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meantforyourusean hour ago
My oral fixation is acting up, can someone stick a cock down my throat pls 馃ズ
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blushesprofuselyan hour ago
I feel sticky, gross and sweaty and definitely not IN A GOOD WAY
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skullybullyan hour ago
i鈥檓 bored and feeling social, cute boys and nonbinary folks send me asks or dms and we can chat!
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skullybully2 hours ago
i鈥檝e been putting off making a pinned post with my prices listed, but i just got my paycheck and i don鈥檛 quite have enough to cover rent this month since i took a few days off for personal reasons, so !! here鈥檚 my prices, if u wanna buy my noods it鈥檇 be very greatly appreciated and i promise u鈥檒l get ur money鈥檚 worth ;3
base prices
鈿帮笍 two uncensored pics (sample set): $4
鈿帮笍 five uncensored pics (half set): $9
鈿帮笍 ten uncensored pics (full set): $17
鈿帮笍 one minute video: $5
鈿帮笍 three minute video: $13
鈿帮笍 five minute video: $20
鈿帮笍 dog collar and chain leash: +$1
鈿帮笍 wolf ears and tail: +$1
鈿帮笍 maid dress: +$1.50
鈿帮笍 harness: +$1.50
鈿帮笍 rope: +$1.50
鈿帮笍 writing on body (restrictions apply, dm for details): +$2
鈿帮笍 fake blood: +$3
鈿帮笍 real blood (only two available per month): +$5
i work exclusively through cashapp ($skullyybullyy) and payments must be made in full before you receive your purchased content
reblogs greatly appreciated!
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stickerbox026 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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pwuppietae6 hours ago
would very much like to sit on sumones cock rn
preferably while we're watching a scary movie and you have to grip my hips to keep me from moving and jumping. but then just giving up and pounding me into the couch.
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orpheansummer6 hours ago
all i have to do to turn myself on is think about putting my boy in a collar
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aphroditesbabe7 hours ago
can someone come over and finger me please?
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not-fortunes-fool9 hours ago
rn i just need a femme to validate me by telling me how hard she'll fuck me... dom femmes my inbox and my heart is always open
<men & minors dni>
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wetanddumbforcum9 hours ago
We're almost at 100! What should I do? QnA? Edgeathon?
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andotherthoughts9 hours ago
I'm a plumber and I've always fantasized about being seduced by a customer
I saw this play out very well in a video at least twice last week. Check PH for detailed instructions. Good luck !1!! 馃挍馃枻
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andotherthoughts10 hours ago
Thinking about a stupid drooly thing opening themselves up for me while I watch. I love a whimpering mess begging me to replace their fingers with mine but not actually able to stop. Needy. Desperate.... Mine.
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pwuppietae10 hours ago
imagine getting fucked in a church 馃槼馃槴
getting absolutely railed by the preacher. kneeling before during service cock warming him. sir yes sir.
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snailmate10 hours ago
34 for nsfw questions?
34. favorite foreplay activities
What a great question! And the answer is:
when im snuggling and making out with a guy and i inevitably end up straddling him and grinding on him n feeling us get hard through our clothes and im soaked and hes squirming under me and i just keep biting and kissing his neck like i dont know how much he wants me bonus points if he throws me off to get his dick out and then pins me down.
Also oral is fun :3 thanks for the ask!
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belphies-corner10 hours ago
Came to the con for the anime, stayed for the celestial orgy in muns hotel room 馃挒 gods I missed hooking up at cons
Fucking apparently ahhahaha
I've only hooked up once, many many years ago - it was pretty terrible, so I'm looking forward to trying again hahahaha
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