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pulsar-1919 · a day ago
Alright lads, just sat Irish paper 1.
Fuair mo chat bás (my cat died), but I won €5000 in a gcomórtas radió (radio competition). In the end, I was áthas (happy), but also brón (sad), because my cat was dead, and I couldn't buy life(???) My granny gave me a new puisín (kitten). Money isn't everything. Grá (love) is the most important thing.
I hope the examiner likes my scéal (story).
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silver-flames · a day ago
Acosf hinted that Elain was taking lessons from the twins or Az but we know Az was avoiding her so it’s probably the twins . Do you think she is being trained by the twins and do you think we’ll see that in her book ?
Hmmm good question, it is hard to say if they have trained her or if some of their traits she learning on her own and melding herself, I would probably lean towards that... Then again I don't think we will get quite another "training book" but I do think she will get soe lessons in her next book ;) if you know what i meannnnn
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incorrect-sandman · 2 days ago
Lucien: I currently have 7 empty notebooks and I have no clue what to put in them. Suggestions?
Matthew: Put spaghetti in it.
Lucien: I'm currently taking suggestions from literally anyone but you.
Nuala: Put spaghetti in it.
Lucien: I'm currently taking suggestions from anyone but you two.
Merv: Put spaghetti in it.
Lucien: I'm no longer taking suggestions.
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dccomicsnews · 2 days ago
Review: The Dreaming: Waking Hours #10
Review: The Dreaming: Waking Hours #10
Review: THE DREAMING: WAKING HOURS #10   [Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers] Writer: G. Willow Wilson Artists: Nick Robles, M.K. Perker Colours: Matheus Lopes, Chris Sotomayor Letters: Simon Bowland   Reviewed By: Derek McNeil   Summary The Dreaming: Waking Hours #10: The new ruler of the Kingdom of Faerie stands revealed-and it’s…Nuala? She may be one of the most beloved…
Tumblr media
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praise-be-to-azeyma · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Studious Sharlayan
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incorrect-sandman · 3 days ago
Matthew: If Nuala and I were drowning, who would you save?
Mervyn: You two can’t swim?
Nuala: It’s a hypothetical question! Who would you save?
Mervyn: My time and effort.
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incorrect-sandman · 4 days ago
Dream: Tell Nuala about the birds and the bees.
Matthew: They're disappearing at an alarming rate.
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the-laughing-bubble · 4 days ago
Az's initial reaction when Elain turns into the Fanged Beast😂
Tumblr media
Amren watching with absolute glee, cause we all know she's so excited to see what the other side of our lovely fawn looks like...😂
Tumblr media
Feyre and Nesta👀🤭
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mor, often wonder how surprised she'll be 🤔 she knows too much way more than she let's on...
Tumblr media
Rhys after Elain, the Fanged Beast snarls at him to assert her dominance because she's known for a while he's turned her into a political pawn...😂
Tumblr media
Nuala & Cer, cheering their girl on😂😂😂
Tumblr media
Okay that's it. 😊 It's for the laughs and it's Friday after all😌 Happy FriYay!
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sansastarkloyalist · 8 days ago
Please take the time to read this post in its entirety and truly reflect on the message I am trying to send before commenting. My goal is to use my background in Gender and Women’s Studies to deconstruct the comments I have seen on social media, bring awareness to the ACOTAR fandom, and encourage critical thinking and self-reflection. I WILL NOT tolerate anyone who tries to twist my words and say I am attacking real life people. In fact, I AM CRITIQUING THE ARGUMENTS THEMSELVES NOT THE PEOPLE USING THE ARGUMENTS.
