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#oh fuck you dude
kingboos · a day ago
okay, I was aware that vintage only gets a shine in his eyes after his battle with blue team, but
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saybees · 2 days ago
Ah yes. Love it when a man heavily over-explains something to me over and over again after I made it clear I'd figured it out.
Also the dude told me that for assignment 2 if I am unsure of something to ask for help and not ask for the answer (referencing my previous request for the first assignment) but the thing is I DID just ask for help and he's the one that just gave me the answer. I didn't ask for the answer, I asked for help understanding the question and the formula. Giving me the answer didn't actually help me understand anything. So that's nice.
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sweetnessisapoison · 3 days ago
what is your thought about harry styles, i roughly understood, but what is in general?
Overrated bubble with a tone deaf fanbase.
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elecmon · 3 days ago
Old manager came by, she saw my shirt and excitedly asked if I finally got supervisor (she was in charge of training me as a crew lead so that I would ONE day become supervisor)
Had to explain no, I'm not. I'm not even a crew lead anymore, they demoted me to save money during the lockdown. I have as much power and seniority as a new hire, again.
Then off to the side, chiming in as if he was invited to the fucking conversation
A former fellow crew lead of mine who got to KEEP his position, instead of being demoted, who was then was promoted to the supervisor position because our former Sup left during lockdown.,
This motherfucker laughs all
"haha don't worry Liz, you'll get them next time"
As if. "Next Time" hadn't been promised to me four times over.
Man tonight's really a
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sunriseseance · 4 days ago
Tried to explain postmodern thought to a man today. Did not go well. He offered to read my writing for me
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miii-chaaan · 5 days ago
So after preventing a panic attack successfully for 3 hours this night
and instead of 20 min full blown nightmare I had 3 hours of just walking on the edge of it which was way worse :) so I just let it happen so I could finally go to fucking sleep
I came to the conclusion that I must be rather annoying especially for my friends,,,,
Which didn't make things better bc when I was driving on the highway earlier today i randomly zoned out
I somehow managed to stay in my lane luckily
And now I just really want to smash my phone, delete all my social media accounts and only be available via landline
Bc idk I feel like I won't be such a burden then 😗✌🏼
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hollenka99 · 5 days ago
Wilbur: This time, I’m gonna talk about bugs! :D
Me: Um okay... I guess. Whatever makes you happy.
Wilbur: *talks about his experiences with bugs*
Me: Oh god oh fuck.
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starfirexl · 5 days ago
aksjdbjdjdbdb so i’ve been craving jason & damian fluff all day and i just binge-read like a whole lot of baby!damian aus because they’re all cute af and for god’s sake i cannot get these two out of my fucking head. so. may i present to you...
a Concept™ ~
jason todd: part-time drug lord, part-time babysitter (but both parts overlap literally all the time lol)
like you have -
Bruce, already running late to a Super Duper Fun Board Meeting™ with his hair all mussed up, his pants unbuttoned and baby!dami slung around his neck like a fucking scarf: jason i need you to watch damian
Jason, fully aware of the fact that he was literally just about to leave to go do very illegal, very gang-related things that his family Does Not Know About™: how about no
*one hour later*
Jason, decked out in full Red Hood gear holding a two-year old Damian in a cheap, Party City Robin costume ‘to preserve his identity’: see this kid? this is my kid. you lose him, i kill you. you make him cry, i kill you. you get so much as a speck of dust on him, i kill you. understand?
The poor, unfortunate henchmen tasked with watching Damian while Jason Takes Care Of Business™: yEs siR bOsS siR mR. rEd hOoD siR aYe ayE
*twenty minutes later*
Jason, sitting across from one of his gang members who’s about to piss his pants from fright bc Red Hood’s going Peak Intimidation™: so you see, Harold, if i ever find your ugly fucking mug lurking around Gotham High ever again, i’m going to shove an AK-47 so far up your—
Jason, hears the sound of little feet pattering towards the room and immediately curses every god that ever was: *internally* oh fuck
Damian, slams the door open: *screeching* BIG BROTHERRRRRRRR
Damian, toddling over to Jason as fast as his chubby little legs can carry him: big brother big brother!!! wook!! wook!! *shoves his hands in jason’s face* d’yasee d’yasee!!!
