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niqhtlord01 · 29 minutes ago
Here we have the latest installment of my on-going series documenting humanities first contact with the Hive in what would later be known as the Artemis War. 
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niqhtlord01 · 43 minutes ago
Humans are weird: Assassins
( Don’t forget to come see my on my new patreon and support me for early access to stories and personal story requests :D )
 The soft light of the morning dawn slowly filtered into the room through cracks between the lavish curtains. Streaks of light bounded off the polished gold detailing of the rooms furniture and made the room appear as if the very stars themselves had come to adorn themselves upon the walls. So bright were the reflections that it managed to find their way underneath several layers of bed sheets and directly into the face of ambassador Glifin.
Roused from his seemingly peaceful sleep Glifin slowly pushed off the sheets one by one and rolled to his feet. The loud thuds of his hooves touching the floor sent a shudder through the room as he stood and stretched out, his general grogginess slowly shaking off. With a loud yawn finally leaving his throat he rose and shambled over to his desk to begin his day’s work.
Tonight he was hosting a party honoring visiting royalty from his home world on Argon. The prince had decided he wanted to visit this miserable planet he had been stationed on, though why anyone would want to visit this world was beyond him.
Glifin’s posting on the human homeworld had been sold to him as a great honor but in reality it had been a means to keep him from continuing his political rise. On Argon he had been a senator whose mere whisper was enough to make generals and minor nobles quiver in fear. His star struck ascension didn’t go unnoticed however and just before he was to be elected into the office of Artock Supreme and reside over the entire senate the royal family had stepped in and given him the position of ambassador to humanity.
Within the spam of a solar month he was shipped off the throne world and sent to this backwater dump of a world; were he had to smile and feign sincerity to these miserable sacks of flesh all the while his political powerbase slowly began to crumble in the senate.
Now fully consumed by feelings of dread over his situation Glifin did not hear the sudden knock at the door. Only after several more knocks did Glifin look up from his paper work.
“Come in.”
The door slowly opened and Glifin’s aide Jafal walked in and bowed.
“My apologies for disturbing you at this early hour, but Mr. Robinson has arrived with your evening wear for tonight’s event.”
Glifin nodded and shuffled his papers back into his desk and locked it just as a new figure entered the room.
“Say what you want about Argonian fashion, but they do have such a wonderful sense of aesthetics when it comes to room decoration.”
A slim human emerged from the doorway pushing a small cart with a metal rod built in holding up two clothing bags.
“You have a problem with Argonian styles?” Glifin said as he rose to his feet and walked over to Robinson as he pulled out a tiny box device and casually threw it down on the floor. The moment of contact it sprung open and in an instance a large set of mirrors emerged from it giving an impressive view from all sides.
“Oh far be it for me to question ones culture, “ Robinson continued as he opened the first bag and stepped aside for Glifin to see the contents, “but some would consider the amount of dead mammals your people adorn on themselves to be a tad morbid.”
From the corner of his eye Glifin saw Jafal’s face redden from anger but with a motion from his ambassador kept his tongue still.
“I would find it surprising for a human to find anything morbid with the amount of toxins you willingly consume.”
Robinson flashed a brief smile and shrugged. “You do have me there; personally caffeine will most likely be the end of me one day, but we’re not here to talk about my eventual demise.”
“An end that will come much sooner if you continue to waste my time with idle chatter.”
Humanities incessant need for small talk and idle conversation was something Glifin had never come to terms with; and this human fashion designer was by far the worst example he had ever put up with. Part of him viewed it as a challenge to see how long he could endure before snapping the tiny man’s neck, and though such a moment would no doubt bring him great pleasure the other part of him realized that Robinsons work was well regarded among prominent members of society. Not just with other humans, but with other alien dignitaries who had embassies on the human homeworld. It had been surprisingly an ambassador from the Hive that had recommended the human’s services when it was suggested that Glifin update his style to match his new role.
Walking up to the first black bag that Robinson had opened Glifin inspected the wardrobe.
Inside was a finely trimmed suit of Rygonian Leaper fur of a dark blue with a sash of Haponi tongue and a dashing pair of pants metal grey Roller Worm hide.