It’s no secret that SJM struggles with diversity, often opting for ambiguous words like “tan” or “golden skin” to describe her characters. But over the course of her writing career, she has made efforts to write inclusively; and though her representation falls on the side of bad representation at times, she has made it clear in the text if characters are non-white, describing them with varying shades of brown skin or having dark skin in general. As it stands, the ACOTAR world has a limited number of characters of color, so it’s confusing to see them whitewashed in fanart, fancasts, and fan edits. When whitewashing accusations are brought up in the fandom, they are dismissed with statements like:
It doesn’t matter
Don’t like it? Ignore it and move on
This is art and it’s open to interpretation
As a person of color, you don’t see me complaining
This is just how I imagined the character
The text doesn’t say the characters have ethnic facial features
Fans can cast whoever they want to portray fictional characters the way they imagined them
It’s just fancasting, it’s not that deep
Not everything is about race
If you want people of color to be depicted in the books, go read books specifically about characters of color
Fancasting characters of color as white is not erasing anyone’s race because they’re not real
They’re fictional characters regardless of the book’s description, so who cares if people imagine characters of color differently
Western society has grown so accustomed to the media being dominated by white representations that envisioning a character as white becomes the norm, even when faced with evidence to the contrary. Although nearly all of the characters of color in the ACOTAR series have been subjected to whitewashing, only a handful of illustrations accurately depict Vassa as a woman of color. It can be assumed that because Vassa has features society deems as inherently white (i.e. having red hair, blue eyes, and freckled skin), it is acceptable for the fandom to imagine her character as white despite her having golden-brown skin. This mentality is harmful because it suggests that naturally colored hair, light colored eyes, and freckles are exclusively white features and that people of color with these features don’t exist. The act of whitewashing characters of color in the ACOTAR series marginalizes fans of color in a space that is inherently rooted in white-centeredness, and downplays the impact whitewashing has on fans of color. The continued erasure of characters of color in the series not only normalizes the belief that fandom is a space for white people primarily and people of color secondarily, but it perpetuates the notion that whiteness is better and more palatable in visual media.
From employment to education to healthcare to media, race and discussions about race are inescapable because racism affects everything in society. The media has a history of prioritizing whiteness and white narratives often at the expense of people of color. Racebending, which can be understood as changing the race of a character, occurs not only in fanworks such as fanart, fancasts, and fanfiction, but even in visual media. It allows characters that have been traditionally white to be reinterpreted as people of color in an effort to diversify casts and counter whiteness as the default in both visual media and fanworks. Unfortunately, racebending itself gives way for problematic justifications and assumptions. Whitewashing is a form of racebending that erases characters of color from media and replaces them with white actors. The act of whitewashing characters of color is commonly excused with declarations of artistic or personal interpretations of characters despite the text stating they are not white, which ultimately diminishes the impact whitewashing has on people of color. Aside from that, racebending traditionally white characters as people of color has been framed as an issue that is just as offensive and bad as whitewashing characters of color. In the article “8 Things White Fans Can Do to Make Fandom More Inclusive”, it states:
“. . .You could argue that people often reimagine white characters as characters of color (popularly known as ‘racebending’), so why not do the opposite? The short answer is this: When people racebend a character, they create more diversity. If they’re fans of color, they do so to see themselves in the fictional media they love. When people whitewash a character, they decrease diversity. They’re erasing a character of color and, whether consciously or unconsciously, sending the message that they’d relate more to the character if the character was white. . .” (
The belief that racebending traditionally white characters as people of color carries the same racist implications as whitewashing characters of color is equivalent to arguments that proclaim the existence of reverse racism. Racism and prejudice have often been used interchangeably in society, causing racism to be simplified as one group not liking another. Racism involves the marginalization and oppression of racial groups based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy and it combines with socialized power to carry out systematic discrimination through institutional policies and practices. White people can be victims of prejudice but never victims of racism because, unlike people of color, prejudice against white people doesn’t lead to structural, systemic, and lasting disadvantages in education, healthcare, career prospects, and other societal structures. When the element of power is removed from discussions about racism, the definition of racism becomes overly simplified and ignores the real and damaging impact it has on the lives of marginalized people. The impulse behind reverse racism proponents and arguments against racebending traditionally white characters as people of color are motivated, consciously or unconsciously, by the desire to center whiteness in the media while marginalizing people of color in the process. Whitewashing characters of color is incomparable to racebending traditionally white characters as people of color because whitewashing contributes to the continued erasure of people of color in the media. Moreover, racebending traditionally white characters as people of color would only have the same societal effect as whitewashing characters of color if white people faced the same systematic and institutionalized mistreatment experienced by people of color. 
