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#odd and the frost giant
jennyzloch · a month ago
In our park some unknown artists are painting trees. Here is an art about Odd and the Frost giant.
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catmint1 · 2 months ago
By March, the worst of winter would be over. The snow would thaw, the rivers begin to run and the world would wake unto itself again.
Neil Gaiman, Odd and the Frost Giants
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the-local-oddity · 3 months ago
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Odd and The Frost Giants I loooove yooou!
Reread this book again recently, well, really I listened to the audiobook, but still. It's still one of my most favorite books ever!
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nordicsatyr · 5 months ago
This is a long one. One of my daughter’s favorite stories, Odd and the Frost Giant. I’m reading this to her, but you get to listen with her. And hey, I do all the voices :)
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thethirdbear · a year ago
by march, the worst of the winter would be over. the snow would thaw, the rivers begin to run and the world would wake into itself again. not that year, winter hung in there, like an invalid refusing to die. day after grey day the ice stayed hard; the world remained unfriendly and cold
neil gaiman
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blufox234isadumbname · 2 days ago
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Day 247 since we've had Dreamon Hunters on the Dream SMP
Merry Go Round of Life - Joe Hisaishi
With every step the beast before him came closer, his grip on the snath tightened. With every rolling wave of frost and snowy mist, his breath would hurry by a beat faster. With every seering look of icy blue that held him still, his minsule irises of brown would get tinier. He had taken on pest-like Dreamons before, though, he had indeed faced tough bulky kinds as well. But none of them matched the sheer presence of a giant snow fox. He couldn’t even comprehend it, not even how much his hands shivered despite their grip. Whether it was fear or the temperature, he didn’t bother to think further. It lowered it’s snout for a closer look, either for the creature to see the terror of the human or for the human to see the sharply bared fangs. The Hunter could feel the snarl and growl dig into his chest as a preemptive threat, he couldn’t hear anything else. Not even the sound of his exhales and inhales ,almost sharing the same frame of time, or the heavy gulp of the heart lodged in his throat. This was it for him, he believed so willingly and quickly. As the wintery monster stepped one, two and three more towards him, Fundy had accepted the fate cruelly handed to him. The poor soul wished he could say he had a good run before leaving without goodbye.
It was a good thing that he merely felt the beast sniff his head. Then neck. Then body. All until the frost covered him whole like an oddly unwarm blanket. If sitting in Fundy’s lap was the way this Dreamon killed him slowly, it was an odd choice.
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one of the greatest paradoxes about loki is that he believes he was born to rule because he is one of the few who have free will. it’s contradictory because if ruling was his destiny, it was never his choice, was it? deep down loki doesn’t believe anyone has free will, including himself. but he wants to believe it desperately, which is why he keeps insisting the tva is an illusion even after seeing so much evidence it’s not.
yet at the same time he wants to believe in fate. he wants a destiny because he lives in a society where having a birthright means you have a place in the universe. he’s the second son, a nobody, the frost giant impostor who could never inherit anything. he’s not a true king if kinghood was a choice. but he doesn’t truly believe he was born to rule any more than he believe he has a choice in his future. maybe he believes in fate but in a fate that only happens to other people. people like thor and the avengers. if loki has a destiny, his destiny is to be no one.
so really loki is built around a paradox. his two fundamental desires are at odds with each other: he wants free will but he also wants a destiny, and although he pretends he has both he doesn’t truly believe he has either.
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squeeb100 · 8 days ago
About Loki and hurting people:
One thing I actually found particularly odd was that Loki would show his hand the way he did at the end of the episode (by answering Mobius’ question.) It could have been manipulation (which would be a far more Loki thing to do than just tell the truth), but it comes from a place of deep honesty (which Loki himself may not be aware of) -- my favorite interpretation of Loki has always been that he’s playing the role of the villain because he feels it’s the one he fits (he CAN play it and is not entirely averse to it, but it’s a character he’s put on rather than the way he really is, which is why he “lacks conviction,” yada yada people have talked about it before). Loki is a character whose identity is in turmoil and he’s trying hard to fit where he can, scrambling to feel in control of his life. It’s possible that the hell of a day he’s just had, combined with the realization that infinity stones, which he has suffered and killed for, are relatively powerless in the TVA, and the realization that he has not burned all bridges with his family, just broke him down to the point of telling the truth, but honestly this line felt the weirdest to me. Not what he said, which was mostly true, but the fact that he said it. 
