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#obsessed with this idea
crazy-walls · an hour ago
👍👎🤲🤞 for Skinny & 🤝🤛🤙for young Cotta? (yes i'm obsessed with that AU why do you ask? 😄)
👍 - what (if any) is a good, safe touch for your character? probably no surprise at all but Skinny's not really the type who likes to be touched - but a light, reassuring touch on the shoulder or upper arm (or, god forbid, maybe the cheek but he would never admit to that one) are okay occasionally
👎 - what kind of touch is not comfortable or generally unwanted by your character? any kind of (unexpected) grabbing but especially grabbing him by the nape of his neck or around his chin to make him look up
🤲 - is your character better at receiving touch or giving it? under what circumstances? i honestly think he's not really good with either - he's not exactly the handsy type (except when he's drunk/high & horny, maybe) and even though he's completely touch starved he rarely trusts anyone enough to let them touch him
🤞 - if your character needed to touch someone to check on their physical condition, how would they go about it? with rather little regard for their comfort, probably. not that he'd purposely touch them where they're hurt but he'll just be all practical, boy does not have time to be gentle so he'll just hold them still, inspects them and that's it (please see exhibit A aka Skinny in Burn Inside My Throat xD)
🤝 - how comfortable is your character with the 'professional' type of touching/gestures? (i.e. handshakes, having a card handy, small talk, etc) handshakes are fine, even though he hates the stupid "trying to break your fingers"-handshake lots of cops use to make themselves feel better about themselves or whatever they're trying to achieve with that. he definitely has a card handy at all times. small talk? not so much. that's just a necessary evil to be perceived as polite and professional but he'd rather get to the point immediately
🤛 - how does your character react to being hit? are they likely to continue a fight if someone else starts it, or try to de-escalate or get away? listen, Cotta might not have had the greatest training, we're talking American police training after all, but he does his best to de-escalate situations (unless the other person thinks they can intimidate him by throwing punches, then he'll make sure they're unable to move 2 seconds later)
🤙 - how does your character's relationship with touch change if they get tipsy or otherwise chemically unbalanced? at first i wanted to say not very but... he's so used to being in utter control of himself and retaining composure, for better or worse, that it's normally hard for him to allow himself more than a passing hug with Caroline, a pat on Goodween's back or snuggles with Bubbles (he's a cat, it doesn't count because Bubbles is the one wanting most of the snuggles, no, Cotta will not take criticism). drunk Cotta probably loses a little of that self-restraint - the squeezing of Goodween's shoulder or the hugs with Caroline last a bit longer, are a bit rougher around the edges but in just the right way, and maybe his hand somehow finds its way on Skinnys thigh eventually, just to rest there
Character Asks - Touch/Gestures
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anon-ee · an hour ago
i am.... thinking about how often charlie stays over at dee's
in Charlie Goes All America All Over Everybody's Ass: the morning after charlie and dee were hanging out (and spending time at her apt.) and charlie got sick, they walked into paddy's together. so charlie probably stayed overnight at dee's place and she took care of him
in Charlie Rules the World: charlie probably stayed over at dee's place for some days to get that good at (and obsessed with) the game
between The Gang Gets a New Member and Dee Reynolds Shaping America's Youth: charlie and dee were probably working at the school for at least a few days for the kids to have gotten to know charlie so well. and since charlie refused to go with the guys of the gang, he probably also refused to stay with frank since he was mad at him. and instead chose to stay at dee's place
in The Gang Misses the Boat: on that first night the gang was all broken up, mac stole dee's bedroom to fake-bang dusty (in the episode timeline this is still before that night charlie and dee kissed). so charlie and dee probably had to sleep together on that tiny couch in her living room 
(as @poppys-li points out in this post <3) in Hero or Hate Crime?: charlie says [about dee’s sharp elbows] "that's what it is!"... that's what what is? that's what's poking you when you share the bed with dee? was that a habitual thing for them by then??
