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May I have a wedding crashing where Divus Crewel shows up and declares that the Reader's wedding (to a trembling, terrified Octa A-kun) needs to haltー How could they possibly think it would be acceptable to get wed in that?!?
Crewel’s crashing is classier than the chaotic messes his students pull off--
“I object to this wedding...!”
Tumblr media
Pre-Wedding Jitters
You realized very, very quickly during your time at NRC that most of the boys there were trash--or, at the very least, waving around a dozen red flags each. They’d always be picking fights or scamming the socks off of one another, and you’ve never wanted to get involved in those sorts of things.
You didn’t even eat in the cafeteria with the other students, you’d beg your professors to stay behind in their classrooms instead. Since you usually had third period Alchemy, this would mean being stuck with Crewel while you nibbled on your lunch.
In the beginning, you didn’t talk much--Crewel was far too intimidating of a teacher to make casual conversation with. You’d typically just stare at him--his sharp eyeshadow, his ginormous black-and-white coat, his scarlet gloves. Every so often, your eyes would meet, and he’d make a dry or sarcastic remark. (“Has Lucius got your tongue?”)
Sooner or later, you grew to be more comfortable around him, and dared to ask cheeky questions. How old are you? Do you have dogs? Is that hair natural? Where’d you get that coat? Are you married yet? What do you like to eat?
Sometimes he’d answer, sometimes he wouldn’t--but his responses always had a way of intriguing you, making you want to learn even more about him. Tell me more about your dogs. What else is in your closet? Why raisin butter?
He seemed slightly irritated with your questions--particularly the ones about his age (32) and his marriage status (single). You were always such an eager, nosy pup, sticking your nose where it didn’t belong, and he’d sometimes scold you for for it.
Crewel’s sternness was actually something you had always appreciated--and needed--to push yourself, to drive you further. And so, sandwich crammed in your mouth and pencil in hand, you buckled down and pursued your studies.
At some point during your academic career, a, mob student (Octavinelle A-kun), asked you out. You accepted--if only because he was relatively normal compared to your other classmates--and enjoyed a relationship with him for several years post graduation.
The relationship was certainly stable, but not a very exciting one. Octa A was sweet and caring, of course, but there was little pizzazz that came with him. He was the sort that wore the same suits and ate the same foods every day. Sometimes you caught yourself thinking back to your old alchemy professor, and wondering if he was still killing his looks or eating raisin butter.
Octa A’s proposal came. Out of obligation--and because you had no “real” reason to refuse--you accepted. He slipped the ring--bearing a white diamond--upon your finger, and promised you a beautiful white outfit to match.
You wondered if you would look better with splashes of black across that white, or a flaming crimson train, instead. With that image in the back of your mind, you make a mental note to invite your dear old Crewel to the wedding.
The Crashing
There’s a knock on your dressing room door on the day of the wedding. When you glance up from your vanity, who should show up but Crewel himself, looking handsome in a color blocked, monochrome suit and a red tie.
You open your mouth to say hi, but you lose your confidence to speak when Crewel’s face twists with horror. “... What in the devil do you think you’re wearing?”
“Uh... My wedding attire?”
Crewel lets you know exactly what he thinks of your clothes, and he’s not kind about it. “You can’t be serious. That frumpy thing? The color is dull, and the fit far too loose. It is the very definition of basic and uninspired--certainly not worthy of being worn for such a momentous occasion.”
You’re stunned that he would lecture you like this--so you struggle for something smart to say back. Unfortunately, you come up empty-handed.
Crewel glances at his watch, then back at you. He clicks his tongue, and gestures for you to rise from your seat. Confused, you do as he asks--and suddenly, he has you by the hand, and he’s tugging you toward the door. “We’re leaving.”
“Huh?! What for? The wedding starts in a few hours--”
“To make improvements on your outfit, of course.”
You find yourself being ushered into Crewels’ bright red sports car. He steps on the gas, and you bolt off, the pins tucked in your head coming loose and sending your hair flying in wild trails behind you. There’s something fresh and liberating about the experience, even if you barely understand what’s going on.
Crewel parks and helps you out of his car, leading you to a grand home--presumably his. When he opens the front door, you hear the scampering of little feet. Two large Dalmatians tackle you in greeting, licking your face and smudging your makeup.
You’re escorted to a bathroom, where you exchange your wedding attire for a pair of Crewel’s clothes: pants and a large dress shirt. He also chucks his signature fur coat at you, telling you to put it on if you feel too cold.
You sink onto the floor with his coat draped on you, and his Dalmatians at your feet, whining for attention. You stare up quizzically at Crewel, who has throw your outfit onto a mannequin, donned glasses, rolled up his sleeves, and pulled out an assortment of sewing supplies and fabrics.
Needle and thread in hand, he sets to work on transforming your wedding clothes into something truly spectacular. Excess fabric is shaved off, new designs are woven in--and before your very eyes, art is born.
The resulting outfit is a hybrid between a suit and a dress--a white undershirt with red words scrawled across it, dark pants, a vest split down the middle--black on one side, white on the other, with coattails that gave way to plumes of bunched, red tulle, forming a train of fabric.
You try it on--and it looks perfect.
That’s when another thought hits you: a look this daring would never be endorsed by your boring husband-to-be. You don’t love Octa A.
The Aftermath
He realizes you’ve fallen quiet, and attempts to lighten the mood with a joke, tinged with his usual arrogance. “So stunned by Crewel-sama’s genius that you cannot speak? Has Lucius got your tongue again, just like old times?”
You confess your realization to him--it just comes out naturally, like a kid confessing to their parents that they got detention--and how you’re not sure what to do now. Crewel’s Dalmatians, sensing your stress, nuzzle into you.
His answer is stern and straightforward, just as it always has been. “... Then do not return. No one is keeping a collar on your neck, or tugging on a leash to bring you back. If you wish to wear red, then do so. If you wish to roam freely, then by all means. Do not let promises of the past dictate your future.”
It suddenly makes so much sense. Everything makes sense.
Your feels well up and overflow--and then, you’re bawling, getting Crewel’s clothes all wet with your tears. The crying soon leads to chuckling, then laughter. You’re free, you’re free. You’ll wear what you like, do what you like--regardless of what is conventional.
Back at the wedding venue, the guests (and the groom) are confused as to why Octa A’s spouse hasn’t shown up yet. The vows should have started a few hours ago.
Octa A slowly comes to terms with the idea that, maybe, just maybe, he has been stood up on his wedding day. He goes weak in the knees from the thought and has to sit down to calm himself.
His mob student friends (Pome B and Scarab B) do their best to comfort him while he tries calling you on his phone again and again. You don’t answer a single one of his calls--you’re far too busy playing with dogs and catching up with Crewel.
“Are you still single?” you ask jokingly.
“Hmph. Still as cheeky as ever.” Crewel sighs, but puts a hand on your head and ruffles your hair. “... Still single, yes.”
He flashes a wicked grin. “But I may not be for much longer, if you’d be interested, pet.”