I do love that they brought what he said into question, though. This is LOKI and what he says shouldn’t be taken at face value, even if it DOES come from a place of truth. I think “I don’t enjoy hurting people” played in contrast with Loki fucking around with Hunter B-15′s timeline out of frustration is key to his portrayal in the episode. He’s not entirely sadistic or out to hurt people, but he does honestly enjoy messing with them (”you’re enjoying this,” Mobius said as Loki ripped out that dude’s eye, and on some level he probably was enjoying the chaos he was causing and how powerful he felt, but on another level it was him playing into the role). I believe that he doesn’t just maim and kill people for shits and giggles, but he clearly has fewer inhibitions about it than is healthy, to put things extremely gently, and there is no question that some of the harm and chaos is gratuitous. He is clearly upset about how many people were injured in New York, and that’s in line with his character from Avengers (”it’s too late to stop it”). The show also omits his attempted genocide of the Frost Giants (which can be explained but never justified, and would have overly complicated the arc they were trying to give him if it was included in the episode. Not qualifying the narrative decision as good or bad but it’s one that they made). Anyway a person who can kill and wound and manipulate as easily as Loki may not do it because he enjoys it, but he certainly doesn’t hate it. “I’ve had to” is extremely subjective, as well. It wasn’t a matter of life or death (until Thanos came into the picture, but even then Loki’s fascism and grandstanding and murdering were probably excessive), but a matter of trying to gain the upper hand (in the first part of Thor) and, later, trying to assuage the emotional turmoil he’s in (second half of Thor, Avengers). 
Anyway I really enjoy that they’re exploring multiple facets of Loki’s character and trying to pull together his actions and portrayals from different films (the different writers and directors over the years have naturally resulted in inconsistent characterization, with TH as the keystone keeping Loki recognizable). I think giving Tom a little creative control was an excellent move. He really understands where the Loki he’s played for more than 10 years is coming from and can marry his trauma and neuroses with the fact that he’s always trying to find the fun in a situation. The revelation that Loki will be both the hero/antihero and the villain in this show was an AMAZING move on the writers’ part and is so rich with possibilities. We’re going to see that phenomenal “range” Mobius mentioned and the complexities of Loki’s character which Tom Hiddleston talks about a lot. Episode 1 gave us hints of his identity crisis and showed us his vulnerability and capacity for feeling AS WELL AS his arrogance, anger, intelligence, and chaotic mischievous energy, and closed out with a demonstration of how readily and how creatively he’s willing to harm people if he feels he “has to.” I’m really excited about this show and I think they chose a great way to handle a character like Loki.
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ladyfluff · 16 days ago
Hi! Me again! I was hoping to see some more Narfi and Loki. Maybe where Narfi is acting up a bit, reminding everyone of a certain God lol
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Loki tried to distance himself from his son, walking briskly towards the Bifrost. Jotunheim was the destination today, negotiations were scheduled but knowing Thor he might get short with the giants. Nothing new there but Loki wanted to be prepared, he would've brought Narfi along for the political experience if he hadn't been stuck with Thor and his friends. He groans as his son kept following.
''How come Einar gets to go!? Why can't I go?!''
Thor had decided to take his son Einar with them which in Loki's opinion wasn't a good idea. The two were so alike, when things begin heating up they big one another up and Thor ends up goading his son into doing something stupid. Loki had to deal with that all the time, the boys kept having fallings out and in the end Narfi didn't want to associate with Einar and his friends which felt all to familiar to Loki. Einar was just like his father albeit not as smart, Thor was intelligent. Loki could see it in him but the brawn often takes over that side of him, he wouldn't make a good king but Loki kept that to himself. Narfi had been so upset when he learned that Einar would get to come to Jotunheim and not him, Loki already promised his wife he wouldn't take their son there if Thor was to be involved.
''Because Einar's father is an idiot!''
There was a difference between the two brothers, that is for sure. Loki needed to be ready to mediate and calm things down should Thor anger the giants, which again is very likely to happen. Thor doesn't know how to be civil at times, Loki didn't want Narfi to be caught in the middle should something happen. If Thor hadn't been with him, he would've taken his son instead for the experience. He knew that Narfi would've loved to see the frozen plains of Jotunheim, he had done such good research on frost giant history and culture. He was a good boy really, it was odd to see him behave in such a way.
Loki turns around, stopping Narfi from venturing any further. The bridge was just ahead, he needed to get to the others before they leave. One day he would take his son to see the world, he promised him that but not right now. Not when the walking choking hazard he called his brother was around to mess it all up for them. Loki sighs.
''Next time darling, I promise.''
Narfi's shoulders slumped, Loki understood that the boy was disappointed and he had all the right to feel that way but Loki didn't have a good feeling about this trip to Jotunheim. He brushed back his son's hair with a smile, he was growing too fast and Loki had to really pay attention to that. He wasn't a child anymore but he could sure act like one when he wanted too, a bit entitled sometimes but he'd learn. One day he'll look back and laugh at himself.
''This is so unfair...''
Loki chuckled and turned around to join the others.
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