in Dennis' Double Life: charlie chooses to sleep next to dee on her couch rather than sleep next to the woman he had been stalking for the last 15 years
tl;dr charlie stays at dee's place and shares her bed all the time, dude!
both times we actually see charlie and dee bed-sharing charlie wakes up before dee. so... headcanon that whenever he stays overnight, charlie always wakes up before dee. and wanders around in her apartment, initally careful to not disturb her sleep (but then he forgets to be conscious about all the noise he's making) and he tries to make them breakfast and coffee but mostly fucks it up. and then dee gets to wake up to a mess in her apartment and gross coffee and mystery breakfast and a (well-meaning but) flustered/frustrated charlie insisting there's something wrong with her kitchenstuff (and his cooking skills aren't at fault) ♡. and then they spend the day together in her apartment!!
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medusa1597 · 6 hours ago
also obsessed with the way they keep insisting on the fact that sal is a closeted gay guy like we get itttt you didn't even have to add clues in the dialogue honestly
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skully-bones · 12 hours ago
For your chicken sandwich question: a summer or two ago when Popeye’s dropped their chicken sandwich and everyone went ballistic for it, everyone else in fast food decided it was because people just love chicken sandwiches. And not, you know, that Popeyes is tasty, spicier, and cruncher than most places. Generally there was also no hype surrounding the launch of any other chicken sandwich, where as Popeyes advertised everywhere. There is also the quality of chicken and bun. Popeyes also used a brioche bun which is rare in the fast food world because of how expensive they are in relation to other buns. And in my opinion, most chicken sandwiches do not contain the correct amount of crunch to offset the softness of the bun. ESPECIALLY MCDONALDS, who do not give a FRICK if that bun gets soggy. Anyways, sorry to go off but I actually studied the chicken sando apocalypse for my social media course.
Tumblr media
the crunch to soft ratio is of the utmost importance, if u can’t get that right, don’t even bother
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kissingcannibals · 14 hours ago
by absolutely no means do i regret my name change and my first name does feel very good but i cannot stop thinking about the name francis/frances. it haunts me.
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lesbianchrispine · 14 hours ago
i haven’t watched loki or actually anything marvel in a while however the db cooper thing was GENIUS. absolute genius
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#oh don't mind me i'm just an alien#my mom was adopted#her grandmother is descended from alexander hamilton according to my grandmother#which would seem to track because my grandmother's mother was a hamilton herself#all well and good#that much is likely a verifiable truth#became a bit weird the other night about how my grandfather's surname implies that his family may have held titles in england#of course it could just be that his family worked for someone with a title in england and took that surname#which would be funny considering how high and mighty they all act#anyway i can't verify anything there with any degree of certainty#but one website claimed that alexander hamilton was descended from william wallace#and that he was distantly related to catherine parr#no idea if that's true or not but i just think it's funny how i'm writing that play about henry viii's wives#i'm likely not even a blood relation (have no idea what the white side of my dad's family was and no idea whatsoever about my mom)#but it's just like on the one hand i hate to think i'm part of a lineage of aristocracy#it would be terribly off brand for me#but also having multiple revolutionaries in the family would make sense to me as well as the eerie choice of hyperfixation on henry's wives#makes you wonder if ghosts just linger and pick one specific family member and had to settle on me#because their actual bloodline became very obsessed with status quo#anyway i don't always agree historically with every choice these figures made i just think it would be interesting coincidence#also thanks i hate it#also it literally doesn't matter because i'm an alien i'm not really from anywhere#it's not like i ever met anyone cherokee besides my father and his grandparents#so who the fuck am i really and why would it matter
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dainslief-simp · 16 hours ago
Ok ya know what I’m really mad about? How in literally EVERY Transformers media, Optimus is this flawless father figure who doesn’t change much. And that’s fine, he makes for a great flat arc character, but you’re telling me that NO ONE has even considered the idea of Optimus having a saviour complex and working past it???? Or having Optimus crumble under the pressure of being a leader to this giant cause???