Jason, trying to salvage the situation: yeah yeah ’s really great squirt, awesome, amazing, go the fuck back where you came from—
“you’re not wooking!!!!”
“okay! okay, what am i looking at?”
“a rowwy powwy :)”
Jason: *internally* he’s just a kid he’s just a kid, fucking calm down jason you can’t drop kick a two-year-old into the sun even tho he totally ruined your kick-ass intimidation session—
Jason: *externally* jeepers tater tot :) that’s so cool :) :) what’s its name :) :) :)
“her name >:(”
“sorry, her name”
Damian: es’melda. like in the movie! :)
and damian looks so damn proud of himself, jason can’t help but ruffle his hair even tho he totally messed up all of jason’s plans. but THEN. damian turns to harold, who hasn’t been this fucking confused since his high school calc class, and shoves his hands in his face and is like “wook!!! isn’t she pretty!! :))))” and all he sees is this weird tiny black sphere in damian’s sticky baby hands.
Jason: yeah harold :) isn’t she pretty :) :)
Harold *sweats nervously*: uh.... yeah?
Damian: you don’... you don’ wike her!!! :(
Harold *glancing at Jason who’s tapping the barrel of his gun against the table*: *gulps* yes i do! i totally do—
“you don’ you don’ you don’!!”
“YEAH I DO, SEE” *leans in close to the rolly polly* “hi eSmErELdA iT’s niCe tO mEeT yOu”
Damian: dat’s her butt
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plushrabbits · 6 days ago
i just saw a mountain dew commercial that used bob ross & im. fuck you fuck off keep his wholesome legacy away from your evil capitalist bullshit fuck yooouuuu
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nny11writes · 6 days ago
Wow, what a great comment to wake up to/s
Tumblr media
Can’t believe I finally popped off on someone, but for fuck’s sake. Why do people think this is okay?
If you don’t like a fic don’t comment, just leave it. And also? Don’t drag someone else into your bullshit either, Arty had nothing to do with this so don’t drag them into it. Wtf???? Disrespectful to me and to them honestly. And, like, yeah. Launch Date is in my opinion better than Galentines. I didn’t write this fic to be the next fandom hit or best seller. I was inspired by Launch Date (I’m pretty fucking sure, if not that something else riyosoka of Arty’s lol) and wanted to fill a prompt/scene I’d seen on tumblr.
And yeah I responded and I’ll admit, I didn’t spend my usual few hours letting my anger run it’s course first. But I’m actually thinking this might be the better response lol. 30 mins and I’m done instead of it eating a half day or more.
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charas · 6 days ago
the world if superhero comics began exploring the realistic implications of superpowers on both the individuals day to day life and on society as a whole
Tumblr media
#that issue w bart losing his powers for a little got me thinking#but also ive been thinking about it for a while#dude the lore about gotham must be insane like you know how nonfloridians see florida#its that but 100x worse#therapists must be making BANK in superhero universes dude#okay like just looking at it from the lens of the youth and social media and stuff#youd 100% have heroes have their own individual fanbases i honestly think itd kinda resemble how kpop fanbases move#i think there would be a mass migration from typical hard drives to cloud storage considering how often shit gets blown up#which in turn creates more opportunities for data leaks particularly from tech based villains#so just overall a lack of security#oh yeah back on topic#but youd def have kids doing literally anything to emulate their heroes#remember the sharpie bath homestuck cosplay? turn that up to 11#i swear to god some parents would be sticking their kids in microwaves hoping they get a little hulk of their own#im really glad the young justice show started exploring the real world implications of metahuman shit actually#bc the trafficking and stuff would def be a HUGE issue if more powers started manifesting in that way#and even if the metagene wasnt a thing there would be so much more human experimentation going on & a lot might be govt backed#the body and face standards would be insane too and i think it would make the heroes in question feel really fucked up for inspiring it#like its jokingly mentioned in n52 jl a couple times but ww is pretty universally seen as an ideal woman#which would wreak havoc on young girls self esteem bc thats just how society is and it would crush someone like diana to learn that#man theres just so much more that i wish could be explored#AND ALIENS!!!! DUDE HOLY SHIT ALIENS LIKE THATS A WHOLE BALLPARK ALL ON ITS OWN
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