It was custom in Argonian culture to wear the skin of that which you have killed, thus the outfit before him was a prime example Glifin’s traditions.
“A fine work indeed,” Glifin said as he ran his fingers across the material, feeling the roughness against his skin. “For a human” he finished as he turned and smirked at Robinson.
“With the effort it took to obtain the materials you requested I would say it is nothing less than an example a miracle performed before your very eyes.”
Glifin stopped his examination of the attire and looked at the human. “For a miracle you sound so…displeased with your work.”
Robinson crossed his arms for a moment and pouted as if considering his next words.
“My work is perfection, I can assure you, but a man in my trade is not just meant to listen to the specifications of their client but their intention as well.”
“And your point?” Glifin queried.
After a moment he outstretched his hand and casually gestured to the Argonian clothing. “Is this really the message you want to be sending?”
Glifin looked at the suit again then back at Robinson. “I don’t understand.”
“If you go to the event dressed like this it will send the message that you still value your traditions, but I worry that it shows a disconnect with your current situation; almost as if you are attempting to relive the past.”
“You would appear as an old war hero trapped in past glories that the other guests would acknowledge, but not make to engage in conversation.”
Glifin opened to rebuke the human but stopped himself as he pondered the man’s words. Robinson stepped forward to the other black case. “Now this,” Robinson said as he slowly pulled down the zipper revealing the contents, “this would make you not only the talk of the party, but would make you the talk of the after party all the way back to your homeworld were many people would no doubt be very much interested in your on goings.”
“Each piece has been designed by some of the most dangerous animals on this planet, and in some cases far more ravenous then anything back on your respectable homeworld.”
Robinson went about and pointed out the specific materials used one by one.
“The body is made from a powerful species that inhabits the various swamps and wetlands around the globe with jaws so powerful they could cut you in two with a single bite.”
“Each of the buttons along the coat are the fangs of the most poisonous reptilian creatures on the planet; each one capable of killing a human let alone an Argonia ten times over with a single drop of their venom.”
“Now the pants I am particularly proud of as they are the skin of the deadliest hunter of all the planets seas. They can smell fresh blood from miles away and commonly take on prey twice their size.”
Gliffin heard Robinson go through the list of creatures but his expression remained emotionless.
“Why would these creatures be any more interesting than my own worlds?”
Robinson smiled. “Because everyone from your world already knows about them and have hunted the same creatures for generations. Yet I would be so bold as to wager my humble shop that none of them have ever faced down the black eyed stare of a great white shark, nor wrestled the deadly crocodile demons of the swamps, and most certainly have been quick enough to pluck out the teeth of rattle snakes just as they lunge to strike.”
“Neither have I,” Gliffin said with a hint of disgust in his tone, “and you would make a liar out of me for saying so.”
“My dear ambassador, who but you could say what you do or don’t in your free time?”
Robinson leaned forward and whispered into Gliffin’s ear “I am no doubt sure many of your females would find the idea of a striking Argonian such as yourself sneaking off to go hunting the unknown for sport a rather attractive quality.”
Glifin looked at the new set of clothing and then back at the original set of traditional clothes. He went back and forth for several moments before finally settling his gaze on the traditional garments.
“Take these away.”
The lights outside Robinson’s humble shop slowly went off one by one as he walked between the displays straightening out garments and folding tossed aside pieces customers had casually put aside when the door rang.
“I’m sorry but we are closed for the night.” Robinson said as he returned behind the counter with a stack of clothes.
The figure slowly approached the counter and took off their hat. Robinson looked up from the register to see the figure was a Rohanan; a species known for its gel like appearance yet could collect random bits and bobs to create a sudo skeleton and present themselves as humanoid.
“That’s alright,” the Rohanan said, “I am here to pay for a set I ordered for a….friend.”
“Then they are most fortunate to have a friend such as you then.”
Robinson’s smiling nature unnerved the Rohanan but nonetheless they placed a small envelope on the table and slid it across. Robinson placed a hand on it and tapped his fingers several times against the contents inside before opening it and spilling the credit chips on to the table.
“Is it satisfactory?” the Rohanan said, their nervousness building as the human finished counting the chips.