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lifewasradical · 21 hours ago
hello miss amanda, i have simply barged into your inbox to request 30 with any pairing you see fit🧡
hi miss anna! thank you for barging in, I hope you like this cake prompt from my endless ideas for the picture perfect soulmates au! this prompt does NOT correlate at all with my cake soulmates prompt from last week either 💜
words: 3.5k
tw: none
read on ao3: here!
“I can’t talk to cute people, okay? I don’t know how to flirt!”
All Calum’s life, he was told he would be a heartbreaker. “Everyone is going to fall in love with you the second they see you, regardless of if they’re your soulmate,” his mom would say as she was petting his hair at night, open window bringing in soft sea scents and warm vanilla.
“But aren’t you only supposed to love your soulmate?” little Calum would ask sleepily, wanting to hear more about soulmates rather than drifting off into his dreams.
His mom would chuckle, “You can love whoever you want to, your soulmate is just the one the universe says is perfect for you. Some people never find their soulmates. Others realize they’ve known them all along. You just have to wait until you start getting your pictures.”
That scared Calum more than anything. How is he supposed to know that his soulmate is out there, but he never can find them? What if they live on another continent? What if they both speak different languages and are destined to never communicate? What if he doesn’t get any soulmate pictures at all?
It ended up not being true, anyway. Calum started receiving his soulmate pictures at the same age as everyone else, finding silly little tidbits littered throughout his camera roll each morning when he woke up. His soulmate didn’t take a lot of pictures, but when they did, Calum could tell they were intentional. Scenic masterpieces with golden hues and vivid saturation showed off beautiful travels, though Calum could never figure out where the pictures were taken.
It was gonna drive him insane if he didn’t cut it out.
So instead, Calum did exactly what his mom said would happen. He threw himself into anyone who would look his way. He tried not to think about the mysterious person hiding on the other side of the cell phone camera, but it’s really hard not to think about your soulmate when you wake up everyday with their pictures from the day before in your camera roll.
But no pictures with faces, none with identifiable information or names. Nothing that could ever help him find his destiny. So he waited. He waited and messed around with other people while waking up to new pictures every single day. He dated, both casually and seriously, until he found himself in a long term relationship with a guy named Ashton who was, for all intents and purposes, perfect.
Ashton was kind, cared about Calum more than words could express, and held the deepest conversations. He woke Calum up with coffee and never left his dirty clothes on the floor and communicated. He was the ideal partner.
But he wasn’t Calum’s soulmate.
No matter how hard he tried, Calum couldn’t get that thought out of his head. It would haunt him through the night, leaving him worried about breaking Ashton’s heart when he was finally able to meet his soulmate. If, if he’s ever able to meet his soulmate. Unable to shake the want of a soulmate’s love from his heart, Calum had to end things.
And it wasn’t pretty.
He tried to remain level headed. It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with Ashton, because god, Calum fucking loved him. But he wasn’t Calum’s soulmate. And no matter how hard he tried, he would never be able to get over that. He couldn’t live a life where he loved someone so deeply, but they weren’t the person that he’s supposed to be with for life.
Ashton called him selfish. Calum pleaded with him to understand. Ashton didn’t care about the soulmate system, didn’t even check the pictures in his phone. He just deleted them every morning without a second glance, stating that he would find his soulmate when he was ready, organically. Calum couldn’t understand that, even when he watched Ashton delete the images from his camera roll.
It tore Calum apart, to lose the first person he ever really loved. He tried to convince himself that he was doing this for the best, that he was breaking up with Ashton so that it wouldn’t kill him down the road.
Doesn’t mean that it didn’t hurt like a bitch to rip that bandaid off.
Weeks and weeks of sitting on Michael’s living room floor eating pizza and ice cream while complaining about how bullshit the whole soulmate system really is. “Why couldn’t Ashton just be my soulmate?” Calum would whine, while Michael smiled sympathetically from the couch.
