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andreashennen · an hour ago
Part 09 of the first chapter of the first volume of the TRONDHEIM SAGEN “Earth Shattering”.
May the Warrior Gods bring you to Glory!
Tumblr media
Illustration by Angelo Coletto
Schola Sforzesca
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thebiggestlokiushoe · an hour ago
And finally done! ^^
A little gentle kiss between Lou and Moby 💞
My darlings 🤧
Tumblr media
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odinsonblog · an hour ago
I'm live on Twitch, come hang out!
Summer solstice morning yoga
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bookstarred · an hour ago
sooo I wake up everyday (sigh), open Tumblr , see who liked my posts and who reblogged it , then proceed to see what's trending on Tumblr.
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Can someone tell me the loki mobius ship name??
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hobblywobbly · 2 hours ago
do you ever think about thor and loki reuniting after everything, both growing through their own experiences and tribulations, finding each other at complete random perhaps maybe on an alien planet where the guardians are touching down to refill on fuel and loki and mobius are checking out a situation and thor spots loki
at first he just thinks his eyes are playing tricks on him because loki is dead this time he knows he is he saw thanos kill him and the ship explode destroying his body there is no illusion, no trick, it has been 5 years yet the wound still fresh but then he hears something he hasnt heard in years he hears loki laugh
and not one of his mischievous laughs or out of malice, no, a real laugh
because maybe mobius said something stupid or cracked one of his horrible jokes and loki, who has warmed up to him, lets his enjoyment show and thor is just
hes feeling so many emotions because his brother is alive
hes alive and hes doing well and allowed someone new into his life
but then he realizes something is off
just the slightest of things
the way he holds himself, how much younger he looks, how he isnt looking at the place theyre in as a trap and searching for escape points
and, of course, he knows loki would never let his guard down yet...he has never seen him looked so relaxed before
he knows, then, that this is not his brother. it is loki, yes, but not his as much as he wishes to rush over there and pull him into a crushing hug, to sob in his shoulder and hear loki say his name again, he doesnt want to burden loki again
because he remembers that conversation on the elevator in sakaar
that, perhaps, it is best they go their separate ways
they are brothers but not my normal means and no matter how much they try there will always be animosity between them, a feud, and lingering anger from the past
so he follows the guardians out once their business has finished watching loki's silhouette disappear through the throngs of people happy with the knowledge that he is alive and well
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mimsyisgianna · 2 hours ago
Spoiler Free Review of Loki Episode 2
Wow. So the beginning of this episode gave me a little whiplash. Loki seems to be acting differently than he ever has, but... the more I think about it, is it ACTUALLY different? We never really knew much about Loki or how he was before the events of Thor 1 excluding the sparse, brief recollections we were given here and there from other people. This personality COULD be potentially truer than I first thought.
And while I felt a little rocky about the first half, the ending concluded things well for me and helped ease my mind about what happened at the beginning. We get to see Loki acting badass and we get to see some more emotions as well.
That ending though. Wow. Even though I saw that clip in the trailers and promos, I still didn’t exactly expect it to end that way. And on a cliff hanger no less! Now I have to wait another week (good job Marvel with viewer retention)!
Some suspicions and theories of mine were confirmed, others were either denied or left with uncertainty. In the end, this episode was still very enjoyable if not a bit of a whiplash like experience at first. Looking forward to episode 3!
Post Credit Scene: none
Times Owen Wilson said “Wow”: zero
Loki episode 2 “play by play” text reaction (heavy spoilers)
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unbeatable-tippytoe · 2 hours ago
Wait, isn’t this Loki (Loki series Loki) mentally, like, 16-17 in mortal years?
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slytherclaw2005 · 2 hours ago
Mobius: I like your shirt!
Loki: Thanks... *remembers Mobius likes bad boys* I stole it *remembers Mobius also likes nice guys* from an old man I was helping walk across the street.
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slytherclaw2005 · 2 hours ago
Loki: Surgery is just stabbing someone to life.
Mobius: Please never become a surgeon.
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slytherclaw2005 · 2 hours ago
Hunter B-15, betrayed: You tricked me!
Loki: No, I merely deceived you. "Tricked" makes it sound like we have a playful relationship.
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stralend · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
The sun will shine on us again. ☀️ For At Dawn, a Thorki zine. ⚡️🐍 @thorkizine
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slytherclaw2005 · 3 hours ago
Loki: You read my diary?!
Mobius: At first, I didn’t know it was your diary. I thought it was a very sad handwritten book.
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slytherclaw2005 · 3 hours ago
Mobius: You're under arrest for robbery.
Loki: Which item am I getting arrested for stealing?
Mobius, trying not to cry: My heart.
Hunter B-15: And my sandwich.
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toomanyfandomsfam · 3 hours ago
Is sneaky-loki Instagram posts gonna come back? PLEASE 😭
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mischievoushiddleston · 3 hours ago
Hey everyone💚
Since many of my readers want another fanfiction from my one-shots, I will vote on which of the one-shots deserves the most FF. The rules are simple, each of my readers (i.e. each user) can submit a comment for the desired one-shot, which should become a fan fiction. I will evaluate the votes and inform you of the winner in a few days. You can cast your vote here in my comments or also privately. I also accept your votes on Wattpad here!
May the best one-shot win💚
Hey ihr Lieben💚
Da viele meiner Leser sich eine weitere Fanfiktion von meinen One-Shots wünschen, werde ich eine Abstimmung machen welcher der One-Shots am meisten eine FF verdient. Die Regel sind einfach, jeder meiner Leser (also jeder User) kann ein Kommentar für den gewünschten One-Shot abgeben, der eine Fanfiktion werden soll. Ich werde die Stimmen auswerten und euch in ein paar Tagen den Gewinner mitteilen. Ihr könnt hier in meinen Kommentaren eure Stimme abgeben oder gerne auch privat. Auch auf Wattpad hier! nehme ich eure Stimmen an.
Möge der beste One-Shot gewinnen💚
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