“Oh yes indeed; I believe you have paid in full for your order.” With a swipe of his hand the human pushed the chips back into the envelope and sealed it. “Always a pleasure to deal with such an honest and upstanding man such as yourself during such troubling times.”
Robinson leaned in towards the Rohanan, his expression shifting from smiling to one of mild concern. “I heard there was a most unfortunate incident up at the Argonian embassy several nights ago.”
“Several guests including the visiting prince and ambassador himself all died from poisoning.” The Rohanan confirmed.
“How gruesome!” Robinson said as he recoiled in shock and finished putting away the remaining clothes while he talked over his shoulder.
The Rohanan regarded the human for a moment before continuing. “The strangest thing was that the poison was not native to this world, but is most common in the Hagar system under Dovorian rule.”
“A most embarrassing situation I am sure considering the Dovorian and Argonian people despise each other.”
“Indeed; one might wonder how such a toxin came into contact with them.”
Robinson shrugged and turned as he finished placing the final shirt back into the display. “With all of those fangs, bones, and animal skins I would not be surprised if someone grabbed a tooth or two that hadn’t been fully drained of its contents.”
The Rohanan laughed and placed their hat back on their head just as they stopped at the door.
“You were worth every penny, assassin.”
“An assassin you say?” Robinson’s smile returned and he casually waved to the departing customer “You must have me mistaken for someone else, as I am but a simple tailor.”
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niqhtlord01 · 44 minutes ago
Humans are weird: Religion Part 2
( Don’t forget to come see my on my new patreon and support me for early access to stories and personal story requests :D )
Alien: Why would anyone make a deal with a demon? Alien: They are pure evil! Human: Well it’s all about perspective. Alien: How so? Human: An angel will often only show up when things are terrible and even then there’s no guarantee they’ll be there. Human: A demon will show up to play D&D with you if you read out their summoning incantation correctly and prepare everything. Alien: What if you make a mistake? Human: Then there’s a fifty fifty chance of you being flayed alive. Alien: How is that even remotely good!?!? Human: Clearly you’ve never tried getting a full D&D session together. -------------------------------------------------------
Alien: If their belief is that there is no divine being how can the lack of faith be considered a religion? Human: Honestly I think it was started by some religious people to fuck with atheists. Human: You’d be surprised how much people get pissed off when you call them the wrong thing right to their faces. Alien: That’s silly. Human: Whatever you say little green man. Alien: I AM GREY AND YOU KNOW THAT!!!!! --------------------------------------------------------
Alien: This church…..says you should kill yourself for the betterment of the world? Human: Sadly the church of euthanasia is a real thing. Alien: Who would possibly advocate for this!?!? Human: An angsty thirteen year old boy playing an m rated game online who just got killed, for starters. --------------------------------------------------------
Alien: What is Raëlism? Human: Some silly religion about aliens coming to visit planet earth. Alien: How the hell is it silly? Alien: I’m an alien and I’m standing right in front of you on your planet! Human: It’s silly because they thought mixing the star of david and a swastika would be a perfect symbol for their religion. Alien: But that cou- Human: In 1974 France. Alien: Ah….that’d do it. --------------------------------------------------------
Alien: How the hell did a religion begin based around a sentient pasta dish? Human: It started out as a satire and just grew from there. Alien: That makes no sense! Human: You give anything to the internet today and they’ll make a god out of it in no time. Human: *looks at you* Human: Praise be to Lord Helix, bitches. -------------------------------------------------
Alien: How could anyone take a religion that was made for a science fiction action series as anything but silly? Human: One could argue that all religions are silly by their very nature. Human: What difference does it make if you want to be a jedi or not? Alien: Because it’s ridiculous! Human: Agreed, they should have been sith anyway. -----------------------------------------------
Alien: Why are there so many different sects and versions of the same religion? Alien: What makes a “murmon” and different from a “prozitant”? Human: You need to look at religion like a tree. Human: At first when it sprouts it has one stem, growing high into the sky. Human: For the longest time that single stem is all that it will need to sustain itself. Human: But as the tree continues to grow a single stem is not enough to keep it growing, so it grows a branch. Human: With this branch the tree can continue to grow even higher until again it reaches a point it needs more and so grows another branch. Human: The higher the original stem goes the more branches it will need to support it, and even then those branches will grow their own branches to support them in turn. Human: Eventually the original stem will be lost in a sea of branches while the tree as a whole continues to grow. Alien: That is….an oddly specific and effective manner of describing branching faiths. Alien: Exactly how high are you right now? Human: Higher than that fucking tree for starters. -------------------------------------------------
