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#number 5 fic
Baker #5
Name : Chinmayee Dhanawade
Fic/Artwork/Poetry/Songs/Gifset/Podfic: Fic
Choice of Characters: Amarendra Baahubali, Devasena聽
AU/Canon Compliant: AU
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sharknetoa month ago
Allison should have known this wouldn鈥檛 be easy. That鈥檚 not how Five鈥檚 luck goes.
What was a simple mission 鈥 get into Dad鈥檚 creepy hotel, find Five, and get him out 鈥 turns into a trip down the rabbit hole, where she finds a familiar face has been keeping her brother company and nothing is quite as it seems.
Chapter 3 is up!
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sharknetoa month ago
Allison should have known this wouldn鈥檛 be easy. That鈥檚 not how Five鈥檚 luck goes.
What was a simple mission 鈥 get into Dad鈥檚 creepy hotel, find Five, and get him out 鈥 turns into a trip down the rabbit hole, where she finds a familiar face has been keeping her brother company and nothing is quite as it seems. Chapter 2 is up!
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littlespoonevena month ago
hi!! i just wanted to say that i read 17 steps to inevitability yesterday and it's all i'm gonna be thinking about for like at least the next week. you just!! captured every thing that i love about their dynamic SO WELL and the characterization was so believable and i loved it so much. anyway, yeah it's absolutely one of my favorite fics of all time now, so!! thank you!!!!
omg thank you so much!!! this is so kind of you! i鈥檓 still getting used to writing them honestly so it means the world to know their voices felt right to you :鈥)) i鈥檓 thrilled you enjoyed it <3
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sharknetoa month ago
The world is saved. There is no more apocalypse. There is no more Commission. There's just life to live, now.
What Five isn't expecting, though, is that life after all that is really, really hard. Hard in a completely different way than everything before was. He'll figure it out, though, like he always has. For his family, he'll figure it out.
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fiveisnumber1a month ago
Timeless - Five Hargreeves x Reader
Main story parts:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31
Pt 31 - Commission Issues
As you zoned out looking at the sky and wondering about the possibilities of what would come next you hear Luther call out behind you,
Coming back to reality you turn towards the sound and watch as Luther follows Five back into the apartment building. You decide to follow them as well but not before looking at Klaus and Ben on the ground and say,
"Whatever that was, I'm going to ignore it but you two need to figure out where the others went while I help Five with whatever idea he has next, okay?"
"Uhh...sure" Klaus groans as he stands up
"Fine, we will," Ben adds
You nod your head and turn around rushing to follow the two boys who were heading inside the building. As you followed them up the staircase you could hear Luther exclaim,
"Hey! Five, doomsday is still coming. We gotta think of a new plan."
"Don't you get it, Luther? It's over, all right? We're already dead." Five complains
"Then where are you going?" Luther questions
"I'm going to do the unthinkable." Five replies frustratedly聽 "The hell is that supposed to mean?" Luther follows up
As the three of you enter the apartment you hear Five mumble to himself, "I was really hoping it wouldn't come to this."
With that, he enters what used to be Elliott's bedroom and shuts and locks the door behind him. Luther leans up against it knocking and yelling, "Come to what, Five? Five! Come to what? Five!"
Luther bangs on the door calling out Five's name over and over again to no response. You step next to Luther and when he looks down at you, you say,
"Let me talk to him."
Luther nods at you knowing that you were probably the best option to talk to him. If anybody was going to calm down and reason with him, it was going to be you. As Luther walks away to the living room portion of the apartment, you phase through the bedroom door. Once you enter, you watch as Five paces back and forth complaining to himself,
"All we had to do was get together on time. That was it! those idiots screw everything up."
"Five..." You say
"I do everything to try and save us from impending doom and I can't even rely on them for the simplest of tasks!" He continues to complain
"Five." You try again
"I bet they'll blame it all on me again too!"
"Five!" You call out grabbing his hand
Five stops pacing and his head snaps towards you.聽
"What?!" He snapped
You were taken aback by his outburst, your eyes going wide at the harsh tone of his voice. You could see the frustration on his face and the anger in his eyes. You knew deep down that he was just worried, but sometimes his emotions didn't come easy and it hurt you to see him so upset.聽
Five was done with the constant threat of the apocalypse. With not being listened to and with plan after plan to get everyone home failing. He wanted to run away from it all but then he saw the shocked look on your face, and his mind flashed back to all those years ago when you both were children. He recalled the anger and frustration he felt at his father not listening to him and not believing in his ability to time travel. The rage that burned inside him because things had not gone the way he wanted. And he remembered the way you held onto him and the shocked look on your face as he took his anger out on you. Those moments, that day, burned themselves into his mind and plagued him through his whole life. He had always regretted that day, and probably always would but there was no way he was going to make the same mistake twice. Five's head looked down shamefully as he quietly apologized,
"I'm sorry..."
Letting go of his hand you take a step forward and gently cradle his face in your hands, tilting his head up slightly so he can look at you. You look into his eyes and the anger you saw before was replaced with pain. Softly you cooed,
"It's okay darling."
"No. It's not. I shouldn't have done it." Five replied hurt "We both remember the last time I took my anger out on you and look how great that turned out."
Five turned his head slightly to look away from you. He couldn't believe himself for directing his anger towards you when you didn't do anything wrong. When you've聽never聽done anything wrong. If anything he had done wrong towards you. You knew Five regretted the day you both traveled through time. He had mentioned it to you a few times but sometimes he'd have a far-off look and you could just tell that his thoughts of that day were consuming him again. He lived with so much pain due to his actions and their consequences and you wished you could just take it all away. You tilted his face back towards you and tried to comfort him,
"Five, I don't blame you for what happened that day, it was the result of years of cruelty from your father, and no offense to them, but your siblings have let you down consistently over what has only been two weeks for you. You had and have every right to be upset."
"You're correct but that didn't and doesn't make it right for me to take it out on you." Five calmly explained "It was wrong then and it's wrong now. I'm sorry."
"It's okay my love." you forgive
"How can you be so forgiving of me? After everything I've done?" Five questions
"Five I knew who you were before that day, and I know you now. People make mistakes, and you're no exception, but it's the actions you took after them that prove you're a good person and worthy of forgiveness." You inform
Five just looks at you for a second before stepping forward and wrapping you tightly in his arms. You remove your hands from his face and wrap your arms around his neck hugging him back.聽He loved you so much and god knows what he would do if he lost you again. He didn't want to lose his family either. He'd never say it especially because he's tried to show it to no avail, but he cared about his siblings. They were his family and he wanted them to live just as much as he wanted you to. The apocalypse was coming and time was running out for you and his family. And that worried him. As you hug him, you can feel his face bury into the crook of your neck. Gently, you stroke his hair as he quietly says,
"They make it so hard. I just want you all to live."
"I know, but you have a brilliant mind and I know you'll figure out how to get us out of here." You whisper back to him
Five shakes his head on your shoulder before he lifts his head to rest his forehead against yours.
"I don't deserve you." He remarks
"Say that again and I'll kill you." you threaten聽
Five lets out a light chuckle and a smirk comes to his face. He could not tell how serious your statement was but he found your threat of violence to be cute anyway. You and Five pull your faces back from each other and Five just looks at you for a second. He truly did not know how he could live without you. Nodding his head, Five straightened up and said,
"Alright, I have a hail mary plan in mind but I have to figure out some details first."
"Okay. While you do that I think I'm going to go check to see if Charlie is around. No guarantees he's come this way yet but just in case he has I want to let him know I'm okay." You reply
You nod your head at him and start to walk away but when you get to the door you turn back to look at him again and add,
"If you figure out your plan and I'm not back, just go without me I'll wait here."
"Okay." Five replies "I love you."
"I love you too."聽
You then exit the room and let your boyfriend be. He was going to need the time and space to figure out what to do. As you walk out you see that Luther had passed out on the couch in the living room. Stopping the apocalypse was a pretty tiring affair. You walked out of the apartment and looked around the street. It was pretty barren and a lot of shops were closed given that JFK was in town. Most people had probably headed downtown to see the motorcade later today. it sure would be eventful. You couldn't really see Charlie's car anywhere and you were about to turn around when you hear what sounded like a woman yell out,
Immediately, your instincts kicked in and you ran towards the voice screaming out. Following it down an alley you stopped and looked around for who was in danger. Before you could turn around though something jabbed into your back and you started to feel dizzy. You tried to fight off whatever was happening but it was too late and you collapsed to the group. As your consciousness started to fade in and out, the last thing you heard was someone saying,
"I'm sure your brother will be happy to see you."
Back at the apartment, Five had finally come to terms with his plan. He needed to intercept the last person he'd want to see in this timeline. Himself. An older-looking version of him had arrived in Dallas no more than 10 minutes ago to kill President Kennedy and although it was risky, if they could get the briefcase from him, Five knew he could get his family home. He needed to prepare though. Rushing out of the bedroom, Five heads towards the kitchen and loudly opens the refrigerator door. The sound of the fridge causes Luther to wake. And as he gets up from the couch he calls out,
"Five? Five?"聽
Five ignored the calls as he grabbed a container of water and started to chug it down. When Luther entered the kitchen he looked upon the sight before him of Five intensely drinking water. Furrowing his eyebrows, Luther asks confused,
"Five, you okay?"
