kitten."
"Where did you get it?" He asks looking slightly concerned, what does he think I just stole a random kitten? Like, am I fucking Bobby? No. I'm not. Why would I steal a cat?
"He came up to me on the street. I couldn't just leave him there."
"Yeah. He has little nuts I checked."
"Well, at least we know that." Warren laughs at the image of me looking for the ball in the middle of the street. It is funny to him, and he's not fully wrong. Inspecting him Warren asks, "He looks hungry. We need to feed him."
"Why do you think I borough him home? What do we feed him?"
"Ah- kitten food?" Warren says that like is common knowledge, look I didn't have real pets as I kid how am I supposed to know that? I didn't know kitten food existed.
"What the hell are you two- oh," Robbin stops dead in his tracks, realizing real quick who we're talking about. "So uh we have a kitten now?"
"Yeah apparently, Stephen brought it home," Warren informs him, going into the dingy ass cabinet and pulling out a chip to fuck bowl, the only bowl we own and filling it with water. He sets it on the counter and then I set little buddy down to let him drink some, the only problem is he starts meowing, the moment I set him down. It's such a sad little whiny sound, it's breaking my heart of stone.
"It's okay buddy," I whisper, gently stroking him trying to coax him to drink some, he's for sure scared, but he's safe now and judging by the fact I found him on the street he probably needs this water.
"Maybe if one of us drinks something he'll do the same?" Robbin suggests and it seems like a stroke of genius to me, I glance at Warren as I continue to stroke him, he's not meowing anymore but still isn't drinking it. Warren reaches into the fridge and pulls out a beer then he opens it. Bending down to be at the level of the kitten and taking a sip, making an obnoxious "MMMMMM" noise as he does so.
He gives Warren a weird little look then stars lapping up the water, making a cute little splashing noise. The three of us all yell in celebration. We managed to get this little guy to drink water, we three sleazy guys got a kitten to drink water, it's an accomplishment.
"We need to give this little guy a name," Warren says and yeah he's right we have to name this little guy, we're keeping it after all. How can we not? He's adorable, though I would never say that out loud, gotta keep that cred. We sit in silence and watch our new kitten drink water as we think of names.
"What about we name him Micky? You know since he's our cat and the band was originally called Micky Ratt?" Warren suggests breaking the silence and look I am fresh out of ideas, let's hope I never have children I can't even name a cat, it's a good name and suits him well.
"Yeah, I like that," I say and Robbin nods in agreement, as Micky looks up at me with his little yellow eyes and meows his sad little meow. I don't know what he wants for sure but I figured he wants to be picked up, he cuddles into my chest as I hold him there and he purrs. It's the sweetest thing this kitten bastard has done ever.
"He likes you Stephen makes sense he probably thinks you're his dad now that you saved him from the street," Robbin says like he has all kinds of cat knowledge, I don't believe he thinks I'm his father I am just a random animal helping him survive.
"You do realize your new son, will help you pick up chicks right?" Warren informs me, I hate that he referred to Micky as my son, but I'll let it slide because he brings up a good point, women love cute little furry creatures and that is exactly what Micky is. Suddenly I am very happy he rubbed my leg on the street.
"He's not my son."
"Then why are you holding him like a baby?" Robbin smirks, clearly thinking he's caught me.
"Because he is a baby cat! How else would you hold him!" I argue back trying not to raise my voice too high. I don't want to alarm Micky after all.
"Whatever you say, man." Robbin laughs, "Warren give me that camera so I can get a picture of Stephen and his son."
"What have I started?" I say shaking my head and smiling down at the little fluff ball in my arms, yup I'd say I made a good choice even if he's now my son. Hey, it's entertainment, even if it is at my expense.
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findingjoynweirdstuff · 3 hours ago
Dream SMP Recap (May 6/2021) - Ponk, Pumpkins and the Pickle Pit
Foolish and Tommy go mining for stone after Tommy discovers a pickle pit with a powerful pickle to help Foolish with Ponk’s pumpkin prank.
Jack Manifold ponders Wilbur’s apology and works on the pub.