Alien: I thought yoga was a form of exercises you humans do, not a faith. Human: Nah, it can be both. Alien: *Mockingly* Then drinking this coffee will become my new religion! Human: There already is one of those but don’t think you want to join it. Alien: Why not? *Overhearing from coffee counter* Angry customer: I spilled my coffee and demand you bring me a new one! Retail worker: Ma’am, we offered you a holder to stop it from burning your hand but you refused to take it. Angry customer: Are you talking back to me!? I demand to see your manager!!! Human: *Points thumb over shoulder at angry customer* Because it’s mostly full of angry karen’s, and those bitches are petty as fuck. -----------------------------------------------
Alien: So they worship…..a nuclear bomb? Human: Did the whole “Children of the atom” bit give it away??? Alien: But why? Human: Not a lot of options after a nuclear winter. Human: Besides, you’d probably worship the thing that can give you a third arm or make you immortal as well. ----------------------------------------------
Alien: It seems after going over your records it appears many gods were developed to explain natural phenomenons such as thunder and earthquakes. Human: True. Alien: Were there no men of science to give your people the truth? Human: Oh there were, but they didn’t last long. Alien: Short life span? Human: Tends to be the case when one is being chased by an angry mob. ----------------------------------------------
Alien: What the seven hells is a cargo cult? Human: It’s what happens when an industrialized society makes first contact with an underdeveloped and technologically lacking people. Human: It’s the same way how people mistake advanced technology for being magic. Alien: I don’t follow. Human: Imagine that you and your people spent their entire lives living on an isolated island with only the simplest means of survival. Human: Then one day a cargo plane flies over head and drops human soldiers from the sky all over your island. Human: In your eyes all you see is great beings leaping from giant birds carrying strange clothing and tools. Alien: If that’s the case then why didn’t your people develop cargo cults for us aliens? Human: Ever heard of crop circles?  
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pacificremains · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gorgeous fetal wet specimen <3
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earthenremains · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Use code TAKECAREOFYOU to save 20% on all orders $5 or more.
*All pieces in the Salvaged Sanctuary series are exempt from this sale as they are part of a fundraiser. We also ask that you avoid using the 10% off code on them for this reason. We are not making any money off these pieces and the shipping charge is for shipping, not donation or our pockets.
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vampire-toof · 7 hours ago
My new music box came. Choo choo!🐑💕🎀🚂
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roadkillcorvid · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
New skull! This beauty is none other than the skull of a red fox. Though not 100% intact, but mostly, (that does tend to happen with bones), it's otherwise cleaned up beautifully. 🦊🌸
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jaketeachesdeath · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The first Rat we owned, purchased from another Vulture, its a big one!
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jaketeachesdeath · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Today we processed the Squirre.l skull thats in rather a lot of pieces (and perhaps not complete ey)
The jaws are in a different container
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What's up dudes today I found fresh hedgehog corpse. My guess is that he died from the cold. I've been really interested in the vulture culture community for a long time now but I never found a dead animal up till now. I'd love to get his whole skeleton, tho I'm not sure if I could place everything properly back so getting the skull clean would be enough. Does anyone have any tips on how to get rid of the flesh/clean the bones?
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katarinanavane · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ready to celebrate the return of the 17 year cicadas in style? Just added these to my Etsy, search "cicada" in the shop (link in bio) for these and lots more fun pieces made from wings from 2016's brood V cicadas.
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jaketeachesdeath · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
We also found this lovely blue egg!
(Left on site in accordance with UK law)
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longliveoddities · 12 hours ago
Piece Of Soul
Greatest Showman
Charles x fem twin sister reader, Tom Thumb x fem twin sister reader.
Requested by: @generalblizzarddreamer​.