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coffeeleafdepression · 10 hours ago
Business Rivals? (Azul Ashengrotto x Reader)
“What? What’s going on??”
Recently there’s been a drop in customers coming to the Monstro Lounge. There were no special events, they just reclined on a normal school day.
“Oya oya? Customers have recently decreased, haven’t they?”
“This is ridiculous! Is it something to do with the Mystery Shop?”
Azul couldn’t find another reason onto why this was so. Mr S Mystery Shop didn’t had that many customers to begin with. He didn’t see an enormous group of students at the shop recently either. So what’s going on?
“Ne~ Azul’s getting upset over this?~”
“Of course I am!”
Azul huffed. It’s not Mr S Shop, then what? 
Jade was scrolling through his phone to ask Cater if there had been something going on that went viral recently. His eyes widened in surprise, before he smirked a little.
“Azul, I think you should come see this.”
Azul internally groaned, walking over to see what Jade has found.
Pictures of a more well decorated Ramshackle dorm was posted, students taking pictures of drinks, food and Grimm. Azul took his coat and slung it on his shoulders.
“We’re going to Ramshackle.”
Floyd grinned. “Hmmm~”
“Huh? It’s that Octavinelle’s dorm leader!”
“Whaddya’ want?” Grimm went up to the octopus, crossing his arms while glaring at him.
Azul forced a smile. “Where’s Y/n?”
“Why do you wanna know?”
“You wanted me?”
Speak of the devil.
“Y/n, we need to talk. Privately.”
“Alright, give me a moment. Hey, ghost! Table 3, over there! Thank you!” you smiled, gesturing a ghost that smiled back.
“What is it?” you calmly asked, sipping a raspberry lemonade soda, setting in down on a coaster.
“You... decided to do business?”
“For what reason may I ask?”
“Well, for starters it was Ace who came up with the suggestion. Me being a whole therapist for NRC. And, I decided maybe I would, adding more.... entertainments to my dorm!” you smiled.
You smirked back at him. “Jealous?”
Azul lightly scoffed. “As if.”
“I heard I’ve been stealing your own customers. You sure you doing good?” you playfully teased.
“Just you wait. I’ll steal yours and take mine back.”
“We’ll see.”
Just then, Floyd yawned. “Hey, Azul? We’re gonna go down now. I’m getting tired.”
“Wait, wha-”
“I’ll be escorting Floyd down with me,” Jade simply smiled a charming one, yet quite skeptical.
“I never-”
And the shut the door.
“Well..” Azul turned back to you, a little annoyed by the twins suddenly leaving.
“Well? What are you going to do now? I’ve stolen quite a number of your customers. What’s the big game changing plan to win the back?” you sat crossed legged, eyeing Azul as if a predator watching its prey’s every action.
Azul has never had a competition of running his business in school before. Besides Mr S Shop, only taking him out with his viral drink, you proved a rather imposing and more intimidating threat. 
If he was to take you down, he needed to be a lot more careful and more creative in his way to take back first place, otherwise, you’d be the one sitting on the throne. Though, apart of him didn’t mind.
You were similar in having a lounge like Monstro Lounge, having a wide variety of food, and to top it off, the star prefect was giving other students therapy sessions that were effective apparently. He’s never been so thrilled and nervous at the same time.
“Well, I can’t just tell you. What? Trying to lure out plans and secrets of mine?”
“Maybe,” you gave him a teasing smile.
“Oh?” he smiled back, eyes darkening a little.
“Well, consider this, y/n. We’re rivals from now on. Business rivals.”
You chuckled. “I’m honored.”
You looked at Azul straight in the eye, and it felt like the rivalling tension wasn’t the only strong thing that was swirling around in the room.
“Well, you better get going, sweetheart. I look forward to how you play. Just remember, I’ll always strike back. Hard.”
He smirked, standing up and walking towards you why gently and playfully lifting your chin up to face him, a dangerous look glinted in his eyes.
“I will too.”
Meanwhile, Floyd and Jade were sitting down at one of the coffee tables of Ramshackle, waiting for Azul to leave, though expecting him to leave quite late.
“Ne~~ Jade? When do you think Azul and Y/n would start dating?” he smiled playfully.
Jade smirked. “I give them 2 weeks.”
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meiusoo-twistedtwst · 15 hours ago
[Twisted Wonderland Theory] Locations, Boundaries, And Water Sources At NRC's Main Dorms
Tumblr media
(Image form the Twisted Wonderland Wiki fandom)
During the Fairy Gala event, I noticed something kind of odd. So, the extremely hot Scarabia suddenly snowed (cold), the would be freezing cold Octavinelle was hot, and the would be cool Ignihyde was also hot. Although not all of the temperatures were described for all seven dorms, I can infer that all the cold dorms (Octavinelle, Ignihyde, and Diasomnia?) turned hot, and all the hot/warm dorms (Scarabia, Savanaclaw, Heartslabyul?, and Pomefiore?) turned cold.
Since the dorms aren't on the map of NRC's campus, I'm guessing the dorms are located on two isolated islands. Let's start with the cold dorms first:
Locations and Boundaries:
Octavinelle-Underwater in a tropical ocean
Ignihyde- Underground, maybe near or located exactly at an abandoned mine?
Diasomnia-On a mountain/cliff on the warm island
I think there's a magical bubble that marks the end barrier of each dorm. Inside that bubble, with the rainbow gem, the temperature changes to a temperature that's suitable for the dorm. During Fairy Gala, Azul described the temperature at his dorm as a summer heat wave, and tropical climates would be dry/hot or wet/moist. From the Mostro Lounge, you can see jellyfish, which can be found in all types of water climates too. Idia described Ignihyde's temperature like a sauna and mines are apparently often very warm and need elaborate cooling systems. Since there's skeletons right outside Ignihyde, I'm guessing the dorm is located underground in a mine and to keep the electronics working, they must have a magical cooling system along with the bubble. Malleus never described the temperature at Diasomnia during the event, but judging from what Diasomnia usually looks, it should be pretty chilly there. I think Diasomnia is located at the wet/moist area of the possible tropical island since there's fog surrounding the dorm.
Water Sources (with purification system):
Octavinelle-The entire ocean, maybe some magical pipes
Ignihyde- Maybe magical pipes that take water from the surface underground for them to drink?
Diasomnia- Advection fog is usually created when warm tropical air meets cooler ocean water, so I'm guessing Diasomnia has pipes connected to a well and that well is connected to the ocean, probably the same ocean Octavinelle is located at?
Hot and warm dorms now:
Locations and Boundaries:
Scarabia (hot)-Desert
Savanaclaw (hot/warm)- On a cliff in a Savanna
Heartslabyul (warm)-A large field
Pomefiore (warm/cool)- On a flattened mountain in the forest and near an ocean
Same magical bubble idea/concept/theory. I say that beyond and near the edge of the bubble, these dorms are actually located on a cold island, since when Overblot Jamil kicked the group all the way to the edge of Scarabia, it was freezing cold there. Forests can also be hot during summer and cold during winter. Pomefiore is located on top of a mountain, but down below, the forest provides shade. For the roses at Heartslabyul to bloom, they need bees to pollinate them. At colder temperatures, bees stop flying and go to their hive to stay warm. Plus, plants need sunlight to perform photosynthesis. Flamingoes also like warm and cold temperatures, but often prefer warm temperatures. Savanaclaw is pretty self explanatory.