Five gasps heavily as he finishes the water and puts the container back in the fridge.聽 "I'm gonna need to be hydrated." Five states
"Hydrated?" Luther questions
Luther watches as聽Five frantically looks around the kitchen for something before having his eyes lock on the kitchen table. Five walks over to it and quickly grabs a bottle of baby powder off of it before sprinkling some down each sleeve of his shirt and then some down his pants. Luther grew concerned about what was going on as he inquires,
"What's with the baby powder?" "It'll help with the itching." Five responds聽 "What itching? There's itching? What the hell is going on here?" Luther asks before realizing "You do have a plan." Five does a few jumps and shakes to even out the baby powder he had practically doused himself in. Grabbing his jacket from the chair he walks past Luther into the living room of Elliott's apartment and explains, "Well, it's a desperation move, but since our brain-dead siblings are incapable of meeting a simple deadline, I got no choice."
Luther turns to look at his sibling and asks, "No choice about what?"
"I have to find myself." Five states looking at his watch "I just arrived in Dallas 15 minutes ago." "Should I be worried about you?"聽
Five puts his academy jacket back on before bending over and starting to stretch. If he was going to do this he needed to know he was dexterous enough to fight or run after himself. With his younger body and surplus of energy, it probably wouldn't be that hard. Then again it was only two weeks ago when he was still working for the commission as well, and even in his old age, he was taking people out left and right. As he stretches Five explains,
"Luther, if you recall, I was sent to 1963 on a job by the Commission to make sure the president was assassinated." "Oh! So, wait, your聽old聽self is out there." Luther says
Five stood up and looked at his brother. Finally, the wheels in Luther's big monkey brain were starting to turn and he was starting to grasp the plan Five had come up with. "Precisely." Five states "What, just walking around Dallas?"聽 Luther asks confused
Nevermind. The monkey brain was still a monkey brain. Realizing his nitwit brother would not understand unless he described it in the same way he'd talk to a six-year-old, Five emphasized, "Walking around Dallas with a聽briefcase聽that can get us home."聽
Luther's eyes go wide and a surprised expression appears on his face as Five watches the lightbulb finally goes off in Luther's head. It was honestly disappointing how long it took for that to happen. "Oh, my God. Five, you're a genius!" Luther exclaims
He may be a genius but the plan wasn't perfect though. There were significant flaws in it but it was a hail-mary for a reason. Turning to Luther, Five elaborates, "However, there are two significant problems with this plan. Problem number one: I am a trained assassin, arguably the most dangerous assassin in the space-time continuum. If I know me, I'm not going to react kindly to bumping into myself. Problem number two, and this is the real fly in the ointment here: you're not supposed to exist in close proximity to yourself in the same timeline. The side effects can be disastrous." "Side effects? What sort of side effects?" Luther inquires
"Well, according to Commission Handbook Chapter 27, subsection 3b, the seven stages in paradox psychosis are聽stage one: denial, two: itching, three: extreme thirst and urination, four: excessive gas, five: acute paranoia, six: uncontrolled perspiration, and seven: homicidal rage." Five explains "Homicidal rage?" Luther questions
"Yeah." Five states "Jeez, I don't know. This maybe isn't such a good idea."聽 "It's a Hail Mary. But what choice do we got, Luther?" Five exclaims "I don't know, you already seem a bit squirrelly if I'm being honest." "Look, Luther, I'm gonna need you to help me get through this one, all right? I...I need a spotter." "A spotter?"
"What is that? Like, a wingman?" Luther questions
"In case the paradox psychosis gets too severe, I need you to help me stay on task, all right? So, whatever happens, whatever I say, we need to get that briefcase. Okay?" Five explains
"Okay, but聽where's (Y/N)?" Luther questions looking around
"I don't know. She said she was going on a walk to find Charlie but I guess hasn't come back yet." Five states "Maybe it's better that way though."
"You don't want your girlfriend coming? Don't you think she could rationalize with you more than I can if things get bad with this paradox psychosis?" Luther states concerned
"Most likely, and honestly I wouldn't mind some more steadiness from her" Five says
He then stops for a moment to think about the events at the Lonely Lodger Inn from earlier. He wouldn't mind that at all.聽
"Five?" Luther calls
Pulled from his thoughts he looks back to Luther and continues to explain,
"BUT if she's not there I can use my knowledge of her as leverage against myself. 45 years ago was the last time聽he聽saw her alive. He's sad, desperate, and blames himself for her death.聽 We can use his emotional turmoil to get the briefcase if necessary."
Luther looked at his brother shocked. He knew where Five was coming from but it was almost vile considering using you against the other version of himself. Like he had said that version of him is聽sad, desperate, and blames himself for your death. Withholding knowledge about you just to get the briefcase would probably be on torture levels for him. Luther knew how strongly Five felt about you and the two of you were together now, so he could only imagine what could happen with the version that hasn't seen you in years.
"You're going to use your girlfriend like blackmail against聽yourself?"
"As I said, if necessary I will." Five comments as he starts to walk away "Now, come on Luther."
"Right..." Luther says to himself
Leaving out of the apartment the two of them head out in search of Five's Commission self. Although both still wondered where you were.聽
As you started to regain your consciousness the world around you began to flood your senses. Your mind felt fogged as your head rested heavily on a cold surface. Your eyelids drooped but you tried to open them to see where you were. Through blurred vision, you were able to make out an empty grey room. It reminded you of the interrogation room at the police station Eudora worked at. This definitely wasn't the alley you were in. You moved your body around and with enough force, you manage to get yourself upright but your heavy head still hung low. As you became upright you could feel your backside hit the backing of the chair you were in. You moved your arms trying to readjust yourself but as you did so you hear the sounds of clanking and realized there was something around your wrists. You were handcuffed.聽
"Maybe Charlie was right about not running towards danger." You groan
It felt like your physical being and consciousness were both moving through sludge. Whatever that person injected into you to knock you out was sure as hell powerful. You tried to think of a plan to get out but all of them involved your powers and you could just feel the fatigue run through your veins from the sedative. Taking some breaths you tried to figure out where you were and where to go from here. Listening carefully you could hear the buzzing of the light above you but also the sounds of people walking and chattering outside the room you were in. Gathering energy, you threw your head back so that it was facing up towards the ceiling. You moved your eyes around and spotted a door to the left of you. There were no real defining characteristics to let you know where you were. Maybe Reggie had informed the government about you and now the FBI or CIA was going to use you as a weapon of mass destruction. Maybe the Soviets had kidnapped you and were going to use you as ransom to the US government because apparently, the world saw you as the adoptive daughter of an eccentric billionaire. Either way, you didn't know where you were and you didn't know how to get out. Overall, this was a very bad situation. Without any other real options, you sat there and waited for something to happen. As you did so you could hear the door open and the sound of someone walking into the room before closing the door behind them.
"Good, you're awake." The voice commented
You knew that voice. It was the same one as the person who had knocked you out. Although you were still too sluggish to do anything about your situation you could feel a fire start to build. Rolling your head to the side you looked towards the figure. Across the other side of a table stood a woman in all black clothes with a late 90s grunge cut with a fake smile on her face. Narrowing your eyes at them you demanded,
"Where am I?"
"You're at the Temps Commission." They responded
"Fuck." You said under your breath
This was worse than you thought, and now you were wishing you were captured by the KGB or US government. You had no clue what they knew nor what they wanted from you and since you couldn't fight back, the best course of action was to stay quiet. No matter what, you would not reveal any information about the Hargreeves but especially Five. They had been on his ass ever since he returned to 2019 and you were not going to let them get to him. The woman before you looked over as you sat in silence.
"What, no more questions?" They inquire "I feel like you'd have a lot more given who I am."
"I have no clue who you are." You remark
Oh. Her. Great. Letting out an annoyed huff you stare at her with an unimpressed expression.聽
"Ah yes, now I recall," You comment, sarcasm laced in your voice "You're my emotionally damaged, older brother's sloppy seconds hookup, who in reality is a vomit bag of lies and manipulation."
"Listen here you little prick, I'm his girlfriend." She snaps
"You ain't shit. His girlfriend is a corpse, six feet under and somehow she's still better than you."聽You scoff聽
As your confidence grew, you started to realize that the sedative was wearing off more. You started to feel less sluggish and although physically you couldn't do much your mind became clearer. You didn't want to tip Lila off that you were regaining your strength though so you stayed in your slumped position but kept a cocky look on your face. Lila slams her hands down on the table and stares at you intensely.聽
"I should kill you." She threatens
"Do it. I'm sure that'll go over聽real well聽with my brother." You remark sarcastically聽
"You a bigger pain in the ass than Five." She remarks annoyed
"Good." You reply curtly
The two of you stare each other down intensely, neither of you saying anything. After a few moments, Lila remarks,
"You're an asshole."聽
"And you're the walking embodiment of sad British cooking. Fucking basic beans and toast looking ass bitch." You retort
You watch and Lila's face contorted with a flurry of emotions. Shock, confusion, anger. They were all present. Lila then stands up straight once more and in a monotone voice states,
"I have a meeting to go to."