“Life isn’t really fair,” he would reply, knowing that nothing he said would make things better for Calum.
The ache of missing Ashton was harder than he was able to handle. But also, a new kind of ache set in, the ache of resentment. Calum started to resent his soulmate for making him end things with Ashton, even though he reasonably knew that the soulmate had no impact on the situation. So Calum did the one thing that he didn’t think he would ever be capable of doing. He stopped looking at his soulmate pictures.
He wasn’t sure if the pictures would just get backlogged, so he would have days upon days of content to look through, or if they would disappear when he hadn’t looked at them. But he did it. He stopped looking at the pictures until the ache stopped being so strong, until he stopped feeling like he was eight feet under water with lead boots on, dragging him down to the bottom of the ocean to suffocate. He stopped thinking about his soulmate until he was able to breathe fresh air once again.
Three months after his breakup with Ashton, Calum wakes up to chirping birds and a light breeze sifting through his curtains. The air smells of new beginnings, all ocean spray and vanilla, soothing his soul with something that he can’t quite comprehend, at least not this early in the morning.
It’s that all encompassing calm that has his fingers absently tapping their way to the camera roll, scanning over the tiny icons quickly until he reaches the last point he had seen. He’s vaguely happy to see that the collection grew in the time that he was absent, not that the images disappeared when he stopped glancing at them every morning. Now he has a backlog of over a month of scattered snaps to peruse through at his leisure.
They start off boring. His soulmate had been somewhere deep in a forest, blanketed by thick oak trees and canopies of green. Then they were at the park, given the video of a thick dog running after a tennis ball. Calum mindlessly scrolls through the days, seeing the steady stream images from when Calum was too broken to think about taking pictures.
Everything is fine. His soulmate is still there, still actively putting themselves out into the universe for him to see. Everything is fine. Until Calum sees it.
He frowns at the screen, taking in the picture in front of him as he squints. His eyes refuse to believe the image gracing his phone. It can’t be.
It’s his soulmate. Well, part of his soulmate. His soulmate’s ass in a mirror, wearing dark jeans that accentuate the way that their body curves. If it wasn’t for the rest of the picture, Calum knows he would be losing his mind at having a genuine ass shot from his soulmate.
But the problem is that Calum’s soulmate, whoever they are, is— or, was, at least —standing in the middle of his ex’s apartment. Calum would know that stupid round mirror anywhere, knows that to the right is a bamboo coat rack with a denim jacket that no one ever wears, along with a collection of shoes. Below the mirror is a collection of knick knacks and incense burners and whatever other shit that Ashton has on the entry table.
Moral of the story, it’s Ashton’s apartment. His ex’s apartment. Calum’s soulmate is seeing Calum’s ex.
The universe totally has it out for him.
He flicks to the next picture, praying that it isn’t about to be something even worse than the literal ass shot before it, but finds that it’s a picture of the sunset from the balcony instead. Ashton’s balcony. The balcony that Calum used to watch the sunrise from when he stayed the night. The time stamp on the picture dates back to a month ago, just a few weeks after Calum stopped checking the images. A whole month of Calum’s soulmate being with Calum’s ex. He swipes through a few more of the pictures, seeing items he knows are in Ashton’s apartment, views that he used to frequent when they were dating.
“Holy shit,” he says under his breath, locking his phone and dropping it down on the bed.
What the fuck is he supposed to do? Things with Ashton didn’t end nice enough for him to just text him out of the blue like “hey, my soulmate has been in your apartment, can you give him my number?” But at the same time, he can’t let Ashton get crushed again if he ends up falling for said soulmate. What the fuck are you supposed to do?
Michael answers his phone on the fifth ring, right before it’s about to go to voicemail. “You better be dying if you’re calling me at nine am on a Sunday.”
“Close enough,” Calum moans.