Water sources (with purification system):
Scarabia- There's a fountain at the dorm, so the water at the fountain may come from the river at the edge of Scarabia.
Savanaclaw-Down below the cliff where the dorm is located at, there's a river, there's probably magical pipes that take water from the river to the actual dorm.
Heartslabyul-The lake where the flamingoes are most likely kept at, since flamingoes stay near lakes. On the dorm's map, you can see there's a lake with a bridge, there must be magical pipes that take water from that lake to the dorm.
Pomefiore- There's a river that looks like it connects to an entire ocean. Magical pipes probably take that water to the dorm.
Okay, so I infer that all the cold dorms are located on a tropical island while the hot/warm dorms are located on a cold island. Why couldn't the cold dorms be on the cold island and the hot/warm dorms be on the tropical island? Because it's the world of Twisted Wonderland. They must have switched/twisted the dorms locations and used the possible bubble to put a barrier/border and change the temperatures at the dorms. NRC is weird after all.
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rozengrotto · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
more sketches of Brooke (my twst oc and 3rd year Octavinelle student who’s twisted from Captain Hook)
he acts all suave and like a pretty boy, but...he’s nothing more than a clumsy scaredy cat
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staru-ne · 19 hours ago
༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶
I was like blah blah blah I made doodles [take a look before I feel cringe with my art-] that's all this shit almost spoiled all of my ocs + lil side oc +new brush enjoyer what's now??
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ah yes shadows house au the shadow hand looks suck fuck me [this au pop up in my head] because I really love concept of the anime
Tumblr media
TW:Uncomfortable words / mental art style?? Idk what to call im stupid 🤷‍♂️
Tumblr media
Ok who tf is this again??
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
See ya next post
༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶
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coffeeleafdepression · 19 hours ago
(Floyd WTF are you doing- stop using the client's arm as a sponge-)
Floyd: "eeh~? I can't understand a word of it Azul!"
Jade: "yep... Same shit as always..."
(btw yea, i do speak italian. That's why i got so excited lol. Also, it was so good!!)
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twst-shenanigans · 23 hours ago
twst Incorrect quote #161
Jade: “While my brother and I are twins, we’ve always been different.”
Jade: “I was reading books, Floyd was content with eating them.”
Jade: “I had a healthy appreciation for a well-organized workspace. My brother, less so.”
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livs-not-dead · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Azuls merform is sm fun to draw
im gonna try to do a time lapse for my next drawing and see how that turns out lmao
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twistedtexts · a day ago
#FifteenAlarm Azul's S/O texting him: "Hey Azul, I know that we've mostly been together while you're in your human form, but...I've kinda been thinking about us having sex while you're in your true form. I can't help it! You're so beautiful and...your tentacles...I fantasize about them...doing things to me...I don't want to make you uncomfortable, we don't have to do it if you don't want to! It's just...been on my mind a lot lately"
Something is burning here 🔥
Warning: spiciness
Octavinelle... Is so funny to write, personally I prefer Jade but hey, the tentacles ARE the tentacles.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ruafums · a day ago
cerulean scents
Tumblr media
༉‧₊˚✧ azul ashengrotto
༉‧₊˚✧ jade leech
༉‧₊˚✧ floyd leech
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Hey hey Miss Raven!!!!
I would say that my main request is Cheka touring around each dorm with Leona (Ojii-tan) for a weekend! How would Riddle react to seeing the little lion prince? Would Azul try to bribe him into some sort of business but not realize 5 year olds aren't the best targets? Would Lillia steal him because of Papa instincts? Would Cheka be kinda intimidated by Rook or know no fear, even as his Uncle gets very uncomfortable? Does he try to play with Idia and Ortho's hair? Does Jamil have to keep two sunshine rich boys on a leash?
(You don't have to do full on paragraphs unless you want to! Bullets are perfectly fine)
This gets super long (especially for the dorms that have many members), so I placed the rest below the cut! Please enjoy Cheka and Uncle Leona's shenanigans~
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
"Oji-tan!" Cheka cried out, tugging on his uncle's leather jacket. His wide eyes were set with the glint of mischief and curiosity. "I wanna see more of your school!!"
"... What?" Leona scowled down at his nephew. "You must be joking."
"Nuh-uh!" The lion cub vigorously shook his head. "I really wanna see! Pretty please, Oji-tan?”
“No. Why do you even want to snoop around, anyway? It does you no good.”
“Well, cuz... I might go here one day! I wanna know what this place is all about, in case it’ll be my territory!”
“Hmph. That’s wishful thinking. Your old man’s definitely signing you up for his prissy alma mater.”
“You never know. One day, I might be king of Savanaclaw, just like you...! So can I see the other dorms? Please, please, please? I promise I’ll be super, duper good! Like, on my best behavior good!”
He snorted. “The answer’s not changing, furball. It’s already enough of a hassle to babysit you when you’re stuck in one place. I’m not taking you on a walk, too.”
“Awww!” Cheka crossed his arms and pouted, his tiny ears flattening. “That’s no fun.”
“You’re not here to have fun.” You’re here to annoy me, he thought. “Be thankful I’m even giving you my time at all.”
Cheka puffed up his cheeks in a pout. “Then, then...!! If Oji-tan doesn’t have the time to show me around... Can I go by myself?”
Leona drew back, a little alarmed by the boy’s bold declaration, and the fire burning in his face. The rebound came just as fast though, quirking his lips up into a sly curve. “... Sure. Knock yourself out, kid.”
“Okay! I’ll go and do that!” Cheka turned and bolted off immediately, his little tail trailing behind him.
"O-Oi, wait...!! Cheka...!! I wasn’t being serious. You can’t just run off on your own...!! Get back here right now, you little... Tch. He’s already gone, huh?” He ran a hand through his mane of chocolate hair. “Damn it. I’d better follow the furball before he gets himself killed.”
Tumblr media
Heartslabyul is in the middle of an Unbirthday party when Cheka crashes it (followed by Leona). Riddle nearly spits up his lemon tea at the disruption.
Trey puts himself between the lion beastmen and a seething Riddle, crouching onto his knees to address Cheka (who calls Trey the “jolly green giant”). After some negotiations, Trey takes Cheka by the hand and pulls up two extra chairs to seat him and Leona.
At this point, Riddle has calmed down considerably and invites his fellow Dorm Leader and Cheka to join them. Big mistake, because neither of the Kingscholars follow any formal tea party protocols.