Turning away from you she heads to the door. As she does so you shout behind her,
"Ha! That's right, leave! And just know if I could flip you off right now I would!"
As Lila steps out of the room you can hear her say to someone,
"You watch over her for now and bring her to my mother's office in 15 minutes. Understood?"
And as Lila fully leaves the room another woman steps in. Closing the door behind her, she looks through the glass window of the door as if trying to check for something before pulling the curtain down. Locking the door she walks over to the table and pulls up a chair across from you. With her hands clasped nicely on the table, she gives you a genuine wide smile and says,
"Hiya! I'm Dot!"
You looked at the woman before you. She seemed kind but this was also the Temps Commission so you had your reservations about trusting her.聽
"Oh, I know!" She replies in an upbeat tone "And let me tell you, a lot of us down at case management are so happy for you and Five. A lot of us wish the process was sped up but we have no real say in any decisions here but gosh we're just so happy for you two."
You stared at her blankly. She seemed sincere in her congrats, but part of you worried this was just some ploy to get you to let your guard down. You shifted uncomfortably in your chair and quietly commented back,
Dot let out a small sigh as her smile faltered a bit. Giving you a soft expression she lowers her voice and states,
"Listen, I know you're probably hesitant to trust me but if I'm going to get you out of here you're going to need to."
"I'm not going to trust anybody here. Five has told me all about you all." You state
"I understand. Let me just do something to prove you can trust me. Please just don't run after I do it. It'll cause a whole lotta trouble for the both of us." Dot says
You watch as she gets up from her seat and walks behind you. You try to turn your head as best as you can to see what she's doing but between the sedative still working its way out of your system and the fact you could not turn your head like an owl it was difficult. You watch as she crouches down for a second and then you hear the sound of something clattering to the ground. Dot walks back to her chair and sits down. As she does that you realize the clattering sound was that of your handcuffs falling to the floor. She had let you go knowing there was a chance you would run away. If you were able to move better maybe you would but that wasn't a possibility yet and you were a little curious as to what was up with her now. Shaking your wrists out a bit, Dot comments to you,
"You're free now, but please don't run. Let me get you out of here the right way."
"Get me out of here? What do you mean?" You questioned as you rested your arms on the table
Dot looked around the room once more checking to make sure nothing was there to see and hear her. Looking back towards you she explains,
"The Handler is trying to take over the commission. I and a few other folks are part of an underground resistance effort to try and stop her, because if she takes the reigns of this whole place we have no clue what will happen, but we know it won't be good."
"What do you know then?" You question, leaning forward in your seat
"From what we can infer, she wants the apocalypse to happen and she wants it to wipe out Five and the rest of the Hargreeves. But Lila obviously has a soft spot for your brother and brought him here."
"My brother Diego." You state
You knew that it was Diego who she brought. Of course, it was. Logically, it was the only answer that made sense. Hell, she thought she was his girlfriend. And yet, there was a part of you that thought about your other brother, Dean. You knew it was unlikely that he was here. It was virtually impossible, but maybe if he was all of your friends were here too. The look on your face must've said what you were thinking because Dot reached across the table and took your hands in her own.
"I'm sorry about your other brother." She consoled
Your heart clenched at those words. Taking a deep breath you attempted to ask,
"I'm guessing he..."
"Yes." Dot answered, "Along with the rest of your friends."
You looked down and nodded your head lightly. You knew how the world ended. You knew that the reality you had known, did end. And yet, somehow up until now, you had been able to block out the true gravity of the situation. You remembered how you joked with Charlie that he was the only friend you had left and to stay away from fireplaces or else you would have no one. You truly had not grieved their loss for years and instead had evaded it with humor or distractions. But now you were faced with the truth that you had always known. Your friends were dead. The apocalypse killed them. You held Dot's hands a little tighter as you squeezed your eyes shut trying to keep the tears that were forming back. With eyes still closed, you took a few small breaths before quietly asking,
"How did it happen?"
There was a silence in the room as the air loomed heavy over the two of you. Dot then took a breath before answering,
"In their last moments, they were all together singing happy birthday to your friend Kenny."
You lifted your head towards Dot and opened your eyes. You nodded your head as you managed to fight back your grief and replied softly.
" least Dean kept his promise."
"I know this is difficult for you to deal with especially since things are already so stressful but we can get them back." Dot states calmly
"How?" You inquired
If you had a chance to save the Hargreeves, and get your friends back, you would take it, no matter what. You loved them all and nothing was going to stop you from keeping them alive.
"In the simplest of terms, stop The Handler, Stop the 1963 apocalypse, and return the original timeline."聽
"I'm in." You reply without hesitation "What do I need to do?"
"Lila knows that you matter more to Diego than she does, so she brought you here to use you to keep Diego in line. We're going to head to the Handler's office soon so Lila can use you as said bait. What you need to do is still pretend that you are too sedated to actually fight or anything." Dot starts to explain
"Pretend? I am still too sedated to fight." You state confused
"Not for long though." She replies "I went to our Metaphysics Division laboratory-"
She had to be joking right? The whole concept of the Temps Commission was crazy enough but a Metaphysics Division was honestly ridiculous to you. Cutting her off you sarcastically questioned,
"Metaphysics Division? What do they do? Turn decades into candy? Synthesize a person's memories from their DNA into an injectable? Create bodies for consciousness to be transferred into?"
"They already did the first one, I'm sure they could do the second if they tried, and they accomplished the last one until Five blew up the briefcase room which unfortunately shared a wall with the lab. They moved the lab location to a safer spot after that." Dot explained, "Point being, I stole a vile of adrenaline for you."
"Because adrenaline helps bring back my powers. That's genius." You compliment
"Yes. So during the meeting, you're just going to pretend that you're still very sedated but after that, we move into phase 2."
"And what's that?" You ask
"We're getting you out of here and back to Five."
With that, Dot pulls the vial of adrenaline and a packaged medical needle out of her pocket and slides them across the table to you.
"I'm not sure what your limit is so I don't want to be the one to inject it. Also, as a fair warning, we don't have much time until I need to take you to the Handler's office." Dot explains
You nodded your head at her and grab the vial and needle. You had watched Kenny do this enough times for you that you felt you could figure it out on your own with minimal problems. Opening the packaged needle you go through the steps to fill it with the adrenaline from the vile before injecting it into your arm. You weren't sure how much you were supposed to give yourself but you felt much more energized even in the few minutes after doing so. Dot turned to you and you knew from the look on her face that it was time to go. Grabbing the handcuffs from the floor you handed them to Dot before putting your hands behind your back. Once they were on you got yourself in the headspace of pretending to be somewhat sedated and started acting less alert and coordinated.
"Are you ready?" Dot questioned
"Yup. Let's set this plan in motion." You reply
Dot then unlocks the door and the two of you walk out of the room down the halls of the commission towards the Handler's office. In the office though, the Handler looked in disbelief at Lila and her pick for new commission security detail.
"Are you kidding me?" The Handler exclaims
"You said I could hire my own team." Lila states "Yes, but I didn't mean him, for God's sake. If you don't see the problem with hiring you-know-who's brother, then you're not ready for that badge." The Handler complains
Diego looks at the scene before him of the back and forth between mother and daughter. This was going nowhere and he was not meant to be here. Trying to get up and leave he says, "I'm sorry, but I really need to get going." "Shut up!" They both yell at him
Diego slowly sits back down in his seat as the two of them go back and forth with each other. "I can't do this job if you don't trust my instincts," Lila complains "Sweetheart, your vagina needs glasses. He is not worth it." The Handler criticizes聽 "Mum! Oh, my God."Lila exclaims embarrassed before changing her tune "This may shock you, but not everyone here likes you."
The Handler looks at Lila confused as she states, "Sounds ridiculous, but go on." "You need fresh blood loyal to us and not the old regime. I've seen Diego in the field. He is so much better trained than most of the assholes here. Why waste that when we can use it? He'll be my personal responsibility." Lila explains to her mother
The Handler turns her attention from Lila to Diego.
"You know, your brother Five and I have quite a colorful history." The handler playfully comments with a wink
Diego looks at her confused and disgusted. He hoped to god that she wasn't insinuating what he thought she was because if so he was going to kick Five's ass. Trying to both change the topic, and gage what she meant Diego replies, "My brother has beef with all except one person, and that person is not me." Diego retorts "Let me ask you something. When you're looking down the barrel of a gun, where do your loyalties lie, with your family or your principles?" The Handler asks "With me. I don't belong to anybody. Especially Lila." Diego retorts
The handler stares Diego down for a bit and there is a silence in the air. Turning back to Lila she states, "That I can work with. Run him through orientation and fill out his paperwork."
A wide smile comes to Lila's face as she happily exclaims, "Aw, thanks, Mum! I'm glad you're on board, but just to be sure he behaves I do have an insurance policy in place."