It’s important to be aware of the ramifications of whitewashing and to not view it as insignificant because whitewashing characters of color is rooted in racist ideals and is a method of preserving white dominance in the media. Whitewashing characters of color in a society that favors whiteness is extremely problematic because: it implies that characters of color are inferior to white characters and aren’t as relatable as them; reinforces colorist views that deem brown and dark skin as unattractive; and feeds into the notion that eurocentric standards of beauty are superior to ethnic features. SJM isn’t always clear with her character descriptions in relation to skin tone but when she is, the ACOTAR fandom should take notice because when characters are described as not white then they’re not white.
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clxste · 9 days ago
OPEN TO: m/f anyone
Tumblr media
Nuala looked at them eyes widening as the hand tightened around her throat. Her arms were wrenched behind her back and even if she wanted to she couldn’t push them away. She glared slightly as she tried to figure out her best way out. “Yeah you can go ahead and get fucked.” She sneered at them.
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naomimakesart · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
“I know of it now, which means he does too. We’re twins. Even as children a link has bound us, one to the other. Something I cannot explain.”
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words-and-coffee · 19 days ago
A dark cloud passed over his sea-green eyes that made them look like marine trenches. I’ll never know what strange creatures swam around in their great depths
Excerpt from the poem “A Remarkable Admission”
Written originally in Irish by Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill
and translated by Paul Muldoon
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sshannonauthor · 20 days ago
In TBS1, how did Arcturus get the deer? Did it understand Gloss? What happened to it after he left?
Gloss is a language that speaks directly to the spirit. Even if the animal (or person) doesn't understand it the way polyglots do, their spirit gets it, so it can create an emotional effect. It's why Arcturus sometimes speaks in Gloss to Paige even though she can't know the exact meaning – he knows it will comfort her regardless, because her spirit recognises it.
That's how he tamed Nuala. He just spoke to her a lot until she trusted him.
He let Nuala go before he left the colony. I imagine she managed to get through the woods and is now roaming free somewhere in the wilds of England, having found some deer friends, occasionally wondering what happened to the friend who fed her apples. 
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silver-flames · 20 days ago
So I basically started to watch Shadows and Bones because of you 😂 now I'm reading the books and gooooods is it just me or Inej really gives Nuala and Cerridwen vibes?
OMG Really!? I am proud that I have brought someone else in hahah OOhhhhhh interesting, I mean they are both referred to as Wraiths so direct parallels right there, but that is interesting I had never thought of that before :D ♡
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feyrewymack · 29 days ago
Nyx Headcanon/Fanfic:
Nyx goes to Feyre’s painting classes, at wednesdays. On the first day he is very shy, and quietly does the assingment of the day (the other kids don’t talk to him to give him space).
The next week a girl pulls her chair close to him and starts making questions like
“how do you prefer to be called?”
“is it weird having your mom as your teacher?”
“oh you study at home? so cool!”
“your painting is turning good, but i think mine is better”
At first Nyx is a little uncomfortable, but as they talk he ends up liking the girl. She introduces him to another boy of their class, and at the end of the evening they are already planning to visit each other.
Feyre pays attention to everything, and at night, when she tells all that has happened to Rhys, she cries a little, because Nyx is so similar to her, and she was scared he was going to be a lonely child like her.
Nyx and the other two kids become best friends, and whenever he goes to the house of one of them or they meet in a park, Nuala and Cerridwen escort him, after all he is the prince (feysand are too busy </3 ), and they end up becoming friends with those responsible for the other two children (for the girl i imagine her parents are dead, so she lives with a cousin, and the boy lives with his parents)
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