Leona sits slovenly in his seat and just tears into whatever’s served to him, and Cheka’s making funny shapes with his napkin and talking with his mouth full. Riddle grits his teeth and does his best to keep from lecturing them for their terrible table manners. (He comes close to blowing up when Cheka mentions how fast he’s been growing, and Leona comments that Cheka will soon be taller than “the red young master”.)
Trey does his best to relieve the tension by offering more tea, cake, scones, or sandwiches whenever their guests’ cups or plates run low. He reminds Cheka to brush his teeth thoroughly after eating this many sweets... but when Cheka mentions he doesn’t floss, Trey looks like he’s going to pass out.
Cater loves having unexpected guests at Unbirthday parties! It really livens things up. He keeps pestering Cheka to take a selfie with him (cuz imagine the mad clout he’d get if he posted a pic with a prince!), but Leona glares at him to make him back off.
While the lion cub has his mouth stuffed with pastries, he leans over in his seat to look at Cater’s photo albums and Magicam page. Cheka and Cater have a lot of fun chatting about the fun things they’ve seen or done, and Cheka promises to give Cater a follow! (”Hehe, score 1 for Cay-kun!”)
Ace keeps snickering every time Cheka calls Leona “Ojitan” and takes every possible opportunity to do a funny voice mocking the Savanaclaw Dorm Leader (which earns him glares from Leona).
He actually gets along really well with Cheka, managing to keep him entertained with sleights of hand and various card tricks. Cheka’s super impressed when Ace can correctly identify the card he picked at random, and demands that he do the same tricks over and over. (Ace gets worn out by the end of the party after so much repetition.)
Deuce gets along with Cheka pretty well, too! They mainly talk about their love of “cool” things and how they want to improve themselves in the future. It’s actually pretty inspirational listening to them talk about their dreams and aspirations!
Everyone takes it easy on Cheka when they play croquet, thereby easily letting him snag the victory.
Deuce and Cheka share a fist bump and wish each other luck before he and his uncle leave the party. The next time they meet, they swear that they’ll be even better men than they were before!
Tumblr media
Cheka and Leona circle back to Savanaclaw to see what it has to offer! When they arrive, they catch Ruggie returning from one of his part-time jobs. As soon as the hyena spots the little prince, his eyes light up (the “dollar signs in the eyes” look, as Leona calls it) and he shies over with a lazy grin.
Ruggie totally kisses up to Cheka, and cracks a lot of jokes to get him to smile. He’s hoping the little guy might fork over some madol, or maybe some royal favor... but instead of either of those, Cheka just laughs and gives Ruggie a pat on the head!
“... Geez, you can’t sell head pats,” Ruggie grumbles, gently swatting his hand away. “Well, whatever. It was worth a shot, I guess.”
Leona tells Ruggie that he should give Cheka a tour of the dorm, but the hyena refuses unless Leona agrees to pay him for his services. Midargument, Jack returns from a jog and, overhearing their discussion, offers himself up to be helpful to his upperclassmen!
Just as Leona’s about to hand Cheka over to Jack, Cheka clings to Leona and demands that his uncle tag along, too (b-but not because he’s scared of Jacks’ face or anything like that!)! Ruggie snickers and tells them to have fun before leaving for his next shift.
Jack shows a great amount of respect to Cheka, even though the cub is much younger and smaller. After all, Cheka’s related to his Dorm Leader, and he’s a prince! Jack spends the entire tour calling Cheka the “little boss” and doting on his every word!
The wolf does a decent job at showing off Savanaclaw’s facilities, though he’s a bit stiff about it. They make several pitstops to help sate Cheka’s curiosity--he jumps up and down on the bridges, stares through wide windows, climbs rocks, and races around in open areas.
At some point, Leona tries to sneak off to crash in his bedroom, but Jack stops him with a lecture on “responsibility” and “setting a good example for the youth”. Leona just rolls his eyes and decides to keep tagging along, if only to keep Jack from preaching more.
The indoor waterfall pool is what impresses Cheka the most. In fact, he just dives right in to cool off when he sees it! Jack and Leona get drenched from the splash--and while Jack just sighs, Leona becomes irritated and dives in right after his nephew!
Leona and Cheka wrestle around in the water for a bit, with Leona ultimately coming out on top. He fishes the wet lion cub out of the water and rushes him a towel and a change of clothes. Where they’re going next, they won’t need the extra moisture.
Tumblr media
After expending all that energy running around, Cheka’s hungry again--so what better place to check in for a meal than the infamous Mostro Lounge? Leona begrudgingly brings his nephew there, but it takes all his willpower to not pick a fight with the smug-faced twins or their octopunk of a boss.
Jade politely welcomes Leona and Cheka to the restaurant, and while Leona remains defensive, Cheka falls for Jade’s “nice guy” act. The young prince even shakes hands with him. (”Oya, I am honored by your kindness, Cheka-san. It seems you do not take after your uncle.”)
They’re seated at a prime booth, and Floyd comes to take their orders. Upon spotting a fishie he’s never seen before, Floyd proceeds to completely ignore Leona in lieu of amusing himself with Cheka.
The eel basically only talks to Cheka and keeps going off track while they’re ordering. Like, Leona’s in the middle of saying what he wants, and Floyd will dismiss it, then ask some kind of silly, unrelated question, like if Cheka has any stupid stories about his uncle--
After much longer than was necessary, Floyd jots their order down and dashes off to the kitchen to deliver it. While they’re waiting for their food, Cheka kneels in his seat and watches all the marine life drifting by through the giant glass wall behind them. Leona dozes off for a nap.
Jade swings by to check on them and offers complimentary water, freshly baked bread, and butter, which Cheka happily accepts! He coats a roll in butter and chows down on it, which Jade remarks as being “cute”. (”Fufu. Now if only Leona-san could be as adorable as you, little one.”)
Cheka speaks up, pointing out that his uncle is cute. (”... Oh?” Jade asks, feigning ignorance.) Cheka spills a few embarrassingly cute things about Leona--like how he jumps away and hisses at cucumbers! Jade chuckles and acts surprised, but... he has definitely tucked away those tidbits for future blackmail.
That’s when Floyd shows up, slamming down a tray of food for the table. Leona snaps away from his nap, and, upon seeing both twins leering down at him, roars for them to leave him and Cheka alone.
At the end of their meal, who should show up but Azul himself, bearing a smug smile. “Aaah, Leona-san! I’m flattered that you would grace the Mostro Lounge with your patronage. And this little gentleman here must be the young prince of the Afterglow Savannah.”
“Fuck off, octopunk.” (“Language! You’re in front of a child.”)
Cheka obliviously keeps slurping his (slimy, yet satisfying) noodles up. The two argue back and forth for a bit... then Azul drops a bombshell on them: the entire meal is free (and look, he’ll throw in this neat free toy with their food). Cheka’s happy, but Leona is very suspicious. He refuses to let Cheka take the toy, and slaps down a wad of madol anyway.
“Trying to get free publicity from the royal family through a kid? Why don’t you take your fishy lips and go kiss someone else’s ass?” Leona challenges, tugging on his nephew to get him to stand. “Oi, come on. We’re leaving--before the seafood starts to smell even more.”