"A what?" Diego questioned
The door then opened from behind him. You had been waiting on the other side of the wall with Dot for a few minutes for some kind of signal to enter the room. You guessed Lila wanted dramatic effect, which was very villain-esque and very cliche. Walking into the room you made sure that you looked physically weak so that they wouldn't feel like you had the full ability to fight them again. Dot sat you down in a chair in between Diego and Lila before walking back outside of the room. Turning to your brother you smile at him and comment,
"Hey Eggo, how's it going? Did you get drugged and kidnapped as well?"
Diego's pulse begins to quicken as he looks between you and Lila. Anger started to build inside of him as his eyes locked on Lila. She looked at him from her seat with confusion.
"Diego, what's wrong?" She questioned
Diego couldn't believe that it was even a question of what could be wrong. How could she not see the awful nature of what she had done? Shooting up from his chair, Diego moves to place himself between you and Lila. He wasn't going to let her get any closer to you. She had already hurt you once and there was no way he was going to let it happen again. Not on his watch.
"What's wrong?" He questioned rhetorically before yelling "YOU聽DRUGGED聽AND聽KIDNAPPED聽MY SISTER!"
Lila did not fully think this plan through. She knew that Diego had a soft spot for you so she knew she could use you to help get him to stay and work as security. What she had not anticipated was his anger. She thought he would be a little upset but still happy to have you with him. That was not looking like the case though. Standing up as well, Lila tries to downplay the severity of what she had done.聽
"Diego, calm down, she's fine. A little sedated but fine." Lila explains with some nervous laughter
"Fine would be her not being here at all Lila!"聽Diego rebuked
The Handler looked at the lover's quarrel going on between the two of them.聽 It was unexpected but it revealed a side of Diego that was unknown before. It was impressive that Lila had thought ahead to bring in the one loyalty that Diego had so that he would be less likely to act out.
"I see you do have some loyalties..." The Handler comments "Good thinking on the blackmail sweetheart."
As you quietly sat handcuffed, trying to pretend that you had no ability to use your powers, you couldn't help but get irritated at Lila and Diego. Feeling the need to add your input, you cut in commenting,
"Y'know...I'm just putting it out there, but Eudora never would've drugged and kidnapped me to use me as blackmail because she was actually a good person."聽
"Shut up." Lila scolds, glaring at you
"Don't talk to my sister like that!" Diego reprimands
"Yeah! Fuck you, beans and toast." You add聽
"What?" Diego asks looking down at you confused
"Just roll with it." You whisper back to him
"Diego," Lila calls bringing his attention back to her "Look at it this way. At least she's with you her brother and not her awful boyfriend, Five."
"He's a pain in my ass, and I don't like sharing her but he's not an awful boyfriend. Everything he has done is for her." Diego replies
"I'm telling him you said that." You mention
Diego once again turns to look at you and in the sternest of tones he states,
He then turns back to Lila and continues to explain,
"And second of all, I'd rather her be with him than here because then at least I know she's protected."
The Handler was becoming less and less amused by this argument the more it went on. Deciding she was done with their petty bickering she stood up from her desk and commanded,
"Enough. Lila, take your little puppy to orientation."聽
Lila tried grabbing Diego's arm to take him away but he held his ground. No matter what he was not going to leave you behind, especially not alone with the Handler. Lila looked between her mother and Diego, growing increasingly worried about what would happen if Diego didn't leave with her soon. Lila tried pulling him along once more but he pulled his arm from her grasp. Placing a hand on your shoulder he turned to face the handler. Standing his ground, Diego demanded,
"I'm not going anywhere without my sister."
"Alright." The handler replies monotonously "Kill him, Lila."
"No!" You and Lila shout in unison
The two of you glare at each other before you look towards your brother. He was not dying just because he felt this need to stick around and protect you. You knew he was always going to put you first in a way he barely did with anyone else, but you were not going to risk losing your other brother because of his need to protect you.
"Diego please go." You asked calmly
Diego looked towards you before crouching down in front of you.聽Looking you in the eyes, he gently holds onto each of your arms. He said no words but you could feel his hands shake.
"I'm not leaving you." He stated, trying to keep his voice calm
There was a certain deja vu to the conversation you were having with Diego. Your brain traveling back to that day in 2019. You tried not to think too much about it but knowing what had happened after made this conversation even harder. You didn't want to make your brother leave, but you knew you needed to so he could be safe. You just hoped that this time things would turn out better.
"Diego. Go." You forced out聽
He looked at you sadly but knew you wouldn't budge on the issue. Wrapping his arms around you he pulls you into a tight hug, not wanting to let you go. If your hands weren't cuffed behind your back you would've held him as well but all you could do was rest your head on his shoulder.
"I'll be okay," you whispered, trying to reassure Diego of the decision聽
"I'm gonna come back for you." He whispered back
He let out a sigh before standing up and reluctantly nodding towards Lila to show him the way. You turned your head to watch him leave. Diego looked back at you one more time, hoping that he would see your face again soon. And with that, he left and you were now left alone with the Handler herself. You watched as she made her way around her desk and leaned back on it so she was now in front of you. She gave you a smile that was nowhere near as friendly as Dot's was. It unsettled you greatly. Instinctively, you leaned back in your seat as you stared quietly back at her.
"So you must be Five's little plaything," The handler comments "I'm so glad I finally get to meet you. I was hoping it would be on better circumstances but for some reason, Five never wanted to bring you around."
You could see why he didn't want you two to meet. Although she tried to portray herself as kind it was very evident that she was psychotic.聽
"Not much of a talker, huh?" She questions "Maybe a candy would help? Would you like one?"
She gestures to a bowl of candy on her desk. Honestly, you wouldn't mind one and you were so done with the day at this point that you were willing to accept the risk it might be poisoned.
"Sure, but uh...I can't really grab it." You reply shaking your arms to gesture to the handcuffs
The handler moves from leaning on her desk to behind you and undoes one handcuff before re-cuffing it on the armrest of the chair you were in. Still not great, but at least you were able to have some movement of your hands and arms. The handler grabs a piece of candy from the bowl and hands it to you. A smirk resided on her face as she watches you take the candy from her hand.
"Here have this one," she says before walking back behind her desk
As she walks back to her chair, you unwrap the candy and pop it in your mouth. It didn't taste too great. It tasted like stress and tears and sadness, but then again it was not as bad as the weird food concoctions you and your friends had made before. You crunched on it a little bit before swallowing it all. As the handler sits back down in her seat she starts to say,
聽"We've synthesized specific years into- wait did you just eat that whole thing?"
"Yeah." You reply bluntly
"That was The Great Depression candy." She states shocked
"Ah, that makes more sense. I thought it just tasted like finals week. Not bad though." You respond
The handler looks at you baffled. She purposely gave you the Great Depression as a way to knock you down and show her superiority but you ate the whole thing like it was nothing.聽
"Not bad? It was made to taste like blood, sweat, tears, and聽depression."
You shrug your shoulders and nonchalantly reply,
"It could be worse."
"It could be worse? What is wrong with you?" She questions before saying "Nevermind."
The handler took a moment to try and regain herself. Not even she was able to eat the Great Depression candy without gagging. This was a situation she had not anticipated but she wasn't going to be confused or intimidated by some child. You on the other hand felt a pride rise inside you. You tried to hold your laughter back as you thought to yourself,聽Now I've thrown her off her rhythm. This situation was bad but at least you were able to make it entertaining. The handler after reestablishing her "polite" composure brought a faux smile back to her face as she turned her attention towards you again.
"You are quite the individual. Just like Five, we've had our eyes on you for a long time."
"That's kinda creepy but alright." You comment back
"Well, we do monitor all of time to make sure that what's supposed to happen, happens. Of course, we were going to notice children with unexplained immense powers, such as yourself. Molecular manipulation is quite the gift."
"Yeah, you could say I'm the main character of this story." You mention with a wink "No one can do what I do."
"I'm sure someone could mimic your powers."
"Ha! I sure would like to see that bitch try." you scoffed "The dipshit would be writhing on the ground in pain for their hubris. I can only imagine what type of dumbass would willingly take on feeling the extent of everything that makes up this world without years of tolerance training. Idiot."
You couldn't believe the stupidity of her statement. You'd think if she had been monitoring you throughout your life that she would know it took you forever to build up a tolerance to feeling the molecules in the world. Before you started learning to control your abilities you blew stuff up as a child because you were in pain. Imagine having such a large ego that you think you could copy that without putting in any training for it. What a聽"yeah let me just try to surpass god"聽type of mentality you were getting from this woman.
The handler couldn't believe you either. She was growing more frustrated with you having some kind of counterpoint to everything she did or said. It was like you were prepared to be here even though it was clearly established that you weren't. She was just glad that the only power you had right now was the ability to run your mouth. The handler knew she was going to get under your skin though. She had her ways.
"You know, it's just so sweet the history that you and Five have. Always believing the two of you would find each other again one day." She states, traces of malice in her tone "It's something I thought about during Five and I's聽involved, and聽colorful聽history."