Warnings: Hints of ridicule and bullying.
Specifics: Siblings relations, fluff, a little angst, one shot (VERY LONG ONE SHOT OMG), neutral race reader.
Characters: You, Charles Stratton (Tom Thumb), Gertrude Stratton (mentioned), P.T. Barnum (mentioned), orphanage children (mentioned), your adoptive parents.
Words: 1,869
Author’s Note: OMG finally I did it! A thousand apologies for the wait. it has been a long mission to create history 😅 
anyway, I hope I did everything right and you will be happy ✨😊
Tumblr media
You were reflected in the window of a dress store, looking at your dream - that dress that stood out from other outfits seemed perfect to you in everything, from (your favorite color) shade to the style of fabric. True, there was one "but" - its size did not suit you.
This is because you were born a dwarf.
Your life story isn't great, but it wasn't too horrible either.
It all started when you and your twin brother were born, your mother, Gertrude Stratton, realized that your family didn't have enough money to support you and your brother. And then, she made a decision that was difficult for her and quite good for you, at least you would have been provided with the necessary needs.
Gertrude sent you to an orphanage, hoping that good people will take you in, despite your handicap.
Life at the orphanage didn't go very smoothly while you were growing up.
Many different children lived with you, from your preschool age to older children, you even had a chance to see teenagers. They could be divided into several groups according to their different characters and behavior. Many of them were naughty and did what they wanted, so they made fun of you because of your height and sometimes even mocked you.
Of course, there were also good, kind children, but there weren't many of them, and you tried to spend time with them, until they were taken to new families, so you didn't even have real friends, because you just didn't have time.
But God rewards you for your suffering and the strength to survive it, as a result of which, you find yourself in a good and understanding family, which were not pushed away by your physical disability.
Your life in your new family has improved. It was impossible to say that rich or aristocratic people took you away, but despite their simple status, your family members still knew how to be happy and lived peacefully.
You were about to leave and, turning away from the shop window, something colored caught your eye. It was a poster on one of the carts ten steps away from you.
The poster showed a man in a top hat and a red suit, and the caption above the "drawing" read: Barnum's Circus.
You have never been able to be in circuses, one might say, you even had a faint idea of ​​what could exist.
You decided that you should take the chance and visit this place in your free time, fortunately, your parents did not refuse you entertainment, you only needed to find out one thing - how they relate to circuses.
- I am.. Who?! -your surprised exclamation was heard.
You and your parents were in the living room, sitting on the couch next to you, surrounding you on both sides. When you returned home, they called you, saying that you need to talk about something serious.
At first, you even got a little worried, thinking that you did something bad, although usually, you did nothing that your parents would not like and they scolded you.
But the problem lay elsewhere..
- Yes, dear, it's true. We didn't tell you that you're an adoptive just because we didn't want to upset you or injure your psyche, -your mom tried to calm you down.
- Who, then, are my real parents?.. -you looked confused. You'd be lying if you said you weren't shocked by this news. You never knew or suspected that you could be a stranger in this family.
- Your real mother's name is Gertrude Stratton. She gave you to an orphanage when you were a baby. We do not know the rest of the details as to why she did this. But it was mentioned that she has a son, -your father replied.
You remained silent, looking at the floor, in thought. Now you had a difficult task - to decide who you want to stay with.
On the one hand, you felt good with your foster parents, and the thought that you would have to leave was very unpleasant for you. But on the other hand, you have a real mother and you wanted to know something about her, perhaps even meet after such a long time of separation.
But would she be glad to see you? Maybe she didn't love you or you were an unwanted child, which is why she gave you to the orphanage?
In the end, you made a decision.
Feeling your mother's hands covering yours, you looked up at her.
- (Y.N.), if you decide to return to your real mother, then we will understand everything, -the woman nodded slightly, with an encouraging, but slightly sad smile on her face.
- I agree. The choice is yours, (Y.N.), -concluded the father, with the same soft voice as his wife.
You smiled and reached out to hug them. They bent forward a little in response to your hug.
- Thank you. I need to think a little about this. It seems to me that my plan of action is even ripening, - your smile has become a little more cunning.
- Oh, and what did you come up with? -your mother laughed, obviously intrigued by your decisions.