Tumblr media
A little bit into their Scarabia excursion, Cheka ends up on Leona’s back. The heat has him all tuckered out, so he needs to rely on his uncle to carry him to the dorm!
Kalim quickly ushers his guests inside and calls for Jamil to prepare drinks, snacks, and fans (much to Jamil’s dismay). He offers a sea of soft rugs and plush cushions for the beastmen to lounge on, which Cheka just loves. The cub squishes his face into a pillow that’s just about the same size as he is!
Jamil pops out of the kitchen with the things Kalim requested and sets them down on a table. He steps back, and catches Leona’s gaze. Both of them look dead inside and share a nod--a silent agreement that they are both waaay too tired to deal with the balls of energy that are Kalim and Cheka. (Child leash, Jamil mouths his suggestion.)
Even though he ate lunch not too long ago, Cheka’s already sampling more grapes, cheeses, and crackers! As soon as he finishes eating something, Kalim’s eager to shove more things at him to try, or offer another cup of (super sugary) tea! (... Honestly, it’s like two hyperactive kids on a playdate while their exhausted parents watch them.)
After snacking, Kalim takes Cheka to explore the bejeweled halls of his dorm, with Jamil and Leona trailing behind. They spend a long time in the menagerie--a large room where Kalim houses his animals! Cheka goes around petting each fuzzy, furry, or feathered friend!
In the treasure storage room, Kalim lets Cheka dive into piles of gold and gems, swimming around like a rich duck in a pool of money. While Cheka’s splashing in gold, he accidentally steps on the magic carpet, which nips at his toes!
The kid is fascinated by the sentient carpet, so Kalim offers to give him a ride. Leona tiredly agrees, and they all hop aboard (because as much as Leona and Jamil dislike it, they can’t trust Kalim and Cheka on their own).
The ride is absolutely magical for Cheka, but a nightmare for Leona. Cheka keeps leaning off the side of the carpet to look down below (”Ooh, there’s an oasis down there!!), or reaching up to try and grasp a cloud, only for it to vanish into water vapor. He comes close to falling off so many times, it almost gives Leona a heart attack!!
After one nerve-wrecking round trip, Kalim deposits the beastman duo on the ground. He thanks them for coming by, then invites them to show up again for the banquet he’s throwing this weekend. Jamil cuts in before the situation worsens. “I think it would be best not to trouble them any further, Kalim. They must be very busy.”
Leona silently thanks the Great Seven for being spared from attending one of Kalim’s annoying parties. As they’re leaving, Cheka lets Kalim know he thinks he was a great host, and that just beings a huge smile to Kalim’s face—but a collective groan from Jamil and Leona.
Tumblr media
Leona’s been dreading the visit to Pomefiore all day. As soon as he and Cheka step into Vil’s proverbial kingdom, they’re tackled by a certain huntsman. “Ah, Roi du Léon...!” Rook cries, Leona caught in his vicegrip, “Have you come to pay a visit to Roi du Poison?He shall surely be honored by your presence!” (He won’t.) (”Tch...! Rook, you bastard! Let go of me!!”)
Rook takes notice of Cheka, and, delighted at the thought of observing a lion cub, drops Leona and seizes Cheka instead. To Leona’s shock, Cheka just... stands there and blinks up at Rook fearlessly. “You’re kinda weird, mister!!” (”Hohoh! So the petit lionceau has a bite. Fascinating!!”)
The huntsman circles Cheka, poking and prodding him (which makes the kid laugh) and asking questions that any normal person would consider invasive. (But Rook isn’t exactly normal.) Leona growls and warns Cheka to stay back, but Rook has zero fear or shame and continues to bombard them with questions, grabbing their ears and tails--
“Rook. What are you doing? That is not how we treat our visitors.”
Rook suddenly steps back and dips into a kneel--and, to Leona’s dismay, Vil emerges with Epel in tow. “Fufu. You have returned from your afternoon stroll, mon roi.”
Vil waves a hand, dismissing Rook. “I must apologize for that man’s idiocy. I assure you that it does not reflect on Pomefiore as a whole.” Cheka doesn’t quite get it, but he’s mesmerized by Vil’s beauty and compliments him!
The actor takes an interest in Cheka and decides to dress him up against Leona’s protests. Vil throws an entire closet’s worth of clothes and accessories at Cheka, even giving him a little dusting of powder to enhance his appearance. Cheka doesn’t seem to mind, and actually has fun parading around in different outfits.
Leona grunts, completely bored out of his skull, as Vil claps and tells Cheka to twirl to show off the full range of his clothes. The queen beams proudly, but it turns bitter when he addresses Leona. “How can such a sweet, talented boy be related to a brute such as yourself?” (”Oi, don’t go insulting Epel now,” Leona says sarcastically. Epel chortles, but Vil isn’t amused.)
Leona and Vil bicker for a little, as per usual, and Cheka finds himself staring from behind his uncle’s leg at the young man that lingers behind Vil. Epel awkwardly waves, unsure of what else to do or to say... and Cheka makes a funny face back! Epel frowns, but makes a funny face of his own in return!
That starts a little showdown between the two, but it’s cut off when Vil takes notice and scolds Epel for acting out of turn! He pinches his ear and tells him off for misbehaving. As punishment, it now falls to Epel to escort Leona and Cheka around Pomefiore!
Epel takes on the role of tour guide (begrudgingly). He power walks ahead of the beastmen, rushing through grand ballrooms and manicured lines while parroting lines about Pomefiore’s rich history. Epel glosses over a lot of stuff to get through it as soon as possible, then shoos Leona and Cheka away!
(... Rook was stalking them the entire time with his camera in hand. He’d soon have more photographs to add to his secret stash.)
Tumblr media
Ortho greets the duo when they step into Ignihyde’s cold, sterile hallways. Cheka’s hesitant about approaching Ortho at first--they seem to be about the same age, but why’s his robot all shiny, and his hair on fire? After seeing how friendly Ortho is, he gets over his initial fear and excitedly talks with the robot boy!
Because of how empty Ignihyde’s corridors tend to be, the kids’ bubbly voices echo and carry throughout the whole building. They get into a heated discussion about how great their uncle and big brother are, becoming increasingly loud and animated. (Leona groans and covers his ears.)
Curious as he is, Cheka sticks his hand in Ortho’s hair, and is shocked to find that it doesn’t burn him! “Are you surprised, Cheka Kingscholar-san? My ‘hair’ is actually an artificial flame projected by a magic of fire and light attributes. Nii-san invented it himself! Isn’t that so cool?” (”Wow, that’s amazing!”)
Ortho lets Cheka practice roaring at him! Using his audio-recording, playback, and analysis software, Ortho can play Cheka’s roar back, measure how loud it is, and provide feedback on how Cheka can work on it!
The robot boy excitedly introduces Cheka to his brother (who speaks to them only through the door of his bedroom). Idia gives haughty and dismissive responses until it becomes clear to him that Cheka just will not stop talking. He goes quiet and lets Cheka take control of the conversation, but it seems like there’s no end in sight.