“I checked my soulmate pictures again.”
“Congratulations?” Michael complains, annoyance evident in his voice.
“Fuck off, that’s not the important part.” Calum hesitates at the end, unsure if maybe this is all some sick nightmare and not his reality.
“Bro if you don’t start talking now I’m hanging up.”
“My soulmate is fucking Ashton.”
There’s a long moment of silence, awkward enough that Calum thinks maybe Michael fell back asleep with the phone in his hand. “What?” he finally hisses, sounding far more aware than he did before.
“Okay, maybe not. But they’re at least together. When I checked soulmate’s pictures, there was a fucking ass shot in Ashton’s front room mirror. Clothed, clothed ass shot,” Calum tacks on at the end eagerly, trying to make sure he doesn’t sound like a creep. Though really, the whole idea of soulmates in general is a bit creepy.
“Holy shit,” Michael laughs, cackling into the phone. “Holy shit, this would only happen to you.”
“Real helpful, Mike.”
“I’m sorry, but like, what are the odds? Your soulmate and your ex. That’s so damn awkward!”
“I know!” Calum whines, inhaling deeply. “What am I supposed to do?”
“March down to Ashton’s apartment, fling open the door since that asshole doesn’t believe in locks, and claim what is rightfully yours!”
“No, absolutely not.”
“Call Ashton and demand he puts your soulmate on the phone.” “Michael,” Calum deadpans, growing frustrated with his friend. This isn’t a joke, this is Calum’s life they’re talking about here. He’s been waiting for his soulmate for as long as he’s known about soulmates, and here is his friend treating it like it’s the latest teen drama.
“Fine, but really. You need to tell Ashton.”
Calum rolls his eyes, “I know, but how? He hates me right now, and I’m about to take another good thing from him.
“You owe it to him to tell him as soon as you can. Save him from more heartbreak.”
“You sound like my conscience right now.”
“If I was your conscience, I would have told you not to call me at nine am.” And with that, Michael hangs up.
It takes Calum three more days before he can finally work up the nerve to text Ashton. He plays over the outcomes in his head time after time, coming up with all the possible ways of how Ashton will react to his text. Worse case scenario, he blocked Calum’s number and he never gets the message. Best case, he willingly gets Calum in touch with his soulmate and has gotten over his resentment.
Calum (10:23 am)
Hey, I hope you’re doing well. Miss you. I hate to do this to you, but I need to tell you something that’s gonna make you pretty upset.
Ashton (10:31 am)
Calum (10:36 am)
Whoever it is that you’ve been hanging around with for the last month is my soulmate. I saw a picture from your apartment.
I’m really sorry to do this to you, but I can’t ignore it.
Ashton (10:38 am)
youve got to be fuckin kidding me
Calum (10:40 am)
I really wish I was. I’m really really sorry, the last thing I want to do is hurt you more than I already have.
Ashton (10:42 am)
his name is Luke
Luke. Calum tests out the way it falls from his tongue. Luke. It sounds nice, fitting the shapeless person in his brain. Luke, he thinks, picturing the ass sitting in the back of his camera roll. Luke, his soulmate.
Ashton (10:47 am)
i wont tell him, but ill send you his contact number
Calum’s heart skips a beat, though it swells with appreciation for Ashton once again. Same old caring, loving Ashton. Calum still wants to curse the heavens for not allowing them to be soulmates.
Calum (10:48 am)
Thank you Ash, you’re amazing. I hope you find happiness somewhere.
Ashton (10:50 am)
im really glad youre going to get your happy ending cal. really, you deserve it
Riding the high of his excitement that his talk with Ashton didn’t crash and burn, Calum saves Luke’s number and doesn’t hesitate to call him. He’s gotta keep the adrenaline going while he can, because if he thinks about it any more, he’s gonna chicken out and never meet his soulmate. Luke. His soulmate Luke.
“Hello?” Luke’s voice rings through the speaker, echoing into Calum’s ear softly.