Jack Manifold
- Ponk works on the supreme fridge some more
- After wandering around the server for a bit, Ponk returns to the summer home and leads Tombee around before seeing Foolish there
- Foolish threatens Coraline’s mother. Quickly, Ponk goes to prepare a trick, grabbing a pumpkin and enchanting it with the Curse of Binding
- Ponk tells Foolish that DreamXD came to him in a dream and has gifted him with the ability to repair any item dropped by a dispenser, and he can demonstrate with his diamond spoon
- He positions Foolish in front of the dispenser and puts the Ponk gains photo on the front, but it fails to fire. After a few more tries, Ponk successfully tricks Foolish into putting on the pumpkin head. Foolish is level 62. Ponk quickly leaves, boating away.
- Foolish plots ways to get Ponk back. He’s a pacifist and can’t kill, and he doesn’t want to break the fridge. 
- Foolish tells Ponk that he will be napping with Sam, and Ponk promptly logs off. Foolish burns Coraline’s mother in a fire and uses a texture pack to clear his vision
- Foolish plans to have a date with Sam under the old Lemon Tree, using his I.O.U. from Ponk to get Ponk to be their waiter
- After Foolish works on his builds some more, Tommy logs on and Foolish asks him for help with the pumpkin. Tommy tells him to come to his house
- When Foolish arrives, Tommy asks for help, as he has fallen into the pickle pit. When he tried right clicking the pickle with bonemeal, he lost his armor and the pickle makes an intense sound. It is a powerful pickle
- Tommy was mining stone for a project when he peeked down the ravine and became enthralled with the pickle, at which point he fell
- Foolish helps Tommy out of the quarry and they head to the roof of the Big Innit Hotel, where Tommy takes Foolish’s pork chops and pushes him off the roof to fetch a loaf of bread
- He pushes Foolish off a second time and Foolish dies, successfully removing the pumpkin
- As Foolish is walking back to Tommy’s house, Tommy calls for help. He has fallen into the pickle pit again. Foolish finds Tommy in the pickle pit with the Curse of Binding pumpkin on his head (He got the pumpkin stuck on his head, so he came to the pickle)
- Tommy gets Foolish to bring some bones over to see what would happen. Foolish offers to bring more pickles, but Tommy says that would offend it.
- The pickle goes BWAAAMP again. They feed the pickle tons of bonemeal and it starts jammin’ 
- Tommy tries to continue mining stone but cannot tell the difference when he mines coal instead. Foolish diagnoses him with pumpkipnemonianephobia
- Tommy tries asking the pickle for help again but the pickle just keeps jammin’
- They climb back up to the hotel roof and Tommy decides he must go back to the pickle, walking off the edge of the tower and falling. The pumpkin falls off
- Feeling threatened, Foolish states he must destroy the pickle. It is like a second Egg, having grown too powerful already. He returns to the pickle pit, finding Tommy there jammin’ with the pickle
- Tommy leaves to go get his things. Foolish thought that had been the end of him and tells Tommy that the pickle needs to go. Tommy intends to keep the pickle and continue his job of mining stone
- Tommy mentions going to fight Dream, and Foolish asks how it went. He hasn’t seen Wilbur. It’s been a while since he’s seen Ghostbur, though
- Tommy tells him that Ghostbur’s not here anymore. Foolish assumes he packed up and left.
Tommy: “Yeah, he moved out to this little train station far away. There’s a little train station, you know, up right near the world border. There’s a little train station.”
Foolish: “Oh that’s cool. I’d want to see that sometime."
Tommy: “There’s a little train station out near the world border. And Ghostbur went but he left Friend. But we’ll get Friend to him soon. ‘Cause then he’ll be happy.”
- Foolish hasn’t killed a single soul since arriving here. He doesn’t kill anymore. Tommy went to go and kill Dream. It occurs to Foolish that never really asked Tommy how exactly he came back, but Tommy doesn’t want to talk about it.
- Wilbur was revived, and now he’s gone somewhere, but Tommy wants to prove him wrong, that he’s not weak. So he’s getting all this stone to prove that he’s strong.
- Tommy takes Foolish to L’manburg, telling Foolish that they made this nation to get away from Dream because he wouldn’t let them do what they wanted to. He tells the story of L’manburg and Wilbur’s downfall
Tommy: “Treat others how you want to be treated. Wilbur disregarded that rule. He decided that he wanted to be treated poorly, so he treated everyone else poorly.”