At last, the door opens a bit and Idia’s golden eyes peer out from the darkness. A pale hand extends out and drops a few pieces of candy into Cheka’s hands. “P-Please just g-go away now... L-Let me go back to my games...” (Typical White Radish Sprout.)
The door is slammed in the lion cub’s face, sentencing him and Leona to the shadow realm. Ortho says sorry in place of Idia, but Cheka reassures him that it’s fine, because his uncle gets grumpy sometimes, too! (”I’m right here, furball. I can hear everything you’re saying.”)
Ortho sees Leona and Cheka off at the mirror portal. As the children say their farewells, they’re sure to make a promise to build a snowman together when they meet next.
Tumblr media
By the time Leona and Cheka make it to Diasomnia, night has fallen, and the moon and stars are already up. Leona loudly knocks on the castle doors, eager to get this over with. He can already hear the bed calling his name.
Lilia answers, and when he sees Cheka, he enthusiastically ushers him and Leona inside. “You’re just in time for dinner. I’m sure Malleus won’t mind a few surprise guests.” (At the mention of the overgrown lizard’s name, Leona can feel his fur and skin crawl.)
Lilia drags the beastmen into Diasomnia’s dining room, where Silver, Sebek, and Malleus are already seated. Malleus and Silver look surprised, but remain relatively calm, when they see Leona and Cheka. Sebek, on the other hand, snaps the head off his spoon.
The first year slams down his broken silverware, stands up from his seat, and, pointing an accusing finger at Leona, demands to know why and how he has infiltrated the young master’s domain.
Sebek’s shouting startles Cheka, and he, despite trembling in fear, stands up for his uncle and attempts to roar back to intimidate the knight. This, for whatever reason, actually impresses Sebek. He praises Cheka for having a backbone, and salutes him as a budding young man, but continues to remain on the defensive about Leona.
“Calm yourself, Sebek. They are my guests for the evening. How could you turn down such an adorable little tot and his guardian?” Lilia tuts, taking his place beside Malleus. “I trust that no one has any objections?”
Silver remains silent. Malleus looks like he wants to say something, but he bites his tongue. “... None. Kingscholar and... Miniature Kingscholar, you may be seated.”
With the wave of his hand, the prince summons silverware for Leona and Cheka. (”Show-off,” Leona grumbles under his breath. Malleus definitely hears that, but, again, holds back from making a passive aggressive remark. A nobleman must have poise, dignity--)
The tension in the room is so thick, you could cut it with a knife. Pretty much only Lilia and Cheka are making efforts to make conversation. Sebek is glaring at Leona, Leona is glaring at Malleus, Malleus is just trying to focus on his own meal, and Silver... Well, Silver is almost falling asleep in his bowl of soup.
“Such a rambunctious child. Clever, too,” Lilia remarks with a swig of his tomato juice. “I would be cautious if I were you, Leona. I may very well kidnap Cheka and raise him as my own if you aren’t!”
Silence. Then someone coughs.
“Come now, it was just a joke! Laugh!” (Lilia laughs at his own joke, and Cheka giggles along with him, but no one else does.)
Dinner passes by awkwardly. Lilia clears off the table and waves everyone else off, insisting that they go socialize in the common room lounge. Sebek grabs a book and parks himself on a couch, while Silver sits at the other end of it with a cup of after-dinner coffee. Leona claims another couch to himself and knocks right out.
Malleus excuses himself for a night time stroll, only to feel a tug on his sleeve. When he looks down, he finds Cheka clinging to him. “Can I come too, Lizard Nii-san?” (... Kingscholar must have taught him that.)
“Very well, if that is what you wish.”
Together, they plunge into the moonlit night. They don’t venture too far from Diasomnia--only as far as its bramble extends, but just far enough for Cheka to get a taste of the dark, twisted world. Diasomnia’s twisted flora casts scary shadows across the land, causing him to cling harder onto Malleus’s hand.
“... So, miniature Kingscholar. Am I to believe that you are the future king of the Afterglow Savannah? If so, that is quite a weight on your shoulders.”
“Yup!” Cheka smiles up at Malleus. “My dad says that, one day, everything the light touches will be mine! I can’t wait to be king, so I can do lots of good things for everyone. My friends, my family... especially Oji-tan!”
“... And why is that, if I may ask? This fixation on your... Oji-tan.”
Cheka hesitates--staring into the shadows. “... Oji-tan seems sad and angry sometimes. He doesn’t say it, and he doesn’t tell me, but it’s just the feeling I get!”
Malleus nods. He understands the sentiment, just based on his own personal interactions with Leona. Envious, competitive, seeking to prove himself. Petty, but in a pitiful way. Never enough.
“A king’s gotta make all his people happy! Oji-tan counts as a person, too. He...” A yawn. “He deserves... to be... hap... py...”
“Oh dear. You seem to be tired, little one.” Malleus leans the child up against him, giving him a place to rest. “... Sleep now. I will see to it that you and your uncle are safely returned to bed.”
Cheka’s eyes slowly drift shut.
With the smallest bit of his magic, Malleus brings himself and the child back to Diasomnia. He whisks Cheka up in his arms and carries him to the lounge, where Leona is still snoozing.
“How was the walk?” Lilia asks.
Malleus sweeps by his Vice Dorm Leader, carefully depositing Cheka atop of Leona. The lion beastman unconsciously shifts in his sleep, his arms moving to wrap around his nephew. Malleus smiles to himself and steps back. “... It was a wonderful walk.”
Leona and Cheka would wake up the next morning to find themselves back in Savanaclaw. Both of them would wonder if that dorm tour trip was just a dream of not--but neither of them would know the truth for sure.
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otomes-world · 2 days ago
His Treasure
I planned write a love letter but you know i just sat and went with the flow. Enjoy <( ̄︶ ̄)>
f. Friendship, Broken Glass, Smiling Stranger
Tumblr media
It is always cold in the Coral Sea regardless of the time of day and season. Of course, piercing frost isn`t something to fear if you were born and raised at the bottom of a reservoir. If you can call the ocean home.
However, life there isn`t as bad as it might seem at first glance. You can get used to the semi-darkness, to the coldness of the water and the views. You can find an occupation or, better to say, a hobby to your liking. This is exactly what Jade did, from childhood searching sunken ships for forgotten, abandoned valuables. While picking up this or that trinket, he wondered more than once: what did the Princess feel while collecting strange curiosities from land. Did she experience genuine joy from finding a new thing? Did she try to guess the purpose or history of the item?
Jade wasn`t interested in the culture of the walkers on the ground, there were enough interesting events under the water. Until the illustration in the book that caught his eye. Even then, he still couldn`t understand why people put fish in a glass prison and disguise it under the seabed. The idea itself turned out to be surprisingly original, so without noticing, he began to pick more and more sparkling, shiny things from the land.
