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#nsft pics
skullybully · 4 hours ago
i’ve been putting off making a pinned post with my prices listed, but i just got my paycheck and i don’t quite have enough to cover rent this month since i took a few days off for personal reasons, so !! here’s my prices, if u wanna buy my noods it’d be very greatly appreciated and i promise u’ll get ur money’s worth ;3
base prices
⚰️ two uncensored pics (sample set): $4
⚰️ five uncensored pics (half set): $9
⚰️ ten uncensored pics (full set): $17
⚰️ one minute video: $5
⚰️ three minute video: $13
⚰️ five minute video: $20
⚰️ dog collar and chain leash: +$1
⚰️ wolf ears and tail: +$1
⚰️ maid dress: +$1.50
⚰️ harness: +$1.50
⚰️ rope: +$1.50
⚰️ writing on body (restrictions apply, dm for details): +$2
⚰️ fake blood: +$3
⚰️ real blood (only two available per month): +$5
i work exclusively through cashapp ($skullyybullyy) and payments must be made in full before you receive your purchased content
reblogs greatly appreciated!
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soft-goodboy · 8 hours ago
personally think one of the hottest things ever is when u can see a trans guy’s tdick bulge through his underwear
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transboymagic · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🍉🍉 pink just for you 🍉🍉
he/they • minors dni
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mochabeanz · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
good morning ☀️
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butch-rakshasa · a day ago
Tumblr media
Be a good girl and cum inside mommy 💕
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hehimpussy · a day ago
fully just fucking myself to anime girls who look like me pre-transition and dyeing my hair i never asked for this </3
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