- I just want to know a little more about my mom and brother, - then you remembered about the circus. - Oh, right! Mom, dad, how do you feel about circuses? I saw a poster about one of them and I would like to visit there be.
- Oh, well.. Okay, -they shrugged. - They are not bad and cheer up. It's fun, -the woman added confidently.
It was clear that she really had nothing against circuses. The same could be said about your father, who supported his wife.
- But how will you find your brother? We were not told anything about him and we do not know where he is now, -the man asked.
You thought a little and said that you would think of something. Or maybe you will find it exactly where you do not expect to find it.
Your parents agreed, approving your idea and wished you luck.
You had free time and now you were standing in front of the entrance to the circus. From different sides you were surrounded by posters with circus performers and one of them attracted your attention, it was a Tom Thumb, and you thought something familiar in his face, or... similar to you?
You shook your head, thinking what you saw and went inside the tent. You tried to hide your face behind a hat or looking down from the rest of the people, still not wanting to be stared at, and fearing that you might not be allowed on the show.
But nothing happened. You were able to stand in line and get your ticket. Finally, having got to the performance, you relaxed, but you continued to remember the Tom Thumb, because you both doubted that you had any similarities, and at the same time something told you that this was not accidental.
Looking at the circus performers, you were surprised and delighted with them, because you felt that you and them were united by the fact that you are not like other people, that you are not like everyone else.
It was a pleasant surprise, and you decided that next time, you will take the chance and talk to one of them. Perhaps you will make friends among them?
The last performance was with Tom, and when the show was over, the thought flashed through your head: "now or never". You felt that you needed to meet this artist, as if your heart was leading to this decision.
On the way to the exit, you accidentally (or already not?) bumped into Mr. Barnum, almost speechless.
He greeted you politely, after which, noticed that you look like Tom. You asked if you could see him, and Phineas nodded and led you into the artist's room.
You met him on the way to his room. He was extremely surprised to see someone of the same very short stature as he, which could be said by his expression, but only for a moment.
After greeting and introducing yourself to each other, you went to him, after which Phineas left, leaving you alone.
You sat down on the sofa.
- I didn't think I would meet someone like me.. - Charles said after a slight pause.
- As you can see, this happens... - you threw up your hands, smiling awkwardly. - I would like to discuss something and I am extremely embarrassed right now.
- Why not? Since you are here, then you are afraid to say that I am your favorite artist? -he joked in order to defuse the situation.
- It helped and you giggled. It got a little easier.
- That's not the point. Actually..
And you told him your story, that your adoptive parents told you the truth and that your mother, which means you also have the real name Stratton, and that you are looking for your brother.
After what he heard, if Charles had not been sitting on the couch, he would definitely have fallen to the floor and his emotions could be read on his face. At this point, you've seen an outright shock.
- My mom told me that I have a sister, but... I didn't think I would ever meet you. It seemed impossible to me, because you are in a different family. And I even imagined what you are, similar to me in height or appearance, or you are tall and... -then he paused, choosing the right words. - not like me.
These words made you feel awkward and at the same time sorry for your brother. Something pushed you and you leaned forward, hugging Charles.
- You know, it doesn't matter to me at all whether you are short or tall. I’m glad I found you and I wasn’t mistaken in my intuition. I have never had older brothers or sisters.
- Now there is, little sister. I am infinitely happy that I have someone else besides my mother.
You hugged like this for a couple of minutes, and then pulled away from each other. Smiles shone on your faces.
- By the way, it would be nice to meet our mother. I wonder what kind of person she is ... And why she gave me to an orphanage that day.
- She said that she didn't have enough money to feed the two of us .. - Charles became a little sad.
- Oh, that's how... I thought that she did not love me..
- It would be weird, then she would have to get rid of me too,” your brother concluded logically. “I hope we can see her. I can ask Barnum to help us, -he winked.
You cheered up and smiled slyly.
- Great idea. By the way, can you show me the circus? Tell about the rest of the artists?
- Sure!
The rest of your evening passed with long conversations about your lives after childhood separation and what difficulties the two of you had to go through.
However, all that was bad is no longer important. The main thing is that now you have found each other, like lost pieces of the soul.