Moray took this unusual hobby with him to College. Here he received great freedom in the choice of materials for creating aquariums. It was no longer necessary to conduct hourly, and sometimes useless, searches in order to find at least something worthwhile among the silt and algae. Now he could give free rein to his imagination.
However, like any collector, Jade was soon fed up with simple things. Like any sophisticated critic, he wanted something new, something worthy to become a part of his collection.
What is the point of rushing from one extreme to another for the sake of what everyone has in abundance?
To get into the world of villains from fairy tales.. perhaps for some it was a lifelong dream. However, without a shadow of a doubt, Yuu would call everything that happens a bad dream, from which she has long dreamed of waking up.
In a world where magic is common, not wielding it is like being an exotic, defenseless animal. The one that everyone looks down on. The one whose life passes under the crosshairs of unfriendly gazes. However, inside the viper's nest, you must be a viper, too. Therefore, rolling up sleeves, the self-proclaimed prefect put on a mask and began to pave herr way of survival.
If you take the mockery too close to your heart, you will break.
If you allow yourself to relax, you will hurt.
If you let someone get too close, you will condemn yourself to suffering.
Three simple rules, nothing could be easier. However, people need communication, support. With friends, it was easier to forget about pressing problems, briefly push fears into the background, allowing yourself to enjoy the moment. For a moment, close eyes to the danger, which is getting closer with each passing second.
Without Ace and Deuce's intimidated reaction, Yuu sensed that something was wrong with the Leech twins. Jade's unchanging smile and Floyd's unpredictable mood swings were great reasons to avoid both of them. However, fate always had its own vision of things, because the girl often began to notice two bright multi-colored eyes in the shadows.
Not to notice them is admitting that you are blind.
What calm, but no less frightening, vice-leader of Octavinelle found attractive in her, she didn`t know, but intuition dictated that it wouldn`t end well anyway. Therefore, when the young man finally approached her with an invitation, Yuu was already mentally prepared for the battle.
"Is this... what you wanted to show me?.." Having heard the rumors about the clandestine activities of the top of the Sea Witch's dorm, the prefect was ready for anything, but for the various aquariums in Jade's room.
However, despite her mistrust, Yuu couldn't help but acknowledge the quality and the amount of time spent on them. With different shapes and fillings each tank has a small world bounded by glass. Without noticing, the prefect began to look curiously from one aquarium to another. In one of the materials at hand the building of the College was recreated, in the other the Sea Witch's cave.
Jade was silent all the time, giving the girl the opportunity to slowly enjoy the fruit of his hard work. When she reached the last empty bowl, he allowed himself to speak.
“The world is full of unusual, attention-grabbing things. For some, a simple fork is nothing special, but for others it is a curiosity that carries a rich history behind it. I guess, this is the beauty of any thing,” Moray allowed himself to laugh. “Nature reserves the right to be the main creator, but it is merciful, allowing us to try ourselves in this difficult task. So, any person can bring something of their own into this world, so any sea inhabitant is able to recreate his own universe in a glass."
"What are you mean?" Yuu didn't like how far away the Leech started the conversation. "I didn't think you would decide to give me a lecture on philosophy."
“Like any connoisseur, the climax overtook me,” the young man continued his thought, as if nothing had happened, gradually closing the distance and forcing the prefect to retreat. “The moment when you understand that you have reached stagnation in creativity. When simple materials cease to cause joy and you want to create something that no one else in the world can do." For every step Jade took, the girl took one step back. "Replenish your collection with something that others absolutely do not have"
"You c-crazy," realizing where the Leech was leading, Yuu shivered. Colliding with the table, the girl inadvertently touched the empty aquarium, which with a loud crash shattered into small fragments. However, the sharp glass at the moment worried her least of all, because the prefect didn`t take her bewildered gaze from the tall figure, who remained calm despite the hype. "I will be damned if I'll let you stuff me into one of your t-toys!"
A moment and moray appear very close. The moment and back of the head pierces a sharp pain, depriving consciousness. Finally plunging into darkness, Yuu thought she heard a voice:
"Of course not. There was always something great in my thoughts."
Somewhere at the bottom of the Coral Sea is a cave hidden from prying eyes. The cold stone bends curiously, forming something like shelves inside. At the very top, there is a small hole that allows crumbs of light, like spotlights, to illuminate the treasures inside.
Silver shimmering cutlery stuck in an antique chandelier just like candles. Oil painting of a girl in a long dress leaning against a wall. Broken mirrors, fragments of expensive porcelain dishes, carefully laid out around.
In the center of the cave was a handmade pedestal made of stone, on which sat a girl in a dress made of airy flannel, swaying with waves. The arms and legs are fixed and suspended by subtle threads. The view seems so serene that it seems as a stranger is about to wake up from sleep and open her eyelids.
However, who, if not the owner of the collection, know that this will never happen.
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kulfidraws · 2 days ago
it’s tragic to me how azul is unintentionally one of the most funniest characters in twst but the fandom made him out to be... that
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rrasado · 2 days ago
Hello! May request headcanons of Leona and Octavinelle students (separately) react to fem reader having Hanahaki Disease because of them, but she never tells them directly that they're the cause of it? Have a nice day!
Blood Stained Blooms
Ara? What do we have here now 🧐. I’m joking sjsjsj angst is my go to and you hit the spot. Tag some Lion and Octavinelle stans perhaps~?
⚠️ TW: Mentions of blood and vomiting.
When words are left unsaid...
Tumblr media
Honestly, he never expected someone with so much spunk as you to just...reel over to the floor choking out bloody flora that could’ve easily been fitting with the greenery at the botanical garden he naps at.
And at the same time, Leona knew that...people with strong fronts have a tender foundation. What do you think he is? Well it wasn’t like he bothered hiding his shortcomings, it just so happened that he never gave a care for what people think of him.
That...would’ve been the usual. What is unusual however is you vomiting on the ground pathetically clutching your chest gasping for dear oxygen. Call it what you will, instinct, concern, desire, it didn’t matter to him what the hell he was truly feeling because the next thing he knew, he was already kneeling next to you brows furrowed whilst his calloused hand placed itself on your back.
He could feel it, with the way your shoulder blades tensed and relaxed at an unnatural rate under his touch while Blood continued to trickle down- The lion beastman was no fool either. Something to this degree isn’t at its early stages is it? He was no doctor but...he felt a tinge in his chest at the thought of someone just suddenly dropping dead. It was it because it’s you who knows…
The way you weakly smiled at him as you ushered him with a blood stained hand wasn’t something that would calm him down, it might’ve made him even more spurred. Gritting his teeth his ear twitched. Before standing up and grumbling to himself.
“Oi herbavour- what the hell is that-“ “A-ah..Leona..”
Leona is Leona, the lonely second prince that forgot his title whenever he was with you, but he didn’t knew how to handle this. How to handle the thought of you in a gruesome state- ah...he accidentally stepped on a flower….Ruggie would later be ordered to fetch whatever information he can manage to attain about the hellish illness.
...His mind is truly in uproar...
