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halo-the-bravea minute ago
Oh my god I just had a random thought about how if 1D members had linkedIn profiles what kind of recommendations they would give to each other 馃槀馃槀聽
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thirteens-earring3 minutes ago
15 and 18 for music asks? 馃挍
15) What songs give you the most nostalgia?
ooh probably the 80s music my mom always played in the car, erasure always makes me feel like I鈥檓 on the way to somebody鈥檚 birthday party now. i didn鈥檛 ask to listen to devo for fun but here we are
18) Who were your favorite musicians as a kid?
can you sent this knowing full well I was a hamilton kid. whatever shred of dignity I have left after that lies in the fact that I went on to great comet and hadestown instead of like, heathers, and even that is not much
(if we鈥檙e talking like, little kid, once a hannah montana stan always a hannah montana stan let鈥檚 go GNO)
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rae-arts7775 minutes ago
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jesterjamz8 minutes ago
thinkin about how at my state fair they have this cool farm place & theres a section in it where u can go in & hold baby chicks or baby bnuuys & i just oughguggugbgh i lov it,,,
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landcfooo9 minutes ago
@thesecretsister said:
馃搨 (for Chicle or Gumbald)
Useless headcanon鈥檚 // open
Tumblr media
Chicle still sleeps with stuffed animals!
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hidden-joy12 minutes ago
rose also deserved better
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askthepowerfuloverlord12 minutes ago
hey h. how do you feel about people calling you a fuckboy? a dilf?
author, how do you feel about the same thing? do either of you think it's accurate?
yes this is a newscast
Tumblr media
lol ok dilf.
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