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collectionofoddities · 18 hours ago
A sneak peek/preview of the next one-shot I'm writing. (As usual, I am still in the process of writing it, so specific details, phrasings, and events are liable to change.) 
Story inspired by's AU, Unspecified Alternate. Be sure to check them out and all their amazing artwork. 
Tumblr media
Ink silently strolled along a beach, soft ocean sand sneaking between his metatarsals/phalanges and in the open holes on the bottom of his stockings. A delicate smile laid across his jaws as he admired the scenery: clear blue ocean waters like right out of a painting, beautiful tan (almost white) sands littered with shiny shells, lightly clouded skies adorned by a brilliant yellow sun, and vibrant, lush foliage covered in all sorts of big and small colorful flowers. But everything paled in comparison to the gentle, salty sea breeze rustling the plants on the seaside and delivering clean air to the island. It was so much different from the musty, damp air in the Underground or the occasionally polluted, sometimes difficult to breathe air of the Surface. 
A nice change of pace, Ink thought.
Not that he intended to end up at this little haven on purpose. The Guardian of AUs had been patrolling around the Multiverse sole-style and couldn't help becoming sidetracked by the numerous astounding universes he visited. From magical lands containing the greatest fantasies to desolate terrains, he stopped to admire them all. Maybe even getting himself a wanted poster along the way. (Because, apparently, one may not steal seahorses in the underwater wild west.) His hasty escape from the law led him here.
As the artist continued his walk, listening to the various sounds of nature, his eyelights shifted to a green question mark and yellow hourglass when he noticed an odd object standing out against the distant shoreline. It seemed larger than a mollusk and richer in color than the white, tan, and pink seashells dotting the sands. Perhaps a marine animal washed ashore?
Ink's smile split into an excited grin. He shot a glance over his shoulder at the enormous paintbrush strapped to his back before making a beeline toward the mysterious thing, adding enthusiastically, "Broomie, there's something in the sand. Let's poke it and see if it's dead!"
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doomsdayoption · a day ago
Humans are weird: Allergies
Human-Rose: *sneezes*
Aor'ken: Oh, are you allergic to dust mites as well?
Human-Rose: Dust? Nah mate, my nose hates pollen. Goes nuts whenever I'm around it, especially in Spring and Summer.
Aor'ken consults their notebook: from what they've gathered, the very human they are talking with used to live in the "countryside".
Aor'ken: Isn't the countryside full of pollen? Am I missing something?
Human-Rose: Nope. It is full of pollen, but it's not like my parents knew before I was born. And by the way, I loved having walks in the fields.
Aor'ken's face grows terrified.
Aor'ken: You mean, you went into the pollen despite knowing what it does to you?
Human-Rose: Yeah. I mean, at first I didn't know, when I was little, but even after that I didn't really mind, although I have to say that it wasn't pleasant to stay awake all night sneezing and blowing my nose.
Aor'ken: * exasperated * Why on the Council of the Seven Galaxies you didn't mind?
Human-Rose: *shrugs* It's not like I wanted yo stay inside all day during the Spring. I could take medication, don't misunderstand me, but it's not like it did much.
At this point, with each passing second Aor'ken is growing more and more confused.
Aor'ken: So let me understand this: you are allergic to pollen, the human medication you used to take didn't do much and you still went outside willingly?
Human-Rose: *nods, smiling* Yup. At one point I think I basically did it out of spite.
The alien feels a chill running through their body. Once again, they are immensely grateful the humans are on their side.
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headinthebox · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
LOVELY new specimen arrived today. I got them specifically for a wonderful jar that I have but they ended up being too big for it so I had to improvise!
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epvixi · a day ago
I feel like an accurate representation of my personality is the story where for context i have an overwhelming need to hide from every passing car in the street when im outside my house at night but a few years back I hid from a car by crouching behind the fence and turns out it was mother coming in and her lights just lit me crouching behind the fence like some sort of startled gremlin and then my mum almost crashed because she was laughing so hard
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jaketeachesdeath · a day ago
Tumblr media
A rather morbid dino dig esque project.
I dont think this poor lil guy ever dried out
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