Tumblr media
It was all too sudden, even for him. One minute you two were walking side by side in the corridors discussing a possible deal and the next thing he knew, eyes locked for a split second when he saw the sudden struck of immense pain on your expression before falling to your knees on the carpet and spewing out…
Azul, was truly ambushed with so many unwanted emotions, his usually calculative mind didn’t know where to focus on, your pain the blood spewing out or the cruelly beautiful flowers that landed on the stained carpet.
His sharp posture diminished shaking his head before finally making a move, a childish reaction but he took out his own cleanly pressed handkerchief and offering it to you. So what if it’d get stained with your blood? He’d rather clean out stains than to see you reeling on the ground!
Once your coughing dies down the octavinelle dorm leader would debate whether to ask or comfort. On one hand he knew that being double weighted by pain and interrogation isn’t good but on the other hand- he wanted to know what the hell you’ve been going through and he wanted to know ASAP.
Look the variety of clients he’s had to deal with never had a near death situation so he wasn’t sure if this was even within his prowess- and if he can’t help you then his vast network of connections should help, it has to help it has to. That’s what he’d be telling to himself unbeknownst to him that you’ve been weakly calling out to him- a-ah yes?
““ “C’mon we’ll be late..I-I think we can grab some water on the way”
In the end he opted for the former, gently helping you back up on your feet and already concucting his next course of action, he’d later find out the cruel disease...he wasn’t the one having flowers bloom in his lungs so why did his chest wince…?
...You were far too precious for him to let go of...
Tumblr media
It was- not part of his predictions, far from within his spectrum of deductions even.
Taking you out for a hike to admire and study the natural specimens Mother Nature has to offer in the land forms near Night Raven college was supposed to be...not bloody.
As much as of a sucker the Vice dorm leader is for the unexpected. This particular instance did not please him in the slightest. He grew and went about keeping his true feelings under an eerily serene exterior, this situation wasn’t an exception.
But he had to wonder wether his forced calmness helped you or made it worse, the way your eyes met his heterochromatic gaze just- the way the pain doubled in your gaze when you saw an eerily calm ocean in his eyes was what you recieved but why does it hurt even more..why does it feel like he doesn’t care when he-
You didn’t had time to even complain about something seemingly insignificant as that- the flowers that fell from your mouth along with spurts of blood like a crimson waterfall was taking up you train of thought. You need air- oxygen was taken for granted how the calmer eel twin took you for granted.
“J-jade...don’t think much about it..” “ you wish..”
Honestly, just like how he handles other dire situations, he’ll calmly handle you to the bare minimum- but that isnt to say he isn’t worried, because he is...more than he’d like to admit. He’s seen how cruel life can be but when it comes to you...he never actually considered it. So expect him to frequent the library more rather than taking hikes. Because just like how he handles other’s better to find the source, and when he does...
...He’ll be even more diligent, unbeknownst to you...
Tumblr media
Under the bleachers- that- Koebi-chan did you spill some juice? Ehehe lemme grab you an extra shir-...that smell...
What’s that in your mouth? He thought you were just snacking on something with strawberry jam but dwellers don’t usually eat flowers with jam now do they? Poor Floyd...denial off the bat. But his body already began to move on its own, taking long strides towards your shuddering form as he grasped your shoulders to steady you.
He gulped down whatever lump hitched in his throat only for nothing to come out, for once floyd actually took the time to observe. The other always told him he was too reckless, he never cared since it adds to the thrill but- shrimpy choking out fully bloomed floranstained crimson isn’t thrilling at all. He doesn’t like this he doesn’t think this is fun- get youre pranking him right?..right?
What would the others do- no he doesn’t have time to think like the others he’s the only one with you now- he should carry you to the infirmary ye that’s good, good job floyd just slowly carry them and- he ran faster than for any errand he’s had to do. The infirmary was his only destination. Wether others stared at his rare expression of seriousness or the writhing girl in his arms. It didn’t matter, those useless guppies don’t matter.
He demanded you to be treated, without even thinking wether whatever made shrimpy like this can even be cured in the first place. How would he even know? He’d know when the staff informs him, when they inform him how they can only keep the symptoms at bay but not fully cure the illness. This pest of a decease was making his shrimpy suffer and you’re telling him no one can do anything about it? WHAT TYPE OF A DAMNED DECEASE IS THIS-
“This ain’t fair! What the hell is-“ “F..Floyd alright.”
Suffice it to say he doesn’t take the news well, this was such an annoying thing to have, all for love? Who the hell wouldn’t love shrimpy!? Shrimpy is shrimpy and they are fun! Goodness Floyd...he only calms down when the teen in the infirmary bed ushers him close with a shaky hand...
...He despises the situation...
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asobou4u · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Leech twin’s fwirst dway owf swchool😌
Bet their parents’ faces were like -> 🥺
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zuly-rebird · 2 days ago
Rich Kitty!🐈
Tumblr media
Did you all think i would go on in life without drawing Azul as a cat as well?•̀.̫•́✧ i am still working on other pieces but wanted to post something so i drew this last night (〃>▽<〃)/* (many thanks to my cat, Bixby, for being my reference) I may do more of these later on because i always love to draw cats ٩(๑ᵒ̴̶̷͈᷄ᗨᵒ̴̶̷͈᷅)و (maybe ill draw Jade and Floyd using more pics of Bixby ✨✨) anyways hope you all like it!!
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meiusoo-twistedtwst · 2 days ago
[Twisted Wonderland Theory] Does RSA Use Two Magic Stones? The Dorms There?
Tumblr media
(Image snipped from the Twisted Wonderland Wiki Fandom)
Someone wrote to me about how RSA students seem to be able to constantly cast their unique magic without worrying much about blot building up on their stone. I think it's possible that RSA students may be given two magic stones. Maybe one is for personal use and the other is only used for school? Plus, during the Camp Vargas event, Ruggie was able to cast his UM because he hid a bunch of magic stones in his pockets.
RSA students have their magic stone in like, a pin style, rather than a pen style like NRC. From observing that and the NRC staff members designs, it seems that magic stones come in any design possible (I think a character said something about that already but whatever). But for students, the pen design would be more versatile and practical, since you can write and cast magic with it. In my theory about school life in RSA, I wrote that perhaps in the past, RSA may have not always been such a friendly, utopia-like school and did have overblot(s), this could lead to now, where the RSA students are given two magic stones to decrease the chances of overblot.
Speaking of magic stones, looking at Neige's and the dwarfs stones, all of them are a red color, and all eight of them are second years. I think RSA doesn't have a variety dorms like NRC, I think the students there are spilt up by what year their in. So like, instead of their being a good alter ego of the dorms at NRC, there's only four dorms, one for all the freshmen to stay in, then one for all the second years, etc... . Then since the freshmen would be pretty lost at the school, there's a teacher representing/guiding the dorm members instead of dorm and vice dorm leaders.
It seems that NRC lets their students do things more independently while RSA students are more guided by their teachers. RSA seems more like a normal high school while NRC is more like college, despite being a high school as well.
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