Foolish: “Do you believe in second chances?”
Tommy: “I don’t. I don’t really believe -- that’s not a thing for me, Foolish, it’s just that -- I believe that everyone’s got a little bit of good in them. And I know that Wilbur had good in him, alright?”
Tommy: “What this is gonna be about isn’t giving him a second chance, isn’t giving him a third chance -- it's not about chances, Foolish. It’s about making sure you don’t give up on the people you care about. I know you’re still really new to the server, I know you’ve built lots of things. So if you ever care about someone, do not give up on them, Foolish. Don’t give up on people, alright? ‘Cause that’s how you lose.”
- Foolish asks if Tommy would consider himself to be the good guy or the bad guy. Tommy says it depends
- They return to mining stone and the pickle. Tommy gets the pumpkin stuck on his head again in the pickle pit and they dance a pickle dance
- Tommy goes to see the pickle again after a bit and gets sent Imgur links
- He then asks to mod for Foolish
- Later, Tommy starts messing around with a soundboard and the Able Sisters Theme. Foolish follows Tommy down the Prime Path as Tommy becomes Lore Man
- Tommy/Lore Man dies from too much lore, so Lore Man leaves and Tommy returns. Foolish tells him the tale as they continue to mine stone
- Tommy leaves and Foolish continues with his own project
- Jack stands in the hotel, thinking about Wilbur’s apology. Wilbur didn’t just apologize, he apologized for Jack getting left behind, for being abandoned, for all of it, and he meant it.
- It’s weird. Jack doesn’t know how he feels about what Wilbur said. No one’s ever apologized to him before for leaving him behind. He doesn’t know if he’s prepared to forgive yet.
- He doesn’t know what to do. He’s seen “friends” get revived before, but Wilbur came back and he was nice. 
- Jack Manifold stares at a picture of DaBaby and asks him what he should do. Usually he would get revenge, but this time it feels like he’s been understood. And that’s fulfilling. 
- When he and Niki were plotting, they said they would “make them see,” but Wilbur’s come back from the dead and he already does. Does this make Jack’s efforts fruitless? 
- He returns to the hotel and pauses for a moment. Why couldn’t Tommy do the same?
- Jack still isn’t fond of Tommy, but judging by the fact that Tommy and Wilbur were going around together, he figures that they’re friends. 
- He decides to work on making his pub. In the future, he wants to talk more with Wilbur.
- Later, Jack comes across an Oogway-decorated box near Tommy’s house. Curious, he goes inside and immediately gets a pumpkin stuck on his head.
- Foolish kills Friend and Hannah eats the meat and chases him
- Foolish asks her if she still has Egg in her brain. Possibly. Hannah walks around Foolish’s summer home and asks what’s wrong.
- He reminds her that he died. Hannah says it had to be done for the greater good.
- Hannah tells him that he was her first friend on the server, to not let this death come between them. Foolish tells her to not let the Egg come between them and tells her to leave.
- If Hannah gets the Egg out of her head, things can change. But Hannah says that won’t happen anytime soon.
Upcoming events remain the same.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ashotrangout · 4 hours ago
long and incoherent Mythic Quest s1e1&2 thoughts (slight spoilers)
- rachel is the most relatable character to me...she even dresses exactly like how I did when I was a freshman asdflsdfd she is me
- slowly realizing we know next to nothing about dana just yet??? can’t wait to find out more about her
- dana’s fashion ...  or just dana in general...she’s GORGEOUS
- poppy’s speech and The danarachel scene was so so good
- poppy is such a  mess but  also a badass at the same time ?! I’m in love.
- manipulative mean boss poppy shouldn’t be as cathartic as it is
- honestly I think every single actor on this show makes the writing much much better esp jessie(jo) and charlotte(poppy). and also danny but I’m biased
- jo is the funniest character no cap. she’s my favorite
- i’m so curious about jo’s backstory and just jo in general she’s such an interesting character
- brad&jo not only mentor-mentee but also pseudo parental ?? I keep winning
- brad acknowledging right away that jo is gonna try to devour him... ily
-  the whole ian dream thing ...why would you give me those images
- maybe that was a plot device but still. wh
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