“Uh, Luke?” Calum says stupidly.
“Yeah? Who’s this?”
“Calum, uh, Ashton gave me uh, your number.”
“Okay…” Luke trails off, waiting for Calum to say something else. How dare he have an attractive speaking voice, one that has Calum’s head spinning. He hasn’t even seen the guy and he’s already falling for him.
“I don’t know how to even say this,” Calum sighs, before breathing in deeply. “We’re soulmates.”
The silence is deafening. Blood rushes behind his ears, setting everything into a hazy static of rapid beats. Sweaty palms hold onto the phone as a lifeline, waiting for any indication that Luke heard what he said.
“Are you sure?” It’s weak and slightly frightened and squeezes Calum’s heart dangerously.
“I’m sure.”
“How do you know?”
“I used to date Ash. Saw his apartment in some of your pictures. I texted him today to tell him.”
Luke makes a little noise of understanding. “But you didn’t say anything for a whole month of knowing I was your soulmate?”
“Wasn’t checking my camera roll, things with Ashton ended weirdly and- listen, you know what, any chance you can meet me? Maybe for lunch or something? We can’t be too far apart if you’re dating Ash.”
“Not dating, just seeing how things go. Went? Whatever, they’re over now. That fucking sucks, I should call him.”
“Wait, Luke, can we meet?”
“Oh, uh I need to work at twelve thirty. I could meet you for a coffee if we go somewhere near the library?”
“Do you work at the library?”
Calum can hear the defensiveness through the phone as Luke mutters, “Yeah, I’m a librarian.” It’s fucking adorable, though he can’t picture what this mystery man looks like on the other side of the phone. Still, his heart skips a beat in fondness.
“I’m not poking fun, I’m genuinely curious. You’ll have to tell me about what you do as a librarian. Luke the librarian.”
The faintest hint of a laugh ghosts through the phone, bringing a pleased smile to Calum’s face. “Okay, I’ll meet you at M&M Bakery at eleven or so? You know the one off Center street?”
“Yeah, yeah, I’ll see you there, Luke.”
Calum’s hands shake the whole way there. Whether it’s from excitement or nerves, he can’t be too sure, but the steady tremble gives him something to focus on that isn’t the way his heart races to push blood through his body. Wind blows rogue leaves through the air, sailing above his head as he marches down the sidewalk. The air is permeated with that same sweet ocean breeze and vanilla.
The old wooden door creaks as Calum steps inside the shop. Two people sit at a booth in the front, engaged in soft conversation. Fresh croissants cool in the kitchen, visible through the opening door. It’s quaint, the perfect setting for soulmates to meet.
The chipper barista takes Calum’s order and sets off to make the coffee, returning far faster than anticipated. A weathered booth in the corner calls his name, so he retreats there to wait for Luke.
Right as he’s starting to text Michael to tell him how bad of an idea this is, someone clears their throat above him. Calum raises his eyes to meet the one and only Luke the soulmate.
Blond waves fall across his head with a single loose curl falling into his eyes no matter how many times he pushes it away. At least it gives Calum a chance to stare at his terrifyingly cool, welcoming eyes as he swats at the offending locks. He’s dressed in a warm black hoodie adorned with a stack of books and Calum hasn’t been so enamored by anyone in his life.
“Calum?” Luke asks, tilting his head to the side a little as he bites at his lip.
“Hey, nice to meet you,” Calum replies, moving to stand to greet him as Luke takes a seat. They’re both horribly awkward, blushing across the table as they settle into the chairs with their coffees.
“Hi,” Luke says softly. Calum is starting to believe everything he does is soft, dainty, sweet. He’s careful and deliberate, pulling himself in to be smaller sitting in the chair, despite the fact that he was towering over Calum before. He smiles a bit as he keeps gnawing on his lip.
They sit in silence for a minute taking each other in as the quiet music drifts around them. Calum finally breaks the silence.