You furrowed your eyebrows. Did- did she think you were stupid? You knew she was trying to suggest that she and Five were a thing but they obviously weren't. Anyone with half a brain cell could see that. Your boyfriend hated this woman and hated his time at the commission. He said it himself, it was nothing more than a job. He absolutely despised these people, especially her, and currently was working directly against this organization as he always had been. And on top of it, everything he's done was motivated by his love for you. Even Diego who was not happy that you had a boyfriend knew that was Five's motivation. This woman was certifiably insane.聽
"Ma'am if you're trying to insinuate you fucked my boyfriend, I know you're lying. Intimacy of any kind, but especially physical intimacy catches him off guard." You elaborate unamused "Also if you two have such an聽involved聽history then why is that he spent his whole life trying to get back to me, despises you and the rest of the commission, and is actively trying to thwart you in every way possible."
The handler glared at you. She thought she was going to get under your skin with that comment and yet here you sat throwing it back in her face and getting under hers. Scornfully she rebuked,
聽"You know I never quite understood why Five chose聽you. I can't seem to find one reason to like you."
"Well, I can seem to find a lot of reasons actually. I'm pretty, I'm smart, I'm powerful, I cared for him when no one else would, I didn't knowingly leave him alone in an apocalyptic wasteland for 45 years." You retort sarcastically "And those are just a few of the many reasons."
"You know pride is one of the seven deadly sins," The handler comments leaning forward in her seat
"So is envy." you retort
The handler gets back up from her seat and walks over to you once more. Looking down at you with contempt she asks,
"You know what I see?"
"What?" you reply
"I see a weak, pathetic child who thinks that she's the center of attention in this giant book of life. A child who is so scared of confronting her past she hides behind a harsh exterior with only her words to defend her." She attempts to insult
It didn't work though because you knew she was wrong. She had no clue who you were or what you were like. You had her stumped and you knew she was grasping at straws to try and put you down. To try and make you feel belittled so that she could exert power over you. She had no power over you because the fact of the matter was, you were the one in power here, and you were going to assert it.
"Well, you know what I see?" You ask with a smug smile
"No. Tell me, what do you see?"聽
Still handcuffed you lean forward in your chair looking up at where she stood right in front of you. Lowering your voice you go on to say,
"I see a woman, past her prime, deluded by a fantasy of some kind of romantic tryst with a man who never wanted her to begin with. You have led yourself so far down a path of irrationality that you have convinced yourself there was some kind of connection that was never there. He was your subordinate, nothing more. And now here you stand, grasping at straws for some sense of control and power, in the middle of a failing coup d'茅tat of your own making, because you feel like you are losing your grip on the reality you created for yourself. A reality wrecked by the very man that you convinced yourself wanted you back."
Immediately after you finished your statement, the handler's hand snapped towards you and grabbed your face. She forced your head up to look at her and you could see the rage in her eyes. You were winning this battle. Angrily the handler replied,
"You better show me some respect. I have the power to ruin your life, take everything you love away, I could even kill you for that matter."
"I don't need to show you shit. My life has already been ruined, practically all that I love has disappeared in one way or another," You retort "and just so you know, the only way I'll ever die is if I choose to let it happen."
The handler leaned in towards you and her grip on your face tightened. You could feel her nails sink into your skin a little more. You weren't intimidated by her though. She was pathetic and wasn't worth your time. When she got close enough to you a sadistic smirk came to your face for a moment before you spit in hers. The handler whipped your head to the side as she pulled back in disgust. Wiping her face off she looks towards you in anger but you sit there with a proud smile.
"You're lucky you make good blackmail or else you'd be dead right now."聽she comments furiously before shouting "DOT!"
Dot quickly enters the room and the handler whips her gaze towards her.
"Take this disgusting child back to her holding cell." She commands
Dot nods her head and quietly makes her way over to you. Unlocking the one handcuff from the armrest she redoes the cuffs behind your back before helping you to stand. The two of you walk towards the door to leave the handler's office but before you do so you stop in your place. Turning to face the handler you firmly state,
"Les cha卯nes des oppresseurs ne durent que tant que les opprim茅s les laissent rester. La libert茅 est in茅vitable."
And without another word you and Dot left.
"Well, there I am." Five stated
He and Luther had made their way over to the pub that Five knew he would be at. From behind a pillar the two of them spied on older looking but younger self. Five remembered this day perfectly. He had sat over at the bar trying to perfect the equation to jump forward to 2019. He thought about you a lot, wondering how you would feel about him coming back, if you would be upset with him...if he'd get the opportunity to confess his feelings even though it probably would go nowhere.聽
What a sad mess of a man.聽
"Hey Five, why don't we just grab the briefcase and run?" Luther questioned "Luther, I would never let that happen. We're trained to guard these briefcases with our lives." Five explained "Plus, it's the inherent paradox where this gets tricky. I'm endangering my existence just being in the room with myself."
"Huh...What do you mean?" Luther asked confused
God, how dense was he? Did Five really have to spell it out for his brother? Letting out an exasperated sigh, Five elaborated,
"Luther, try to keep up. If old me doesn't travel back to 2019 like he's supposed to, the whole thing unravels itself. I cease to exist. You got me?" "I get you," Luther responds
Five was not confident though that Luther actually got him. "So our best chance is to talk with him, to reason with him." Five continues "He'll understand. Trust me. I know myself better than, uh...better than I know myself."
Unconsciously, Five reaches back and scratches the back of his neck causing Luther to quietly exclaim, "You just itched your neck. That's stage two of paradox psychosis."
"No, I didn't. I didn't itch my neck." Five denies "Denial is stage one." Luther reminds
Five was not going to deal with this back and forth. He was fine. Completely and utterly fine. Nothing was wrong at all and no paradox psychosis was setting in. He was good. Snapping at his brother he states, "I am fine, okay? Let's stay on task, shall we?"
Five attempts to start walking over to his commission self but Luther puts an arm out to stop him. "Wait!" Luther says "What?" Five questions
"Maybe I should go first."聽 "Why?"
"Well, you'll freak him out. Bumping into your own tiny doppelganger? He will lose his shit. Just let me break the ice."聽Luther suggests
Five thought about it for a second and realized Luther was right. It might be better to send him in, although now he was wishing he had you here because you would probably be the best option to reason with him. But then again, he could see himself freaking out even more because your presence in 1963 meant something very wrong happened. Well, at least he still had the blackmail option. Five nods to his brother and Luther slowly makes his way over to commission Five. Luther awkward leans on the bar next to him and calls,
Commission Five registered the word the person had just said to him but wasn't sure if he was hearing him correctly. Looking up at the person he sees a giant man standing there. Looking him up and down he asks, "What'd you call me, big man?" "It's me. Number One?" Luther replies "Luther. How did you...?" Commission Five questions as he starts to reach down towards the briefcase at his feet
"It's okay. Everything is fine. I can explain. But first, I need to introduce you to somebody. Just promise me you won't freak out." Luther tries to calm "What the hell are you talking about?" Five replies with wide eyes
"Uh! Don't freak out. No freak-outs. All right?" "Hey there, stranger." Academy Five greeted
The two of them stare quietly at each other. This was the worst of situations and both of them knew it but what was more important was making sure they were the one to possess the briefcase.
"How about we all sit down together?" Luther suggests聽
Commission Five leans down and grabs the briefcase as Academy Five continues to stare at him. Cautiously the two of them walk over to a nearby table that Luther has found available. Slowly the Five's sit down across from each other, their staring contest continuing on.
"I'll get us some drinks!" Luther exclaims walking over to the bar
Neither of them said a word to their other and tension loomed in the air. Neither knew if it was due to the paradox psychosis or just the fact that they both had to look at a reflection of their and future failures. Either way, it was an undesirable experience. After a minute, Luther comes back with three pints of beer in hand. Placing one in front of each person at the table he takes a seat and comments,
"Well...this is nice, isn't it? The three of us, together like this." "No." Both Fives say in unison "Somebody explain to me how it is I'm having a pint of Guinness with my younger self." Commission Five inquired
"Older, actually. I'm you, just 14 days older." Academy Five states
Commission Five leans in more as he remarks, "I have pubic hair smarter than you. How's that possible?"
"I can explain. You see, one hour from now, on the grassy knoll, before the president is killed, you break your contract with the Commission. I already know you're thinking about it. All those years in the apocalypse, we never stopped worrying about our family" Five explains taking a pause before continuing "About (Y/N)."
