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pwuppietae · an hour ago
that first orgasm after going weeks without cumming and then when you finally do its so powerful your body just goes into hibernation and doesn't move except to tingle and twitch.
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blushesprofusely · 3 hours ago
I feel sticky, gross and sweaty and definitely not IN A GOOD WAY
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skullybully · 4 hours ago
i’ve been putting off making a pinned post with my prices listed, but i just got my paycheck and i don’t quite have enough to cover rent this month since i took a few days off for personal reasons, so !! here’s my prices, if u wanna buy my noods it’d be very greatly appreciated and i promise u’ll get ur money’s worth ;3
base prices
⚰️ two uncensored pics (sample set): $4
⚰️ five uncensored pics (half set): $9
⚰️ ten uncensored pics (full set): $17
⚰️ one minute video: $5
⚰️ three minute video: $13
⚰️ five minute video: $20
⚰️ dog collar and chain leash: +$1
⚰️ wolf ears and tail: +$1
⚰️ maid dress: +$1.50
⚰️ harness: +$1.50
⚰️ rope: +$1.50
⚰️ writing on body (restrictions apply, dm for details): +$2
⚰️ fake blood: +$3
⚰️ real blood (only two available per month): +$5
i work exclusively through cashapp ($skullyybullyy) and payments must be made in full before you receive your purchased content
reblogs greatly appreciated!
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jubilybubily · 7 hours ago
It's been years since I've signed onto this account, I dont even know how this works anymore. Trying to get top 1% to prove a point hehe over 100 pictures already uploaded, 8 videos available on sub. 50% off promo running rn!
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onlinefairey · 8 hours ago
no i will Not giv you nudes or sext every time we speak i have feelings and i havA LOT of them T_T
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pwuppietae · 8 hours ago
would very much like to sit on sumones cock rn
preferably while we're watching a scary movie and you have to grip my hips to keep me from moving and jumping. but then just giving up and pounding me into the couch.
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orpheansummer · 8 hours ago
all i have to do to turn myself on is think about putting my boy in a collar
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wetanddumbforcum · 11 hours ago
We're almost at 100! What should I do? QnA? Edgeathon?
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andotherthoughts · 12 hours ago
Thinking about a stupid drooly thing opening themselves up for me while I watch. I love a whimpering mess begging me to replace their fingers with mine but not actually able to stop. Needy. Desperate.... Mine.
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