“Do you live nearby?”
Luke nods, “Yeah, ten or so if I’m walking. I only really drive if it's raining or snowing. You?”
“Eh, sameish, though I don’t venture out to this side of town all that often.”
With a noise of understanding, Luke takes a slow sip from his drink. Neither one speaks again. It makes Calum antsy, staring at his soulmate but not knowing what to say. He feels the stupid sense of peace that his mom always talked about, but at the same time, he’s getting more and more anxious that somehow he’s going to mess this up, or worse, Luke is going to want to go back to Ashton.
“Are you always this quiet? Not that it’s a bad thing, I just don’t know if things are weird or if you hate me already or something.”
“I can’t talk to cute people, okay? I don’t know how to flirt!”
Calum’s laugh startles them both, erupting from him without restraint. “Hey,” Luke whines, a blush dusting his cheeks as he ducks his head slightly.
“No, no, I’m sorry. That just caught me off guard. You don’t need to flirt with me, think the universe already paired us together so we’ve gotta be compatible.”
Luke shrugs, shaking his head as he looks back up at Calum fully. “I don’t already hate you, though it is really damn weird that you were dating Ashton before me. What a small world.”
“Not just dating him, dated him for nearly three years. Best relationship I ever had.”
“Why’d you end things then?” Luke asks with genuine curiosity.
“I couldn’t keep stringing him along knowing that I would drop him the second I found who my soulmate was. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Ashton. Love? I still love him, but it wasn’t ever going to be soulmate love.”
“No I get that,” Luke says, “He told me a little about what happened, but I never thought I’d meet you. Fuck, I never thought you would be my soulmate.”
“We should send him a fruit basket or something.”
“Only if it has lemons in it,” Luke asserts.
“A fruit basket of only lemons. Lemons and black coffee.”
Luke laughs, melodic and playful as it swims through the air. Calum is drunk on the sound.
“If you could boil him down to two things, that would be it. What about you, what is Calum made of?”
After a thoughtful pause, Calum smiles. “I’m made of overpriced coffee and fresh linen. What about Luke?”
“Ocean breeze and vanilla. And musty books, since that seems to linger on me no matter how much I wash my shirts.”
The breeze carries the scent right to Calum’s soul.
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shadowbusiness · a day ago
i can’t stop picturing a six of crows animated tv series
I’m sure it would never happen
but just think about it! imagine all this in animation-
(under the cut because i have way more thoughts about this than i realized, apparently)
(I dug this out of my drafts after seeing the last post I reblogged because everything about this concept is simply too good)
ketterdam would be beautiful, with the canals everywhere and the colorful clothing and the chaotic clash of everyone in the city- gambling parlors and shops and food vendors, the Geldrenner, the Crow Club, everything
and the Barrel would be darker, with dirty streets and narrow, crooked alleys and bruisers or pickpockets or gang leaders waiting in the shadows
chapter two of six of crows would be epic- starting with a long shot of ketterdam and focusing on inej, high up on the rooftops, and then kaz and jesper come into view. (that setup for the world and characters will always be my favorite thing. it’s such a good scene.)
inej alone as an animated character would be the absolute coolest thing- the way she moves, her grace and acrobatic skills, all the knives, and her just climbing/jumping across rooftops. it would also be cool to have her just melt into shadow as she disappears.
and of course, her climbing the incinerator. and fighting dunyasha on the high wire at the silos. climbing up in the church of barter with kaz and swinging down, leaving him alone and foolish and smiling. (i just want to see literally everything inej does)
jesper would also be insanely cool (and kaz and everyone ofc) to see as an animated character, with his bright smile and colorful (disastrous) clothes and loud personality. just... him spinning one of his revolvers or flirting with wylan or grinning as he makes a joke
getting the characters right, down to the tiny detail (so basically that one animatic we all know and love). height differences and scars and clothes and all the intricacies that make their characters so cool !!
kaz. and. inej. all of their iconic scenes- especially the “you shouldn’t make friends with crows” one, where ketterdam is dark as is typical, but then the sunlight comes and kaz looks at inej and just stops. his expression changes, so that we get to see him so in love as inej sits unaware with her eyes closed.