Luther looks between the two Fives confused. They worried about the family? It was understandable that they worried about you but the family too? Surprising. Commission Five's eyes glaze over for a second and he looks off in the distance as his teen counterpart's words resonate in his mind. He did worry about his family but mainly he worried for you. The image of that first day in the apocalypse never left him no matter how many years had passed. It was seared into his memory and haunted his nightmares. Coming back into focus, Five leans in and replies in a low voice,聽
"Of course. Why wouldn't I worry about her? You know what happened." "I do know what happened and preventing that outcome is the most important thing. So today, you are going to do something about it. Today, you are going to attempt to time travel forward to 2019. However, you are going to mess up the calculations, screw up the jump, and end up in this younger body." Academy Five explains
"Okay. So what am I supposed to do about it, not jump?" Commission Five asks
"No, no. I need you to jump. If you don't jump, I cease to exist and there is someone in this timeline who would not be happy about that." Academy Five states firmly
Commission Five's eyes go wide. Instinctively, his hand and covers the part where his locket rested. Were you here in 1963 as well? His heart raced a little and he excitedly questioned,
"You mean-"
"Yes." Academy Five answered
"...What's she like?" Commission Five asked in awe at the thought of you being around
"Ethereal." "I'm listening. Go on." Commission Five pressed
This is exactly why Five was fine with you not being here. Now he had bargaining power against his former self. The pathetic man was desperate for any crumb of knowledge about you. An unfriendly smile came to Academy Five's face as he explained his offer,
"I'll be glad to tell you more in exchange for that briefcase you're holding under the table. And I'll even give you the right equation for this time if you want it."
Commission Five looked back at his teen-looking self without saying any words. Taking the opportunity to speak Luther re-explained, "Yeah, yeah, so you go back to 2019, as planned, see (Y/N)聽and聽this time with the right math, so you can remain a full-grown man. In exchange, we get that briefcase that you no longer need. Timeline restored, paradox resolved. Everyone goes on existing happily ever after." "That's quite a bit to take in." Commission Five commented
"What do you think?" Academy Five asked "I think...I need to piss."聽Commission Five responded
He then got up from the table, grabbing the briefcase from the floor below him, and made his way to the bathroom. Academy Five watched with wide eyes as he walked away from the table. Grabbing a napkin, Luther began to dab the sweat off of Five's face commenting, "Well, besides the flop sweat, I think that went pretty well." "No, there's something- something doesn't feel right about this." Five remarked
"What do you mean?" Luther questioned "I don't trust him." Five stated "But he's you," Luther replied confused "Exactly."聽
Luther slowly nodded his head. The psychosis looked like it was really starting to pick up in Five. Luther hoped they would be able to get the briefcase soon so that Five didn't get worse. Downing the rest of his pint, Luther turns to Five and explains,
"Well, I need to go take a piss as well, and maybe as your spotter, I can reason with him a bit, alright? Just wait here."
Five watches as Luther gets up and walks away. He could only hope that things would all work out the way they should.
As you and Dot quietly walked down the hallway you whispered to her,
"What's this phase two that you have in mind?"
You watch as Dot looks around for a second to make sure no one in the hallway was paying attention before pulling you into a side corridor. She takes one more glance around the surroundings before whispering to you,
"The resistance is going to get a briefcase so you can escape back to 1963, but to get to the briefcase room unnoticed, we'll need a distraction."
"Ah, I see where is going. You want me to cause the distraction."
"Yes." Dot replies "If you can draw enough security away from the briefcase room we can slip in and get one so that you can get out of here."
You nod your head as you phase your wrists through the handcuffs so you can have your arms free again. Looking back to her you state,
"I'm not leaving without Diego."
"Don't worry, I talked to Herb, another member of the resistance in the hall, and he said he was going to retrieve him." She reassures
"Good." You respond before asking "Where should I meet you?"
"Storage closet 2. It's on the east side of the building across from the period clothing department."
You peer around the corner of the corridor and look out into the hallway to see who was there. It was relatively empty with only a few people passing by. As you keep watch you ask Dot,
"Is the briefcase room to the left or right?"
"The right. Why?" She questions
"No time for questions. Just trust me. I'll see you soon." You respond
And before she can say anything else, you turn yourself invisible and sprint off to the left down the hall. Dodging the people who were walking by, you looked for some room that seemed important. As you searched, you passed the handler's office doors. Stopping in your tracks and backing up you look at the double doors for a second. A mischievous smile comes to your face as you take each hand and place them on the door handles. You heat the molecules of the handles and the lock inside of the door so that they all start to melt before quickly cooling it all down. With the handles and lock all now one solid amalgamation you knew that she would be locked in there for a bit. Turning back around you continue running off down the hall searching for a room that seemed important until you found one. Looking at the sign that said Tube Room you decided to investigate more. Phasing through the wall you entered the room and saw a line of different tubes spread down the length of a hall. Taking a look around to see that no one was there, you drop your invisibility and prepare for the mother of all distractions. Closing your eyes, you took a deep breath and focused on the molecules around you in this room. Specifically, that of the tubes that lined the walls Shooting your eyes back open you took off running down the hall of tubes, blowing each one behind you up as you passed them by. You could feel the pulsing of the explosions and the heat from the leftover flames as you continued to move forward down the hall. As you reached the end of the hall, you ran through the wall to the other side hearing the sound of the last explosion resonate behind you. You stopped for a moment to brush yourself off when you heard over the PA system,
"Security to the tube room.聽Security to the tube room."
"I better get out of here." You say to yourself
You look around for any sign that would point you in the direction of the east side of the building. You should've asked for more directions from Dot, but you were all too excited to start bringing this organization to its knees. Down the hall, you see a sign with an arrow on it pointing towards the period clothing department.聽
"Bingo," you exclaim
You start to quickly make your way towards the sign when you hear someone from behind you yell,
"Stop right there!"
Looking back you saw a significant amount of people in blue suits pointing guns at you. You were about to run away when you looked forward and saw another similar-looking group on the other side of the hall.
You were trapped. Granted, you weren't really聽trapped, you could just use your powers to sneak out of this situation but you had no clue if Dot was able to get a briefcase yet. Was this all the security they had or was there more scattered around? Dot had mentioned that Five blew up the briefcase room the last time he was here, so they had to have had more security for it. Security that you needed to draw to here.
"If you wanna stop me you're gonna have to kill me!" You announced
Guns drawn, the guards started to come towards you. You kept calm though and waited patiently for the first line of security to get close enough.聽If you were going to cause a distraction then hell you were going to make it unforgettable. Slowly, the 12 guards inched closer and closer until they were just where you wanted them. As this first line flanked you on all sides you gave them a wicked smile and within a second a boom rang throughout the hallway. It was all calm for a moment and then...chunks of flesh and blood rained down over the hall. There was nothing left where those 12 guards had stood, and at that moment it became clear that you were not trapped with these guards. They were trapped with you. You were Persephone, the bringer of destruction, and the chaos had only just begun.聽
Pulling out two of your knives you watched as more guards started showing up to try and stop you. You could feel the adrenaline you had injected coursing through your veins. This is where the fun begins. Realizing what you had just done the guards start to rush in. One by one you started to take them down. It was like you were moving in slow motion as you fought the crowd around you. Your movements becoming less so fighting maneuvers and more of a rhythmic dance. In a focused daze, you made your way around slashing throats and melting brains of all those who charged at you. With their guns drawn, they sent shots your way but it did not matter because all the bullets did was go through you and hit other guards. You watched the blood and the shit spray as swathes of agents dropped to the floor dead. The lucky ones were shot or blown to bits while the less fortunate dealt with the pain of slowly burning to death or being tossed back and forth between the walls like useless playthings. You bathed in the sounds of their agony. They all were going to suffer the way they made your darling Five do for years. And like the Roman empire, they fell to their demise.聽
When the combat had stopped you came out of your trance. Catching your breath you looked around at the bloodbath you created. The once white marble floors were now stained with rivers of red. You were victorious in your battle, and like the Queen of Hell, your destruction reigned over this place. You turned to walk away and head towards the storage closet when the sound of a gun rang out and pain came to your arm. You looked down and saw that a bullet had grazed your forearm leaving behind a wound. Your head shot back in anger to see where the shot hand came from. One guard was still alive, paralyzed from the waist down but still alive. You made your way towards them and they tried to shoot again but they were all out of bullets. Slowly, you crouched down to them on the floor, your eyes ignited with flames and you said in a low tone,
"You missed."
Reaching into their chest you ripped out their heart and crushed it in front of them. You watched as the light quickly slipped from your eyes. Letting out a huff you placed two fingers over your wound and used your powers to cauterize it. You were done here and made your way towards the rendezvous point. As you walked that way the adrenaline started to wear off and you started to fully realize what had gone down. Urgency set in as you saw the blood you were covered in and realized you need to get out of here. Finally seeing the clothing department you ran into it real quick and changed clothes, using some scrap cloths and a water bottle you found to wipe the blood off of you. You then raced across the hall to storage closet 2 where Dot, Diego and a group of other people were all standing around.
"Hey everyone," You say frantically "We need to get out of here fast because I'm pretty sure I just committed a war crime."
"Oh, uh okay. Well, unfortunately, we couldn't grab a fully functioning briefcase in time because people came back to protect the briefcase room," Herb explains
"But, we still got one!" Dot explains positively "It just happens to be a one-way case. They become useless after one time jump."
"We've already set it up with the correct time and location. Halfway between FBI headquarters and the pub where Five is located." Herb adds "Here are some maps to show you how to get to those places."
You and Diego both reach out and grab a map.
"Thank you." You reply quickly
Diego turns to look at you,
"Ready to go, kiddo?"