(perhaps that would be the first time we see kaz without a guarded/angry/cold expression.)
all the subtle glances between kaz and inej. the way they dance around each other and sometimes get so close.
every single fight scene/moment of violence would be epic in animation. the fight at the docks. inej’s narrow escape/near death and kaz’s resounding rage. breaking matthias out of hellgate. kaz descending the stairs at the slat and destroying everyone in his path as inej watches from above. nina approaching the fjerdan soldiers at the ice court, getting shot multiple times and just healing herself of every bullet wound as she walks. capturing how different the world looked and felt for her on parem. wylan and kaz crashing through the floor at the van eck home. the scene at the bridge with the komedie brute costumes and the fireworks and chaos and geraniums. the way inej freezes as kaz sweeps the cloak around her shoulders- i just need to see the look on her face. same goes for when kaz gave his “i would come for you” speech
the bathroom scene. jesper and wylan’s first kiss. the way matthias is this big, surly druskelle but he looks at nina like she’s the greatest thing in the world (because really, she is). nina and matthias in the expansive wintery forests of fjerda
all the banter and teasing between them. and that one scene where they’re all on the tank, giddy as they escape the ice court
also just them being a dysfunctional found family of teenagers? everything that entails
kaz facing off with much older barrel bosses or escaping his chains when jan van eck first gets to him. him being ruthless. the scheming face. shoving wylan against the wall when he brings up inej after her capture. just everything with kaz
(I’m positive seeing his flashbacks of jordie would kill me. but that would be an incredible scene to animate, the harbor waters and all the death and the bleakness of the plague)
nina’s corpsewitch powers. all the grisha abilities, now that i think about it. jesper pulling ore from the jail cell bars. those random grisha with wings or whatever (i never quite understood that part)
wylan looking innocent, yet doing all this cool demo stuff and being fierce despite being underestimated. when he snarks back at jesper or blushes from something he says. them visiting his mother. him destroying his father at the church of barter and just being so strong overall
case in point: six of crows has a beautiful world and the literal best set of characters, and i think it would lend itself perfectly to animation because the setting is so vivid and intricate. again i would be shocked if this ever became a thing but i can dream! live action is fine for me (when it’s done right) but i can picture what an animated SOC show would look like perfectly, and there would be so many cool opportunities with a certain stylistic animation. near limitless, really. and like i said they could create every character to match perfectly with the books. idk! for me everything is just so much cooler when it’s animated
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lemonlumens · a day ago
Tumblr media
concept art for a dnd aasimar cleric that gets disowned by her god and becomes a barbarian
(more details about her under the cut)
okay so like i was possessed and just absolutely had to make this character. she doesn’t have a name yet cause although i have her basic premise down, i haven’t fleshed out her details and probably won’t until i get to play her (which’ll prolly be a while).
so, she’s an aasimar and was literally chosen by god, so by all means she’s set up to become a great and powerful healer, but then she grows up into a shitty person. like, believes that her god is The One True God in a world where it is incredibly easy to disprove that, she forces others to stick to The Holy Path of “Good” or she beats the fuck outta em, she’s got rage issues, she believes so deeply in her god and that she is always in the right because she is Holy despite like literal actual signs from her god to cut that shit out, and is just generally all around prejudiced and fucked up.
then she somehow meets her god and it weeps for what she has become for it never wanted any of this, and it cuts their connection, making her completely lose all her spells so she’s just no longer a cleric. then she screams and sobs and goes into a rage and punches god or something! from there she’s a barbarian hell bent on righting the things that she perceives has wronged her or something.
it’s pretty blurry because of course i’d need to play her and her story to flesh her out, but i really like the concept!
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