You nodded your head quickly at him. Diego took the briefcase in one hand and wrapped his other arm around you tightly. Herb stepped forward and pushed a few buttons before stepping back you could feel the energy from the case start to grow as you tried to manage your breathing. Giving the group of people before you one last look, you say,
"Vive la r茅sistance."
Almost immediately after there was a flash and now you stood with your brother in the middle of Dallas, back in 1963. You watched as the briefcase started smoking and making unpleasant clanking sounds. Finding a nearby dumpster, Diego threw the defunct briefcase away before coming back over to you and pulling out his map trying to figure out the path to the FBI building. It wasn't far from where you stood but every second spent standing around was another second closer to Vanya ending the world...again. Looking up from his map he looked towards you. You silently looked back at him and waited for him to say something. You could tell something was on his mind. Diego was torn. He wanted to bring you with him to the FBI headquarters so he knew where you were and didn't have to worry that you had been taken by Lila again but he didn't want to put in danger of what Vanya was doing. The last time Vanya strongly used her powers you were seriously injured and putting you right in harm's way of that was something he would never choose. Diego came to a decision in his head. It was going to take a lot to say this but Diego knew it was the best option.
"Go find Five. He'll keep you safe."
You were surprised by his statement. Diego had been very back and forth on you being with Five since every before Five came back, although he would never admit it.聽 But this plus the comment from earlier were the strongest confirmations that maybe just maybe, Diego was coming around. Although his comments gave you reason to celebrate, this was not really the time and you were also very worried about him. You didn't want to be separated from your brother especially if he was headed to stop Vanya.
"Will you be okay?" You questioned
"I'll be fine." Diego responds "Now go get to Five. He can protect you from the commission more than I can."
Instead of saying any words you just took a step forward and hugged your brother. It was brief because time was of the essence but it was enough to reassure both him and yourself that things would be alright. You pulled away from Diego and the two of you gave each other knowing nods before turning in opposite directions and running towards your respective destinations. Using your powers you made yourself lighter so that you could move faster. You had no clue if the commission was after you. You wouldn't be surprised given you had pissed off both Lila and her mom, the handler. It didn't take you long to see the pub marked on your map up ahead. You slowed your pace as you made your way to the door and calmly entered the establishment. You looked around for a second before spotting a familiar uniformed boy, sitting alone at a table. You walked over to the table he was at and called,
His head snaps over to you. His eyes were wide and his face was covered in sweat. You were taken aback by how frantic and unwell he looked. You cupped his face in your hands and felt the warmth radiating off of his skin. As you tried to cool down the water molecules in the sweat on his face you said,
"Oh my god, are you feeling okay darling? You look awful."
Five quietly stood up as you still held his face in your hands. He appreciated you using your powers to try and cool him down but he was confused as to what you were doing here.
"How did you find me?" He asked
"I'm fine." you instinctively responded聽
"That's not the question I asked." Five states "Also are these new clothes?"
"Listen, the specifics of the situation don't matter too much right now but I promise I will tell you later. What's the plan?" You inquired
"I- I don't know." Five states scratching the back of his neck "I'm still working on it."
"Don't worry, it's going to be okay." you comforted as you brought him into a hug "We'll figure this out together."
Five wrapped his arms back around you and held you tightly. IF he was experiencing any paradox psychosis, at that moment it melted away for a bit. Just you being with him gave him a sense of calm even though the world around him was anything but that. He just hoped that this calm would last even after Luther had returned.
As Luther had walked into the bathroom a few moments earlier, he sees Commission Five standing in front of the sink looking at the glass eye that would belong to the future, Harold Jenkins. Walking over to the urinals he comments to Five,
"Yeah, that's a waste of time. Trust me."
A waste of time? It was one of the only clues he had. How could it be a waste of time? "Then why were you holding it when I found you dead in the apocalypse?" Five questioned
"No idea. But the guy it belonged to didn't end the world. Vanya did." Luther stated "Timid little Vanya?" Five asked confused
"Yep. Is more powerful than all of us put together. Turns out, she was pissed about the way we treated her when we were kids, so she destroyed the moon and ended the world."
"Fair enough." Five said nodding his head "This is perfect. We now know exactly what's gonna happen."
"Yeah, except it, uh, already did," Luther replies approaching Five
Five turns to him with plenty of new ideas rushing through his mind. Not only how to stop the apocalypse and get this version of Five to disappear. He was unnecessary. "Don't think, just listen. Forget about the little jerk-off's plan. It's way too complicated. A much better plan is for us to travel to 2019. All we have to do is make nice with Vanya, stop her from destroying the world. Easy-peasy." Five explains "Hmm. Well, that's actually...that's not bad." Luther responds "But what about Five? I mean, you? I mean, the, uh, young you."
"That's not me. That's a teenaged hormonal photocopy that got botched in the time jump. Besides, it's too late for him anyway." Five states
"Too late? Paradox psychosis?" Luther inquires
Five nods his head, answering, "Best thing we can do is put him out of his misery." "You're saying to kill him?"
"You're thinking about this all wrong. We're not killing anybody." Five elaborates "Look at me. I'm Five, and I will still be alive. All we are doing is getting rid of a mutant doppelganger."
"Are you sure you don't have paradox psychosis?" Luther questions concerned "I've never felt better in my life." Five states
I just don't know Five..." Luther responds warily "(Y/N) wouldn't be very happy to know her boyfriend is gone from existence."
Commission Five stopped in his place. His head slowly turned back to look at Luther who had an innocent yet conflicted look on his face.
"Boyfriend?" He questioned surprised
"Yeah. Boyfriend." Luther responds "But like I was saying, I don't know about getting rid of him, this would be like the third time she's lost him- you...y'all? And she's really powerful and she almost killed me once for insulting Diego, and you remember the bank she blew that guy's head clean off. I just don't feel like it's the best idea to rip that Five away from her..."
Commission Five hadn't listened to a word Luther had said though because once the word boyfriend had slipped from Luther's mouth his heart began to race. If that version was her boyfriend that meant she loved him too. No. That would be insane. Maybe Luther said the words too fast and so he said boyfriend when he meant boy聽friend. There was no way that she felt the same way he did. Could she? Did she love him this whole time? Did she die loving him the same way he loved her? No, they were just friends. Just...friends. Five wanted to believe that what Luther was saying was true and that she did love him enough to have him be her boyfriend but it just didn't add up in his mind. How could she love someone who abandoned her in a different time, who took everything she knew away from her and left her wondering till the day she died if her best friend was mad at her. It was impossible though. Five looks up towards Luther who still towered over him like he did when they were kids.
"The little prick out there won't tell me jack about her." Five complains before asking quietly "What's she like Luther?"
"Well...I haven't been around her much but uh she's very powerful, more so than when we were kids. Uh, I mean she definitely cares about the people she loves, and um apparently she was dad's favorite both in 2019 and this timeline."
"That makes sense. When I read her diary she wrote about a lot of the things he did for her. Was too much to be coincidental."聽
"Wait what? He did stuff for her?" Luther questions
"Doesn't matter. So she's here? In this timeline?" Five inquires
"Uh- I don't know where but yeah," Luther responds
Five nods his head.聽
"Alright well, let's head out then." Five comments
As the two of them open the men's bathroom door and exit both of them see a sight they didn't know would be there. Five froze in place and his jaw dropped as he looked ahead of him.
"Oh look, there she is!" Luther commented
He was right. There you stood. Alive. Five could feel his heart stop and he didn't know if he was breathing anymore as he stared off at you. The world faded away as his focus became you and only you. Five could feel his heart clench as he remembered the last time he saw you alive. It was 45 years ago, right before you died. He remembered cradling you in his arms, blood getting on his academy uniform as he cried over your dead body. Tears pricked his eyes as he took all of you in. You were smiling, moving, breathing and to him, that was a miracle. He could only see the side of your face but the little shit was right, you were ethereal. As the world came back into focus he noticed you wrapped in the arms of his teenage counterpart. He saw the gentle look in his counterpart's eyes as your hands wrapped around his neck bringing him into a hug. Five wanted a hug from you, it had been so long since he had gotten one. As Five stood there, he felt Luther nudge his arm. Turning his attention to him, Luther says,
"Alright lover boy, time to get your head out of the clouds and go interact with the love of your life for the first time in years."
"Ah well, no...we're just- I mean..." Five stutters
"Oh, we're just best friends. Don't give me that shit you openly yelled about how you loved her when we were 12." Luther ridicules "Now c'mon let's go."
Luther starts to push Commission Five forwards back towards the table and Commission Five's heart begins to race with every step closer. As Academy Five noticed Commission Five head back towards the table he held you tighter to him. His face contorted into a scowl as he looked at this version of his approach towards you. He could see the look on his face, one of nervousness and awe. Academy Five didn't like it one bit and if it wasn't for you hugging him he felt like he would've punched the old man right where he stood. You felt as Five tensed up in the hug and pulled back to look at him. looking up at his face you saw it was filled with anger but couldn't begin to decipher why. You followed his gaze to see what had angered him so and when you looked behind you, you saw Luther standing there with an older gentleman. You looked back towards your boyfriend whose face was still filled with rage and asked,
"Five, who is this?"
Five stared the man down and let out a huff before replying,
"He's me."
Taglist: @xplrreylo @joebob15274 @insatiable-ivy @fruitsaladtree @angelpeachamber @academy-umbrella @lizziel1410 @ir3neeee @faith-quake @aliens-with-colas @sunsetcurve-1995 @lady-celeste25 @im-dead-and-hurting @nerdypinupcrystal @cherry-ki-d @anapocalypseinmymind @vicassa @2cuteforyourlies @taylorsmakingfuckingmacandcheese @n1ghtsh4d3-67 @cheshire-salvatore-mikaelson @shadowycreationcupcake @emily-hargreeves @metor-showers1994 @fivehargreevesforthewin @rinko-san @supernovavision @cicilisthebest @flickbix @hi-v-juice @magykal-777 @zosiaduda @thethirdwheelfriend @mysticracoon @isnt-it-loverly @officiallydarkgeek @lady1505 @always-the-very-worst @tinypandagirl @libidinexx @lemongrabbuns @itwasallred @deadandoverit @shlokage @keksi249 @theoriginalkat @we-stan-fiction @bi-idiot-fanfics @annnagennnie @izzyjojo4 @megasimpleplan4ever @flowertoty @grabthemoneyandletsgo @itsametaphorbriansblog @vanillacaramelhoney @satvaldiva @disaster-magician @margotsfandoms @emily-b-m @bluechildrenlickmytoes @soft-slytherin-sweetie @oceanspray5 @im-here-for-fanfics @thebloodrobin @freestarlight @starcurrent @lilacs-lavender @moatsnow @give-the-boy-a-hug @narikyuwu @whenyouregrungeaff聽@gabriella-aesthetic聽
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sharkneto2 months ago
Five gets a bit drunk and has a small accident. It鈥檚 fine; he鈥檚 had worse injuries and he takes care of it, so why are Klaus and Diego making it into a bigger deal than it is?
Is this a classic 鈥淔ive gets drunk and hurts himself鈥 whump fic? You betcha. Ft concerned brothers Klaus and Diego.
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mynameliterallymeanslove3 months ago
鈼 The Ghost Of The Future 鈼
鈻笌Five Dies AU鈻笌
Part One
- The day Five runs out of the Academy is the last day anyone sees him alive.
- Five jumps, and jumps and jumps exhilaration and the feeling of triumph singing in his bones. He thinks about the next jump, eager to part the particles of time and space to his whim. The calculations run through through his mind, Five jumps once more.
It's the last jump he makes alive
- He finds himself in a place of desolation, darkness and doom.
He finds the mansion, breathing in the ash of its ruins
Calls for his siblings but receiving no answer, only the crackling sounds of the fires gives a reply
He hopes against all hopes, straining to push his powers through, to take him back, to please take him back
They fail.
- Five finds a wagon and a mannequin, against better judgement he takes it with him and begins to journey.
He finds his siblings bodies in the remains of a demolished building. His tears mix with the soot and ash
- He remains there for a precious few days, burying them the best he can. Ben and Vanya however are not there, a vain hope restarts in his heart.
He names the mannequin Delores. It seems fitting as the weight of his sorrows weigh him down.
- The days seems to blur after that, its difficult to tell the night from day at first, as the ash hangs so heavily, blocking sunlight. The nights are difficult, storms rolling in so fast there is barely any time to find shelter. Five keeps going, searching for sustenance and a sign of anyone else.
But this world, this place is uninhabitable it was never meant to hold any life.
- Five struggles, determination despite everything cannot power the body alone and Five is dying.
It is something he has perhaps known since the first ash storm as he lay gasping on the floor, heaving sobs racking his body the wind howling around. He cannot hear anything but that awful screeching noise, particles scratching his skin, debris flying around some striking him so hard they leave bruises.
But with the days that pass, Five finds it harder and harder to breathe. Soot and ash with whatever radiation chemicals seeping into his very being it is no wonder that one day Five wakes to find that he cannot draw breath.
- He has woken up this way before. The air so thick with ash it near buries him. But its different this time. And Five knows
With every weak rattling desperate wheeze Five can feel his life draining away
- He's tired, he's alone, he's cold and he's so so scared.
He wonders to himself, for the thousandth time how he could have done so many things different.
He misses his siblings
- Five dies in the apocalypse. Thirteen and Five months. Asphyxiating in the all encompassing dark. He dies alone and scared, indistinguishable from the bodies that litter the apocalypse.
This is no fate for a child
The strings of fate re weave themselves
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sharkneto3 months ago
They have got to stop meeting like this. Patch once again pulls Five over for underage driving. This time, though, there鈥檚 something more to it, and Patch isn鈥檛 one to let a mystery go unsolved.
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mynameliterallymeanslove3 months ago
鈽 Hey Brother There's An Endless Road To Rediscover 鈽
陇 Prolouge 陇
On the 12th hour of the first day of October 1989. Forty-three women around the world gave birth. This was unusual only in the fact that none of these women had been pregnant when the day first began.
For reasons unknown, a man alien known as Sir Reginald Hargreeves, using methods undisclosed sought to track down and buy adopt as many of the children as he could.
He found only seven of them
In another timeline, Reginald Hargreeves would look upon blond haired baby boy and decide.
This would be his Number One
In another timeline, Reginald Hargreeves would groom the child to be his obedient little soldier, following his every word with blind loyalty.
In another timeline, Number One would sacrifice his entire life to his master father with nothing to show for it but a shattered mind and altered body, abandoned on the moon.
In another timeline, Reginald Hargreeves would raise Number One "Luther" Hargreeves to be a puppet in the orchestration of the apocalypse. A cog in the wheel of future destruction
This was not that timeline
In this timeline Reginald Hargreeves stares disdainful at not one, but two babies. A dark haired boy curled into the side of his larger twin, a boy with bright blond locks. Reginald scowls and demands to the nannies
"Separate them!"
His orders are followed and soon there is only one baby in the crib, brow furrowed as though sensing something has been taken from him. Reginald looks upon the sleeping baby and decides
This would his Number One
But that is not to be
Number One and Number Five as they are named gravitate to each other inexplicably. Neither of the children speak, but stare at each other with unearthly identical blue eyes. They smile at nothing and break out in giggles at odd moments, following each other around and working together in eerie tandem.
The twins are four when Reginald decides enough is enough. Having had locked Number Seven in the chamber only days before, Reginald summons Number One to his office.
Reginald demands instructs Number One to sever whatever communication he has with Number Five.
"Number One, I expected so much more you and yet you have disappointed me. Cease whatever communication you have with Number Five from this moment on. I have entrusted you with the role of Number One, the responsibilities. You are the leader Number One and are not permitted to fail!.
Number Five is an unsuitable influence on you and if left this way will turn you into a wastoid and useless boy. Listen to me Number One or there will be consequences do you understand!"
Perhaps in another timeline Number One would have nodded his head and left the room, a changed boy. Destined for nothing for a life of isolation and tragedy. Like the other Number One's across the timelines.
In this timeline Number One stares into his Father's cold eyes with his own glowing, shifting unnatural eyes and knows.
He cannot obey this man who wishes to separate him from his other. He cannot trust this man with his blank cold eyes who cares none for his siblings. He does not not believe in this man with his harsh cruel words who took little Number Seven and hasn't brought her back. He cannot follow this man with his unfeeling request that makes his stomach turn.
And mayhaps it helps that Number Five is there as always, a lingering comforting presence in his mind.
Number One stands in a uniform too dark and serious for a toddler, with perfectly coiffed hair and a rim rod straight pose already drilled into him. There aren't too many thing's One knows because he is still only four but there us one thing he knows that will never change
" We do not separate"
It is a silent aggrement that Five shares with his twin. A fact they both know, as constant as the earth revolves. They stay together
Number One stares into Reginald, glares into him with eyes that see and know, One shakes his head
His first ever uttered words are spoken with a soft but firm clear childish voice, barely above a whisper but in he silence as loud as thunder.
Reginald frowns
"I see. Well then get out boy"
Number One blinks, startled at the curt dismissal. Reginald's focus diverted to the papers on his desk as if One is no longer there at all. Confused but relieved Number One leaves the office, rushing to where he knows his twin is waiting, the discussion basically forgotten.
Reginald looks to tho spot where Number One had stood and hums.
So begins the war
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sharkneto3 months ago
The Commission drops Luther and Allison in the apocalypse, for safe keeping. They run into a familiar face 鈥 the only face they could run into.
For the first time in a decade, Number Five has company.
The epilogue is up and this story is fin
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braincoins3 months ago
I just wrote the part of this fic that I was most looking forward to, so I鈥檓 just sort of basking now and occasionally re-reading it and going聽鈥渆eeeeee鈥 to myself, even though I doubt anyone else is gonna have that reaction.
Next part is the part I was second most looking forward to, but I can鈥檛 start in on it yet until I finish my happy shimmy and squeeing over the other part.聽
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